Ask A Dude: Do Guys Like Bigger Girls?

Dear Dude,

I want a boyfriend. I have been single for the last four years, and although there have been opportunities for love to kindle, things just never seem to work out. I think a part of it is my fault. I am very conscious about my weight (I am full-figured). I think I am a very intelligent, funny and generous person, and I have a great circle of friends. But I don’t know how to show a guy that I have all these qualities because, frankly, most guys seem more interested in the way women look. Dude, how can I make a guy see past my weight to the person that I am inside, when looks play such a huge role in a guy’s opinion of a girl?

Single and Not Loving It

P.S. I want to add that I am not ugly, just a little overweight.

Dear Single and Not Loving It,

First things first…thank you.  Thank you for bringing this up.  This is such an important issue that isn’t discussed enough!  I have ranted and raved about this for a decade now and I hope that someone will start to listen.  So here we go!

Real men want real women!  That’s the bottom line.  Since when did “so thin I may shatter every bone in my body if I fall and I look like a cancer patient” become sexy?  Has anyone else noticed how closely these women resemble pre-pubescent teenage girls?  I have!  And what does that say about the people who think that’s attractive?

And on top of looking totally ridiculous with your hips and ribs showing through your clothes, being that hungry all the time turns a nice girl into a complete bitch!  I know when I skip a meal I get pretty irritated; I would likely go postal if I tried to survive on 500 to 1000 calories a day. And that may be high for some of these chicks!

Let me give you some examples and/ or inspirations:

Christina Hendricks = SEXY
Diane Kruger = Gross
Beyonce = WOWZZA
Kate Bosworth = Gross
Sara Ramirez = SCHWING
Olsen Twins = Gross
Zoe Saldana = Gross

Get the picture?

These women could all stand to have a cheesburger and cut a few workouts from the routine.  And if a guy tells you he is truly attracted to women who look like this, then consider keeping any young teenage girls you know far away from him.  Think about this logically for a second.  Women are designed to carry a certain percentage of body fat.  A womans body is designed for reproduction.  A body with very little fat (or one who is skinny fat, ie. no fat or muscle to speak of) goes against Nature’s intentions for that body. Why do you think people who look like that have to resort to multiple daily workouts and eating disorders to look that way?

So to step down from my soapbox and get to my point, try to be more like the four girls above who got very positive feedback.  Stay healthy, but don’t overdo it. And take pride in your curvy body and yourself. What you don’t realize is that right now guys are focusing on your weight because that’s what you’re focusing on. If you stop thinking about your size and think only about how funny and smart and beautiful you are, guys will see all of those things too. There is nothing sexier to a man than a girl with confidence – regardless of her size – so get out there and show guys all your wonderful qualities.

The Dude (who takes meat on the bones over skin and bones any day of the week!)

[Got a question for Mr. Dude? (And, no, that doesn’t include asking him out; boyfriend is taken!) Ask it: He won’t sugarcoat it, beat around the bush, or any other weird cliche that means lie to you. Like a nice, juicy hot dog, he’ll be 100% real beef, 100% of the time.  So bring it on, ladies.]



    1. Syd says:

      Zoe Saldana….too thin and gross and looks like a prepubescent girl? LOL!!!!! Since when does not having tits ready to slap you in the face = anorexia? This is the obesity-centered culture we live in, where Zoe Saldana can be compared to Mark Kate Olsen. What this guy said about thin women, also, is just as bad as the guys refusing to give a look to a girl who ISN'T too thin.

      The reason this girl doesn't have a boyfriend is because SHE focuses on her weight too much instead of trying to make friends with guys. Sure, some guys are shallow, or prefer thin women, but NO guy prefers a girl who sits around talking about how she doesn't have a boyfriend because all guys want thin women.

    2. Emily says:

      wow…I'm a naturally skinny girl (5'3" 100lbs) and it offends me that you assume all thin girls starve themselves! I eat just as much, if not more than my friends. So please don't put thin girls down just to make bigger girls feel better.

    3. jeff says:

      i am a cancer patient and we are not all that skinny but i am a guy who finds women with meat on the sexy but sorry lady's i am taken.😉

    4. rebecca says:

      This "Dude's" a dud.

    5. Ruby says:

      This had the potential to be a really uplifting article for women with self esteem and body image issues, but ended up being another attack on women who aren't "real".

      I'll try to make this brief. Certain genes gave Christina Hendricks the boobs of an angel; however, certain other genes cause me to be… erm… "svelte". Just because the universe bestowed different genetic makeup upon us doesn't make me any less "real" than she is.

      Naturally skinny women need role models who look like us too. Saldana and Krüger are wonderful, successful women who happen to be on the slim side but they are SEXY and REAL.

      Ladies, anorexia is not healthy, nor is obesity. But labelled being thin/curvy does not make you something to be reviled. Judging women on their weight alone is so '00s. Let's start the new decade by rejecting this bullshit, misogynistic sexy/unsexy binary!

      1. Nokio says:

        wow, really? You say there needs to be MORE naturally skinny female role models? This post was about how overweight women are still found attractive and all you can think of is skinny girls? Really?

    6. Optional says:

      All the women the article deemed "gross" may actually look that way due to genetics, not because they're starving themselves. Like poster Emily said before me, I too am built very lean (5'4" 110 pounds) and even when I eat like a horse I can't manage to gain a pound. I am offended that the article is essentially calling the body shape I was born with "gross." Not to mention, most of the women the article listed as "sexy" have all had plastic surgery to enhance their busts and nip and tuck problem areas so their body shapes are virtually unachievable by nature. Do a little more research before you write another article.

      1. Kim Han-soo says:

        why are you looking at a forum that is meant for chubby people like me. If you weigh 110 then get out of this and delete your post.
        Jack ass

    7. Nancy says:

      Skinny girls calm down. It's just an opinion, just like how some guys might think larger girls look gross.

    8. sarah says:

      yeah, i gotta say it's a little hypocritical to say that women of all sizes are beautiful as long as the have confidence right after describing how unattractive thinner girls are. I've never met a guy who finds bulgy muffin tops sexy.

      1. Kim Han-soo says:

        Let me tell you this. I think chubby women are hot. I'm a doctor, and honestly I have to say to patients, " We need to get you on a diet plan" all the time. But guess what? I and many other doctors believe that skinny is actually unhealthy, having meat on your bones and some fat is actually healthier than weighing 90 to 130 pounds.

    9. Eleanor says:

      Nancy, would you take offense if I said curvy girls look gross and against nature? And if I posted that on a semi-feminist girl blog, accompanied by a long rant against them? I would, and I also take offense against this.

      I know I am flogging a dead horse at this point, but "real" women come in all shapes and sizes, including thin sizes! Someone who is thin "goes against Nature’s intentions for that body"? The dude is quite the scientist!

      Thin women have just as many body issues as full-figured women. Many naturally thin women have no boobs or ass to speak of, and those are glorified in today's media as the sexy parts of a woman. Calling any woman "gross" is a terrible thing to do on a woman's blog.

      To the original asker – plenty of guys like full-figured women. But they also like self-confident women. If you are very concerned about your weight, it will show.

    10. Syd says:

      @Nancy: If a guy said that he thought bigger women weren't attractive, or even if people tell morbidly obese people that their condition is unhealthy and can be changed, people throw a bitch fest. But when he calls perfectly normal women who happen to not have gigantic asses and pendulous breasts 'gross,' it's 'just a preference and 'empowering.' Fuck that. If he'd said 'I don't find Zoe Saldana attractive,' fine, that's his business. But calling her, and other thin women, 'gross' and saying 'they need a cheeseburger' (LOLS BEST HEALTH ADVICE EVER! If you do not conform to the obesity standard of America, shove trans fats down your throat! Great advice!) is just demeaning.

    11. uncomfortableLULZ says:

      What does full figured mean, exactly?

      Be honest with yourself, please. If you're curvy then yeah, a lot of guys are into that. If you're curved like the earth because the gravity of your massive fat rolls has caused your body to go spherical into a spherical shape, then start hitting the gym instead of the dating scene, and starting eating healthy, balanced meals.

      Any who is this dude giving advice? Not the clown in the picture?!

      1. Kim Han-soo says:

        Your an ass. You of all people are probably fatter than I am, and most likely sit at the computer eating cheeseburgers all day. Don't diss chubby girls. We are women just like the skinny sluts you think are hot.

    12. Rae says:

      I am 5'4 and 107 lbs (I'm not anorexic, I eat when I am hungry but I don't overeat). I guess that makes me "gross" because I am skinny. Thanks for boosting my self esteem. -.-

    13. Lisa says:

      The reason why he said that those girls are "gross" isn't because they aren't "real." The fact is, you can usually tell "real" skinny girls from girls with "problems." Usually, too-skinny girls look just that – too skinny. I have a friend who's 5'7" and 105 pounds, which is very underweight. However, she looks very nice, has boobs, etc. She looks natural. However, if I (5'7", probably around 130) go below 120, people start intervening me and telling me I'm scaring them and I need to eat something (and say that with actual concern). People are built differently.

      Men deserve credit. This dude's not saying "no boobs and skinny = groooossssss," he's saying not being natural or "real" = gross. If you LOOK like you should weigh more, then it's gross, because you probably SHOULD weigh more. Your body will look best where it's supposed to be. Guys can pick up on that stuff.

      PS – I do think that there is a double standard between fat people and skinny people and being able to tell them what they are.

    14. Davey-T says:

      Just a thought, maybe she is not giving guys who actualy like bigger girls a chance.She clearly states "although there have been opportunities for love to kindle". I also partialy agree when she says "most guys seem more interested in the way women look", yes ofcourse some guys like average girls, some like thin girls , some like fuller girls.The word "LOOK" here DOES NOT EQUAL THIN.If she has a problem with her weight then she should do something about it.If as she says she is funny and intelligent there is no reason why she should be single

    15. Lisa says:

      PPS – Also, not having boobs doesn't instantly make you "gross" either – again, it's all about where YOU look best at. There is a definite difference between skinny or slender, and feeble.

    16. chelsea Proctor says:

      omg.. i dont even know what to say. so you are smaller.. ok? what are we talking about here. the fact is that many people feel bombarded with the overwhelmingly itty bitty figures in magazines, movies, tv (everywhere unless you like on a boat somewhere). I am not overweight, but i am chesty and have a butt and i understand what the girl is talking about. So thank you (minus saldana bc i think shes awesome) DUDE

    17. Linda says:

      & All of a sudden every damn CC reader is stick thin "due to genetics", and highly offended.

    18. Holly says:

      I'm glad a lot of people already commented, but I have to add my two cents: what the hell? It's all very well to help boost someone's self esteem and share your opinion, but when you have to put down other, healthily skinny women to do that, it's just not right.

      Maybe the Olsen twins are a tad too skinny, but Kruger and Saldana look perfect! They look totally healthy and beautiful and as far as I know, this idiot is the first one complaining that they're too skinny.

      College Candy should help everyone's self-esteem, whether they are skinny or "curvy."

    19. Jess. says:

      The point has been made I think, but I still want to say that I agree with everyone who says that this is really unfair. Yeah ok, I get that no one wants to hear a thin girl whining that she is thin, but it shouldn't be ok to tell a girl that she is gross because she isn't curvy! Personally I think curves are sexy as hell, but you know what? A sexy curvy body is just not going to happen for me. Yes I could skip workouts and eat cheeseburgers, and boy would I gain weight, but it would not magically give me Christina Hendricks' boobs and all around hourglass figure! And apparently anyone who would be attracted to my grotesque, small-breasted frame is a secret pedophile? I understand and fully agree with the point that no woman should feel like she has to punish her body to reach an unattainable goal, but I don't think we need to cut people down to make that point.

      Bodies are different, health is good, women are beautiful.

      End of rant.

    20. Zoe says:

      In my opinion, "Ask a Dude" just became Ask a Douche.

      There isn't a single proscription for the girl concerned apart from reiterating the obvious, "be attractive/beautiful/smart/healthy". This column has just passed its use by date.

    21. Casey says:

      I'm a guy who is not desperate or anything of the sort. Thicker girls are more attractive than skinny girls, for the most part. On the other hand, unhealthy fat isn't attractive. If you're just sort of overweight, then you're probably still hot! Moral of the story is that maybe the reason you're not doing well is because of a lack of confidence. For some stupid reason, girls seem to think that skinny = attractive, which is not the same thing that guys believe (everyone has fetishes obviously, but I would say that the majority of guys are not most attracted to "skinny" girls).

    22. Lily says:

      Wow, I am neither over weight or "stick thin" but my body is healthy and I am happy with it. I consider myself a "real" woman, and dislike when the ideal is thought to be either skeletally thin (lets face it, some of those models definitely are) or "real" women, who are portrayed as being over weight… we see a lot of size 0s and size 16s, but not a lot of 4s,6s, 8s, and 10s. I want to see those girls (girls like me) get some attention… because women in those sizes are "real" too.

    23. Audrey says:

      Give it a rest, people. This has become ridiculous.

      The question was- Do guys find bigger girls sexy? Obviously yes, some do. Dude was just stating his opinion. He never said "Good thing you're heavier, because thin people are DISGUSTING," he simply stated that some of the above THINNER actresses aren't appealing to him and don't look very healthy. (Although Zoe Saldana is like, WOAH. Such a babe.)

      Let's be honest here, if you're getting it on with someone, wouldn't you prefer rubbing against something softer like flesh instead of a sternum?

    24. Erin says:

      Once again something positive became about bitching about how your being slighted for being thin. Lay off. None of you are happy unless your going on and on about how offended you are. You know what offends me? Being told by the media because I am big I'm disgusting and not sexy. SO STFU!

    25. C says:

      He never said “Good thing you’re heavier, because thin people are DISGUSTING."

      Uh, that's pretty much exactly what he said.

    26. Raleigh says:

      Hey here's a thought: why don't we go to our doctors and ask them what our ideal body weight should be? You know, what is healthy for us individually? We are all different, meaning we all have different thoughts, body shapes, heights, amount of weight that looks good for that height, etc. People should focus on being healthy and the best version of themselves that they can be, not what other people want or what they think other people want. Then if somebody is interested in you, you will know they are interested in the real you. Yes I know it's cheesy, but there is some truth.

    27. C says:

      I think his point was that some women look unhealthily skinny and likely could be anorexic. Obviously you can be thin and look healthy/beautiful if you are eating correctly. Women are only unattractive if they are anorexia. Even then they obviously could be beautiful but the fact that they are unhealthy and killing themselves is unattractive.It's sad that people are still questioning if men like curves though. But even if you are attractive/very curvy doesn't mean that dating is easy. Obviously everyone likely has people who are attracted to them but the dating world is what's tough. Being confident and going after what you want can sometimes be the best way to go about it. Being friendly/approachable is probably the main key. And Single and Not Loving It it has nothing to do with your weight. It's not like all the thin or even beautiful people find love. Looks are the least of it. The trouble is depending on your age guys aren't necessarily looking for something serious.

    28. Mel says:

      I agree with everything Lisa said. And I think everyone should read it.😛

      (And yes, Zoe Saldana is gorgeous, but she's also really thin. I think it might have to do with her dancer-ness (she does do ballet, right?)–sometimes habits are hard to break, so of course she'd be stick thin.)

      But yeah, it's just his opinion; don't go blow a fuse because he stated his own opinion. This is an "Ask a Dude" column in a female blog because it's interesting to see a guy's opinion. If you didn't want a guy's opinion (and you're just going to be offended), you shouldn't be reading it anyway.

      (You know… like in the Movie "A Few Good Men" with the Guy: "I want the truth!" Other guy: "You can't handle the truth!" I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you can't handle the truth from *another person's point of view*, you shouldn't be reading their point of view.

    29. Dia says:

      uhhh no need to bash others to make a point, but what he should have just said "if you like brownies, then why not find a guy who likes brownies as well"

    30. I Knew It says:

      So I'm recovering from an eating disorder, and I try to immerse myself in everything out there on the net that is body positive and all that. Yes, this guy did promote the idea that curvy women are 'real' women, when real women are 5' an 90 pounds, and they're also 5' and 130 pounds, and they have love handles and thighs that don't touch and thighs that do touch and big tits and no tits and bla bla bla. He didn't approach this the right way, but I appreciate the sentiment: I have a mesomorphic body type, and am not overweight, nor was I when I was restricting/fasting/binging/purging etc. But I feel where this girl is coming from, I absolutely tried to starve myself to achieve a weight that my body couldn't handle. So ok, we're ALL real women, and we should accept our bodies (I didn't say LOVE, I said accept, appreciate even) the way they are. One more note: there is definitely a lot more fat stigma in this country than skinny stigma. I totally understand that it must be frustrating and hurtful when people assume that a girl who is naturally skinny must starve herself or obsess about her weight. But at the end of the day, people who are obese are treated as if they aren't real people. Yes, there is an obesity problem in the United States, but I've found that people who typically bring up this argument know nothing about health. Thin is not synonymous with health. It is possible to have cellulite, stretch marks, and be bigger/curvier while still being in great shape.

      Let's all take a minute and stop body obsessing and realize what really matters.

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    32. S says:

      i find it interesting how there are so many guys on the internet who claim to like bigger girls but when you talk to guys in real life, almost none of them say they'd prefer that. as for the guy claiming that skinny girls are disgusting, hm weird but oh well?

    33. Bob says:

      Diane Kruger and Zoe Saldana are gorgeous and sexy. Kate Bosworth is nothing special. I agree that the Olsen twins are gross.

    34. Jim says:

      To quote Fabienne in Pulp Fiction: "It's unfortunate what we find pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye is seldom the same." I've dated plenty of girls- tall girls, short girls, skinny girls and fat girls. But most people ignore the fact that some of them looked like supermodels and focus on the bigger girls. So, I've become a "chubby-chaser" because I tend to look past mere appearance to look at things like personality and intelligence. Remember… pretty girls will get old and their looks will fade, but you never outgrow stupid. Now, a guy may not mind your size if you're more than our skewed sense of "average", but sometimes he won't date you because of what his friends will say about it. Sure, it may wound your pride, but if the guy is more worried about what his friends will say or how many pounds you are away from some photoshopped supermodel image in a magazine, really honey, he's not the right guy for you anyway…

    35. Alice says:

      I have yet to meet a non-fat guy who had the hots for a fat girl. There are indeed men out there who don't mind a girl with some meat on her bones – but those men will either have meat on theirs as well, or have a fetish. Let's reverse the question: Do girls like bigger guys? Think about that question, ladies, honestly. Now consider that looks are twenty times more important to men. Bleak.:/

      (Also by "fat" I mean fat, not "Ooh I ate a cookie once, I'm so fat")

    36. lucy says:

      wow, "Dude",

      I am naturally thin and although I am a teenager, I realize my body will remain on the thin side because of my genetics. Thank you for making me feel gross, unattractive to all non-molesters, and unreal. It is understandable that men are attracted to curves, I get that. Is it so hard to embrace and celebrate curvy women without putting down those that are thin? Please do not fill the need to do what middle and high school girls do, bring one group down to bring yourself ( or in your case, your point) up.

      Maybe you started out trying to put down women who look morbidly thin, but you ended up offending many people.

    37. Syd says:

      To those defending this douche: YES HE DID say that thin girls were gross. Specifically. Those were his EXACT words. Had he said 'I prefer bigger girls,' and chalked it up to his preference, our reaction would 'oh, that's nice.' But basically he said 'if you can't use your ass as a table and beat someone with your tits from across the room, you are nasty and anorexic and gross and need to shove empty calories down your throat because you don't fit the obese standard of this country.' Why? To give some girl who won't give the guys who ACTUALLY pay attention to her a chance an ego boost because she's probably chasing some guy who doesn't happen to like her and has a skinny girlfriend. If she needs some asshole to talk about how everyone who's thin is disgusting and to trivialize eating disorders, that girl doesn't DESERVE self-esteem, and this guy doesn't deserve any girl, thin, curvy, fat, or anywhere in between.

    38. Jed says:

      All women are a bunch of ugly money wasting disease carrying whores. Do us men a favor get your ugly ass back in the kitchen and make some sammiches while we do manly things like watch football and work on cars. Guys lose the woman and get yourself a nice tv and a sweet ride. Youll be much happier. If you need sex refer back to my first sentence all women are whores so you should have a problem getting laid.

    39. Is this dude serious says:

      Did this dude honestly just say Zoe Saldana is gross? Whatever drugs your on that make you see Zoe as anything but fucking gorgeous, you need to lay off em for awhile or front me some so I can live in whatever fantasy world your in for a while.

    40. Andrea says:

      What I think the Dude was trying to say here is that CONFIDENCE is what is most sexy to men. There is someone for everyone, so you're not going to attract everyone, regardless if you're stick thin or overweight.

      Healthiness is what matters. If you're a naturally thin person, or if you have to carefully watch what you eat (like me), knowing your body type and being comfortable in your own skin is what matters. The girl who wrote in has to know that if she's pretty, is outgoing, friendly and fun, she's going to get guy's attention. It's all a matter of working with what you've got. I'm a size 16, run/work out every day, and love my body. I think that my boyfriend appreciates the effort I make, and loves my body. It's all about loving yourself. Otherwise, you're never going to find someone.

    41. Whitney says:

      None of the "Bigger" celebs named are overweight. Curvy and overweight are not synonymous. Beyonce is a size 2. Yes, she is. I was on set for a photo shoot with her once and she is that small. She just has curvy hips. America Ferrera, Queen Latifah, the chick from Grey's Anatomy, those women are bigger than the average celeb (although America is really only like a size 6 or 8, but whatever). this girl specifically said she was overweight, not curvy.

    42. samantha says:

      ok really???? why do you people have to over analyze this??? i am honestly so glad i read this cause my…cough cough allready high body image was boosted like ten points!! i trully hope it will do that for many other people who dont have as high of a body-image as me because to many people struggel with body image, curvy, obease,supper skinny and normal sized!!! this is a huge topic and i think its very important for "dudes" to express thear attraction for big women!! cause, guss what all you people who hated on this "dude"?? WE DONT HEAR IT ENOUGH!!! this is one guy, expressing his love for meaty women opposed to how many guys who obsess over skinny women, im not talking skeloten skinny, but no belly/birthing thighs/cupid cheeks skinny. so if you smaller girls could just back off just one time and not steal our thunder!!! please just remember this the next time you go to crap on someones moment!!

    43. samantha says:

      but i would like to add that i really am happy for the non-belly/birthing thighs/cupid cheeks girls who are happy with thear bodys!!! good for you because i have heard WAY to many skinny girls call them selfs fat!!

    44. gerdykins says:

      Right we all just need to calm down and think here me thinks.

      Some people find skinny attractive, HURRAY FOR SKINNY PEOPLE!

      Some people find fuller figures attractive, HURRAH FOR FULL FIGURED PEOPLE!

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, don't have a hissy fit over someones opinion, its not like Obama said it (or someone else equally as publically known).

      For example, i find all women mentioned not very pleasing,and it kinda annoys me how your either skinny or curvy, what about us people who are neither?!?!

    45. nikki says:

      I'm a bigger girl and i used to be a HUGE girl.. i'm self conscious about my weight but come off as very confident since i'm quite out going… the majority of guys like both! Skinny, fat, somewhere in between…. there are few guys who have ONE type.. and to me, that's a real turn off. I won't date guys who ONLY date fat chicks… as it's no less offensive than guys who ONLY date skinny chicks.. I like to be appreciated for who I am, as opposed to what I weigh. Heres a good story I went to a strip club with a guy friend and a few of his friends they're all somewhat famous so they can get any tail they want.. and here I am this fat girl who's cute but by no means gorgeous thinking god they have to be embarrassed to be sitting here next to this whale.. until one leans over and tells me "you're so much hotter than all these strippers" and dude wasnt even trying to get in my pants.. he's happily married to a thin wife and knows I'm off limits. .. appreciate yourself the way you are.. positive people are MORE attractive no matter what their weight… Someone who's shallow enough to not talk to you based on your looks isnt worth your time… and be careful of the closet chubby chasers the guys who like to screw fat chicks, but only date skinny chicks because they're embarrassed of what people may think. (even though their friends are doing the same thing)

    46. Kelly says:

      Skinny girls calm down, you all throw a hissy fit when you get dissed but we've been taking it our whole damn lives. People have only been standing up for curvier women in the last few years and we still take crap all the time, everywhere we go. If you're healthy for your body then good for you, skinny, curvy, whatever. Just be healthy and stop complaining about everyone else.

      I do agree that there are women out there that are thin by nature but we all know that a huge portion of celebrities starve themselves or work out obsessively in order to maintain their figures. Thanks for taking his uplifting words to us curvier ladies and turning it into an attack on yourselves.

    47. allie says:

      ive got to say something here, im a big girl ok,i weigh 250 at 5'7 im about a size 18 and 20 on a bad day, and im not against skinny girls. alot of my friends are natrually skinny, hell even my mom is a size 2. i kid you not its sad i did not get her genes i know, i got them from my dad where all the women are naturally big. so let me say this, calling women who are naturally skinny anorixic is wrong, but so is calling a big girl obese. you dont know that person, i eat like a bird, my skinny girls can put way more down then i can. and to say that big "obese" girls need to hit the gym instead of the dating scene is complete BULLSHIT! i have to say in order to get healther you have to start with your mind. you have no idea what its like to be big, so dont judge. our society thinks big women are gross and small thin women are perfect. and im not saying they are gross they arent, their just as beautiful. but when you women hate on one group you hate on yourself. we need to band together, skinny and big and uplift each other. obesity is a huge problem in our country, but guess what, so is anorexia. and we can solve them both by saying all women no matter what their packaging are beautiful. i know i want a guy whos cool with being with a skinny girl, as well as a big girl. ive never had a boyfriend, ever and im 22, never been on a date. and before you judge let me tell you this, im always the best friend never the girlfriend. guys do not look at me at all, i could have the most cofidence of any chick out there, and i do, but they would still be like, awww lets just be friends. they always tell me i have the best sence of humor, or the best listening skills but they do not want to be with me. think of what that would do to your pyche, let me give you a hint, its not good. so please both sides stop the lady hate, we can change society by making both skinny and big beautiful. everybody should be happy with themselves, everybody.

    48. criolle johnny says:

      MISSING THE POINT! Start with your first sentence: "I want a boyfriend."

      You didn't say that you're in love. You didn't even say that you're attracted to any particular man. You just want "a boyfriend".

      Forget about your weight issues and your "great circle of friends". What does that first sentence say about the BIG QUESTION.

      When you smack your forehead, that other problem will solve itself.

    49. Lisha says:

      This thread is absolutely ridiculous… you've got the bigger girls on one side defending the author because he said he prefers curves and you've got the skinny ones bashing him because he doesn't find them attractive, why do all of you care so much about the opinion on ONE guy. The point of the article is for him to state what HE thinks not give some politically correct answer.All body shapes can be sexy and its not about having the perfect boobs or a flat stomach, its the way you carry it. if you've got a problem with a guy stating his preferences then maybe you should work on your confidence instead of trying to prove why he should like a different body shape.


    50. bo says:

      I'd love for the author to address what Whitney said. I think my biggest issue has been that we look to other people to help us understand what curvy means, and when we hear that curvy to them is the same as skinny to us… it's terrifying. Because they are saying exactly what we want to hear – that bigger girls can be beautiful – but then their examples are of girls that we could still never in a million years look like.

      I've heard people call Britney Spears fat and Beth Ditto curvy. I do not see any body size difference between Christina Hendricks and Christina Aguilera. I think the answer for us is to stop relying on the eyes of those around us, because all of our eyes see different things when we look at people.

      I feel the pain of the person who wrote the letter to begin with. There is not a sufficient answer to your question, sweetheart, but I know a lot of men who think their wies and girlfriends are beautiful at heavy weights, and men who aren't satisfied with their wives and girlfriends at perfectly fit weights. Don't look for some guy's perspective – look for one guy's, and I think fate will bring you the one that matters.

    51. michelle and julie says:

      first of all, all of these skinny girls complaining, should stop. you have enough role models, for christ sakes, you are the role model!!

      you have no idea what it is like to feel like you have to lose weight!

      i feel like eating chocolate now, thanks.

    52. Daz says:

      Real men like women who look like women, complete with hips and boobs. Sure, we also prefer a small waist but it's a ratio thing, all about proportion. On the other hand, boys like girls who look like girls because adult women are intimidating for men who haven't grown up yet. It's a reflex to protect fragile male egos.

      If you are 5 foot and under 110 pounds you are more likely to attract guys who need to feel dominant or protective as a way to validate themselves. That's not your fault. But it's still more likely to be true on average. It's the same reason that tall women complain that they find it difficult to find dates: male egos have a hard time with a woman being taller.

    53. clara says:

      Bits of this article are good, and I get the general point. However, I don't find it particularly fair to entirely dismiss skinny girls as "totally ridiculous" looking, and in turn behaving like complete bitches. Also, the paedophile suggestion is pretty awful.

      I myself am very underweight, at 5 ft 4 weighing 90lbs and yes, I am suffering with Anorexia Nervosa. Although I am aware that I don't look my best (I'm getting help), I have found no problem in attracting men, which is probably down to my strong personality more than anything else. (and no, I don't behave like a total bitch as a result of my eating habits).

      Yes, different people are attracted to different things in another person, so you will have your thin lovers, fat lovers, whatever. However, it is not going to completely dominate the attraction. Somebody who usually goes for extremely thin girls could fall madly in love with someone who is massively overweight, because they have amazing eyes, a killer sense of humour, whatever. If a relationship is going to have any substance and meaning at all, your weight isn't going to be the deciding factor.

    54. Drew says:

      Yikes! What ever happened to beauty is in the eye of the beholder? For that matter what ever happened to a nice smile and a pleasant personality?

      I am a guy and I can honestly say that I have dated a variety of different women across the board. What attracted me to each one in particular was their smile and personality. Whether they were skinny, average, curvy…it matters none if you are as boring as a brick.

      Perhaps I am a dieing breed, or perhaps the rest of the decent men are shy about speaking up.

    55. Jess says:

      Christina Hendricks! I don't get it, this girl has really, really fake looking huge breast implants but everyone seems to think she looks great. She looks ridiculous in my opinion. The only things big on her is her huge fake boobs. So saying that she is sexy is not actually making any girl feel better about themselves for being real or natural!

    56. Jess says:

      Link to photographic evidence re: Christina Hendricks implants:

      Yeah, real boobs do not sit on a girls collar bone, no matter how good the push up bra!

    57. L-Boogie says:

      First of all I wish all of you SHUT THE HELL UP. If you want a "Skinny Ego Boost" then open up any magazine…turn on the television or just surf the net. There you have it. I totally agree with this guy, and although Zoe Zaldana has beautiful facial features… her body is disgustingly gross. That does not take away from morbidly obese people who have out of control weight problems either. All in all people should be healthy and look healthy. Reading these comments from "genetically skinny girls who were just so appalled at this guys OPINION" has disgusted me more than the Olsen twins' bodies. Someone above said something that makes sense…. we cry for guys' opinions and to get in their minds and know what theyre thinking….and when one of them opens up we challenge his preference and go on a b***h fit about. SMH. Please people, get a life!

      And to Whitney who said that Beyonce is a size 2… girl please!!! Beyonce is not and will never be a size 2, her bone structure does not allow it! Maybe you meant Solange!

    58. Nya says:

      I am a southern gurl an it is normal for us to have boobs, butt, little in the waste and a pretty smile. THATS ME! I think I am GORGEOUS and it helps that the men I come across think so too. It all starts from the inside. If you feel self-conscious about yourself then others will see that. Be confident in your walk and talk. Guys like that, I would know i have had experience!

    59. Chubby Gab says:

      As a "chubby" chick, I have to say I don't get the big deal. Skinny and fat are just words we use to catagorize ourselves. Somebody is going to say, "you're just saying that 'cause your fat," but that's not it. I hang out with people of all body sizes, shapes, and colors. People are forever saying men don't like us "chubby" girls, but that's a generalization. I know a few dudes who dig "chubby" girls, and a few dudes who don't. It's called PERSONAL PREFERENCE! Single and Not Loving It, if it doesn't workout, move on. I don't mean rebound guy move on, but you got get beyond that one jerk who can't see you for who you are. You're too focused on you're weight. Hold your head up and be proud. You should listen to India Arie's "I Am Not My Hair." The whole song isn't about hair, but it's an inspirational pick me up.

    60. Bedford26 says:

      Ok, here is my point of view, take it or leave it….. or bitch about it somemore…. This guy had the general idea of the question, tell this girl she is not alone, and that she will find someone for her… The self image part is true, people see you the way you portray yourself. Then there was a bunch of blah blah blah, to make the girl feel a little better, lift her spirits, so sue him. You are all probably making her regret her question completely. During this whole "bitch fest" like many others have stated, not ones have I read anything remotely about girl power. Who cares about who is skinny or who is not. What is skinny or overweight these days?? If you don't like what the "dude" said, rephrase it, write what you would write. Don't say I am skinny and this chick just needs to go to the gym, or eat healthier, or boost up her self esteam, cause you are not her. So, here is where I will start what should have been done form the beginning….

      Single girl and not loving it,

      First off, it is hard for anyone to find that right guy. It takes alot of searching and maybe weeding through a couple bad ones, but Like the "dude" said, not all guys want a "skinny" chick. Guys like girls they can be themselves around, no matter what the size or shape. If you are feeling a little self consious, show off what your comfortable with, your eyes, your smile….. or other… and be proud to show it. One guy is going to see that you have a great smile you are proud to show, or bright eyes that you blind him, Every guy is different, and they have different "types".. (don't hate it, so do we!) And when that right guy see's you and you show him how confident you are with that smile or those eyes, he will be drawn to you, because you aren't afraid, you show it with pride. It's like looking the tiger in the eyes to show you aren't afraid of it. Take that asset you love so dear and use it, show them YOU!!

    61. CT says:

      WOW…i don't EVER post comments…but this article was OBVIOUSLY not written by a guy! i love this site, i love ask a dude but REALLY?! Men do not speak like this! Its clear you're trying to get across a point WHICH i actually agree with but guys, your "guy vernacular" is wayyy off!

    62. Mark Martinez says:

      "Beyonce = WOWZZA" I hear ya loud and clear. True that. Real me dig real women. I love 'em in all sizes as long as they ain't trying to go all super-thin through starvation. And well, yep… curves add 'sexy' to the equation.

      Mark Martinez,

      Testing out hypergain like the energizer bunny

    63. EZL says:

      I think you broke your oath not to sugarcoat or lie. The truth is everybody has different tastes. So what if I like anorexic looking women? I also like thick girls too. Why would you generalize so ridiculously and say real men only like overweight girls? Stop pandering to this poor girl, losing weight is not difficult. She is obviously not happy with her body and therefore how can she expect others to be happy with it?

      All the women on your little list would get it from me. Stop discriminating!

    64. Zoe says:

      I agree with the first comment…this girl probably is focusing on her weight and that is NOT attractive for guys, whether the girl is skinny or fat. I was a little overweight before I met my boyfriend but happy with myself. I ended up losing 70 lbs because I wanted to be healthy, and him and I are still together because he loved me, not my size! Now looking at this situation from a girl who was overweight but now probably considered "anorexic" by this dude (5'3, 105 lbs and I eat more than my boyfriend), I'm sick of society glamorizing these "curvy" girls like the ones he said were hot…people may consider them real compared to skinnier girls, but these stars hit the gyms as well to get those to-die-for butts.They have more of an hourglass shape than a a fuller, plus-size shape. Plus they have tons of money and great stylists to help them dress for their curves. I bet if a star had a muffin top, double chins and saggy arms, guys wouldn't consider that hot, but if they have big butts, tiny waists and big boobs, that's great. This also leads to women getting plastic surgery for JLo butts and big boobs. I guess the point of this comment is that girls come in ALL sizes. Men and women both have different body preferences for what they find attractive; some people like skinny mates, others like larger ones. Who cares? People should just be happy and confident with themselves and stop comparing and judging their bodies to those of celebrities.

    65. vivien low says:

      I don't think you realize how offensive this is. Would it be okay to write the same article in the other point of view, calling Beyonce and other larger women "gross"?

    66. Anya says:

      Well excuse me for being thin. Why is it that when people try to make others feel better about being overweight, they trash thin girls? I'm very thin, don't really work out, and I eat a lot. I just have a fast metabolism. And there are skinny hot girls out there like Megan Fox and Jessica Alba. Why can't a woman be beautiful for being herself and natural rather than it coming down to being either being bone skinny (one extreme) or very "curvy" (another extreme)?

    67. Syd says:

      "What I think the Dude was trying to say here is that CONFIDENCE is what is most sexy to men."

      And the best way to be confident is to be a complete bitter, vindictive bitch to everyone who doesn't look exactly like you! 😀

      I've said it before and I'll say it again: if any girls find what this guy is saying uplifting, YOU NEED HELP. Not because he prefers big girls to smaller ones. No one is complaining about that. But because he's scummy enough, and the girls cheering him are horrible enough, to say that since thin girls are more represented it's okay to call them disgustingly simply for being thin. No. Accusing people of eating disorders and belittling eating disorders isn't confidence, it is flat out nastiness. Calling people disgusting simply because they don't fit your personal beauty preference isn't empowering, it is downright horrid. If a girl needs to insult another girls looks to make her feel better about herself, or hear another guy say that girls who don't fit her body type are 'disgusting' to boost her confidence, SHE is a disgusting person. Not because of what she looks like, but because that is a shit-tastic attitude to have. Confident in your curves? Great, more power to you, I am sure that you are every bit as beautiful as a thin girl. Guys, like bigger girls? I certainly won't stop you, big girls need love too. But once you say that someone needs to 'eat a cheeseburger,' you are not only belittling someone because of their weight by making a false accusation, you are making light of a serious mental disorder. And someone who does that to boost their confidence doesn't deserve any self-confidence in the first place.

      1. lindseytinsey says:

        I agree completely. Insulting other people wont increase your confidence.

      2. NaturallyThin says:

        You go, girl!

      3. Lily says:

        Best comment I've read here. This section should be called "Ask a Douche", not "Ask a dude."

    68. Norella says:

      Okay, I doubt that "the dude" was PURPOSELY TRYING to sound insulting…I get the feeling that he had good intentions. I must admit, however, that he ended up coming off as insensitive and hyperbolic. Perhaps the real problem here is that "the dude" is a bad columnist?

    69. Georgina says:

      This is dumb,one guy says his opinion about how skinny girls are gross and they all have a bi*ch fit.Oh but when a guy says fat/chubby girls are so gross and they bag on them, they could care less. I'm glad for once you know how it feels.It doesn't feel so goos does it? No person should comment so poorly on anyones body.Everyone should be seen as beautiful,but it is true that everyone should be at a healthy weight.But what truly is a healthy weight?In a country in Africa,most women have to be overweight in order to get a guy. Skinny girls have no chance whatsoever. Its like the U.S but reversed. Most of you should keep ur mouth shut,beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if this guy says he thinks skinny is gross,then so be it.Its not like your going to meet this guy so why should u care so much what he says? Stop caring what one guy says,if you know your beautiful,big or skinny. Then good for you,its only one guy,theres plenty more to tell you are pretty.

    70. Reese says:

      Oh my God!? you girls are ridiculous. Stop bitching about this stupid article. If you are healthy (i.e. not obese and yet not anorexic), then I promise somebody thinks you are attractive. Stop obsessing about it and spending your time arguing on a dumb forum.

    71. Sam says:

      Honestly I'm really tired of arguing over 1 guys opinion. I am 105, 5'3" and no I don't think I'm fat, I think I'm average. Its your frame that has alot to do with it. If someone who has 5'8" and 115 they would look average weight because their frame is smaller. Now if someone who had a larger frame dropped down to 100 they would look anorexic because due to their bone structure, they are meant to be slightly larger. I think everyone is in an uproar because the guy said "skinny girls aren't real". He means that if you look like a skeleton, you are not going to look attractive. Just be healthy, exercise, eat the right foods, and get off the computer. Because if everyone was as cool as they claimed to be on here they obviously wouldn't be on a forum.

    72. Caterina Pryde says:

      Just to niggle, but the assumption that cancer patients all look like bags of bones is one put into our heads by the media. While patients on certain kinds of radiation treatment tend to lose a lot of weight, more than half of cancer treatment medications, including many chemo drugs, cause weight gain as their number 1 side effect, and most cause bloating and swelling. Doesn't have that same "romantic" tragedy affect as wasting away, but as a 2 time survivor, not fun, but reality!!

    73. Becca says:

      EVERY woman has some kind of body issue. I come from a family of thin women. I eat more than my husband and can't seem to gain a pound. I think the most important thing is being healthy no matter how much you weigh. If a man doesn't like you for who you are…F*CK HIM! There are plenty of nice guys out there, you just have to be patient.

    74. Curvy gal. says:

      Well, we all know girls can be extremely unhappy with their bodies, guys too!

      I'm going out with my first and probably last serious relationship. I found I was getting jealous because my boyfriend watched porn even though I gave him "sexy" pictures of my self and yet he still looked at videos of other women behind my back after I asked him to please stop. I found out and blah blah I cried because it hurt me, and these women were very slim with big fake tits. I told him I could never feel confident with myself ever again. And from time to time i still feel a little chubby but i realized today I wasnt fat i was just Curvy, no one could ever have a so called "perfect" body without being fake or being a workout obsessed droid. boobs are made of fat tissue and men LOVE BOOBIES! well even if there small they still love those suckers! I'm plump and fucking proud!

      and every other girl should be too!

      if a guy isnt happy with your body, FUCK him your too good for him and hes a superficial ass hole.

      Love your body no matter what.

      Let the women of the 20s 30s and 40s be your role models theyre bodies are gorgeous!

      not stick like or too muscular.

      just right.

    75. […] Jersey Shore Tonight is the season finale of the Jersey Shore. Let’s all take a moment…  Ask A Dude: Do Guys Like Bigger Girls? Dear Dude, I want a boyfriend. I have been single for the […]

    76. JamesD says:

      So yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it certainly helps to feel hot if you are out there wanting to attract someone delicious. So it's really up to you to do whatever it takes to help you feel hot according to YOUR idea of attractive. F**C what the magazine adds, TV commercials, club scene or whateva proscribe.

      Myself: I'm a 35yr old guy living in Sydney with a lean 5'11'' frame. I'd have to eat bulk protein powder and do weight training 4 days a week to get over 160lbs. I've always been reasonably healthy but since I started devoting 2-4hrs of my spare time a week to keeping fit I'm loving my own body more. Everybody has to find what works for them but my things are lap swimming and indoor rock climbing.

      Personally, I like the look of fitness. I'd like to think that my partner could jog up a hill with me or spend a solid hour (or more) in the sack without giving up.

      So if you reckon looking like a yoga teacher, or swimmer is hot – do the time to be more like that. And don't worry about what other people think, that's their baggage. Make yourself someone you are proud of.

      If you like you then someone who also likes you will more likely come along. Don't settle for anyone who wants you to be something else.

    77. miss hart* says:

      wooooooow smh did he really just say all that?? Real ignorant there "dude" For your information, not all of us are skinny because were starving ourself. Some of us are born with a little something called "fast metabolism" all women are pretty….tall, short, over-weight and skinny! And to the chick that wrote in with the problem* not every guy likes slim women…we get turned dwn as well. I have to deal with negative comments about my weight too…. I've tried to gain weight because of the negative comments, so we get it too. And the saying is true…. You will meet someone that likes you for you*

    78. TTT says:

      Look, I don't see the problem. Fat girls can date fat guys. Fit girls can date fit guys and skinny girls can date skinny guys. I don't care one way or another if a girl is fat or not, but its a joke to me that they blame guys for not liking them because they are overweight. You don't get to be fat and date that really fit good looking guy. If you want a BF then maybe hit the gym and put the snicker doodles down; or settle for the guy making eyes at you from the McDonald's window.

    79. melly mel says:

      honestlyi don't know any "FIT" guys worth dating. Fat or skinny! The truth is if a guy only dates a girl for er assets, then he's either a momma boy, perv, or he can't get the girl in the sandbox to date him. Besides, size only matters to guys who are like em' little. If ya get my drift. So boys when you stop being attracted to yo momma's, then step up and meetsomeone who's just as much in pounds as she in in intellect. Like beyonce said she can back it up. And i agree! All 280 lbs of me. Wat up though! Don't be mad cause fat girls don't date perverts and pedifiles who like em child size. And no i aint looking for a dadddy either. 21st century! Get ya some!!!!

