Obama’s Health Care Plan: What Does It Mean?

This Sunday marked a turn in history far more epic then my Sunday’s fate (which was spent spiraling out of love with Midterms).  Yes, far away in Washington, the House finally voted to provide medical coverage to millions of uninsured Americans! And much like any decision out of D.C., this one has some major dispute. Democrats see health care and insurance as a “right, not a privilege” that will improve the quality of American life, whereas many Republicans believe the health care reform will “increase the costs of doing business, and coverage to a million Americans will not curb costs.”

But regardless of the clashing viewpoints of each party, the biggest question on everyone’s minds is: what does all this mean for us? The line often gets hazy in the midst of a constant political party clash and it’s hard to really understand what’s going on, so I’ve decided to break it down for you busy (and/or lazy) college students. Consider this your Cliff’s Notes version of Obama’s health care plan:

People who are sick are no longer denied health coverage
Before, health insurers could drop coverage for people who become ill, or children with medical problems. Now, regardless of medical history, anyone and everyone can get access to health insurance.

You can stay on your parents’ health insurance until age 26
To all you college students out there, yes this means what it says. No longer will you be booted off of  your parents’ insurance fresh out of college.  You have a few years of breathing/going-to-every-single-doctor-you-can-think-of-before-you-gotta-start-paying-for-this-stuff-yourself room. And this is especially helpful to all of us who may end up jobless post graduation in this declining economy.

Private coverage for low- and middle-income people
The government would assist and subsidize the cost of health insurance for those who cannot afford it.

Requires employers to offer coverage for employees
No matter where you work, the government will make it mandatory for you to receive health insurance. Small companies will get a tax break if they offer it and big companies will have to pay a penalty if they don’t.

Student loans overhauled
While this was not technically part of the health care reform (because it has nothing to do with it!), the student loan overhaul was lumped together in Sunday’s vote. Student loans will now come directly from the government, freeing up money that used to be subsidized to banks to allow even more low-income students the opportunity to go to college. It is also going to cap a borrower’s monthly loan payments at 10%, down from 15% of their monthly income. That’s huge!

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    1. T says:

      Ir all sounds great to me. I'm having such a hard time understanding the fear many Americans have about this health care overhaul.

      I have numerous individuals in my life, including a close family member who is without insurance, despite having a job. When she started having pain and was unable to eat she was stuck between a rock and a hard place – how can she keep working and be productive in society without seeing a Doctor, but how can she afford it?

      Eventually she had to pay out of pocket to see a Doctor, only to be diagnosed with cancer. Eventually she was able to get a company to pick up her bills because of this, but sadly, because she took so long to get to the Doctor (because she couldn't afford it) the cancer has progressed further than is easily treated. It's sad and disgusting anyone should have to worry about paying for health care over putting their health first.

    2. lauren says:

      This article was awesome. I've been trying to read through articles all morning and apparently, I don't speak the same language as whoever wrote all of them. This really cleared everything up for me, thank you!!

    3. Just Saying.... says:

      I wish this article was written from a slightly lessed biased view. The negative points of this bill (and there are many) should be discussed as well.

    4. D says:

      While I am 100% for health care reform and 80% for this particular bill I agree with the above commnetor…there are some cons/not so awesome things readers should know about! For instance:

      –By around 2014 it will be mandatory to have insurance. If you do not get insurance (whether through an employer, govenment program, or piggy backing on your parents plan) you will be fined. At first the fine is pretty low but will increase over time!!!

      –Rates will probably go up. More risk in the system = higher rates. The right thing is rarely the cheap thing.

      There are a lot of great things in this bill and some not so great things. As much as I want people to be excited and positive about health care its more important we are open and honest (on BOTH sides) about pros and cons.

    5. Colleen says:

      I agree with above, there are definitely legitimate concerns that should be taken into account with this new health care bill. Also, the bill has an effect on the abortion debate as well, which in my opinion is a HUGE issue as part of the bill that should be noted. Being such a close vote (212-219), the bill was nearly not passed because of the abortion controversy.

      Personally, I do not think the government should fund abortions aside from/in addition to cases of rape. I am pro-life, but it just does not seem to make sense that tax payers should have to contribute to a decision they feel morally opposed to. The plan overall may seem great, but everyone should keep in mind that our country is in serious debt, and the money to provide universal health care is eventually going to come out of your paychecks once you have a job of your own.

    6. Steph says:

      D said that people will be fined if they don´t get health insurance by 2014. Why is that a bad thing? If insurance companies HAVE to take every peron, regardless of medical history, then what else would people prevent from just not getting health insurance until they are seriously ill. They would still get all the benefits from insurance, but would never have paid anything to earn them. So, i think that´s really a good thing.

      I live in Germany and health insurance was always available for everyone, and is also mandatory. It makes me feel safe.

      I also think with a good health care system, which includes free check-ups, the cost of it all can actually come down, because cancer or other medical issues can be detected at an early stage.

      I seriously never understood how a first world country could not provide health care for everyone, regardless of their income.

      About the debt thing: True, but economy will be going up at one point, and then your country will need a healthy workforce, and healthy CHILDREN.

      Overall: Congrats! I think it´s amazing that your country finally took that step, years/decades after every other first world country did, but still.😉

    7. RIKO says:

      I agree as well. I think mandating that everyone gets healthcare is a step in the right direction rather than waiting for individuals to get hurt. It also worries me that people continue to spout their concern for abortions rather than worry about children who are already alive and suffering. Also, maybe i didn't read carefully but where in the bill did it say that abortions will be funded?

    8. D says:

      Actually Steph I personally don't think it's a bad thing. After all how many people would buy car insurance if they knew they wouldn't get in trouble for not having it? But some people DO dislike a mandate. And at the very least its a part of the health care bill that affects us pretty directly.

    9. Tamara says:

      Good for you America: you're still far behind a third world country like mine, that gives FREE healthcare to everybody (with varying quality, but still), but you're just getting there.

      And about the flaws of the bill, I haven't heard a thing: would someone be so kind as to enlight me? Oh, and things that are good for poor/middle class people but bad for rich people don't count.

    10. Marla says:

      The reason that mandatory insurance is a difficulty is because of the fact that it costs MONEY to get insurance. In response to having to cover everyone, the insurance companies may decide to start charging more for an already-expensive service. This bill does nothing to protect us from rising costs or capping how much an insurance plan would cost. Just because insurers can no longer deny pre-existing conditions does not mean they won't charge an incredible amount for covering them. I feel that mandating insurance is a good idea, but it would work best if it could be paired with capped costs, amongst other things.

    11. Franchescka says:

      To Tamara, the flaw of the bill is that unlike in a country like yours health care in USA will not be FREE. It will be paid, mandatory gov't insurance which certain people will still be unable to afford.

    12. Nikki says:

      Steph…"D said that people will be fined if they don´t get health insurance by 2014. Why is that a bad thing? If insurance companies HAVE to take every peron, regardless of medical history, then what else would people prevent from just not getting health insurance until they are seriously ill."

      How is it a bad thing? OK…well how about this…when I lived in Florida, my employer (a natural health doctor) didn't think insurance was as important as PREVENTION….SO, he paid for everyone's gym memberships then offered to compensate us for 50% of whatever health insurance cost us each month to purchase on an individual basis. (Usually purchasing a policy on an individual bass and not through a large company with your employer is much more expensive.) I'm young and pretty healthy, so it cost me $105 a month for my premium…with his compensation, it was a little over $50. Great…not too bad. Well, I got laid off last year and moved back to NY. I called up my previous insurer and asked for a quote….$495 A MONTH for the SAME policy. (I won't even start my rant about how much I HATE how expensive living in NY state is.) I'm sorry, but I'm unemployed…my income is ZERO…how the HELL am I supposed to afford $495 A MONTH?! And even if I DID have a job, that's still A TON of money…the average HOUSEHOLD income around here is $30k a year…so $6000 a year towards health care PER PERSON is a hefty chunk of change…especially if you factor in living expenses, food, car insurance, car payments, gas, etc. etc. And that's for a HEALTHY "low risk" person. Say you're older, over weight, at risk for diabetes or have a family history of other problems…yea, they can't DENY you now…but that doesn't mean they can't charge you $1000 a month to cover you.

      So in short…I'm 50/50 about this. I've been terrified over the last year that I'll get sick and fall into debt. over medical bills without insurance, but I don't want to go into debt making sure I don't go into debt either…still not sure how I feel about it.

    13. This article was made to inform, not take sides. Obviously, the Health Care reform is a more democratic approach to the reason's it was passed, and that is why it may seem one-sided.

    14. G says:

      This article is ridiculously one-sided. It is so typical of people to think that all these benefits are going to happen with zero repercussions. it would be great if this article actually provided the drawbacks of the health care reform alongside the benefits. As a journalist your job is to provide the TRUTH instead of a blinded uneducated opinion.

    15. shane says:

      ok i understand that the healthcare system needed a overhaul but if the employer dosnt give me healthcare i get fined for it ?.

      i beleive like obamma likes to say to law inforcers doing there job the president of the united states his bill is STUPID. if the employer dosnt provide me with insurance then they should be fined not me i get taxed its already a fine

      i would rather pay out of pocket for a illness that simple and not life threating but use my insurance for major things.

      the bill is to much to little so now the president runs hospitals,car conpanies, and on top of taxes,fines for not being provided insurance😦 i would not be able to live with this health bill. fist on everyones list pay bills rent,mortgage,utilities,property TAXes,vehicle and home insurance,now im mandated for health insurance wtf the the us is getting messed up by the first black president trying to force every one in the ghetto,hood.

    16. ben bake says:

      I'm 25, I'm a student. this health-care doesn't help me whatsoever. I haven't been able to go see a doctor in 6 years. Seems to me that everyone under the sun can get help except my age bracket. How is that fair. Because I'm younger but older than children i don't get any benefits. Maybe you guys understand it a little better and can help me feel better about this.

    17. Speedyt says:

      Can we say SOCIALISM IS ON IT'S WAY. I don't like the fact that I have worked hard all my life to be accountable for myself. I know many others like myself and It's not right for us to have to pay for those who won't work and we will be the one's to foot the bill. I beleive in helping my fellow man, but not for the one's who are lazy and just expect a handout including illegal aliens.

      The President and his counterparts don't really care about the American People since the bill won't effect them. Remember people, they get free medical the rest of their lives regardless of whatever bill there is.

      Little by Little, day by day, we are losing our freedom. God help this country cause we're going to need it.

    18. Tamara says:

      Wow, hard to believe. I know you Americans are not really used to recession and what that means, but how can anybody think that people CHOOSE to be poor? That people choose not to work? And believe me, the rich are not the one that work the harder, in ANY country: the cleaning lady works in a much more unpleasant and tiresome job, for more houres, than the CEO of the company. And still, she's lucky if she earns a tenth of what he earns. So stop the crap about "I don't wanna support lazy people". Poor people are victims of the same system that allows that you and me go to college while some other girl my age is working as a prostitute and some guy you age is stealing to buy crack, just because of LUCK. Better start thinking about it.

