Guys and Their Moms: How Close is Too Close?

Yeah, it's cute back then, but what about when that kid is 18? Still cute?

Okay, so we all know the mantra you can tell how a guy will treat you by the way he treats his mom. Does he take care of her? Open doors for her? Help out around the house? Check, check aaaand check – you have husband material on your hands.

But last night while I was studying and making snowflake chains (I wish I was kidding…I’m desperate for some holiday cheer over here), I happened to flip on the season finale of Top Chef (no, I haven’t watched one episode this season but I still couldn’t look away) and witness a level of motherly love that I’m just not sure I’m comfortable with.

That’s right, I’m talking a fully grown and bearded man going in for a full contact, lip on lip kiss. With his mama.

WTF?! Since when is this socially acceptable? It’s cute when a 2-year-old smooches his mother’s lips, but a grown man planting a wet one on his mom’s mouth is more than I can handle. And I’m convinced this is why Chef Kevin wasn’t named Top Chef; no matter how good his food is, no one has an appetite after witnessing that display.

The whole thing got me thinking (while the other two chefs’ food got my stomach growling): How close it too close? And at what point does a guy’s relationship with his mom send you running for the hills? I don’t know about you, but  I’m just not comfortable walking into Christmas dinner with my boyfriend and having him smooch his mom as we enter.

What do you guys think? Is it no big deal or are you totally skeeved out?

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    1. Candie says:


    2. Sarabeth - Universit says:

      my mom still kisses me my brother and sister on the lips. it's not as unusual as you think

    3. daisy says:

      Mmm… I don't find it that strange at all. But I come from a culture where we always greet family with a kiss on the lips. When my boyfriend and I go visit his family, he always kisses his mother and his sisters on the lips, but he greets his father with a handshake. My brother greets my mother and father with a kiss.

      Honestly, not that weird to me.

    4. Beverly says:

      Um ew.

      I would never kiss a parent on the lips, and I'd find it pretty damn creepy if anyone else did it.

    5. vicky says:

      can i ask what culture that is?

    6. katelyn says:

      Of all the things that this website discusses, I don't think this is the weirdest or the grossest. Many cultures are more affectionate than ours, we seem to value space more than European cultures, etc. I wouldn't be so judgmental, no one is asking you to kiss your parents on the lips.

    7. JenniferUofR says:

      Katelyn, great answer. I kiss my parents on the lips, a light peck. It's not sexual, it's not gross. It's how I was raised and so were they.

      In America we value our space so much, to Europeans it would appear we alienate people and push our loved ones away by our body language. It's a kiss, it's not that gross, a one second kiss on the lips is nothing to get upset about. Besides what do you care about what others do? If you really love someone you would get upset about it? That IS disgusting. I find more and more disappointing ethnocentric ideas coming from college students who should be taking classes where they are learning to accept and learn about other cultures and their own peers.

    8. s says:

      ditto JenniferUofR

      how is it gross? its not sexual at all. its DEF different if someone opens their mouth or uses tounge. thats obviously sexual… a peck is not. i don't kiss my parents on the lips, but i wouldn't care if i had a bf that kissed his family on the lips, if its a peck its not a big deal at all.

    9. b says:

      how childish and judgmental. not everyone is frigid like certain americans.

    10. cake says:

      my boyfriend is 28 and he does that and it really disturbs me. I can't stand this mama's boy stuff.

    11. amiee says:

      my boyfriend is 21 and a virgin… he kissed his mom on the lips on christmas eve which i found to be extremely disturbing being that we kiss on the lips plus IM not a virgin… my mother made me realize that it was still ok because his mouth was pure (i thought to myself, but HERS ISNT) lol… i guess/HOPE the day he becomes sexually activen it will stop..

    12. Helen Alliston says:

      My boyfriend kisses his mum on the lips but they are the only two family members that does it. He goes mental when I put a x on the end of texts to long term male Friends. He also tells his mum all our pillow talk and what goes on under my clothes. They are far too close for me. Definite oedipul issues.

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