    80. syd says:

      LOL @Curvy gal. The ideal body type changed DRASTICALLY in the years you gave. The waif/boyish look was HUGE in the 20s (why they wore those dresses), with many women getting breast reductions simply to look like it. VERY different from the look of the 30s and 40s.

      And anyway, I don't get this whole 'one body type is wrong, we should all strive to be another.' ALL of the ideal body types of every era are exactly that: idealized and trendy. In the neolithic age obesity was 'beautiful,' and frankly, the 1920s, and then the 1970s thru now are the only times when being 'skinny' has ever been in. In the early 1900s and the mid 1900s, the extreme hourglass figure was in and achieved through things like constricting, even dangerous, undergarments, berating anyone who didn't have huge tits or a small waist, and pretty poor diets. The fact is, telling girls to strive for that look is no more healthy than telling girls to stop eating to be skinny, or force feeding young girls to make them obese like they do in many countries.

    81. Greg says:

      I would seriously give my life to have sex with christina hendricks lol. We need more curvy women and less skeleton/flat women.

    82. Vee-Vee says:

      Wow, I can't believe everyone is so torn up about this. I mean it's his opinion. Isn't that why we're on this site ne ways, is to get HIS opinion? I'm a full figured, Black, 18-yr old woman and college so far has taught me one thing about guys and big women: Some like 'em, some don't. Point Blank. I don't see the point in chasing after some guy who would rather fuck an Olsen twin. Believe me, there are guys out there who love big women and if you learn to be comfortable with yourself and open your eyes to them, you'll find them. Just do you and stop worrying about how some guy sees you.

    83. Caitlin says:

      It's nice to know that guys like us bigger girls. As far as the Olsen twins go, they look like they're ready to break. They used to be a healthy weight, but that ran away with their childhood. They still have pretty faces, but that's all they've got.

    84. lauren says:

      omg..this is the most pathetic pile of shit i have ever read in my life, if you dont wanna be insulted dont read an article based on ONE guys opinion! how far fetched are you guys .. its just really sad to think theres girls arguing over this, what gives a skinny girl the right to call a fat girl and vice versa, shouldnt we all just be happy and fucking grateful with what we got, i know i am!

    85. Alexia says:

      Seriously ya Lame I see big girls wanting to lose some weight yet they eat all the chocolate and junk food they could ughhhh calm da F**k Down u aint gonna lose weignt like that HELLOOO U ONLY WILL GAIN MORE im sick of all the lose weight comm and all Rolls Eyes the Victims dont really try!…. And i've seen thin girls eat like pigs and not gain any weight so its not right to JUDGE THEM EITHER LAMOUS! B.T.W. IM HAPPY WITH WHERE I'AM ;-)~ IM 5'6 IM ALMOST 140POUNDS AND ALL THE WEIGHS ON THE RIGHT PLACES AND YET I FOR DAMN SURE KNOW THAT I DONT LIKE TO JUDGE BIG/SMALL OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER! WHEN YOU WANNA JUDGE START WITH YOURSELF LOL…….

    86. Alexia says:

      ONE MORE THING I EAT MORE THAN 3 PEOPLE PUT TOGETHER and don't Gain any weight?!? the highest ill get to 140 lowest 125

    87. Megan says:

      ok, so:

      #1 i am a naturally skinny girl, and i eat non stop throughout the day; i eat like a pig.

      #2 us skinny girls that "may fall and break every bone because were that skinny" is just a bunch of B.S. its called having a high mataballism

    88. matt says:

      I don't mind a girl with some weight on her but I won't date a fat woman. I mean women weighing over 200 lbs. who eat high fat shit constantly. This is not just about being superficial either though admittedly there is an element of that. It is because I can't respect a woman who has no respect for herself and if you let yourself go that badly you clearly don't. Basically what I want in a woman is that she is attractive, she takes care of herself and she has self-confidence and self-respect. She doesn't have to be stupid thin, just in shape.

      p.s. Zoe Saldana is crazy hot.

    89. Steve says:

      **IT'S SO OBVIOUS**

      Go re-read the first paragraph of the "Dude's" response – he starts "first things first." Check out all of the exclamation points. Notice the tone of his writing. Folks, the "Dude" is a homosexual. Girls, do not take advise from a gay man on what straight men like in a women. IF Kate Bosworth and/or Diane Kruger = Gross THAN The Dude = gay. EOS

      Want some advice? Hit the gym a few times a week. You'll feel better, look better and maybe meet a nice guy.

    90. Andrea says:

      ugh you stupid skinny people. he wasnt talking about being naturally skinny -_-


      he even talks about the women who only eat like 500 calories a day.

      i dont want to hear you complaining about being skinny. you can all go shove it.

    91. Mariee says:

      On what planet is Sara Ramirez's fat ass considered sexy? Nowhere, which is precisely why she's trying to lose weight on that idiotic Jenny Craig program, with fellow fatty Valerie B.

    92. Anne says:

      I just think it's so funny how skinny girls make fun of overweight girls constantly, but the second a guy suggest that stick thin girls AREN'T the shit, all hell breaks loose.

    93. Tyna says:

      Omg..u women are gonna sit here n deny straight through your teeth. what this dude was saying is very offensive and hurtful.

      "if I tried to survive on 500 to 1000 calories a day. And that may be high for some of these chicks!" its like saying If i tried shoving ten cheeseburgers down my throat in ten minutes it would be nothing compare to what these fat chicks be eatting for an hour at a dinner table everyday. I gotta see what this dude looks like in person because i doubt that the picture up above is him.

    94. Normal guy says:

      Give me a Size 10-12 woman any old day. Many of my girl friends fall in this category and I wish I could ravish all of their voluptuous' bodies. Actually….I have. Me Likey!

    95. Kilee says:

      Um if the question is do guys like bigger girls? Then why in the world is every thin girl reading this? Obviously your not a bigger girl And didn't need to know the answer to this. You all said you had a good weight well then you should be fine and able to get a guy. You don't know how hard it is to get big and try to go back to "normal" it's very hard. Specially for women. And being a teenager with self esteem issues and being considered 30 lbs over weight and obese is a hard thing to live with. But I found a guy that likes me for who I am. He's on the bigger side too so I guess were perfect. I just don't understand why every thin girl came on here. This was to help bigger girls not skinny ones that are fine. Maybe the dude likes bigger girls so thin ones are t attracktive to him. It's his opion to help her. It says he's not gonna hold back on what he thinks. Ok so hush up.

    96. Skinny Girl says:

      Hey, That kind of offended me how you think we starve ourselves to be skinny. Not true one bit. I eat more than my boyfriend does, and I can not get bigger no matter what I do… The more I eat the skinnier I get. So no not all skinny girls starve themselves. Trust me if I could get bigger I would cause my boyfriend wants me to haha.

    97. mallisa says:

      OMG i love this article.. im on the bigger side i guess like im told im skinny but i am veryy VERY tall for my age (14yrs 5 fooot 9 size 9/10 jean) and i always wanted to be skiiny and i found it shocking how you put the skinny people as like gross and shiit cuz i always wanted to be that.

    98. Nate says:

      @Skinny Chicks:

      Lot of bitching here… Let it go…

      "I'm so offended"

      "I can't gain weight"

      Nobody cares. You already have a body that you are happy with, what else do want? Really, let us know and then stop whining.

      I like full girls. If you have the body of a 12-year-old I'm not interested AND I DON'T CARE why you are that skinny or why you can't grow a decent pair of breasts. That's your problem, get implants if you feel that nature slighted you.

      I don't want to be able to see a girl's skeleton when she's in a swim suit. That is GROSS. I don't understand how anyone could possibly find this alluring. Furthermore, making love with a skinny chick is like having sex with a bag of antlers that's held together with jerky. Worse, however, was the showing off before hand. She spent 5 minutes performing a completely self absorbed strip tease because she thought she was so hot. I decided then and there to follow my own desires and not worry about impressing my friends.

      Skinny girls have what is constantly portrayed as an ideal body yet are surprisingly whiny and bitchy. You have it easy, LET IT GO and try to enjoy life for once…

      Harsh? Maybe, but I am tired meeting beautiful women with large breasts and great hips that have so many issues because they have been harassed by toothpicks in training bras their whole life.

      P.S. A cups are not breasts. Just because they perform the same biological function as breasts does not that you have tits. In fact, you probably shoved more than an a cup's worth of tissue in your bras before coming to the realization that this was as good as it was going to get…

    99. Alex says:

      I'm 5'11" 170lbs and 7% bodyfat. The vibe I get at parties is that most bigger curvier girls assume that I wouldn't be interested in them, or they think I'm out of their league, whereas the skinny blondes always flock towards me. Theirs nothing wrong with skinnier girls. They're attractive in their own way, just not my cup of tea. Ironically, I'm much more attracted to women with bigger curves – it shows in every girl I've ever dated. I guess opposites often attract. So don't assume that their aren't any good looking guys who are attracted to you. People are far more diverse and complex than you giving them credit for Single and Not Loving It.

    100. Holly says:

      Actually, I don't believe that women naturally look like, say, Diane Kruger. The only way I have ever looked like that is when I had an eating disorder. Maybe some women just naturally eat very little. I wish women like Christina Hendricks were considered the norm. and not that Zoe girl. (don't get me wrong I think Zoe is really beautiful, but maybe she would look healthier with a little more than skin and bones.) I think when people say "real women," its not that thin women aren't real, its just that (generally speaking most of the time) "naturally thin" is not all that natural. Women are biologically supposed to have a certain body fat percentage so they can have children, so that is what is typically "natural." Thanks.

    101. Ria says:

      Not all skinny people have eating disorders or don't eat at all. There are a lot of skinny people who have slow metabolisms… which means they can't gain weight as quickly as others can. It's annoying because I'm slender and I get some people asking if I eat… yeah, I eat you idiots. It wouldn't be right if I asked them to slow down on the eating.. it's the same thing. Some people need to realize that we all come in different shapes and sizes. None are better than the other. You can be really skinny and unhealthy and over weight and unhealthy.

    102. Ria says:

      I'm also not understanding some people's comments like: skinny girls think guys find them more attractive.. not everyone feels that way. It's a matter of opinion. If a guy finds my size attractive or not.. so be it.

    103. Ria says:

      I also meant to say **fast metabolisms. lol..

    104. Rachel says:

      Wow this is just insane.

      But I think 'The Dude' just misunderstood the questions a bit – do men like bigger girls? His mind went straight to the lack of sex appeal he finds of very tiny girls, rather than focusing on real men and real bigger women in the real world (ie not Christina Hendricks).

      To actually answer what this post is supposed to be about, I think Matt's comment is perfect. A lot of guys just want a girl to feel good about themselves and take care of themselves – if she goes to the gym a few times a week and still isn't "skinny", it's cool. It's the fact that she's going to the gym and not sitting eating ice cream all day that's appealing.

      Matt – I nominate you the new "Dude".

    105. La Ron Clark says:

      why do girls talk shit about guys who were trying to be good to them but they settle for dick heads?

    106. Shelly says:

      @Alexia seriously? learn how to type/talk. And did you ever stop to think maybe bigger girls can't help gaining weight? See skinny people just automatically assume that all big people are slobs. False! They just have low metabolisms and can't lose weight.

      so just to recap: Great you are skinny and can eat all you want and remain skinny. Fantastic for you. But some of the bigger people can eat 500 calories a day and go to the gym 5 days a week and still not lose weight (maybe a little extreme but you get the point) So stop your bitching on this article and go back to second grade where you can learn how to type!

      Sorry for the rant but these comments are horrible.

      P.s. I love that all of the "skinny" girls felt the need to post their weight and height..nice.

    107. Zoe says:

      I think I have read almost every comment on here, lol

      Well, I am one of those naturally skinny girls, and while I do admit I was a bit offended when I first read this article, I realize the author had good intentions, he's just not very.. good at whatever he's trying to do. It's ok, he is human and does any of this really even matter all that much to begin with?

      I would like to point out, though, that even if I succeeded in gaining weight, it would look absolutely terrible on me. My family tends to have very thin arms and legs and if they do end up gaining weight, it's in their stomach, not their boobs. So I'd say I look great considering what I COULD look like. I'm sure many other people have similar circumstances

    108. Kilee says:

      I still wanna know why a ton of skinny girls had to read this post.

    109. joe says:

      will this be a good persuasive speech topic?

      or will it just create more controversy and hatred like it did here?

    110. Kay says:

      All you bigger girls should just date black guys, a lot of thin black guys like bigger girls!

    111. DayVid says:

      "he’ll be 100% real beef, 100% of the time."

      More like he'll be 90% based purely on opinion, with 10% thought-out ideas. If you believe thinking "logical" is telling others to uplift themselves by judging other body types, then you obviously aren't ethically mature enough to try to be a self-help guru. And the one comment that could have done some good, ("If you stop thinking about your size and think only about how funny and smart and beautiful you are, guys will see all of those things too.") was greatly overwhelmed by the hypocrisy of the rest.

      You remind me of an Al Sharpton type figure who doesn't understand the psychology behind satire, yet claims to be the greatest thing to ever philanthropize race's distinction.

      It's annoying to even promote this, self-righteous article even an inch further by submitting this post. My only hope is to subsidize true guru's, by letting people see what lies egocentricity spouts.

    112. jess says:

      I Totally agree with Nate!!😛

      No one cares why your skinny so just shut the hell up…i think full women should be proud of what they have.

      And more guys should like women with curvy, natural bodies..instead of stick thin girls.

      Too bad if your skinny and offended…maybe you should try eating more so your more desirable.

      The skinny girls just need to go find something better to 'dude' was just trying to make 'Single and Not loving it' feel better about her body….and to be honest it's better than a skinny girl with no boobs.

      I'm a full figured girl with big boobs and i'm PROUD!!!

      so skinny girls please just STFU! thanks😀

    113. jess says:

      Everyone should be confident about their bodies.

    114. Anonymous says:

      As long as a girl is healthy and looks like she isn't forcing herself to be thin. And Nate, while I like your points about embracing curvier girls, you kind of focused too much on what the boobs were like in your post (I think the comment about not caring why a girl couldn't "grow a decent pair of breasts" was the one that got me). All sizes have their pros and cons, but no girl should be judged by her breast size (or any other physical feature) alone. There are many types of sexy, and I think it is time we learn to embrace them all, rather than just the "skinny sexy" or "voluptuous sexy".

    115. Nicole says:

      I'm 5 feet tall, 140 pounds, and have never been so happy with my figure in my entire life. I weighed 125 for most of high school, and it just did not work for me. I was depressed. I would look in the mirror and cry. But the girls (Some of them) who were up in the 140's were fat and nasty in my opinion. Again, some of them. I have a friend who weighs 160 and is breath takingly beautiful.

      It all depends on individual preference. This guy thinks that skinny girls are gross. I tend to agree. Not always, because there are some girls who are weirdly skinny who are banging hot (My 5'2 97 pound friend) but they are probably naturally skinny, and can eat healthily. Most of those models are skinny because they don't eat, and, yes, they look freaking gross. I was anorexic, and I looked nasty. And I didn't even get that thin. I got down to 112, but the nasty ass bruises all over my arms and legs, and my hair fallin out all over the place got me to eat again. That's when I got up to 125. Once I got to college and stopped eating again, I became suicidal, and decided that I just needed to eat, and not look in mirrors. Then I was really happy all the time. And once I looked in the mirror, I was really really happy with how I looked.

      Beauty is healthy. Bottom line.

    116. Jeremy says:

      Just a thought….isnt it a lot cheaper and easier for "skinny women" who have issues about no boobs and butt to get impants than it is for a woman who is heavier to get lipo and keep the weight off???

      Just because you take offense that he called you "gross" doesnt mean you have to trash talk heavier women.

    117. kharina says:

      i kinda stuck in the middle here im not really curvy and im not really skinny im 169cm and weigh 8 stone 12 pounds i have womanly legs but a really small bust and it just depends on the guy if he really likes you he should like you for you and i should matter if your fat n foxy,curvy n cute or slender and sexy we are all mature women here so we should just get along we are all perfect in our own ways

    118. Anna says:

      Most guys like girls that are curvy.

      It's a turn off to some blokes if a girl has a guys figure with no curves at all. Just skin and bones, no fat.

      I find it repulsive too, I have them and I hate them. But I asked my ex boyfriends in the past and they loved them. Guys think differently, girls are really insecure these days and we cant actually help it tbh lol but yeah guys like love handles, well most do anyways it depends on the guy. xD xoxo

    119. Vivienne says:

      It seems like whatever should be said has already been said. It's clear that regardless of your body type, this is not a positive message to send. And yes, you could say that this is simply one person's opinion and preferences- and that would be acceptable if it weren't for the fact that when giving advice on any matter, it's dangerous to pass off your opinions and preferences as a "righteous" and discretely declare everything else to be improper (for example, saying that "real men want real women" is absolutely ridiculous because of the subjective nature of the word "real", and dismissing preferences for more slender females by implying that these preferences are the result of pedophilia is more so).

      But I understand that the replier was only trying to encourage the woman to feel comfortable about her weight. That in itself is respectable and blameless, however his method of doing so is not only hypocritical, but lacks tact and sensitivity. If the situation had been reversed, and it was a slender and underweight girl that was writing with concerns about her weight- it would be unthinkable to tell her that real men want skinny women and that all women who are overweight and/or "curvy" are unattractive.

      I'm sure that a proper article about weight concerns, which acknowledges both sides of the issue and acts as a mirror on our hypocritical Western belief systems exists. However as fascinating as this was, this is far from being it.

    120. Tia says:

      i dont think it matters if your skin and bones skinny or XXXL big. if youre you (by which i mean acting like yourself and not being fake) then that should be enough and appearances shouldnt mean crap and if someone thinks thats not good enough for them then they shouldnt be in your life and their opinion shouldnt mean ANYTHING to you because your better then that.

    121. Anya says:

      I think what he means is that if you're seriously underweight, that's a problem. Not just skinny girls. If you're naturally skinny, that's cute! If you starve yourself, it's not.

    122. ashley says:

      ok first of all…everyone is missing the point here, this girl has a self-esteem problem not a weight problem. Weight is only a problem if you make it a problem this girl obviously has low self-esteem, which is what we should be talking about and how girls everywhere feel the need to criticize their bodies. Why can't we just overlook the body and try to lift this girl up and tell her that everyone is different and some people (who even regard a person's body size in dating) are the douchbags here…and by the way all of you "naturally skinny" girls talking about how an overweight girl needs to go to the gym or eat healthy need to realize that this girl only wants reassurance not critisism because she can't get it from anyone else and when she starts feeling good about herself she can truly see if she needs to lose weight because she is in health danger or if she is really just overly critical of herself

    123. Guy says:

      Diane Kruger is anything but Gross. Shes a bonafide member of the Latin Kings before she'll be a member of the ugly club.

      Im just sick of exorbinantly fat people (especially women) always bringing up their fatness and then getting mad at other people making image an issue. stop being a freaking hypocrite. More often than not its the fat mother hen in the group whos the meanest and most judgemental of guys. Often making fun of their facial features or height…you know shit that cant be remedied by avoiding the deep fried valahalla in the cafeteria.

      you dont like yourself being full figured? cut calories and youll lose weight. just stop complaining already.

    124. Guy says:

      I also love the double standard here when incredibly skinny girls are called gross and villified and incredibly fat girls are fondled over and "lifted up". Really fat or reall skinny your unhealthy looking. Lara flyn boyle and Monique both equally look like shit.

    125. Guy says:

      Dude, also I got to say you need to read up on human physiology more often. The human female can and has for the most part conceived and reproduced with body fat no more than 16-18% percent. In fact during the ice age it was alot less than that, and any women can be healthy while pregnant with as low as 10% body fat. To put that into perspective thats probably around where Diane Kruger is at if not just under.

      If you dig big chicks dude just say it. Dont masqaurade around as some sage spreading misnomers on health.

    126. Fabulous and Thick says:

      Jeez, one guy tries to let women know they don't have to be the way that magazine, television, and media in general tells them they have to be, and then he gets his ass kicked for it.

      Yes, there are women who are naturally skinny. Yes, obesity is a problem. But you know what else is a problem?

      Going into a store and finding out there's nothing above a size 8: nothing for you because, apparently, no one's looking at you or cares what you wear. It's a problem when every women's magazine has a traditionally-shaped woman on the cover. It's a problem when fat jokes are the last acceptable form of discrimination. It's a problem when 8 year olds have body image issues.

      So instead of nit-picking every little thing this guy has said, I'm going to thank him for encouraging this woman to have confidence and to love herself.

      Jeez. Internet is so full of haters.

    127. Fabulous and Thick says:

      P.S. (yeah, I thought I was done) A lot of people have said: "All the women the article deemed “gross” may actually look that way due to genetics, not because they’re starving themselves."

      Ever think that fat people eat/exercise just as much as their friends do, and are genetically destined to just retain more fat? But "obesity" is, for some reason, treated as a choice. Go figure (ha, get it? Figure? Ok I'm done).

    128. THICK and proud says:

      Uhmmm, alright, all of you whiny skinny girls should really shut up, because if it was about how fat girls should really loose some weight and skinny girls are perfect how they are, then that would be perfectly fine, but because its the other way around everyone is going to pull the whole oh poor me i am skinny bit. like no, all of the media says how skinny girls are perfect and great, and because one guy prefers real women that are curvy over fake women that are skinny(not saying that all skinny girls are fake just making a point)doesnt mean you all have to go and freak out about being skinny, like shut up for a mintue and let curvy girls have their moment of happiness without you skinny girls complaning that its unfair blah blah blaaah

    129. THICK and proud says:

      @Kay, that is the dumbest thing i ever hear "all of you bigger girls houdl just go date black guys cause skinny black guys like bigger girls." no maybe you should just stfu cause that really makes you seem dumb and you need to shut up and get a clue!

    130. Naturally Skinny says:

      "Why do you think people who look like that have to resort to multiple daily workouts and eating disorders to look that way?"

      I am 5'8" and weigh 118 lbs. I am NATURALLY a little underweight even though i eat more than my friends, all of whom are extremely overweight. I do not appear unhealthy nor do I have an unhealthy lifestyle. Don't call non-fat women "gross" to make fat ones feel better.

    131. sassy southern women says:

      i think he is so right looks arent everything i have cofedence im curvy busty and loving it!

    132. Carlygirl says:

      You know what to all these skinny girls stop complaining becuase 99.9%of the time you get prince charming and the larger girls such As myself get stuck with no one!!! So calm down and be happy that you can get almost any guy you want becuase
      of your body! You should feel for us girls who actually have to try to get a relationship.. But none of you would know how that feels would you?!?!?!?

      1. lindseytinsey says:

        Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Just because someone is thin doesn't mean they get everything they want. I definitely don't:-/

    133. Erin says:

      I agree with most of the people on here that confidence in who you are no matter how big or small you are is key to having men look at you. Confidence in onesself is one of the sexiest things about a woman. I am 5'7 and 200lbs. I am the definition of obese. About a yr ago I weighed 240lbs and had no self esteem. I felt terrible. I am happily married and have two great kids. I finally looked in the mirror and decided that I was very unhealthy. My husband has been nothing but supportive through all the ups and downs of losing weight. The majority of men look at woman for how she looks first and next to the personality. Make yourself look/feel good and trust me you will have many more looks come your way.

    134. Kels says:

      Wow, can everybody just shut the fuck up?

      It's not a big deal.

    135. Zo-Zo says:

      Just to the original question: I am 5'7 1/2" and I weigh 160 pounds. This is just barely within the limit of a healthy weight for my bone structure. I *am* big, but I also have a tall and very skinny boyfriend who loves me for who I am. No matter how big you are, a guy will love you for *you*. Love is accepting peoples flaws and loving them for that. But if you *are* overweight, that is unhealthy, so you might want to go do something fun that can help you lose weight.

    136. colette says:

      omg u thin woman shouldnt take his oppinion 2 heart get a bloomin life its up 2 him what he likes…no offense but big woman r real;)

    137. Brooke says:

      im thicker and i would do anything to be skinny but starve myself. ive tried everything and nothing works i work out daily but it dont go away SO IM GLAD SOME GUYS LIKE THICKER GIRLS cause some people cant help it .

    138. Matt says:

      Wow, what an article. It props up one group of women by bashing another group based on how they look and argue that if you're thin, you must be anorexic and that guys that find them attractive must be pedophiles. All this article does is flip the stereotypes around. Also, I looked at the people your "gross" and "hot" list and I think they're all pretty girls. *shrug*

      In response to the main question, lots of guys prefer exclusively bigger girls. I have a range of proper weight to a bit over weight. Some girls look better heavier than they do thinner. Think Sarah Michelle Gellar in that case. When she still had some weight on her, she was much more attractive than she was after she lost all that weight.

    139. Matt says:

      This is one of the stupidest, most un-thought-out answers to this question I have ever heard. In attraction, there are both physical and intellectual/emotional components. Guys are not MORE attracted to looks, they are attracted to both. If you're a shitty person and are physically attractive, that is enough to repel most intelligent potential boyfriends. Smart guys will still go for girls like that, and generally be miserable. If you have a great personality but the guy can't picture wanting to have sex with you, that's also a dealbreaker. That is the truth.

      Also, eat a cheeseburger? Do you know how insensitive that is to people suffering from anorexia, a mental illness? The young lady in the original question never mentioned small, flat-chested celebrities, so I don't even know why that was brought up. Again, the person answering the question is a moron. It seems like she is just overweight, and it makes it more difficult for her to attract the guys she likes.

      My advice is, don't eat cheeseburgers. You don't have to kill yourself at the gym to look healthy. Just walk an hour several days a week. Eat salads and fruit smoothies, they can both be delicious and satisfying. If you do eat carbs, whole grain is best (I like Ezekiel bread and muffins, it tastes really good toasted).

      You don't need pills, you don't need crazy diets, and you don't need a gym membership (but if you can afford one and will go regularly, it is a great way to stay focused exercising!)

      Hope that helps someone else who is still reading whatever garbage site this is.

    140. george morales says:

      I take them for a spin for keeps.In the now days too skinny may be a sign that she is sickly "including sexually".By for keeps I mean a lifelong partner, a person in control enough to take care of their health.Self control is important in all aspects.I'm not only putting skinny down,but if I was in a fight and was out numbered, I'll take the big women on my side anytime.Yet and still I want to be with her well into my 80's I don't see many 80 year old 300 pound people.Plus, at 300 pounds I couldn't help her get around much anyway.

    141. annu says:

      i am an 18 year old girl from india ..i have curly hair and am 5feet 7 inches tall with a dusky to dark complexion and a a size 10 …wud guys find me attractive ….??

    142. marcus says:

      any size can be attractive. some of you are really missing the point of this question..and def. not respecting that people have "opinions". she obviously has low self esteem, not a weight problem. isnt that true of anorexics? low self esteem, eventually starving themselves to the point of starting a "underweight" weight problem? just to add i personally think that heavier women are more attractive. the "extra" meat on their bodies' feels so femin. and beau..i just love the feel of it. nothing like it in the world. but thats not to say that "skinny" women arent attractive..they certaintly are attractive to the men that find them attractive. zoe is extremely hideous in my opinion. face and body. woulndnt care to see her naked. but someone like j-lo..oh yeah lol..and its not just black men that want bigger a white male and i love a size 10-18 women..they def. have the bodies' of godesses!! and to annu, you sound beautiful!

    143. annu says:

      thanks marcus ….!!!!

    144. annu says:

      thank you marcus ..!!!

    145. Carrie says:

      Thanks for the comments everyone. I am also having a hard time going out and meeting new people. I have been in a relationship with a guy for the past 10 years. We have had our up's and down's. After all the hard work of everything we have been through we are getting a divorce. All the fights and abuse has left me a little over weight. I just wanna get out and have fun again. The problem is I just don't know how to with the extra weight on. I'll diet and work out and lose 20 to 30 lbs here and there and then I'll just gain it all back or even more. I'm not saying I want to go out and jump in bed with the first guy I see but I just want to feel beautiful again.

    146. Just Wondering... says:

      when did curvy become synonymous with fat?

      there is a world of difference between the two. there are plenty of thin women with curves you know.

    147. Know what you mean says:

      Being a thing woman myself I know the feeling of being labeled as having an eating disorder. No matter what size you are as a human being it will never feel good to be insulted; plain and simple. Looks and image stereotypes will always be the social divider keeping people from coming together and getting to know the person for who they are. But hopefully the minority will keep working on getting past someone's looks and think about who this person is and not what their eating habits are. I've liked men of varying sizes. It's always a gentle personality that drew me in and a cuddly warmth. I have yet to find one who is not taken already. Please try not to group or match skinny women with skinny men and larger women with larger men. It really narrows down the possibilities of who you might find. I've seen thinner people look at larger people and gawk and larger people look at skinny people and gawk. Both in disbelief and with nasty commentary. It shouldn't be like this. It's just another form of discrimination. What happens when you see a thin woman and chubby guy together or vice versa? Exclude them from parties and events? Ostracize them because they don't fit in? Break them up? Being healthy is important but if the person does have an eating disorder from overeating or undereating, that's their issue and it is very personal. If you are not friend or family, what do you really know about it? (Having an eating disorder I imagine makes life hard enough. Some people require psyche therapy. What does insulting them do except keep them from moving forward?) The same goes for making larger people feel like some oddity. Some people just don't think like that. And it's bizarre that beauty isn't more universal than just curvy or skinny.

    148. Adrianne says:

      I think beauty comes in all shapes and sizes….not just one cookie cutter size. Yes, I am bigger than what usually is generally thought of as "beautiful", but I feel beautiful, and many others my size feel this way too. I don't think that it is right to say that fat=ugly and skinny=beautiful or vice versa, it's highly insensitive to say that to everyone of every size. And some people don't care if you are overweight or underweight, but only care about a person's character, as it should be. Genetics do have a big part on a person's metabolism….I exercise everyday just to stay healthy, and I eat very healthy, but I still have a little jiggle in my belly…and it's not going away no matter how hard I try. I think everyone needs to stop being so closed minded, and learn how to accept people for who they are…not their size

    149. jessicana says:

      Wow, after reading all of these comments I came up with only one answer and that is that every flaw we have makes us who we are,doesn't matter what the guys think. As long as you can believe in your self and make the right decision, somewhere along the line you'll meet your guy..

    150. anjali says:


      i m little overweight and love my boyfriend very much

      we fuck together rarely but i could not fuck him in proper

      way bcoz of my weight give me some tips

    151. David says:

      real men love women for who they are not what they look like sure physical attraction is always there but i have fallin in love before with a girl who i wasnt attracted to at first so just be patient you will find it i my self cant find a women who likes a dhubby not fat just chubby guy tv has ruined alot of shit for ppl everyone thinks they have to look a certain way by society standards

    152. amg says:

      haha this is funny! I cant believe all the skinny women gettin all pissed off…Its just a mater of opinion. He didnt say all fat women are more attrative than skinny ones. I dont know what im saying lol im 5'8" and 137

    153. bob says:

      seriously guys.. this is so over rated…

      we all know very well that all guys look at physical appearances. the first thing that runs through everyone's mind is the judge of their cover. Unfornatoely, thats just how it works. Although.. there are girls that aren't skinny that have good looking boyfriends, wanna know why? their personality. I know weight isn't something you can just stop thinking about.. but don't complain about it. if your fat and wanna be skinny – get up and fuc**** exercise instead of sit there and complain about it. who cares if your fat? if your healthy thats all that matters. If you wanna be super skinny cuz thats what you think matters, then go ahead and turn bullimic, you'll soon realize thats not the way to go.. and the guys that only care about looks and are shallow, why the hell would you want that kinda guy in the first place? Don't worry about them, worry about yourself.

    154. sam says:

      It's sad that girls all are caught up with what they weigh. Why would a girl want to be with a guy that's only with her for her body? Does it make her feel good that she is being found attractive by a guy because of her figure.This is soo stupid. Both a guy and girl should look for other qualities like humour or commonalities and learn to appreciate one another for who they are not what they look like.

      It is good to keep healthy though because it is good for your health.Don't starve yourself to a stick or eat all your troubles away.

      Remember we all are beautiful in our own way!

    155. Sandra says:

      This is all superficial bullshit in my opinion…It's like this…Some people like bananas some enjoy apples…and many prefer like with like…So therefore, if you are in your opinion, overweight or underweight try your damndest to make a change or just stick with men like yourself (underweight, overweight, etc, etc…) and finally, try to focus on more important issues such as inner beauty because no matter if your overweight or underweight or close to perfect there is a saying and it goes like this "Ugly in ugly out" Try to love yourself today and focus on whatever you percieve to be attractive and beautiful and don't worry just be happy…and have a great day everyone…and remember we can all be beautiful in our own unique way….

    156. wth? says:

      Honestly, I think there's something "else" wrong with this "asker" that's preventing her from meeting men. I think using the "weight" issue she has is just a smokescreen. There are men everywhere that like ALL types of women. No, there is something "else" wrong with this woman. Blaming "thin" women or this alleged "magnitude" of men that desire thin women is exaggerated.I say that because I've even seen women who are handicapped walking around with their boyfriends and happy. I've seen this several times. So perhaps this "curvy questioner" has a bad attitude, is sloppy, has a chip on her shoulder, or whatever. Idk.

    157. wth? says:

      I'd also like to add (quickly) that we all have to put in some kind of "effort" to make ourselves appealing to the opposite sex. I'm not saying that the "asker" hasn't but if I (for example) don't do my hair, try to put some makeup on, don't work out (I'm very thin but STILL work out to stay "toned"), then I can't get angry at women who "do" put an effort into their appearance just because men look at them. Of course men are going to look at someone who looks nice. If I want men to look at "me", I've got to keep my appearance up, you know?

    158. Michelle says:

      Ok seriously? …. After reading all this.. Frankly thin women have NO idea what its like to be overweight. I get it, being super skinny, with no ass or tits is probably rough too.. But through this article this is what I see in the comments:

      "Don't call me gross, I'm naturally thin, I can eat tons of junk food and I still can't gain weight I have a fast metabolism!"

      Paired with:

      "If you are overweight and don't like it, cut calories and hit the gym. Losing weight isn't hard!" and "If you are over 200 lbs it means you let yourself go and obviously have no respect for yourself"

      Are you serious? So if you are thin and can't gain weight by eating more then its metabolism, but if youare "fat" then you must be a slob that shoves your face full of food all the time? It can't be that you have a slow metabolism? How fucking insulting! That's more insulting then ANYTHING the "dude" wrote.

      I'm overweight and have worked EXTREMELY hard to lose weight. I have gone to the gym, doctors, nutrionists. I eat healthy and eat few calories. I work out and stay healthy. I don't eat fatty foods, sugar treats or fast food at all. I take the stairs at work and belong to gym and during all this I GAINED nearly 100 lbs!!! I'm no fat lazy slob and respect myself plenty thanks.

      I luckily have an amazing husband who loves me dearly (who is a fit, mechanic that isn't fat by the way, to those who state, fat people will never be able to date anyone besides fat guys). He finds me very attractive even now.

      I am finally starting to lose weight and you know what it has taken? Being one of those unhealthy girls that eat under 500 calories a day and work out all the time. Having a normal 1200 to 1500 healthy calorie diet still had me gaining weight (to the point of 315 lbs!) My doctors were flabergasted. Try telling a girl that is 315 lbs that she is doing everything wrong when you see her balanced diet of fruits, veggies, a little grains and fiber, that does 6 flights of building stairs 3 times a day (without getting short of breath) and running a mile on a treadmill doing fine. Does it make sense? NO way, to be healthy, fit and overweight but it happens.

      So losing weight isn't always easy, especially for those with slow metabolisms or other various medical reason that can prevent simple weight loss. Just because it may be easy for you or you may be Naturally skinny, don't assume someone who is overweight or obese is lazy and eats mcdonalds every day.

      The fact is, the media and majority of guys like thin women, even skinny women without breasts or an ass. Women who are overweight (especially ones that should NOT be considered plus size but are because they aren't a size 2) have it much harder in this world, in every aspect, dating, school, work, shopping, everything.

      So I am tired of the skinny women complaining. You have problems, fine, I wont try to tell you what you should do to fix them, because I don't know. But don't sit here and pretend like you have the simple answers for everyone else.

      *sigh* I don't know why I respond to these things. These commenters obviously have no concept of how the body works or the variables involved in something so complex as weight, muscle, fat, or metabolisms.

      /end rant

      1. lindseytinsey says:

        It's ok. I feel the same. I am on the thin side but I wouldn't say I have "no ass or tits". I like how I look and I feel confident most of the time.
        I wish all this "you're too thin, you're too fat" thing would stop😥 It's just increasing the body hate going around. I am skinny and proud of it but that doesn't mean I'm perfect or that I don't have body issues because I do.
        It's possible to be overweight and healthy or underweight and healthy.

      2. Meghan says:

        I personally agree too. First I am a very big girl, and all of my high school years were spent killing myself to be thin. In fact the only time I lost any weight at all (mind you I was a cheerleader, who did multiple work outs a day, and still weighed 350lbs) was when I fasted myself for 2 months, adding an extra hour of workouts to my routine. And after loosing 40lbs I hit a wall, even though I changed up my routine every other day. I hit the infamous wall, and nothing, I really mean nothing I did helped me loose weight. My friends and family couldn't understand how I could be gaining or even maintaining my high weight with the amount of food and excersize I did. Now at 25 I have lost 90lbs, after getting up to 450.

      3. Meghan says:

        How did I loose it, well after complaining about the fact that I was thin before the age of 12 (when I had my first and only period until I was 19) and then I gained 150lbs in a year all of a sudden, and telling another dr that it could not have been me, I finally was listened to. They put me on a course of hormone treatment medications and boom I dropped 90lbs in less than three months. So those of you who assume that fatties like me are like that because of our own issues are wrong. I have 3 good friends who are tiny, who eat like horses, and had I not known them so well, I would think they were anorexic or bulimic, but I know them, no matter how much they try to gain they just don't.

      4. Phoenix says:

        Imma size 14 5.7 wow you got issues. I stopped reading after the first paragraph I just stop caring about my wight because my hips stayed the same. I wanted to be skinny only because I wanted the clothes old guys keep staring at my butt or my body.
        If they had more clothes in my size I would say the same. Personally I love my curve and i love big, in between guys, and skinny guys too. I like them cute with a brain.❤

      5. kaili says:

        i could not agree with you more, everyone thinks that its just your choice to be bigger and it is not in our control at all. i have the same problem as you and i cant stand when people say this dumb stuff.

      6. Jill says:

        I totally agree with this post, you put it perfectly!! I am by no means fat, but have a couple extra pds so in other words- curvy an I always felt this way when skinny people would say it's so easy, it's so easy to lose weight! I have more muscle than body fat so I weigh more and this sometimes gets me down but your post made me get in a positive mood instantly! Thank you for sharing that, you are inspiring to me

      7. Rachelsays says:

        I think people can be overweight or thin for a variety of reasons. Some people are fat because they gain weight much easier due to a slower metabolism, or some imbalance in the body. Others gain weight due to laziness, then there are emotional eaters for whom eating is a symptom of a bigger problem, and who clearly need psychological help. I think most people who are thin willed themselves into it due to a misconceived idea of what 'beauty' is, and pressures, but that shouldn't discount people like me who are naturally slim. I am still a size 6-8 (US 2) after giving birth, having arrived back at this weight 6 months postpartum, through nothing except breastfeeding (unintentionally). I never exercise for the sake of losing weight, and I eat twice as much as my overweight husband (who ballooned after turning 30). I don't have much of an ass and not much tits either, and apparently that's considered gross or whatever. I've had people publicly point at me and comment. My bf does appreciate curves and 'meat', and paid me the most attention when I was pregnant. Well, he still loves me, and that's the important thing isn't it, people love people because of the person they are, not because they are thin. For the record I don't think that thin necessarily = attractive, like a lot of people seem to conclude. There are people who are thin but with a butterface, such as Torri Spelling. And there are people chubby or curvy with a beautiful face, like Christina Hendrix and Beyonce.

      8. Bryan says:

        Well I am going to say what I think in french, you can translate it:)
        Tu devrais donner ta recette aux africains qui crèvent de faim!
        Franchement, c'est IMPOSSIBLE que tu aies gagner 100 lbs comme ça, c'est complètement stupide. Je n'arrive pas à croire que tu te (actually) CROIS, non mais ''come on''
        alors je le repète, donne ta solution miracle aux africains qui meurent de faim, ça va régler tous les problèmes….
        Les gens comme toi me choquent, tu n'as aucune idée!

      9. Frankie says:

        First of all, if you can type in English, why didn't you? Translators suck and this is an English based site.

        Secondly; people like YOU shock me. The world isn't black and white; you can't just solve issues with a click of your fingers because you think you're right.

        I'm overweight through no fault of my own and I do my best to lose weight. I'm 16 years old and in an amazing relationship, but I won't have sex for the first time with my boyfriend because I'm too worried about my body. I know he loves me and that he doesn't care and all that crap that everyone tells you. But no one seems to think about my feelings on this. I want to feel comfortable with my own body, not just let my boyfriend get over it!

        So you sit there at your computer and tell everyone how easy it would be to solve world hunger; how easy it is to lose weight and just get on with life. But just think about what I've said, because believe me, there are thousands of people out there that feel the same way as me.

      10. Nico says:

        Vraiment? Vos idées sont stupides. Clairement, tu ne connais rien de la biochimie, pas du tout. Les gens grossissent quand les sucres sont utilisés pour faire les cellules de la graisse pour garder l'énergie. C'est presque complètement dépendant de la chimie. Oui, biensur quelques personnes peuvent dire "No" aux hamburgers mais c'est pas le cas avec tout le monde.

        Read a biochemistry book. Some people are rapid oxidizers. They will put on weight very easily, especially if they eat heavy carbohydrates. Now unless they start starving themselves the weight's not coming off. It's chemistry. Until gene therapy becomes a viable option, we are going to have people of all sizes. There's nothing wrong with that. Health is much more important than weight.

      11. dana says:

        gaining weight isnt hard either boo! stop eating so much and your metabolism will slow down!

      12. Haha says:

        oversimplified. narrow-minded bitch. eating less may actually end in the contrary. as she mentioned there are MANY variables involved in weight gain/loss, but you couldn't have thought of that. ^-^

      13. Janey says:

        What would you know? I'm a doctor and there is sceintific evidence that eating less and skipping meals etc.. can make you gain weight – even more than before. Your body goes on emergency hunger strike and stores what its already got as fat. Its much easier to gain weight than to loose. Plus there are hundreds of overweight people who are alot healthier than slim people.

      14. Sam says:

        Wow. I love this comment. You rock.

      15. I respect this post very much…I am a bigger gal too and I have a hard time losing wieght as well, I exersice as much as possible and I dont sit on my ass everyday, and I am more active than most of my thin friends… and the thin girls have problems..please… so Michelle THANK YOU for speaking for all us plus size girls out there I am soo with you!

      16. Lisa says:

        You go girl. Thank you for your comment.

      17. Mariah says:

        I am so glad you said that Michelle.
        I use to be a size 4, and i'll admit that I did make fun of bigger girls, because I didn't understand what they went through.
        I eventually got cancer that effected my thyroid, which as bigger girls know, can cause issues. I am now a size 18.
        I feel truly sad for girls who are bone skinny, they will never understand what its like to be 'big' as people call it, but really its being a woman, we were ment to have curves.
        Quick fact: Larger Women were worshiped in ancient cultures! I can only see why.

      18. vp41 says:

        I wasn't always skinny skinny, I averaged around a size 10 or 12 for many years, but then six months after I had my daughter (who is now 11) I developed hypothyroidism. Anybody with a thyroid deficiency problem knows how difficult it is to lose weight. And, I've also had two miscarriages in as many years. I know that there are a lot of misinformed and ignorant people out there who look at me and think exactly as you said, michelle, that I'm a lazy slob who eats candy and fast food all day. Nothing is further from the truth.