      Still: I've been reading more about the reform and it is, at the very least, insufficient. In my country, is the employer that gets a fee if he does not guarantee you insurance (and that makes much more sense). Also, the concession about reproductive rights is a major retrocess. I should have been more careful judging this stuff before reading the whole story.

    19. Truth says:

      This bill menas we are screwed is what it means not to mention its unconstitutional to pass.. Someone asked why is it bad to be fined if you dont care the insurance which i am assuming your job pays well and you have a lot of money. Lets say oh your working part time since you lost your original job so the company offers no health care but the fed says you must have it and its $200 a month and you make $150 a week to live on you have to without fail pay that 4200 a month or be fined $1500 or be put in jail..Thats not what our country is. If you cant afford it you cant be forced to afford it. not tomention the taxes that are coming and the suddeen flood of illegal immigrants this bill covers along with so many more people coming for help. You think its hard now to get a doctors appointment add another 32 million people in front of you. Hi Id like to get a flu shot..Lets see we can get you in in July…2018…This bill is the worse possible idea and nothing in it is good not one thing

    20. Abigail says:


      *The bill ignored proven ways to cut health care costs and still leaves 24 million people uninsured, all while slightly raising total annual costs by $234 million in 2019.

      *Most people with medical bankruptcies already have insurance, and out-of-pocket expenses will continue to be a burden on the middle class.

      *This bill will mandate that millions of people who are currently uninsured must purchase insurance from private companies, or the IRS will collect up to 2% of their annual income in penalties.

      *Access to the “high risk pool” is limited and the pool is underfunded. It will cover few people, and will run out of money in 2011 or 2012

      *There are already many states that have laws on the books prohibiting people from being dropped when they’re sick, but without an enforcement mechanism, there is little to hold the insurance companies in check.

      *This bill does not limit insurance company rate hikes. Private insurers continue to be exempt from anti-trust laws, and are free to raise rates without fear of competition in many areas of the country.

      *Bernie Sanders’ provision in the Senate bill does not start until 2017, and does not cover the Department of Labor, so no, it doesn’t create a pathway for single payer.

    21. Tizzle says:

      Just as a heads up- It's a better financial decision to not get health insurance until you are sick.

      Option 1: $4800 annual premium if you buy insurance for the whole year.

      Option 2: 2.5% fine * $30,000 (if that's your income) = $750 Annual + one month's insurance premium if you get sick/injured.

      I find it hard to believe that this is supposed to get more people insured.

      Also, on Obama's statement that "you can keep your insurance that you have"- Well you can. The only catch is that if you do, you'll have to buy another "approved by the government" plan, or pay a tax on your old one.

    22. Tammi says:

      I agree with nikki, in the world today with so many of us unemployed (unwillingly) and the cost of not only keeping a roof over your head and car insurance so crazy. The cost of paying for medical insurance for me would mean, not being able to even pay for food let alone the gas or transit costs to purchase it. I am sure if I was not eating at least somewhat healthy I would not be able to avoid being sick alot more frequently and having to visit a doctor or emercency room!

    23. Fallon says:

      Thanks to everyone for providing the cons to the bill. I always felt a little wary about having a universal health care plan because I knew that the money was going to come from the citizens and increase taxes.

    24. kimberly says:

      I work. I pay my bills. I do what I am supposed to do but can not afford health coverage. Nor is my job required to give it to me. So to me .. I am happy for this . I do not see how everyone seems so mad at something that can help save the lives of lots of people. I ache all the time, I have a tooth that needs pulling yet I can not afford to take care of my self. How is it fair.

    25. RIKO says:

      selfishness kimberly. selfishness and entitlement from what i've heard mostly.

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    27. matt says:

      to everyone talking about not being able to afford the coverage because you are unemployed. if you make less than 13,000 a year, you can apply for a grant to cover your payments.

    28. darlene says:

      i don't pretend to understand this bill,and all its remifications,i am 63,jobless,no car and live off of less then 800.00 a month social security,with rent,utilities,food,and because ur suppose to be a responsible pet owner the cost for them medically.For those of us not quite 65 we get no medicare or medicade,i dont get food stamps nor do i get nething else and if u live in a one horse town,with no transport to get a job and who wants to hire someone thats over 60 for jobs catering to the young,because u have no jobs skills,what is one suppose to do to live? And now u r suppose to get medical insurance,or pay fines for not having it.So in essence,i am suppose to pay for all the above,and cut out what to pay for this added expense…become a bag lady live on the street where it is free,eat out of dumpsters for free,so i can pay for this mandatory insurance//somewhat dumfounded by it all.

    29. linda says:

      Not sure I understand this new bill? I am 55 years old and unemployed so how am I suppose to pay for health coverage?? My husband is self-employed and like most people we live pay-check to pay-check and barely make ends meet let alone have enough money to afford coverage so we go without and hope for the best. What does this new bill mean for us? we will get fined if we cant afford to have coverage? cant get money that isnt there? so now what?

    30. I operate in the real world of business. I own a small business that repairs forklifts and trucks. Most of my customers have under fifty employees and the owners have told me they will drop coverage under this legislation. One in particular has just enough employees to put her over the threshold of making it mandatory to provide health insurance. She is going to lay off her truck drivers and use sub-haulers. I spoke to anthem blue cross about my wifes policy I jst bought for her two months ago and asked them will I likely see an increase or decrease in premiums. They informed likely increase coming. This is the problem you get when a person motivates a segment of the population (young, cival employees,union labor) to vote for someone who makes promise upon promise to solve their woes. This large segment does not care what it cost because they don't have to pay the lion s share of the cost. Ironically it is the young idealistic pie-in-the-sky voters who will have to incur the bulk of the cost in much higher tax and cost of goods and services. There is no avoiding it. Soak the rich never works. All cost get passed on. How do I know this you ask? I consider all cost I incur under the operation of my business including tax,cog sold,every penny it takes to perform my job, and I pass it on. Once you leave the ivory towers you first have to cross the mote. Many don't make it accross. It's tough out here and it just got tougher.

    31. Obachan says:

      Socialism my freinds. Healthcare is not free!!! With the unfunded mandates, you and I will continue to pay and at higher rates. By 2014 many of you will forget this exchange and believe that the private sector can not fulfill the needs of the people forceing you and I into a larger government policy. Of cource now that the governement will be taking over student loans, those professors seeking UTOPIA

    32. Abigail says:

      @Kimberly –

      I don't really understand how this health care reform is going to save you money?!? Do you not understand that you will now have to either a. pay a monthly premium for health insurance or b. pay a fine that's 2% of your income for not having health insurance. And when you do have a problem, such as your you will have co-pays and deductibles! So, you say you can't afford health care? Too bad, because now you are being forced to pay for it.

    33. belle says:

      i agree that this bill is not perfect. but i wish that people who have (admittedly valid) arguments against it would offer more than just a lot of whining.

      also, speedyt, you clearly do not care about helping your fellow man or you would be more concerned about the 30 million uninsured (who are explicitly not illegals, and for the most part are hard-workers themselves). pure selfishness. people don't start out equal. that's why we help them when we can. end of story.

    34. Britney says:

      Matt: I'm unemployed from a recent lay-off. You say we can get a grant if we make less than 13,000, do you think that I can easily fill out a form, mail it in, and have a check in the mail? You know there's WAY more to it than that and it would take months. The government doesn't make anything easy! However, I DONT support this health care bill, because I do have insurance and don't want to pay for those who don't. Someone else mentioned no one chooses to be poor, well I didn't grow up with very much money and I have worked VERY hard and have a college education in order to be at the comfortable place I am now. Other people could work just as hard if they weren't lazy.

    35. Marla says:

      You know, I really thought the health-care plan was supposed to be something entirely different. That's why I supported Obama and rooted for this to go through. Now I just feel a little betrayed, and part of me is actually hoping that something happens to keep it from fully going into effect. Is anyone else feeling this way?

    36. mike says:

      Here is what I can add to this discussion on fines. From what I understand, the individual who chooses not to purchase health insurance can be fined, but it's not going to happen unless you go in to get medical care and they discover you are one of the uninsured. They've said all along that it was not an effort to criminalize those without insurance. It's like littering. You can do it, but if you get caught it's a fine. So if you are comfortable living without insurance, fine. But if you need care in a hospital you are going to pay a fine to cover the cost of those who are uninsured. Hope that helps.

    37. Ann says:

      My heart genuinely goes out to the people who were under the impression when hearing "universal health care", "health care provided for everyone", that this was going to be easily available. Some are/were under the impression that this would be free as well. These people are the ones who really need it. And a harsh reality is soon coming their way. Quality is never free.

      My dad has been laid off. I am a college student. My family is in need of health care. Yet, we are so against this as a family. Yes, there are some good things. But there is so so many cons. This bill was passed with such little influence from opposers. We are talking about a few more votes which put all our fate in the government's hand. Americans, this is not going to be easy. Have you guys filled out taxes before? We know that isn't easy. Try filling out government health care information. I am sincerely sorry to those of you who think this is going to be the answer to your worries.

      And those of you who are calling the working class lazy are very ignorant. And those that are under the impression that because someone is rich (which is a subjective term) they have all the money to spare is also an ignorant view.

      People generally have good hearts. They don't want to see others suffer, in pain, ect.

      I work with children everyday. They do not like to be told to share or forced to give someone what is rightfully theirs. But I notice, when they see with their own eyes that someone may want or need what they have, they are willing to share. We don't want socialism. We don't want to be forced. Human instinct.

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    39. brian says:

      the Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act( in the healthcare bill)

      an average of roughly $150 or $240 a month, based on age and salary, automatically deducted from their paycheck to save for long-term care.

      Scheduled to go into effect in January, actual deductions could take place in 2012.

    40. bj70 says:

      How come the people that are for it are okay and the ones against it are whining? Going out of business, possibly losing your house, that is whining? I am disabled, from a car accident. My medicare denies, denies, denies. Luckily, my husband has insurance through a union. We live in NY so, the cost of this plan is considered a cadillac plan. We do not get great benefits, it just goes on the COST of the plan, which he pays into. His union has forgone raises to keep up the medical. NOW, upon retiring, the bill, the way it is, all cadillac insurance plan owners will have to pay 40% or aprox. in his case $10k to the government. We do not have this, we are living paycheck to paycheck. He can't change jobs right now, because although OBama is praising himself that no one with pre existing conditions has to worry anymore, that is not until 2014 for adults. Today, on the news, it came out that because the government is taking AWAY a tax cut to companies, a tax right off of insurance benefits that they gave to retirees, AT&T is going to lose ONE BILLION DOLLARS, #M is losing 90 MILLION Dollars, Catapillar is losing $100 million dollars, AK STEEL is losing 31 million dollars, Deer is losing 150 million dollars, verizon 46 billion dollars, veralo 15 million dollars. They can't cut benefits to retirees if it is written in their contracts, so WHERE DO YOU THINK THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE UP THE MONEY?????? They will layoff people and pass the cost on to US!!!!!!!! NOTHING FROM THE GOVERNMENT IS FREE. Even having a 'child' stay on the policy until 26, it is going to cost the parent big time, probably full cost of an adult. THERE IS NOTHING FREE. The government can not tell the insurance companies what to charge. companies will likely pay the fine instead of offering insurance or make the employee pay alot more in themselves. CONGRESS LIVES IN LA LA LAND.

