The Doc Is In: Do I Have To Pee After Sex?

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Q: I just started having sex and all of my friends tell me I have to pee after. They say that if I don’t pee I can get a UTI. The problem is that I never have to go. I try every time – I run to the bathroom and sit there but nothing ever happens. Is that bad? Do you HAVE to go after? Is there something wrong with me that I can’t go?

A: Your friends are giving you good advice. In general, it’s a good idea to pee after sex. Sex can introduce bacteria where it shouldn’t be, up inside the normally sterile urethra (the tube from the bladder to the outside world). Urinating flushes out an bacteria that may be lurking near the opening to the urethra, just dying to crawl inside and wreak havoc with a urinary tract infection (UTI).

That said, if you don’t have to go, you don’t have to go. Although I would question why you don’t. Assuming you spent more than 5 minutes in the sack, a well-hydrated person would have likely collected at least a wee bit of urine in the bladder. If you never have to pee after sex, you may not be hydrating enough. In general, you should be drinking the equivalent of about eight 8oz glasses of water (or other healthy liquid, such as herbal tea or green juice) per day. If you’re not drinking enough, this also increases your risk of UTI’s. Drinking a glass of water before sex should fill up your bladder and help you flush things out.

So, no. There’s nothing wrong with you. But it sounds like increasing your fluid intake would be a good preventative health strategy for you. Drink up- and try to pee afterwards. And if nothing comes, don’t stress out. You’ll likely be just fine, girlfriend!

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    1. jen says:

      OMG YES PEE. i didn't pee one time – immediate UTI followed by a yeast infection. ALWAYS PEE

    2. Alisha says:

      I rarely pee after, have never had a problem, so I'm not sure that I would freak out if I were you.

    3. […] friend Dr. Lissa Rankin. She’s here every Thursday to answer whatever you throw at her – even peeing after sex – so ask away. Leave your question in the comments or send it over to us. Don’t be shy; she’s […]

    4. chelsea says:

      go pee!! lol. i thought it was a myth and i tested it out a couple of times and the next thing i know i had a UTI and i didn't even know it. (i had to go to the ER for something and when they did a pee sample it said that i had a UTI. i was shocked)

    5. courtney says:

      i dont pee every time…. i guess its diff 4 every one

    6. Lexie says:

      I noticed something not right was going on lately. Hope it's not UTI but I'm definitely going to pee afterwards from now on.

    7. Courtney says:

      Oh my god, everytime I dont pee I get a uti. Everytime. It’s been like 6, and trust me, you do not want to suffer with a UTI, it’s a living hell.

    8. Rashi says:

      I've had sex so much with my boyfriend, and so many times I just went to sleep after and I've never gotten a UTI. I do go after when I can, but nothing horrible has happened to me yet!

    9. danelle says:

      I have never gotten a uti either, i pee most of the time after but don't always want to. I like to cuddle and sometimes I just fall asleep. I think some are more apt to get them and not peeing definitely does not help!!

    10. sas says:

      I have always had to pee after sex and alot. There has only been one time that I didn’t have to pee and I never got an uti or anything. I still feel werid getting up to go pee right after sex. I wonder if by going pee right after if that is makeing it where I’m not getting preo

    11. Jess says:

      ALWAYS PEE!!! I am suffering from a UTI right now. I have sex with my boyfriend ALL THE TIME, sometimes twice in one day. Every single time I pee. There were two times in the past 6 months where we both immediately fell asleep after intercourse and BAM.. Wouldn’t you know. It is the worst pain ever, and my boyfriend and I can’t have sex for like a week. I know we sound like sex maniacs, but in reality we are really in love!!! But not in love with UTIs!!! PEE PEE PEE PEE

      1. steph says:

        i have the same problem right now!!😦 i can attend a doc bc i dont have insurance but i heard cranberry juice and lots of water helps

    12. Kayla says:

      My boyfriend always tells me to pee after sex and he’ll get mad if I don’t go lol…he says that’s it’s just to take extra precautions against UTI’s and I’ve never gotten one so I guess he’s right. I don’t think you absolutely have to pee though.

    13. Sam says:

      is it true that after having sex a woman can get auto

    14. patty says:

      Been married for a year and half now but haven’t gotten pregnant.I dated my hubby for 6years before we got married,and there was never a time I missed my period. Although,I was cautious of τ̣̣ђё fact that I can’t get pregnant out of wedlock,being τ̣̣ђё Only daughter of my mother. I didn’t want †φ disappoint her.I and my hubby have done all neccessary test. Every test shows we are good and fine. My last period started on τ̣̣ђё 30th of september and ended on τ̣̣ђё 3rd of this month(october). I want †φ get pregnant. Please help me! Calculate my ovulation date as my cycle is 28days. Please see me through τ̣̣ђё process! Am 32years old,I need †φ carry my children and love them like my mother did and is still doing! Thank you

    15. Meg says:

      You are definately prone to UTI’s like me. Every single time I have had sex and not peed after I have gotten a UTI. I recently had sex and just could not pee afterwards because I had definately been dehydrated, so I stayed up and drank as much water as I could before I could pee. Very very very very very important to pee afterwards!!!!!!!

    16. Serina says:

      Regarding the eight glasses a day – that’s a common misconception and has not been backed up by scientific studies. Basically, drink whenever you’re feeling thirsty – that’s a more than sufficient indicator, and it all depends on the amount of physical activity you do and environment, among other things.

      But yes, PEE AFTER SEX. Pee after screwing, or be screwed after peeing!

    17. Leydis says:

      I just recently started having sex and I also got an infection from not peeing after but I got it cured know In the middle of sex I have to pee like urgently and also after plus if I’m far from the bathroom and don’t get there 5minutes after my body automatically pees like in w.e I’m wearing should I go see my doctor ?

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