The Baddest Romance [VIDEO]

Lady Gaga‘s video for Bad Romance is hard to forget and impossible to top. Or is it? A few kids armed with a video camera and a little too much time on their hands (thanks to an extended winter break, I presume) remade the legendary video in all its weird and creepy glory. And, damn, they did it well.

Sure, the wardrobe budget was a little tighter in this home video (they replaced Alexander McQueen with a Walmart shopping bag), but even Gaga gave them props for their dedication to the original masterpiece.

Who knew a guy could make such a good Gaga?

We tip our hat to thee, Bad-Romance-Video-Kids. Way to use your time well instead of lying on the couch watching Law and Order: SVU marathons like the rest of us.



    1. jamie says:


      1. deepika says:

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    2. s says:

      :)! good work kids. funny too

    3. Marla says:

      That was definitely the best ever!😀

    4. Mal says:

      Haha i wish i were friends with all of the people in that video….

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    6. Jennifer says:

      Keep the posts coming. I like reading your stuff. thanks.

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