Tim Tebow in Trouble

There is no doubt that Tim Tebow is an outstanding athlete, a two time Heisman winner who will automatically enter the 2010 NFL Draft. But did you know that the world might never have known that?  In 1987, Pam Tebow was urged by doctors in the Phillipines to abort her pregnancy, because they feared that not only would the baby be stillborn but that her life might be in danger as well.  Pam decided to go against the suggestions of her doctors and carried the baby to term, producing one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time.

And now, Tim Tebow is sharing that story and speaking out against abortion in a 30 second spot for a Christian group called “Focus on Family” during the Super Bowl.

The media is buzzing, the NFL is talking and women’s rights groups nationwide are in a tizzy.

But why?
Why does anyone care?
Why does it matter that Tim Tebow is speaking out on a political cause?

The answer to that is: it doesn’t.  Everyone needs to stop making such a huge fuss about Tim Tebow participating in a pro-life ad. I mean, really, did this take anyone by surprise?  Tebow is the son of two Christian missionaries and has always been known for being a conservative who has religious standings.  He has been criticized for being preachy before, and is often outspoken on issues like this.

Even more, this ad really isn’t that big of a deal.

It was approved by a major network (CBS), who we can only assume wouldn’t air a crazily polarizing ad during their most lucrative advertising day. They wouldn’t want to risk the millions they’re making from everyone else, after all.  I understand why people feel so passionate about this ad and the message it aims to send, but Focus On Family isn’t trying to brainwash anyone into thinking that pro-life is the only true way of thinking. They’re simply doing what Coca-Cola and American Express do every year: trying to get a message out to the largest possible audience about a cause that they want to promote.

If they pay the millions required to get the air-time and have an approved script by the network airing their ad, it shouldn’t matter that Tim Tebow is taking that stand for the pro-life movement in a public forum.  This is no different than him saying to it to reporters after a game, so if the pro-choice people are going to be that riled up, maybe they should just remember that other political right that we’re all entitled to: free speech.



    1. Shane Bertou says:

      I hope that this message will bring hope and healing to women and not the type of condemnation and ridicule that so many have cynically come to expect. That would be the kind of thing that could truly bring people together instead of politicizing this issue and dividing us further. Anything less would be a disappointment.

    2. Dia says:

      yea im just "pro choice" in the most literal way possible. you can do whatever unless your an idiot on your 2nd third or fouth abortion. I respect those who choose to keep the child and those who have reasons to abort. Sometimes children that were supposed to be aborted end up living fulfilling lives and i know a few who stick by anti abortion. I mean you never know unless you were that baby about to be aborted.

    3. chelseykelsey says:



    4. chelseykelsey says:

      I know that's not the point of the article, but that's a major error. On a related note, I agree with you. If the group has the money to air a commercial during the superbowl, good for them. Women's rights groups could do the same if they wanted.

    5. Sammie - Fordham Uni says:

      Crud, chelseykelsey you're right. I meant to say two time Maxwell winner (2007 & 2008) and one time Heisman (2007).

    6. Casey says:

      Thank you! If PETA can be allowed to air their commercials, then why can't focus on the family? Because liberals think only they should have the right to spread their message? Ugh, it's people like the one's getting angry about this that make this world such a miserable place sometimes.

    7. Chase says:

      wait, why are pro-choice organizations getting angry? Doesn't "pro-choice" mean the right to CHOOSE? So why would a pro-CHOICE organization get angry about a pro-life ad? Pro-choice also encompasses the right to life in addition to the right to kill, so if they're getting mad about a pro-life ad shouldn't they call themselves "pro-death"?

    8. M says:

      Lets focus on the real issue here. How can a company who had to lay of 275 people last year afford a 2.5 Million dollar 30 second slot during the superbowl, pay for production of the commerical and pay Tebow to be in it?

    9. Becca says:

      Whoa. Big error. He didn't win two times. Anyway, I don't agree with him. I'm pro-choice. But I'd rather have him preaching about babies than shooting himself in the leg at some night club.

    10. shari says:

      Chase: that is the worst logic i have ever heard. pro-choice is all about that, CHOICCE! pro-life is a nicer way of saying anti-abortion. they believe that woman shouldn't have a CHOICE to have control over their own bodies to seek out different ways of dealing with a pregnancy (keeping it, abortion, adoption). pro-choicers think that woman should be given all of those options. pro-lifers have just angled in on the abortion part of that and made people think that the debate is all about pro and anti abortion. the debate is over CHOICE. whether or not women should have choice when it comes to pregnancy. so, no, pro-choicers are not pro-death. you just got tricked by the right wing's handy way of wording things to sound better and more righteous then they are.

    11. Little J says:

      The issue with the commercial is that CBS has said in the past that they have a policy of not airing "controversial commercials" during the superbowl. PETA and the United Church of Christ have both been denied airtime during the superbowl on this basis. CBS is picking when they want to follow their own rules and that is a ridiculous and biased bit of policy on their part.

    12. Casey says:

      right, the choice to let live or the choice to kill. If you're pro choice then you're automatically pro-death since that is one of the choices. So me tricked? no, that would be you.

    13. Chase says:

      That last one was from me, didn't realize my girlfriends account was logged on.

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    15. Alena says:

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    16. Yubraj says:

      In Case Keenum’s 3 games (all wins) against Big 12 and SEC coptitimeon this year, Keenum has averaged 412 passing yards/game, 2.66 TDs, 0.66 INTs, 0.66 rushing TDs. Facing the same teams as Colt McCoy (Okie State, Texas Tech, UTEP) Keenum has roughly double the passing yardage, touchdowns, and less than half of the interceptions of Colt McCoy. Wake up and smell the coffee – Keenum is MUCH MUCH better.The argument that his numbers are because of a lower coptitimeon level is just wrong. If you are arguing that Keenum’s numbers are just because of a “system”, you’d also be just as wrong. Houston rushes the ball for about 140 yards per game, and if Keenum were not the QB, Houston’s offense would go to hell in a hurry. He has single-handedly brought Houston back to win games in ths final seconds against numerous opponents over the last two years, notably against Texas Tech and Southern Miss this year. Did Bradford get punished for running the SAME OFFENSE THAT KEENUM IS NOW RUNNING AT HOUSTON? (Sumlin was the o-coordinator at Oklahoma before becoming head coach at Houston). To reply to one other ill-informed opinion, Keenum has a cannon for an arm (I’m not sure why one of the previous opinions would even question his arm strength). This was the knock against him two years ago (as a freshman), but he now has incredible arm strength, and can accurately throw the ball 60+ yards downfield.Just watch one Houston game, and you’ll see the brilliance of Keenum. How he buys time in the pocket, makes amazing reads, checks into the rights plays time after time (without consulting the sideline, as many “no huddle” teams do now), and just plain wins games without making mistakes. He makes passing for 500 yards and 5 touchdowns look easy. Has anyone else even had a single game with numbers like that this year? Keenum has had several. Heck, just last week he threw for 560 yards and 5 touchdowns against a fairly stout Southern Miss defense. Keenum is quite simply, the best player in college football. And no amount of ill-informed message board responses can change that fact.

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