The Bookworm Gift Guide

As a bookworm myself, I always appreciate thoughtful gifts that I will use. And, yeah, I can appreciate a good bookstore gift card now and then, but there are so many other creative gifts out there that are way better. Unless you are a book worm yourself, it’s hard to get a gift that this nerdy friend of yours will actually like and use! So, let me help you.

Here is your bookworm gift guide to the rescue; for bookworms, by one.

A Reading Light
Book lovers are notorious for staying up way past their bedtime, losing themselves in a book. Unfortunately sometimes their partner/roommate isn’t so down for this adventure and turns the lights out too early. With a clip-on reading light, everyone is happy. These are also great for reading on planes, trains, car-rides, etc. This version by LightWedge is super cheap (under $10!) and comes in a billion colors and patterns. I chose the star pattern; it reminded me of Harry Potter, one of my favorite series!

A Personalized Copy
There are several companies out there who are able to produce copies of books with an extra page in them that you personalize! How cool is that? Inscribe It! was the best company I stumbled upon, with over 200 classic and loved titles available for personalization. You can even upload pictures to include on your page! Yes, hand-written messages are thoughtful, but if I received a book from Inscribe It! I would be beyond impressed. If you know your bookworm is missing a necessary classic from their library (in this case, I would recommend everyone have a copy of “The Alchemist“!), you can not only fill that hole, you can also personalize it for just a wee bit more!

KNOCK KNOCK Personal Library Kit
Every bookworm knows that pain of losing a treasured book to a forgetful friend of acquaintance. Either you constantly forget to ask for these books back or your silly friend manages to lose your all-time fave. Most (polite) people will buy you a new copy, but it won’t have the same smell or wear as your original. I myself bought a stamp with my name on it to try and reduce this absent-minded thieving, however I would much prefer a personal library kit, especially this one from KNOCK KNOCK. The kit comes with cards for you to give to your borrowing friends with your name on it so they know who to return the book to, a log for you to keep track of your lending and a date stamp and pad to round it off. This is so retro and fun and, most importantly, functional!

Bookish Souvenirs
My favorite book is “A Clockwork Orange,” so when my friend presented me with a t-shirt featuring the opening paragraph of “A Clockwork Orange” last year, I freaked out. Most of the memorabilia involves the movie and, trust me, I know that they searched high and low for that shirt. Because of the rarity of book souvenirs, a bookworm appreciates when a friend puts in the extreme effort to find them one! Websites like Etsy allow independent designers to showcase their goods, which are sometimes based on the designer’s own personal interests. Therefore, it is a haven for book souvenirs. My favorite bookish item I found on my hunt has to be this True Blood mug. Now, everyone knows that True Blood is based on a book series, so it counts! Plus the designer is willing to use the “Vampire Mug” template and make gear for other series (anyone know a TWIHARD?). Perfect for your bookworm to curl up with a cup of tea and their favorite novel.



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