CC Beauty Live: Loose Waves

I used to think I was so cool with my crunchy, scrunched waves back in middle school. And then I realized I was wrong. There’s nothing cute about crunchy hair. But unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s hard to achieve pretty, natural looking waves, especially with a ton of mousse and scrunching.

If you want Victoria’s Secret-style waves without Gisele’s hair stylist, this video is for you. And don’t worry – It’s easier than you think!



    1. Katherine says:

      I was so happy to hear that waves were in this past fall! I have naturally wavy hair, and there were NO products on the market until very recently for wavy hair.

      I really like the Garnier line for wavy hair (Wonder Waves). What I like to do is wash/condition with Garnier at night and braid my hair once I towel dry my hair or let it air dry, depending on how close it is to bedtime (I have really thick hair that takes a while to dry). Then, in the morning, I unbraid my hair and spray it generously with the Wonder Waves Enhancing spray. I do scrunch a bit during the process to help the spray spread out and lock onto my hair. I'm lazy, so I let my hair air dry, but you probably could use a diffuser as well.

      Garnier also makes a Wonder Waves mousse, but I just personally prefer the spray.

      I find that braiding my hair helps make waves that are clean but not necessarily hard and defined like might happen with a curling iron. I also have pretty frizzy hair and, as long as I comb my fingers through my hair, I don't get frizz.

      Hope this helps! It's a great way to style your hair with minimal effort if you have naturally wavy hair!

    2. Katherine says:

      Here's a link to Garnier's Website about Wonder Waves line, btw!

    3. maddie says:

      Is my computer being crazy or is the video not here..

    4. Kate says:

      Thanks for the video and pictures- I will definitely be trying this look!

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    6. Jessica says:

      Wow, was that girl an akward brick wall, or what?

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