    41. bj70 says:

      and one example I will give you. My husband works in NYC. someone he works with, his wife owns 2 daycares. You need to watch what you charge buy the hour for daycare, to make it affordable for the parents. They have been trying to figure this out. They, right now, do not offer healthcare to their employees, it is too expensive in NYC, NY state. The 'small business tax incentive' Obama keeps talking about-it comes to a few hundred dollars, that is it, a one time write off of a few hundred dollars. They have checked it out. He said they can not afford to offer healthcare to the workers. so, they either pay the fine, or close the businesses. right now, he feels bad, but it looks like at the end of the school year, that they might close the businesses and she might just do private babysitting. So, they will lose income they probably needed, they will definitely be laying off, no matter what choice they do and no matter what choice, they will be reducing their staff and have to reduce how many kids they take in. Finding cheap good childcare in NYC, NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. IT is like setting off a domino. so now, they lay off people, these people are not spending money, that money is out of the community, the people that used the daycare have to find a new daycare, they take time off from work, that place does not produce, etc, etc, etc.

    42. bj70 says:

      So, if you are going to breakdown the bill, BREAKDOWN THE WHOLE BILL. Everything effects something else. And what effects retirees, just does not effect them, it will effect 18 year olds too. And the fine thing, it will be, after the first year, I think 2014, if the cheapest healthcare plan is more than 8% of your income, you do not have to pay the fine. So, those low motivated or unemployed people do not have to worry

    43. Bella.b says:

      Ann, perfectly spoken! We don’t think poor people shouldn’t have health care, people aren’t that insensitive. Everyone needs health care! But it’s also not fair to make the hardworking people of the country foot a bill for people who quite literally, DO NOT WANT TO WORK. When the 2008 election was taking place they were interviewing people outside the polls to ask who they were voting for and why, you know what one woman said? She said “I was der fo Obama and he gonna be der fo me so I don have to wok no mo”.

      THESE are the people we’re talking about. NOT the people who work and just can’t quite get by, or the disabled people who CAN’T work, but the MANY MANY people in this country who CHOOSE not to work, who want everything for absolutely nothing. These people do exist, whether you choose to acknowledge them or not.

      No one believes that poor people shouldn’t have health care. Everyone should have health care, but instead of making a plan that makes health care AVAILABLE to everyone (the liberal idea), make a plan to make health care AFFORDABLE to everyone (the conservative idea). Don’t make me pay for your health care because you can’t afford it, make it so that you CAN afford it.

      As human beings we are all created equal, but let’s be honest, we aren’t really equal are we? Some people are contributing members of society and others are leeches, a bane on society. No matter what your situation you have the opportunity to change it. How many poor people have risen themselves out of their situation and made it entirely on their own? Countless! It IS possible to get a job, even if it’s just entry level, working at Wal-Mart, if you work hard and you have integrity there is always a chance to improve yourself. Everyone has the opportunity, it’s just some people don’t take that opportunity. What makes the hardworking man on your left different from the societal leech on your right? One has integrity, one knows that you can’t get by in life on someone else’s hard work, one knows that they aren’t entitled to have everything just handed to them by the government/ taxpayers (hard workers).
      This shouldn’t be a world of “give me what I don’t have” it should be a world of “help me get what I need”.

      When will liberal America realize that everyone doesn’t DESERVE everything, that you only DESERVE what you work for? Yes, this world is more advanced, but when did we loose the concept that “if you don’t work, you don’t eat”. That credo worked for centuries, it even worked for the cavemen. If someone didn’t want to do their part in society they were left to die, because people back then knew enough not to have burdens on society…

      You can’t help people who wont help themselves.

    44. RIKO says:

      bj70 that was way too much. no one wants to read an essay. and please please please stop calling this new healthcare socialism. some of you should actually look up what socialism is instead of rehashing the catchphrases that your wonderful leaders are using.

      and Ann, really? Because you saw one person outside of a poll claiming she won't have to work you just automatically assume that most people who don't have health insurance, this is what they are like? And honestly, there will always be people that try and jump the system in any situation. but you can't stop others from getting something just because of the few cheaters out there.

      and the old 'pull yourself up by the bootstraps and you can do anything.' no comment

      “Medicine is a universal need and it must be universally provided and a society that can’t see that isn’t much of a society at all.”

    45. Bella.b says:

      RIKO, If you don't want to read, then one, you probably shouldn't be engaging in an online discussion, and two, you likely didn't do much, if any, research on this bill before you started forming opinions, so where are you basing your concerns?

      bj70 has a very good argument. The fact that you don't want to read it doesn't make it invalid. And she never once used the word socialism.

      You're commenting to Ann in response to my post, so I see you're already confused, but I never said that that one woman represents all people without health care, I never “assumed” anything, so please, don’t put words in my mouth. That woman represents a very real portion of the population who we, as taxpayers, will be carrying with this new bill.

      In the future, try to read a discussion board with a more open mind, because I didn’t say, nor did I imply, that anyone without health care is bad, or worthless, or doesn’t deserve it. Just because people may not be in favor of THIS bill, doesn’t mean they’re not in favor of health care reform. I think the American people got a little over zealous at the idea of health care reform that they didn’t really look at this bill and its cons. However, considering congress currently has an 80% disapproval rating, maybe it wasn’t the American people who got excited about this bill after all.

      And why “no comment”? If you don’t have an argument against something, it’s best not to even mention it.

      Our society can see that medicine is a universal need, that was never the issue, but they can also see that it comes at a very big price, a price that someone, someone who may not be able to afford it (the middle class), has to pay. The idea that conservatives think poor people don’t deserve health care is propaganda and was started by liberals who can’t fathom why anyone would be against universal health care. That’s where the confusion lies, the conservatives were never against universal health care, they’re against THIS BILL. Solution: write a better bill for universal health care. So please, stop propagating lies. Hope you made it this far, I know that was a lot to read.

    46. Tamara says:

      Bella.b: there is a point to be made. You're not in favor of universal health care if you care more about the rich's right to be rich than the poor's right to health care. Universal health care needs money; money has to come from somewhere. Where? From taxes. Someone has to pay the taxes; who? The people who can (at least in comparison to the rest). If you believe that is unfair, then your concern for universal healthcare is much weaker than mine; and your concern for middle and upper classer right to invest that money in luxury or whatever they want is much bigger than mine. I'm not saying that's good or bad, it's just plain reality. So it's not like conservatives and progressive care IN THE SAME AMOUNT about universal health care; conservatives have other priorities first.

      I'm not saying the bill that was passed reflects my point of view on this one; I actually think it doesn't. But conservatives wouldn't support a more progressive bill, with higher taxes for the middle and upper classes supporting health care for the less advantaged; so if a better bill was written, you probably wouldn't like it anyway.

    47. pollard says:

      All I want to know is when will it take place? Will it take place the day after I get medicare or will it be now? I think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Praise to Obama for doing it. I just don't know what all the fuss is about.

    48. Bella.b says:

      Tamara, you're exactly right. Any American citizen who pays taxes is paying for this bill, that means the "rich" as you refer to them, the middle class, and the poor who work. Anyone who earns an income pays taxes, including those on unemployment. So no, it's not the "rich" who are paying for this bill, it is ANY hard working American citizen who is paying for this bill, whether they can afford it or not. Don't be so quick to assume that everyone who pays taxes would spend that money on "luxuries", some people could use that money to pay for their DEDUCTIBLES, but instead they are being FORCED to pay for someone else’s health care instead of using THEIR money, the money THEY earned, to pay for what their insurance DOESN'T cover. Just because someone falls into the middle class tax bracket, does not mean that they have extra money to GIVE AWAY. You don’t know what bills people have to pay, and you don’t know what each individual is spending their money on, so to say that taxpayers would spend their “extra” money on luxuries is ridiculous. Some people who are considered “middle class” still have to choose between seeing a doctor, a dentist, or having their car serviced. So is it really fair that now they also have to worry about paying for someone else to benefit from something they need themselves?

    49. RIKO says:

      *Sorry if this is a repost. My other comment was taking too long to post*

      oh dear

      First off, i still stand that bj70’s argument was much too long although I did read it. Everyone knows that a good argument should be concise and to the point. The poster also draws a lot from anecdotal evidence which as sad as the story may be, does not really further an argument. We can not take one person’s situation and extrapolate it to an entire society

      The comment about socialism wasn’t directed particularly at bj70. I’ve already seen the word thrown around this board a few times and it saddens me that 1. people don’t actually realize what socialism is 2. the government already controls more arenas than most people know 3. it is annoying to hear people quote statements that i’ve literally heard come from politicians’ mouths. Why don’t we all just formulate our own ideas without buying into propaganda?

      “nor did I imply, that anyone without health care is bad, or worthless, or doesn’t deserve it.” Pray tell where did I imply that you said this? Although i was mistaken in who I created my response to, i never once said that you said this. It seems at the same time you are chastising me for putting words in your mouth, you’re putting words in mine! what a conundrum!

      And the fact is, many people are neither in favor of this bill nor health care reform in general. There are people out there who believe that health care is just dandy right where it is, which is just ridiculous. And your solution is just wonderful, but what are some suggestions for writing a better bill, hmm? If conservatives are in fact not against UHC (which i doubt) than what exactly would they change to make it better? and don’t say tort reform

      And perhaps people wouldn’t buy into the so called propaganda of conservatives against poor people, if there weren’t so many terrible examples (tea party?) of conservatively linked groups with such ideals. Maybe the conservatives should denounce these supposed outlying groups altogether and separate themselves.

      Finally my no comment on the bootstraps idea. It’s really a matter of entirely different views that we share. We probably will never come to agreement over this. Although I will say this, i think the theory oversimplifies a very complex situation

      and yes it was quite long and quite a bit to read, thanks for your concern!

    50. Kiko says:

      hey what happened?

      I had a perfectly thought out and well planned response and it didn't post! who is moderating this stuff anyway?

    51. Joyce says:

      I am just upset about what it is doing to the senoir citizens and the truly disabled in America. Can hardly pay my bill now and it will cost more for seniors and disabled than it does now. I want to know how many government employee's that make all these decisions could live on my income of $1,300.00 a month. Now that will be less because of the new health care bill. I sent that question to the government officials and asked for a reply, that was over 10 weeks ago. Still no reply. I challenge any of them and that includes the president to just try this for 6 months. To date no one has accepted the challenge. The new health care takes away from the people that can least afford it. What a crock!