      19. Tracey_J says:

        You are absolutley right! Loosing Weight is difficult and I commened you for all yo do! Being Bigger doesnt mean being unhealthy all the time. Also I am a cancer paitent and want to add that the drgs you are put in sometimes make you increase in size. I went from being a size 6 (nz) on my release date from hospital and am now a size 12 (nz). Michelle, your a beatifull,actractive woman, and lucky to have a husband who supports and nderstands you! The Dude is right in his opiinion.❤❤❤

      20. Farah Susana says:

        You inspire me. You should write a column.

        Farah (medical school student)

      21. lllll says:

        Okay but you're also not realizing that while you had been working out and doing all of that good stuff to help lose weight, you probably did, but ended up gaining MUSCLE! No one understand that muscle weighs more than fat.

      22. Grrr says:

        Muscle doesn't weigh more than fat. A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle. Muscle is, however, denser than fat which means that a fist-sized portion of muscle will weigh more than a fist-sized portion of fat.

      23. wat says:

        you just contradicted yourself, dumbass.

      24. JazzJ says:

        Just like a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of lead….

      25. Deanna says:

        I can say the same thing, overweight women have NO idea what it's like to be thin. We get abused in the same ways, just the opposite extreme. I'm 17 years old, 5'5'' and I haven't hit 100 pounds. It sucks. Chubby people think guys all want toothpick models and that is ABSOLUTELY NO TRUE. I got made fun of SO much for being this skinny and I HATE it. Fat people can't fit into clothes 'cause they're too big, I can't fit into clothes cause I'm too small. It's really insulting getting called a flat skinny bitch every day despite my healthy diet and exercise habits.
        SOMETIMES being fat is caused by someone who is lazy and not caring about themselves, but it's also genetic. Damn metabolisms. The ONLY time I ever get mad is when heavier people bitch and complain about being fat while they're stuffing their faces with doughnuts. I also hate how skinny girls call themselves fat and eat less. I personally, eat like a football player. I loove food haha.
        I think guys should lighten up about the whole weight standard thing cause it's really insulting. Who the hell is toothpick skinny with big boobs and a big ass? Seriously. I don't even like swimming anymore cause I feel too skinny. I know that sounds ridiculous but it's true.
        My current boyfriend happens to like thin girls and that makes me feel a little better about myself.. But when I look in the mirror I see an underdeveloped GIRL. Not someone who is full grown and about to be a woman.
        And one last thing I envy about bigger women is the sex. That shit HURTS me lol. And I don't want any advice from anyone "maybe you're just not horny enough" cause trust me, I've been with my boyfriend for three years now, we've tried it all lol. There's nothing we can do that doesn't cause me some discomfort. I don't know if it's cause my hips are so small or what. But normal sized girls tend to not have that problem.
        So not all skinny people are conceded twigs. And screw that statement "DUDE" who takes meat on bones over skin and bones any day. >:[

      26. fed up says:

        I completely understand I've been there and still there it's like the fat just keeps growing and I'm a healthy eater exercise the works it doesn't matter I can eat not eat . Iam sick about it And have not had a date for years I;m tired of being alone.

      27. heidi says:

        I am big and beautiful and fyi skinny bitch don't be jealous. What real man doesnt want a girl that has meat on there bones more for them to dig into so please dont be jealous go get a cheese burger

      28. kay says:

        Heidi, fat bitch, I am 5'5" naturally skinny and eat like a football player and stay on a weight of 53 kg. We are not jealous of fat people like you just because you can't wear the clothes that models in the magazines wear. Yes, we naturally slim girls exist. I have a little meat on my bones but no excess fat. Go grab a fast food

      29. Sara M. says:

        I think that both fat and skinny girls have fantastic physical qualities that make them preferable either way. It all depends on personal preference. EITHER WAY, people need to stop arguing about this because frankly, it's pointless. People just need to live their lives, and eventually they'll find a wonderful SO who will love them no matter what. And if you find anything less than that, they're not the one. If there wasn't so much mud slinging on BOTH sides, everyone would have MUCH more confidence, and weight wouldn't even be an issue to begin with.

        We're all humans, fat or skinny.

        And we're all beautiful.:)

      30. A. LLORRAC says:

        best comment i have heard so far….BRAVOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      31. kellixer says:

        THANK YOU!!!! seriously i was reading some of the comments and it just doesnt make sense. the media has really warped the image of women. why do you have to be thin to be "cool" or "dateable" so to speak? i wish weight wasnt an issue for anything but health. and its not fair that bigger women are called slobs when they are not.
        conclusively, thanks for the rant😄

      32. Guest says:

        I've been a size 4 and a size 16. People treat you different, they see you as a different person, but those people don't count. Or you shouldn't let them count. For those of you who have gained a lot of weight and can't seem to lose go to a doctor. A REAL doctor, personally I choose a female that I could relate to from the first day. My hormones were messed up and I have hypothyroidism. :) I never thought those things would make happy, but they've caused me to REALLY notice the way people treat each other. When someone has a problem with you because of your size don't associate with them. Narrowminded people will stay that way and you can go on with your life. Being over or underweight isn't always because of food. Unless someone is a doctor don't listen to them and if the doctor's a jerk take your business elsewhere.

      33. 7843sPhatty says:

        Try growing up with parents who in so many words in actions showed you that they hated fat people, And then later growing up to find your prince charming who accepts you flaws in all, Big or Small and be afraid to give him the love he diserves back because your scared to love someone with outer beauty being that your parents raised you to believe no one could love a fat person…

      34. musicman4283 says:

        Fat bitch. I am a guy who is NORMAL size and weight. I don't like you fat sassy girls. The only thing good about fat women is that they do ANYTHING sexually because they know that if they don't they won't ever get a guy!

      35. Stupid men hater says:

        Wow I am just disgusted with your comment. I'm HEALTHY and I don't "ANYTHING" sexually like you say. I hope you remember this in the times of needs, when you ballon, have massive hair loss, and no one finds you remotely attractive that what goes around come around. I hope you get raped up the ass, and land in jail, and get more raped up the ass, where your insides bleed, and you die of internal bleeding and raptured organs

      36. blabbermouth777 says:

        not true dude…SO not true……there are PLENTY of girls out there who are HUGE….but plenty of people think they are GORGEOUS because they arnt afraid to have confidence and are not afraid to be REAL! and about getting guys………..i know TONS of big girls who would rather be single for the rest of their life instead of getting with a jerk like you!!!! ….do you wear glasses cause Honey, you have trouble opening your eyes.

      37. sweetsixteen77 says:

        and ..everyone's body is different!!! for all you know…this fat chick could have a rare disease that makes her bigger….or maybe shes not fat..shes big never know!!!!! I think everyone is beautiful!!!! and there are skinny girls who don't think they are beautiful…EVERYONE has insecurities and fears and EVERYONE wants to feel loved and excepted….regardless if they want to admit it or not……. everyone is beautiful!!!!!

      38. William says:

        You are Beautiful, The courage you have to say this is quite amazing, I am jealous of your husband.

      39. Lies says:

        C'mon… You do NOT work out and eat right and gain 100 lbs. You've been lying to yourself. Cadbury eggs do not count as eggs on Weight Watchers. I agree, some of the pictures of the skinny girls above are quite unattractive, but some of their pictures are. Yes, when they had a bit more weight on them, but still, you can't say people are ugly because they're skinny just because fat people get called ugly all the time. You're supposed to be the bigger people in this argument (pun kind of intended… it was good though, right?) and not fight fire with fire. Just ignore the nay-sayers if you don't like it. I find some skinny girls attractive, some average girls attractive, and guess what?… Some bigger girls attractive. Face has something to do with it, but a good personality (and not making excuses for being the way you are when you CAN help it) is very important. However, in all honesty, first impressions are a BIG deal. People tell you that for job interviews. You're not going to be friends with someone who's an asshole to you the first time you meet them. You're not going to see a movie that you already think you'll hate during the trailer. So why the hell would you date someone who doesn't attract you physically? Answer: You wouldn't, unless you met them on an internet dating site.

        But wearing tiny booty shorts while your cottage cheese thighs touch the pavement is NOT cool. If people can't just walk around bearing 20 pounds of skin, YOU shouldn't walk around bearing 120 lbs of skin.

        Also, Sara Ramirez and J-Lo are freakin' GROOOOOOOSSSSSSSS. Your opinions are automatically invalid just for those two choices.

      40. Ashlee says:

        Oh dear, I love this comment. I have been struggling with m weight for YEARS! Back in school, I was very subconscious of myself and when I would hear my itty-bitty friends complain, "I'm fat!" it would upset me further. If the think they're fat, what did they think of me? I must be a whale when you compare a size 4 to a size 16!

        To this day, I still hover between 16-22 (brand depending, thanks clothing companies). I'm 24, I weigh 228 pounds, I'm 5'6, and let's get more specific, shall we? 40-37-47. My waist to hip ratio is .8, meaning I am at a lower risk for MANY diseases and I am quite healthy, while being overweight. I could probably cut back on the carbs, but I'd rather exercise more (pilates, anyone?) than cut back on the food that makes my body run better.

        I read a study once that your blood-type actually helps determine the foods that are best for your particular body.

        Anyway, this is getting away from me: Love yourself and others will love you as well. Whether you're thin, fat (oh, the scary F word!), blonde, brunette, redheaded, tall, short, funny serious, right-brained, or left-brained.

      41. Emily says:

        Do you have a thyroid problem? It sounds like you probably do. I have never heard of anything like this.

      42. Kaylee says:

        THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! Its really nice that someone can explain it so well!!.

    159. Ka says:

      First off-Stop throwing the word "anorexia" like it's a body type-this is a disease-this is something i have gone through first hand. I have been in and our of inpatient treatment my entire life so please educate yourself!! Second off-stop focusing ont he outside so much-how about we starting getting to know people for who they are. We are all real women whether we are curvy, or thin. Our outside appearance does not define whether we are real or fake.

    160. lara says:

      I like what the above poster wrote-she has by far the best answer on this forum.

      Another thing-For those people who are corelating thin with being flat chested and no curves-I'd suggest you look around you a little bit. I'm 5'3, 100 lbs, 32 C chest and am very curvy.

      To the girl who says to put makeup on-I go otu of my house without makeup all the time-I rarely wear makeup-why? because i'm confident with who i am and it seems to attract more men then my fellow friends who plastor themselves.

      Like the girl above me stated-stop throwing the word "anorexic" around. You sound uneducated and completly misinformed

    161. Nikki says:

      Personally – I think women are uniquely beautiful in their own way. Some are skinny, some are heavier – some have given birth several times so they have the hips, the belly, and I think thats beautiful too!

      I date men that are thin, chubby, overweight – I'm not bias and in my experience, you find yourself a real man and he won't be either.

      Be confident in who you are, dont let insecurities hide your personality, and own your body. I work out 6 days a week, I eat healthy, and I STILL have a belly, and I really don't care. LOL I'm a mom of two, I'm healthy, I'm in the best shape of my life, and I get plenty of dates mostly due to the fact that I don't dwell on my flaws, but I own them and move on.

    162. REAL MAN says:

      This is by far the WORST article ever. People has faster metabolisms than others and skinny is beautiful. I dont starve to be skinny, neither does my girlfriend. were naturally healty and fit. read athletic. and to state an actual REAL statistic for the ladies who got dilluted vision of the male populations brain activity by reading this. 91% of men polled Prefer a PROPORTIONATE Girl, over a girl who is skinny/heavy and unproportionate. 75% of men polled agree that overly large breasts are a turn off. 100% of men polled chose the photo of the girl with good posture over the girl with a slouch.

      Having stated these facts it proves that whoever wrote the article on this page is completely idiotic. I would much rather have a small skinny small breasted girl that i can see where certain parts of her start and end, than the alternate option.

    163. ADEMIR SOARES says:

      I love big girls, the only thing now people it is trying to messy with people, it is nothing better than a curve girl.

    164. Dick says:

      Eat, sleep, fuck, repeat.

      It's that simple, people. We are animals, nothing more, nothing less. Stop acting like we're some blessed creatures. Oh boy, we have rational thought. Screw it.

    165. Melissa says:

      I find this upsetting as I am skinny but I eat more than all my other friends and I'm getting pretty pissed off about how everyone's going on about how that like more 'meat' on their girls and how they like girls with 'curves'. What about a girl who has had breast cancer? What about naturally skinny girls? Are they not 'real' women? I'm so tired of the skinny vs fat debate😦

    166. blah says:

      Well u knw what? I'm a fat girl and am not well porportioned at all, but guess what I'm the hottest shit i knw cause I don't give a daaaaam what anyone thinks about me. This bitch is dumb for writing to this guy. She has no self esteem that's the only reason she can't get a man. That's her problem and anyone elses who is so caught up in what they look like that their own skin does not fit them so…. crunch!

    167. tif says:

      dude has it right though not that skinny women are not real and all but when the the population is considered pluse sized(size 14 and up) hear is an exp. a few years ago i was at the hall center in kc,mo and me and one of my friends walked by a victori's secreat and all the display dolls in the window was supper skinny. all the ribs was stickin out as well as the hip bones really bad and the belly was really concave.and standing out front was a two girls that was probley 12 or 13 if that and they was lookin' at this dispt lay and the look on there faces really pissed me and my friend off.they was not chubby they was healthy and the way they would look at the dools in the window and then at themselfs was so depressing. what is this world coming to when girls that young see something like that then have doubts about themselfs?i was so pissed that i went into the store and told the person behind the counter that it is in part thire foult that we have so many girls that wind up dieing cause they want to be so called beautiful that they will starve themselves that way to look like a sick cow .needless to say i was told to neaver come to there store ever. and the largest panty size they sold was a size 6.not that i would ever shop there or ware somthing that has thire lable cause the put out the wrong image ,it is not right.

      now i'm not going to lie i'm a size 26 jeans and i know that that is big and i'm tryin to lose weight.and a size 18 is prefact.and pluse not so long ago a size 14 was the size of 90% of modals and 18 was said to be perfact size for the sexey women what the hell happened

    168. kae says:

      Tif-Get yourself a brain-you sound like a fucking retard!

    169. sargun lalia says:


      i am 13 years old and i'm 5 feet 8

      im a little fat but my height hides most of it

      im gonna join gym and im working out for a taylor swift body

      what do you think?

      is that too thin for a 13 yr old?

      well i do look a little older than i am

      is taylor's figure too skinny and lean and lanky?

      tell me………

      i dont wanna look too thin

      but i dont wanna be fat

      so which celeb figure would uit me??


    170. Lilly says:

      "Ask a dude" is just making a point that it doesn't matter your size you can be sexy and confident and get a man through one's attitude and being sure of yourself. He is saying that before we can get others to see our beauty inside and out we have to discover it for ourselves. Don't get all bent out of shape and take this out of context. We're all beautiful!

    171. Cherie says:

      You know what. Fuck all the skinny bitches on this page. I'm tired of skinny people talking about how degrating this blog was for them. Boo fuckin hoo for you. You're thin and perfect and accepted by society easily. Not to mention you're serious attitudes towards thicker girls. We have feelings too you know. You think we don't hear you in the hallways and on the streets giggling at us and calling us names just because we don't look like sticks wrapped in skin. No, not all skinny women are "gross". But their attitudes definatley are. Most of the skinny people around my town think they're better than everyone else just because they're skinny. I personally think the way they act is ugly. And for once someone told us that we were more beautiful than the skinny people, and what do you do? Make it all about you. Yet again. He's right. GO FUCKING EAT A CHEESEBURGER. I'm sick of skinny being the best. I'm sick of turning on the t.v and hearing nothing but how skinny people need to be. I'm not saying we should live in a world full of obese people, but give us a fucking break. Seriously. I've struggled with my weight my entire life and being made fun of and It's nothing but bullshit. All this guy was trying to do was tell women that are thick and curvy that they're the best, they're the sexiest, they're beautiful, they're wanted, and they shouldn't be ashamed of what they have just because the media and even the people around them are telling them that they're none of those things when It's really not true. KUDOS TO YOU DUDE. AND HELL YEA TO ALL THOSE THICK LUCIOUS WOMEN OUT THERE.

    172. Syd says:

      ^ And us 'skinny bitches' are sick of bigger girls feeling that they have the right to treat us like shit, that it's okay for MEN to treat us like shit, pretending that THEY are the only ones in the world who've ever had someone say shit about them behind their back. If you can't have self-esteem without putting someone down, you AREN'T A GOOD PERSON, no matter if you're fat, skinny, or anything in between. If you are willing to say 'I was bullied in school' but ignore it if a skinny girl gets the exact same treatment, YOU AREN'T A GOOD PERSON. Cherie, if you talk like this in real life, people likely aren't making fun of you for your weight. They likely don't like you because you come off a nasty, hateful, and cruel because you take out your own insecurities on someone who DARES to look different from you by calling them bitches. You don't make friends with salad, and you ALSO don't make friend by being a rude, vicious human being. Lily, Ask A Dude isn't empowering anyone. He's insulting thin women and shaming them for their bodies, and turning bigger women into fetishized objects. People have every right to feel good about their bodies. BUT NOT BY PUTTING OTHERS DOWN. Someone who must insult other's bodies doesn't have good self-esteem, and frankly, probably doesn't deserve it. Ask A Dude didn't say 'you are beautiful too,' he said 'you are beautiful because these other girls are nasty!' Someone like him shouldn't be writing for women. If he said the exact same thing, but said thin women were beautiful while fat women were nasty or needed to put the fork down, no one would support him.

    173. bho says:

      zoe saldana is gross? !!!!! get a psychiatrist to check whoever this “dude” is

      personally i think rachel weisz, kim kardashian body type are very attractive than Sara Ramirez and Christina Hendricks type who are a little extra weight if i should say so

      let me put this simple initially we are attracted to good looking ladies its our hormones but in a relationship that doesn’t count as much as the persona of the person, everyone wants a good heart so the more good at heart you are the more attractive you become

    174. Caius says:

      Ooook. I understand why all the "Skinny" girls on this page are sorta pissed. You have a right to be I guess, I mean this guy took a weed wacker to the bush on this one…

      But think about it. I think he's trying to say those women who INTENTIONALLY starve themselves in order to look the way they do, so all the women on this page who have "Disorders" or were born with a high metabolism or something like that I guess this doesn't really apply to you does it? I mean, it anyone's fault that you're born the way you are so take pride in yourself for being unique. As a guy I have to say that the type of girls that go on starvation diets and purging episodes aren't really my thing, but to each their own right?

    175. Ryan says:

      I can guarantee that this girl is talking about thin, good looking guys. That's how girls are. What she really means is, "why don't skinny, good looking guys want big girls?" I bet if she looked for someone her own size, she would find someone quickly. Why do girls judge guys for being concerned with looks, but do the exact same thing? Why should a good looking guy 'date down' and get a big girl, but according to 'the dude' aka 'the dildo', the reverse is not OK? Double standard garbage.

    176. Tiny Ariel says:


      There are different types of thin; ruler thin, curvy thin etc.

      I am rather thin myself and am tired of this thin vs thick controversy. I notice that in my community the thick women were always "in" even when my grandmother was younger. This whole "thick curves finally getting praise" thing is not brand new. I think Caucasians, Europeans, etc are finally jumping on the thick bandwagon, but this body-type has always been popular since the beginning of time within the Hispanic and Black community.

      You have to understand that our role models are thicker women and these are the women our men idealize; whether it be the music videos, urban magazines or urban blogs. I seriously grew up being teased because of my height and weight. Those that were more shapely were popular because they filled their clothes out more. The big butt, hippier girls were always asked out first. The magazines that idolized the anorexic girls weren't sold in our areas, so we were sheltered from the expectation of being a size 0.

      I am a high school grad and so happy to have moved to an area where it is more diverse and accepting of all people.

      Just love yourself people. You are all perfect in God's eyes.

    177. DoubleStandard says:

      Fat women are hypocritical liars. They are just as honest as their options. There are plenty of men who prefer fat women, especially African-American men. The ones who 'claim' they can't find dates are being pretentious, and pursuing men who are way out of their league. I used to work with many fat women and watched them turned down many suitors. Why? These men did not look like Blair Underwood, Laz Alonso, or Morris Chestnut. It's acceptable to be a shallow, vain plus size woman just as long as the entire male species overlooks their physical flaws.

      -To Ryan 06/13/10

      Very well said, and a double standard indeed!

      What are their 'glitches' about good looking skinny women? Good looking athletic toned men prefer smaller women, and that's what's piising them off. Ask them how many overweight men they tried to pursue????

    178. Vanessa Rose says:

      I agree with Cherie 100%! Women that are skinny are not as self concious as overwieght women are.You skinny women dont know how it feels to go shopping and having to get a size you were or are and then relize its to small and then having to get a bigger size.Its saddening and brings down our self esteem.You skinny girls can wear anything.Nothing would be to small for you.It would always be big on you.You will always be looking for a smaller size.And you know what hurts more? Even clothing stores call us fat by their sizes.For example,Forever 21.Forever 21 carries smaller sizes and call them regualr sizes. A large is a medium.A meduim is a small.etc.And dont be bitching and saying "awww im skinny and i dont like and i have low self esteem".cause thats all bullshit. Every thin woman will always laugh at a thicker woman to make herself feel better.Its the truth and many of you thin women know you have done this.You dont know how hard it is for overweight women.Society loves thin women.Modeling agencies are like the new Hilter.And the thin women are the new Nazi's.So skinny girls shut the fuck up and stop bitching about how you hate being skinny and that your unhappy and that you know how hard it is,because you have no clue.

    179. najah says:

      Vanessa Rose , that is not true, I am small naturally and i would love to be thick and curvy… some stuff is too small for me and yes some things are too big for me as well. I get upset when I see something cute and all the sizes are too big… If anyone has to sit there and dis someone because of their natural size then they need to have a reality check with themselves and be comfortable in their own skin .

    180. kamira says:

      i'm naturally skinny and i hate it. i was reading this article and he brought down one side to bring up another side. i wish i could be fat or bigger but i just can't gain weight because i have a fast metabolism. to VANESSA ROSE it's hard to shop for clothes. when you go in the kid section the clothes are either big and short. i don't laugh at people who are bigger than me. you probably don't feel good about yourself neither because you judged everyone. i dont give a care about weight anyways. it's just how people carry themselves. i also hate how modeling goes for only skinny women. i would be a model if i was thick. just like how u say skinny girls dnt understand u dnt understand!!!!!

    181. DANA says:

      Quit lying you anorexic sluts. How dare you laugh at us bigger people. I've been fat all my life and I don't eat anything bad, unless a salad and water for lunch is the new pizza. I could punch you out with my tits – y'know, the things you whores don't have, so stfu and commit yourselves to a hospital.

    182. DICK says:

      i love a man's penis

    183. Joe says:

      "You don’t get to be fat and date that really fit good looking guy. If you want a BF then maybe hit the gym and put the snicker doodles down; or settle for the guy making eyes at you from the McDonald’s window."

      I'm glad I dunno where you live or who you are because I'd seriously chop your head off. ^_^

      1. Jill says:

        Im "CURVY" and I get very HOT FIT GUYS! I ONLY go for HOT FIT GUYS! I have had the HOTTEST GUYS EVER! and I love snickers! so F OFF!

    184. Cherie says:

      To Syd:June 9th,2010:

      I think thats a load of bullshit and you know it. Skinny girls are always putting down bigger women because apparently being skinny means better? And maybe thicked women wouldn't say nasty things about skinny women if the skinny women kept their rude comments to themselves. I put down the skinny women because they think it's ok to put down us. Which isn't happening because I'm not a passive person like that. I am a size 7, and I couldn't count how many times I've been turned down for being too "fat". That's ridiculous. I eat right and exercise. And I'm def not the girl sitting around eating a snicker doodle so shut the fuck up(Joe:June 22nd,2010). And I have lots of friends, just none of the typical skinny bitch mentality. I have skinny friends, loads of them. But, they don't act like what most of the "other" skinny girls do. Girls like you saying that larger women aren't beautiful, and to all the women with this same thought on this page. I'm actually a very good person, but this is one of those things that I just cant fuckin stand. Nobody goes out of their way to look for a curvier girl(usually), but why? Just because we arent shaped like boys? And nobody "dares" to be differnt in my town. They just throw up, not very empowering either hm? I think that's revolting. I'm tired of hearing how horrible the life of a skinny person must be, you get guys, you can wear anything you feel like, eat anything you feel like, and just flaunt it around with your nose in the air. Digusting.

      Vanessa Rose:June 15th,2010

      You're awesome! Thanks for supporting me =] You know exactly what I'm talking about. Kudos to you girl.

    185. Emma says:

      I feel a little singled out where I live, as all my friends are larger sizes then me, but it's not really a factor that they can't get loving boyfriends, as my best friend is 4/5 stone heavier then me but she is due to be married in a year. The thing that does bug me is how much she complains about being overweight when on several occasions I've offer to go top the gym with her or swimming but she never seems to have time for it, and again it's not like she works or is in education, she spend the majority of her time smoking weed. About 70% of the time she is stoned. Now I haven't a boyfriend and my figure is quite good, but I feel ashamed of it, I feel shame because I feel that if I try to look beautiful I'd be laughed at, men seem to be very critical about my figure, yet no one dares bring up my friends weight for fear of being verbally + physically attacked, yet they pick at every little change in my appearance.

    186. Vanessa Rose says:

      Having hips and meat to keep you warm during the winter is awesome!

    187. Cherie says:

      To Emma: June 23rd, 2010: You shouldn't feel ashamed of the way you look. Your friend just seems lazy and doesn't want to make a change in her appearance. Don't shy away from making yourself beautiful just because youre afraid of what people think. At least you know you tried your best. And I'm sure once you meet the right person, they won't be able to resist. =]

    188. Carmelo says:

      this guy doesnt really think that all girls starve themselves just to get skinny. He was just saying all this because that girl was concerned that she couldnt get a date. so he was just trying to make her feel better by writing this. so for all the girls out there. dont worry about how you look all the time. for every person on this earth. there is someone for you. it may take a few tries but there is someone who will love you for you and not how you look.

    189. YOU SUCK says:


    190. Celia says:

      I'm 18 and it's impossible to find a boyfriend because, being at a healthy weight (120lbs at 5'4"), I'm too "fat".

      @ Cherie: I think the Joe poster was quoting someone else.

    191. Seriously. says:


      Wow, first time I've ever been called a "Nazi" for a reason other than being German!

      Everyone bitches about being fat because of "a thyroid problem", but what happens if a woman has a medical condition that means she can't GAIN weight?

      Or hell, as someone mentioned above, what about women who suffer from terminal illnesses, like cancer? Someday some "CURVY VOLUPTUOUS SEXY THICK" bitch is going to pull the "YOU'RE NOT A REAL WOMAN" shit on someone who is recovering from cancer, when that survivor is more of a "real woman" than your "phat" ass will EVER be.

    192. Cherie says:

      To Celia: Ooops. Youre right! lol. Joe: Sorry! I argree with you. To Seriously: Who said anything about sick people? And who wuld come up to a sick person and start making fun of them bc there wuld def b ways to tell if they were sick and recovering. I didn't get that.

    193. Seriously. says:

      I'm just saying, that it's wrong for people to talk about "NO ONE WANTS A SKINNY GIRL, THEY LOOK SICK" or "THEY LOOK LIKE LITTLE BOYS, NOT REAL WOMEN", when you have no idea WHY that person is thin.

      If they truly ARE anorexic, then they need help, not ridicule. They already feel bad enough about themselves; it's why they have an eating disorder, isn't it?

      And if they DON'T have an eating disorder, and are just naturally thin, then you are hurting them just as badly as a person saying "GOD, PUT DOWN THE FORK, FATTY" to someone with a thyroid problem. You're putting down those that can't help their weight, to make the other extreme feel better.

      It's not right to pick fun of fat people, but that also means it's not right to pick fun of thin people.

    194. Cherie says:

      To Seriously: Yea youre right. But unfortunatly, most of the world doesn't think that way. So there is always going to be a fuid between the two. The reason I say things about skinny people is bc they think its ok to say nasty things about thicker people. I never had a problem with them until they started picking shit with me when there wasn't even a real reason to. And it happens all the time, at least where I live. Fat girls r put down alot and if youre not a size 2, youre gross. I feel like this guy was trying to make us feel better after all the negativity we have to deal with from the bitches that think theyre better bc theyre thin. After reading some of theses comments from girls saying how hard their lives r bc theyre skinny is a bunch of bullshit to me. I feel like the thick girl has to deal with a lot more shit then they do and that they shuld stop whining about it being skinny. Especially since they ARENT sick. Not that I'm saying thick girls should whine either. I believe they shuld get up and have to eat right and exercise just like everyone else. The point was I'm sick of skinny being the best. That's the ideal thing and people should stop looking down at us just bc we're not.

    195. Seriously. says:

      I understand, but it's really a stereotype that all thin women think they're hot shit. Trust me, if I could trade, I'd much rather look like Beyonce or Kim K. than the size two I am now. I hate being thin, and would do anything to change it, but that just doesn't seem to be possible. I can't gain weight, just as some people can't lose it.

      It's just unfair, because it seems like thin girls aren't allowed to have low self-esteem! A thin girl will mention how she doesn't like being skinny, or how she can't find clothes small enough to fit her just right, and people jump on her back as if she had just slapped a bigger girl in the face. Just because a thin girl sees herself negatively doesn't suddenly mean she is saying her life is harder or worse than a bigger girl. People seem to view a skinny girl with low self-esteem as some kind of threat to them! I'm sure thin girls hear "EAT A SANDWICH" just as much as bigger people hear "PUT DOWN THE FORK", and it's strange to say "CURVY GIRLS CAN HAVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM BUT THIN WOMEN CAN'T". I thought the message was raise their self-esteem, not encourage them to stay shy and self-conscious!

      And I understand this guy is supporting bigger girls, and honestly, I DO think bigger girls need support! I know for a fact there are more big girls unhappy with their weight than there are small girls unhappy with theirs. CURVES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Yes, I am thin, but I am saying CURVES ARE BEAUTIFUL.

      But why does supporting curvy women always lead to putting down thinner ones? I don't think that's a proper way to boost someone's self-esteem at all! "YOU'RE HOT AND THE OPPOSITE IS UGLY" just seems like a toxic way of thinking to me..but maybe I am just delirious from needing to eat more sandwiches..

    196. Cherie says:

      Well I think its sterotypical that people think of a bigger girl just laying around on the couch eating ice cream and pizza. Which is totally not true, maybe some, but not all. I think this guy was just trying to make a point by saying that most guys arent into a bag of bones like the famous people being promoted in our media. Because that's who we look up to. He's saying we should be proud to be curvy and a little bigger. When he said being skinny was gross, I think he meant like girls that just don't eat, and that's saying to girls with eating disorders that there is no reason to have them because guys will be more attracted to them if they ate more. And another problem I have is that women who complained about what this guy said, but yet in the same post saying that bigger women are gross? Like how does that make it right? I totally get your point. And you don't seem like the typical skinny bitch I was referring to(the ones that think theyre better). There are bigger girls with attitudes too, but I just see it more often with the skinny girls. I'm glad that you think bigger girls are sexy, just like I think that skinny is sexy(to an extent). But there just arent enough people with that mind set. In my opinion, this whole society is toxic.

    197. Shianna says:

      i am a bigger girl i weigh about 160 or so. And honestly i am healthy but would like to be more toned. A woman who is bigger is just as beautiful and someone who is skinny, but why do you have to put skinny girls down? Do people not realize that they go home and cry too?! One of my really good friend is like 5 9 and only weighs like 100 pounds and all she does is eat and tries to gain weight. And Diane Kruger & Kate Bosworth?? Are you kidding me? They are gorgeous!No im not bi or anything i love my boyfriend very much i just have strong opinions. If a girl has low self esteem then shut the hell up and do something about it! Some woman can not lose or gain weight, see a doctor! I use to be the same way and think i was fat, so i went on a diet and excersized, not going to lie i feel fat some days still but then i look at myself in the mirror and say im beautiful, bc every girl is in their own way!! No girl should be put down, not even slutty girls, obviously they need help they need someone there for them or they wouldnt be doing it! So how about everyone stop putting everyone down! Huge or Tiny bc we are all people and we all have emotions, how would you like it if you thought your girlfriend or boyfriend was the most gorgeous thing youve ever seen and someone said "wow, you can do better, he/she is too fat/skinny" itd piss you off right??? And mothers? My mom weighed 115 pounds the day she had me! Since then she has had 2 children and weighs about 140 150 something and shes always been gorgeous but every day she cries because she wants to be tiny again and she says people look at her funny! So lets all tryt his thing where we dont make fun of people all it does is make crime and suicide rates go sky high like it honestly does..

    198. Shianna says:

      i just read more of these comments and some of you people are so damn stupid it pisses me off!! Skinny girls dont have low self esteem? Take a walk in their shoes bitch!! Honestly ive had tons of skinny friends that cry bc they cant find boyfriends! Fucking look around! The only boys that like skinny girls r the ones who r cheaters and dicks. Im bigger and my boyfriend is sexy and doesnt have an ounce of fat and is the sweetest and sexiest person ever!! Just bc when u look at a skinny girl and wish u were like her doesnt mean she wants to be that way! How do you know shes not thinking the same thing while looking at you. And Dana or whatever… slut? looks like u r jealous of someone, get off ur fat ass and work if ur gonna be that defensive. Cherie skinny girls do put people down, think of why you do it… to bring up ur sel esteem and dont lie everyone does it and knows they do…. But now no offence to the smaller girls but obviously they r bitchy bc arent happy with themselvs, not all of them but some. No one really likes or loves there body, there is always some way to change it. You all are fucking stupid and disgust me, im 16 and more mature than you people fuck! Grow up honestlyyy!! Hell why dont u fat asses lose weight be 100 pounds then go back to the skinny girls and tell them ur sorry, ive had gu friends tell me sex with skinny girls hurts bc of bones, how does that make a girl feel?? Im bigger and i understand this! Open your damn eyes and kamira is right you dont understand, i dont completely understand bc ive never been skinny im thick and big bone but i have had super skinny friends who have cried to me bc they r so skinny. The problem is, its harder for them to gain weight espeially in a healthy way bc they usually go for fattening foods to help them gain weight, bigger girls however,join a damn gym!! NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU! Bc all you do is put down skinny girls then go eat when they call you fat!! Ive been there!! If youve tried and itsd a disease or something that you cant lose weight then see a doctor or learn to love yourself!! God made you that way for a reason so shut the fuck up and grow up! I mean look at what the skinny girls on here say? They want to be bigger, what do you say to them? you call them sluts?? hahaha they r probably laughing at your stupidity and the lack of love for yourself…

    199. Cherie says:

      Yeap. 16 definatly means mature. I would expect this bc at this age you think you know everthing. I agree that everyone should stop insulting each other. But if someone came up to you and started making fun of how fat you are or whatever, what are you honestly going to do. Just stand there and let them treat you like that? Hell no! Youre going to stand up for yourself because if you really think youre beautiful and all that, then you should have respect for yourself and speak up. That's what I feel like I've done. I've stood up against all the skinny girls that treat the fat girls like shit. Some of them don't say bad things about us, but then some of them did. Now I didn't read every single comment left on this page, but I did read a few and thought it was total bullshit.

    200. Seriously. says:

      Go choke on a dick, Shianna.

      Fat or skinny – we're all beautiful!

    201. Felicity says:

      Fat/chubby girls are CONSTANTLY being tortured for their weight by magazines, society and fucking everyone and y'know something? It's easy to make fun of someone when you don't realise, understand or fucking care how much it hurts them.

      I remember in school I was teased by both girls and boys about my weight. A boy drew a pig on the whiteboard with my name underneath it and made oinking noises whenever we encountered. Did he do that to the skinny people? Nope. Why? Because as someone mentioned, the stereotype of a fat person is someone who can't stop shoving shit in their mouthes. I barely eat and walk for over an hour everyday and I'm still big. My life is not over but I can't help think it is in this department.

      I'll find a boyfriend someday with a brain and the ability to see my heart instead of rolls.

    202. Cherie says:

      To that kid that drew a pig with your name on it and made oinking noises at you. Fuck him.❤.

    203. Johan Peters says:

      I hate fat girls there are far too much of them. The skinnier the better. When i want a fat girl i will fuck my mother!

    204. jane doe says:

      Guys want big boobs, a nice tender little butt, a playboy awkwardly slanted face, and asian girls. Let's all get real and just announce this. No rolls, but tight bodies is what guys want. They like curves, but they don't want no wiggles. Basically what they want is a porn star body to dress like a hooker at night, sexy nerd by day, and know their star wars, football lingo.

      A completely unreal girl.

      They want a fantasy.

      Girls want a fantasy as well.

      Truth is, just fucking settle.

    205. jane doe says:



      You think you're beautiful, you're told your gorgeous, and you feel hot when you dress in that cute little black dress.

      You are hot.

      But there will always be someone more attractive than you, or vice versa.

      Live life fuckers.

    206. Mackenzie says:

      ya um well i think that both men and women are shallow. not all but some. i'm 15 and i know that some of you wont read the comment just because of my age but i'm a bigger girl and i have lots of friends guys included but ive never had a boyfriend. i know thats important to some people in high school or college but i dont see it as a big thing. i mean why go out with guys or girls in high school or college if they dont really like you or cant see threw you. Why change for someone else you should do it for you. I plan to of course one day find someone weather i be thin as a twig or as i am now and i know that he can see threw me and see i'm a great person to be around but if i dont find him then that just means there really stupid people out there and its not just for me but for everyone. if someone deosnt like you because of your weight then that means there not very smart. i know that some of you posted well guys like no rolls no blah blah blah well girls dont like it either but ill tell you that almost every guy in my school (who's not gay) has probably had a girlfriend by now or will have a girlfriend soon. i actually enjoy being single. now i know most of you will go but you havent been single for long your just a kid. i may be a kid but ik how it feels im very mature for my age. If you want to be thinner work out and eat right and if you want to put on weight do it the healthy way by eating the good carbs and you can have more snacks or watever. People are so concerened with how you look people dont focus on what you do. My philosphy is that this is me and my body and if im confortable with it then screw you if you dont like how i look i dont need you in my life then. Just think about it…

    207. :( says:

      Why are fat boys allowed to date but we aren't?

      1. FoxyThicChic says:

        Because you just sit around moping about how self conscious you are and don't get out there and look for guys who will actually appreciate you, for how you are, fat, skinny, or in-between. Stop expecting men to come flocking to you if your skinny, and walk away from you if your not…because that really isn't how the way the world works. Just go out and find a great man, their there, all you have to do is look. I'm Thick, and I have a great man:) All I had to do was open my eyes.

    208. Shianna says:

      Honestly if someone came up to me and started tellin me im fat id walk away bc im better and im not going to stoop to their level. No i dont know everything and i dont act like it hun. But every girl is beautiful in her own way and if shes going to cry about her weight she needs to do something about it, if she cant then she needs to learn to love herself. The higher self esteem the more someone likes you, im in high school around people like this 24 7, dont ya think id know?? Most mature adults ignore it and walk away. Why let them put you down, they look stupider than you do if u walk off while they r making fun of you. Geez haha yall make me giggglee(:

      & "Seriously" honey did ya not pay attentio to what i said? i said everyone is beautiful but if all u do is complain aboutbeing fat then do something!! skinny girls too! You all need to sthu and get a long!

    209. Shianna says:

      bc boys like girls with confidence hun. I saw this really hot fit guy that was dating this ugly like 300 pound girl (no offence to her) but she struted her stuff, dress cute and tell yourself your beautiful babe!

    210. YOU SUCK says:



      1. Megs says:


      2. Nikki says:

        agreed lol

      3. Anon says:

        I'm 5 foot and way 230 lbs… I hate my weight, but I have a boyfriend that loves me very much and could careless if I was fat or thin. He loves me for me. I am so happy I found a rare guy:). Just know, the rare are there you just need to find them~
        Honestly I am happy I'm over weight because it shows that my bf loves me for me and not for my body. (of course he could always be a chubby chaser, but when I lost weight he did get turned on more >.>) Anyway the point is rare guys are out there, they don't really care about weight which is nice. I would like to lose weight though, to make him happier but also to be more comfortable. Being over weight sucks for so many reasons.

    211. :( says:

      Johan is probably a fatty himself with only his fingers being the skinny part of his body (get off the computer cockjab).

    212. Cherie says:

      To: Jane Doe: Wow. Shallow much? You're life must really be awful to say something like that. And that doesn't apply to every single guy. You're just an obnoxious bitch and should take your negativity elswhere.

      To Shiana: I def dont see you walking away. I'm not saying you should get in a fight with somebody but anyone in their right mind would stick up for themselves. You don't have to even be rude about it. But you just look like an idiot for walking away while they're still talking to you without even saying anything 1st. And I'm in high school too so I know perfectly well. And I'm not your "hun", that's incrediably rude. Just so you know.

      To Johnan: You probably should just go fuck your mother then bc with that attitude no girl is going to want to date you. Seriously. Get real.

    213. Ebba says:

      The way female supermodels looks like now is not normal. A woman needs more fat than a man to take care of a baby. I am not overweight but i'm a little bigger, and sometimes I'm really proud of it. Because my skin is softer and it's more to hug (my last bf told me that :') )

      But most of the times all these propagande about getting fit is making me feel disgusting, elephantsized, worthless and stuff. I know that it's not true, but all this god awful "GET THINNER, GET THINNER, GET THINNER" in all magazines is affecting everybody in some way.

    214. :( says:

      I'm fat and worried I'll die alone.

    215. Shianna says:

      honestly yeah i would just walk away. you dont know me. if i get pissed ill ge in a fight. Ive had anger management classes and when i was 14 i needed help bc when id get mad id beat the fuck out of someone. thats why i am the way i am today bc i dont like hurting people anymore its stupid

    216. Shianna says:

      to " ): " ur kidding right?? ive seen obese woman with good looking guys, its your personality not looks and if thats all he looks for than that boy isnt worth your time. Id say ur still young by the way you say that and sweetie just have fun! Show people your great personality and sometime youll find that perfect boy!(:

    217. sally says:

      im thin and eat whatever i want…the only thing I do if i gain a few pounds is just eat a little lower calorie stuff the next day. i also eat lots of fruits, veges, and wholegrains with my bags of candy:)

      even my mom ate 1 lb bags of m&ms everyday for around 5 months and only gained 10 pounds haha.😛

      Ive never had problems with being "too thin" although luckily I have an athletic build so I dont look "too skinny" but my point is…

      i dont think it is fair to ask these questions and attack ppl who are naturally thin, but flat-chested (so since I am naturally thin, but full-chested, somehow that is more healthy..HOW???)…I do think women who are FAT (not talking about chubby) need to stop trying to make people think their weight is attractive. There is nothing wrong with an extra few pounds, but if you are THAT fat, it is YOUR fault (unless u r one of the .000001% of ppl with a disorder that causes you to be that fat).

      If your weight is affecting your ability to find a date/mate or whatever, then you obv. aren't just "a little chubby." Take responsibility for yourself. If you want more guys to like you, then lose the weight. -__-

    218. young_and _smart says:

      tell u the turth why do guys only think about if u skinny bigger girls are the same we all were made on this earth why cant we all just get along skinny girls can be rude if u bigger and it isnt right they dont like when there called slut so why say thing about what they look like people are all if ur black or white small or big we are all human born on this earth to live not fight to get along and people take it to then self some kill them self beacuse they get hurt so much and people thing it funny and what if it was them then it would be people just need to treat everyone equaly not from the way they want never the way they want cause i no i am big and young and all yous are older but thinks its ok to talk rudely about people size people are so rude i dont like people and u know what i treat them like they want to be treated not the way i thi nk they should and my teachers said it doesnt matter if u dont like them when u get older and work u will work with people u dont like and what are u going to do be rude and lose ur job i already no to get along and some people should learn to do so

    219. Cherie says:

      To Shiana: I didn't say get in a fight. And that's great about your angermanagement thing. But I honestly don't think someone should just walk away from their problems. They're only going to be waiting for you to face later.

      To =[: You can change your lifestyle if you truely want to. Eat better, exercise, and practice picking healthy options. Then you'll live a long,happy, and healthy life.

