Want a Job? Try These 10 Industries

As a senior entering her last semester in college, there’s really only one thing on my mind: doing stupid things one last time before they are no longer socially acceptable finding a job after graduation.

But no matter how often I search “high-paying magazine job” on, or how many fake ads I peruse on Craigslist, the harsh reality is that our economy still kinda sucks…and finding a job (where I don’t have to take off my clothes…) isn’t easy for anybody. Even a charming, well-educated woman like myself.

But don’t fret, my collegiate friends! Earlier this month the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted the top 10 industries that will GAIN jobs in the next decade. If you think you would enjoy changing old people’s diapers, filing medical records or serving the “Rise and Shine” breakfast on a regular basis, you might be in luck. Even jobs that involve helping other people find jobs made the list!

Who woulda thunk?

It’s a little too late for me to change my major to “Hospitality Management,” but for those of you still in school (or thinking about changing your major/your entire life plan), I would heed this advice. Job security is hard to find these days, so if that’s what you’re after you just might consider putting those journalism dreams on hold and put in an app at your local Target.

At least that’s what the experts say.



    1. for job hunting, an absolute must should be It looks and acts like google but bascially consolidates many different job sites into one easy to use google like interface…good luck all!

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