Does College Make Us Liberal? [VIDEO]

A new study presented by Fox News (watch the vid, peeps) says that going to college will make someone’s political opinions lean left and suggests that democratic faculty push their liberal agendas on students.  What’s troubling about the study’s conclusion is that the college grads become more liberal but NOT more knowledgeable; more than 35% of us can’t even name the three branches of the U.S. government!

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Now, I can only speak for my school, one public university out of many, but I can definitely back the validity of these findings based on my experiences during the 2008 Presidential Election when everyone had Obama fever. I was kind of surprised when my professors brazenly bashed Republican ideals and tooted Obama’s horn during a lecture that was supposed to be about graphing the value of x.

Despite all the propaganda, I made a conscious effort to educate myself about both candidates.  I did internet research, read books, and looked up their past political experience.  I wanted to form my own opinion, and when election day rolled around, I was well-informed on many different issues facing the country and who promised to do what about them.  After much deliberation, I voted for McCain via my absentee ballot.

I wasn’t annoyed that all of my friends voted for Obama. It’s their right. I was annoyed that they had no idea why they voted for him. When I asked them, I mostly got blank stares and shoulder shrugs. If I was lucky enough to get an actual response, it was either “because he’s young and cool!”, “because he’s black!”, or from some of my more promiscuous friends, “because he’s pro-choice!”

This study definitely made me think.  College is supposed to be a place of higher learning, but what is it really teaching us? We should become more educated and learn to think for ourselves, but is this really what happens? Are people with degrees more liberal, and if so, is college to blame?

What do you guys think?



    1. logic says:

      FOXNews , you say?

    2. Little J says:

      Disregarding the rest of this article, I have to say I was incredibly insulted by your statement that being pro-choice correlates to promiscuity. I know plenty of promiscuous people (male and female) who are anti-choice, just as I know individuals who are waiting for marriage but still believe in a woman's right to choose.

      And personally, I think being pro-choice was a perfectly acceptable reason to vote for a presidential candidate. I would never support a politician who doesn't support women. There's nothing "uninformed" about that.

    3. logic says:

      It's as if FOXNews is an extremely right-wing news company owned by a right-wing Australian man HMMMMMMMMMMM

    4. logic says:

      Humm, a Republican from Delaware thinks college faculties are pushing the LIBRAL ANGENDA on us you say??

    5. Angie Marie says:

      The most promiscuous people I know are all Republicans. I am a moderate who leans Democrat, and I am waiting for marriage. And there is no way that the education system is as biased as Fox News.

    6. Brianna says:

      If anything college exposes us to different levels of thinking that we more than likely would not get from high school. But, this report came from Fox News, pretty much meaning it's nothing but a joke. I also second what Little J said it is an insult when you call someone promiscuous just because they're pro-choice. That is completely false and offensive to people who are pro-choice.

    7. Hannah says:

      Are you trying to insinuate that the only people who support pro-choice politics are promiscuous? I understand that you are entitled to your opinion, but I am highly offended by that particular assertion. I support a woman's right to choose because I believe that every woman deserves to have a say about what happens to her body, not because I sleep around and like to know that I have abortion as my plan c. I voted for Obama not because he's young or cool, but because he represented a chance for America to gain back some dignity after the disastrous legacy that the Bush administration left behind. If I were you I would worry a little less about the "liberal agendas" of your professors, and worry more about the fact that you feel the need to degrade your friends and their opinions to justify the presence of an intelligent, thoughtful, and diplomatic president in the whitehouse.

    8. Kate says:

      Ok, this *article* sounds more uninformed than the people it talks about.

      First, like many posters have noted, this study is not done by an unbiased source.

      Second, I'm sorry you had a bad experience in your university. However, that is anecdotal evidence at best. It can do nothing to speak of systematic effects throughout the education system in this country.

      Third, there are definitely studies that show that people who have higher levels of education are correlated to more liberal opinions ON SOME ISSUES. However, this is not necessarily due to the fact that some say that universities are liberal. It is just levels of education.

      Fourth, you are correct in saying that levels of political knowledge in the country are generally low. However, if you look at models of how people's brains process information (such as the on-line model), you would know that not being able to recall specific facts does not necessarily mean that opinions of candidates are baseless. These opinions and choices of candidates can be based on good, solid information, although the human brain might not be able to remember the exact reasons why.

      As a political science graduate student, this article seems trite and not based on any real facts. I admire your own efforts to educate yourself on political candidates, but it sounds like you are easily swayed as well with any unsupported, biased study that might come along. Please, if you plan to talk about how education correlates with political leanings and levels of political knowledge, research that more fully next

    9. Jessica- Delaware says:

      Little J- I didn't intend to ASSOCIATE promiscuity with being either pro-choice or pro-life, I know they are not necessarily correlated, I was just trying to make the point that many of my friends cited being pro-choice as the ONE AND ONLY reason for their decision

      and Logic- I am not necessarily a Republican, I just happened to vote that way in that particular election, and I am also not from Delaware, I just go to school there, but good try:)

    10. Little J says:

      "or from some of my more promiscuous friends, 'because he’s pro-choice!'”

      Perhaps it was not your intention, but the way you phrased this draws a clear association between promiscuity and pro-choice political leanings, which, again, I find to be one of the most offensive -of many- parts of this article.