      To women who read Sally's entry: If you want to lose weight because you really are obese in order to be a healthy and happy person. Then do it. But do it for yourself, not for some guy you want to like you. Thats bs. If he really likes you, he'll date you. Change works from the inside out, so do it for you 1st. Don't let people tell you that people will only be attracted to you if you lose weight, because that's all I got out of her blog.

    220. Celia says:

      I'm slightly chubby but can't find love and I blame the assholes of society for protraying the perfect-sized date as someone who should be lying in a hospital bed diagnosed with anorexia. The entire system of "you're too fat for me" churns my insides AND FOR A GOOD REASON. As someone mentioned, it's easy to laugh at someone when you don't realise the amount of damage it causes them mentally, emotionally and physically.

    221. Cherie says:

      To Celia: If all the guys you're picking think you're "too fat", maybe you should adjust your picker from asshole to good guy. Because those are the types of guys who see you for who you really are. Not assholes.

    222. YOU SUCK says:


    223. Seriously. says:

      ^OMFG lol.

    224. Cherie says:

      I agree. lol

    225. YOU SUCK says:


    226. J says:

      Some of you skinny girls have the worst fucking reading comprehension.

    227. YOU SUCK says:


    228. Kozoka says:

      Weight does matter to some point but it's best to just go for men who appreciate your weight range. I like both slender as well as curvy women. I can't seem to decided which I like better but I definitely like both.

    229. Kozoka says:

      I also think you guys should be nicer to each other and stop calling people assholes so freely because it makes you look bad. (regardless of weight)

    230. me says:

      i dunno about you guys…but i fucking Love Fat chicks! i find it really cute when they stuff there face and lug around there boobs. Of corse not all of them have boobs. but i still love them.

    231. shirley says:

      hey my names shirley and i am about 18stone im 21yrs old i have a wonderful fiance derek and i have a 1yr old baby girl i found my love 6 yrs ago and i have a really good friend emma who is 8stone and cant get a lad to love her they keep cheating on her i also have a bigger friend amy who cant find some to love and another friend danille who is 10st and is madly in love …. all these woman are the same its not about weight or who is skinny or who eats the most lettuce for dinner its about loving yourself and waiting for the perfect man or woman dont down yourself ever one are the same in every way

      just enjoy life i was scared of been a big girl thought i would fail in life but to be honest my life is the best and i am now more convidednt about my look😀 …. " Dont worry Be happy "

    232. Vanessa Rose says:

      What weight range do you men consider curvy?

    233. Rocky says:

      Good Article i cant believe all the negativity. Im sorry but women should look like Women and curves are sexy that isnt an opinion its a fact. Nice hips shapely legs and a bigger booty skinny is NOT sexy yes if you are born that way and you cant help that is fine but im sorry curves are the way to go. Because the skinny ones are built like men with the exception of certain body parts. I just laugh when i see these gym nazi's they are too skinny they have no boobs and no ass that isnt attractive to anyone this needs to stop. Men are built one way and women are built another. Whoever wrote this article did a good job or wording it. Dont listen to all the skinny girls/woman complain they are jealous that they dont have curves.

    234. YOU SUCK says:


    235. Lauren says:

      Guys don't love big girls, they love big tits, as evidenced by Nate's extremely offensive post about "not being able to grow a decent pair". Eating a cheeseburger or two will not magically endow all girls with double D's, I used to be slightly overweight and I still only had B cups. All the men who say they like "curvy" girls are really only singing the praises of the big boobs attatched to them. There is no love for chubby girls with small tits, so I guess I'll have to become one of those "skinny girls with no tits" you all supposedly hate.

    236. Stephanie says:

      Women should look like women not like little boys. There is nothing wrong with having some extra weight. All you haters go eat a cheese burger. Thank you for the article! =)

    237. Stephanie says:

      Oh and that being said, I'm overweight, I eat right, I exercise almost everyday, I also have a really demanding job that could count as exercise, and No I do not have a medical condition. Anyway, I've been with my fiance for 6 years now and he's quite thin and eats whatever he wants (which is like NOTHING good). He loves my personality, my confidence and he likes that I'm a woman with curves. All men are different and all women are different. You can't make someone love you no matter what your size is. Be comfortable in your own skin, and if your not, well your the only one who can do something about it, but you have to do it for yourself. =)

    238. Will says:

      I gotta add something to what Lauren said yes lots of guys like big boobs i happen to . However big boobs look better on curvy women it has to be in perportion big boobs on a real skinny girl for me looks terrible. Now when i say curves i mean boobs, hips, legs and a bit of a bigger booty it all has to match

    239. Girl says:

      Skinny girls, shut the fuck up. To all the people that sit on here and write novels about this blog, shut the fuck up. And to all the skinny girls on here complaining about how "degrading" this is, shut the fuck up. Thank you.

    240. Dee says:

      Well, I read this article because my friend posted it on her FaceBook and wanted to know my opinion.
      I think the advice the “dude” gave makes him come off like a douche. And I say that as a big girl. I am 5’11”, and a size 18/20. I have always hated the phrase “real women have curves” because I know real women who are ALL shapes and sizes. I know it’s just his opinion, but the title was “Do men like bigger girls” Not “Do YOU like bigger girls.” So in a way, he is speaking for men in general. Or attempting to, anyway. I think it is insulting for him to insinuate that there is something wrong with men who are attracted to skinny women:
      [” And what does that say about the people who think that’s attractive?” ][“consider keeping any young teenage girls you know far away from him.”] I have a problem with feeling the need to diss other people in order to boost your own confidence. My confidence is based on the fact that I have a great personality, I’m funny, I’m nice and I respect myself and people around me. I’ve never felt the need to diss on skinny women to make myself feel better. I have friends of all sizes, and I have dated men of all sizes. I always have men (and women) hit on me when I go out. It’s true, confidence is important, so why assume that the guy attracted to a skinny women is a pedophile rather than attracted to her wonderful personality?
      Also, if someone is Anorexic, that is a serious problem, not something to be made fun of and not something that gets fixed just by telling them to “eat a cheeseburger.”
      And I realize that the question was not directed towards me but I agree with Shiana; if someone wanted to get in my face about my weight or anything else they didn’t like about me, I would walk away, too. It doesn’t mean I’m not standing up for myself, it means I am not going to engage them and their idiocy. I am 28 years old and have reached a point in my life where I realize if someone has an issue with me, that is THEIR issue to have not mine. You want to not talk to me and get to know me because I’m fat, or because I’m black, or whatever else you can think of? Fine. Your loss not mine, because I’m a great person. I know it, and I don’t need to waste my time trying to convince some random stranger of that. They mean nothing in my life, anyhow.

    241. YOU SUCK says:


    242. Abby says:

      I honestly think everyone needs to calm down here. Myself I’m a size 18 or a 16 depending on where I shop, I have size 38 C breats but my ass isn’t that great. Like every girl I have days where I go “What the hell is wrong with me, why can’t I be skinny” and days that go, “You know what I look great today :)” I’m pretty confident, and I love sports like soccer and volleyball, and I’m not to bad. I have friends that are skinnier then me and bigger then me, an life s fine for them. The skinniest girl I know is a double zero but eats like mad trying to overthrow her metabolism, both of her parents are large. The largest girl I know can get a boy in a flash, though she is larger then me.

      I honestly think it’s the confidence and personality that someone has. I’m pretty confident, I think (and I’ve been told) I have a great personality, I give good advice and I have a pretty face. My skinny friend is too worried about how she looks, how she has nothing on her, while my larger friend is more worried about how much she has on her but does nothing to change it, and she to is pretty active. I’ll admit that “Dude” said some things that yes, did offend thinner girls, but also he’s stating his opinion. I’m not trying to start a fight, but do we not do the same with men?

      We are the same, we judge them on a rate of if they have muscles, a sexy or cute face, how big their penises are. If we can accept a penis can a man accept a small girl? My one friend even told me (he’s a guy) that smaller penises should be made for smaller woman, and lager ones for larger. I don’t agree with this, even with me being a larger woman, because both should look for what they want not what they should get.

      I have myself been on dates before, and I’ve also met men who enjoy thicker woman, either with curves or just rolls. To be blunt I;ve noticed that my friends that a bigger have nicer boyfriends then the thinner people do. I But that’s something I’ve noticed. One of my friends is quite big but she has size A breasts, and she also has a true love who loves her back.

      So yes everyone has an opinion and ladies you shouldn’t listen or get frazzeled up to a man with one opinion. Take some time off, go talk to people, boost your confidence. If you think you need to loose/gain weight then set it in your head and stick to it. I’m sure everyone out their will find someone, whether it be a quick night or a love that never breaks.

    243. Girl says:

      To Abby- That was cute.

    244. Will says:

      The dude wasnt voiceing an opinon i hate the word opinion. The word opinion is for weak people who dont have enough to confidence to state facts. The dude was stating that curvy girls are better that is just the way it is enough of this opinion garbage. Opinions are like Assholes everyone has one the dude gave a good article yes a few things were harsh but he is right its all about the curves end of story

    245. Cindy says:

      O wtf ever @ dude. I personally know a few cute guys who will pick up & bang as many larger women as they possibly can. They just won't take them out on a date. The ones they take out on dates are the thinner ones. You know, the ones that they think society will think they are cool if they are seen with. They're shallow & led by their ego.

    246. YOU SUCK says:


    247. Amanda says:

      I think calling girls that are naturally skinny gross is wrong, just like calling bigger girls gross is wrong. I'm a curvy girl (curvy as in curvy, not sphere shaped, just as a fyi), and some girls are naturally skinny, just like some girls are naturally bigger (not all bigger people eat a lot. my best friend was overweight due to PCOS, which she inherited from her mother), and they can't help the way they are shaped. It's not their fault if they have too much hip or too little, same goes with breasts and butts. I have a friend who is a size 5 now, who used to be a size 0. She tells me how skinny and freaky she use to think she looked, and how gaining some weight made her feel better about herself. Yes, some men may think bigger women are disgusting, just as some men think very thin girls look disgusting. I think he was heading for good advice, but then it got mixed up somehow and made it very insultive. I wear a size 10/11 in jeans because of my big hips(unfortunately, I was not blessed with much of a booty) and I have been called fat before. I've had bigger girls tell me they would kill for my body. It's really all in preference. Smaller girls: Don't think you're "freaky" looking. Bigger Girls: Don't think you're grotesque. It may seem idealistic, but look around you: There are couples everywhere. Some may not seem that attractive to you, but they are still in a relationship with someone. There's someone for everyone, you just have to get out there; don't down yourself, because no matter what size or shape, it's NOT healthy. Go out and buy something that looks AWESOME on you. Something that just makes you feel like you are it, and go out with some friends and have fun. Don't focus so much on finding someone, because guys can sense desperation, and its a turn-off (well, at least to any guy who's worth dating). Something good will happen!

    248. Amanda says:

      To Abby: Yes! Exactly! :}

      I think what your friend meant by the "big penis for bigger women, smaller penis for smaller women" thing was, usually (well, I've been told this by my guy friend who loves all women, no matter what shape or size, and has had his fair share of sexual partners) smaller girls (he said by shoulder and hip width, not by belly size) tend to have smaller vaginas, while bigger girls (again, through the shoulders/hips, not belly) tend to have slightly larger vaginas. She might have meant that bigger guys may hurt smaller girls and smaller guys might not get as much pleasure from a bigger girl.

      But I agree completely with you when you said that it shouldn't be set by that, it should be set by what the person in general prefers, not what would be best by penis size or shoulders or whatever.😀

    249. Me, Myself and I says:

      I find it funny how the people who are a little bigger think being skinny is a cakewalk because, no contradictory to what you think, I don't get all the guys and I don't have the pick of any guy I want. All guys are different, and if a guy doesn't like me because I'm not a little bigger than obviously, he's shallow. And I don't understand how women who weigh more are more real than me. And just because they might have bigger hips or boobs doesn't make them any more qualified than myself to have kids. ALL women's bodies are meant to have kids. And yes, those with eating disorders tend to disrupt their monthly cycle and that causes problems but I don't think people should focus on such extremes like sickly skinny or king kong butt and boobs and a itty bitty waist.

    250. Felicity says:

      I sometimes wish it were the other way around so boys could see just how much us "fatties" hurt.

      So boys – how would you feel if girls only wanted that deliciously tanned, 6'0 dark-haired handsome muscular Mike to be their boyfriends? I'm kinda fat but I'm SO sick of hearing about weight and it's affect on a relationship on a day to day basis. A real person sees a beautiful personality and likes that.

      1. Rai says:

        There's a lot of men out there, that prefer bigger women. I certainly do. At the end of the day, people who insult others based on something like this are merely insecure themselves, and intimidated by your personality and looks, so feel the need to insult you to feel better about themselves.

    251. YOU SUCK says:


    252. K says:

      I think universally speaking, women like broad shoulders and abs. So before you call other people gross, maybe you should take a good long look in the mirror and see how you measure up to Hugh Jackman. At least skinny girls don't have beer bellies.

      As for the women here, no one is physically perfect. Frankly, if you can get over his sagging, his skinny legs, his balding head, or his funny looking ass, etc, he should be able to get over whatever you think is wrong with yourself. If he can't, he's a whiny bitch that needs to get over himself.

    253. New Guy Best friend? says:

      Okay here’s my situation hopefully you can help me: I have a a guy friend and we are getting to know each other.Ive known him for quit a while, but all of the sudden we became close.We started talking and then it became into making plans for the summer. We both have no attraction what so ever to each other, and this relationship is extremely platonic. (we both pinky promised to each other — “No drunken nights”) that being said, today we were chatting about this weekends plans and he stated to me that he sees me like a guy. What the heck does that even mean??? I’m confused. I mean I am a smoking hot babe. So, for him to say that to me made me feel like crap. What does that mean he says that Im his wing woman. That the reason he is around me is because he likes how I am a strong minded person, and that he wants me in his group of friends because I am a real person. Anyway, that’s a little background info, my Q. to you is What does that even mean? Is it a good thing? Or should I just avoid him as a friend? I really enjoy being around him because he makes me laugh and have a great time. Please help. What to do???

    254. bec says:

      Why can't pretty girls get cute guys that won't play them?

    255. saxichan_2002 says:

      Awesome response dude! Loved this article & reading your response. I agree 100% with what you had to say! Thank you! =) My husband says the same thing! He likes real women, not little girls. You're not the only man out there that feels that way & it's encouraging for those of us who don't want to starve ourselves to death just to be seen as attractive & desirable. Thank you for this!

    256. sarah says:

      I’m going to say that men love women, period. What makes a woman isn’t her weight, or her features, it’s her mind. It’s the confidence that comes from learning to accept yourself as you are, and be yourself because of it. Men like all kinds of women, from small, to large, to whatever falls in between the two. Yes, our society caters to thin women. No one with access to a mall, or TV, or magazines can deny that. That is why girls or women with extra meat on their bones have a complex about it. Thin is glorified, healthy or NOT, and the rest of us are left by the wayside to feel inadequate and undesirable because of it. From my experience (seeing as I can only speak from that), the bigger women I know have more confidence in themselves than the thin or skinny ones. Go figure.

      Stop attacking “The Dude” for his opinion. Big women – and I’m not talking about the “curvy” ones everyone refers to who are just thin women with t&a – are too often considered unhealthy and just plain gross by society when that is simply not true. Just because someone’s pant size happens to fall into the double digits, it’s doubtful the majority of them are going to keel over from a heart attack anytime soon, if ever. People really need to re-evaluate their idea of healthy, and maybe look into it more so they can form an opinion that is accurate instead of just plain insulting. To be on either side of the spectrum (anorexic/morbidly obese) is extremely dangerous, and instead of putting them down for their size, we should help them become healthy again, and help them to see that all people, men and women, are beautiful.

      I’m the kind of person who can find beauty in everyone. We all have preferences of course, but there are good qualities to be found in everyone, and swimming in the shallow end of the pool has the unfortunate consequence of missing out on all kinds of amazing people. Don’t feel sorry for yourselves because someone can’t see past your appearance to your good qualities, feel sorry for them.

      I say this to all the self-conscious people out there, big and small: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Stop letting the superficial tendencies of others dictate how you see yourselves. Embrace who you are. This is your life, you have one shot at it, don’t waste it being focused on how your body looks, or what other people think of it – THAT is what’s unhealthy, folks.

    257. more2luv17 says:

      im 17 years old and all my life i have been fat. and i have always bee told that fat is disgusting, and ulgy. they say thin is baeutiful the skinnier he better!I can never be skinny becuz of genetics though i try. i count calories and excercise everyday just to maintain wat figure i have. and i put up with that crap every day of my life. i think id be ok to read one article and not take it too personal.

      as for the woman, i have had to come to terms with my fatness. it dnt matter wat others say. if u like the way u are then just wait and u will find someone who will.

    258. hannah says:

      while Iam eating or chatting I see some boys looking at me at my table and they look away. And there is a boy that says my name over again when he sees me. why

    259. Nicki says:

      Ok, I agree with some of the other comments here, but coming from someone who is 5'2" and weighing 175, we are fuller girls with bodies that shape differently. I am 25 and when in HS I never weighed more than 125 to 130. I was a weight lifter and played other sports. After HS and child bearing, I wasn't able to get back down to that size. However I never looked anorexic nor sick. I was built, and still to this day, I have thick legs, thick arms and when I work out, I am still somewhat flabby. My body was made that way, I can't change that. Nor can anyone else. If you are the eay you are and have always been like that, ok eat a little healthier yes I do and still have weight issues. I have people tell me all the time that I am overweight for my age, and that I know, but i am not extremely overweight. My body holds my weight differently. So it curves where it should and sometimes a little more. I wear a size 14 or 16 depending where I shop and I am still uncomfortable with my body. But I learn to deal with it. Everyone in my family is somewhat the same. If a man has a problem with it and is constantly giving you shit about it. LEAVE him, he ain't worth it. Take care of yourself the best way you can. Someone who likes you the way you are and for who you are will come along. I am so insecure my self and i know i sound like a hypocrite, but my guy has finally come along, and he never says anything about my weight he also said that he likes his females with a little meat on the bones. However since I am not use to weighing this, I am the insecure one, and I guarantee if i wasn't insecure I would be a lot happier.

    260. Hmm says:

      I suffer anorexia because of this. Thanks society.

    261. Lisa says:

      This post was very highly offensive to me. As a naturally slim girl, with not much on top or on the bottom I happen to think that I am very proportionate for my weight. My ass and boobs are out of control and neither do I look anorexic. I eat as much as I can when I can. I actually wish I could gain weight but I can't. It's not in my genetics (at least not while I'm young lol). So to Linda, #

      Linda says:

      Wed, 20th Jan 201011:53 pm

      "& All of a sudden every damn CC reader is stick thin “due to genetics”, and highly offended."

      Your comment alone is very offensive and speaks volumes about how you think of yourself. How would you like if I went on a website that bashed "thick" women by saying, "Oh wow, all of a sudden you're "curvy" because it's in your genes and you can't help how you look." It's like saying "stop lying, you know you're fat because you eat like a pig." Essentially, you are saying this to skinny women: "Oh please, don't come up on CC now claiming you're skinny by genetics, you know you starve yourself and force yourself to vomit after every meal."

      So yeah, of course I would be highly offended. Hmm, let me see, I'm naturally skinny, SO SUE ME! Stop making generalizations about people based on how they look or what they write. You sound really ignorant because your comment reflects your view that no one is naturally skinny, and that is just plain ignorance mixed with some low self esteem.

    262. Lisa says:

      * meant to say that my ass and boobs are NOT out of control lol

    263. Hmm says:

      Poor Lisa – she can eat anything, remain slim and have boys chasing after her at the same time. Idiot.

    264. katelyn says:

      whats wrong with smaller girls? I'm 5 ft and weighh 80 lbs, not that a starve myself, just that I'm naturally skinny, why can't people just be happy with the way they are, and stop trying to change for other people:/

    265. nessa says:

      boo freaking hoo… why are skinny girls even complaining about this post. The post if for normal woman who shouldn't have to look to celebrities for what they are "suppose to look like" as for me who isn't even close to zoe saldana I found this article uplifting. To know that he would pick christina Hendricks over someone like zoe saldana is uplifting. also for skinny girls who are sad because their skinny, it's not like the media is putting you down for it.

    266. Hmm says:

      Nessa is correct. I've seriously had enough of hearing on tv, the radio, reading in magazines, out in town, etc. about how skinny I'm supposed to be. I geddit – I don't resemble a holocause victim so I MUST be a fatass who stuffs herself everyday. WRONG. I admit I starve myself but who could blame me? This continous pressure on us is doing more bad than good.

    267. Leena says:

      Pretty hot and thick.

      sorry skeletons……….LOL jk

    268. YOU SUCK says:


    269. lilly says:

      I didnt read the whole wall thing but I was wondering what if different guys have different opinions. and maybe a guy likes a ( i dont know the right word, so excuse me if i offen you) chubby lady. and maybe a chuby guy likes a skinny girl. who cares though. us women do care much about our weight. it may not be fat and it doesnt matter about numbers( our weight ) i mean we can go on with that. i mean im 5'1 and i way 140lbs. but i dont have a big stomach i mean yeah i do but not one that hangs over and some weight may depened on our muscle or boobs. and it shouldnt matter if a guy thinks of fat women are gross or he thinks skinny women are gross but there is one person out there for everyone and hopefully you can find him (:

    270. whaa says:

      kay, I feel vastly insulted. You know…I have anorexia nervosa, and I do look like a cancer patient. You saying all that bullshit while REALLY just put down my fucking self-esteem. Anorexia nervosa isn't always voluntary. You trying to be nice to obese people while you're saying horrible things about skinny people is just rude. REAL men and women are REAL men and women regardless of their colour, size or shape. YOU are not a real man for writing this pile of shit.

      I'm an intelligent, kind hearted girl but I just so happen to be very sick. Do research on anorexia and the reasons one might have it. My brother is also anorexic and he's almost as sick as I am. This illness is not a joke, I'm a step away from being IV'd and I read this bullshit. Don't give me the bullshit about "oh, but obese people have been suffering this for this long and blabla". It's just not right, I wouldn't be too happy if god forbid a loved one died due to anorexia and I read this crap. I would never go out of my way to make fun of anyones god given shape.

    271. YOU SUCK says:


    272. Noneya says:

      Okay this is all just rediculous. Different guys have different oppinions; some like curvier gals, some like thinner women but what really matters is personality.

      As for anorexia is concerned they can control it. They can decide whether or not to put food in their mouths but they CHOOSE not to. It's kinda stupid actually, that it's deemed as a disease. -.-

    273. Hmm says:

      Anorexia is a mental illness, Noneya. Open a book and shut your mouth.

    274. Blmdr says:

      Skinny girls. Get over it. Y’all now know how fat girls feel like now. Do you all have to have ALL the men? If so them hum cough……skinny whores!

      1. hjkh says:

        i don't get no men. i'm a skinny gal. but i'm boyish. not many guys likes androgynous girls.😦

    275. anonymous says:

      Wow, this article is beyond lame. Yes, curvy women are beyond sexy, but Beyonce is not thick, she is skinny. And no, just because some guys like girls with small frames does not mean they're pedophiles. And anyways, a lot of pedophiles can't help the fact that they're pedophiles.

      I personally like curvy girls, the bigger the butt and the bigger the breasts, the better. But there's nothing wrong with liking a very thin frame, there's also something beautiful about that, it's classic and elegant and very beautiful.

    276. anonymous says:

      Oh, all you skinny little bitches shut up and stop whining. You now know how a full figured girl feels when they're put down. You haven't had half as hard a time getting into a bathing suit, buying clothes, having a relationship where you have to worry if the guy likes your body or not, and trying to fit in with all of your skinny friends. Get over it and accept the fact that there's finally an article from a guy stating HIS opinion on curvy and beautiful girls.

    277. Hmm says:

      I basically feel like I must choose between food and a relationship which is BEYOND RIDICULOUS. Boys should realise we gotta eat to live too and not everyone with a higher fat percentage is a lazy fuck. I know I'm definitely not!

    278. Eugene says:

      Not all guys find thin women gross (silly word to use anyway, if you know what it actually means). Most normal men simply prefer healthy looking women, whatever their body style may be. If a woman takes care of herself, eats healthy, keeps active, then she's going to look just fine, whether she's naturally very petite, or curvy.

      Also just be aware. If a guy doesn't care about your appearance then he will be equally unconcerned about his own. A guy who makes the effort to look good, and takes care of himself will expect the same from you, which is only fair really.

    279. Eugene says:

      > I basically feel like I must choose between food and a relationship which is BEYOND RIDICULOUS.

      Not at all, but you may need to adjust your expectations a little. If you're a big girl, you probably should try looking for a big guy.

      Just be really honest with yourself and realistic with your expectations, and you'll do fine.

    280. Lia says:

      Skinny girls have been getting love for centuries now, what's so wrong about a guy saying that bigger women are sexy as well? I don't think he's saying ALL skinny women are gross, just the ones starving themselves and the ones who look like zombie/skeletons (you know the ones i'm talking about). And its actually hard for a guy to say bigger women are sexy because most guys don't agree with that statement, so I would like to say thank you to this "dude" for deviating from the normal opinion and giving our curves some love:)

    281. chantee says:

      it kinda hurt my feelings evryone talk abt skinny girls! we have feelings too. im 15 5''2 and about 95 pounds. i eat alot and yes i have a butt and yes i wear a size 34 C. i almost started cryin lookin at this. you shiuldnt say bad things just to make a bigger person feel better about themselves

      1. Sara says:

        Why? Skinny people have to say rude-as-hell things about fat people to make themselves feel better.

      2. Sarah says:

        Why would you look at an article that doesn't involve you in the first place. Isn't these articles for people like me. I looked this up hoping to get some incouragement because the guy I like is musclar. I'm not skinny. SO why did you look this article up? huh? It has nothing to do with you. It's called " DO GUYS LIKE BIGGER GIRLS" Not anorexic.
        Dumb ass.

    282. Hmm says:

      @Eugene: I'm not even overweight but just a little chubby around my stomach and legs.

    283. Celia says:

      Word @ Hmm! I'm not even that fat yet I'm constantly single.

    284. Chloe says:

      Well O guess to each their own….and not all guys like skinny women actually most of them find them repulsive, yup I know tel me about it I am I am in the skinny Minnie spot, and its not easy,but why should I gain weight just to make a guy happy?? I dont think so I am happy he way I am and I think I look fantastic, and if the guy can not see that…oh well too bad I am a super healthy person very good looking and I happen to love the way I look.

    285. Catherine says:

      This article is the only thing that is gross, some women are just naturally skinny, I have been skinny all my life.I eat very healthily and don't overexercise unless you think walking is over exercising and I don't have problems attracting men.

      I never say bad things about other people's bodies as I know how insecure people get, women do not have to keep to a certain body type.. Just like how I don't expect men to have a six pack and be six feet tall and so on. It's a cliche, but it's more about what's on the inside

    286. YOU SUCK says:


      1. Double Standard says:

        Exactly! I'll go one better and say if the guy expects me to be so skinny, I'm practically transparent, then I expect him to have a 10" penis the width of a soda can with a Gene Simmons tongue to match.

    287. Hmm says:

      I don't understand why boys can request some Barbie looking whore when they're fat themselves but if we're fat we can't have a athletic partner. Pot, meet kettle.

    288. Stewie says:



    289. Purplesox says:

      Ok I understand…. You might be a little over weight but people Like you have awesome features that us skinny girls don't have… We don't have big boobs… You do…. A lot of us skinny girls are popular so we have to worry about how long we'll stay popular… You guys don't care!!! I mean I'm an 8 th grader, I'm 13, 5"2, and I'm 87lbs, and I'm a 32AA…. I mean there's some guys who only want you for popularity. An there was even this one guy who told me he would go out with one of my friends if she had bigger boobs!! And she's skinny too… And I've never had a boyfriend either… Maybe it's because I'm ugly…. Guess so… Well anyways your not alone…

      1. shannen says:

        Sweetie, your 13 you dont need a boyfriend, stop trying to grow up so fast, you only get a limited amount of time to act like a kid, by the time you get to my age its too late.

    290. Purplesox says:


    291. Rebecca says:

      Okay enough bad talk about skinny people! Being skinny is not gross, neither is being fat, but the behavior of "the dude" is copletely disgusting and unacceptable! Where's the respect? Everyone deserves respect, no matter if they're underweight or overweight! It's ridiculous calling thin girls "gross" just to make fat girls feel good about themselves! Make everyone happy, never hurt anyone because of the way they look!

    292. Riki says:

      Admit it, skinny people are more appealing. If you aren't skinny, too bad. Either accept it or die trying.

      Your weight has absolutely nothing to do with how many boyfriends you can get. Find men who prefers meat, like the author of the article. If you keep hanging out in the crowd that prefers bones, you will be very sad.

    293. Chim Richalds says:

      Zoe Saldana is perfect.

    294. Hmm says:

      Does meth cause weight loss?

    295. Jon says:

      This is a great article.. and it’s almost partially true. Zoe Saldana is Hot, sure she is a little bit more on the skinny side but she’s a great actress who’s got a very different look which makes her look great.

      Other than that, me personally i love bigger women. But please note that bigger doesn’t mean fat. Nobody loves fat girls, never ever ever. When mean see fat women they don’t want to be with them becasue they are fat, they see that she ahs no control, no desire. Who wants to be with a fat cow who might die from a heart attack? no one!

      but for me, i have been with my girl for over 8 years, I’m 5’8 and wiegh about 200 lbs. my girlfriend is 5’6 and weighs about 160.. and i love every inch or her curvy body.. being healthy doesn’t mean being skinny. being healthy means eating what you want and being active, so maintain a balance

      1. goeattaburger says:

        And women don't like stupid guys who type like they are illiterate.

      2. SIERRAWILSON says:


    296. Sharon says:

      I really love how this gives "real" girls a higher self esteem by slamming those of us that are skinny.. or should I say anorexic? Wow. I eat more than most of my friends, and maybe thanks to a thing called metabolism I don't gain weight from it. Oh that and regular exercise. To be compared to a "cancer patient" is really offensive and pretty much shows you make blind judgement. My mom was a cancer patient, and actually gained weight because of the steroids she had to take during chemotherapy. Don't some girls say they're naturally born bigger? I know some people who aren't skinny, but aren't obese either that are have always been that way throughout their lives. Well skinny people are born that way too, and for some of us, there is nothing to change that. Using celebrities is kind of a bad example seeing how when they're really skinny they are deathly skinny. Thats usually not what all naturally skinny girls look like. I would love to have curves too, but I guess my body just isn't built to be that way so don't look at us and hate, saying we look like "prepubescent" girls. I'm pretty sure you're not the most perfect thing on earth either.

    297. brit says:

      so .. to all the skinny people who are saying , i don’t starve my self, it’s just my genetic makeup, you being prejudice, blah blah blah. Get over it! fat people have been going through this for decades, just like how people assume that skinny people starve their selves, it’s always been presumed that fat people eat alot, which is simply not the case, like one of you said you eat just much as your bigger friends with out gaining weight, well i am a bigger person who eats about the same amount as my skinny friends, i think the world needs to get over the fat/skinny healthy/unhealthy, thing,i obviously know that i am not the healthiest person, and it is harder for me to do the same activities as another person who eats the same food, in the same amounts, it’s just your metabolism,it plays a huge roll in this society, and it really depend on luck,the hand you were dealt, and i can completely understand that some guys not attracted to big girls, and some guys are not attracted to small girls, it’s not being shallow, it’s your personal preference, would you eat cranberry, just because it was concidered better by society, when there were way more delicious strawberries around.. i know bad analogy, but it’s something to think about

    298. Hmm says:

      Nope Paulie, they're just starving for attention. Geddit?

    299. Melissa says:

      I think he's saying curvacious girls are more attractive than girls whose bones are sticking out everywhere. The pedophilia comment was spot-on, actually. It's like wearing pigtails and getting brazilians – it's been researched that many guys will subconciously be attracted to those things because it reminds them of young girls. Of course, not every guy is like this! But there's a good chance some are.

    300. Paulie says:

      I don’t really know what to say….the skinny girls get offended…and I don’t really know how to feel because I’m kinda fat myself… :S

    301. rusty shackleferd says:

      he wasnt saying anything bad about girls who are naturally skinny, a girl being 5' 3 weighing 100 pounds isnt really that bad you see them all the time, but most of them do look like 12-16 year old girls and should consider trying to gain some weight…

    302. Diana says:

      Thanks a lot. I'm skinny, according to you I would be GROSS, and you sound like a dick.I had three cheeseburgers and a lot of fries yesterday, so I don't wanna hear that ET A CHEESEBURGER BLEAH crap. stop herp derpin and realize all women are beautiful, it depends on the man. I've been scared recently that I am too skinny, and this helps me not in the slightest. Better advice to the lovely full-figured lady: Confidence is most attractive, different men like different body types, end of story. Some guys find me attractive, some find me unattractive. I doesn't particularly care, 'cause the ones who think I am ugly aren't worth my fretting over anyway. I plan to eat another cheeseburger out of spite, now. Much love.

    303. Hmm says:

      Whiney bitches. Go eat something!😛

      1. sae says:

        Wow. We don't just eat. We exercise, we have friends. Why don't you get a dumbbell and shove it up your butt, oh and while your at that, go look at skinny males, oh.. wait, their females… sorry.

    304. Leigh says:

      "I’m tired of hearing how horrible the life of a skinny person must be, you get guys, you can wear anything you feel like, eat anything you feel like, and just flaunt it around with your nose in the air."

      ^Exactly! I can't lose weight no matter what I do yet I'm surrounded by people who eat everything and still remain a pole. I'd rather die than be fat.

    305. YOU SUCK says:


    306. Mel says:

      I am a big girl i am 5'9" and about 230 lbs. I do not sit around being sad about the way i look because i can do something about it i just choose not to. I am engaged to a very fine lookin man who is 6'1" and is about 180 lbs wet. I believe it's the way you carry yourself and dress the more confident the more you will atrract a person. I also have alot of skinny friends who don't have personalitys what so every and they can't find boyfriends for nothing. I honestly believe that it is whats on the inside that counts.

    307. lexo says:

      i am 13 yrs old and i weigh around 90 lbs…im 4'11 and ive been trying and trying and trying to gain weight for almost two yrs!!! i ENVY the curvy (not fat, curvy) girls in my school and want to smack the shit out of anyone who calls me skinny, anorexic, thin or those horrible skinny girl nicknames, (bean pole, stickling, toothpick) so have you guys ever even thought about girls BORN with fast matabolisms??????????????????? im no weight doc., but the over weight chicks should stop crying over how hard it is to lose weight and get off there asses and eat right and exercise!

      but none the less; be happy with your body and that shit

      1. sarah says:

        Why are you looking at a article that says " Do guys like bigger girls?" If your not bigger, then why are you looking at it. It seems you should look at articles like " do guys fall for anorexic little girls like me?" Some of us chubby people do get off our asses a work at our weight. Did you not think about how hard it is to loose weight? I've done everything, but with a medical problem like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Asthma. These do not help. You are a jerk. Kids like you do not know anything. I weigh 201, and I'm 5''7. I am curvy. And I worked to be healthy, I'm not a healthy weight, yes, but I am a healthy eater, I eat salads and white meat, and exercise. SO stop posting on here.

    308. Hmm says:

      You're a bitch, Lexo. Not EVERYONE who is fat sits around eating all day. I don't! Inbetween working, taking care of others, etc. I barely eat and I'm still big. My parents weren't skinny either – my dad is fat! Shove it up your ass. You're probably one of those skinny whores this entire forum is full of going "aww, but it's my metabolism" bla bla.

    309. Belle says:

      when you exercise, you release endorphins that make you happy and confident…as well as pheremones that attract the opposite sex. Maybe you should just take this time to focus on your own well being instead of ' getting a boyfriend' you can get a 'boyfriend' easily with the wink of an eye and a few vodka crans..but what I think you're really looking for is a relationship with someone that will accept you at your best and worst..but you don't sound like you're at your best right now because you're worried that your weight correlates with getting a boyfriend. Just start getting into things that will guarantee making you happier and more confident….exercise. Heck, I met my current boyfriend in a Yoga class and didn't pay him any mind because I was so focused on bettering myself and my health..and he just stood back and watched from afar…and then pounced on me when he had the oppurtunity. So all in all, don't give up, just don't try so hard and worry so much..because it will get you nowhere. and when you ask " do guys like?…" that's like asking " does he..and him..and him over there like?…" humans are different, people have different tastes so you can't just take this guys word for facts..because it's just one guy sharing his individual doesn't account for the entire male population of the US..or the world…good luck though.

    310. Kate says:

      I don't think "dude" was trying to offend anyone, i just think he has a certain taste. But it does hurt to have him label certain women gross. I have Zoe Saldana's figure. I WISH I could have more curves! I'm 15, 5'4, and 100 pounds, and I'm sick and tired of people calling me anorexic. I eat when I'm hungry, and I usually get seconds and thirds. Once I went on a weight-GAIN diet. I gained three pounds. and when i went off it, i lost five. I've accepted that i'm naturally thin and there's basically nothing I can do about it, but no on else can seem to accept it. I've had SO MANY guys at school rag on me for being flat chested with no curves. in my opinion, they're wrong, but they're the ones who have to be attracted to me, and it really makes me feel bad about myself when they make fun of me. Just yesterday a girl at a party kept making fun of me for having a small chest and being so small in general. I don't see why big boobs and an ass make so much difference in whether a guy likes me or not, and I really don't see why making fun of thin girls makes overweight girls feel better. they're still overweight, and the thin girls are still thin. wouldn't it just be healthier to go to a gym, eat less, or just accept the body you were born with than to insult others? That's just my opinion. I wish we didn't live in a community that thrived on making others feel bad to boost our own self-confidence, but we do, and no amount of blogging and life-time movie is going to change that. The one thing that really gets me is that there are so many movies about the hardships of overweight women trying to get a date and having people judge them on their looks. What about us thin, NONANOREXIC girls? don't we get a lifetime movie?

    311. YOU SUCK says:



      1. tired of biching says:

        i agrea with u 100%

      2. lol says:

        well, us boys feel like shit when that happens since that DOES HAPPEN.

    312. Hmm says:

      ^That's exactly right. I've always worried about my weight but this fucking predicament we're currently facing is hurting not just my self-esteem but millions of people across the globe. I read a story yesterday of someone who starved herself to the point of suffering a seizure in the shopping centre because she thought she was too fat for a boyfriend. Another actually committed suicide. D'ya see what's happening here? Everyone should stop spreading the "there's someone for everyone and wait your turn" shit because we know that isn't trufax for shallow people.

    313. Leigh says:

      I'm contemplating a lapband, lipo and both.

      Fuck society. How many more dead anorexics do we need before people open their eyes and realise this shit?

    314. Paulie says:

      still kind of confused😀

      I have a question, umm…it's not like I'm THAT fat but I'm kinda.."chunky" i guess, and everyday older people (even one of my hottest cousins, who was going to get married) tell me almost everyday that I'm a very cute girl and that I'm beautiful, my cousin said to me (the day he got married) "u know what? If you weren't my cousin I would have married you" and…well…I don't know, people tell me I'm beautiful but I don't feel beautiful….do u guys think I will ever get a boyfriend, even being like I am?

    315. Jeremy says:

      Im extremely sick and tired of this "Big is Beautiful" bullshit that has been plastered all over American television.It's obvious there is an issue present when people I meet from foreign countries say they have never seen as many fat people as in America. there are a select few who cannot help being obese. It's the ones that are perfectly capable and healthy enough to make a change in their life that refuse to put forth the effort to change, and then turn around and complain because they feel uncomfortable going to the pool or doing certain activities. I find it very disturbing that the increase in obesity in the United States has reached a point in which society feels the need to adapt and compensate and accept it as being beautiful. I understand that people are trying to capitalize and make money off of all of the fat people but isn't that a problem within itself? I do not believe it is healthy to have such a large number of individuals that are obese to capitalize off of. The image they are portraying to society and young children is, "its ok to eat until your butt looks like cottage cheeze." "Its ok to be so fat you cant walk and you have to ride a little scooter around wal*mart." I saw a guy at wal*mart yesterday who was so fat he was riding a scooter. Those were originally designed and placed in stores for handicapped people, and quite frankly I think that is where America is right now. We are handicapped. Today, one in three of the world’s adults is overweight and one in 10 is obese. By 2015, the number of chubby adults will balloon to an estimated 2.3 billion. This is equal to the combined populations of China, Europe and the U.S.

    316. Helen says:

      Guys and galls, he is not talking about "skinny" girls, but Extremely skinny girls. We have all seen a girl or guy who has made us want to run to the nearest fast food restaurant and buy them the menu. That is the type he is talking about. Yes it is wrong to say all "skinny people", have an eating disorder. Just as it is to call all fat people "over eaters", when some are born with disorders and problems. Guys like all different types of girls and girls like all sorts of guys. Guys are insecure about height, and girls, weight. But the fact of the matter is, we all need to get over it and accept who we are.

    317. Hmm says:

      Easier said than done.

      I love boys but it frustrates me that they only want the skinny ones. I've had people hang out with me to see my thinner friends and it hurts alot. Makes me not wanna leave the house because I feel like I'm "too fat" for ANYTHING in a world as shit as this.

    318. redhead says:

      okay, first.

      all the women who are freakin out, you're reading into it WAY too much.

      I highly doubt the intention was to offend anyone, he was simply trying

      to make a point that bigger, curvy women are just as beautiful.

      so why is that such a problem? yes he pointed out that skinny girls are gross,

      but I doubt that was meant entirely, he was probably exaggerating it a bit to make her feel better. I'm 17 and curvy, I've always been told I have the beyonce body, and when I was down, it was nice to hear that guys dig curves and not stick thin woman, it was a confidence boost. although not true, it was simply nice to hear that I wasn't as disgusting as I felt. but besides any of that. it's sad that this is even an issue.

      since when did our society become so corrupted? weight DOESNT MATTER! I don't care what anyone says. curvy women are beautiful, skinny girls are beautiful. we all are. and it's terrible that what we're taught and shown in the media is that only skinny girls are beautiful. it's silly, we all are. and instead of putting Eachother down we should be encouraging and lifting eachother up. all the negativity is terrible. we're all human after all. the differnences are what make us so special. this probably just sounds like a bunch of rambling. but it's just a few thoughts. I hope someone out there feels the same. we're all beautiful. not fat, nor thin. just human. we should cherish our bodies and never put us or eachother down. cause really, who are we to judge? Anyway. good post, to single and not loving it, you're beautiful, keep your head up and open your eyes, so much more is possible when you stay confident and positive. and don't let ANYONE convince you otherwise! (:

    319. India says:

      I laughed a what Nancy said ‘calm down skinny girls’ but im not overwieght or skinny im average i guess but anyway i have a friend who is skinny but she is very very pretty and she isnt anorexic at all you should see all the crap she eats and i also have a over weight friend who is the most gorgeous thing ever she has blue eyes and long black hair which is so beautiful. So it proves that overweight and skinny girls are beautiful and it really doesnt matter about size differents at all!

    320. Dustin says:

      well I am a guy Im 6 ft tall and I weigh 168 lbs, which is pretty average for a guy my age im 22 , let me just say that weight doesnt matter to me , i have dated big girls and i have dated skinny girls , and to me its not the weight that bothers me at all , its when the girl is self conscience that gets to me , all girls are beautiful in one way or another , but how the girl looks at herself thats the point , If a girl is always puttin her self down just because she wants me to reassure her that she is beautiful or sexy then thats a huge turnoff , but when a girl is confident and just trys to be herself around then its a turn on , because i can have fun with her and we can talk about stuff because im not constantly havein to talk to her about how she looks , its whats on the inside that counts and every girl i know says , well i just want him to see me for whats on the inside , well if you girls really want that , then you have to show it , you cant just tell us that you are a good person , Actions , actions , actions , I admit you can have a whole conversation and guys usually wont hear what you say , but if you show us with actions that you are a good person then thats what we see, everyone has turn ons and turn offs you just have to find the guy that likes you for you so dont try to hide the person you are on the inside , be who you are and if a guy doesnt like that then he doesnt like you .

