College Students Say: We Want Gay Marriage

As a generation of Facebookers, Twitterers, bloggers, BBMers, iPhone-ers, GPS users, and so on and so on, we are often viewed by the older I-went-to-the-library-to-do-research generation as lazy and dependent.  We have the world at our fingertips and we don’t have to use our brains for virtually anything, or so they claim.

Yes, we can access Google at any moment, and no we do not need White Out to correct our papers, but to the contrary, it is our 24/7 connection that makes us anything but lazy when it comes to fighting for what we believe in.

Take for example, the heated debate of gay marriage.  While an older generation calls the shots in Congress, in most states, it is still illegal.  According to a study by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, 65 percent of college freshman surveyed were in favor of gay marriage.  The findings revealed that even a large majority of students classified as far-right were also supporters.

With such a large percentage of college students in favor of gay marriage, there is an obvious disconnect between this generation and the older generation who make decisions on our country’s behalf.  Many influential people of the older generation are still taking action to deter gay rights.  Even some school system officials can be categorized this way.  Just last week, a lesbian high school senior was denied permission to bring her girlfriend to her prom.  Because of our networking capabilities, through Facebook, YouTube, blogs (including this one) etc, the news spread like wildfire.  The incident stirred uproar amongst our generation and discussion of outrage was consumed through every outlet.  Although an unfortunate event, perhaps it is appalling decisions like these that motivate our generation to stay open-minded and fight to make a change.  If it weren’t for our Internet dependency that may classify us as “lazy,” we would also be blind to incidents such as this one and consequently just as closed minded as those who dictate the fate of our country today.

It is refreshing to observe the findings of this study and to know that change is on its way.  With so much hate still circulating in the World, news like this gives us hope that our generation has potential to make massive strides towards the good of mankind.  Researchers found the results so highly in favor of gay marriage, they deemed the future legality of it practically inevitable.  Yes, we have officially re-written the question from “if” to “when.”

So what do you think? Is gay marriage inevitable?



    1. Sam says:

      I hope so. In my opinion it's really just a human rights issue, very similar to the injustice African Americans went through (and to an extent are still); but hopefully people will wake up and let all people have their deserved rights regardless if we agree with their choices.

    2. Blaire says:

      This just informed me of what I already knew. I attended a VERY conservative high school, and I would classify myself as a Republican politically (a relatively moderate one, but still..) and nearly everyone my high school was in favor of gay marriage, and even those few that weren't were in favor of civil unions or something comparable to marriage, without terming it "marriage".

    3. Erich says:

      you can call it what ever you want, but it aint marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Thats the way its meant to be. But then again, I'm not 18.

    4. RIKO says:

      or open minded i can see

    5. Erin says:

      Thank God your not 18 Erich, we don't need more small minded illiterate bigots voting!

    6. D says:

      Actually if people want to go "traditional" for the term marriage its an arrangement between one man and the families of as many women as he wants.Remember the bible is full of polygamy and the concept of love being a part of marriage is a fairly new idea. Not to mention the idea of a woman picking her own spouse.

      So to really keep marriage traditional we'd need to repeal the ban on polygamy and require women to get their fathers consent to marry.

      All in favor say "I do"!

    7. criolle johnny says:

      Erin calls someone "illiterate", but she doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're".

      Perhaps we could stop slamming one another and actually talk about the issue:

      The title of this article was that "College Students Say". How many college students have ever, E-V-E-R heard a professor express an opinion to the contrary?

      I have repeatedly mentioned that one can enter as a freshman and obtain a PhD without having a liberal/progressive opinion challenged by a member of a college staff.

      Students simply do not get authoritative opinions from the other side of the aisle. The tragedy is that they pay (dearly) for an education and leave without knowing the difference between "two, to, and too".

      You're (Y-O-U-'-R-E) paying for that education, demand that you GET one.

      Bright Blessings

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    10. Liz says:

      More educated people, for example those with doctorates, are more likely to be liberal. Hopefully, most of your professors and other college faculty will have their ph.D or at least a Master's Degree. And for whatever reason, it just does not seem that academe, or at least professorship, appeals to conservatives.