    11. Dia says:

      despite all these other people it was great that you knew why you were voting for your candidate which most people had no clue other than the words "change" and "first black president"

      i think it is a good idea to do our own background checks on issues rather than bash others for thinking differently, ive been in many a conversation [read: arguments] that wouldn't have existed if the other wasn't so in the dark about the subject

    12. sn says:

      Seriously? This article is ignorant from top to bottom. We are no more knowledgeable after graduating college- WHAT?!

      Obviously, you are the only person on your entire college campus that was an informed voter.

      I would go on to refute your points one by one but I don't have the time or patience. Basically, do a 5 minute study of the media, because whether you realize it or not, you are part of it. At the very least, try to keep the thinly veiled judgment out of your ignorant rants. I may be reading a fun blog about makeup and clothes, but if somebody tries to throw some politics into the mix, I'd rather there be some sense or meaning to it.

    13. sn says:

      One more thing– it's ironic that you tell us that, as college students, we blindly accept the "propaganda" of our professors without any individual thought, doubt or reflection.

      But you take the words of FOX news as fact? You would idly regurgitate a statistic ("more than 35% of us can’t even name the three branches of the U.S. government") that doesn't make any sense?

      No matter the network, I'd advise you to reflect a bit more carefully on anything you see in the news. Evaluate the source, the so-called 'experts,' the presentation, the political climate, the selection of statistics, etc. etc.

      Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming just the kind of misinformed college student you rant about. I give the college students around me (and myself) a little bit more credit than you seem to. At this stage, we DON'T blindly accept what is told to us. We have learned to question theory, and to think for ourselves.

      On a separate front, I would criticize your decision to feed into this media-spurned war between 'liberal' and 'conservative' or 'republican' and 'democrat.' Have you ever come across any type of ANYTHING where there were only two kinds? We all fall somewhere along the spectrum, even if the media says we are one or the other, and the other side is our enemy.

    14. Katrina says:

      It is amazing to me that you people sit here and criticize Fox News….do you watch CNN? MSNBC? If you don't think that those news stations are biased, then you are seriously delusional.

      The fact that Fox News voices the opinions of conservatives makes them biased? Their shows like Bill O'Reilly, and Hannity, Glen Beck, etc…yes they are conservative, but those are not "news reporters." The whole point of their shows are to voice their opinions. How many of you have actually sat down and watched Fox News for more than a couple minutes?

    15. Katherine says:

      I don't think it's a shock that colleges are more liberal than conservative. Obviously it depends on what kind of college you go to, where it is, etc…but don't try and delude yourself into thinking that college professors aren't notoriously liberal. And not just liberal…extremely liberal. I don't agree with them, and I never did while I was in college. But their opinions didn't change mine. So if you're informed to begin with, I don't think that a professor is going to "make" you a liberal. And if you're a liberal, I don't think a conservative professor would make you conservative.

      Can they spout of propaganda? Yes. People need to learn about the issues on their own. Because if you don't take the time to inform yourself about candidates and issues, then you get what you vote for. Which I think people are starting to realize now.

    16. Roberto says:

      being more educated makes you liberal… its just a fact of life.

    17. Jessica from UF says:

      That IS troubling! 35% of graduates having no idea about the branches of government?

      I agree. My campus is very large and liberal. During last year's election I noticed the same thing on my campus that you did, Jessica. Fortunately, none of my professors blatantly supported one candidate over the other. However, Kal Penn came to our campus last fall to raise support for Obama. I don't remember any other well-known speakers coming to talk about the other candidates. To me, the student body and our independent student-run newspaper, which is extremely liberal, seemed to have a greater influence on everyone's opinion than professors. Those also significantly influence the results of our Student Government elections, rather than students researching and making decisions based on the candidates' platforms.

    18. Scrotius Maximus says:

      Hmmm, not sure about trusting a Fox News report on whether or not college turns you liberal.

      The comments on this board? Rather compelling.

    19. Lindsay says:

      Education makes you realize that everyone is equal (including homosexuals), that the right to choose is essentially a human right and that imposing your own views on other people (especially religious ones) isn't fair to any party.

      This isn't a matter of what is conservative and liberal. It is about what is fair and right. It does not make sense to eliminate abortion, end gay marriage and teach prayer in schools (these are conservative values) simply on the basis of equality and fairness. College broadens your horizons, exposes you to different people and ideas and promotes equality. If equality is a liberal value, then yes, people with education are liberal.

      About the pointless statistics, many people in college may not even take a course in civics, so this isn't a good measure of knowledge anyways. It would be better to have them write a test on the subject of their major to see how much knowledge they actually gained in college.

    20. Lindsay says:

      Also diversifying professor ideology? Why do you think most professors are liberal? They have an education. You're not going to be able to just go out and find tons of conservative professors! They don't exist.

    21. Allison says:


      You have a very valid post, even though I do agree with people above about how this study was done by FoxNews. I would say see if other studies have been done already and by other sources.

      The point is that in higher education systems, such as universities, we as students are not paying for our teachers to tell us how to vote. I am also in political science and did my fair share of research for the last election. I also had friends who were part of the campaigning on campus for both parties. Did I like knowing that half of my friends had NO idea what they were voting for and just voted for Obama because he just seemed cooler? And yes, I had friends admit to voting for Obama because they didn't like McCain, and friends who voted for McCain because they didn't like Obama. No reason for why they didn't like the opponent for each side though.