    321. Natalie says:

      This was so funny. I laughed the whole time i was reading. Dude, you rock. I never want to be a toothpick and i dont plan on it. Im glad guys (or at least whoev wrote this) feels the same way about people who just dont eat.

      skinny girls. i feel for you. my sister is super skinny. she can’t really help it. but you skinny girls will never have to worry about your weight. girls w/ curve have to watch it for the rest of their lives. sucks for us.=P

    322. Fleacy says:

      I noticed a lot of skinny chicks are bitching about this, but if your 100lbs why did you click on an article called "Do Guys Really Like Bigger Girls?".

    323. Hmm says:

      Probably because skinny whores need the constant attention. Go rumage through the fridge and complain about your tiny waistline.


    324. JR says:

      wow "the dude" you are one huge fucking idiot. you are assuming that anyone who is skinny is starving themselves. you are a typical dumb american who is so caught up with the disgusting lazy cheeseburger loving american culture, and who makes assumptions about things that are different from yourself. i am skinny naturally and we exist out there. so why don't you shut your fucking narrowminded face up, you disgusting chubby chaser. if i ever meet you i would love to suffocate you with a huge tub of lard because you deserve it. dumbasses like you should never breed. go fuck your fat wife and quit writing.

    325. Melissa says:

      I don't have time to read all of these comments, but I must, ahem, "weigh" in.

      I'm sorry to say that it is difficult to cry a river for naturally thin ladies who were apparently railroaded in this response. Someone suggested they need role models, too. You HAVE role models. Plenty of them. So many that you can turn on your TV and start counting. Nobody is suggesting that naturally thin (and still very healthy) women ought to be blacklisted in the dating world. If anything, you are the overwhelmingly desired size. Our world teaches us (both men and women) from a young age to regard small as healthy and happy and anything else as lazy, unnatractive, and sick. So it is no wonder many men prefer the small laies among us. I think the Dude was just doing his part (by voicing his personal opinion) to restore the balance. And everyone should say amen to that.

    326. Hmm says:

      JR should go die. POS scum you are.

    327. YOU SUCK says:


    328. amanda says:

      there are a lot of thin women getting upset because the author of the article doesn't seem to find very thin women attractive. thin ladies, you are beautiful, too. however, part of me is almost glad you're upset, because now you know what i feel like whenever i hear the larger women are unattractive. (okay, that came out all wrong.) no, ladies, i do not want you to feel bad about your thin bodies, but i do want you to understand what it is like to be labelled as unattractive based on your body size. it's not very nice for any of us, is it? perhaps we should just forget the whole effing weight mess and just do and be what makes us feel beautiful.

    329. Hmm says:

      I'm really glad the skinny bitches are upset. Now they understand how it feels to be skipped over because of their bodies.

    330. Sherry says:

      I understand if you prefer bigger girls and think they're more attractive, but do you have to assume every skinny girl has anorexia? Zoe Saldana for instance looks healthy…I wouldn't even classify her as skinny. And you think she's gross…?

      You don't have to put down an entire group of people just to make your point. And Hmm, we DO understand how it feels to be skipped over. Anybody who "looks prepubescent" has always had trouble.

    331. Sherry says:

      And statistically, anorexia isn't the bigger problem. Many more people die of heart complications of obesity than of eating disorders.

      And since when did it become okay to rag on people because they're thin? It's a terrible thing to make fun of an overweight person, so why is it okay to bitch out a thin one? Because you're jealous? Believe me, it is nothing to be jealous of.

      It's not okay to call out anyone on their weight. So back off.

    332. Romas says:

      Just ran across this article and to tell you the truth this is dumb. I have been around for quite awhile and I'll tell you this: Overweight women are a turnoff to most men; but there are some who just love it. Some guys love big boobs but at the same time just as man prefer small ones. and I could go on forever. This type of discussion has absolutley no useful purpose except to give a forum for insecure people to voice their opinion.

    333. mike says:

      Life is unfair, and both men and women have double standards, and what people say they want, isn't necessarily true; like women saying they want someone who is kind, sensitive, a good listener, loyal etc.. But the bottom line is no women wants something that another women doesn't want; that's also why men get hit on more when they are attached verses single. As for weight goes, women should feel lucky that that's the only major hang up most guys have. It's more difficult for men to possess a quality that women have a hang up on such as height. If a guy is short, there is nothing he can do about it, and women have no problem expressing how they feel about this…so take comfort in the fact that you can lose weight, but I guy can't change his height.

    334. Fakename says:

      I'd like to add my thoughts to this very long list of comments even though I doubt anyone is going to scroll this far down.

      I am a normal guy who likes thicker women. In response to some posts above lumping someone like me into a category of simply liking large "pendulous" beast or a huge ass, I say that while I do have a preference toward even proportions, it is not so much the anatomy of a person that gets me as the psychological implications of it. Let me stop here and say that the following DOES NOT APPLY TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE A GENETIC TENDENCY TOWARD A PARTICULAR BODY TYPE. Moving on, I like thicker woman, particularly when they are confident about their figure, because they are apparently less affected by social gender-typing and prescribed image. This to me implies a stronger personality. Going into the psychological aspects of this further (and pissing whoever is reading this off even more), I don't agree that skinny=healthy and thick (not obese)=unhealthy. In fact, a good deal of often ignored research indicates that BMI in the overweight range has the least fatalities from heart disease and stroke, while normal BMI ranges share similar number to the obese range. Likewise, it has been shown that underweight BMI shares similar numbers to the severely obese range. I won't bother with sources. Look it up yourself.

      Now I'd like to note something about the relation between men and women throughout history. Male, being the dominant sex, has often dictated fashion among other aspects of lives of women. These fashions included such items as corsets, high heels, chinese lotus feet, the burka, double-standards of sexual privilege, and a small body. If one considers these, it is apparent that all of these fashions are physically restrictive. Lets now consider the implication of this in relation to sexual dominance- if a woman is forced to be physically restrained, she is more easily dominated, sexually or otherwise.

      I don't want someone I can dominate; I want an equal. If it is a person with a strong personality who happens to be rather small, that's just dandy. But I would not want to deal with someone who is obsessed with fitting a predetermined model of what is attractive. That, to me, implies a weaker personality that is easily dominated, and a person who wants to dominate another is not someone I would associate myself with.

      And to finish my rant, I want to point out that thin women were not always the social focus. Think mid 1900's pinups. Think most depictions of women in art from the Renaissance. Some middle-eastern and African cultures still exalt the fuller figure (though some of these places don't go about it very nicely). The point is that skinny being the bee's knees is just a modern social construct, and much like ug boots and those big ass sunglasses that cover most of someone's face, it's just a fashion, not a Biblical commandment. And finally, big girls are just more fun to cuddle!

      1. fattymcfatfat says:

        That's one of the best responses I've seen. Go you, mr. fakename!

      2. Taylor says:

        Lol, right on.
        Reminds me of my thin boyfriend. I make one comment about me being overweight, and I sit and listen to a rant mostly consisting of "How dare you talk about my girlfriend that way." I've learned that being with men that I constantly have to prep myself for, have always made me feel worse. But being with one who doesn't let me talk bad about myself, it makes me feel better. Because indeed, there is nothing wrong with me. Or any other woman out there.

    335. Sanwaffleman says:

      I was going to say something similar to the guy above but I'll just say AGREE YAY BIG GIRLS

    336. ronniora says:

      fuck this shit.. i like pitch black hair on soft smooth pale white skin underneath which lies only acceptable amount of fat so that the girl is not too chubby neither too thin, like kate beckinsale or some other hot brunette. and or redheads

      i like them chicks

      oh, and i like older woman like in my college

    337. ronniora says:

      neverthless… when it comes to fornication…. guys don't give a shit whether u got a bmi index of under 20 or over 25…. we just love to fuck and it don't matter whether ur pin bodied or a toothpaste tube

    338. kia says:

      Hi I am 5 6 234 pounds african american n I DO NOT look like it even my doc. Thinks that it doesn't seem right. Me stating this all I am saying is america is full of beautiful woman small or big. We all carry our weight differently. We all have insecurities regardless. I have a white friend that's the same height as me she weighs 185 and she look bigger than me n she wears two sizes bigger than me. That being said we all are different with different shapes. So girls stop degrading each other let's come together n understand that we all are beautiful so let's show it off the right way.

    339. Len says:

      I could not disagree with this more. The vast majority of women who are "skinny" are that way because of their metabolism. They eat just as much as the rest of us. As far as looking like teenage girls….seriously? So, basically, because you don't like that type of girl, you accuse anyone who does of being a pedophile? You're just as ignorant and bigoted as the people that rag on overweight people.

      I keep myself in good shape and expect a potential mate to do the same. 15-20lbs overweight isn't a huge deal, but when we're talking about 50lbs+, I'm just not physically attracted to that.

    340. alexa says:

      f*ck all of you.

    341. thecablover says:

      These girls, who are getting all butt-hurt about being called gross because they're too skinny, need to step back and reread the article. In no way shape or form was the author trying to disrespect you. He did not say YOUR name. He was just giving an example of how you SHOULD NOT look like, unnatural. If you are naturally like that, good for you. I know I am not. I am curvy, and have weight on me. That doesn't stop me, and it shouldn't stop the poor girl asking this question.

      Girls, love the way you are. No matter if you are a hundred pounds, or a hundred and ninety pounds. Show these men confidence, and show them that you are the best thing that could EVER happen to them. Sift through the ones that make you feel that you have to change yourself. There is someone out there for you, just waiting to fall in love with you.

    342. jj says:

      I think intelligent, sophisticated, well-educated men tend to prefer women who are thinner. I personally feel that weight and intellect are sort of connected. It seems like fat women don't have enough mental stimuli so their mind goes to food…whereas intelligent, controlled women have so much going on upstairs that food is eaten just to sustain the body. I also feel like the hormones in the food here in the U.S. sadly, make women bigger boned, taller, and fatter and that European women are respectively more slender. And lastly, in terms of racial stereotypes, I've noticed that white males tend to prefer slender women whereas black and hispanic men like big women.

      1. Megs says:

        HEY I personally disagree with the intellegence statement. Although, I like everyone, have blonde moments, I also have an IQ of 167, not mensa worthy, but genius non the less, and I am a large woman. A very large woman.

    343. Jess says:

      ok the first reason I love this article is simply because it speaks the truth men like women that can carry their babies and what not and its nothing to put skinny girls down like twiggy and what not but honestly? how many times have bigger women like myself been called out just because of the way we look I mean seriously people GROW UP! and to the guy above me, honestly? since when the hell does body image go to the way we think? maybe were more hurt easily because men like you think about one thing image. You think about who you want your buddies to see you with and you would happily have a skinny girl on your shoulder who you hate then a bigger woman then who you love. Woman and Europe are just like us here there are some bigger ones and some skinner ones. Btw if your so smart then you would know not everything goes with sterotypes

    344. sdwas says:

      Wow. Thanks for totally ruining my self esteem.

    345. Nem says:

      Thanks for calling my natural body type 'gross'.

      I'm 5'7 and rarely go above 112lbs. And no, I don't starve myself. I eat quite a bit of fat and sugar, and only exercise once or twice a week. I have a very high metabolism, and I'm VERY resistant to the cold? Anorexic…Noooo I don't think so.

      So I'm not a real woman, right? Just fetish trash for pedophiles? Fuck you. Please die.

    346. bobby says:

      haha guy who wrote this article is stupid. haha called out all over the place. haha up yours.

    347. Miro says:

      Fact is we all judge people on first impressions

      we all care what other people think about us .

      people judge you based on things like

      A) what you look like

      b) what you do for a living

      c) where you live

      d) what does your partner look like

      If you could choose someone who is awesome, and you have good chemistry with , but are embarassed to be seen with because they look – short/ugly/fat/ whatever

      or would you choose someone who makes you look better, who your friends can envy.. a trophy wife .. in general terms

      now these are extremes of course , of the same scale , and most people choose a balance ,

      thing is most fat people also have confidence issues , which makes them less attractive , because they'r constantly being hard on themselves

      same goes for a fat person , if given a choice would you go for a fat person or a thin person , assuming everything else about them is the same ?

      if you say thin arent you being hypocritic?

    348. Jessica says:

      not all skinny girls are anorexic or starve themselves or even have cancer.. i think they have put toooo much attention to "fat" girls and their feelings and forgot about skinny girls and their feelings; im natural skinny.. i know guys dont want skin and bones but also not overweight.. even so.. we have always have issues with our bodies, we just dont over exaggerate like "obese" women do.. ok they make it allright and beautiful for larger women to be large? and target us telling us were ugly ? not sexy ? thats not cool at all ! we (naturally) skinny CANNOT help being skinny, no matter how much we eat ! and you know watt ? we have ALWAYS known how it feels being skinny and criticized for it and fat girls think we dont know how it feels about having body issues ?? really ?? i guess america is not only the fatest country but also the DUMBEST.. for those fatties out there not all of america! and you know what.. we may be skin n bones; BUT were ALSO beautiful in the inside !! not just fat people

    349. Alyssa says:

      He is talking about anorexic people. I think people that are too thin are disgusting and I think people who are obese are disgusting also. I like normal sized people.

    350. Alexia says:

      Girls who are whining calm down, he wasn't addressing every skinny girl in the world, he only meant the ones who DO starve themselves. Don't be so dang defensive. I am a chubby girl and have been made fun of a lot in my life, and this makes me feel a little better knowing all I really have to do is be myself, although I can be pretty shy >0< but come on now I have seen a lot of girls dissing chubby girls just so they can feel better about themselves. All I really want in life is to be accepted for who I am.. and well I am still working on the accepting myself part but lol oh well. ^.^

      All the chubby girls out there, once you accept who you are, people will begin to accept you also.:)

    351. jason says:

      i'm convinced that a woman writes all this stuff… something about the writing just seems like a real dude didnt write it.

      maybe i'm wrong.

      i've dated girls of all sizes and the bigger ones were always comparing themselves to the thinner ones and that was frustrating. no matter what i said wouldn't matter. they were shitty and the other girls were better. it was a huge turn off.

      i prefer thinner women now. i dont see the point in messing with a chick that weighs more than i do (148) i like a flat stomach and a fat ass and you dont really get that with bigger girls. you get big, saggy boobs and a flat ass. no thanks!

      you can read these kind of articles all day, but if you cant accept who you are and know what you want out of life you wont succeed. if you don't like something about yourself, you have to change it. YOU have to make shit happen, there's no such thing as fate.

    352. Grace says:

      This is ridiculous! Just because some of you don't agree with his opinion doesn't mean you should bitch about it like crazy. It's an opinion. Get over it and move on with your lives. You may not like what somebody has to say but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      I think that we should all stop pointing fingers and just embrace the fact that we were all made to be different shapes and sizes and that you're beautiful in every way no matter what. Life would be boring if everyone looked the same. The fact that everybody's different is what makes the world amazing.

      Ps, that's just my opinion. You don't have to agree.



    353. Ali says:

      Skinny girls are just not attractive to me at all. I love a curvy woman with meat on her, not fat though.

    354. R says:

      Lol, I like how all the women you mention ie j lo are still about size 4 (american) to your average size 16

    355. icefiresoul says:


      All of the girls marked as "Gross" I would love to cuddle with and hug until i DIE of pleasure. I LOVE skinny girls and it is God damn true; there are women who are skinny by design and whatever they do they stay skinny; even if they are to stuff their little cute stomach with chocolate for a whole week.


    356. Bobby D says:

      Maybe the reason you don't have a boyfriend is because your only going after the athletic fit man who in return, wants an athletic fit woman. If your going after a like mate, you should have no problem, quit your bitching.

    357. Jack J - Mount Prosp says:

      Hey Dude,

      While I appreciate where you're coming from, I resent the implication that if I find thin girls attractive it may bring into question my desires. Are you suggesting that I'm a pedophile if I like skinny girls?

      Also, I have to say, the examples you listed of fat women you like. Ahem. Well, let's just say that Christina, Beyonce, Sara and J-Lo are not fat. Anyone who thinks they are is on drugs. Now, Google Nikki Blonsky and tell me if you think she's sexy. I think she is. Based on the women YOU listed, I think you have a rather interesting idea of what a woman means by full figured. I don't think that J-Lo is what Single And Not Loving It had in mind when she said she's full figured.

      I read through some of the comments on this posting. All I can say is, I'm amazed. I won't call anyone out. But let me just say, there are some seriously messed up people in this world.

      I like women who are attractive, fat or thin. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And more importantly, chemistry has a lot more to do with personality than looks.

      Case in point. No fat, ugly, bald men, who have NO MONEY, would ever get laid if it weren't for something endearing about their personality. You know what I mean. We've all been at that wedding, haven't we? Wondering how the Shrek ended up with Barbie.

      Single And Not Loving It – take heart, there are men in the world who want you just the way you are. Just don't be afraid to be you. And put yourself out there. I think that's the biggest problem people have, generally speaking. You have to let people know you like them. We're not psychic. If you're interested in a guy, don't wait until he asks you out. Ask him!

    358. Sandy says:

      You know what we should just leave each other alone who cares if your a size 0 or size 30. If you love your body great and nobody should criticize you. Every one is beautiful in their own way..

      As for you icefiresoul what gives you the right to choose who is beautiful or not? Its not your right.. We all have our own opinions. There is never going to be two people who like the same thing. Nobody has any reason to put people down because they are bigger or too skinny, or make fun of people who like skinny girls or bigger. It don't matter as long as we love our self's that should be enough. Its like saying blacks and whites or Chinese and Indian people should not be together in a relationship..

      Let’s face it – "LOVE IS ONLY FOR BEAUTIFUL PERSONS" I agree 100% but you have to face the facts icefiresoul just coz you think one thing is beautiful does not mean that the guy sitting next to you agrees. Why not think of that? One more question what makes you so sure that those ladies would ever sleep with you?

      1. Lee says:

        Well, you might be beautiful in your own way when you are a size 30 but CERTAINLY you are not healthy! Open your eyes!

    359. Maddie says:

      This was very inspiring. I'm not fat by all means but am certainly not a super skinny girl. All my friends are tall and skinny and it seems like that's all you see in comercials and ads these days. I have really low self confidence especilly when it comes to my figure, because I do have curves (even though I do get told i'm beautiful every once in awhile) but hearing this was nice for a change. Thanks (:

    360. The Truth says:

      The average weight of the American woman is now 163 lbs at a height of 5'4".

      Am I supposed to find this attractive?

      1. Lena says:

        Finally somebody with common sense. I think a lot of overweight people posted their comments here. Fat is not attractive. Stay in shape , exercise and eat right. Look at a chart and see what is the ideal weight for your height and don't read too much on the internet about how guys like big girls.THEY DON"T!! It is one thing to have an extra 5 pounds and it is another thing to be a size 14-16 and to think that this is attractive. Of course, guys should not love girls based only on their looks but this is a different story. I am a woman, 5.8 and 130 pounds with very nice curves. I work my ass off for that but I don't regret anything. I do it for myself because I like what I see in the mirror . Do it for yourself and for your health.

    361. Angie says:

      This was so amazing. It really does seem like the world is obsessed with being thin. Sure, being bigger isn't totally healthy. But it sure as hell isn't ugly. Us big women are aboslutely beautiful, and it's nice to know that a guy loves a girl that doesn't just pick at salads everyday. (And I'm not saying that's what all thin girls do. I have a lot of thin friends, and they sometimes eat more than I do.)

    362. Lisa says:

      Holy fuck, yallllll need to get over yourself, who the fuck cares if you're skinny who the fuck cares if you're fat GET OVER IT stop complaining.

    363. Wow says:

      Holy fuck are you people serious. If you are overweight you are probably disgusting and only chubby chasers want you. If you've been single for the last 4 years and haven't done a single thing about it then you are the most pathetic person I've seen yet.

      How about you lose some fucking weight, stop talking out of your ass like you know a damn thing in this world, and go look for guys instead of waiting for them to come to YOU, because honestly honey, I doubt you are anything special.

      1. Anna says:

        Some people are OK with being single for 4 years. Apparently unlike you, some of us are secure enough not to need to be dating someone in order to feel good about ourselves. Loser. You're way more disgusting than any 400 pound girl could be. (BTW, before you say I must be a fat slob to say things like this, I'm not fat at all, I have Jennifer Aniston's body, and I choose to be single until I find a man who is worthy of being a part of my life).

      2. Sierra Wilson says:

        umm.. whoever the fuck you think you are you are the worst person ever.. if you are a sknny fucking bitch then you need to grow up and get a fucking life.. So what if a person has been single for four years..the person could be happy and have an awesome social life..and do you know how fucking hard it is to lose weight and make it happen fast.. and who are you to say that no one person is special because you must feel really really really really bad about YOURSELF if you think making others is going to make you feel better… SO GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET A LIFE AND STOP MAKEING OTHER PPL FEEL BAD ABOUT THEMSELVES!!!!

      3. Sara says:

        With the way you speak to people, I doubt you're even less special than that girl who had the courage to write in that question.

    364. cassie says:

      omg! you people are mean im overwieght and ive had alot of boys it doesnt matter wat counts its in the inside anyway if you a little chubby u prob got a big but and dudes like big buts so wear pants that make your ass hot and flaunt it just walk away from him alot its worked for me lol and if this guy is worth it he shouldnt care how much you weigh! good luck!

    365. EA says:

      I agree with everything the article says, but I think most people have misunderstood it. There are a lot of naturally skinny/very petite girls who eat properly and look great because they are the right weight that is healthy for them. Everyone is different and has a different natural shape. HOWEVER, there is a big difference between skinny/petite and boney/skeletal. The extremely thin celebs mentioned in this article are blatantly underweight, their bodies do not look good or natural and there is no way in hell that they eat as much as they should. They do look frail and weak and this is not a good look at all. It is perfectly possible to be thin, wear a very small clothes size and still be curvy and sexy, but these celebrities are not. You can tell just by looking at them that they do not eat enough. Just look at the legs and arms! It is just as bad as obesity – you can be small or large and look good, but extremes should not be encouraged.

    366. Violet says:

      Let's be honest, all the girls on that list (maybe with the exception of the olsen twins, who do look unhappy all the time)are stunning. What Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Hendrix have got in common is their amazing figures, and it's not because they have more meat on their bones than skinny girls, it's because they have lovely hour glass figure with defined waists. At the end of the day, those women work just as hard to achieve their curvy figures as the ones who are skinny. If we're having an argument about women who don't watch what they eat and don't do exercise, then realistically would you choose someone like Rosie O'Donnell over Jessica Biel?

    367. EA says:

      Ps. Eating a lot of crap and junk food can make you too thin as well as too fat. To me, and unhealthy lifestyle is unattractive. Eat a very healthy diet, exercise regularly, look after yourself and you will look nice and be at your optimal weight. End of.

    368. lauren says:

      people like you who put nice figured girls as GROSS. really puts down my confidence seens as though i am skiny, not because i dont eat, i eat alot. i just dont put on weight.

    369. B says:

      Okay, so I'm not thin. 5'5, 165. I've lost a lot of weight in the last year and am continuing to do so. I love shedding the weight. I want to be about 135 and I think that's perfectly healthy and perfect for ME. Not everyone. People here are thinking that everyone has to be in their image, or to make them feel better. That's not how life is. I see very thin women and think they are beautiful, at the same time I've seen women bigger than me (I'm a size 10/11) and thought they were beautiful too. And the same is true for thinking that both types could be unattractive. the words big and skinny are too broad. Maybe fit, toned, or healthy are better descriptions?

      Also, I know a woman who is nearing 300 pounds and her husband is closer muscled, fit, and slim. I can't believe it. But he loves her and they've been married for four years. So, everyone has a preference. Good thing is, everyone can find someone they can be happy with. Just gotta let yourself do that.

      P.S. If you don't like yourself and you can change it then why don't you? I want to lose weight so I workout and eat right and I am losing weight. Don't complain about it.

    370. Anon says:

      It's really all about preference, you know. I agree that all the listed celebrities are much too small for my taste and I prefer a girl with meat on her bones. A nice belly, some love handles… The problem is that America is so obsessed over thin equals healthy that anyone with a waist size in the double digits is considered ugly. I just want to find a girl with a jiggly paunch who refuses to let societal norms define her happiness.

    371. ThisGirl says:

      Im 18 and weigh around 97 pounds . I have a butt and no boobs. (btw my butt doesnt make any difference.)

      Noone seems to understand how i feel. I also dont talk to anyone about this, because, well… they wont understand it. I eat and eat and no matter how much i eat i can NOT gain weigh. everyone often compares me to my sister who is curvy and beautiful and say she looks better and older although shes 15. my family jokes about it all the time, my mom constantly tell me how i would look better with 10 more pounds. well guess what? i dont know how to gain those pounds. Im tired of explaining to people that this is the way im built when they ask " why are you so skinny" or "dont you eat." today a guy yelled to me in the school hall "you look skinnier than last semester, EAT!" (i weigh the same.) everyone around me always whispers and comments, and sometimes they even dare to ask me if im anorexic. I do feel like im not a real woman, like I'm joke. Im tired, TIRED! of this double standard society we have. It is true, we have the burden of girls dying wanting to be skinny, but we also have been unfairly victimized. I can honestly say i dont have one bit of self esteem left, and although when i look in the mirror i want to convince myself im beautiful, people always make sure i feel not good enough. and whats with the.."dont listen to what people say?" i know everyone thinks differently, but this is now a learned behaviour to instantly bash on skinny people. im sorry if this doenst make sense, its pure feelings… all i can say is, dude, skinny people have feelings too, and i think you could still give great advice without calling US gross.

      Ps. (To the people commenting "stop it, its too much) Its never "too much" to defend our thoughts, feelings and BODIES. it might be too much for you, but i bet, you sure enough dont know how we feel. Everyone has their own opinion, but we should all set boundaries of respect torwards each other.

      im out!

      LOVE to all, R

    372. Briana says:

      All guys have there desired traits in a woman, whether it be skinny or big. In the end it is the personality that matters. You do not want to be with someone that you find absolutely attractive, and has a miserable personality. Look for personality traits the most when trying to find boy/girl friend.

    373. Jaman says:

      He never said skinny was disgusting. He pointed out unhealthy, underweight women (aside from Zoe Saldana). 2/3 women (not counting Zoe Saldana in this case, since she didn't belong there) if no all of them have been confronted & discovered as having eating disorders or being on drugs which is causing them to lose weight.

      So unless you naturally look like you're anorexic or on cocaine, I don't think he's trying to insult you in any way.

      Cool your jets.

    374. Jaman says:

      In response to "R":

      Christina Hendricks & Beyonce are both size 14.

      Sara Ramirez is a size 12.

      So, even if Jennifer Lopez is a size four (and I can't find anywhere that says what her size is), the majority of women he named were close to 16s.

    375. Catwoman says:

      Bitch. STFU nobody cares what you think. you're just a steryotypical pile of shit. Go get a life.

    376. jenny says:

      I love to eat. I love to swim, run and walk my dog. I love cotton candy and ice-cream. I eat steak and I also enjoy my fruits and veggies. I am physically fit and still have many insecurities about my body. Don't blame guys for not liking "full" figures. It's not fair.

      Dear Dude,

      Your opinion is whack. Just so you know.

      My bf would love me if I gained 20 pounds or if I dropped 10. Being confident in yourself is how you get a man. And if a man doesn't want you because of your size, then he is an asshole and he doesn't deserve you anyways.

    377. James says:

      I am definitely into curvy girls. The max the I would go for would be the Curvy Kate models. I would consider after that a little to big for my taste, but everything under, oh yeah!

      Curvy means the hourglass, if you have a hour glass shape, you are curvy.

      All men are different, I know a guy who loves anorexic women, no boobs, no but, bones showing everywhere he loves it. So don't give your hopes up no matter what size you are!

    378. Tina says:

      Great job for producing such an intelligent and insightful article! if it wasn't for this i would have never realised that im actually not a real person! i never knew that naturally skinny people weren't considered real humans, where the fuck did we come from then? Mars?

    379. Jasmine says:

      Ok look. There is sooo much Advertising of skinny women. I'm not saying skinny women arnt beautiful cause they are but when I watch t.v or when I watch music video clips or if I even read a magazine there are slim girls everywhere. I'm at a general size if anything im bigger then smaller and I'd like to say I'm self concious all the time but I'm not. I only read this article because I want to do ballet..but it sounds kind of ridiculous in my head..I love to dance all the time but even my mum gives me this look and says uhmmm mabye after another yr of gym..I would push it further but it's the first time I've been terribly concious about my weight. I really want to start classes but Im firstly am going to be put in a begginers class and secoundly i just see the teacher looking at me like uhmmm really??!! I don't get paid enough sort of expression on their face…I'm not really sure wat to do.

    380. Savannah says:

      im a curvy girl and i think all women, all shapes and sizes, are gorgeous.:) you just have to show it off the RIGHT way. ex. show off that teeny tiny waist in the hot new bikini u just bought or flaunt ur curves in that perfect dress. but people do have their own opinion and u cant let urself be offended by wat THEY think. one person isnt the whole world. and btw whoever said women have to be a certain size to be sexy….. F U.

    381. Shannon says:

      I have a FB page called Real women come in ALL shapes and sizes! (feel free to search and join, if you agree) and I frequently scan the net for inspirational material.

      On this particular occasion, I did a search for "skinny women are beautiful" and I'm really pissed off to find that this article came up on my Google search.

      If you need to a) put down people who are different to you to feel better about yourself or b) hear/see other people put down people who are different to you, you need to grow up and get some real self-esteem.

      And stop defining yourselves by what men find attractive. So, TheDude finds me "gross" and thinks I have an eating disorder, which I don't. His ignorance is his problem, not mine. His article suggests he has less than half a brain, in which case I wouldn't be the least bit interested in him anyway, so it's no skin off my nose if he's not interested in me.

      Posts like this annoy the crap out of me, because in a time when we should all be smart enough to realise that women are naturally built differently and that negative self-image is exceptionally damaging to psychological development and, when eating orders (anorexia, bulimia or binge-eating) are involved, physical development, we should be working together for the common cause and not attacking others or making grossly inaccurate generalisations about health.

      1. Who? says:

        Fantastic! Coming from thick and thin girls in the room that are reading this with me!

    382. What a Crock! says:

      Shelly says:

      Tue, 6th Apr 20103:14 pm

      "did you ever stop to think maybe bigger girls can’t help gaining weight? See skinny people just automatically assume that all big people are slobs. False! They just have low metabolisms and can’t lose weight. "


      The above statement is the BIGGEST line of bullshit I have ever read!! I am a female and USED to weigh 296 pounds! I now weigh 170, and did it through diet and exercise only.

      America needs to stop with all the bullshit excuses about being overweight, (ie: slow metabolism, hereditary, blah blah bullshit blah), and get off the couch, throw away the FAST FOOD and live!!!

      America is the FATTEST country on the planet, and it is NOT because of "metabolism" or "whatever other bullshit excuse you people come up with"…

      Being fat is NOT healthy, so PLEASE America, stop trying to convince each other and yourselves that its "just the way you're supposed to be" WRONG!!!!!!

      1. nono says:

        Get a life your skanky bitch so ppl have health problems that restrains them from been able to "EXERCISE" I bet you are still fat!

    383. What a Crock! says:

      Im extremely sick and tired of this “Big is Beautiful” bullshit that has been plastered all over American television.It’s obvious there is an issue present when people I meet from foreign countries say they have never seen as many fat people as in America. there are a select few who cannot help being obese. It’s the ones that are perfectly capable and healthy enough to make a change in their life that refuse to put forth the effort to change, and then turn around and complain because they feel uncomfortable going to the pool or doing certain activities. I find it very disturbing that the increase in obesity in the United States has reached a point in which society feels the need to adapt and compensate and accept it as being beautiful. I understand that people are trying to capitalize and make money off of all of the fat people but isn’t that a problem within itself? I do not believe it is healthy to have such a large number of individuals that are obese to capitalize off of. The image they are portraying to society and young children is, “its ok to eat until your butt looks like cottage cheeze.” “Its ok to be so fat you cant walk and you have to ride a little scooter around wal*mart.” I saw a guy at wal*mart yesterday who was so fat he was riding a scooter. Those were originally designed and placed in stores for handicapped people, and quite frankly I think that is where America is right now. We are handicapped. Today, one in three of the world’s adults is overweight and one in 10 is obese. By 2015, the number of chubby adults will balloon to an estimated 2.3 billion. This is equal to the combined populations of China, Europe and the U.S.


      The above post is THE best post on this entire page! Bravo, for speaking the TRUTH!

      Notice that all the obese/overweight females on here are calling the thin people "Skinny BITCHES"? Post after post they are spewing out venom at the "skinny bitches" yet saying they are soooooooooo happy with themselves! Give me a fucking break already. YOU ARE IN DENIAL!!!!!!

      The Biggest Loser is not the #1 TV show for several years running because people just LOVE being obese. Gag me. Get your fat asses out of denial and save your LIVES. Your kids, grandkids, family and friends deserve it. YOU deserve it.

      1. Meghan says:

        I just want to say that this "big is beautiful" thing is NOT a new thing. Several periods of history show where big women were the ideal. So to say that we, as big women, are trying to force others to conform to our way is bull shit. What we do as human beings need to do is have respect for others. PERIOD!!! No matter their size, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion ect. I can't call someone the N word, but it is perfectly acceptable for me to be called fat? It is hypocracritical. I am just saying that if we are going to be P.C. on everything else, then this too needs to be addressed.

    384. Katrina says:

      First of all I want to say that I am one of those "fat" girls; I am 5'6" and weigh 185lbs (I'm about a size 14-16). That being said, this article is not very nice. I have plenty of girlfriends who are naturally thin: they stuff their faces and are lazy, but don't ever seem to gain a pound. It's not fair to say that skinny girls are all anorexic; that's not even close to the truth. That's like saying that all chubby girls are lazy slobs (also untrue: I walk several miles a week for recreation. Ironically, I'm in better shape than many of my skinny girlfirends).

      Everyone has a different body type. While no one should be obese (unless for the occasional medical reason, but that's a different story), some of us are naturally curvy and some are naturally thin. It's not fair to us curvy girls to saturate the media with something we can never be (I WOULD have to go anorexic to be a fashion model in today's world); on the other hand, being overweight should not be lauded either. I think the most important things to promote should be a reasonably healthy lifestyle (moderation!) and healthy body image.

      And to the bitter fat girls out there: believe it or not, just because a girl is skinny, doesn't mean she necessarily feels good about herself either! Being bitter shows through, and I bet that nasty attitude is a bigger turn-off than your jelly rolls.

    385. Melissa says:

      WOW! Okay I am not really sure when this "dude" person became ALL opinions in the world but you "genetically" skinny girls need to shut up! He has a preference and no offense but starving yourself to be thin is not okay or sexy. So sorry but just as much criticism you feel, big girls feel too! I would also like to point out that Kate Bosworth did have an eating disorder so I would say your argument can suck it because she was not in anyway "genetically thin" at that point! So please SHUT UP for ONCE!

    386. Karim says:

      Not going to beat aroundf the bush, I don't really go for bigger girls, however there are a few girls who can look attractive despite being "big", by big you mean chubby right?

      The reason being is that I don't just go for looks, I like to have a cool with a great personality as well, and I've met some reasonably attractive girls that I really liked because we clicked really well, and we could vibe well togethr.

    387. Rebecca says:

      Will you people shut up!!! who cares if you were built to be skinny! I think fat girls are amazing! skinny girls think their so hot, haha not! The only reason guys pick skinny girls is because they are easy! Big girls have personality and usually have bigger breasts naturally:) So shove it skinny hoes!

      1. Rau says:

        Amen to that!

    388. Rebecca says:

      Oh and when "fat" girls say you're a SKINNY BITCH because you are a bitch and yeah you're skinny so what… and yeah I'm going to say I'm "FAT" but I think I'm the most sexiest person alive:) haha

    389. RAM says:

      ya u all r right. i have one problem dat i cant controll my sex.

      in my life i never fucked a girl and by looking every girl who is having a good figure i start thinking abot it that wowwwwwwwww if she is ready than i will not b there virgin.

      so have any one woh wants tooooooooooo

    390. Annoyed says:

      To all you thick girls reading these comments from the dickheads putting you down, ignore them. They are overcompensating for their small penis. Im a thick girl (size 16 and proud) and my boyfriend is 6'1 180 pounds with a size 32 waist a six pack and playing college baseball and he is proud to have me on his arm when he goes out. So to the assholes telling these girls to look for chubby guys, if your so hot then why are you wasting your time an here telling the "FAT" girls to get over it? Fact is, a real man gives all girls, skinny fat or in between concideration, because at the end of the day you wanna have a conversation with the person your showing off.

    391. bullshit says:

      To all you females that think your just naturlly thin — you say that even when you eat like a horse you still don't gain weight. you think that eating once a week like a horse is gonna make you gain weight? HA HA —eat like a horse most of the time and in between meals get stuffed again, every day, you'll gain weight– oh and being 5'3" 110 pounds is not thin—try being 5'8" at 93 pounds! I was like that for years (45) and then a friend (he)showed me how to gain weight. now I'm at a healthy 130 pounds and I love it!

    392. McSheister says:

      Shut up fat Girls. Serstop being victims and get in shape. This doesn't mean pencil thin, it means healthy. I take care of my self with proper diet and exercise, and I expect women I am with to do the same. Drop the fast food, hit the gym, and do Kanye's workout plan. WooT WOOOOOOOT!

    393. Veni, Vidi, Vici says:

      What planet do you live on? A girl can be 6' and 95 lbs., with the face of a dugong and dumb as dirt, and still score scads of dudes. Which helps prove my theory that men actually think 95% of the time with microscopic, rudimentary brains hidden somewhere in the heads of their penises, and PERHAPS 5% of the time with that lump of white fat crammed between their ears. Don't ya know.

      1. RaiSticks says:

        The brain metaphor might be true, but some of us men find bigger women much more attractive than skinny ones.

    394. Amanda says:

      im a cancer patient and im relativly big, and i must say, although i would love to be skinny, it wouldnt make me who i am, a big teddy bear, kind loving, ive noticed alot of those features belong to bigger girls, i have alot of skinny friends who are self concious..and its rediculous i mean, omg you have it so hard you fit into any type of clothing you want, you can keep up with your gym class, people dont judge you on how many rolls are showing threw your cloths that day. I'm mean seriously, big girls have it hard…im not saying skinny girls dont but not as hard as us big girls.

    395. Kris says:

      WOW it is so weird how non of these people even know men. The only reason a man says he does not like a bigger girl is due to friends. Because they don't want there friends to talk *hit. But on the real side all of those "friends" will see past it when they meet her because she will be out going and overly friendly. Then they will say oh that girl yeah she's is cool, "she's bigger but her face is pretty and has a good personality. Here is what I say. Big, Small, or Medium, DON'T carry your self in a trashy manor. Meaning Sleep with a guy at every party because you are hammered. Or wear a shirt that only show your huge boobs (which are nice by the way) but look so much better when a girl has a shirt on that is covering most of them up. For example: A blue (or what ever color) short sleaved shirt that has a "SLIGHT" v-neck with with a small pocket on the let side. It's a little snug on the boobs but not the stomach. Super Hot!! Trust me guys love it. Easy on the make up as well. Wear your hair long and straight or super curly but long. Wear some old school Tommy Girl and I'm game. Oh yeah don't smoke either it's very unattractive. A "Full Figured" girl can be as hot as she wants to be. I have dated Small girls and Bigger Girls and to tell the truth they all have the same weight complex. But it's ok men have that same complex as well. I'm a thin guy and would love to gain weight but just can't. So my complex is being too thin for most girls to like me. I'm 6'4 and 195lbs. Don't be so hard on yourself because it shows. Trust me you can try to hide it but a guy that is in to you know you are hiding it. Don't be afraid to work out at the gym everyone in there has the same complexes other wise they would not be in there. I hope that all girls just be themselves and not worry about what other girls think. Because that is where the complexes come from. I worry about guys being hotter than me and my girl wanting them. So there is where my complex comes from. But she's with me and wants me. PS Also Make Your EYES Very appealing. That helps as well!

      1. Erika says:

        Great post:)!

      2. erika says:

        email me I have questions please.

    396. Michelle says:

      I think this is a wonderful article- especially for people who have had anorexia in their past lives.

      I can understand why some women who have fast metabolisms and are naturally thin may be offended but I think they could gain weight if they really wanted to.

      Plus I completely agree how starving yourself makes a girl a bitch and they may be getting rejected because of that- and that would cause them to starve themselves even more…. it's just a huge circle basically.

      I think this is a MUST read for women.

    397. Jasmine says:

      I have small boobs and I wish mine were bigger. Some people are genetically small and some are genetically large. But that doesn't change the fact that girls shouldn't be judged on their size. Im a teenage girl and am incredibly self conscious about my body. I'd rather be seen as a nice funny girl instead of a girl with small boobs and a large butt. I feel like girls should be praised for their size (no matter how large or small as long as its not from a eating disorder) because thats just them. I think its time we stand up a society and say that size doesn't matter (and that includes men!)

      1. annon says:

        honestly dont wish your boobs were bigger, i have D 36 there ugly and big and thank god not saggy lol but there just gross and annoying thats all guys look at when they meet me their eyes automaticly go down and then back up its retadred, just be happy with what you've got

    398. Molly says:

      Love how Christina Hendricks is a "REAL" sexy woman, but the supposed sexiest things about her are fake, fake FAKE!

      Because real women have giant hunks of plastic on their chests.

      Jasmine, your little boobs are awesome. You don't want attention for your breasts anyways.

    399. Dude says:

      If you really feel that its your weight that keeps you from, having a good relationship why dont you just go on a diet and lose it?……its pretty simple actually

    400. Erika Klausse says:

      To all the skinny bitches:
      You will never how it feels when you try to buy a shirt the anorexic shopkeepers look at you and snicker.
      You will never know how it feels to have such limited choice of nice clothes because most clothes are made to fit women like you.
      So even if we want to dress up still being fat, we dont have many choices.
      I am 5’6 and 68kg. I have been ridiculed, jeered at and been told to my face ‘Miss, you sure you’ll fit in that? It’s made for thin people. So…”.
      I bet NONE of you skinny bitches will know the stress and mental humiliation we go through.
      I personally think I look good. I curvy in the right places.
      It’s OTHER people that seem to judge me that im fat. I have ever once said ‘Im fat’ when looking in mirror. Just-i need more situps here and lifting here.
      It’s other people who wants me to be what THEY want me to be.
      Cant they just leave me alone.

      To curvy girls:
      If you have flabs or excess skin hanging out from your thighs, tummy or side ribs then maybe you’re a little on the overweight side. Dont worry! Exercise and good meals always does the trick. Look up on success stories of women who managed to lose weight(youtube, blog etc) get insipiration and ideas from them and you’re good to go. This only applies to those who think they need to look ‘better’. For those of you who is happy in your own skin: I congratulate you on your confidence! We need more women like you.
      I am on a weightloss regime just to spite off the people who called me fat. When im fit these people would bow down and lick my toes. HAH! So far I went from 85kg to 68kg.
      I am aiming for 62kg.

      To all the guys who like skinny girls:
      You are shallow and narrow-minded. You say you like girls with confidence thick or thin but when it comes down to it you still want a boobless assless skinny wench.
      Where does that put is thick girls? Hmph?
      You’d rather have a trophy wife(with boring personality) than a thick woman with a stunning personality. Dont argue we all know it’s true.
      In the end you will get your self a skinny wench.

      I dont hate skinny girls just upset at the fact that they laugh behind out backs and secretly let out a sigh of relief that they arent in our shoes.

    401. dina says:

      I am turning fifty soon. I am married to a man who is sexy, and fourteen years my elder.

      Because of health problems i have packed on fifty pounds.

      I feel so unpleasing to him and his sexual needs.

      This has caused me to turn to drinking.

      We are both retired, and I am left alone all day while he goes to a senior citizens center to shoot pool from 9:30 to 5:3o.

      My main complaint is I am left to do all household work alone.

      He started a bedroom remodel over a year ago,and made a huge mess. Now he says its up to me to finish.

      By the way, he sleeps on the living room couch. I sleep alone in what should be "our" room.

      We love each other. So shall I take full control in the remodel? He has had his chance.

      Plus, the work my make me shed some weight.

