Single. On Valentine’s Day

So I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Yes, as we gratefully leave the frigid cold of January behind, we embrace the month of love…which, since becoming a single, leaves a frigid cold place in my heart. And as V-day creeps closer and closer with each passing day, I dread it more and more.

Everywhere I go I am reminded of my impending doom. Walking to class, I pass what seems like hundreds of fliers reminding me to get tickets to the Valentine’s Day gala, to buy my sweetie a singing telegram, and to send roses to that special someone… And if knowing that I have no one to take to the gala/listen to my singing telegram/accept some beautiful roses didn’t make me feel crappy enough, all of the profits from these promotions are going to Haiti. Great. So now I’m a bad person for not being part of a couple and not helping people in need.

Can someone pass me some brownie batter?!

I have no idea where this irrational fear of V-day came from. It was never a holiday that I got all excited for, but I enjoyed it as much as the next person. If nothing else, I always love me some chocolate!

And then I realized, while I was lying in bed tuning out my hall mates gushing about their Valentine’s Day plans, that this was the first Valentine’s Day since middle school that I have not had a boyfriend. That’s some heavy stuff to digest, and now I finally understand why my single girlfriends would get so moody come February.

When I had a boy, it was never that big of a deal – we’d always do something low key and fun. One year we went out to sushi, another year he took me to a hockey game, another I was sick and he came over with flowers and made me soup. It’s not like we went all out to celebrate February 14th; we saved that more for our anniversaries. The important thing was that we got to celebrate it together.

Now I’m not part of a we anymore. It’s just me and I am not sure how I feel about that. Until now I’ve been really comfortable with just me, but now I understand how Valentine’s Day can make even the most rational single girl go a little crazy. And pack on a little weight.

But while I may not have a boyfriend, it is moments like this that make me even more grateful for my wonderful girlfriends. We’ve got some big plans for Valentine’s Day that do not involve crying or feeling sorry for ourselves. In fact, our evening can be described perfectly in a Text From Last Night…

Me + Nice restaurant + Copious amounts of booze + obscene comments to couples = valentine’s day plans

I can’t wait.



    1. T says:

      I'm single on V-day this year too. Oh well, it's much cheaper and no disappointment when the guy forgets it or doesn't live up to your expectations.

    2. Kim says:

      So I live in a state that has a birthday on V-day. I'll be making a cake for this beloved state and eating it with my friends. Word.

    3. Kris says:

      hurrah for oregon!

    4. loal says:

      me reading an article about some single person lamenting being on valentine's day:


    5. defygravity101 says:

      and me single on valentine's day… for 4 consecutive years now. :d

    6. danielle says:

      I've been single for every valentines day i can remember. get over it

    7. Lisa says:

      Being single on valentines day is more fun than being coupled on valentines day. You can celebrate by giving your friends little kid cartoon v-day cards, like TMNT ones, or something equally as awesome. and eat cinnamon hearts till your mouth explodes. I'm coupled on Vday and I'm not likin' it cause there's pressure cause you don't know what the other ones planning, or whether to make a big deal about it or not or anything. Single is much better.

    8. Ally says:

      I'm with Danielle on this!

    9. RIKO says:

      i don't understand. valentine's day is fun, even if you're not part of a couple. Just to be lovey-dovey with everyone. It's a good feeling

    10. emily says:

      well i guess im with danielle and ally..but try 18 years! ive never had a boyfriend and im sick of being alone for these kind of things..valentines day is the worst and id love to spend it with someone special.i usually embrace being single because ive had no other choice…but idk if single is better or worse im just ready to see how the other half lives

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    12. Naima says:

      i second that emily! but try 20 years…

    13. The Campus Socialite says:

      Don't Fret Girls! Check Out Why Being Single Is okay:)

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    16. geetha says:

      single mom have a teenage girl getting very excited about the valentines day reminds me about myself irony cannot compete with her

    17. Natasa says:

      i'm single:/


    18. Tarah says:

      Yeah Valentine's Day just sucks anyway. It's just a terrible holiday anyway because it's so commercialized with a huge build-up and no pay-off. Check this out:

    19. Melanie says:

      Hi Emily,

      I hope this comment reaches you although that your post is now a bit older.

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      1. Melanie says:

        Sorry, I meant "Hi Emmy":-)

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