      That being said, after the election of President Obama, an official from a college in our system sent out an email saying which stated, "The danger inherent in contemporary mass democracy has always been the potential for manipulation through mediocrity, conformism, intolerance, and an inflexible populism that contains resentment of learning and educational excellence," but this election was evidence of success over this. While I agree with the quoted point (not, however, the extension of it), I agree even more with the response to this email, that this message in response to the election of a very liberal president was far too negative, polarizing, partisan, and simply unnecessary in an expression of enthusiasm.

      I go to your typical New England Liberal Arts, if not the worst caricature of one. One of my professors cried in class the day before the election just because a black nominee overwhelmed him, and most classes were cancelled the next day. My professors are liberal, and I do not expect them to express opinions they do not hold. However, I do expect them to have a very strong, well thought out justification for these opinions, especially when they are political. And they expect the same from me. That is my education, and it's worth every single cent.

      I have yet to see a legitimate argument against gay marriage. I believe wholly in the separation of the Church and State, and both should be far away from one another. The State cannot enter the Church, by making Churches perform marriages they do not want to. A religious official even at this very moment can choose not to perform a marriage for any reason at all. I ask, in my support of marriage equality, that the Church treat the State the same way. Do not enter the State and tell it what marriages it may or may not preform. Religious aspects may remain for those who wish to have them, but for the non-believers, an option is constitutionally required. Same-sex marriage seeks the legal, not religious, protection of marriage. I believe that we should let the State administer its contracts, and the Church its blessings.

    11. Erin says:

      Really being rude and obnoxious to another person for ripping on a troll? Wow, you're a big man criolle johnny. Don't trip with your head in YOU'RE ass. For the record I am educated, I just wasn't paying attention and there is no edit button. Sorry we can't all be as awesome as you. Erich is a troll. I know you wouldn't possibly understand that.

    12. Casey says:

      Actually, I'm pretty sure Erich isn't a troll, he is involved in many a civil discussion on this site and offers his own opinions to arguments. His comment above with the "ain't" was, I am assuming, sarcastic. He didn't say WHY he believes what he does, so calling him closed minded really isn't warranted, neither is calling him an "ignorant bigot". Give him a chance to explain his reasoning before you start hurling insults, or you could just leave them off altogether and be intelligent people yourselves, College Candy's discussions have gotten more civil the past couple weeks, let's try and keep them that way shall we?

      but even so, you're just as much in the wrong insulting a troll as anyone else, if he really was a troll your oh so intelligent comments to him would have spawned even more intelligent reply's, cause and effect people!

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    14. Erin says:

      Casey the only reason the site has been calm is there are no more readers. This site used to have a ton of commenters but they are all gone.

      The past weeks I've been wondering why I come to this site at all with the lack of really good articles. This is my last post on this site. I hate you Casey, I really do ever since coming to this site I've seen you act like you own it and are the internet police and I'm certain I'm not the only one. You can't even use snark on this site because people get up your ass, and your one of them. I'm tired of the know-it-alls and the lack of community. I'm tired of the waste of space articles and tired of the readership. So long guys, you can all go fuck your selves.

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    16. criolle johnny says:

      Erin claims there are no more readers. I've been getting my eyes ripped out on several of these bulletins boards! If there are no readers, who the hell is screaming at me?

      Liz, how about we get government out of the marriage business altogether? Marriage, by definition is a SACRAMENT! Government has no business issuing a sacrament.

      If the Church of Teeth & Toenails wants to marry Lady Gaga to her goldfish … government has no say.

      Just to start another argument … Why is it that only "progressives" have valid opinions? Erich feels that marriage is "man/woman". That is his opinion.

      My point was that in college, he will have his opinions CHALLENGED and he will have to examine his views. This is part of the maturation process that is part of growing up.

      "Growing up" was all the rage a few short generations ago. If you never hear diverse opinions, you lack diverse options. Without the diversity of options, you lack maturity and education.

      You pay for all these things with your tuition and assorted fees. You're getting cheated if you attend four (or more) years and only hear one side of every issue.

      EVERY college professor believes in gay marriage. EVERY college professor believes in Keynes economics. EVERY college professor believes in diplomacy. How many can cite Clausewitz?

      How many have heard of Austrian economics? How many will argue or even present divergent sides of an issue?

      If you only heard one side, its not an education.

      It's indoctrination.

    17. Casey says:

      Well, good riddance Erin. The less disrespectful commenters, the more intellectual the discussions.