    52. Belinda says:

      When he spoke about this healthcare reform he left out the read between the lines phrases. Anyone who has worked, paid taxes, pays for a home, etc knows that you can't get something for nothing. The money will come from somewhere and it usually breaks the backs of the middle class. If the people who can actually work will work and we stop paying for just being sorry we would not be broke. You have to have lived and paid taxes to understand why people are tired of paying for people who are just lazy.

    53. Parker says:

      Ha, ha, ha. Good stuff. I took the time to read all of these comments, even some of the really under-developed ones. Let's sum up, shall we: "I'm all for helping my fellow man…but screw this bill because the middle class (an idiot's definition of fellow man) will pay higher rates." Yes, the middle class probably will see increases across the board on premiums, get over it. People making 20 grand or less a year, the people who really need help, will get it, and be able to afford it. Yes I know it's hard that the government is tapping in to that much needed beer money, or maybe it's smokes…good, time to quit. I've been from one side of the country to the other, in cities and rural towns, suburbs and ghettos, from poor through middle class but unfortunately not rich. The fact is people don't like change, ever, and everyone makes up their own version of what's going to happen. Do you really think that someone who climbed the whole way to the top of the political world (putting up with some much negativity and hate to get there), with greater intelligence than anyone I meet on a daily basis, is simply trying to make things worse; trying to make life hard on you. Oh well, I'm done. Not worth my time, too many stubborn people that need something to focus their anger on. Let's keep on pretending to care about helping each other.

    54. Crystal says:

      I am all for health-care reform. I am solidly against this bill. Many of you have said what I would have so I will not go over those reasons for not liking this bill. Instead I would like you to think for a moment about the families that are out of work and will be unable to buy this insurance. Say you have 2 small kids at home. You cant afford to buy their medical insurance. Do you know what that is called? Medical Neglect. I work in a court house and have seen this a thousand times. If a parent cannot afford to care for the children, no matter the reason, and if they cannot get this insurance, do you know what happens? They lose their children to the state. Right now the law states that a parent does not need to carry insurance but must provide the medical treatments the children need. So as long as they are doing that then medical neglect charges are dropped. Well add in that you HAVE to have insurance no matter the cost and you have a lot of kids being torn from their families. I think this bill if it is not repelled will begin the downfall of America. Nothing in life is free. And there is almost nothing in this bill that will have good come from it.

    55. casey says:

      So people who work hard for their money shouldn't be able to spend it however they want? Just because some people are poor people shouldn't be able to have luxuries that they work hard for?

      What about the people who want to put their extra money into savings for their retirement? They shouldn't be able to live comfortably because some people are poor?

      Or how about the people like me who is considered middle class, although I'm a full time student paying for school, and I live on my own and have bills to pay, and a recently accrued 6000 dollar dental bill, which WASN'T for cosmetic procedures. I can barely afford my own bills, let alone someone elses, yet I'm still middle class and will be giving up money that I don't have for this bill.

      Don't be so quick to accuse people of spending their money on luxuries, because you have no idea what bills people have to pay for.

    56. t says:

      I can't believe no ones made this point yet. This bill is first and formost unconstitutional. You realize that by FORCING people to purchase health insurance (which they may or may not be able to afford) is limiting our feedoms right? You no longer will have the freedom to choose, at least on that topic, but what does that lead to? Limiting MORE freedoms. Yes everyone should have health insurance, but they should also be able to choose not to have it if they don't want it, that was is and should always be the beauty of this country and Obama is trying to take that away. This bill may not be socialist, but it is certainly unamerican.

    57. t says:

      Oh but hey, now that I think about it, while they're at it with limiting freedoms maybe now they'll take away a womans right to "choose" what she does with "her" body. Good job guys! Maybe this is a step in the right direction! Ha ha

    58. KIM says:


      This is the definition of socialism from a dictionary-

      1. Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

      2. The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.


    59. Tamara says:

      KIM: learn to read your own definitions. Socialism is not about equal income, it's about collective ownership of capital; what you're talking about looks much more like a european social democracy. So I kind of agree with the other girl who said this is not socialism, but it's definitely not "the american way" (you guys with your super free market that leaves so many others to starve).

    60. Tired says:

      1. Car insurance is mandatory, does that limit your rights? Or is it meant to protect you? If I'm walking down the street and a guy stabs me does his insurance cover it?

      2. Lazy people already have us paying for them, it's called welfare and Medicaid, amongst others.

      3. Employed people who believe this is in some way socialist should look up socialism then start thinking about losing everything they have earned because they got sick. (Like my republican turned Democrat father did)

      4. The Bill includes the words "AFFORDABLE" in too many paragraphs to mention. (over 80% of the 2310 pages) If you are unemployed you will not be paying $400 + per month. it's kind of the point of the whole thing.

      5. If you are employed you WILL have the right to choose from more choices than you may even want.

      6. Businesses already have to provide insurance for all their employees, it's called "Workman's Compensation" and it's REALLY expensive.

      7. If you beleive this bill will leave children without insurance your dumb.

      8. The middle class "Back Breakers" are called "Republicans". They lower taxes then spend like arm candy brides forcing higher taxes to get us out of their mess.

      9. We created the poor and lower class by wanting more, more, more, and the conservatives do just that conserve their bank accounts that they like to pretend they worked really hard for. Like Daddy or Mommy didn't pay for them to get there. When your family has money it's really easy to be successful. If you are a poor or middle class conservative then you're going to get a big shock if they succeed cause you WILL BE A "HAVE NOT"

      10. The conservatives want to help themselves and refer to the liberals as "Bleeding Hearts" here's the brass tax of that; Liberals want to help you and him and her and them and the trees and the whales. Conservatives want to drill for oil in your back yard. Which side do you want to be on?

      11. We fought a war of independence against a country who's Pound is worth significantly more than our dollar, has universal health care and is respected rather than feared in the international community.

      12. Wake up nay sayers, I read right through your crap, You are all the same type of people who were outraged when the civil rights act was signed. Grow up greedy little people and join the world that cares. The funny thing is you're probably all Christians just like the KKK.

      I broke my hand a little over a month ago, I saw a nurse, a radiologist and a physicians assistant who put the cast on. I got a doctors bill for $1400.00. I never met the doctor, he was not at the hospital and approved the treatment over the phone based on the radiologist and physicians assistant intrpretation of the film. A 1 minute phone conversation cost me $1400. The beginning of reform is here, let me remind you that there are these things called "Amendments"

      1. Emily says:

        "2. Lazy people already have us paying for them, it's called welfare and Medicaid, amongst others."

        One small problem with this statement, is that quite a lot of people who use welfare, etc are the working poor. Meaning, people with jobs. (Not always just "lazy") I have worked full time since I was about 17 (right after H.S.) I have always done alright, and paid my own bills, until my divorce. I currently work 40-45 hours a week, and have medical through the county. My kids are 12, and 7. I assure you, I am not "lazy" I would give nearly anything to go back to school, but I cannot afford to. My kids are both good students, with a bright future. I assure you that they will not be a burden on anyone.

        You cannot wish for health care for everyone, and at the same time call anyone who uses it "lazy" I have indeed seen many a rich person who was FAR lazier than a working poor person.

      2. Outraged says:

        Number twelve is such a horribly accusation. It show how ignorant you really are. How about instead you grow up a little and see that not everyone is like you and just because they aren't doesn't mean their horrible people. I for one am a proud Christian (p.s. not every Christian is in the KKK) and I do care just to let you know. Most people do, and guess what the people who aren't like you also care. So how about you get out of you little world were based on the logic you lose will shatter before your eyes and your foundation will fall and you'll be left with nothing!

      3. Taylor says:

        If you eliminated #12 this would be perfect. Don't so closed minded about Christians…I am one and I agree with you.

        Bravo overall.

      4. Genie R says:

        Yes, it's the Democrats who give to the lazy and to the illegal aliens. My son could not get help with college, but an alien from another country can. No wonder this country is failing. Stop the handouts, get off your butts you lazy people. Stop helping people who are not even born here. The US citizens should come first.

    61. criolle johnny says:

      Tamara, collective ownership is COMMUNISM (American Heritage Dictionary, 2nd College Edition).

      Socialism is a system whereby the producers posses both the political power and means of production, ibidem.

      The steady progress toward the left in the United States follows the outline from "Das Capital" like a script. Note that government now owns 2/3 of the automobile industry and over half of the banking industry.

      With control of health care government has now seized another 1/6 of the total economy in less than two years in office.

    62. Tired says:

      Yeah, and they've already started selling it off so what's your point? The leftward movement is called progress. The right stagnates so it can reap it's rewards for longer periods of time. You right wingers are so anti-american it makes me sick, do you understand the meaning of our liberty do you know what the right wing in conjuction with the DOJ have done to the Justice system. We have 100,000 more people in prison here than they do in the EU which by the wat has a population 100,000,000 more than we do. Before you start preaching one way or the other make sure you know the way! So you say the left is steering toward Socialism, Okay, at least they're not headed for Corporatism like the right. Do you know your place? Watch Gattaca and witness the right in action.

    63. criolle johnny says:

      You want to watch a MOVIE (Gattaca)to witness REALITY?

      You want to progress toward "Das Capital" and call ME "anti-American"?

      1. car insurance is mandatory … I have no right to drive. I have a right to LIFE, without government permission.

      4. I really wish people (esp the press!) would stop calling this a "bill". It's an ACT. A bill is an idea introduced by a congressman, in either house. When both houses have sighed off on it, it goes to the president as an ACT OF CONGRESS. When the president signs it, it becomes a LAW.

      The "bill" includes the word affordable, and you believe it.

      I've got something in my pocket for you.

      7. believe … i before e, and your is possessive. you're dumb (well, you look that way). I know grammar police, but "your" in college, dammit!

      If you want people to give serious consideration to your arguments as an intelligent life form, you need to proofread!

      You wrote some good material, I disagree with much of it, but still good material. A bit more attention to detail would lend credence to your thoughts and hard work.

    64. Terry says:

      I didn’t want this particular health care bill to be passed, but it passed. And while there is talk about repealing it, I think most people understand that won’t happen.

      But it does need some major repair. The way this bill was passed (using an arrogant, secretive, mono-partisan approach) resulted in huge mistakes. And they must be fixed, or it will have major negative implications to the YOUNG people here, some of whom seem very happy that this passed. You need to think beyond the instant gratification aspects of this bill to see what it really means to you.

      For one thing, the claim that the deficit will drop as a result of this bill was perhaps the biggest political lie ever foisted on the United States. They cite CBO numbers, but as someone pointed out, if a bill’s author says that the bill will be funded by selling real estate on the back side of the moon, the CBO is required to use those numbers.

      Most of the tax increases that were added to pay for this bill won’t even materialize. That is because most of the “funding” was accomplished by increasing taxes on the rich. Read this article to see why that isn’t going to actually generate any significant funding:

      Secondly, and just as important, almost nothing in this bill was done seriously to control costs. That is because the Democratic constituencies like the trial lawyers and big unions were held harmless, meaning that the costs of health care will continue to run away. And with money moved over from Medicare, and the “doctor fix” still coming (that should have been part of this bill), we haven’t even seen all of the cost yet.