    402. War of the Weights says:

      Wow. It’s like world war III going on here. Skinny people vs. the Big people. Or maybe it’s rag week =P

      But what ever happened to the normal girls? You know, the ones who aren’t skinny or big; just in between, fit and healthy.

      I kinda like some points in this article. It’s meant to boost the self-esteem of the miss who asked the question, not to offend anyone.

      I know that some girls are naturally skinny, and it’s fine. Naturally skinny girls have great personality btw b/c they don’t starve themselves to death. A lot of them are actually pretty beautiful, but they too are self conscious just like the bigger girls. Maybe both sizes should compromise with each other. They both have self-esteem issues sometimes so why not work as a team to motivate each other to gain and lose weight. Why not promote healthy bodies rather than really tiny and really big bodies. B/c to be honest, I don’t think bones and ribs sticking out w/o the feminine curves is very healthy nor is having skin that jiggles or hangs out.

      Also, I would love to say at this point that girls who are voluptuous (meaning have boobs and a curvy butt) are NOT fat. Beyonce is NOT a fat girl nor is Rihanna yet they are curvyyy. They have that slim waist and tucked tummy and can sport a sexy bikini looking amazing! Now that’s awesome.

      Ladies, watch this music vid called Roll by Allison Hinds. She’s a curvy miss but she is a beautyyy. It is really inspirational. I love how she integrates all types of women in her music vid. They all look beautiful. It came out a while ago but, I think we should dig it out and re-watch it.

      Anyways, bottom line is that it’s not good to be too skinny NOR is it good to be too thick. Either extreme will send you straight to the hospital sooner or later (this does not apply to naturally skinny ladies). Also, don’t fight each other and have a weight championship, because in the end, no one’s gonna win. Work together to find a medium. That’s the best way to work things out w/o having a cat fight.

      Finally, ladies should promote their femininity. Like curves. Angilina Jolie is a slim lady but she’s got curves. And Kim Kardashian is fit but she’s a butt goddess. =P Anyways ladies, be proud of who you are no, matter who you are and promote your beautiful curves (no matter how small or big). That’s what makes you sexxy chicks =D

      1. Not Necessary says:

        Looking at that music video…if they are the "thick and curvy" women then I must be morbidly obese because I only saw one type of woman who was show throughout the video and it wasn't "thick" women. The artist may have been a "thick" woman and at all times she was completely covered and not really showing off what she had to show. Not the best example. Your message has potential though. We should all work together to just eliminate this ridiculous ideology. Women are beautiful thick thin and in between!!

    403. Marie says:

      First off I think it's funny that he says Kruger is too skinny cause she's perfect! I don't know any guy who wouldn't want her. Second I find it funny that "CURVY" women can comment n say a girl is tooooo skinny n that's ok but if a skinny girl says anything about a "CURVY" female then all hell breaks loose. I have always been thin it runs in my family I'm only 5'2 so it fits me I'm also blessed to have bog breasts. I hate when bigger girls comment n say oh your so tiny blah blah but never has any guy told me that so I just find these females to obviously ve jealous or something. I don't feel sorry for curvy woman be ause most of the ones I met always try to put me down for being small just because there not happy. So weather your skinny or big it's never ok to put anyone down because just cause a girl is skinny doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings.

    404. Marie says:

      Oh yea and how can you say Zoe saldana is gross?? She's a beautiful blessed with a great body woman!! I'm starting to think this is not a guy on this site but a hating female!

    405. _Blah_ says:



      16 Years Old

      5ft 9Inches

      Skinny .. Sizes 4,6,8 All Fit Me


      I DONT STARVE MYSELF.. People like That Make Me Sick..i Eat More Then Anyone i Know.. Im Usually Hungry Because i Have a Very Fast Motabolism Rate.. SO Please Stop Judging Us Skinny People And bringing Our Self Esteem Down Making Us Feel Like We Are "Gross".

      And For All You Commenting Calling People "Skinny Bitches" Note That Your Offending People Lie Me Who Actually Dont Try To Be Skinny.. My Goal Is To Actually Gain Weight Because iDislike The Way I Am.. But Sadly Theres Notihng i Can Do About It So For Those Of You Judging Skinny People.. You All Need a Reality Check because you would get just as mad if i Called you all obese lazy women.:/ Please get your facts straight before writing utter rubbish. Thank you.

    406. Holly says:

      Lmfao. I think it's hilarious that every one whi posted here is " naturally stick thin" and this article has highly offended their completely not anorexic sensibilities

      God people. He's just saying that starving yourself unnaturally is gross. I too am naturally thin and I'm not jumping on my high horse and getting offended about the article. Go get a life

    407. Robyn says:

      It wasn't that he was bashing on thin women. He was bashing on thin women who make themselves like that. He was saying that if you are exercising excessively and so food conscious that 500-1000 thousand calories is all you eat then its gross. And the thing with celebrities as examples just makes it seem worse, because, who are more image conscious then celebrities. Women should never be so self conscious to the point being unhealthy. Health is always the main concern with weight. If you are big and healthy good for you, if you are thin and healthy good for you.

    408. joseph says:

      wow, all the women you put as "gross" in your answer are way better looking than the ones that are "wowza" or w/e. THIN IS SEXY! if you are chunky or overweight it is disgusting and no guys like it hes just trying to make you feel better

    409. Kyle Plante says:

      I think you think about yourself to much, be confident.. but hell you might be being to nice to yourself you can't judge if you are ugly or not everyone will do that separately (not trying to be a dick just straight I dont think I look good but girls tell me otherwise). But don't take it out on skinny women and for that fact noone should take it out on curvier women either every girl has beauty for her own reason.. I am 6 feet tall 150lb decently cut working on gaining some weight going up 15-20 pounds while working out. And I've been with many different kinds of women but I think the one that has my heart that I will hopefully marry is 5'6 110-115 pounds and she is so beautiful to me

      Just go out with some friends!

    410. Some Guy says:

      "Certain genes gave Christina Hendricks the boobs of an angel"

      Oh, silicone is genetic? I guess you learn something new every day.

    411. Andie says:

      I am a bigger girl who is losing weight, and I didn't like the tone of the article. I get that the 'Dude' was just trying to make the asker feel good about herself, but he shouldn't have done that by putting down an entire group of women just to prop up the bigger ones (and this is coming from a big girl!). And I agree with the people who reacted with a big WTF to the idea that Diane Kruger and Zoe Saldana were GROSS. I think they look great, thin and healthy. They're what I hope to look like once I reach my goal. Dude, do you think women should strive to have jiggling bellies and cottage-cheese thighs because that's YOUR version of sexy??? Because that's VERY unhealthy, and I certainly hope you wouldn't encourage that just because it happens to turn you on!

      That being said, I do think people in society DO favor thin women and horribly disrespect larger women. So yeah, I agree just a little with the people who are saying the thin women need to stop complaining and let the big girls have their moment. JUST a little. I get that the Dude's comments are hurtful towards you, and I don't agree with them, but you have to understand that, as larger women, that is how we are treated EVERY DAY in some form by the MAJORITY. And this is just one guy's opinion! Hopefully you get that and think twice the next time you make a fat joke. Fat people are the way they are either due to genetics, or eating disorders (a category of mental health disorders!), or even something as serious as depression. Even in the cases where it is technically the person's fault that he/she is fat, it's not right for you to ridicule it. That person needs help, not your disgust and nasty comments.

      PS – I would never be offended at a thin girl complaining about being thin. Everyone has their insecurities, after all. I WOULD be annoyed and offended at a thin girl whining about how fat she is in front of an overweight girl. That is just insensitive and irritating, and several times when my friends have done it I've resisted the urge to punch them in the face.

    412. Katrina says:

      I was doing some relief work for Hurricane Katrina with a bunch of other women and myself. In our group we had an assortment of women. We had every type of woman, from a stunningly beautiful Phillipino woman to a more than slightly overweight midwesterner with a really bad haircut. Do you know who got the most attention from attractive men? The overweight midwesterner with the bad haircut! You know why? she had this amazing self confidence. She was very intelligent, she had an infectious laugh and she could go with the flow and have fun anywhere. She would have a conversation with ANY guy without being self-conscious. She was engaged to be married less than a year after I knew her, no surprise. I try to take a lesson from my friend. Looks are really not that important when it comes to meeting worthwhile guys. I, myself, find that how much "action" I get is more related to how I am feeling about myself at the moment and less about how much I actually weigh or anything else physical.

    413. ambermist80 says:

      I am over weight, I don't mean like a little bit over, I mean a lot over. I am not upset by it. I grew up with a thick skin. Yet also have been thinner before I had my two kids. I have not lost the weight yet cause I am not ready to. That right I have a choice, I thought that one of the joys of being an american. Yet I degressi. I read this dude rant and some of the not so happy comments that came with it. Out of late night boredom and I all have to say is "who really cares about this" I mean really, here we are 2010, we as a country still judging everbody by the way they look. I would laugh if I didn't find this so sad. I been thin, I been fat, I been just right(if there is such a thing) and you know what I got men flirty with me regardless of my sizes. I admit I am very comfotable being me. I mean have to be I am one weird chick. So I don't think it really matters if you thin or chubby or even just right(if there such a thing). Do you want to know what my secret is? I don't care what other people think of me. To me all that matters is I am happy. If you are not happy then you need to change something. Like your outlook on life. Not your weight cause being sickly thin or gorge fat or just right(if there is such a thing)none of that really matters if you are not happy. Cause that what is holding you down. Cause let me tell you something you CANNOT please everbody. People will always find fault, that what people do. In a couple of decades people find it wroung to have black hair and burn you as witch because of it. Learn from history. Again you CANNOT please all. So just please yourself and find people who will do the same, make you happy. Oh p.s. for the haters who read this and just saw the word that I am fat and feel sorry for me. Don't I am happily married for nine years and have two great children, oh one more thing I am happy and fat and proud of it. Rather you are fat or thin or just right(if there is such a thing)do the same and be happy being you.

    414. Adam Kowalczyk says:

      I have been attracted to curvaceous women all my life. My preference has always been curvy hips and large breasts. Conversely, I have never found small breasted narrow hipped women sexually appealing. It really comes down to the proportions on a woman. If the hourglass shape is there, even if she is a smaller framed woman, I will likely find her attractive. Similarly, with fuller figured women with a large belly do not appeal to me. I imagine somewhere in the male brain is the programmed hourglass shape means a better mate.

    415. (required) says:

      Im not skiny and im not fat. yeah i got a lil extra weight thats not needed but when girls look like twigs i find it nasty. and half of them have no butt or boobs (mine are great) really what the guy is tryn to say is not to be so skinny that its repulsive but obviously you people have taken it to the wrong extent and he isnt calling skinny girls gross or anything typically i am i will not deny that. but if ur arms and legs are twigs and i can see you ribs thats NASTY. GAIN SOME WEIGHT. just like no one wants to see fat rolls no one wants to see your ribs or you itty bitty arms and legs!

    416. Lauren says:

      thank you so much for this. I'm completely comfortable to be myself, but sometimes I wonder if guys only like thin girls. I am curvy and I love it. I think i'm beautiful, but I feel that people judge me alot. Some strangers are even prejudice and hateful towards me – just b/c I'm curvy. You are so encouraging. thank you so much.

    417. Chels says:

      I think everyone should calm down… My gosh.

      Im thin. BUT I WORK MY BUTT OF TO BE THAT WAY.. and that doesnt make me "gross" or pathetic or "un-natural"? It makes me motivated and strong and willing to work. I want to take care of my body. I want to be confident. Therefore, I eat right and I work out.. SO WHAT? I think if your fat- either hit the gym and shut your mouth or STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. I cant stand the people that whine over not being "thin" …. yet go grab a Big Mac later and hate on women who are? If you dont like your body DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Dont just "settle" for it and "try" to love yourself?? Make it happen! And do it for the right reasons.. not for a guy, and not to fit into a dress- but for YOU! And if you are "full figured" and HAPPY.. WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK??? As long as you love and respect yourself that is all that matters.

      1. stace345 says:

        Excuse me, but im one of those "fat" girls your talking about, i fucking hate mc donalds its disgusting. i heat healthy and i exersize but you know what its just how my body is so fuck you.

      2. Lexi says:

        I have struggled with my weight my whole life, and I eat extremely healthy food(fruit/veggies, lean meat, whole grains, you name it), and I go to the gym constantly(2hrs a day, one hour cardio, one hour weights). I am a size 12/14, 5'8, and I still get comments about my weight. It's really unfair because people treat you like it will hold you back in life. I am no where near being obese but its really hard to stay confident when all you ever hear about is how you should be skinnier. It's really not that easy to not care what other people think when people act like your life should revolve around your body type. I have been made fun of since I was nine years old, and you would think after 12 years it wouldn't matter as much, but its still very painful.

    418. Taylor says:

      LOOK – there's NOTHING wrong with being skinny if you are naturally that way and are not starving yourself. BUT it becomes a problem when the people we look up to are all skinny because that makes those who aren't feel bad and STARVE themselves! THAT IS THE ISSUE.

      The fact is, it's the truth. Men who are physically interested in women who are skinny all over are slightly disturbing. I don't care if you do say "it's just the way I am," there's something wrong with you if you want to have sex with a girl with the body of a child, tall or short, because you actually like the fact that she's got NO fat on her in the chest or butt area.

    419. gary doorbar says:

      So to this dude, guys who are into skinny girls are the equivalent of pedophiles. To quote Bugs Bunny: "What a maroon."

    420. lashay says:

      i think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and ever guy wont see every girl the same because im 5'1 and i way 160 and my bf loves the way i look and 160 is heavy for my height . women have different shapes and sizes and different guys like different shapes and sizes. so even if your 100 pounds or 200 pounds theres a guys out there for every girl

      from a 15 yr old who likes cookies and salads

    421. Linda says:

      " Has anyone else noticed how closely these women resemble pre-pubescent teenage girls? I have! And what does that say about the people who think that’s attractive?"

      I never thought there's someone else out there who sees this the same way I do. Especially a guy. I'm glad I ran into your column.

    422. Rachel says:

      all you "skinny"girls need to stop talking.

      yes he didnt need to say GROSSS! thats alittle rude

      but thats basically say ew shes blonde thats GROSS

      its a matter of peference. you may think brunettes hair looks like shit and fat girls look like giant hamburgers.

      if you saw a coloumn say fat girls are gross you wouldnt give 2 shits so stop being so damn hipacritical.

      skinny girls basically get it easier than fat ones so stfu and quit whining.

      1. alley says:

        u go girlfriend

      2. Peri Auburn says:

        Completely Agree

      3. bjhkjkhk says:

        I'm a skinny girl but because i do have an extremely fast metabolism. Because I'm a skinny girl doesn't mean that I think fat is gross. Not all skinny people are self-conscious about fat/weight. True, I wouldn't want to be 200 pounds because for me, it wouldn't be healthy. I think the problem that occurs is that people think all skinny people have some kind of eating disorder or "need to shove a few burgers into their bellies." There's nothing wrong with my skinny ass. There's nothing wrong with a fat ass. Also, it's wrong to shame people with eating disorders, people of eating disorders come in all body shapes, sizes, etc. Shaming people who look like they have eating disorders/ do have eating disorders is ableist and promotes discrimination of different body types. Plus Rachel, no one has it easier. Skinny people in history have always been seen as an undesirable body type, people with more fat were always typified of a rich, noble class, more desirable. I guess this skinnyness as a beauty ideal is a more modern phenomenon but even then, people see skinny as phenomenon of lacking. It's better to say a lot of body types have it hard.

    423. Eva says:

      Well, I'm super skinny, does this mean I'm ugly? I don't try to be thin, I just am. It's the way my body was built. I've heard that guys like full figured girls, but does that mean being thin like me is BAD? It irritates me when guys say "guys like full figured girls, not super skinny girls" because yeah, you're trying to point out the curvy girls ARE pretty, but what does that do for skinny girls like me? I'm 14, and I hate my body already because of this.

      1. stace345 says:

        you shouldnt let one little artical like this make you hate your body. thats just silly sweetie!

    424. Anne says:

      For the thicker girls questioning why the skinny girls are getting so upset, It's because a lot of us probably agree that girls with those smoother curves ARE hotter, but we just couldn't achieve that body even if ee ate non-stop. Because that's just how our bodies are. I've seen women who seem as skinny as Zoe Saldana and STILL, somehow, have smooth curves. That must really take A lot of effort. Sadly you can't really tell unless they're half naked.

      Also, if DUDE means that only unnaturally skinny girls are gross, how does he know for a fact that all those ladies are unnaturally skinny? It's just not cool to call ANYONE gross. And Even if they do have some sort of eating disorder, it's.. well, a disorder. they can't help it.


      It's not necessary to have to bash skinny girls to make bigger girls feel better. Nor is it necessary to have to bash bigger girls to make skinny girls feel better.

      Just saying.

    425. Anne says:

      Also, whoever said:

      "I can understand why some women who have fast metabolisms and are naturally thin may be offended but I think they could gain weight if they really wanted to."

      no, sorry, we CAN'T.

    426. AnneAnAsshole says:

      Yes girls who have fast metabolisms could gain weight if they really wanted to. There are many ways to gain weight and you're just using your fast metabolism as an excuse to feel offended as a "naturally thin" girl.

    427. Camille says:

      I think a lot of people aren't reading this as it was meant to be read. I don't feel like he was trying to bash skinny girls (whether they are skinny naturally or not), but to make the point that girls who do only focus on keeping their body fat in the negative percentage are not considered as attractive to the world at large as a girl who just lives her life and allows that to include carbohydrates. Also, since I'm on a roll now, I think a lot of girls who do focus too much on keeping their weight down do it thinking they will get a "competitive edge" with guys. Reading this they realize that's not always true, so some people will take offense as a defense mechanism.

      Finally, to all you people bandying about the term "anorexia" as a synonym for "super skinny" cut that the hell out. As an survivor and sufferer of both anorexia and bulimia, I can tell you that you do NOT need to be underweight to be suffering from either. A lot of people are making statements about the author's point of view that he never stated. So unless they asked him some of these things or can read minds, some of the commentors on this thread need to slow down and realize that there's no need to be offended.

    428. qmattyp says:

      im 5'8 and i weight 110, im seriously trying to gain like 10 pounds i want to be 120 but i cant!!! i eat alot and its still not enough:/ its just soo hard for me to gain weight since it runs in my family, i have tried pills to gain weight and other just doesnt work. anyways my piont here is that this 'dude' is f**ed up! how dare he say skinny girls are gross!?!! i mean seriously THANK YOU…THANK YOU DUDE..'YOU REALLY MAKE ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT MY WEIGHT' oh and only cuz im skinny doesnt mean im hungry all the time, crazy dude!!!

      1. dont feel bad says:

        hun i dont think he was refering to people like you, he was refering to girls who try to make themselves skinny-er and call themselves fat, dont let that get to you, im a thick girl and i have a friend who has the same problem as you and i know what she goes through, and she was not at all offended by this article because even she knew what he ment…

    429. Kurt says:

      I think that is total bull crap! The reason why this woman is having problems is obviously her weight, comparing being a portly chubby woman to Beyonce or J-Lo is like comparing a high school football player to a professional Bodybuilder. Its mental masturbation if a 250lb woman really thinks her fat rolls look make her look like J-lo? WTF?

      Stupid article obviously this article is a hit at the self esteem of women who eat healthy and take care of their bodies to better the self esteem of lazy overweight women of this country. Im sure if your diet didnt consist of fast food and soda and junk food and you worked out even twice a week for an hour you would lose a ton of weight! Im a personal trainer and I know, i work with tons of overweight women all the time, and magically they all say they eat healthy then when I see them on monday and ask them what they ate that weekend (and god I cant imagine the portion sizes!) magically that just happened to be the weekend they ate Mcdonalds or some BS. Go figure!

      So all in all you overweight women of this millenia who instead of taking care of your bodies and working on YOUR problem of obesity, guess what? you get lazy cause thats too hard or some BS and you blame thin women and say its all their fault that you cant find a man meanwhile you look like a 250lbs of chewed bubble gum!

      1. your a hater says:

        im curvy and eat really healthy, infact im vegitarian and i know i dont look like beyonce or j-lo, i may in-fact be a little larger… so quit being so shallow and go suck a dick, lol. have a nice life with your toothpick of a girlfriend, if you even have one, i doubt any skinny girls like you as shallow as you are.

      2. hannah says:

        hmmmm..douche bag much? do you think were literally retarded? we KNOW we dont look like j-lo.
        question why the hell are you even looking up this topic haha gay ass (i have nothing against gays there very nice). i eat healthy and im curvy and not lazy im happy. i have a very nice bf and i love him haha your a straight up loser. i can just see all the girls wanting to slap you right now your literally pathetic like seriously? wow. uggh you dont know how much i want to punch you in the balls right now. if you have them? doubt it:) oh and im 13 and a girl and i can probuably kick your skinny ass. so dont reply k? thanks get a life and stop going on websites for girls k? bye:) p.s.
        you piss me off.

    430. Pre says:

      He's putting down thin and thick girls. If I'm some famous person and I say 'Fat is bad; skinny for life' I would be under controversy and I'll have to apologize. If I say 'Skinny is bad; fat for life' then it wouldn't cause controversy. Why is it like this?

      We all know skinny is better, that's why. Or, at least, that's what I see. Make fun of skinny girls to make fat girls feel better about themselves, because the skinny girls don't care since their bodies are all over TV!

      Here's some advice: Stop worrying about your weight. Live life, embark on journeys, think. You can do that since you're old enough, I'm only thirteen.

      1. fuck haters says:

        yeah but most skinny girls are fake and they make fun of larger girls to make themselves feel better, your just a child, so go speak your mind else where, and its people like you that are the reason skinny people are on TV, so go fuck your self you childish bitch…

    431. BlackRockerStudBrett says:

      Well,I'm 57,so perhaps I should be on this thread,but…there's a stereotypes about us black men's preferring fat women.False(ex-

      cept ghetto dudes who can't afford babes!!!),and as a boyishly handsome 57-year-old black Windsor,Can. lad who's into chesty white chicks,particularly buxom blondes(and the feeling is mutual!!!),I don't give fat broads a second look.(Or the first,if I can help it!!!)How 'bout that,boys?

    432. tina says:

      fact of the matter is, most guys like girls with boobs and asses. they want a woman, not a teenage boy. im sorry if you're naturally that way, i feel for you, i really do, and you will find someone who likes that kind of body, but most of the guys i know like a little something to hold onto. i've been blessed with a wonderfully curvy body. i feel and look like a woman and im damn proud of it.

    433. Amused says:

      I find it funny how you listed Beyonce as an "inspiration" when there are some girls out there starving themselves to look like her.

    434. commonsense says:

      It's common sense, yes the girls on most runway shows in NY

      are too thin and yes, the average woman in the U.S. is too heavy. Instead of wondering whats accepted, or who wants you, be honest, do this.

      Eat your normal amount for one day, the amount you always eat.

      Then at the end of the day, be honest and count the calories.

      An average healthy diet should be around what, 2000 calories?

      Don't you want to be healthy instead of wondering who wants you? Or whats normal? Cut the calories and get some excercise. It's that simple. Don't go overboard and become anorexic, use common sense. It's that simple. It really is.

    435. Peter says:


      simple as that…

      1. hot n curvy says:

        peter, really? dont be shallow, yes there are pretty skinny girls but there are also pretty thick girls, and its your fault if you cant be open to the fact that all girls are beautiful, it takes alot of me not to go off on you, but i want to help you (even if you dont need it) please stop downing larger girls, its really rude and unnatractive on your part, do you think someone wants to date a shallow bitch like yourself? no i think not… so quit judging by looks and judge by personality, im curvy and guys say im hot all the time, take a look at beonce (or however you spell her name) she is gorgeous and if you dont agree, i jus mine as well give up… jus consider what dude is saying, im sure your a cool guy underneath the shallowness… dont be a jerk…😀

      2. Stace345 says:

        hahahah fuck you peeeter, im bigger and im fucking hot. i dont give a shit what one shallow little boy thinks trust me and every other girl out there, your an ass hole, get over it. shallow guys = fucking disgusting. end of story.

      3. SierraWilson says:

        dude.. GROW UP and get a fuckin life.. i feel bad for every girl that has to deal with your shallow ass. don't diss big girls we have way more to fucking love than skinny bitches.. so shut up quit being a jerk😀

    436. almf says:

      fact is all those girls up there a beautiful, and men dont really care whether there chick is skinny or fat as long as she has a beautiful face, and the only gross people in this world are the fat-fat chicks & the skinny-skinny chicks and the ugly(inside or out) people. end of story : and dont get all offended if your one the "gross" people, you kno its true and there nothing i can do to change that.

    437. amy_dearest says:

      if your skinny and dont have an eating disorder than this isnt about you.. go back to eating and proving how womanly you are and let a girl that isnt skin and bones get a compliment.

    438. Aisling says:

      Ok, I’ve just stumbled across this article. I’ve read a few of the responces; but there are far too many to read all of them.

      Firstly, I’d like to say that I disagree with Dude’s responce to this woman. Perhaps Dude himself prefers women with meat on their bones. That’s fair enough; because everybody is entitled to find different shapes, sizes and styles attractive. It is also possible that Dude was simply attempting to give this lady a confidence boost and was not entirely truthful about his thoughts. However, regardless of Dude’s reasons to post this responce, I think he made the common mistake of trying to make one party feel better (ie. Big girls), while consequently making the other party (ie. Skinny girls) feel bad about themselves.

      I think it is very unfair of Dude to refer to skinny women as “unreal”; almost suggesting that they are synthetic and inhuman. This opinion is not only highly insulting; it is also shallow and ignorant. Everybody is unique; regardless of their weight. A lot of skinny girls are confident, real, successful and funny; as are a lot of bigger girls. The point of the matter is – The weight of a person has very little to do with their character.

      I’m a curvy girl myself and I have a lot of different friends – skinny, medium and big. To me, size doesn’t matter when you get to know somebody. The challenge with most people is being able to look past someone’s size and see them for who they are. Look at the likes of Dawn French; who is overweight yet still entertaining and successful. Being overweight does not entitle you to insult skinny people, and vice versa. People come in all shapes and sizes. And they should all be celebrated in the same way. Another thing that people often fail to see is that.. The reasons for being too fat or being too skinny go deeper than whether or not you eat junk food. Depression, genetics, lifestyle, culture and even just the way you were brought up all contribute to your weight. For instance, in some families, mealtimes are thought to be of a great significance, whereas in others, mealtimes are seen as being a chore over anything else.

      I can think of many people I know who have become successful… Out of all of these, they range from skinny to fat. The point I am trying to make is… Everybody is shaped differently; but they can still achieve the same things in life.

      Often, the media can attack bigger girls, and this is an issue which has not yet been addressed. It seems that a woman can’t pick up a magazine or switch on the telly without discovering yet another diet aid or solution to being overweight. Society needs to realise that although obesity has become a very big problem, so has depression, suicide, and very low self esteem. The obsession the world has with good diet & exercise only makes bigger girls feel bad about themselves; thus contributing to depression and very low self esteem.

      I respect the fact that obesity is a huge problem in today’s culture. I also respect the fact that eating disorders are very common in today’s culture also: Anorexia and Bullimea are both results of having a bad body image. However, whether you are fat or skinny, or somewhere in between, you DO realise this fact and yolu DON’T need to be constantly reminded of it – as the media so often does.

      It’s true that a lot of men find curvier women attractive. But that doesn’t give them the right to refer to skinny women as “unreal”. At the end of the day, confidence and a good sense of humour is what makes a woman attractive and admirable – the same goes for men. It’s true that body shape does indeed contribute to whether or not you are attracted to somebody; but we must realise that body shape is a highly SENSITIVE issue and it should never be addressed by somebody in a negative light.

      The media alone has taught us that our weight means much more than it actually does. I respect the fact that being overweight can result in diabetes and other health problems. I also respect the fact that being underweight can result in infertility and other health problems. However, we are missing the most important thing, which is, we must be happy with ourselves; without feeling uncomfortable with our size.

      I do think that Dude was incorrect to put down skinny girls and celebrate bigger girls. I think he could have taken a different approach in his responce and could have instead stated that a lot of men find bigger girls attractive, and that you should just be happy with yourself regardless of your weight, and that you should concentrate more on your self confidence and not your size.

      At the end of the day, weight means nothing about the character of a person. And everybody is capable of achieving their dreams regardless of their size.

      Every girl also has the ability to be sexy or flirtacious regardless of their body shape. It just takes self belief and acceptance of yourself.

    439. Kitten says:

      I'm a big girl and I always have been and for the longest time I was so self conscious about it. Truth of the matter is we all hate something about ourselves, but why should we care? There's always someone out there that, even if you don't know it, thinks you are the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. My boyfriend Jon has the body of a porn star and he eats like a horse. I LOOK a a milkshake and I gain 20 pounds!!! It irritates me but at the same time, he still loves me and he still tells me every day how beautiful he thinks I am. The same goes for the skinny ones. I have a friend who has been trying for years to gain weight, she even asked her hubby to help by cooking all the home cooked Italian foods his mom taught him to make. Not one ounce. She cries about being skinny as much as I whine and cry about being bigger. You have to learn that it's just a body…it's a vessel. Nothing more. People see this but it's like like what they say about judging a book by its cover. You have to show that you are feisty and fun and flirty REGARDLESS of how big or small you are. Be proud of the individual you are and don't give two shiny shits about the arrogant fucks who think they're hot shit because they feel they're "perfect". I'll tell you this now, even the perfect ones ( I used to call them the plastics) have something about themselves they don't like.

    440. READ THIS IF U THINK says:

      obviousally this article is about THICK girls not fat girls. an example of a THICK girl is BEYONCE. she is beautiful and is bootylitious. SO CHILL THE FCK OUT *PETER*

    441. Peter says:


      your a fatty, guaranteed

      1. haters are funny says:

        READ THIS IF YOUR SHALLOW! your a perfect example of a skinny bitch…

    442. Talha says:

      Hey, Im a guy so you can take it from me. All guys have different taste. But trust me all guys appreciate beauty and beauty comes in all kind of shapes and colours. Imagine how would it be if every one lookes same, We would'nt have a choice and trust me alot of my friends like skinny girls even 2 outa 4 of my girl friends were slim or skinny but i loved them and was physically attracted to them. So don't worry about how your shape is naturally just don't be over weight, Not only for guys but for urself too.

    443. Nano says:

      Omg giirlsss calm downnn !!! who opened up this topic =D anyway I agree with Talha n thxx kitten.. everyone has different tastes.. whether u r skinny or busty doesn matter =)) we are all unique we are all beautiful the way we naturally are =) Love ur self ur body n keep this silly topic out of ur minds skinny or.. or… n stop arguing! Eat healthy live healthy and love u for u.. =)

    444. Mark says:

      Great response, dude! I see all the ultra feminists have come out of their hiding rocks and all thinness is suddenly due to "genes, genetics and blah…blah". What a bunch of hullabaloo.

    445. Reality says:

      Fat is foul. End of story.

      There is nothing attractive about fat (men or women).. and anyone who truly believes differently is harboring a fetish or altering their tastes due to what they CAN get, as opposed to what they WANT.

      1. open minded says:

        wow your really shallow…

      2. hannah says:

        your a supper douche. reality. we all know your gonna grow old with 20 cats and no one who loves you. btw im 13 dont comment asshole:)

    446. Truthfully says:

      Some guys like bigger girls. These guys are reffered to as fetishists. Some guys like super skinny girls. These guys are called just plain weird. Guys want a girl with a little extra padding in all the right places.

    447. Jojo says:

      Most of the super skinny girls are extremely fake. Bigger women have much better personalities. Most skinny girls sit there and act like anyone over 120 pounds is disgusting. Bigger women don't judge as much, and personally, being stick skinny is so disgusting. Calling someone fat does not make you skinnier, Starving yourself does not make you attractive. I'm not saying skinny people aren't attractive,but the anorexic people I cannot stand. They walk around like they have something shoved up their ass. Hahahah.

    448. Leah says:

      I think that this guy is right because please what guy dose not like boobs or a butt i am a healthy curvy girl i have a small waist boobs and a butt ( i am the perfect hourglass) . A lot of guys like me for it it is not all that great because they like my body but you have to be smart about it. I also agree that confidence is the sexiest thing in a man/women. I also think girl who are really skinny naturally do not get offended it is most mans opinion the reason why your boy friend or whatever like you is because they fell for your personality. and there is always plastic surgery. LOL

      -XOXO marie(aka funny,curvy,girl, with a good outlook)

    449. Bunny says:

      you know,I’m fourteen.I’m not fat.i have a nice waist and breasts.but my legs are bulky…i don’t like it.but i live with it.I don’t judge people.I don’t think that thin girls are skinny bitches an fat girls are gross.i don’t mind weight as long as that person starts to act strangely about their,i have a friend who’s fatter then me.she’s lovely.but she complains about her looks and then offers me some cocoa.whenever i go to visit her,she says i’m anorexic,that’s bad,i’m not eating and stuff.that’s not true.i eat sweets sometimes,i like noodles and so on.and i eat ever,to be just the way i am now,i have to keep my self from food i’d like to have almost every day.i dream to have shorts.but my mom says i still should work out a bit,so i could wear them.same with adorable mini skirts.i don’t think she’s wrong but it sometimes annoys me.well,but she is…wow.i mean she lost some weigh,she’s so honest with herself and she has strong we look almost the same.and you know,i have a classmate,who eats sweets and buns every day.AND she looks so great with shorts!i think it’s so not fair,she doesn’t have to move a finger,but i’ll have to exercise and watch what i’m eating,so that i could look a bit better when spring comes…but i don’t feel hate for her.she’s my friend.well not a close one,but i like her.i don’t laugh from fatter girls too…well as long as they don’t show them selves with shorts and tiny tops witch shows everyone their biggest problems…i don’t have a strong will.i forget my exercise and so on.naturaly skinny girls don’t bother me as long as they don’t make fun of chubby ones.i think,that the luckyest girl is the one,who can have great hips,breasts and waist without any working for it.but that’s too easy.i think that a strongest person is the one who works with himself a bit.that’s how we grow up or will right?besides when you work,you imrove and then you start to love yourself.and that’s good.i think dude said great things and i felt hurt when some skinny girl wrote a comment that what he says isn’t true.COME ON! he cheered chubbies up and she spoiled it…i know it’s hard when you cant be very carvy,but skinny’s!all those small clothes are for you and fashion goes after you so don’t complain too much…cuz it’s not fair…u see,when ur clothe is big,you CAN make it smaller.but when it’s small,you can’t make it bigger on your own.please understand that.cuz all fatties are so upset about the figure ideals that are showed up everywhere…uh,it was so hard to say it shortly.i wrote nearly a book ;DD

    450. Mark says:

      Everyone, relax! I'm a guy and I'll give you a much better low down than the moron who wrote this article. I think he was trying to make the writer and bigger girls feel better while really offending thinner girls. I'm a thin guy, 5'11'', 145 lbs, and I have no preferred body type on women and secretly most guys don't. My girlfriend is on the bigger side. Yeah, admittedly with each other guys will always talk about loving big tits, a nice ass and they will way too often diss bigger girls and call curvy girls fat. But guys are contradictory. It's ridiculous. How many times do you see a really thin girl with big breasts and a nice round ass??? Almost never. Yet that's what men always talk about wanting. Men are dogs when they're around each other. But deep down, if most guys are like me, we're not like that. I would love dating a petite, short flat chested girl as much as a tall, curvy big breasted girl. We just love girls. We don't exclusively love huge tits like we always say, we just love tits. You see what I mean? Guys talk shit when they're with their friends and don't mean everything they say. They're just trying to sound macho. Don't worry thin girls, we still love you:) And believe me I get plenty of shit for being a thin guy and I have to try to not let it affect my self esteem. Oddly enough, I mostly get shit from other guys for being skinny. Girls definitely don't seem to mind😉

    451. brandi says:

      i dont think there is really "naturally skinny"…. people do have better genes than someone else.. but if those 'naturally skinny' people literally laid around the house with no job eating like 4000 calories everyday then they arent going to be thin… bottom line. its how these people live their everyday life. they eat the amount of calories their body needs in a day and no more. yeah they might eat pizza or burgers but they dont overdo it…. a woman or man by they mid twenties will def start seeing the effects of thehir metabolism slowing.. so they will have to work harder.. i just think the naturally skinny thing is way overrated.. it doesnt exist.

    452. Lilah says:

      If you dont believe there is naturally skinny then ask a doctor please. I have been trying to gain weight because i have been called anorexicly skinny if thats even a word. I am 5′ 3” 95 pounds and no matter how much i eat i can still lose 10 punds while sleeping…now thats obviously unhealthy and impossible. but i asked my doctor and she said its just how i am built. Yes i am active but there is an hour after you excersize where your metabolism is at its highest so i know eat A LOT of healthy food. more then normal. so i am doing my best in healthy ways to gain weight and its not helping. if that isnt naturally skinny then what is? and what am i?

      1. mally says:

        i am 13 and i try to eat a much as i can but i dont know WATS wrong i just dont gain wait but im 5'6 105 and thats beacuse im tall but i still have chicken legs

    453. Marjan Fathi says:

      This is literally the worst article i have ever read…it is beyond demeaning to women who are naturally skinny. It is pathetic that in our society it is okay to make a big women feel better by putting down those who are skinny and genetically cannot gain weight. but just remember that when you post an article like this you are attacking another group of women and putting down the self esteem of those who actually are very skinny and bodies resemeble mary kate olsen which you deemed as "gross"

      thanks asshole.

      1. lindseytinsey says:

        I wonder if a thin girl asked him a question, would he go on to insult overweight girls?

      2. Duh says:

        Women are not naturally skinny. There may be some women who are naturally slender but not grossly anorexic looking. Lose too much weight and your period will stop…why do you think that is?

      3. lindseytinsey says:

        To me naturally skinny = naturally slender are the same thing. I am naturally slender and getting my period is like a vital sign that I'm okay. You're right. We need a certain percentage of body fat for our hormones to function properly.

    454. Daisy says:

      i'm fourteen in three weeks and i'm 5'4 and seven stone something so i'm pretty thin. Some of you on here slamming naturally skinny girls? Seriously, no wonder females nowadays have such low self-esteems because its like certain people on here who are criticising peoples weight. Personally, i'm happy being skinny and i eat what i want when i want and i eat like a pig but i'm still skinny. I've learnt to be happy with what i am and whoever gives me grief i just think there jealous and want to make themselves look big.

      And by the way, some of you saying you have 'the perfect figure' theres no such thing as perfect so whoever thinks they are perfect, chances are you're flippin' MINGIN.

    455. Daisy says:

      i'm saying this because most of you are saying horrible things about skinny girls:

      People are saying bigger girls have bigger boobs – yeah erm, there fat does that. Get it right.

      Sorry, but not everyone wants flab dangling out of there shirts.

      1. ur a hater says:

        yeah but think about it, who wants to be with a skinny bitch with no personality?

    456. Anon says:

      I am 5ft 5.5, And 113lbs, and i do have anorexia, but that doesn't stop me from being attractive, I'm not rail thin, but my ribs and hipbones do protrude, but hey i still have my DD chest, so does that make me half attractive in your eyes? or just cause my hips and ribs protrude slightly am i completely an utterly gross?

      All women are beautiful, whether it be rail thin, or obese.
      Get a grip and stop putting down minorities =/
      Stupid fucker.

      1. Annoyed says:

        How on earth can you be so stupid.

      2. lindseytinsey says:

        Well in America skinny people are the minority, right?

      3. khourt says:

        wow way to be stereotypical… and no…

      4. duh says:

        actually no, skinny people are the majority…fat people are just getting up there. dumbass

    457. In Shape says:

      Fat people are gross I'll keep working out to not be fat regardless of what any of you tub of lards think.

      1. taylor says:

        to "in shape" ,fuck you, who the fuck are you to be calling fat people gross?! you are the fucking piece of lard for calling ANYONE a piece of lard!!! some people really don't have any control over their weight!!good for you for working out and all, but do you really have to put down those people who are overweight?? you have to have some kind of doubt in yourself if you must say that about anyone!!! you are more disgusting then any "fat" person could ever be!!

      2. Annoyed says:

        why does calling someone a piece of lard make them a piece of lard? That just makes them a horrible person; it has no bearing on their weight. Also, you need to calm down and recognize a troll when you see one.

      3. khourt says:

        larger people are only gross when they are a bitch and have 0% confidence, but it is wrong of you to sit and say all large people are gross, infact that makes you a DISCUSTING person on the inside, and that is far worse… and its people like you i feel sorry for…

      4. haters are funny says:

        oh wow, your a perfect example of a skinny bitch, that just proves that most skinny girls are bitches with no personality…

    458. anon. says:

      i'm a UK size 10, (which i think is a US size 8?) which is 2 sizes smaller than the dress size of the average british woman. now, i don't think i'm fat. but a select group of people do.
      my BMI indicates that i am at the underweight end of 'OK' (at 5'8''), so why is it that i still want to be thinner?
      but then i take a step back and think, hang on, marylin monroe (the most iconic figure in the history of sex, fashion and beauty) was a UK size 16. that's a US 14.
      so what's changed? and why has feminism receeded so much that now men find women with the figures of adolescent boys attractive?
      and to all these 'skinny girls' who keep ranting about 'the dude' making you all feel bad about yourselves, if you have a naturally boyish figure, then great! flaunt it, work it, and love it.
      but if you don't, and you're resorting to extreme methods to make yourself look that way… then stop now, and don't be so stupid!
      love what you have

    459. tired of biching says:

      i am i full figerd girl and i am not the most confident, im only 14 but going to schoool were the majority of the girls are skinnie (not all that pritty) dose lower my cofidenc. alomost every girl i see or adult familly mamber say i have a very beautifl face but because i am biger i just kind of ignor it and say to my self "how could someone as fat as me be beautiful" so to all the skinnie girls that feel affended by what he said GET OVER IT u dont get rejected ever time u ask a guy out wether ur pritty or not and u dont get tesed, u get all the guys so stop biching a complaning about how this hurt ur fellingsw cuse now u no how we fell, cuse trust me if i was skinnie i wouldentbe complainig at all about how this hurt my fellings because i no and u no that its true

      1. the mystery says:

        who the hell says that skinny girls dont get tesed or rejected from a guy. some girls believe it or not wish they could be like you cuves even if not egsacly in the right places to be not a twig guys dont go for a tuth picks.

    460. lindseytinsey says:

      Wow, I think this article is so mean! How can you call Zoe Saldana gross because she's thin? She's very close to my body type and I never skip a meal. This my body type and I am proud of it. I've never dieted in my life (I'm only 20) I exercise now and then (walking, some yoga), I love cheese burgers and pizza and ice cream and chips. But I stay so thin. Would you look at me and thing "wow that girl is gross. probably anorexic" ? If so, I feel sorry for you. You're not doing anything to help society. You're making one group of women feel better about themselves while shunning and insulting another group. You're just creating more problems. Am I supposed to feel gross and unwanted now because "real women have curves and thin is gross"? I won't! I like how I look. I like being slender. I eat whatever I want when I want.
      There's nothing wrong with being slender.
      Beauty comes in many forms. You're basically telling all women that as long as they have curves they are beautiful. What about slender girls? Not stick thin, slender. What about round girls? Who aren't exaclty curvy but have big tummies?

      1. Annoyed says:

        Why are you bitching? Seriously, there are thousands of people who would kill to have the ability to do this. Body types like mine get called fat ALL THE TIME, even though my BMI is healthy. Quit bitching just because one site says you don't look good, there are countless that say otherwise. No one feels sorry for you. Shut up, please.

      2. lindseytinsey says:

        I'm not bitching. Just because YOU get called FAT and UGLY all the time doesn't mean I can't stand up for myself or express my opinion when every now and then someone indirectly calls me gross. I am naturally slender and my BMI is "normal" as well, but I don't care. I'm not looking for people to feel sorry for you although you clearly want tonnes of people to feel sorry for you. I think you should calm down, please, and no I will not shut up.