      I also felt that when you said "from some of my more promiscuous friends, “because he’s pro-choice!", I didn't feel that you were saying that every one who is pro-choice is promiscuous. It can correlate, but you don't make that assumption in the article.

      I had more professors, who are NOT part of the political science department at my Private University telling us to vote for Obama. I asked them why, and I got very uninformed answers from them. Plain and simple, Obama's charisma and ability to swoon over the media aided him in winning the election.

      Your blog needed to be flushed out a bit more, but I think you do present the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SPECTRUM. Which it seems previous commentaries have forgotten.

    22. criolle johnny says:

      Colleges are (mostly) taught by people who have spent their entire lives in school. They have never held a job outside of the educational environment.

      Unfortunately, conservative and liberals have become rooms full of parrots who endlessly repeat one another. Neither side has created a new idea in the past thirty years. Every election brings a radical swing to the "ludicrous left" or the "rabid right", and the country's working people scream for leadership from a center-right moderate position.

      The entire education system will change in the next 10-15 years. College has become too expensive and education is too sluggish for an Internet Economy. Four year degrees are cumbersome and will be replaced by two or three year programs. Online education is student accountable and curriculum agile and will change the very face of the baccalaureate concept in the next 10-15 years.

      I wonder what will happen to liberal professors then?

    23. Jill says:

      I've been reading along with collegecandy for a few months now, and I have never been as completely disgusted with the lack of journalistic integrity as I am right now. All you did was post a video that had absolutely no facts in it. I understand that you want to say your opinion, but you never researched where the study came from or the downside to the news piece.

      The study that he is referring to comes from a right wing "studies institute" that in and of itself is propaganda. In 2006 and 2007 over 14,000 college freshman and seniors where asked questions on American history, government, foreign affairs, and market economics…nothing at all to do with whether they were right or left. AND it was in '06/'07. It wasn't until 2008 when they asked 2,508 ADULTS (not necessarily college students) about civic literacy but also, "whether they strongly agreed, somewhat agreed, were neutral, somewhat disagreed, or strongly disagreed with each of thirty-nine propositions that covered a broad range of public issues and subjects, including American ideals and institutions, higher education, immigration and diversity, culture and society, religion and faith, and market economy and public policy."

      "It turned out that college independently influenced a person’s opinion on only five of the thirty-nine—-four of the five involving highly polarizing issues." Which where SOCIAL ISSUES: gay marriage, abortion, homeschooling, "The Ten Commandments are irrelevant today" and my favorite "America corrupts otherwise good people". I'm not sure which of the 5 of these were "influenced" (you can look at the research and find it yourself), but you get the point because these are usually ideals you are raised with.

      And at no point does the study say, as claimed by Moore, that colleges “dumb down” students. Next time, do some research so your readers don't have to do it for you. You are allowed to think what you want, but make sure you take a news article like that with a grain of salt, fox news or not. The article is attached.

    24. Kate says:

      @ Katrina – nobody is advocating MSNBC or CNN as being a more reliable source when it comes to polling. I would not trust a poll done by FOX News because it is explicitly partisan. Nor would I trust one by MSNBC for the same reason. Studies have shown that CNN is more moderate than the two of these other stations, but I would still take a study from CNN with a grain of salt simply because they are not a non-partisan polling organization. If you are familiar with polling and all of the criteria that go into making a good, usable poll, then you would realize that most news agencies are not going to live up to that criteria, including FOX.

      @ Allison – I do appreciate that the author is presenting a different (though not really different, since this has been talked about extensively in the past) side of an issue. Nobody is debating that it should be talked about. What people are noticing is that the discussion of this issue in the article is based off of misleading and, in some cases, false information. That does not help the debate.

      I understand that several people have had good or bad experiences with professors in relation to this. It's great to discuss that in a general discussion (like is happening here), but just remember that personal anecdotes cannot be used to prove or disprove a study. Only a systematic study that has a high enough number of participants can refute or support this argument.

    25. Blaire says:

      I mentally cringed when you said, "from some of my more promiscuous friends, “because he’s pro-choice!”, not because I thought that you were saying that all pro-choice people were promiscuous, but because I knew that all of the merits of your article would be automatically tossed aside by commenters who were hell-bent on attacking you for that particular insinuation.

      I personally agree with a lot of your article. I think college does make you a little more liberal, and anyone that tried to insinuate that there is an even split between conservative & liberal college professors. There isn't. They're heavily liberal. I don't think that is because one is less intelligent or more intelligent than the other–the world of academia just attracts a certain kind of person (just as certain sectors of the workforce tend to attract a certain kind of person).

      And I completely agree with your statement that a lot of people voted for Obama because of his charisma without researching the issues properly. However, I have as much of a problem with republicans that are republicans without understanding what that means as I do with democrats that don't understand what that means. I personally lean republican, though I am not overly religious nor am I anti-gay marriage. I think the comment someone made previously that we don't really fit the exact mold of liberal/conservative–it's more of a spectrum and I illustrate that.

    26. C says:

      This is a ridiculous article. I've become more disappointed with CollegeCandy's writing over the past few months, and this one really just adds to that.

