CC Beauty Live: These Highlighters Are Not For Text Books

I’ve had many women look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about using highlighters on my face. Obviously I am not coloring on my face with neon yellow highlighters, people! A lot of women don’t know how to use highlighters (or what they are, apparently), but they really are a great asset to have in your beauty arsenal.

I know you don’t want to shell out $24 for Benefit’s High Beam, so in this video I’ll show you an alternative that’s way cheaper and works just as well. Happy highlighting!



    1. april says:

      do you put the highlighter on before or after the other makeup?

    2. April- I put my highlighter on after other makeup. If you were using a cream/liquid highlighter you could use it before, but I've always used it after.

    3. Alina says:

      You should do a video about different colors of eyeshadow to use during the day.

    4. Naima says:

      wow i thought she meant highliter like highliter like a real one loll nyways youre very pretty:)

    5. lea says:

      about the inexpensive brush topic… i recently bought some eyeslipsface brushes, they're really cheap! they have an entire set of brushes for only $12. but i just bought a couple that i really needed, four for about $15, the price of one makeup brush at sephora!

    6. Kat says:

      I think a great video would be one where you tell us how you store all your makeup and supplies because obviously you have a lot of makeup and us college girls don't have a lot of space to keep it all so what is the best, and most space conserving way to keep all of your makeup stuff organized and in good condition. Thanks!

    7. Charlotte says:

      The Body Shop makes a good highligher that looks really natural and its around $15. It's called Tinted enhancer and comes in 3 shades to match peoples skin tones and I think it comes in iridescent white as well. I have fair skin so I got the lightest one, I put it on after my blush and shadow and it looks really natural but definitely brightens. I use it under my eyes as well because I have hereditary dark circles, and it brightens my eyes right up. I find it looks a lot more natural than shimmer light shadow especially in sunlight

    8. Thanks for the feedback everybody! Look for your suggestions in future videos:)

    9. rachelle says:

      I linked this article in my last blog post, hope thats okay!

      see it here:
      and great video, as usual:)

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