    461. Ben says:

      Just look at all the comments here… Nasty bitchy comments from the thin girls (just proves the point Dude was making by the way). Stupid infantile comments from the "men" who like the skinny girls (again… just proves Dudes points). And then a lot of sad and bitter-sweet comment from the woman that actually looks like real women. Just breaks your heart…
      I am a man. I am not the Arnold-type bodybuilder, but I work out. I am toned and healthy with low percent body-fat. Like a man should be to be healthy and good looking. And I want my women/woman to be healthy and good looking too… like a woman should look like. That includes body-fat my friends!
      It is NOT wrong to say that a size 4 is gross. It is just a preference. Like some of you with lesser testo-levels and less self-confidence thinks a size 26 is gross.
      I prefer a size 16-18, but I would take the size 26 over the 4 every time!
      Call me homophobic, but I like to know I am with a women and not a teenage boy!!
      The Dude is 100% correct. Men wants healthy women who looks like women – and feels like women!

      1. k3upikachu says:

        don't call other commentators "bitchy" and "infantile" when your reply is just as immature and cruel, if not more so. saying that a man who prefers a size 4 over a 26 is gay is so rude and makes no sense.
        by the way, size 26 is not healthy. nobody is naturally a size 26. it takes effort, or lack thereof, to get that much excess body fat. that size would NEVER have occurred in our ancestral environment, and is only present now because of overabundance of food.
        i'm naturally a size 2, regardless of how much i eat, and nobody would ever get my body confused with a "teenage boy". i have boobs and an ass, which are all the more defined because i don't have fat in places it's not needed. you can be slender and still be a woman, dumbass.

      2. lindseytinsey says:

        For all we know, Ben could be an overweight woman. Just saying.

      3. Erika says:

        Oh im sorry i thought you said Ben was being cruel and immature when you are acting the same way… first of all a size 26 is possible and yes it is unhealthy but hey if people are hungry then they are hungry how is that you're business nobody up in this is complaining about people who are healthy or exercise way to much so what gives you the right to comment so aggresively to women who are a size 26… it may not be natural but guess what it happens just like you are a size 2…

      4. Erika Part 2 says:

        dont mean to disrespect but watch what you say because you not only sound like a hypocrit but idiotic… i honestly say that girls shouldnt have to change the way they are or the way they eat just because a guy doesnt think they are sexy… every single girl in this world IS BEAUTIFUL PERIOD!!! if no guy is gonna give them that compliment well thats why i'm here… if all that guys want is just a perfect little trophy as a girlfriend just to show off to their friends well guys can fuck off… what women need are real men that know what they want and dont complain about looks but then again guys dont know how to love anything without a pretty face on it but there are guys who dont care and actually like a girl for who she is not for what she looks like and those guys i do respect and give props too… so instead of complaining about what size you are, you should be backing up every girl out there because we women need to stick together! Come on girl i know you are smarter than that!

      5. s.c says:

        people are different. if someone is a size 26 . it is not by choice. everyone has issues going on in life.. medical reasons could make someone gain an significant amount of weight. overweight people do not wish to be overweight. it is sad that some people think that ladys over size 24 do it on purpose .

      6. Beautiful t says:

        I just love how people pass judgement on someones health by there weight! There is such a thing as genetics. I am a full figured women and damn proud of it. I wear plus sized on my bottom half and regular sizes on my top half. This hour glass shape has been passed down from many generations of my family and I'm damn proud. I have no problem with petite women but I do have a problem with women who think they can pass judgement on others with no real thoughts in there head. I don't look at you with distaste in your swimwear so don't do it to me. Don't laugh and joke behind our backs we got that enough in high school. Most petite women poke fun at bigger girls because they are insecure and need to feel better about themselves. GROW UP! It's time to get passed the image tv ads nd magazines place on us and see the world as it is. A beautiful place with beautiful people of different sizes shapes and colors. No one but you gets to say what's beautiful. Own your body and love yourself

      7. Amiee says:

        I agree with you Ben!! I am 157lbs and should be around 125lbs however I had a kid. I'm getting comfortable with my size, I'm a size 5-7 in most jeans. My most insecure spot is my stomach and my boyfriend thrives on it!! I don't get it but OK!! I also have a lot of self confidence that has come out in the last few months and perhaps that's what my boyfriend first saw. I hold my head up even if I don't want to! I am a runner though and love exercise. I never want to be anorexic but fitter and more healthy then I am now.

      8. lindseytinsey says:

        I'm glad that their are "bigger" girls who feel confident with themselves and who aren't necessarily fat. I'm happy that you aren't insulting thinner girls to make yourself feel better because luckily you are confident enough with yourself so you don't need to do that. It's also very sweet that your boyfriend loves your most insecure spot. Any girl would kill for a man like that! I don't agree with Ben though, he's comment was offensive to thin girls and to men who like this girls.

      9. mary says:

        yea but where are those guys in our lives guy say one thing but turn around and do the exact opposite somtimes either way i wish there were more guys who accepted anyone(skinny or big) by there attittude instead of there looks

      10. beautiful says:

        "like a woman should look like"? the fact is we come in all shapes and sizes and posts like these only perpetuate the idea that one is better than the other when they're not! thin and big both have their perks and as long as a woman feels good about them and shows it then that's what is attractive.

      11. Sonia says:

        this whole shit is all about OPINIONS
        i'm not judging anyone, here. i'm not exactly thin, like the girls the Dude described as GROSS (which btw is really DUMB) but i'm not overweight at all. (i'm 5'7 and 125lbs) so what would I be?? where would i fit in your shitty categories.
        and the thing about FAT girls is that they're NOT HEALTHY!!So stop encouraging all the girls saying that it's better to be fat because IT'S NOT!!! forget the guys' opinions! just for the girls themselves! being overweight is NOT good.And the other extreme is not good either, obviously.
        we should all aim to fit into the NORMAL category of the BMI. So overveight people should work out and skinny should gain a weight.
        HOWEVER, it's all about being healthy. Any healthy girl will also be happy and confident, and these are three qualities that give you a pretty awesome base when it comes to the ''dating field''.

      12. Kelsey says:

        Ben, lets hangout.😉 Haha!

      13. Steph says:

        what if i am over weight and i have a few acne problems. does it matter if the women has a couple acne problems? all the boys in my class say if i want boys to be attracted to me then i should be skinny and clear faced.😦

      14. ben, ben, ben…. call me. hahah!

      15. Grecy says:

        your last sentecnes made my day❤ thanks

      16. Nikki says:

        This makes me incredibly happy because there are so few guys out there who are willing to say that. I'm an 18 and I look damn good. Yeah, I'm not a size two but you know what, I'm beautiful and talented and amazingly intelligent. I think that the guys that go for thos skinny little bitches need to wake up and see that us larger ladies can be awesome too. Thanks for being realistic in your expectations. Ur awesome!

      17. Samantha says:

        I think the perfect role model for women is Marilyn Monroe . She was a size 16 & made it work . I was feeling r eally bad about myself until I read this because before I got pregnant I was a size 1 jeans & now I'm a size 9 . But this makes me love my curves . Thank you:)

      18. musicman4283 says:

        "Like some of you with lesser testo-levels and less self-confidence thinks a size 26 is gross."

        as if testosterone levels or self-confidence determines visual preference?!?! that's not very smart. My guess is that you have had insecurity issues regarding your own testosterone / confidence level and in order to reinforce your belief that you DONT have that problem you get on the internet and post some crap about how other people have that problem and provide some shitty reason to back it up. Retard.

      19. Jenn says:

        I am sure you'll never read this, but thanks:) I am an over weight girl however have been fairly active for years. i.e. I ride my bike everywhere I don't drive and I walk and I do enjoy good food also:) not in excess but probably just enough calorie intake to keep me from losing or gaining. I am classically a size 14-16 on bottom and a 16-18 on top cause of boob:) But I really enjoyed what you had to say. I am a happily married woman i a very good looking 25 yr old husband "I'm 30" he's very handsome in the face and long and cut in his 6'4' body and he seems to more than adore me naked. He likes it far more than I do:) so anyway I am going on and on but i liked what you said.

    462. Ben says:

      But everyone has his or her own taste and I am not judging (…well, maybe a little bit)
      I think Dude is right on. We men like women with self confidence regardless of size. But being super skinny is NOT a sign of self-confidence. In fact, it is quite the opposite!
      And no, I am not discriminating against people who have metabolic problems or other health issues or genes that just prevent them from getting curves. It is a huge difference between being natural thin and actually shaping your body that way just to look like a twisted role-model.
      So here’s to all the "big girls" (natural-looking girls) out there… Make sure you get enough exercise to stay healthy. Eat healthy. But keep your curves please. We love them!!

    463. incredimike says:

      It's awesome how so many women are taking the musings of some random internet dude so personally. I'm sure this guy's article was not intended to make skinny women feel bad.. and as a guy, he probably didn't expect that it would. Anyway, who cares? Get over yourselves.

      Let me summarize what should have been said..

      Skinny girls, you look great! Chubby girls, you too!

      Being a guy, the most important part of be being attracted to a girl is this, in order:

      1. Good physical health, or the desire to achieve it.
      2. Good mental health.. no one wants a crazy/immature/hurtful person as a SO.
      3. Similar interests and a personality that meshes with mine.

      I'm you average, but still confident guy. I will say the wrong thing sometimes, I will tease you, I will want you to come along with me to do the things that I want to do…. and I want to know that you will be able to handle all of it.

      Become a healthy, grounded women and great guys will flock to you. Don't take shit from anyone. Guys who want the skinny bimbos of the world are by-far-and-large douche-bags themselves and aren't even worth your consideration.

      Do whatever it takes to be happy with yourself and good things will follow.

      1. Sarah says:

        I think you are right but meny boys are thinking that if they get a bony girlfriend then that makes them cool.

      2. Rachelsays says:

        Part of me agrees with you, but another part thinks that if all men think like that, the women who have been fucked up by society and their upbringing and whose lives and personas have been shaped by forces they cannot control, should lose all hope of finding anyone, right? Who is 'sane' in this society anyways? Grounded, truely confident people with no chips on their shoulders and no neuroses are HARD to find.

        It's hard to fathom whether Dude meister is being serious (but misguided and an A hole about it), or he is just taking the piss. Maybe a bit of both.

      3. TIFFANY says:


      4. musicman4283 says:

        Are all skinny gils to be considered "bimbos" as your comment insinuates? Is it possible that there could be a skinny guy who is smart who wants to be with another skinny girl who is also smart? What would be the problem with that?
        I hate you and you are a retard.

      5. ranie says:

        I don't know if you are a "skinny girl" or a "bigger girl" but you are really not helping any woman talking like that! seriously saying " i hate you and you are retarded". You should try learning how to use a better vocabulary instead of resorting to 3rd grader vernacular!

    464. Michelle says:

      Why is everyone gettin all riled up about this? You have to realize that this is one guy's opinion. No one person can speak for all guys. And frankly, I don't really care if he finds my body type attractive- Judging from the pic, his ugly ass ain't exactly my type either.

      Different strokes for different folks. God damn people, calm down. Who gives a shit if one person doesn't find you attractive!?!?

    465. Jess says:

      Well a lot of what is being said is true…. I am fixing to be 18 in a week and I have yet to go on a date. I am a larger girl. I wear about a size 16 to 18 depending on who makes it. All of the guys from where I live are all about skinny girls no disrespect to anyone… I have tried loosing weight and slowly but surely am becoming successful. I have a medical problem that hinders me from loosing fast. I wish I had the problem of being 130 pounds and trying to put weight on.. Sadly I have never had the chance.

      When I was younger I had guys like me only to find out they were just using me.

      I am a fun girl to be around I have plenty of guy friends who want to be around me and all they just dont wanna date me because of my size.

      Skinny girls do get more guys than bigger girls.. It is a fact. I have read comments on here of how the skinny girls are just naturally skinny… Ha well do you think the girls want to be naturally fat..

      1. Erika says:

        I know what you mean but know you arent the only one but like i mentioned in a previous comment, if you feel ugly on the outside, its all good cuz you are beautiful on the inside and that IS enough why because outside beauty always fades remember that! everyone beautiful on the outside loses their perfection… Porceline dolls crack through time! We dont want to be fat but we need to find someone who is willing to accept that and we might accept it ourselves… but im glad you are successful keep up the good work but do it for yourself not for anyone else because people just disrespect what you are doing like other stupid people on this site! but anyway im happy for you!

      2. glamdoll says:

        Im a burlesque dancer in my late 20's, Im a curvy girl Im a size 8 however, many of the burlesque dancers I know are curvy, some being size 16-18 yet they are sOOOO sexy and hot! being sexy is based on how you carry yourself. SEXINESS is attitude . SEXINESS is an ENERGY which declares your desirability. Stupid media has fooled us! If you are not dating, its not because of your size, its because of your state of mind that wont allow your sexy attitude to express itself, because you have been told by media that your size isnt sexy. The guys who want skinny girls are insecure about themselves, they dont allow themselves to go after what they really want because media and society has told them to get "skinny" girls! I have seen amazing sexy performances by burlesque dancers who are a size 18 who EXUDE sex appel and ARE desirable and I have seen very skinny girls not being able to portray sexiness at all. If you realize your beauty and sexiness REGARDLESS of size, you will allow it to shine thru! and you will see so many of your guy friends will be chasing you! your state of mind is whats preventing you, not your body! Love yourself. xoxo

      3. Jenn says:

        Hi Jess,

        I'm ten years older than you are, and I can tell you now: the fact that the boys aren't interested now doesn't mean the men won't be later. If teenagers have one characteristic, it's that they all have the desire to impress their friends at any cost. Any guys who might want to date you are refraining because they're afraid they'll get ripped on by their buddies.

        Keep your chin up, and just have fun. Enjoy your teenage years and don't fret too much about something as stupid as high school boys. Eventually, (some of) those high school boys grow into men and realize that they should be living their lives as they see fit, and not as they think their friends would see fit. That's when you'll meet someone worthwhile. =)

      4. jenn says:

        I promise it's your age, I am a 16-18 and I am beautiful kinda movie star beautiful in the face and curvy yes a chunky tummy but great legs and awesome tits way cute ass too! I promise guys your age are just afraid of what there buddies will think. in your 20's it will get better. when the men you talk to are farther from the high school social hierarchy shit. Do your hair dress hot for your shape show off your tits in nice shirts baby doll dresses are always good. buy sexy plus size cloths and shoes from a place like check out there clearance there kinda spendy and always smell good" victoria secret love spell or pure seduction!" Do what all the " hot skinny girls" do and carry yourself like you are fresh and men will start to see it. Don't let yourself be just one of the guys or thats all your ever gonna be. I have had so many men in my life and now have a way hot husband and I am having his baby so you can have it too.:)

      5. unsure says:

        im 23 and never been asked out i know its because of my wait i try to lose it but it takes time i understand wat you saying…. it hurts a bit but what do you do

    466. Ethan says:

      I personally like girls who are quite skinny but don't discriminate until a certain level of heftyness. At which point its just downright unattractive.

      "Has anyone else noticed how closely these women resemble pre-pubescent teenage girls? I have! And what does that say about the people who think that’s attractive?"

      Analyze the whole thing, go ahead. I like skinny girls. But its not because they look pre-pubescent. If anything maybe they just look like teenagers. I mean post-pubescent ones… and I am a teenager. Thats what I want. Maybe like peter pan I never want to grow up, and girls I've been with feel similarly. Growing up just saps the beauty from the world. We want to be innocent, and happy, and care free. And big girls intrude on that fantasy world. A lack of self control that disgusts me. Lustful hairy 40 year olds similarly. So stop hating. Like almost everyone here has said, its all about personal taste. To the girl who wrote this. Its just food, aren't there more important things than filling your stomach? Step back and make that choice for yourself.

      1. Erika says:

        First of all Ethan who the hell are you kidding? who the fuck made you Mr. Perfection? You disgust me as a fucken guy but of course you are probably those type of guys that think with their penis rather than their head which is packed with shit!!! and maybe you need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like a child because if you havent noticed, life isnt a fantasy you fucken idiot its the real fucken world! DEAL WITH IT!!!! but like i said you are no man you are a fucken little bitch who thinks lifes a game… but guess wat you fucken moron while you sit there waiting for perfection and beauty, your ass is gonna get old and ugly because good looks fade and true beauty doesnt… my guess is you are probably gonna end up bitter and alone and i say good cuz thats wat your stupid ass diserves!!! but im done lecturing you and im glad i dont know you and thats a good think cuz i wouldnt want to… you are a low pathetic person that needs a serious reality check… go fuck yourself and dont waste my time replying back because i have enough with other bullshit so i dont need to hear meaningless shit coming out of your mouth…

      2. Mikayla says:


    467. mulmaram says:

      It is not the size that matter but the attitude. Are you confident and cool. Are you witty and humorous ? Can you mingle with people without bothering about the shape of your body? You will attract people and you will never be alone. Gradually someone will find the real person in you. Be cool and confident.

      1. Hava says:

        I agree with you its not the size that matters. I am thick and I use to worry about how I look but now I don't care. Because of how am I represent myself around others like for instance guys I get so many guys that want me even if I am thicker than I was. Just by being yourself you can attract the most hottest guy and not even know it. Worrying too much about your weight is not going to get you no where. The less you think about it the more you can attract and gradually when that happens well for me that is my weight goes down again. JUST BE YOU!

    468. @annu1331 says:!/profile.php?id=1000002

      would guys wanna date me

      P.S i am the taller one

    469. says:

      let guys like whom they…. no ones gotta a say in anything… not all of em r the same….people r different hence they like diff stuff…. thats wat makes human beings beings and not robots….

    470. Shannen says:

      Honestly, everyone needs to stop getting so worked up about this, it's his opinion.
      Im quite skinny, im 5'1 and i weight 108 pounds, im quite happy with my body at the moment, but personally i love curvy or bigger girls, i think they are absolotly stunning, you people have got to stop hating on each other, everyone is there own person, you just have to remember that.
      Im a girl by the way,

      1. TIFFANY says:


      2. Carolyn says:

        Look, you don't understand, I used to feel the same as you, I had a friend who was larger than me and I always looked gorgeous to me, I never understood why she complained about her weight or avoided photos. Four years later, we wear all the same size clothes. I still think she's gorgeous. But when It came time to choose between a trip to the beach with the girls from work, and a quite afternoon with a book, I couldn't bear the thought of standing next to them in their bakini's and being the big girl. I hate listening to people talk about fitness being "in-shape" when I don't look like the girl running on the motivational poster.

      3. Carolyn says:

        And I hate that when I do theatre demonstrations for the costume shop I can bearly breath because the corset I wear to be able to fit into the dresses is killing me, while my partner is swimming in the prettier dress that I couldn't hope to fit, corset or no. I've stood where you are, and I'm kicking you off your ridiculous high horse. Yes my friend still looks stunning, but when I look in the mirror I hear all the lectures we ever heard about america being obease and the importance of excersize and feel like I'm a failure for not being "healthier", I see re-runs of every chick flick I've ever watched, and wonder why the only relationship I was ever in started when I took the initiative and gave HIM my number, because No guy has ever approached me with any sourt of pick-up line or flirting, that stuff is for pretty girls.

    471. Hakyong says:

      Women with voluptuous figures are desirable, sure, but that doesn't mean you have to put down skinny girls who are beautiful in their own right. Saldana's the most beautiful woman on your list to me. If you told me she looked like a cancer patient to my face I probably would have had your ass for lunch.

      I hate that crap about "real women have curves." Real women have VAGINAS, undermining girls and white-knighting dickheads.

      1. lindseytinsey says:

        I wonder who came up with that dumb quote…:-/

    472. Elizabeth Smith says:

      I’m about 5’2, 5’3 and I’m 106 pounds to 107 and I am only 12 and and I have alot of muscle but alot is due to genetics because. I don’t watch my weight at all and with every boy I’ve been with they don’t think I’m over weight. But for me it’s weird cuz I’m curvy but pretty skinny

      1. Anna says:

        "every boy you've been with" and you're 12 years old??? seriously??? WOW. i think the part where you've had a whole bunch of boyfriends before you're even a teenager makes me sadder than any of the comments about weight on here.

    473. Elizabeth Smith says:

      And I dont think u should be saying things about pretty girls like that alot of people say I’m. Really pretty but I don’t focuse on that I’m a total sports geek and a volleyball nerd I rather play volleyball all do then be at sephora at the mall

    474. truth says:

      Just wanted to let you know that I loved this article, I think that what your saying is somewhat true.

    475. Ilikeskinny says:

      Skinny girls are hot. The whole "guys like curves" is usually code for "I'm a loser and date fat girls." Fat is a sign of laziness, emotional problems and unfit/unhealthiness.

      Fit, athletic girls with muscle tone and lean bodies = healthy, sexy, endurance, active, energetic.

      1. hannah says:

        not everyone can have that asshole. ive tried im 13 and curvy deal with it:)

      2. SMW says:

        "I'm a loser and I date fat girls?"

        You're a fucking moron. I'm happy to consider myself a "fat girl" and I've been married to a very successful man for seven years, and we still have a bangin' sex life. He's a pillar in the community, a wonderful person, a fantastic father, and more. If anything, you're the loser.

        Go choke and die, jackass.

    476. michelle says:

      everyone here needs to stop fucking basing their responses on how they look. stop getting personally offended, this article was not written for you. GTFO. theres a difference between being naturally skinny and naturally curvy, but there is a huge difference between being anorexic and obese. its the extremes that are bad. sorry. being anorexic is BAD my friends. eat some food, like your body wants you to. you're gonna be happier. being obese is bad, too. eat a little less, for your own sake. if you're healthy, it doesn't matter what your body looks like because you're going to find someone that likes you the way you are. the main point made in this article was that you have to like yourself first before someone else can. leave everyone else's business alone.

      1. thanks says:

        Are you silly? People who are anorexic or bulemic have mental disorder, you can't just tell people with an eating disorder, "oh, just eat something, you need to gain weight." You obviously have no idea what it is to have an eating disorder. Secondly, skinny people are not the only ones to have an eating disorder, people of all body shapes and sizes have them. Even some people who look healthy can develop an eating disorder but eventually bodies do deteriorate. Sure being anorexic is "bad", it is UNHEALTHY. However, you should not shame people for having mental disorders, that is ableist and so wrong on many levels. My best friend has an eating disorder, she didn't get there because she wanted to be anorexic. It's such a highly complex disorder and people who are suffering through it do not deserve to be shamed by stupid vanilla bros or some uninformed lady.

      2. But why were you only offended at michelle saying that anorexic people need to eat something, but you said nothing about her saying that obese people need to eat a little less? Besides the fact that for some who are obese, eating less doesn't mean they're going to drop weight, some obese people also suffer from disorders that make them that way. But your silence on that just shows that you're a hypocrite.

    477. dont fight nature says:

      I HOPE YOU ALL REALIZE FROM YOUR COMMENTS THAT EVERYONE HAS THEIR OPINIONS ON WHAT REAL BEAUTY IS. i agree that when persons become obsessive over their appearance it is unhealthy. I still think that feeling like we need to fix something with our appearances (for both male and female) is inevitable.

      I mean some cultures see unnaturally long necks as beauty, some see unnaturally small feet as beauty, some see curvy women or thin women as beautiful.

      There is always someone out there who will love how you look and another who doesn't so just love yourself-
      -ps lets all just focus our blame on the capitalist society we live in -which promotes obesity and anorexia in order to gain profit from "curing" us of both:)

      HEALTHY IS SEXY(as in whether naturally big or small).😉

      1. Hava says:

        I agree with you on HEALTHY IS SEXY(as in whether naturally big or small). I was skinny and when I became stressed I started gaining weight. A lot of people talk shit but to me I don't care! I like how I look whether small or big. People need to start realizing that others who surround them are always going to talk they should love themselves no matter how big or small they look. If a guy don't like you because your big then he's not worth shit. Patience is the key there is someone out there for everyone you just have to be patient with it and you'll get urs!

    478. cutie says:

      seriously people omg dosent matter what type of body you have a guy or girl should love you for you its whats on the inside that counts bigger girls r just as attractive as skinner girls and vise versa

      1. YoBitch says:

        Wow yout probably never gonna get any ass.

      2. 12isis20 says:

        and you are messed up for saying something like that she is right…

    479. lindseytinsey says:

      Zoe Saldana is beautiful. She has a nice slender body. This guy probably assumes that all slender girls must be hungry all the time because of all the dieting. For all you know, it might be natural and some don't diet at all.

    480. emma says:

      Hey, guys used to make fun of me for being too fat ( I was still in the healthy BMI range, but much more curvy than most girls my age) so all throughout high school I was on all kinds of diets. Now I'm in college and people make fun of me all the time for being too skinny. Just goes to show that the only thing that really matters is how you feel about yourself.

    481. @emiyoha says:

      he's not saying skinny girls are gross. He's saying that people who try to force themselves to be skinny usually end up looking gross. There's a difference.

    482. Layla says:

      Big is beautiful

    483. Kristin says:

      My name is Kristin and I'm 16 years old. I couldn't help noticing about 85.5% of the comments have their own idea of what size is beautiful and what's repulsive, that just goes to show that you can't rely on what beauty is based on one persons opinion.

      There are and have been lots of teenage girls who think they're beautiful and they love their selves no matter big or small.. until they have watched television and have witnessed girls that are portrayed by the media and that gives a girl a complex. Most of us think we're not beautiful unless we look like the girls on television, Jersey shore or the hills being examples. Most eating disorders start because of girls who think they aren't beautiful unless they're television material ie girls who are skinny and are materialistic.

      "Studies have found immediate brain changes occur in confident and healthy women
      when they are exposed to images of thin females. The parts of the brain involved with anxiety, unhappiness, self-loathing, pain, those sorts of things become highly activated in all of the women that they looked at,"

      So the problem with our female/male population today is we're worrying too much about what we should look like and not enough about whats real and whats just for show. Sure we could all look like the people from Jersey shore and start sleeping with everyone we know, or we could just accept that we're beautiful in every way and respect ourselves which many women today, don't have.

    484. Adrienne says:

      Everyone is beautiful and everyone sees a different type of person as beautiful. Just enjoy your beauty, go out, be fierce and find that person who wants you for you exactly as you are!

    485. Ellie says:

      I don't think it's very fair of this guy to say slim women are "gross." No person EVER deserves to be told their body is repulsive, female OR male, underweight, overweight, or in the middle. I stumbled upon this article and was horrified to see such a double standard presented: to tell one woman that men want her figure whilst simultaneously telling other women men DON'T want their figures, is absolutely horrifying. It's equivalently hurtful to tell a slender woman she is "gross" and looks "prepubescent" as it is to berate a full-figured woman. I know plenty of young women who fall everywhere on the spectrum, and all of them have suffered some sort of discrimination about their body. Generalizations about "what men prefer" cannot really be verified, and unfortunately society (and stupid people like this author) continue to perpetuate these ridiculous ideals of which the "perfect" body type is.
      Stop obsessing over what "most" men prefer, and focus on being healthy and happy in your skin. Maybe if more people do that instead of focusing on what everyone else thinks, these idiotic biases will start to disintegrate.

      1. 12isis20 says:

        beautifully put…if only

      2. gege says:

        no its not nice but think about it you would probably laugh if he said big women are gross think of it that way just sayin

    486. Devin says:

      Wonderful article, Dude!

    487. […] Ask A Dude: Do Guys Like Bigger Girls? : College CandyThere are indeed men out there who don't mind a girl with some meat … is disgusting and to trivialize eating disorders, that girl doesn't … […]

    488. […] of size is that women segregate into two camps: the skinny and the fat. For example, take this College Candy article. A “slightly overweight” girl wrote in to CC’s “Ask A Dude” column […]

    489. @ApacheR0SE says:

      I love, and hate this article. I love it for celebrating curvy gals. And when I say curvy…I mean CURVY…not "fat" and certainly not "obese." However, I do not like that the author is sort of putting down females who are not curvy. I use the term "sort of" because it is obvious here that he is not referring to a naturally thin woman…but women who skip meals and work out constantly to achieve this horribly thin look. You can definitely celebrate nice, curvy women…without dissing anyone else of any other shape or size.

      My own personal preference as a bisexual woman…is curvy women. And I tend to agree with the author on this statement: "Has anyone else noticed how closely these women resemble pre-pubescent teenage girls? I have! And what does that say about the people who think that’s attractive?"

      I often refer to Hindu Goddesses when I describe what I think a woman should look like (only my opinion). But, with that said, I have also seen tons and tons of thin women who are absolutely gorgeous!

      We all have our personal preferences…dont get angry at someone else because their preference isnt the same as yours..thats totally ridiculous.


    490. Amy says:

      This is just too funny! Soo…the fat girls can get made fun of there whole lives, but the first hurtfully true thing said about sticks and everyone's pissed. Too much fun. But this also just goes to show that not only bigger women are self-conscious, look at how EVERYONE on here is being defensive of themselves. Everyone has confidence issues, and anyone who doesn't would more likely be single longer than the twigs or big girls, guys may not like girls who have no confidence in the world but I'm sure they can't stand the little nastys that think everything and their dog are perfect and just too good to be true.

      1. hannaher says:

        You go girl!

    491. Cathryn Anne says:

      I’m self-recovering from an eating disorder, and i really did and still kind of obsess about my weight. and I myself think that this dude is not very educated on body types and genetics ect. You can be a real woman as long as it’s natural. Natural=real, you can be naturally thin and that makes you real, not gross. You can be naturally thick/curvy, which makes you real NOT gross!
      Everyone is different. Lay off the whole critisizem for different body shapes and types.

    492. Katie says:

      all you skinny girls out there just don't understand how everything works. when a guy starts dating a bigger girl all there little guy friends start making fun of them and saying nasty shit about the bigger girl ok it has been happening to me sence i started dating. i am big so what i love who i am yes i wouldn't mind losing 5 or 20 pounds but for the most part i like me. guys don't want to be seen with big girls because of what other guys are thinking, its not a fun way to think of thigs but the truth is not alway pleasent. one day im sure i will find someone but i can tell you that they are not going to look like Taylor Lautner eather. the fact is no matter what you look like just except yourself for who you are and don't worry about stupid things like the way you look.

    493. Emmaline says:

      Though i agree with much of what "Dude" said, his words against skinny girls are hurtful. I recognize that this article was not meant for me, not personal, etc. But i would like to point out that there are girls (like me) out there who eat all the time, never work out, and STILL are ridiculously thin. Or, as "Dude" stated, resemble pre-pubescent teenage girls. And we deal with just as many insecurities as girls that are 20ish pounds overweight. We are constantly seeing curvy girls getting attention, hearing guys talk about how how other girls boobs and butts are. And we sit there with our 14-year-old-girl bodies, wishing we had something for the guys to look at. We always have to deal with the knowledge that our boyfriends wish we had more. And we often have to deal with cheating boyfriends, because they decide they can't live without more. There's two sides to every story. 95% of the world's population has it hard. The rest are celebrities and Supermodels. We deal. But it's people like you, "Dude", that make dealing hard.
      A Skinny girl

    494. Edward says:

      I admit I would probably choose average over underweight or overweight. But size never has bothered me unless it has been physically debilitating or obtrusive. If it can be lived with, I have nothing against people living with it. It's not something I (doubt anyone) would choose if I had the choice. So yelling at people saying how fat they are or skinny doesn't really do anything but cause eating disorders and insecurities. If they feel it is truly wrong they are probably already doing something to change their weight. So please don't go out and label them like you know everything about them. I dislike fat too, but that doesn't make someone who is a bit overweight a horrible human being…

    495. Andy says:

      Fit = healthy = sexy
      Fat = unhealthy = not sexy.

      end of.

    496. Matt says:

      This guy is a idiot. He is probably a chubby chaser trying to make some fat chick feel better about herself. First off, the Olsen twins are gorgeous. Second, guys don't want fat chicks because they are repulsive. How hard is it to eat better, or a lot less and work out. I want to throw up just thinking of fat girls right now. I'd take a skinny girl with no ass or tits any day over some monster fat chick. Then finally, the only guys who hook up with fat chicks are guys who want to get some. The second a skinny girl comes around the guy will be gone.

      No guy wants a blob when there's a hardbody who will give him equal attention.

      1. Kim Han-soo says:

        You Jack ass. First off the Olson twins are anorexic drug addicts. You can tell they are unhealthy by their hair and skin tone, trust me I'm a doctor. You are shallow and probably fat, and you are probably afraid to admit it. I'm a chubby woman, but I do workout and eat healthy, but I'm glad I'm fat, at least I have a honest man knocking on my door and not you.

    497. Brianne says:

      Wow…once again…everyone in the fucking world seems to think its ok to talk shit about skinny girls. If I was "curvy" like most women, I dont think I would accept a compliment from anyone if it resulted in bagging another woman. THATS PATHETIC. This is why us WOMEN, "real" or "thin" are so fucking self conscious in the first place. And guess what? Im a skinny bitch and I have never had a man tell me that was a problem….I have only heard other women tell me it was wrong. The thing about men is…they will screw anything that walks so "man" standards mean jack shit to me. I just wish women would stop being so low and just stfu and stop supporting these categories men put us in.

    498. Sherry says:

      WELL, I'm a lesbian girl. I'm curvy and on the right weight. I have medium breasts and big but normal hips. Skinny Girls are ugly, it's true. But normal and healthy thin girls are AMAZING. And in my opinion Sara Ramirez (by the pics I've found) is super fat. She is just not sexy, it's ugly.
      The girl that said it's really hard to lose weight is right. I went through this too. I did everything on my range to lose that overweight. And that's what I did I lost it. BUT I ADMIT, I WAS UGLY THE WAY I WAS! I was not asking stupid things saying things like I'm beautiful but i'm overweight. If you're overweight you're sure not beautiful! Sorry.
      And she says she's just a little overweight. If you're just a little, it's easier! Go on and lose this %&#@*&¨% pounds!

    499. Jack says:

      ok. i don't care what any of the other comments say..
      A) Real women are not fat assed bitches with rolls.
      B) Really now, no one NO ONE except fucking bulldykes want a fat woman.
      GET IT?
      Fat women are substandard. They denigrate beauty and lower the bar so they can be called "thick" and "BBW" gimme a fucking break.

      1. Yeah well.. says:

        Actually it all depends on what a person considers "fat"…because I know some people who are just under 200 but look about 150… so I guess its all about how you tone yourself…and to tell you the truth most girls who you consider skinny probably dont want to have a guy like you telling them to lose weight all the time if they gain because a lot of women do gain weight when they get older sooo good luck in finding your "right" woman

    500. Turtle says:

      It's ridiculous how many skinny girls commented on this bitching about how this was offensive to them. Society and the media is offensive to fat, chunky, slightly overweight women; just flick the tele on and oh, shocker, skinny actresses (and actors)! Not ALL overweight people sit on their ass and eat unhealthy all day- just like not ALL skinny people are anorexic or bulimic who work exercise all day.
      The point is: a majority of people do not have a choice on their weight. This could be genetics, metabilism, enviroment, not enough money to buy food or get into a gym, etc. So all you skinny bitches stfu about how hard you work out and the diet youre on.
      I do have to mention that OVERWEIGHT (obese or not) WOMEN particulary are looked down on, ridiculed, and blamed for being the way they are. It is harder to be fat than skinny. Fuckyou, but it is. Sad but true being underweight is far more accepted than being overweight, although both pose terrible problems. To say that fat chicks are equal to skinny in today's society is like saying black and white were equal back in the day (not quite as torrid, of course). If you disagree just take a look around and don't be an ignorant bigot.

    501. Someone says:

      Actually I am 200 pounds and 16 but I am built athletically. All through my life I have done different sports and activities and work out for 2 hours in the gym with 30min of weights 5 days a week. The reason I am like this is because I have a really slow metabolism. So yes I have some fat rolls but I have good amount of muscle underneath. Never in my life have I been considered lazy… if at all people think I am too active (which I don't believe because I love evrything I do). But seriously ladies..just love who you are and don't let anyone put you down because all of you are beautiful and you don't need anyone rating that beccause of your body type. If you want to lose weight then do it because you want to become more healthy and not so much for the image. Just to let you know.. women (small, medium, or large) stop hating on each other or saying its "unfair"… if you have a problem with yourself deal with it don't lay it out on other people.. and I'm not saying everyone does this.

    502. sarah says:

      I don't care what boy's think but when my bestfriend told my that somepeople were calling me fat behind my back that got me mad so what should I do?

    503. spencer says:

      i just hit 200 lbs(even though im constantly trying to lose weight) and im short so i should be around 120 to 130 and even though my friends and the guys i know say i have a nice body i hate my body with a passion.i hate looking in the mirror at it everyday.and i see the thinner girls side of things i have a friend that can out eat me anyday but is around 90 lbs(about 80% of that in her boobs) i envy my smaller friends but i realize they can be just us self consious about their bodies as i.

    504. misspl says:

      im not fat but im definatly not skinny but people need to realise that it doesnt matter what shape or size you are their will always be the someone for you woudnt you rather be fat and hve a good heart and be soo pretty than an under weight person who is stuck up their own arse and thinks that fat people are gross, people need to stop just looking on the outside of someone, and start digging deeper other wise we would get no where in life…btw im a girl

    505. rcl says:

      Articles like this are sad. Why the fuck are people trying to make it curvy vs. skinny when there are so many body types out there? Be happy and healthy and stop reading shit like this.

      Ps. Stumbler, I hate you for bringing me here.

    506. The wacko girl says:

      Dear Dude,
      I am a high school student and i feel today in school too many people have the same taste and don't have their own uniqueness. With a honest heart I'm not trying to be mean, what I'm trying to explain is that i am VERY different from most girls because i LOVE fantasy, different and out-of-the-ordinary stuff that interests me. Anyway, my point is that I've been on the blind side of love because i never had a swimmingly relationship because guys would chase after me and say they like me and i jump for joy but then they used me to get attention, they're desperate or they want to keep our relationship a secret because i get bullied for being known as weird T-T.

      I had one relationship where the boy i was dating was 'the one' but then it turned out we were polar opposites . I would have crushes on guys but when they see the REAL me they believe I'm psycho and/or the girl who will never experience love T-T. My question is why do a lot of boys imitate someone else and not have their own uniqueness? For instance, i know a handful of boys at my school who idolize 'lil wang and same for the girls with lady gaga; to be honest what i notice is that more girls express having their own uniqueness than imitating someone else than boys. I don't mean to offend anyone out there so i apologize for the inconvenience.

      The wacko girl

    507. Big Boned! says:

      Really People It Kinda Hard To Lose Weight If Your Over 200Pounds And You Get Really Scared! Shoot If I Guy Dont Wanna Go OUt With A Plus Size Guy Then There Losing OUt On All The FuN! skinny Girls may be better in bed but can they warm you up at night? And In The Winter? Nahh Didnt Think so Plus Size Gurls Are Like You Heating Blanket And Your Big Teddy Bear!! Anyways I Woul Be To Scared To Brake The Skinny Bitches(: And Plus Size You Dont HAve To Worrie about It Bc We BIg Boned!!!

    508. FUCK YOU says:


      You're disgusting then. Ewww, stay away from me. Lez deserve to die, gross disgraces you are.

      Fucking foul. I hate you.

    509. Iris says:

      I fucking hate you thin whiny sluts.
      You have NO idea how it feels to be degraded and discriminated against for being overweight.
      I haven't dated before because I'm fat and people SAY THIS TO MY FACE.
      Thanks alot. You whorish moron scum make fat folks like me want to starve or kill themselves.
      Good job.

      1. Dani says:

        i totally agree! i am fat and i get turned down all the time! people tell me i have a pretty face but i am just not skinny! skinny girls get all the guys while us fat girls are ignored even though most of us have great personalities and we are really cool people! But just because we aren't skinny we get teased and shunned and just treated badly! so skinny girls…JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU WOULDN'T LAST ONE DAY BEING FAT! YOU WOULD COME HOME CRYING AND WANT TO DIE! thats how we feel everyday…i hate skinny girls who also call themselves fat….wow!

      2. FoxyThicChic says:

        well no offense to either of you but maybe thats because you both have such a low sense of self confident? I'm sure your both beautiful and you could find a man if you were just secure in your sense of self and simply stop giving a flying fuck about what anyone else thought. By the way this is coming from a chick who society would deem fat…overweight, thick or whatever you'd like to name it. But I have a beautiful great loving man (not to mention he's gorgeous!) and I've been with him for almost 3 years and I'm barely turning 18!! So if I can find a great guy, so can you like I said before stop buying into all the freaking stereotypes and listening to shallow pretentious people. Just go out and look!! If you know your beautiful then just act like it! Stop letting people deem your worth only YOU can deem your own worth!! no one else.

      3. FoxyThicChic says:

        If you haven't dated before, then its not because your fat its because you think so poorly of yourself, when you (this sounds cheesy I know) believe in yourself and stop giving a damn, like I did, men will come to you, and if all else fails just find them. I'm thick, and I have a man, and he loves my body, so its all a simple matter of preferences. Stop bullshitting yourself and buying into the media, and saying that no one will date you because your fat because thats just plain bullshit and deep down inside you know it too.

    510. chucker says:

      being in the middle is good. being really skinning isnt great either but if your a heffer lose weight, its almost all lifestyle, not genetics, and if you say you cant lose weight, your just making excuses and too lazy to do anything about it. why do you think all the big ones in the store fill their cart with pop and chips. oh yeah cuz its lifestyle. so lose weight or go date a loser.

    511. anonymous says:

      wow guys. bodies come in all shapes and sizes no matter who you are. point is be happy with yourself!

    512. airy_fairy09 says:

      Humans are complex creatures who know so much yet understand so little. We are gullible, unable to resist the notions and words of those who are only too influential for the worst. Hundreds of times a day we feed the young and old alike with unhealthy and superfluous information, in the form of a single image or sentence, regarding body physique and what is considered 'beautiful' in today's human society.
      I for one, am sick and tired of it.
      WAKE UP! You have heard of 'Photoshop', right?? Media and modelling industries don't use this for no particular reason you know! It's impossible to obtain the perfect with the single snap of a camera; without some major physical amendments through computer technology. It's only making the normal completely unrealistic. It's impossible to attain what some deem to be 'the perfect body'. So I say again, wake up human society!

    513. Priya says:

      Actually this makes me feel a lot better!!!!!!!!!! all of the guys at my school have something wrong with them they all are obsessed with SKINNY girls and i got lucky with the genes but i've delt with anorexia but now i currently am 5 8 and 105 pounds:) im 14 n still growing haha. i just dont know when i will meet a boy who doesnt always want just skin n bones😦 but for now i have to stay under 110 otherwise im going back to anorexia

    514. Michelle says:

      the only thing i find gross is
      1. overly obese women
      2. anorexic bitches with no curves whatsover
      3. skinny girls with big fake boobs

      other than that be proud of your body type and flaunt what you have. every woman is beautiful in her own way. if your skinny and have a cute perky butt or toned legs, show em off. If your full figured and have killer curves, wear something that shows off that hour glass shape. im 6'3, 155 pounds and have small boobs, but i do have long, toned legs and a thick ass that i always show off with mini skirts and short shorts, and it never fails to get attention (but my height might also have something to do with that). every woman has something flattering about herself that guys will appreciate.

    515. plz_go _sme_wer says:

      uhh yea im 13 male so yea im dating a big girl i guess you would say but i dont mind it she makes me happy and we both enjoy going out with each other so stop auguring and find ur type and stick wit it

    516. smielys:) :) :) says:

      i think that girls are also guilty of size discrimination because alot of girls like big muscular guys. i personaly think for me it dosent matter, muscular guys are sexy so are skinny and chubby guys but what is disgusting is when a guys just sit around all day eating junk food and being slobish and expecting girls to be a size 00 that is not sexy, im not saying that fat guys are un attrative it is just unattractive when a guy is unhealthy like one that has a beer belly or one that doesent take care of them selfs but size and looks should be the last thing on someones list of things to look far in a girl/guy

    517. smiely:) says:

      ps chubby guys are fun to hug!!! and more times than not, nicer!

    518. Taylor says:

      skinny girls…eat a burger…they are good😛 Xd thats from a model…i like burgers and also i think everyone is beautful in thier own way they just need to embrace it and stay confident :) and i think it doesnt matter big or skinny you are beautiful if your personalitly is …….btw coming from a bi girl :)

    519. JimBob says:

      Christina Hendricks is a fat ugly chick with big fat saggy titaays.