    27. sn says:

      I have a real problem with this “Us vs. Them” partisan media.

      I don’t hate people who disagree with me, not even reflexively, when I am called “ignorant” for what I believe in. People who don’t agree with me aren’t the “enemy.” The news is pitting us all against each other, and soon enough there will be a gridlock. If our intelligence could overrule our passions, this country could better serve the millions of people it governs. Washington is wasting our time and tax dollars, pouring gas into the fire, and encouraging inefficiencies. In the words of our president “We are all Americans.”

    28. the violator says:

      wow, some angry libs out there. i guess they have a bit of a hangover from all that hope and change.

      they can rip on fox all they want. fact is fox is simply far better than the other networks and it shows in the ratings. hardliner libs bitch and moan about fox but the facts are fox DOES bring in a far more diverse group than any other network. keith olberman or anyone on pmsnbc never brings on any other oppinions that do not mirror their own.

      and for sn- you are a liar. you say you don't have the time to show up the author yet you wrote 2 seperate comments. you got plenty of time- just nothing to say.

    29. RIKO says:

      I second (and third and fourth) the notion that this article is ridiculous. Where were you to ask why people were voting for Bush in 2004, hmm? Maybe you weren't of voting age back then, but the responses went a little like this

      "he knows what he's doing"

      "he's kept this country afloat"

      "he's a great person (like that's even relevant!)

      oh and taking your news from FOX news (one of the most biased news corporations out there) makes any point of yours null and void

      online school will replace a brick and mortar school? not even

      and what's so wrong about being liberal anyway?

    30. logic says:

      Ya know I've known some very brawny men who would call everyone 'faggots' and always supported Bush and the GOP and claimed they wanted to 'bang Sarah Palin and her pregnant girl.'

      Based on this very statistically signifigant sampling, I can conclude that all Republican men are homosexuals. Hooray for unfounded, personal-bias-confirming anecdotal evidence: the mainstay for American Politics since forever.

    31. logic says:

      And what does 'liberal' and 'conservative' mean in this context?

    32. logic says:

      It is also hard to believe anything in this video since there is no link to the hard-copy of this study. Jessica from Delaware who voted McCain-Palin, might you have a copy of this study? And might you please explain what "liberal" means, and why you think anectdotes about your dumb friends makes a good case for you?

    33. Tamara says:

      I usually like this blog, and when I discuss with somebody, it's usually with someone commenting (because the writers are usually quite decent). I say, this article is REAL BAD. Real bad blogging, real bad journalism. I don't mean to offend the author as a person, maybe you've written some other great articles and this what just a (very) bad day. But it's just ridiculous.

      As everyone has said:

      – It's proven that all around the world (not just in the US) education makes you more liberal. Are all the teachers involved in some secret conspiracy? No. There are sociological reasons for that. People with a chance to get an education get in contact with many ideas and values that are actually hard to rationally reject (equality? liberty? Are there many intelectually valid arguments against them). Also, like someone said, the academy attracts left wing people, not right wing. I don't know the reason for that, but I'll make a speculation (and you can say it's false because it's just a speculation): the only good education is free education. Learning about sex, about evolution and all that jazz. And educated people know that. People who wanna learn about religion and not about science don't belong in the academy, except for some very specific departments.

      – The comment about pro-choice, that was ignorant and disrespectful. And like some other girl said: I would definitely vote for a candidat "just because" he was in favor of women rights. I don't think that's a minor thing (and neither do many politically informed and commited people…oh, but they are liberal, so it doesn't count).

    34. Tamara says:

      Ha, I said "usually like 5 times in a row. Sorry.

    35. Jill says:

      i attached the study in my comment…So for those of you still claiming that this is valid really need to do some research. You should never take anything the news says as pure fact–it is ALWAYS stripped to fit that networks agenda: Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

      and the author isn't asking everyone for their political views. You can technically be a republican while still believing in gay marriage, abortion, etc.

    36. Matt says:

      Probably best to drop out of college now before you get hypnotized into supporting same sex marriage.

    37. Casey says:

      Ugh really people! You're criticizing Fox!? It's the ONLY conservative news source available while every other media/ news source is 100% liberal. Biased much?

      The author never said that anyone who is pro-choice is "promiscuous" she said her promiscuous friends are pro-choice! HUGE difference! LEARN HOW TO READ PEOPLE! Don't get your panties in a twist because you read something into a statement that was never actually there.

      And I can't stress this enough, pro-choice is not just about women! Men should get this right as well since a potential child is theirs as well, which raises even more concerns about pro-choice laws. And did anyone ever stop to think pro-lifers aren't "anti-women" they are PRO-LIFE! ANTI-DEATH! advocates for people who can't advocate for themselves!? ugh, stop putting people down simply because their beliefs differ from your own and maybe try to learn WHY people think the way they do, because you don't know everything, and you obviously don't know anything about the republican mindset, which means you either aren't researching, are researching in the wrong places (uh your damned biased liberal sources!) or you just don't LISTEN!

      We have two major parties for a reason, obviously neither are right or wrong or we would only have 1.

      College DOES make weak-minded people more liberal, that's just common sense, we didn't need a fricken study to tell us that, just open your eyes.

    38. RIKO says:

      i assume the capitalizations are when you're shouting correct?