    18. RIKO says:

      Haha that is rich!

    19. Tamara says:

      Criolle Johnny: your statement that marriage is a sacrament by definition is just wrong. In almost every country (not so sure about the muslims ones) there's something called "civil marriage" that's nothing more and nothing less than a contract that permits some things (like sharing insurance, at least in my country, or adopting babies as a couple) and forbids some others (like getting married again without getting a divorce first). Also, "sacrament" is a christian word, and many other religions have and had BEFORE christians did rituals of marriage. Last, if you want to get historical, marriage would be the purchase of a wife. So saying that "marriage" is by definition a sacrament does not make much sense: marriage is many things. And since it's an historical concept, unless you're Plato and think concepts are real things floating in their own world, it's meaning can be changed and reconstructed.

      Why would you like to abolish civil marriage? What would be the pros of that? If you don't like marriage, don't do it, it's not mandatory.

      The thing about American education, I can't answer: but I wonder why conservative people are so angry about educated people being liberal. If education makes people liberal, better search why, it's a sociological phenomenon, not a conspiracy.

      Oh, and please let's stop with the grammar police, it adds nothing to any argument; and though I'm sure most readers are American, this is not my language and I'm sure to make many mistakes (and that says nothing, I believe, about the relevance or level of my comments).

    20. criolle johnny says:

      Tamara, Marriage is not the purchase of a wife in all cultures.

      The "giving away" of he bride is a misnomer. The hand-off was a transfer of RESPONSIBILITY. A father was responsible for the feeding, clothing, shelter and protection of his family.

      A wedding was a symbol of the transfer of that responsibility. The father handed his daughter to her future husband in the presence of witnesses so that the entire community could see that her husband was now responsible for those duties. That's why women wanted a large wedding with as many witnesses as possible.

      That's also why brides came with dowry's.

      Bride purchase is a tradition in some cultures, but not all. The transfer of daughter from family to family is the subject of numerous texts and beyond the scope of a single semester, much less a single comment.

      I'm not necessarily conservative. I just want both sides presented. You cannot have a debate in a room filled with parrots.

      As for civil marriage, try a conservative and liberal link (bothsides):

      Enjoy sparring with you!

    21. Desirae says:

      If marriage is defined as a sacrament, then why do all couples getting married need a state-issued marriage license? Sounds like the government is pretty involved in the marriage business to me. I'd also like to point out that plenty of atheists acquire marriage licenses and get married without setting foot in churches, so why can't gay couples? The fact of the matter is that it's no longer a church issue unless you want it to be.

    22. criolle says:

      Desirae, My point exactly. Why DO couples need a state issued license for a religious affair? Why IS government involved in the affairs of church? Follow those links I gave you above.

      Why not separate the two legally? The civil union initiated by … someone will correct me, but I think it was New Hampshire, solved that problem deftly! The legal entitlments of the union were bestowed by the legal system without getting the state involved in the affairs of the religious community.

      Government should NEVER have had a hand in the business of marriage.

      I'm all for the insurance benefits, the inheritance benefits, … if two people wish to commit themselves to one another no one has a right to tell them otherwise.

      Calling that relationship "marriage" is changing the definition of the word by government decree. That unsettles me because it involves government changing the nature of religion.

      I get just as upset when religion trys to involve its own slithery fingers in government. That's a topic for another entire column.

    23. Bella.b says:

      This is such a HUGE issue, let me offer a simple solution: Stop the pointless bickering and separate church and state once and for all. If the religious are so adamant about keeping marriage a sacrament then leave "marriage" and all of it's screwed up history to the religious, and instead mandate that EVERYONE obtain a civil union instead of a “marriage”. Grant everyone a civil union under the government, and the religious can have their marriages in a church under God along with a legal union. There, everyone is equal and no more bickering.

      1. harry says:

        hi dear gay boy plz will u married 009888444054

    24. brobot says:

      no legal marriages for anyone, fuck that

    25. Marriage is one of the most sacred ceremonies that we humans experience. Being married also gives us happines..,~

    26. Chloe Davies says:

      marriage is one of the happiest moments that a person will experience in his/her life~“

    27. marriage is the best thing that could happen between a man and a woman;"`

    28. i'm not totally against gay marriage, coz gay persons need to be happy to "

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