      So you have two choices:

      Choice 1. The lazy way out is to just sit back and wait to see what happens. There will be some expansion of health care. But the federal deficit will balloon, the debt will rise to third world country levels, taxes will rise substantially for ALL citizens*, and it will be the young people in the next 30 years who will suffer the most trying to pay for it, and perhaps paying for their parents to live with them, after the hyperinflation has destroyed the value of their retirement funds.

      Choice 2. Reform the “Health Care Reform.” This won’t be minor tweaks, it will take major surgery. And that certaubkt WILL NOT happen under the current Democratic leadership, for obvious reasons. There needs to be political change.


      p.s. For those of you who are naive enough to think that the costs of this runaway unfunded entitlement program will be born only by the fat cat rich people, understand this: In 2007, the wealthiest top 5% of taxpayers were already paying over 60% of the personal income tax in the U.S (up from 53% in 2002). [Reference ] If you read the article at the link above about how this bill was allegedly going to be funded, you should now know that the Healthcare bill is designed to put almost all the increase on high income people, yet high income people can and will be able to alter their investments so those costs don’t hit them. So even if you want to soak the rich to pay for this, the bill still needs to be changed to do that.

      This is what happens when a few leaders of one party ram things through in secret. It becomes a groupthink process. It doesn’t give the time or access by constructive thinkers to find the mistakes.

    65. […] Obama’s Health Care Plan: What Does It Mean? : College Candy […]

    66. Susan says:

      I am for reform, but not this reform. I feel there should be healthcare for those not covered…students, those who have lost their jobs and too ill to work. This is a certain segment of society and we should work to close this gap. However, I don’t feel everyone should be forced onto the gov health care plan. Although we are told those with private insurance can keep it, I feel it will become cost prohibitive for employers to pay into the private pool. A friend with a business with many employees said with this plan the cost to continue to offer private insurance will be too expensive and they will pay the fine for each individual because it will be cheaper than continuing to pay their private insurance for each individual…so eventually most will end up belonging to the public plan which is what the government wants…the insurance we select will really not be a choice, for most of us it will just be a matter of time until we are on it. Why not leave private insurance plans alone and have a national plan to cover those who fall through the cracks because of unemployment, illness, pre existing conditions? Make it better than what we have now but not as extreme as what we are about to have. People on welfare and SSI already have gov coverage. Low income families where can apply for medical where I live. I am concerned for those who can’t get insurance because of a preexisting condition, lost their job etc… they should not be left out to dry. Just my 2 cents.

    67. David says:

      To those who say the naysayers should stop whining and offer a solution, there are many, many ideas that are out there… unfortunately, this was passed very sneakily, with little transparency, lots of bribes, and a disregard of the voting constituents… here's some ideas that are out there for reform that would be less financially painful to the Country:

      * Demand frivolous lawsuit reform. Experts estimate that more than $200 billion per year is wasted by doctors exercising defensive-medicine because they are afraid of frivolous lawsuits. Enacting simple reforms means this money can be used to lower costs and cover the uninsured.

      * Require portability. You shouldn’t have to change health plans just because you changed jobs. If you like your insurance, you should be able to keep it.

      * Require greater transparency. Health care providers should have to publish a menu of services and their costs so consumers can make informed choices.

      * End the government prohibition on true competition. Currently, if you want to buy a cheaper insurance plan offered by a company in a different state, the government says ‘no.’ Allowing multi-state competition will end monopolies and lower prices.

      * Reform coverage of pre-existing conditions. No one should be denied health coverage for a pre-existing condition.

      * Require tax deductibility. It’s simple: the government shouldn’t cash-in when you get sick.

      * Promote Health Savings Accounts. We should all be able to save money, tax free, for medical expenses.

      * Enable small business buying pools. Letting small businesses group together will spread risks and lower costs and ensure they can provide insurance to their employees.

    68. Armyjo66 says:

      I quess its o.k. for 45000 persons a year that die cause of no Ins. Its o.k. for the's to drop persons when they get ill, its o.k. when you can't get ins.cause of an existing sickness, and you probably like that your premiums keep going up and up! What a MORON. And can U list the freedoms you've lost so far? The reason you are against it:Black President and a White Woman telling you what needs to be done! Join the supremesist group like the tea partiers if U haven't already!

    69. Cupcake says:

      Everyone keeps saying that this reform doesn't help students…I believe it said your parents can keep you on their insurance until you are 26. Okay let's count 4 years undergrad starting at age 18, 4 more years graduate school hey look 26 years old. With this Ph D that you have just received you should not be working part time anywhere, and you should be acquiring a decent paying job, so i think $300+ out of your pocket for your health isn't going to hurt that much. People have been paying for health insurance long before this reform came about, and every right now complaining because they don't have it and can't afford it, GROW UP! That is one of the things that constitutes as being a decent member of society, taking responsibility for your own life, including life,car, home and even renter's insurance. In no way is it cheaper to break your arm end up needing to pay $16,000 than just growing up and taking care of YOUR responsibilities to keep you healthy. Sure taxes will be raised, but along with it wages as well, and to not be willing to give some of what you have to those who are in need is simply greedy and unamerican. Obviously we live in a country that loves to interfere in other countries internal issues even though it takes us even more in debt. Bottom line, we are all speculating these negative events that will happen due to the reform, but do we actually know? Will they make the unemployed Autoimmune disease ridden 27 year old really pay $800+ a month premiums? Or will there be a scale for the insurance companies to go on? Who knows 100% for sure, till you do, stop complaining and figure out how to make your part-time job you don't even like working at a job that you can see yourself doing until retired because if you can't do that, who is to say you are even a great representative of this society?

    70. scared10 says:

      Well there is no doubt it would be wonderful for everyone to have health care coverage! I personally want to thank President Obama for his persistence in pushing what he thinks to be a great plan for Americans.
      Both my wife and I work in Health Care. About a year ago my wife and I had a cancer scare. We were having difficulty trying to conceive so we sought medical help, and discovered my wife had a large ovarian cyst, which turned out to be cancerous. The cancerous cyst was removed, and now every 6 months my wife goes back for a checkup (for the next 5 years) to make sure the cancer does not come back. All though we are most likely unable to conceive, we can be thankful we were able to receive health care we needed which saved my wife’s life.
      Unfortunately, it appears my wife is about to be lose her job, due in part to OBAMA CARE. Why because to pay for this, one of the areas cutbacks will be made is from MEDICARE. Due to these Medicare cutbacks, my wife (and several of her co-workers) found out today she is going to lose her job, and us are health care insurance. So now we can only pray that the cancer does not come back, and if it does we no longer have coverage, nor can we afford the $10,000 (approx) PET CT testing used to see if the cancer does come back. But the great news is OBAMA CARE will start if 4 years, oh, we may not have that much time, thanks President Obama.
      Please people, stop watching the biased news channels (ABC, NBC, CNN ,NPR, FOX) and reading blogs from people that don’t know what heck is going on. Learn about the good and bad of socialized medicine, its cost and what it really means. Learn about ICD-9 coding, CPT codes. Learn what Medicaid (which is most states is broke) and Medicare, our country’s socialized medicine covers. I the non-profit hospital I work at most of our patients are on Medicare, due to their injuries (SCI and paralysis) most of them must catheters themselves daily, of course some of them have to boil the catheters because Medicare places limitations on how many catheters a patient can receive monthly. Medicare is not working, yet we are going to borrow money and resources from it to create a larger version… Understand that the Insurance Companies are not the only problem, take a look at the Pharmaceutical industry, are tort system and realize this bill does nothing to address those issues.
      Of course borrowing money from Social Security to also pay for the new health care bill is a great idea, and like Medicare it to be running out of funds ( ). But what’s the big deal the children of this nation can suffer.
      All though I don’t have the proof, I would imagine that most large companies in the USA have the ability to provide some sort of health care to their full time employees. I do know though that 51% of business in this country remains “small business”. So let’s go ahead and stress 51% of our nations companies, so they are unable to hire new employees, or better yet, lay them off because they can no longer afford to operate because they are forced to pay for health insurance which is overly expensive for small business to afford. Let’s see, do nothing that will actually lower health care cost significantly to make it affordable, yet increase our unemployment rate.
      Rather than really looking at how to lower the cost of healthcare, our government chooses to look at who should pay. Germany, a few years ago standardize the paperwork side of their health care system (similar to the way Medicare uses ICD-9 coding/CPT codes) which dropped the cost of their health care down to 3% of their GNP, while here in the USA we are at about 16% GNP. Unfortunately for Germany, their physicians aren’t paid well resulting in them going on strike (,,1942544,00.html ). Not to mention the German health care system works similarly to our Social Security System, the thought being the younger generation, which will be larger in size, can pay for the elder generations, which we should all know by now that is not the case.
      Sorry to rant and wave, and although I could go on and on, please make your own decision on how you feel about are new health care bill, which is your privilege as an American, but do yourself and educate yourself. Ask just why if this bill is so great our President, Congress don’t sign up. One last thing, for those who are still interested in Socialized Medicine, keep in mind that all the countries which provide this care also require mandatory military service by their male citizens. Now I proudly served my country during war time, but for those of you who haven’t why don’t you head down tomorrow to your local recruiter and sign up, if you’re lucky you may be able to catch the end of the war. In the meantime I will be saying my prayers for my wife!

    71. Martine says:

      Have you even read the bill? It MANDATEShealthcare coverage. Meaning self employed people like me, who can't afford coverage, and are healthy will be FORCED to purchase it or else pay a 22,000 fine, or else go to jail. I would rather go to jail then be forced to purchase something I can't afford and don't really want. So expect the jails to be pretty full of honest people who just won't be forced to buy something they don't want.

    72. Martine says:

      And companies are already getting ready to fire more people because they can't afford to pay their health insurance. This when jobs are practically impossible to find. I hope this bill gets repealed. The IRS is already hiring bounty hunters to find people like me who can't afford insurance.Do you really think that companies are going to spend more money on people? they will lower wages in order to pay for the health care and we will have an even worse economic situation. Obama is ruining our country. Please someone stop him.

    73. carolyn says:

      wow, has'nt anyboby heard the president , thats the reason for health care, so if you can't afford it .you can recieve help thank god for obama,

    74. Darryl Duke says:

      You know I can honestly understand both sides to this, let's just call it, "debate." I also understood both sides of the Iraq war "debate." However, when I compare any damage Universal Health Care may do to this country to the damage the war in Iraq definitely did to this country, it makes me sad. That said, what's really at the heart of my sadness is that it seems the term "divide and conquer" fits our country more than ever. We are so divided as a Nation that "any" Administration in power pretty much does what it wants, whether it's a war that should or shouldn't have been started or if everyone should or shouldn't have health care. If you think about it, our government has been doing what they want for a very long time. Why? Because we're all too busy arguing, I mean "debating" over what we're being told is right or wrong. Something changed in this country perhaps with the beginning of the Civil War, where brother sometimes fought against brother, and although World War One and Two brought us together as a Nation, not much has since then. I suppose all this can be debated too, but I hope we can all agree that our government didn't quite end up like it was supposed to be. "A Government for the people, by the people."