    39. Tamara says:

      Casey, that view about what abortion law means it's just ONE view: one among others, particularly one leaning towards the conservative side. Many people (me among them) believe pro-choice is about women: it is about a woman deciding what happens in her body. For people who share my views, being HER body (we don't think of a fetus as having rights or being somebody's son), it's her choice: not the State's, not the husband. So don't talk about your views like they are universal facts.

      And pro-choice it's not just pro-death, such as pro-life is not just that (for that matter, all antiabortionist should be vegetarians or even fruitarians). For some of us, pro-choice is about the quality of life, and pro-life is anti women. Again, it's a point of view.

      Finally, I don't think people who become liberal at college are weak minded. Being able to change your mind when facing good arguments is a virtue: being strong is one thing, but being flexible is as good.

    40. Casey says:

      So to you a man should have absolutely no say in whether THEIR child will live or die simply because it CAN'T be in their body? How is that at all fair? How is that at all equal? Its not. It may be IN the womans body, but a fetus ISN'T the womans body, its a completely seperate living thing, with its own heart beat and brain and thoughts. Its still a human just like you or me it just hasn't been born yet and who are we to decide if another innocent human being should live or die? That shouldn't be our choice to make. But you're right, that's my view.

      But its pretty unlikely that someone who knows what they believe and why is going to completely change their views in college. Its the people who have no idea why they believe what they believe and just follow the crowd that I'm talking about.

    41. Casey says:

      I'm a woman, and I don't feel as though not having the option to kill my unborn child restricts my rights in any way.

    42. Tamara says:

      Casey, some of the things you are saying are just your opinion: for example, when you say that the fact that pregnancy takes place in the woman's body is morally irelevant. While I don't agree with it, I sort of respect it (the way I respect everyone's right to speak their minds). I don't really care how YOU feel as a woman; that just doesn't represent every woman's feelings. You probably know that (or think women like me don't exist). However, some other things you say are just incorrect from a biological point of view:

      – A fethus is not a completely separate being. For the first months, it's dependent of the woman's body: it can not be separated from the woman's body. So in an important sense it's not a separate being.

      – Own heart beat, brain and thoughts? All of these things appear in different evolutive moments in the fethus. While heart beat develops early in pregnancy, the brain appears much later; in the first months, a fethus doesn't even have a nervous system (the thing that allows you to feel pain). And thoughts? Is even arguable if a newborn has thoughts.

      Again: I did not present my point of view as universal. You should be just as careful with yours.

    43. Casey says:

      I realize these are my opinions, I never said they were fact. But while a fetus may be dependent in the first few months it is still a seperate being, it has its own body, its own set of DNA, its own organs, it is a seperate being. Children are dependent on their parents for the first 18 years of their lives, that doesn't mean they aren't seperate beings. Yes, those parts all develop at differnt times during a pregnancy, but a heart beat means there is life, and the heart develos early on, people are still considered alive until there is no more heart beat, why is that any different for a human fetus? And while it may not be able to be proven that babies have thoughts, it is pretty obvious that they do, otherwise they wouldn't cry when they want something. I don't know for sure, no one does, but I'm willing to bet we don't just wake up one day and are able to think, its likely something were born with. I don't care about the "womens rights" aspect of abortion, because to me any woman who is willing to kill an innocent fetus for (almost) whatever reason deserves all the rights of their fellow murderers in prison: which are none. That may be harsh, but that's my opinion.

    44. Casey says:

      Oh and you want to talk about pro lifers should be vegetarians. Look at it from an animalistic POV, a lot of animals are carnivorous, they eat each other, its the food chain and the circle of life. Animals also don't kill their unborn young.

    45. Tamara says:

      Crying has nothing to do with having thoughts; is an instinct, a reflex: look it up. What I meant is that if you are "pro-life", "anti-death", you should be pro-any kind of life. A cow is able to feel pain, while a fethus is not. Though I am a meat eater, 'cause I believe we need meat for a healthy life (although some scientists say otherwise, and they just might be right: I'm not a scientist), I know the difference between killing somebody knowing what you're doing it, and doing it out of instinct (like animals who kill each other). Again, my point: "pro-life" is a silly sentence. Organic death is a part of life we deal with dayly, both abortionist and antiabortionists.

      The point about the heartbeat, therefore, is useless. Cows have hearts too. They do have brains, and nerves (unlike fethuses). So if you won't kill anything with a heartbeat, or a brain, or anything like that, then yeah, you should be a vegetarian.

      And people in prison do have rights, of course! They are still citizens, luckyly. Even in America.

    46. Terry says:

      Ohh I love this article, thank you so much for writing it.

      I wish you hadn't said that you voted for McCain because I feel like that automatically turns on the hostility. However, you bring up a great point. People become liberalized in college because it is what's cool right now, it's what's pushed by their professors and their peers.

      I think it's very sad that one can say that they carefully weighed the issues, and based on their personal opinions voted for a certain candidate, and get chewed out by someone else because of their choice. I also think it's sad that people will vote for leadership not knowing why, in EITHER party.

      The point is to think for yourself, vote based on what you think is right, not because of anything or anyone else. Both the Democrats and Republicans have very valid points and ideologies, neither is perfect but definitely neither one is stupid. Media is always biased and it preys on people's emotions to create the juvenile, name-calling political culture that we have today.

