There’s a Time and A Place for Facebooking

Everyone has that one friend who is a habitual Facebook status updater. Their life is an open book for all of their cyber friends to read. As if people care that you are at the gym right now or cleaning out your earwax. There are some things better left un-updated. And there are some places and times when it’s not OK to update either. Such as at your wedding. During the ceremony. Before you’ve even kissed the bride.

I can only imagine what the rest of their life together will be like. Everyone following the couple on Twitter will be alerted to when they have officially consummated the relationship. Probably something along the lines of “I think we just successfully created our first offspring!” In fact, she will probably follow in the footsteps of the woman who tweeted while giving birth. I guess it might take her mind of the labor pains? But chances are nobody wants to know that you can see the head popping out of your womanly parts. I can’t imagine that getting very many “likes” on Facebook.

Since when has social networking taken such precedence in our daily lives? Take for example, the couple that gets engaged and then changes their relationship status that very same night. I can think of a couple other things you could be doing that definitely do not involve a computer.

I understand that this particular couple was trying to be funny; a new spin on the wedding entrance dance that became a viral hit overnight. But this just made me want to smack the iPhone out of the groom’s hands. Maybe…. MAYBE… if that was Mark Zuckerberg himself getting married… maybe then I could appreciate the humor in this. Otherwise, please refrain from Facebooking during your sacred union. Trust me, the world will keep spinning.

This is one of the times in life when I wish Facebook had a “dislike” option. People should be enjoying living their lives, not sitting in front of a computer or smart phone, documenting it.



    1. Erin says:

      Brittany I'm there with ya. I feel like if this is your top priority and not showing your commitment to each other in a respectful and positive way then you probably are not ready for marriage. Not to mention you commented on the twitter/fb update birthing fad that is going on. That will be them when they have kids, if all the moms and grandmothers have not completely ruined FB by that time. I just think after the whole you may kiss the bride and walking back down the isle it would be okay. It's evidence that technology is slowly taking place of human interaction and it's more important for people to live in the web than real life. It's sad, not funny. They need a priority check.

    2. kirsten says:

      If the bride was ok with it then I think its hilarious

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