    75. Katie says:

      This is very confusing for me. Does anyone have an answer as to how much the government healthcare will cost us per month/year? Please pardon my ignorance on this issue. I have many healthcare family issues. I have a brother that is 60 and lost his job last year who also has a disabled son in critical condition. His wife who takes care of the disabled 36 year old son has not worked in twenty years.

      I am in my fifties and started a small business three years ago (two of us in the business). We have not been able to afford health insurance until just a few months ago. I do believe that "everyone", has the God given right to healthcare regardless of their financial status in life. No one in this country should ever go without treatment. We the US, are called the greatest country in the world and should take care of our own. Having said that, my whole family is very concerned about what the future holds for us. I have children who work in the medical feild who don't know if they will have a job. They are looking at changing carreers. We have so many people out of work in this country. People with pride who would like nothing more than to work their way to old age. What's going to happen and will it happen quickly enough before we see more crime and suicide because of hopeless situations.. I do respect our President and what he is trying to do. I, like so many people need answers. He is only one man and can't fix everything by waving a wand. He has a big job on his hands. He didn't create the problems, he is just trying to manage what someone else created. Isn't that true with every President that we have ever had? I supported the former President while he was in office. Why not just figure out what it is that we need to do as a nation , and do it.

    76. DIANE M AUSTIN says:

      I would REALLy like to know who decides how much someone can afford for health care–as written into the reform –the 'non-insured' will be fined at an accelerateing rate for being uninsured. I have had to work 'freelance' in my field for 14 years as there are no in-house opportunities.I have never made enough money to afford 400–500.00 per month for insurance, and subsequently paid for an expensive,necessary surgery on credit cards–which I am now bankrupting on..I am now out of work, as are the majority of my colleagues, as my niche and anything similar to it has been dissolved.I am 56.

      If I find (which looks like the only option),for example,2 part time mininum wage jobs (no benefits) that themselves may come and go with the economy who decides I 'could have afforde it?)Please advise

    77. Susan says:

      Scared10, I just want to tell you I am really sorry to hear about your wife and hope she will continue to do well. What a double whammy….to have cancer and not be able to fulfill your dreams of having children. I know it's sad that people don't realize the hidden ramifications of this bill, and you know it won't show up in the mainstream media either. I agree with you, and we will certainly all be paying for this healthcare through unemployment and higher taxes, and fines. Best wishes to you and your wife.

    78. Ann says:

      i think its kinda dumb because think of people who are homeless. not everyone is able to get mdacaid!

    79. Rozie says:

      I agree with BELLA B. 1000% there are those who CAN't work and then there are those who choose not to. Sit around all day, are out at night in parties…and you know the rest <–thinking that life is not that serious..when in fact it is. Yeah no one wants to be the cashier, but everyone wants to have the big bucks. No one wants to work hard that's it. I haven't gone more than 30 days being unemployed….want to know why? Because I'm pro active and I am very positive and have GOALS. So I get my @$$ up every morning and go to work as much as I hate getting up in the mornings there I am at 7:00 a.m stuck in traffic while "others" are blogging about the "Economy" I look for jobs, whether it's at a Mcdonalds or at a Walmart! Guess what?I've never said..Oh I'm unemployed economy is so0o bad, jobs are so slow and all this blah blah blah. yeah the good jobs are slow because no one wants to do the sucky job to get the "Good JObs going" Do you see how many people on here say they are unemployed compared to those that say they are….yeah that's the real problem with our economy! Those that are unemployed like staying home and living off the government (hard workers taxes) and settling for what $200.00 in food stamps or less, medicaid and if they settle for that u know they settle for no car, yeah that's the life you will have if you keep waiting around for the PRESIDENT to come to your door and say here I've found a job for u..Hell no will never happen GET up and start looking…. quit throwing ur problems onto the governemnt and instead of talking so bad about the system do something for yourself that will actually make a difference in society. A Friendly advise, stop blogging so much and maybe spend some time typing up a resume..who knows maybe if you submit a really good resume, you'll get a call to come to an interview….and then you'll have a JOB!!

    80. tyra young says:

      it does not make sense to me that obama wants us to put more money into healthcare some people do not have money like that to be giving money for health care some people do not even have health care this does not make any sense to me why do that when you can just the amount we pay for health care that's all I have to say obama your wrong we the people are right. Just because your president doesn't mean anything because you have money does not mean anything to me you better stop what your doing and I'm ten years old so peace

    81. Becky says:

      Just because some people don't agree with this doesn't mean they are racist. I am so sick of hearing that. It would be great to have universal health insurance but the simple fact is, it's ridicules to charge somebody for not being covered under insurance, because if they could afford it than they would have it. Also, some company's may not even get insurance for their workers because it'd be cheaper to pay the fine, so that solves nothing. It's just going to bring small businesses down.

    82. Lora says:

      I think many people forget that many of us do not choose what our lives have given us. My husband was a hardworking man who provided well for us. We have 4 children and one day we find out he had a kidney disease and within a year was on dialysis and then a year after that a Kidney transplant. Now he is on disability which does not begin to cover our bills and since he was to loose his insurance when he could no longer work I took out an insurance on him at my low paying job to make sure he got the healthcare he needed. Now we are stuck he cant go back to work and I cant change jobs because we cannot loose our health insurance. There is was no options for us but to stay stuck in limbo. I would love to go back to school if I didnt have to work all the time and then we could have the opportunity to move back into a higher income but sometimes we dont get to choose what happens in our lives we just have to make due with what happens to us and pray for a way to rise above it. In short it isnt just people who dont want to work who do not have options and we do need to make sure healthcare is a right. In a county as rich as ours it is horrible to think we will not take care of our fellow man. I saw MANY people on dialysis who were denighed transplants because they could not afford insurance. That is just wrong. With insurance it took a year for my husband to get approved. Dialysis is a very painful and life haulting experience and it is wrong to make a person live in that forever because of no insurance for a transplant.

    83. emma says:

      "I am pro-life, but it just does not seem to make sense that tax payers should have to contribute to a decision they feel morally opposed to."

      SO….I'm morally opposed to war therefore I should not have to contribute my tax dollars to war.

      I'm morally opposed to having my tax dollars being spent supporting deadbeats on welfare.

      I'm morally opposed to my tax dollars going to treat people's health issues that are related to smoking, drinking, obesity, etc.

      I'm morally opposed to a whole host of issues that my tax dollars are going to.

      Abortion is legal and a woman's choice is hers and not yours. You don't like it, don't have one.

    84. Angel says:

      At first I was thrilled with this, but having just lost Medical Asisstance, I don't know how we are going to find health care. My husband is the only employee on a farm and I am on unemployment, yet some how we make too much for MA. We live in Public Housing, receive foodstamps yet now he and I have no insurance. We are waiting to get on the Adult CHIP program but there is a waiting list. We can't afford hundreds of dollars for insurance and hubby has seizure disorder due to an injury when he was younger and is on medicine to control them for the rest of his life. We are screwed!

    85. Angel says:

      I notice people here flipping out about the unemployed. I have worked all the "crappy" jobs. Problem is where I live there is no public transportation, most jobs I lost were due to vehicle problems that we couldn't afford to repair. I live in a small town and have applied at all the local businesses that I can walk to, still no luck. I don't believe "online" jobs are reliable, so basically I am stuck. Can't go back to college due to my kids needing me, hubb wants to go back to college but has a defaulted loan we are working on as the school he attended closed due to fraud and his credits were non-transferrable. He and his parents didn't know about lans being discharged due to school closings like that until I cam along and then it was too late. We are not lazy. I don't enjoy sitting at home but I can't get any jobs close enough to walk to and if I am working just to pay cab fair what is the point, no chance to "make something" of yourself. Yes I know their are some that could care less, like staying home all the time, party all night while living on others' dimes. I see it all the time, but not ALL poor are that way! There are those of us trying to get out but every time you gain a step you get knocked back 2!

    86. Frank says:

      “I’ve worked hard all of my life and it’s not fair…”, blah blah blah. Translation: poor people just need to pull up their bootstraps and make something of themselves like I did! It’s as simple as that! God, some people are so ignorant of reality. They’re the same ones who rant and rave about the “illegal immigrants”. Guess what – they wouldn’t be illegal if you hadn’t stolen half of their country. Get over it. For a nation as “Christian” as this one claims to be, its people are awfully self-serving when it comes down to it.

    87. Annoyed Citizen says:

      This whole situation that were being put in is completely appalling! I understand that people should have health care. But do you realize your statements saying that the rich should pay is a good thing? Guess what, they may not be happy about it but it does not matter to them!! Either way there still going to have money! Then when it comes to the middle class, hardworking family it is going to kill them!! And for what? To provide free health care for people who make under 13,000 a year? Let me tell you that I am 19 years old, i work a crappy part time retail job, and i can barely make ends meat on 21,000 dollars!! I make hardly enough to survive!! But i make to much to qualify for the governments financial assistant. I have grown up watching a flawed system, It is quite sad that we haven't putten a stop to that..My father worked his ass off in construction all my life and he made 50,000 a year he has a wife and three children!! That money doesn't get you very far. There were times when i had no lunch money. But the government said my dad made to much for assistance. Is that right? That someone who cant even make 20000 dollars a year will recieve financial assistance over someone who works there body to the bone just to try and support his family!! Its sad what this world is coming to.. I was raised you get what work for. And I am not for supporting people who cannot help to support me back. I just feel that its not fair!

    88. Joe says:

      Anyone who says anything about socialism has no argument. I see that word and it's not even worth my time to read.

      This bill may not be perfect, but it is a step in the right direction.

    89. Anonymous says:

      I have no problem with universal health care. However, the idea of someone who doesn't want to change their detrimental health habits and continue to receive health care coverage doesn't sit well with me. I'm not saying they should be denied coverage, but they should have to change their habits if they want to keep their coverage. It seems like a waste of money to cover the 500 pound chain smoking alcoholic person (extreme example, I know) who has no intentions of changing. They should be given access to counseling or other services that would help them get over these issues. I don't want to waste my money on someone who doesn't care about their health.

    90. […] Continue reading here: Obama's Health Care Plan: What Does It Mean? : College Candy […]

    91. Frank says:

      I agree that people need to live healthier lifestyles. That is a major problem in this country. But that issue goes much deeper and a lot of it has to do with our education system. A large part of the population is never taught about proper diet, exercise, etc. Have you ever seen the lunches they serve in some of these schools? It's ridiculous. To top it off, it's usually cheaper for poor people to buy fast food than it is to go to the grocery store and buy fruits and vegetables. And obviously it's not just the poor who are unhealthy. Frankly I think the government needs to drastically regulate the food industry, as a lot of what they produce is barely food, as far as I'm concerned. Food Inc. goes into a lot of this and is rather eye-opening. It's kind of ironic that we don't see the same outrage about our food as we have seen about tobacco. But that's another discussion.