    47. Manni says:

      Hmm.. not so big on the actual video but it does make you think. And yes being from FOX its more than likely to be biased, but what really isnt?

      As for college making students more liberal, i agree(depending on your definition of liberal). Conservatives are always grouped into one class with a generally believed set of convictions and when one overall conservative is pro-choice then they automatically become liberal which has a much looser social definition.

      Personally the two party system is not fostering positive growth in America. (:

    48. Kay says:

      "Animals also don’t kill their unborn young."

      @Casey, they might not kill them while they are in the womb (obviously lacking the means necessary), but many do shortly after birth such as lions, hippos, bears, wolves, hyenas…

    49. logic says:

      Why would you get your news from cable news, let alone FOXNews?

    50. Ali says:

      Wow. I have been following CollegeCandy for years. I read it almost daily. I appreciate the celebrity news and the fun lists and the sort of normal college girl commentary provided by the bloggers.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think it was brave and reasonable of you, Jessica, to say you voted for McCain when it was obviously more popular among college kids to vote for Obama.

      Now, I understand that what you said may have been meant as a joke, or something, or a dig at your friends, but when you said

      "from some of my more promiscuous friends, “because he’s pro-choice!”

      I was deeply offended. You do of course have the right to think whatever you would like about abortion, but please, do not imply that pro-choice people are pro-promiscuity. This is simply not the case. Abortion is clearly not reasonable method of birth control and absolutely no feminists or pro-choice advocates would say so.

      I am unsettled by this post.

    51. David says:

      I can tell you exactly why most of your professors are more liberal…it is because they could not compete in the real world, so they prefer to live in their academic cacoons.

      I can assure you that most of the business people that you will end up working for (I am assuming that you want to find a job after you graduate)in your lifetime will be more conservative.

      I can also tell you that is why it is so difficult for recent college graduates to find jobs these days. Business owners are being conservative because they do not know what new government programs or taxes are headed their way, i.e. healthcare reform, cap and trade, tax increases, etc. Until there is clarity on these and other issues hiring will be anemic at best.

      It may be the 'in' thing to be liberal in college and as a young adult, but it has been my experience as you get older you tend to become more conservative. This is mainly due to the amount of your income that goes to pay federal, state, local, and property taxes, which can reach 50% or more of your gross income depending on where you live.

      29 Year Old Retired Business Owner

    52. Casey says:

      Ali, go back and re-read that paragraph and statement. She didn't say "people who are pro-choice are promiscuous" that was never even implied. What she said was, "from some of my more promiscuous friends, "because he's pro-choice!" She is talking ONLY about her friends, not the entirety of pro-choicers. And YOU may not know any pro-choicers who would advocate using abortion as birth control, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Personally, I know plenty, so you really can't make that statement.

      Tamara, Ok perhaps crying was a bad example, but they also laugh, and smile, and learn, and recognize people and things.

      And I'm not comparing the quality of life in animals and people, I'm not an animal rights activist and I believe humans are a bit more valuable than animals. You're right, "pro-life" is a silly term if it encompassed all life, but it doesn't, it is ONLY referring to the life of humans since humans are the only ones who have abortions.

      and Kay, you say those animals kill their young shortly after birth, but you don't say why. Obviously not ALL of them kill their young shortly after birth, or those animals would be extinct. Most animals don't have sex for pleasure, but instead to reproduce, so they aren't killing them because they didn't want offspring, and money isn't an issue in the animal kingdom so it's not like they can't afford to take care of them. So WHY are they killing those young shortly after birth? and how often does this happen?

      I'm done with this debate, it is a pointless and useless one and one that has been argued to death countless times before. I just don't have the time to continue the back and forth on a pointless debate.

    53. Casey says:

      Oh and RIKO, it's called emphasis.

    54. cb says:

      JESSICA- I AGREE WITH YOU COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!! I go to a public college in the midwest and it's amazing how liberal it is. I consider myself independent. I believe the most qualified candidate should win regardless of race or gender. During the heat of the healthcare debate my sociology teacher decided to change the syllabus around so that he could make time for us to watch Michael Moore's Sicko documentary. I also know people who ignored the facts and voted for Obama because he was young or cool or black (btw he's half black half white so why do we call him the first BLACK president if he is equally both races?) Anyway, I do believe that colleges push the liberal agenda and it's obviously working for them (exemplified by the 2008 election and half the comments left for this article). Oh, and to all you Fox News haters: why exactly DO you hate Fox News? Chances are you don't have a good reason and you're blinded by your own ignorance. Good luck to you Jessica and I hope you write many more aritcles!

    55. criolle johnny says:


      I teach at an "Alternative" school. We have a 99%+ graduation rate. I honestly think that if someone "invented" a 4 year college today, it wouldn't sell.

      The concept is 40 years out of date. The internet will render it obsolete even faster. That brick-and-mortar is a museum.

      The public school system is in worse condition. For a SMALL view of that:
      Perhaps this would be a good subject for a C/C article?

    56. sn says:

      A quick thing about CNN and MSNBC having a "liberal bias" — the "liberal news media" is a myth. Plotting ANY news station on a spectrum will show that the news in general is farther 'right' than the average American. Why? The news is run by rich people. It's almost scary to think about, but it's true. The more big money can twist your mind, the more money they can make. Politics is increasingly becoming a means of business. Believe me, there's someone out there making a lot of money on the debate we just had.