      1. Kim Han-soo says:

        Why would you look at an article that doesn't involve you in the first place. Isn't these articles for people like me. I looked this up hoping to get some incouragement because the guy I like is musclar. I'm not skinny. SO why did you look this article up? huh? It has nothing to do with you. It's called " DO GUYS LIKE BIGGER GIRLS" Not anorexic.

    520. Michmich says:

      Different people find different body types and personalities beautiful. Thank goodness for that, or we'd all be fighting for the same mates! If a man is going to choose who he would like to be with based on a girl's BMI and you don't happen to be in that range, then he obviously isn't the right man for you. No worries; there are plenty of other men out there who WILL find you attractive. The secret is finding them! Dating is often a numbers game; if you only know one single guy, what are the odds that you're going to be a good match? You need to meet different people, go on several dates before you find a guy who is going to be right for you! Don't settle. And no excuses. If you say to yourself "I can't start dating yet, I need to lose weight first, (etc.)", then who is really judging you on your weight? YOU ARE. Stop judging yourself so harshly. Sexy starts in the brain and works itself downwards, it's in your eyes, it's in the way you talk, it's in the way you carry yourself.

    521. kayla ann adams says:

      i think that what matters is there likings and a kind heart i am overweight but i think that people that juge people by their appearce is just wrong i mean yeah so not alot of girls/boys like to talk to me just because i am not skinny but i hope no i wish to find a guy that understands me and dosen't care about looks that is my only wish you know i think that all the guys that base girls by their body are people that only want one thing to have sex with girls then never see the girl again or dump her right after sex it is so sadding to me i know people like to be skinny but i think teens and models could have a burger without damaged looks i think they need that because they are creepy skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps i am not a guy i am a girl speaking for everyone

    522. Jess says:

      OK so WTF is a 'real woman'? I hate how I hear much bigger (*ahem* obese) women say 'I'm a REAL women because I'm not a bag of bones (well either am I! I have quite curvy hourglass hips. I just happen to have a flat stomach. Plus I have thin arms and legs because I have MD which causes me to have a lower than average muscle mass thus making them thin. But I don't have ribs sticking out) .Women come in all different shapes and sizes. We have different metabolisms and certain conditions that can affect our weight. You shouldn't automatically assume it's from overeating, or lack of eating.

    523. lola says:

      why is everyone so obsessed with this honestly the only reason girls are so obsessed about their weight is because we dont know what guys consider being a sexy curvey. and skinny girls need to stop taking this so personally. if your naturally skinny and eat what you want why are you complaining! loads of girls dream to be able to do that i know i do. dont get me wrong i eat lots and i never starve myself but i excercise too why cant people just enjoy food and not feel bad if you eat a sweet
      and guys that say you need to be confident it is not that easy you cant suddenly just feel good about the way you look

      and just to let you know i am not ugly i just have a small bit of weight and just to convince you i am a uk size 10

    524. straight guy says:

      this straight guy thinks that all but one of the "gross" girls were by far the hottest. just my opinion. if i can see ribs your to thin but if you cant see your feet your to fat plain and simple. also if you are bf-ugly then no s**t no one will approach you but if your a thin blond with blue eyes like the sea and nice C cups then you get approached its all just the simple fact of guys follow their second head. but saying that all thin girls are bitchy and all fat girls are nice is just making a stereo type it is just like me saying that all black people have big lips and big noses and are always trying to steal. i think we all have the same chance to find the right person so if you sit at home and bitch that you cant find a guy then go do something about it, like i dont know maybe go run or go eat at McDonald's whatever you want but sitting here asking Dude why guys only like thin girls is not going to get you a guy.

    525. britt brat says:

      hi, im a size 22 and i look damn good, and im a black female with plenty of respect for my self and any man that im dating. dude, i am so proud that u as a real man put this up. you have made me happy about what u said; not only because i am a full women, but because u realized that there r different types and u shouldn't b scare to go after something (a bigger women) u just might like. hell, that women just might b everything u was lookn 4 just a little more to love. i have seen plenty of full women, beautyiful women that found a good man that loves them; some after they started to get reid of some of the extra weight for there man and self and r happy, married, and now live lovely life style! my point is ladies b happy with your self, and act like your a women with so hips and a fat ass cuz late me tell u it is a good look if even beyonce to the mo we knew on the parkers. beauty is what u believe!

    526. Paula says:

      Oh, okay, so apprently its perfectly okay to be fat, but if a girl is skinny then its suddenly a bad thing? Let me just say, those of you complainign about being fat problably have compulsive eating disorder (unless you have a relaly slow metabolism, in which case this does not apply to you), which is an eating disorder, just like bulimia or anorexia. You want to say that being fat is okay, yet beign thin is not, well I think thats hypocritical. They are both weight extremes, and, frankly, its not healthy to be overweight, even just a little bit. Your body is meant to be at a certain weight, and beign above that is just as damaging as being below. Beign OVERweight means that you have crossed that line and your weight is no longer healthy. Being overweight is not the same thing as being on the heavier side of healthy weights.

      Now I'm saying this being both bulimic and anorexic, and let me say its not fun at all. Trust me when I say that, unless you have these disorders, you don't have any fucking clue what its like. I had to give up a huge scholarship and amazing opportunities so I could stay home and go to intensive therapy! Does that sound like fun? And I'm tired of people complainign about their weight. If you don't like your weight, go on a diet. Sure, it might take years to lose the weight in a healthy way, but at least youll be doing something about it instead of just sitting there complaining.

      Also, I personally think thinner women are more attractive. Why is that a bad thing? Some people prefer thinner women, others heavier ones. There's nothing wrong with either.

    527. Clair <3 says:

      Some beautiful girls have rotten personalities. It doesn't matter about weight or height. Guys should be happy to have someone who will love them unconditionally, and girls should do the same. I am fit and so is my boyfriend (because we love to run alot), but my best friend has issues with her thyroid. She is a size 26, and I am a size 4, but we spend every moment we can together. A "skinny" girl is NOT too good to have a decent conversation with a larger girl, and larger girls should understand that they are beautiful no matter what.

    528. morgan says:

      First off this article is absolutely rediciculous . Since when have skinny girls been deformed ? I don’t know one guy who would prefer a fat girl over a skinny girl without a huge ass & big breast let me tell you njust because a girl is skinny doesn’t mean she’s got it in her head that she’s goregous but I’m 5 foot and weigh 92 pounds my boyfriend & me have been together 2 years he prefers skinny litt& tiny but I guess some guys do like bg but very. FEW

    529. Samantha says:

      Just saying, im a relatively medium build college aged girl. I have felt overweight before, and all the weigth tests that i ever took at school when i was in highschool always came out as overwieght. BUt heres the thing, im not overweight, in fact i think i am beautiful and i am confident in myself.
      These comments (especially from you guys) have really encouraged me to continue being myself and to continue being my giglly,goofy, person. Its just nice to be encouraged once in a while when there are all these ads EVERYWHERE that make me feel SO fat. But honestly, im glad i found this site.😀

    530. Alex says:

      Woah….your just saying all this crap to make her feel better! Your makin it sound better for fat girls than it is! I’m a guy and I KNOW I would never date a fat chick! The skinny girl is better every time!

    531. GodsGirl:) says:

      Listen im not overwieght that much and im not trying to sound like i love myself but im beautiful some what smart and u no what i LIKE being over weigh that way when i do get i guy ik (i know) that he likes me for me and nto just the looks i mean i look skinny but i am over wiehg cause im that kinda person but i hate it when skinny girls go "im so fat" bc (because) then ur like well if ur fat then i must look like a friggin cow!?!??! yea i get that feeling so i like that i can read this in be like wow im over weigh n PROUD!!

    532. Weston says:

      I think that everyone here should remember that this is about one guy speaking on behalf of many guys on a very sensitive female issue. Most of you have made valid points worth noting. I’m only 17, so I don’t have alot of perspective on the date life. But it all comes down to the guy in the long run. I give this guy respect for voicing his opinion. It’s almost impossible though for him to give an answer of any sort with out recieving critical on some end. Love yourselves because you are worth being loved. We All have flaws and special people are out there that can work with them. Thanks for reading.

    533. Curvy Woman says:

      There are many men who preffer curvy bigger girls and women.

    534. happpy in hawaii says:

      I love the guy's comments here. They are helping us to feel more comfortable, and believe in ourselves. Really some kind words.

      I've been skinny all my life (I love walking and everything active and have been veg for forever too). I would like to offer some counter-esteem for skinny girls. Look at Keira Knightley, Kate Bosworth, Kate Moss when she was skinny. A) beautiful boyfriend, B) beautiful boyfriend, C) had Johnny Depp.
      An average dude may call them "gross". But a refined or artsy dude might understand and be in love..

    535. SophieAnne says:

      I am a normal sized girl for my height i guess, i watch my weight occasionally for health purposes and think as long as you are healthly i.e excersizing and eating balanced diet, then your body naturally will be really good, i personally think it is finding the right balance, I embrace girls who have a curvy shape, i am one of them! but not so curvy you risk your health, i personally think boys like normal sized girls who are confident in their own skin (: I personally wouldn't want to look like a model, i would want to look like Beyonce so in short, i agreed with the Dude!😀

    536. Calla says:

      I was actually Googling "do guys like slim girls" because I've never had a boyfriend. First thing first, when yall say "fat".. Do you mean curvey? Curvey is not fat. Fat is when it's out of proportion. Fat is obese, lumpy, lardy, people.
      I have a weird metabolism which doesn't allow me to gain weight. I'm almost 100 maybe less at 18 years old. But I love my meat and other foods. I don't eat fast food cuz I HATE greasey things! The article did hit a soft spot, I have to say. Honestly I think if a woman is slim and has a really pretty face, isn't too plain, fun, etc., then she is more attractive than anything else. I have seen ugly slim woman.. Yuck.

    537. hannah says:

      im pretty damn curvy and im proud of it. so suck it!

    538. John Smith says:

      Okay… I'm an 18 year old college kid looking at all of this and I've come to a pretty solid conclusion. When it comes down to it, people aren't upset because they're fat or skinny. They're upset because they aren't accepted. Bigger girls think that they aren't accepted because of the culture we live in, but so do a good number of skinny girls. It feels like everybody THINKS they're fat even if they aren't. But the point is, it doesn't matter. Who cares!? I mean, just ask yourself "so what?" If anybody here can come up with a good answer to that, let me know.

    539. Olivia says:


    540. amanda says:

      taking a world art history class really helped me open my eyes to what men of all ages think beauty is .. and alot of body types are different . more women should take that class i think and learn to love themselves and their bodies . I myself have a classic Renaissance preferred body .. slightly smaller boobs a hourglass figure and a bit of a belly . but I'm not over weight .. and most people think i'm too skinny . I don't care anymore cause alot of of my guy friends think I'm gorgeous and i can put some thicker girls to shame by how much food i can pack away . ladies eat healthy work out . don't starve yourselves and get self confident -even if you have to get Councilling . and remember some people have weight issues because their bodies have hormone issues not because they have no self control. like my friend . your doctor can help you figure out if its that . and remember muscle weighs more than fat so if your working out alot but not losing weight its prolly because your getting stronger and healthier not fat ! espcialy if you work out alot and eat healthy . love yourselves develop confidence live healthy eat healthy.
      ~Amanda ~

    541. Personality says:

      Why is everyone saying that skinny girls are bitches? I'm an average weight but about 30 percent of my closet friends are overweight, nobody is horrible to them. Every girl is dfferent and size has got nothing to do with their personality. Skinny girls aren't horrible.

    542. Jess says:

      Hello. For the past three months I've worked out and changed my body to a 120 lbs at 5 foot 6. Yes, I know that's skinny and I felt gross when I turned and saw how rail thin I was from the side.So I took the initiative to muscle and now am quite happy with my body in general. I can get how some would be offended with some of the things others have said, but one continuing pattern seems to be a desire to see a more healthy, active, friendly woman and I'm okay with that. Now I've stopped purely exercising and started to get a more active lifestyle like taking dance classes or heading out for a morning jog.

    543. Hannah Elrod says:

      I think that most of you are right. I am a girl who has liked a guy for a long time. But, I'm no one to say that I'm the skinniest of all the kids. I want to blend in but all I get are mean remarks and hurtfull sayings coming my way. I think that all the "overweight" girls should be proud of their bodies. We should try to stay fit, but be proud of ourselves for taking all of this crap from people! All of the ladies out there ,who are going through what I have known as my childhood throughout my life, should take a stand and show who we really can be! These thoughts that we get into our heads will literally tear us down if we don't take a stand and stop it. I am young but I can be persuasive!

    544. lovergirl says:

      im a girl and ive always been terribly self conscious. i know that i am smart, witty, funny, blah blah blah but that still didnt change the fact that i felt beneath skinny girls. im not super fat, but im not skinny by any means either. i guess i came to see that skinny is what people like since skinny people always seemed to come out on top. prom queen= skinny cheer captain=skinny popular girl=skinny girl who got guy=skinny….the point is that none of them were even the slightest bit overweight. i see everything that i have to offer and i know that i am a real catch and for that reason i will never lower my standards and cease to seek what i am looking for. of course i dont expect a hot modelesque type of guy, i simply want a good looking guy who can see me for who i am and love every bit of my personality as well as my physique.

    545. Ally says:

      Good thing I didn't bother reading this. All I know is that you called both Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth and Joe Saldana gross therefore your opinion is invalid.
      I'm sure you'd get so bad of an erection you'd knock yourself out if you were even in a 50 mile radius of any of these ladies. Diane Kruger > you.

    546. naughty2000 says:

      dear you,
      i no this might sound despret and im only 11yrs old but ive been lonley for 2years but before that the relationship only lasted fo 3 days (not a long time) and ill will like to have another boy-friend i must amite im a little over weight and im not shore if they find my ugly or what ive got a good personalaty and ive got loads of friend im smart and a bit naughty,i dont no how to get a bot-friend,
      from i wont to be loved

    547. Anika says:

      i'm appaled at how people are squabbling over this issue, may pointing fingers at thin girls. if we're such pathetically skeletal images of perfection in today's society, why is today's society treating us like crap, calling us unhealthy, anorexic freaks who shouldn't count calories so much? i eat like a truck driver. i'm a veritable carnivore, fearing the majority of the plant world that can lie upon a platter, thus causing my diet to be very unhealthy on the greener side of things. i have a very dangerous, unhealthy diet based on meat, wheat products, dairy, and too much sweets and candy and ice-cream and the like. my blood pressure is askew and doctors are baffled as to how a mere fourteen year old girl such as i can keep up with a strict diet that should help me gain weight while i eat almost 35% less than i eat now. the foods which i consume are weight-building products.

    548. Anika says:

      it's the very same for larger women though. women who have amazing diets setout for them, women who exercise properly are still unable to shed their extra pounds. so instead of pointing fingers at us overweight/underweight people and ruling one over the other, how about just liking us all and assisting us in our tough roads to a healthy lifestyle. i'm a fourteen year old girl, 5 ft 3, 90 lbs, and I'm proud of it. I'm intelligent, I excel in the academics, I'm a good friend, a giving person, and I just want people to not like me nor dislike me for my body but for myself as a person.

      ps. this does NOT mean I'm glossing physical appearance over with some hippie-talk about personality trumping physical form. I may be the greatest, sweetest, kindest person in the world, but this does not give me the right to sit there and gain weight, so when people poke fun at me, i can yell back "Oh you shallow people! I have a great personality and that's what counts!"

    549. eighteen says:

      You're all lying.
      If you saw me (18 year old with a size 2 body) or some girl with a muffin top and chubby legs (aka the "real" girls of our nation)…you'd pick me.

      End of f***ing story.

      1. Someone says:

        Yikes! I'm not a guy but personally I would sooner go with the cubby legged muffin top than you. It's something about emaciated people that truly creeps me out. This coming from a 19 year old with a size 6 body.

      2. hannah says:

        lmao true that haha tell her!!:)

      3. criolle johnny says:

        18 … might have a "go" with ya. I sure as hell wouldn't KEEP you with that 'tude!

      4. Kim Han-soo says:

        That is not true. I'm nineteen thin and muscular. I've never been attracted to skinny sluts. And if you are so sure of yourself, then go fuck a donkey, because with that sureness in your attitude, a donkey would be the only thing you'd get.

      5. Niamh says:

        Yeah, probably, but you don't have to be a bitch about it.

      6. Slim Jim says:

        Yes! They are all lying. Any guy would choose the tight little hottie over the potato-shaped girl.

      7. Adam says:

        yall are perfect for each other. its superficial people like yall that make young teens feel self conscience about their bodies. everyone has their opinions so i guess yall are a match made in superficial heaven…not real heaven cuz your judging a person by the way they look and not what really counts which is their soul

      8. Hunter says:

        I know right!! I thnk what you said is100%true!

      9. bfudfbgkjd says:


      10. Nichole says:

        not with that nasty attitude they won't. if u were a nice skinny girl then yeah, but gosh ur a messed up person. image is just a sex thing and anyone and everyone can be seen as beautiful. some of the most gorgeous girls i meet end up looking the ugliest when they have an attitude like urs.

      11. Countess says:

        Does that make you feel better about yourself?

      12. Slim jim says:

        I'm sure it does! Why wouldn't it?

      13. fuck.u says:

        no i wouldnt pick you….. id give you a cheeseburger, u snobby stuck up bitch:) and you are what most people call "SKINNY BITCH" bitch..

      14. girly17 says:

        well being smaller is ok, but your acting like a bitch. saying that your better than some girl with chubby legs. he was spot on about that.

      15. martin putt says:

        That is utter rubbish if i saw you or chubby girl the choice for ME is simple big girl, that is MY thing not all men like skinny girls deal with it

      16. Katie says:

        you may want to recheck yourelf sweetie, my friend is a size 1 and i am a size 22. the guys hitted on me more than her. i have also maintanied a longer relationship then she ever has. this guy that my friend really liked didnt like her at all. so i asked him why and he said that larger girls are more attractive, i dont want to date somoen that i can break in half no matter how pretty she is." im sorry but skinny isnt that pretty especially if your ugly on the inside. your outter beuty much match your inner beuty. girls like you make me feel bad about myself and thats why i have an eating disorder. and what i mean by that is, i eat to cope with the fact that im fat and skinny girls bring me down. i eat in private becomes im embaressed by what im eating . when i eat in front of people, i know they are saing mean stuff, so i stuff my face to try to make the pain go away. …… you need to revaulate what you say to people. because you might be "pretty" on the outside, but that doesnt make you beutiful. beautiful is when you treat everyone with respect including yourself. did you know that 95% of the friends i have are skinny and love me for who i am. who stick up for me when someone says somehting mean to me. i have friends who range in the size of a 00 because of hea;th issues to size 23…. all my smaller friends trust me with the opnions i give them. and i trust them. they look past the "fat" and they see the real me. the funny outgoing crazy, fun person i am . if you knew me "the fat girl" you would know that when i was 12 i was 5'7 and weighed a 136 piounds. and i was still called fat even though my bones stuck out; and i was tall and dangly.

      17. FunSize says:

        You're an idiot.

    550. hannah says:

      yeah im same. im 13 and have literally 0 self confidence. haha but thats the thing im trying to raise cause guys do like that. and idc what people think about me i just make myself sad.
      p.s. i try to loose weight..never works:)
      good luck!:) i get guys (not hoeish obviously haha)

    551. BigAndProud says:

      Wow. okay well. i was just curious about this topic, and reaing this, there are ALOT of opinions.
      Me looking into the world, bigger girls are beautiful, if they atleast keep a clean apperence and isnt so big they have to be in a wheel chair. And skinny girls are beautiful too.
      My opinion would be that guys go to skinnier girls, because alot of them are confident about there weight, and leave them…when they start complaining.
      Im a bigger girl sure. but i also find girls attractive(Bisexual)
      And really. if your sure of yourself, but not a bitch, then i might like you. okay?
      Dont be all crazy and dont put yourself down! SUCH A TURN OFF!!
      p;.s im 13 and 205. what now? HA.

    552. Cierra says:

      I Dont Think Its About wight Its About If You Have A ASS And Boobies LiKE THATS What a boy wants

    553. uzy says:

      in my opinion i think large women are absolutely beautiful. i don't see my self attracted to thin women i gues i like a women with a amazing and large figure. but on the otherhand to women like large men?

    554. Single says:

      Hi I need advice from a guy. I wanna no if my crush likes me because I’m like 3 or 4 inches taller than him… I’m in 5th grade and I wanna know If a fifth grade boy would like me If I’m taller. I would reaaaaally like a answer.!!!

    555. Single/Rebecca says:

      Hi I need advice from a guy. I wanna no if my crush likes me because I’m like 3 or 4 inches taller than him… I’m in 5th grade and I wanna know If a fifth grade boy would like me If I’m taller. I would reaaaaally like a answer.!

    556. Sarah Amory says:

      yaaaay for thick girls :):)

    557. Jessica says:

      I love how all these guys on here have positive things to say about full figured women, but they probably have size 4-8 girlfriends. I am a size 12-14 and nearly everyone I know considers me to be heavy. I'm so sick of being "cute". I want to be "sexy" or "hot" or even "gorgeous". I'm aways the one that guys want for a friend, but they never want as a girlfriend. As soon as a size 4 comes along, even if she's ugly, they are usually all over that. I excercise and eat healthy and am pretty and have a great personality. Frankly, men make me sick! I do realize that skinny women may have health probems, but other than that, I don't want to hear it cause they have no idea what it's like to be considered "fat"!

    558. Idigg says:

      Im really confused. seriously… Im a girl woman Dinosaur WHATEVER!!! I am big. No seriously im just big. Im younger… but still, id rather not be called lazy. well, who really cares people here dont know me! I was the 2nd biggest new born in the hospital. OUT OF ALL THE BOYS AND GIRLS. 9.5 pounds. for a new born baby. This is like… the first time Ive EVER seen men say they like bigger girls. You cant help your weight. you can… but you can just wave your magic wand and say I want some meat, or I want the stomache fat gone. I believe its harder for bigger girls with their social lives, dating lives, and emotions. Its my opinion but I wouldnt know what its like to be skinny.

      my own best friend in the 4th grade called me fat… and he was the only friend I had. He drew a picture of me and I looked like some… giant elephant. I had never had a friend before because people thought I was hideous. YES HIDEOUS! then in fifth grade I was called fat by the guy I liked. I was called muffin roll, Blubber butt, and a ton of bull crap. I even had chubby cheeks! I did everything to try to get rid of my fat and well… it failed. I was 127 pounds by the 5th grade. I think all girls are pretty. Maybe not face, body, but everybody is in their own way. I was an all A student and everyone called me a nerd but everyone is nerdy in their own way, and Ive learned that people only bother us for their flaws. Thay try to make themselves feel better which shows, these girls are completely insecure, self concious and a lot. I might be over my age weight blablablaaa but I dont care! I love myself and thats a hard thing for girls to do. really it is.

      btw, I dont go to McDonalds every day, but i do smile like a damn happy meal!!!

    559. Sierra Wilson says:

      Ok… this is kinda getting annoying with everybody fighting you know i was like that once to where i was being mean to girls that were thinner than me because i felt bad about myself. At school thats all i would think about because you would sit with your friends and they would be eating all these fatty foods and you would be sitting their eating a salad.. It was very degrading and made me feel like shit.. but you know what now that i understand all this you were born the way you were supposed to be so don't feel bad.. Don't get down on yourself because everyone is beautiful in their own way and you know what screw guys if they wanna tell you that your ugly or to big or too thin then forget them..

    560. Gaby says:

      Do guys like girls who aren't pretty.?

    561. someone says:

      i think guys like big girls, skinny girls, tall girls, short girls… the ones they don't like are the chubby ones with no tits… and unfortunately that pretty much describes me. awesome. no i'm not fat. i'm not skinny. my body is so weird. i am 24, 5'1'', 135 lbs, 134 in waist, barely an A cup, carry most of it in my stomach and thighs. i have a young face. i'm not ugly but i look like a teenager, but its not my fault… I try dressing older and i look like i am playing dress up. i dress my age and i feel fat.

      but oh well.. nothing you can do but try to stay healthy and exercise and find someone who loves you. my husband is on the young looking side too.. with a lot of my old boyfriends they wouldn't want to hold my hand in public because of exactly what the dude said about people thinking they are sick for being attracted to a young chick.

    562. LDO says:

      I noticed something. I have a friend who used to model in the 1950's, she told me that at that time the fashion industry was controlled by women and the standard model size was an 8. Now the fashion industry is controlled by men who like women to look like pre-adolescent boys and the standard model size is a 2. Hmmm.

      Tastes change in a society, it used be that a status woman carried a few extra pounds because poorer people had do do physical labor and ate less. Now thinner women have more time to work out and healthier food is more expensive. So, more status conscious men will take out the thinner arm-candy. Human nature does not change, just the style of what is popular.

    563. austin says:

      well im a 26 year old fit lad and ever since i was a kid iv had a big thing for big girls but the the trubble is that all the lads that like skinny girls seem to make it hard for you to like big girls but now that i have got older iv stopped trying to like the skinny smack head looking girls and its bbw all the way but what i can tell you about when you meet a man at first you would be best to not tell the world because this will make him run a mile its a big thing for a man to say that big girls are for him i think its harder than being gay but all you bbw's you are better and just have pride because more men than you thing love the way you look

    564. Hannah says:

      Hi im 14 and i am 5'4 currently weigh 156 lbs. I have been teased about my weight since 6th grade. this article and the comments have given me a new perspective about my weight. as of now i wear a size 9 and have 38C size boobs, but somehow all my friends think i weigh 126 lbs, wether they are just being nice or lying to make me feel better ill never know. I think the real reason some of these comments originated from is jealousy. thin girls want boobs and an ass like curvy girls but curvy girls want to be thin. A girl always wants what she cant have! too true!

    565. Belle says:

      I read this article because I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life, I may only be 16 but I’ve battled with being overweight for the first 14 years of my life! And then at the start of last year I lost 10 kgs in less than 6 months. I then became obsessed with my weight and the idea of controlling it seemed amazing to me as I couldn’t control anything else. I still to this day struggle with my weight, I have bulimic tendencies, I am prone to depression because of my low self esteem… I am 178cm tall and I weigh 59kgs. Which is quite slim. And to be quite honest, I was more upset after reading it than I was before

      I am shocked by the hatred in some of these comments! If a girl is naturally curvy so be it! If a girl is naturally slim so be it! I do however think that obesity and anorexia are dreadful for ones health and personally, if you’re happy with your body that’s ultimately what’s best, isn’t it? And don’t call people gross or disgusting! That causes huge psychological damage. Everyone has something beautiful about them. Skinny/Petite/Slender whatever you want to call them and Big/Thick/Curvy women all have something about them that’s beautiful and sexy! Love yourselves ladies! That’s all that matters. Someone elses opinion on YOU isn’t important

      And I also noticed a lot of negative comments about sexual orientation. I’m straight, I don’t care what everyone else is. Its their business. If they are happy that’s great. Love everyone as they are. Acceptance and tolerance. And don’t bring religion into this argument, at the end of the day its about THAT person, not you, not me, but THEM.

      And don’t be cruel to people who have had cosmetic surgery. So many people have it done nowadays that its no longer a taboo. Breast augmentation, liposuction, face lifts, botox, its not your business. If it makes that person happy that’s all that counts. Please note I am not supporting people who LIE about surgical procedures

      I know I may sound really lame and cheesy but please…all hatred/negativity etc towards another human being (or even yourself in a lot of cases) does is destroy that person/you.

      Love to all of you xx

    566. TIFFANY says:


    567. wolf says:

      personaly i love big girls. with a thing girl i afraid i going to break them if i even touch them. During the sex is the worse with a thing girl, there so bony that there pelvis grinds into and they have no tits or ass wheres the fun? with a big girl i dont have to worry about hurting or breaking them when i put my arms around them. u cna get rough during sex and its amazing! to all theose skin and bone girls get over urselves an gain some weight if u want a good guy!

    568. Irish says:

      I think some guys like skinny girls, some like curvy girls and a few like fat girls; it all depends on personal preference. Im a goodlooking woman (so Im told) but because im overweight, I dont like myself. Guys are attracted to me but things never work out coz I dont like myself. So the lesson is: Confidence is attractive no matter how big or small you are

    569. wangli123 says:

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    570. heidi says:

      gotta love us fat bitches you see us every where i am big and damn it I love my self dont ba mad skinny girls that when guys look at you we block their view. what man doesnt like a girl with some meat. dig in baby dig in

    571. wangli123 says:

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    572. Brittany says:

      Haha. Who the hell cares? It's the face that matters . . . and if you're a bitch, you'll look even uglier!
      I'm a girl. I just think this website's funny. Weight doesn't matter, it's about your personality and self-confidence that depicts you in the end. As long as you can do the things you want to do, and you feel really good, then your perfect. I personally am 5'7" 130 lbs. My husband loves that I have an ass and don't hesitate a good McDonalds sundae once in a while. It's love.

    573. Amy says:

      Thanks. I'm not even struggling with my weight (I'm a normal weight and my weight is now dropping), but I want to be thinner. Thinner to the point where I'm underweight. I want to be a pro dancer (as in professional ballet). The people there are very strict about weight and if I slip and get too fat I run the risk of not getting the part. So I'm on a strict diet although I am only 12. I've noticed however "Why do girls have to be so skinny?" Guys can just EAT AND EAT AND EAT AND EAT and not gain ANYTHING (Trust me I know this is true because I have a brother who eats like a pig but is still a bean pole). I don't think it's very fair. The media has clouded our heads with a sickening standard for perfection that we can't even escape. New diets are advertised ALL the time, and in magazines you see stick thin models. I've noticed that now it's starting to look like the plus sized models are actually more of a normal weight than the stick thin models. I can't stop myself from dieting and excessive exercise but your article helped me a lot. Thanks dude:)

    574. Tammy says:

      Holly are u kidding and ryan! Ass much?!?! Ryan; why do u think a fat or bigger girl should have to date a bigger fat boy!?!? Thts soooooo rude! Girls should be happy there curvy not dissing healthy chicks but ppl shoupd be themselves and girls can like whoever they want, big chicks dont have to like bigger ppl! And holly!!! Up ur self much!?!? He was sayin like anorexic chicks are gross not healthy fit girls! I agree with dude and think u to imparticulary are idiots who need to re read this cuz u cleary read it wrong! Im bigger and beautiful and i like it, i have a boyfriend whos skinny ryan so f&!k u i dont have a crush on a bigger guy and still got a thin one so up urs!

    575. Tammy says:

      Rebecca same here an u too tiffany agree with u 2 100%

    576. Tammy says:

      Totally agree 100% with nikki and amy 2!!!!

    577. Tammy says:

      And brittany 100% lol

    578. lilyjerseys says:

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      have not thought about before.Thanks for making a really cool post which is actually very well composed. Will be referring many friends regarding

    579. Fat Dude says:

      I'm an chubby man but I loooooove skinny chicks. I never go for fat chicks no matter how good their personalities are. Skinny chicks have good personalities too. First thing is how you look. If a woman can't look good, if she can't have any control over her love for food, then good luck, I'm not interested. I'm trying to loose weight myself and it's working. Why can't a woman?

    580. kierstyn says:

      I'm a thick woman with some curves in the wrong places. My fiance is a muscular man that loves sports. I'm not. He still loves me as I am and accepts my body. He tells me everyday how sexy I am and wouldn't change that. When I nearly starved myself when we first started dating because I thought he hated my body because I was insecure and landed in the hospital he marched in my hospital room. He sat next to me and held my hand. He said this: You're the most beautiful woman I've ever came across and I wouldn't want it any other way. If I wanted a skeleton I'd date one. You are amazing and intelligent. Please don't do this to yourself. I nearly fainted!! We've been together for almost 5 years now. We go to the same school, have the same friends, and enjoy our lives. That day in the hospital I realized I don't control my weight. My weight controlled me and all my possibilities. Do I wish to be less curvy?? Yes. Will I obsess over it and let me define my life?? NO!! Not everyone is shallow. It just takes that special someone. Thanks Ask A Dude for bringing this subject to light.

    581. Pinky says:

      People need to stop focusing on how other people see you and learn to love and accept who you are. After that then comes a relationship.How can you love someone else when you don’t even love yourself. People focus too much on body type and ignore inner happness.

    582. Joe Stilwell says:

      I dont know what to say, except I love huge girls, fat and flabby is the kind I love…egg shaped and rotund

    583. Caitlin Weber says:

      I do believe there is much hope for bigger girls when it comes to guys. Although there are still too many guys out there who only think women who wear are size 2 are attractive, the whole idea of what is considered beautiful has indeed changed some. 10 years ago it wasn't sexy at all to have a big ass or huge tits, and now almost every guy I know wants a 'thick' girl. i myself am pretty full figured, i'm 5'1 and weigh around 190 and I get positive attention from men. But that is also because I am confident in the way I look and I have come to embrace who I am.

    584. Tammy says:

      Fat dude u sound like a dick! First of all u said gat chicks cant look good when really wait till u see them dressed up! Joe u sound awesome! Im curvy an i like it! Samantha u rock 2, totally agree bout marolyn 2! Fat dude haven’t u ever heard the saying, dont judge a book by its cover, it can be awesome inside!? So seriously become a man and don’t stay a total dick!

    585. Tammy says:

      Totally 100% agree caitlyn, about ur whole post! It’s so tru! I know theres hope for all the other curvy woman out there!

    586. Tammy says:

      Ty uzy, i think u sound awesome!!

    587. Alaina says:

      My boyfriend of 3 years is tall and skinny and I am just the opposite, short and heavy. I'm uncomfortable with my weight and that has affected my self confidence, both in myself and in my relationship. I don't know the dynamics of losing weight personally for myself, but I have tried so many diets and so many exercise routines and exercising for hours a day with lighter meals… I don't get it when nothing happens. It's very discouraging and unfortunately we live in a world where judging is just second nature. I questioned myself why and how anybody could love me like this, and I guess the answer is that beauty is only skin deep. My boyfriend loves and cares about me so much that it seems like too much happiness to contain. He says what hurts him in our relationship is my constant bashing of myself. He loves me the way I am and to see me hating myself hurts him — I'm working on that. I think I was just very blessed to have a real man make me feel like a real woman.

    588. Karl says:

      I love a nice buxom girl,as in a big round belly with a big bum and very big boobs,I love them both black and white sizes between 20 and 28.

    589. FLD says:

      Sorry, "confidence" won't make up for an extra 50 or 100 pounds of fat. You would have been doing this woman a favour if you had bluntly told her that looks do count and maybe she should diet or hit the gym, instead of making irrelevant comments about how ugly skinny women are.

      1. Firstly, that's not necessarily true. There are a number of people who are 50, 100, or more pounds and are in relationships. Just because it's not your thing doesn't mean you can speak for other men.

        Secondly, dieting or exercising doesn't work for every person, because everyone's bodies are different. Just like some skinny women can't gain weight even if they pig out, some fat women can't drop weight even if they make exercise and starvation a full time job. So for people like that, what are they expected to do, kill themselves?

    590. Rainman says:

      Always skinny over curvey. women are preetier skinny, a tiny waist is feminine, and also lets face it skinny girls are more attractive.As for boobs minus silicon implants, large breast usually hang over large guts just mounds of fat, i cant think of anything less attractive, smaller and perky is the only way to go. There's a reason kylies small tight ass has always triumphed in polls compared to larger ones and why Cheryl Cole consistantly ranks as mens first choice. fat is gross, thick legs are not womanly atall and come off it with the real men, real woman no guy wants to date a chick bigger that him

    591. Dr. Strauhl says:

      Any guy who has a problem with what the dude said is indeed a pedophile

    592. I understand says:

      being someone who is not the skinniest person on the world i can relate. but even tho everyone has good points i don't think you understand tht it's not just the insecurity about our body's, we are perfectly confertable with ourselves till someone calls us fat, chubby, unhealthy etc. it doesn't matter wht size or shape or even gender you are, everyone is the same. just becasue someone may be bigger doesn't make it any less hurt full of u comment on it, if u had something u weren't secure about and it was rudly comment on u wouldn't be so happy eather. yes i do belive ppl r kinder to thinner girls bc they fit the image tht is so widely brodcasted across everywhere we go. it's barberic how ppl can show this around and say u have to look like this or ur ugly and fat. but think about it, do the ppl who say tht stuff look like those girls eather? it's so hypicritical. my point is we alll just need to fucking get over our selves and understand tht no one can be exactly like u think they should be, bc it's not ur choice. everyone is speacial and different and beautiful in there own ways, the sooner everyone learns tht the better

    593. Jessica says: read this. I explain it better

    594. Angie says:

      Im 18 i weigh 154 pounds and i dont care with what people say about me. I think both skinny and curvy women can be attractive in their own ways. Its very rude to go to and tell someone "oh ur so FAAT." or "eat something ur too skinny". Its their body so stop being such a ass about it. I have both skinny and friends who are bigger than me and i think theyre all beautiful. As for all those haters who wrote nasty comments about fat people …Grow up its pathetic to whine about how fat people are lazy etc.

    595. GNM says:

      I feel like it is really sad that our society and species – who consider ourselves civilized, higher-thinking organisms – still have to focus on purely looks for attraction. We Westerners have WAYYYYYYY too much free time to be arguing about this when there are people all around the world who wake up wondering if they'll live through the day. Seriously people. Get some morals, please.

    596. esme says:

      There are alot of very sad opinions here. What I see many of you have failed to acknowledge is that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
      Firstly, I am "now" a fat person. After childbirth I breastfed for a long time and thereafter all my skimmed milk and health foods went out of the window because my child needed full fat everything… he was growing… money was little tight, I was single, so I put his needs over mine… I am still fat and I am very happy. I do want to lose weight for health reasons but the man in my life loves me full stop. He will always love me. I am pleased with my son's scholarship to a top English public school and I did it by myself, fat or otherwise…. the world is full of shallow wankers like the ones here and we obviously need them so that us Phd single parents can take stock and "hey, we're cool".

    597. I'm not real says:

      I'm an average sized girl who sometimes gets conscious about her weight but in reality we all do. I would just like to point out that we all base ourselves off of what normal is but I say the hell with normal because who is someone to tell you that you're not normal? Or that you're too skinny or too fat. If you're overweight and want to fix it because you want less health problems that's great but don't do it because you think you're ugly. And the same rule applies for skinny people. The only thing that i think needs to change with this whole fat vs skinny battle is that the trashing needs to stop because I've seen things that make it seem that fat is repulsive or fat people suck, it's a form of prejudice and it would really suck if we fought a civil war just to be prejudice again in the future in every aspect. I won't tell you to love yourself because most people find that an un-achievable goal. But at least accept who you are and try to find the silver lining in yourself if you are a self hater. And if you do change yourself remember to do it for all the right reasons.

      Peace out.

    598. asifidsay says:

      To opinions there is no end… Just try to enjoy life regardless of the people who put you down for
      whatever reason because there will always be jerks in the world.

    599. The Man says:

      It's interesting. People are trying to make certain groups feel better about themselves, and they do so by slandering other groups. I like how you'll try make an overweight woman feel good about herself, by telling her you like your women to be like women, not teenage boys. Imagine how all the women with A cup breasts that can't do anything about it feel.

      This is all superficial. A lot of you act like you're taking the moral high ground by supporting fat women, but you're all as bad as each other.

    600. Courtney says:


      Im 16 years old im a sophmore in highschool. Im not extremely overweight, but because im 4'9 i look it. I weigh 10 ibs more then my thin friends and its my height that does it.

      But you know something? I go home crying everyday. I look at a magizeen and then i literally finish my magizeen while im running my fucking ass off on a tredmill because i feel bad about myself.

      Fat girls only get fat guys? IM DATING THE CAPTIAN OF 4 HOCKEY TEAMS. HES 6'5 AND HES AMAZING. what the hell he sees in me? I dont know personaly, butim glad he does. He tells me everyday EVERYDAY that im the most beautiful girl hes ever seen, that im sexy and smart and funny. That hes been with the thin and pretty blondes and they dont make him happy like i do.





      I appoligize for my language, i dont like to speak like this, but my god im tired of this. I love myself. I look in a mirror and say somethings gosh i wish i was thinner, and i work out a little harder sometimes when i decide to loose a few pounds.

      but if you dont love me for me, then go fuck yourselfs because I love me. and more importantly then that, my boyfriend does. and if someone like him he can see past my hips and thys, then so can the rest of the damn world

      anyone wanna say something?

      see ya at mcdonalds bitches

    601. anonymous says:

      it is almost physically impossible for you to gain 100lbs when you are only eating really healthy with no junk, fried, or fatty foods while exercising everyday. If you are gaining that much weight then you probably aren't eating the right kind of foods or not getting ANY exercise in. If you think you are eating healthy and you still gain weight you should seriously think about getting second opinions from those doctors and nutritionists.

      This is not intended to hurt anyones feelings.

      1. Kim Han-soo says:

        I'm a nutritionist, and first off, you can gain 100 pounds while exercising and dieting. When you exercise, you gain muscle weight, it may make you look bigger but you won't loose the fat weight till all the muscle is rebuilt. Maybe you need to be a DOCTOR, because you SEEM to KNOW EVERYTHING.

      2. Kim Han-soo says:

        also, did you know its unhealthy to cut all fats and sugars from your diet. If you do it can cause Juvenal diabetes.

      3. shell says:

        Not cutting fats and sugar in much more likely to cause diabetes. As a nutritionist you should be advocating for a balanced healthy diet. As a ped. nurse I never met parents that feed their children an all protein diet.

        I Have seen many parents over feed fats and sugar as a result their kids are overweight an inactive. The kids with good metabolisms are hyper and can't focus.

      4. shell says:

        Unless you are on steroids it is unlikely anyone will gain 100 lbs of muscle. Unless there is underlying health issues gaining 100 lbs is caused by consuming too many calories for the amount of activity. If you are 100lbs overweight with no health problems you either eat too much, eat the wrong things or don't get enough exercise. most likely it is a combo of all 3.

    602. effourlives says:

      stfu. this is ridiculous and way too redundant.
      everyone likes different body types.
      some like skinny and others like fat

      anyway from personal experience and what i see around my area is that the 'curvy' women get more attention cuz of their tits or ass.

      that's what women are reduced to now: bodies.
      some bull*hit

    603. @crzyexoticc says:

      Wow some skinny girls just can't let us chubby girls have our moment can they?! It's bad enough "you people" are on the cover of every magazine, the star in every movie and dominate everything that is considered beautiful, but you have to bash on us in a silly blog that tries to make us feel less of an alien to our own world!! Same on you….. & hey I understand everybody has their own insecurities but let's be honest, if I were standing next to you and I guy had to choose which one he'd ask on a date, he'd most likely would choose you. So isn't that enough?

    604. Sue Domic says:

      I have found all comments very interesting… I am a 49 year old single woman who is a size 16 – 18 depending on what it is… I am also 5ft tall so I guess it shows. When I say "I guess it shows", I mean that I don't really notice it until I look into a glass window when I walk past or I look in the mirror. Other than that I think I am Elle McPherson and 6ft tall and bullet proof – lol… After a marriage; one 6 year relationship and going out with a few guys, I have learnt that yes there are a lot of shallow men out there who think that being with a skinny woman will make them complete, regardless of whether they have anything in common or actually really like each other but on the other hand I also know that there are good decent men who are with their larger partners because they think they are beautiful and enjoy being with them because of their intelligence, intellect etc. I have some really good girlfriends who are skinny also who have men hitting on them constantly and can have their choice of men but finding Mr Right is also hard for them. I guess all I am saying is I like me and I don't really give a bugger if a man doesn't like me because I am overweight.. I feel good and would like to lose some weight and it might happen one day but in the mean time I'm healthy and alive and enjoying everything around me. Life is too short to worry about how much I weigh every day. I did enough of that when I was young and it didn't help me a bit. I'm was still the same person whether I was fat or skinny and always will be. I always say that the only people who will be worried about how much I weigh when I die will be my brothers, as they will be my pall bearers :)….

    605. not a skinny bitch says:

      im an over weight girl and if you are so skinny then why did you take your time looking for this now stop being a bitch and eat a cheeseburger im confident with myself and i admit i was insecure and decided to look this up u got a problem with it deal with it bitchez