    92. KJ says:

      Scary stuff guys…in my opinion, the cons definitely out ways pros. However, I know a few people who work for minimum wage and drive the latest model car/suv…have full coverage insurance ON A CAR guys, but none for themselves or their family (health insurance or life insurance).

      My point is, the law requires that our vehicles at least have minimum coverage, so we comply…because God forbid we lose our cars in an accident, yet, no one complains. We’d rather protect our investment (which depreciates in value by the day), over our very lives.
      I guess losing a foot to diabetes, a breast to cancer or your eye sight is far less important than losing your home in a fire or your car in an accident.
      We value “things” more than we do our very lives and health. When the engine light comes on in our cars, we miraculously come up with the money to put it on the diagnostics machine. But when our “engine light” comes on we compromise and find reasons why its not important or cost effective to get seen by a doctor.
      Contrary to popular belief, diseases, for the most part, IS HEREDITARY. Therefore, jogging 10 miles a day and eating wheat grass for a snack isn’t going to keep you from dying of cancer or getting diabetes, especially if grandma battled said disease b4 dying.
      Eating right and exercising are great strides in prevention. But if your grandma and great grandma died of some form of cancer, the likely hood of you getting it is very high. So in my opinion, if you had the health insurance to be tested annually for the disease that has plagued your family for decades, then your survival rate has increased.
      Do you realize that most people diagnosed with breast cancer succumb to the illness??? And the reasons why is because they were not diagnosed early enough…Our survival rate doubles if it is caught early guys.
      Question: do you whine when you are penalized for not wearing a seat belt, when you are pulled over? Why not, its your life, right? Its your head that will slam through the windshield, so why should you be mandated to wear a seat belt??
      I could go on and on…but i wanna make one last comment about you people talking about supporting “lazy” people. Do you realize that most people making 3 or 4 times your salary consider YOU to be lazy. They feel like its not their fault that you only earn $60,000 a year and cannot afford the things that they can afford. They feel that if you were not lazy, then you would have started your own business and been just as wealthy as they are. People feel the need to degrade the class under them instead of just thanking God that they are blessed to have the homes, jobs, education and finances that they have…between my husband and i, we earn 115,000 per year…we live right at our means (the more money you make, the more money you spend, right?) We have a comfortable life but we do not dismiss a couple that only makes 50,000 per year as lazy…instead we feel fortunate and blessed…besides, not all people are unemployed BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE. So, stop classifying folks, it makes you sound ridiculous…BTW, Karma is a *****, so i would be careful about what i say about other folks, you may wake up one day to YOUR worst nightmare…jobless and homeless, by no fault of your own.

    93. Frank says:

      I agree with most of the above post except for the part about diseases being mostly hereditary. How many people get heart disease as a result of obesity and lack of exercise? How many people get lung cancer because they smoke like chimneys? How many people get diabetes because they eat crap all the time and get fat? Am I blaming everyone who has a terrible disease? No. Obviously some things are hereditary and even if someone's disease is not hereditary, we shouldn't feel any less compassion for someone who is sick. But the fact is that a LARGE number of these things are avoidable. Two of my grandparents died from lung cancer. Am I worried about it? No. They smoked constantly. I have never smoked in my life. On the other hand, another grandparent had Alzheimer's, which is more of a concern. My belief is that the majority of health problems are avoidable and a few things are not. Anyways, I agree with the main point of the post. Most of the objections against paying for health care are illogical.

    94. Jazmine says:

      NO, this is NOT true. If you have military health insurance, you are still getting booted at age 23, regardless of school status.

      It's a sad thing when a country treats those that defend it like dirt.

    95. sarah says:

      Im 25 and was taken off my parents insurance when i was 23. my job is not one that offers insurance, and i have a preexisting back condition that makes independently getting insurance way more than i can afford(from the ones that will take me).does the extension of children coverage mean i can get back on my parents insurance at least for a year? thanks to anyone who can help me answer this.

    96. HR says:

      I've maintained my own health insurance for 10 years… paid the out of pocket expenses to see doctors, handled the deductibles when things came up… was grateful for the plan I had and happy to pay my premiums. Just got the letter today that my insurance company is pulling out of the health insurance market because they can't stay viable under this legislation. I'm one of those middle-class, insured people who wasn't supposed to be affected. So much for that theory. Now in six months I'll be joining the ranks of the uninsured. Is that a little backward?

    97. Shar says:

      Health care reform is going to cost BILLIONS.

      Don't drink the kool-aid…forcing health care

      providers and insurance companies to provide

      care will not be "free." It's looking like it

      will cost those without employer coverage over

      $2,000.00 a year. Do you have an extra $2,000.00

      lying around? Oh and yes, it you don't get coverage,

      you will be fined. By the IRS who will be watching.

      Is this still America??????

    98. DVS Geox says:

      I really feel that tenants nowadays receive a rough ride in so many areas. For example, insurance for tenants costs lots more. All the rights are in favour of those who have bought their property. Apart from they don't actually own it, because the mortgage company really does. Therefore why do mortgagees receive cheaper things.

    99. Russ says:

      Look, I’m not saying Universal Healthcare is a bad thing, but Obama has completly screwed our country by having it NOW. We are in debt up to our necks, so he adds more on to it with this. Now he wants to add 11 million more people on by granting citizenship to the illegals in the states! The country is going bankrupt. Anyone who does their research will be able to clearly: Obama is trying to overwhelm the system. I for one thank every adult who voted for him, because he has toyed with my future enough. I beg everyone who reads this, don’t look at each individual thing that Obama does. Look at everything he does as a whole. And when you relize what will happen, don’t vote for him in the next election.

    100. Mary Kate says:

      This article really should have covered the pros AND cons of health care reform. All it did was talk up the pros. If you're trying to explain what the bill means, and basically put it into layman's terms, you can't leave out the bad stuff. The ramifications of this plan need to be covered as well. And why wouldn't ramifications that hurt the supposed "rich" people not count? Is it okay to hurt people because they have money? How about if they need money? NO! I don't understand all the class-style hatred. This plan hurts the middle class as well. My family is not wealthy, but this year the government will take almost 50% of my dad's income. How is that okay?

      I myself am still trying to understand all of the bill and am not an expert, but I know that I sure as heck don't want the US to become a socialist country. This bill is a step in that direction.

    101. Mary Rose says:

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    102. Mary Rose says:

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    103. Chad says:

      I'll tell you how the silver tongue serpent known as President is going to fund his health care initiative! By taxing the working class even more. That's right, starting next year the amount that your employer plays yearly towards your health insurance will now be TAXED as part of your earned income. So, this is no longer a "benefit" to anyone. Wake up America! We're closer to becoming a Socialist Republic than you realize. I'm a registered Democrat, but will changing my affiliation as I've come to realize, with the help of the President, that I'm actually a conservative at heart.

    104. Chad says:

      I apologize for the typos in the above post! My grammar skills tend to take a back seat when I'm passionate about something! lol!

    105. Chad says:

      Also, don't buy into what these folks from other countries are stating about how great their health care is! I have a friend who is a nursing supervisor and she has had the opportunity to tour the health care systems in Germany and Canada. She says that our system is FAR more advanced than theirs and our quality of health care is much better!

    106. phone sex says:

      Thanks for this enlightening interview! Ellen shows that there are very important and specific reasons that this health care reform merits our support. Insuring millions more here in California, especially communities of color, making sure kids are not dropped for "pre-existing" conditions, and letting the undocumented be exempt from the public mandate, all good news in my view, Thanks

    107. scott says:

      Well the Obamacare stretched the law of commerce as much as it can be stretched. I think its great that we are now required by govt to get health care. This opens to door to bigger and better things for us. Now if the govt states we only have to buy GM cars now or we can only buy food from these certain companies, we have too, since its related to commerce. Isnt it great, now we dont have to worry about deciding what things to buy as the govt will now see fit to tell us what we cant and cant buy. Socialist communism at its finest. No more land of the free. No more free to decide what we can or cannot buy. Now we dont have a choice, no more freedom there. Finally a communist govt in place all thanks to our socialist president and the unaware democrat voters that dont have a clue. The govt took over businesses with in the car industry and with the banks. Now the transformations are almost complete. Soon they will let the Bush tax cuts expire, and the middle class will thus have more of their paychek gone along with the money they have to spend for Obamacare, its great, soon there will be no more middle class, the jobs will be gone, and everyone will be dependent on the govt, once the socialist democratic govt takes over more and more businesses, salaries will be lowered or taxed to next to nothing and everythign will be equal just like in communist countries. Everyone will have govt jobs working for govt owned companies and all will be great.. Distribution of wealth, what a wonderful idea. Thnks Dem voters for votiing the dems into power, without u Communism and a Socialist govt that has become the United States will have never come about… Round of applause for all u democrats, ur great..

    108. Saglık Haberleri says:

      Thanks good article.. Thank you post

    109. Jon Bower says:

      It is not true. Companies do not have to insure a student in the current calendar year. My son turned 25 in May and we had to remove him from my company insurance. He can rejoin in Jan 2011 until May 2011 when he turns 26.

    110. dee says:

      You know what gets overlooked is the fact that this bill would look very different(better)if many of the original ideas for this bill had been left intact. Unfortunately sacrafices had to be made to satisfy the people who did not want any health care reform at all..I mean really..people are dieing in this country everyday because they cannot afford health care and someone doesnt think we should be striving to do better in this country..are you kidding…I say its simply amazing that this bill was accomplished at all and I say somethings better than nothing and if its not to your liking try not blaming and finding fault and be grateful that it even made it to the plate at all considering all the obstacles..may you never need care and not be able to receive it because of lack of money no matter how small or large.

    111. taymee says:

      I promise I can write much more cohesivley than that, next time I'll do it all in one sitting.

    112. taymee says:

      What I find interesting is the idea that we are not already paying for healthcare for the currently uninsured. Go ask a hospital administrator why a tylenol costs $10. You’ll find out it is because they have to recoup the costs of treatment for those that recieve the services and can’t pay for them. Ask how much it costs a family to take their child with the flu to the ER rather than a family doctor becuase the Dr. requires payment up front and the county hospital is required to provide services even when they can’t pay. Pharmaceutical companies say the reason that medications cost so much more here than they do in other nations because the cost of R&D is so high and the nationalization of other nations limits what they can charge in those nations. We’re already paying for the whole worlds health care. Might as well get something for it.

      It is ludicrous that so very many think they aren’t already paying for eveyone’s healthcare.

      Poor is not a choice. I’m willing to work wherever I need to in order to work. Doesn’t matter, working full time at McDonalds won’t pay enough to afford health insurance. Minimum wage is not enough to get out of povrety. Since I have 2 year old twins, it won’t even pay enough to afford the job, but I simply can not stand not to work. Even if I loose money in the process of working. Poor is not a choice. I’m a teacher. I work damn hard. I worked damn hard going to school. When I was employed I worked upwards of 9 hours a day m-f and at least 5 hours a week on weekends. I love people that think teachers only work when kids are in the class.