    57. Carolyn says:

      As a fiercly pro-choice person, I am incredibly affended that you relate pro-life idiology to permiscuity. Just because someone believes that the government should not have the right to control a women's reproductive rights does not mean that they sleep around. Voting for a canidate because he wants to protect a women's basic civil right is a very valid reason to cast that vote.
      There is one other point that I would like to make thatvi believe all "pro-lifers" seem to ignore. If aboration is made illegal thousands of women each year are going to be seriously injured, if not killed giving themselves unsanitary and very dangerous back ally aborations or even worse, performing it on themselves with clothshangers. Aboration is a protection for women just as much as it is a protection of their basic civil rights.

    58. Casey says:

      Carolyn, if a woman is ignorant enough to go to those measures simply to abort a pregnancy we really must ask, are they even worth protecting? Rather they should be candidates for the darwin awards.

    59. Tamara says:

      Woooooooow. I can't believe you just said that. So that's pro-life? Let the ignorant women die??????

      What Carolyn says is absolutely true. Abortion is ilegal in my country, and more than 1000 women die every year due to clandestine abortion. And they don't choose to be ignorant: they are just too poor to get educated. So before coming here like you know everything about reproductive rights, do your research. And stop talking like a nazi or a clueless 12 year old. It's a shame.

    60. Casey says:

      Uh, wow. Just so readers know, that last post is a different Casey from me above.

    61. NIcole says:

      Casey thanks so much for speaking up. Abortion is absolutely heartbreaking. Thanks so much for making a logical argument against it.

    62. […] Does college really determine the Political Views tab on your Facebook […]

    63. Liz says:

      Re: the new pro-choice/pro-life bent of the comments section

      As far as I am concerned, abortion is atrocious, terrible, every possible bad adjective you can think of.

      I came to that conclusion thanks to my own thinking. Everyone deserves that right. The government is not responsible for making your decisions for you, nor must it validate or enforce the decisions that you make. No one is making you murder babies if you think that's what abortion is. But don't force other people to ruin their lives because of your own subjective moral compass.

      Be your own god-damned person and stop whining to the government. Last time I checked, Republicanism was about small government all around, not just when it suited their needs. Oh dear God, certainly don't tax my multimillion dollar corporation as we move American jobs overseas and destroy the economy! But in the name of all that is holy, force my morality on these people who I have given no options.

    64. Tamara says:

      I kind of agree with Liz; you don't have to be in favor of abortion to be in favor of its legality.

      And yes, pro life vs pro choice wasn't the main theme of the article. I think is one of those topics than bring the most hitted arguments between so-called liberals and so-called conservatives, and that is why it comes up in many political discussions, no matter how far the original topic.

    65. Lindsay says:

      I had many thoughts about this article, far too many to list here. But, the resurgent popularity of FOX news is normal. People seem to watch news that is on the opposite side of the spectrum from the presiding administration. MSNBC was popular during the Bush years, FOX is gaining popularity now. People like to balance it out.

      Also, most of the professors on my campus seem to be libertarian.

      It was stated previously that "Animals also don’t kill their unborn young.", which is true. No, they don't (or more accurately can't, I think they would if they could) kill their young in utero, they wait until they're born and lie on them to suffocate them if they have a birth defect of any kind, a shortage of milk, are in a poor environment or for various other reasons.

    66. Lindsay says:

      I personally could never get an abortion, but I think it needs to remain a legal option. A fetus is completely dependent on its host; therefore the popular argument (as stated above) of "Children are dependent on their parents for the first 18 years of their lives, that doesn’t mean they aren’t seperate beings" makes no sense what so ever. A child can go to their grandparents and stay; they can be babysat, or adopted. A child can be taken care of by anyone; they can become a dependant on anyone. It’s not effective to take zygote and transplant it somewhere else. A specific fetus can only be in a specific woman’s womb, and be taken care of only in her body.

      Also, if abortion was outlawed, there would be far more people on welfare. How can Conservatives be anti-abortion and also anti-welfare? How could that work? There aren’t enough adoptive families to fill the void, particularly if same-sex couples still aren’t allowed to adopt.

    67. Norella says:

      Why would you trust FOXNews?

      P.S. Ummm associating promiscuity with being pro-choice? Wow, that is extremely offensive. I am going to stop reading your posts.

    68. Steph says:

      Not that there is much left to say, but I couldn't go through reading all of this without making a few comments.

      With the video, of course it was biased. There's not a news source I can think of that isn't biased, even a little bit. I do agree with most people that the study should have been researched before writing the article, to eliminate people complaining that the author wrote it uninformed.

      As far as college making one more liberal, it seems logical to me that that would happen. Higher education does introduce people to a wider variety of beliefs, allowing for educated debating and bouncing ideas off of each other…also in classes equality most certainly is propagated. I can't see the negatives in that, personally, although I know others could come up with some (like ruining the sanctity of marriage…)

      I feel bad that your professors seemed to hype up Obama. I had a quite different experience during the election, where all of my professors either said nothing or simply suggested we take class time off in order to educate ourselves before voting. There were no biases that I could see, only urging to know what we were voting for.

