Bring Back the 90s!

The 90s for me (and most girls) can be summed up into three little words: The Babysitter’s Club. Whenever my sparkly pink nail polished hand got a hold on one of those crisp chapter books I was lost for an entire afternoon, dedicated to Claudia’s strict parents and Kristy’s uber bossiness. That is, until my mother called me down for dinner: mac and cheese and a Swiss Cake Roll.

Sigh. Those were the good old days.

But now there is good news for me and my fellow Babysitter’s fans. Scholastic has decided to give the books a re-vamp and bring them into the 21st century.  I haven’t heard better news since I found out Taylor Lautner was gaining 20 pounds of muscle for the Twilight saga films! I could not have special ordered better news.

Will there be a new girl at the BSC in charge of maintaining their website?
Will the girls get in trouble for Facebooking on the job?

Just thinking about it makes me giddy. Actually, thinking about the 90s at all makes me wanna do a little dance in my stirrup pants. Well, if I still had them. The 90s were a pretty fantastic decade full of pretty rad stuff (like the word “rad”), and if we’re bringing back the BSC, maybe we should consider bringing back a few other key things.

Skip-It: No wonder I could eat four Toaster Strudels every morning when I was ten.  Besides my killer metabolism, Skip-It skipped my way into some well defined calves at a young age. Calves I’d do just about anything (besides calf raises) to have back now. Perhaps this time around they could have adult sizes? Lord knows I’ve tried stuffing my foot into that teeny, tiny ring unsuccessfully too many times.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: His dreamy fave and frosted tips were plastered all over my walls/notebooks/Trapper Keeper/locker/you name it. His mere presence on the set of Home Improvement had me jumping out of my beanbag chair. And then…he vanished. Come back to me, JTT. Come back now.

Beanie Babies: Mostly so I can recoup my losses from the 100 that I somehow still have piled in my closet.

Clarissa Explains It All: Clarissa taught me all I needed know about my first pimple and how to climb into a second floor bedroom window.  Come to find out, I still seek advice on these subjects, except it is usually climbing out of a second floor window (hello walk of shame/two-minute getaway).  Plus, neighbor Sam is probably looking pretty, pretty good right about now and with Gossip Girl and Glee on hiatus, we could use a little something to fill our DVRs.

MC Hammer Pants: Oh wait. We already got those back. And it wasn’t pretty.



    1. Arielle says:

      omg . AMAZING !!!!!! is it bad if i'm 21 and can't wait to read the new BSC books when they come out ?!

    2. shari says:

      this is great…i was born in '86 and loooved the 90s!

    3. Allison says:

      I was just missing the '90s the other day. Thanks for the throw-back memories! Oh how I miss my printed stirrup spandex, pogs and Full House.

    4. Em says:

      Haha, I totally watched Full House on DVD for hours today!

    5. karen Aguirre says:

      its so funny i was cleaning my room today and i found my entire collection of BSC books i loved those books. i learned so much about babysiting from those books. and im 22 and cant wait to read the new ones

    6. Casey says:

      Ah! I completely forgot about skip-it! I used to love that thing. And considering my feet are the same size they were in 4th grade I might just have to seek one out!

    7. Cait says:

      Awesome list! I'm still waiting for beanie babies to become an antique, I'm sure we could all make lots of money off of them. Sad thing is I bought those stupid beanie baby books to find out the most 'expensive and rare' ones even at that age…now, they're worth nothing, in a bunch of boxes in my basement, so sad.

    8. mollination says:

      Pete & Pete, Puka Shell necklaces, overalls, banana clips, My So Called Life, and so, so much more.

    9. Asmi says:

      Loved Clarissa!

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    11. hul says:

      JTT is gay, so he's our's now and you can't have him back.😉

    12. Cody says:

      I miss the show Big Wolf on Campus from the 90s, everything from it's cheesy SpecialFX to Mertin's insanity. *sighs* It would be great if they brought it back on (preferably with better FX, but, hey, I'm not one to complain)

    13. Maxine says:

      I miss Sabrina the Teenage Witch too:)

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    15. Kat says:

      The 90's were the best days of my life! I have to say, my favorite movie of all time, is still The Crow with Brandon Lee. Beautiful movie, so sad! And such a tragedy what happened to Brandon in the films making!😦

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