      Waterboarding is far more AntiAmerican than health care for all. I thinkt he ability to so many to accept the policies of the Bush administration (those supporters of waterboarding) who whine about how unamerican this policy are, are the reason it seems so bigoted.

      My mother died because she could not afford $5000 in medication and she had reached her lifetime limit for her helath insurance. I think that sums up where my views on the subject lie.

      I do think this law does not go far enough. I think serious antitrust laws for insurance companies, serious government supported alternatives to mainstream insurance programs (to foster the competitiion, but not to replace- if the government offered affordable coverage to those middle class that ALREADY pay for insurance- and the companies started looking at loosing customers- en masse- we would see lower premiums, deductibles, and copays. Make the companies pay for the insurance, and offer them a cheap government subsidized alternative to private care- and watch the private care costs plummet. Capitalism only works with competition and when there are replacement goods. There is no replacement for health care- so there must be virolent competition.

      I’m a teacher. Before I was laid off my co pay was $50. Coverage for my whole family was $900 a month- that is nearly half my monthly wage. Now I sub, it aint great, but it’s better than nothing. I still work hard, I just get paid nothing and have no insurance. But I guess the fact that I’m still below the poverty limit makes me lazy huh? glad to know smug self righteousness is alive and well.

    113. Anonymous says:

      I can not believe how dumb some of you are. You say you do not want to pay for other individuals health care? I have news for you. You always have, and you always will. Whenever someone who can not afford a doctor goes to a hospital due to a serious illness guess who ends up paying the bill?

      It is not them because they do not have any money. It is you. Patients at an emergency room CAN NOT be turned away. It is illegal and immoral. Even if a law passed that stated “people without health insurance will be turned away and left to die” most doctors would not honor this law. This is due to them observing the Hippocratic Oath. How did you end up paying for health insurance in the past? Through higher premiums (and who knows how else). Where do you think they get the money from? Sure the person who lacks insurance may go bankrupt, but you still pay for it. So I guess you could argue that, in a very loose way, our old health care system was “socialized” too.

      Of course some of you may be thinking that your boss will be the one paying for it. And this is true to a certain degree. But eventually, your boss may tire of the high rates of health care insurance; thus, he or she will simply not provide it anymore. Under the old health care plan more and more bosses were starting to cancel health care insurance for their workers.

      And about the higher cost of health care due to this bill. Yes, it probably will increase. But you know what? If this bill had never passed, our bills would still go up. Mainly because those of you who had no health insurance would be causing the price to skyrocket when you checked yourselves into the emergency room and could not pay anything. Also greed would raise its ugly head.

      This brings me to another point. Those of you who are individuals and make under $14,700 do not have to pay for health insurance. For each additional member of your family, this will go up around three thousand dollars or so. A family of four who makes less than $27,400 does not have to pay either. You will just be put on Medicaid. Yeah, you may have to fill out some forms; however, it is really not that difficult. And do not confuse Medicaid with Medicare. Medicaid is for the poor; Medicare is for retirees.

      Personally, I would prefer single payer, but I am realistic in the rationalization that the majority of people in the USA are too paranoid about “socialism” (yes, sarcasm). And socialism does not equal slavery. Those of you who believe that are idiots and hypocrites.

      Health care reform may not be perfect, but it is much better than many of you realize. Compared to our past health insurance practices, it is ingenious. Compared to other countries, not so much. But it is still a step in the right direction.


      1. William says:

        No it is not. You are ignorant to think that. This means that anyone gets health care and that also means tons of lazy asses who don't work or contribute to the world get free health care. This means they have less of a reason to work. The more freebies we keep giving the more lazy people their are. People need to be motivated to get out, work, and contribute to society. If the goverment keeps giving everyone everything people will find less of a reason to get out and work or look for work each day. Also I'm not exactly sure on what this whole thing says but if you are fat and unhealthy just because you eat like a slob and are lazy, then guess what? Your healthcare should cost more because other healthy hardworking people shouldn't pay the same as a fat lazy slob. It's time for America to stop with all the freebies because this among other things is digging us into a hole that will only get harder to get out of. If we go ahead and nip it in the butt now and suffer for a bit, we won't have to completely destroy this country. We are headed towards another Great Depression if we don't change fast and thi new health care is a step towards that.

      2. William says:

        Also I forgot this key aspect of why it is a stupid idea to do this.
        But the thing that will blow the future costs of this program sky high is when the Congress passes an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants–the so-called comprehensive immigration reform. It will grant 12 to 20 million illegal aliens amnesty and allow them to bring in their immediate families into our country. Since most of these people will not already have health insurance, they are going receive huge subsidies that could easily double the cost of the program in the first ten years.

        The mainstream media has done a terrible job covering this aspect of healthcare reform.

    114. HASSAN says:





    115. HASSAN says:


    116. James says:

      I appreciate the changes in Health plan done by obama to provide health insurance to all americans.

    117. michelle says:

      I have a question. So I have a 21-year old stepdaughter whom lives out on her own. Keeps calling to be put on our insurance. She scams pell grants and sells drugs for a living. If she is put on our insurance and keeps going to the doctor to try and get pills to sell out on the street are her parents responsible for her doctor bills that the insurance doesn't cover? This could get really expensive for me to cover her drug habit and it all be legal.

    118. ela says:

      Well, the new health coverage may mean that more people are covered but that does not mean that all of these pwoplw will receive appropriate care. The sick and the elderly are definitely targets for euthanasia and withholding of care. This is a dangerous road to tread as arent we all entitled to life, liberty and happiness?? Or do we starte being selective when it is economic and convenient. I know that there will be many skeptics out there that will disagree, but my mom met her fate before her time – at a major prestigious medical center that we had been using for 25 yeaRS. aLL OF sudden we have new legislation….families are pressured to bring in living wills (read the fine print….it allows medication to be administered to relieve distress even if it should hasten your death….now some of this is waranted but some of it is not….and it is extremely difficult to prove…so hold your loved ones close to you and be careful what you sign….i know , i am an RN

    119. don says:

      I was told the word Dhimmitude is in the health care bill. I can't seem to find a copy of the entire bill.If any one knows the answer to this question please advise.

    120. Laura says:

      About this health reform I think it sucks so far.My reason is that I was hurt on my last job had to have back surgery.When I recovered I found me a new job,which I dearly love.I got Insurance thru the company.Which is Medical Mutual of Ohio.I recentally found out that I have Thyroid trouble,also I got carpel tunnel,with a trigger finger and the Insurance Company doesnt want to pay,because they consider them Pre-Exciting since I had no Insurance for a year.So my question is whats the need to work and pay a company for health insurane when its no good.I thought this Health Reform was suppose to help people.I also have Diebetes which they started sending me the supplies I needed then stopped sending them said it wasnt covered.I also have Chrones Disease which is no covered.SO WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?

      1. izzandy says:

        I thought one of the main things everyone was cheering about was the fact that under Obamacare, there is supposed to be NO issue with pre-existing conditions. They're supposed to cover it.

      2. Ashley says:

        They do, but I believe the Obamacare doesn't start until 2014. Which means if another president that doesn't like this idea get in the whole plan could no longer exist.

      3. Ashley says:

        That's your insurance now. With the obamacare act you can't be denied insurance. That's the great thing about Obamacare.

      4. vern says:

        i agree its a scam it wont go into affect untill 2014 by that time people will die and right now doctors wont touch people on medicaid and i wonder why . ill tell you why because our goverment dont pay on time.

    121. Jim says:

      What do you think of this new Health Budget? Take this short survey to help us understand your feelings towards this.

      Survey Link:

      Don't let your opinion go unheard!

    122. DYIN4CHANGE says:


    123. BetweenTheLines says:

      I think the easiest solution for me ($23,000/yr single mother, no healthcare, losing home, in bankruptcy) is to simply quit my job, go on welfare, & let all the concerned liberals take care of me.

    124. Student in Sweden says:

      Great article!

      Writing an essay about the health care plan in the states and this was very helpful:)

    125. yvette says:

      Iam so tired of looking for help for my condition and can’t get anywhere,,, my legs are getting worse and can’t get help. Iam so depressed could someone help me….

    126. amy says:

      this site is really great i am a college student who had to do a powerpint on obama care. Lets just say no one breaks it down like this. Thanks

    127. […] damn near hidden. Case in point: What the hell is up with the Obama health care bill? Articles like this helped me to quickly decipher what it meant for lil ol’ me but what does that mean now? I […]

    128. Kallie says:

      When people who are on medicad and take advantage, and go to the doctor whenever they want, does that increase the copays for everyone else?

      I am currently writing a paper on this..

    129. Chad says:

      And if I do not go to the doctor at all???

      1. Bob Quinn says:

        You're stupid.

    130. Ava Girl says:

      When you kids have to make the decision to put your parent down at 70 and they could have lived with a simple operation to 90 come back and talk. Talk is cheap when you are young.

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    132. […] Obama's Health Care Plan: What Does It Mean? : CollegeCandy This entry was posted in Uncategorized by admin. Bookmark the permalink. […]

    133. Jeff says:

      OK lets look at this in reality.
      Obama's Health-Care Plan: What It Means for You…

      It means more cost to you and less quality of care.

      Why? Because doctors don't work for peanuts and it will also make any individuals who want to be doctors less likely to pursue the profession.

      As far as small business. Well that is one of the problems. With this healthcare bill you have killed 50% of the small business in this country. These people in the government do not have a clue what is going on out here in the "real" world everyday but continue to make decisions on what they "think" they know and it screws us everytime.

      I could go on and on about many points but why? What is the point. We just keep on giving up more rights, more money and keep on getting sucked into more scams.

      The mafia didn't go under. They just moved to Washington DC.

      1. DiBaskin says:

        Doctors will still get paid. The Health Insurance Industry is the one who will be hit. They will still have to pay your Doctor and Hospital Bills. A certain percent of our premiums will have to be used for treatment no go in their pockets. Small businesses will receive a government grant to help with Health Insurance. Perhaps you should read the Bill before you put it down. Health Insurance companies will have to compete for our business. More people will qualify for Medicaid. Most won't have to pay the tax because they can't afford it. It is only for people who can afford Health care and don't buy it, the free riders who go to emergency when they get sick and never pay a dime in Health Insurance and never pay their bills so we end up paying more.

    134. […] seem to polarize people more lately than “Obamacare” or as it’s formally known, the Affordable Care Act (2010). Since 2009, Sarah Palin has promised that the ACA would lead to death panels (and she still does), […]

    135. john winteck says:

      Why is it that all the doctors want to millionaires before they even think about treating patients? When people say that people will less likely pursue the medical profession, i am saying that is BS. Medicine is a profession after all, if you want to make millions go to wall street or become a business man.

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    142. I think the plan itself is good, lets hope the Republicans don't reverse it, this would be a pity…

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    144. Obama Healthcare says:

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    145. rockeyjohn999 says:

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