      And then for abortion, just because it is legal it's not saying that one must take advantage of it. It's just giving more options to the women who face difficult situations (like rape, financial issues, health problems, etc). And I think men ought to have more say in it, as well, though it shouldn't necessarily be legally required, as that would make many instances much more difficult for the woman to obtain a perhaps much-needed abortion. After all, the woman tends to be the one who must take responsibility for a pregnancy and child.

    69. Rachel says:

      Though this I find this report flawed in various ways, the method the guest suggests to fix it would actually do some good ( diversifying professors).

    70. Star says:

      FOX news, ha ha ha ha. It almost sounded for a second like you thought of them as a reliable source of information:)

    71. Amy says:

      First of all, learning basic things like the three branches of government and Constitutional rights should be something that's taught in public school before kids even start thinking about college. Higher education has nothing to do with it – I'm blaming the US public education system for that one.

      The most laughable part of this video is how concerned the anchor is with "fixing" the "liberalization of students." I don't think that professors should be pushing their views on students at all. But simply being at college and meeting new people can have a liberalizing affect in that people may be coming in contact with new points of view for the first time. College is the perfect time for people to understand and explore different options. And that is something that shouldn't be "fixed."

      The best thing, in my opinion, is to have a blend of opinions and understand both sides. Although I identify as liberal, I am more conservative on fiscal matters and the size and regulations of government. Still, I remain fiercely liberal on matters concerning gay and women's rights as well as keeping the divide between church and state.

      And prayer in school, FOX? Are you serious?

    72. Alex says:

      I do not doubt the fact that there are more liberal professors than there are conservatives. What I do doubt is the credibility of this "study". I have researched this topic for a paper and this video caught my attention but so far I have not found the source of the so called "study" that Fox News has used to bash college students and liberals with. In my opinion this is Fox's own form of propoganda that they use to turn college into some evil brainwashing liberal cult. I applaude you for doing your research when the Obama craze was going around and I think that it was great that you picked the candidate that best represented your ideals, but do not be so easily tempted by false facts and propoganda that the media presents.

    73. Rose says:

      I’m a little confused about why the heck it’s so “uninformed” to vote for Obama *purely* because he is pro-choice. Why is it “uninformed” to take stock of your politics and decide that certain issues are more important to them than others? More pointedly, it seems like only those who focus on certain “hot-button” issues like abortion or gay marriage get the bum for being “uninformed voters.” People who vote purely based on taxes, or national security, or health care, or other issues that affect nearly everyone are not told they’re “one-issue” voters. But funny how when a woman’s most important issue is one which affects women (like abortion does), or a gay person’s most important issue is one which affects gay people (like gay marriage), we’re told by so many people that we’re being “uninformed.” I didn’t just vote for Obama based on his pro-choice views, but that was a major factor in my decision to campaign for him and generally do whatever was in my power to make sure McCain DIDN’T get elected. As a young woman who plans to be sexually active and does not plan to have kids anytime soon, my right to an abortion is an important one to me, and it’s my conviction that control over one’s reproductive system is a fundamental human right. I think the decision to prize that issue over others is just as informed, if not more, than someone who votes for McCain purely so they won’t get their taxes raised (and I know a lot more people like this than people who voted for Obama purely because of abortion).

      Moreoever, if you were TRULY as informed as you think you were, you’d have known about the fact that Obama would get the chance (and already did get one chance) to appoint new Supreme Court justices in the wake of so many getting ready to retire. For those who care about issues like abortion, gay rights, civil rights, etc. 2008 was a very crucial election since it would change the composition of the Supreme Court, a decision that has much longer lasting consequences than a tax raise does, since these people serve for life. Considering how likely it is that a case in the next few years could possibly overturn Roe v. Wade, and that whoever won the 2008 election would be able to impact whether that happens based on who they appoint to the Court, 2008 was a very important election to people on both sides of the abortion issue.

      And just ’cause I’m curious: what particular issues made you decide to vote for McCain over Obama, Ms. Oh-So-Informed?

    74. Casey says:

      Rose, it's no secret that many people voted for Obama simply because he was "black" or "a democrat" without knowing who he was, or what he actually stood for. Don't pretend like America isn't full of ignorant people who don't know anything about politics or elections, because it is. That is what the author was pointing out, that people honestly had no idea why they were voting for him, just that it was the cool thing to do. She's not picking on the people who actually had a valid reason for voting for him.

      But as a young woman who plans on being sexually active and NOT having children, you realize there are MANY more options to prevent pregnancies than just an abortion, right? You can take the pill (or shot or ring or patch) along with the use of a spermicide and condoms and have the guy pull out before he comes in the condom, AND if you still manage to make a mistake or have an accident there is always Plan B. Abortion should never have to be a resort when we have so many other measures we can take.

    75. Michael says:

      The problem is that Fixed News doesn't give the statistics on how many average Americans can't name the three branches of government which is 41% by one poll and over half by the another.

    76. mike says:

      Its already well known that college turns you liberal, fox news just confirms it. There's NO reason to doubt that there are liberal teachers who push their opinons. I would know, i've had a few. I like how some of you like to deny this general fact just because fox news has a story on it. Talk about turning a blind eye! Maybe stick your heads out of your asses and get your information from the non-mainstream media, where everything appears extremely polarizing.

    77. Marlene says:

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