Single. And Looking for a Date

The beautiful Chicago weather has made it clear that spring has officially arrived. Along with the sunny skies and warm breezes, spring brings Easter, bike rides along the lake, and, oh yeah, my sorority’s spring formal, all to the front of my mind. So while I sat sweating in my last class before the long weekend (when it is 80 degrees outside, you would think they could turn off the heat in classrooms already, but no…) I contemplated who I should bring as a date to the biggest date party of the year.

The art of picking the right formal date is so complicated; there are many things one must consider. I want someone that will for sure be fun, that I feel is worthy of being introduced to my sisters, and that, most importantly, won’t be awkward. Since I had the same boyfriend all through high school, I didn’t have as much experience with the finding the right prom date dilemma as other girls did, so I guess it’s my turn now to experience it!

OK, so it’s not like I have options. I’m a single college girl – of course I’ve got me some options.

First off, we have that sophomore boy who likes me, but I don’t really feel comfortable asking him out of the blue because we haven’t been hanging out as much recently. He’s also a super nice guy and I’m not sure he’d be able to hold his own quite yet at a sorority event.

I always have my best guy friend, who is always fun. I did take him to our fall semi-formal, and though it was super fun, but I don’t know if I want to go with him again. Everyone already thinks we’re dating, and I don’t think I should help reinforce that perception.

In addition, seeing as how I live in the boy’s wing of a freshman dorm, I have a whole floor of guys that I am friends with and could invite. But then there’s the question of who I would be most comfortable with and have the most fun with…. and potentially make out with?

All of these guys could potentially work out just fine; I could have fun with any of them. I just wish I was like the rest my friends and had a boyfriend/built-in date that I didn’t even have to think about. Then I could focus on the more important things like what I was going to wear and where we’d be pre-partying. But no; instead I need to figure out who I want to take, muster up the courage to ask them, and then spend my night making sure they’re having fun.

And the whole “making decisions” thing doesn’t come easy for me. (Well, that’s actually a huge understatement. I couldn’t choose a college by May 1 last year, so I sent in three deposits. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t recommend that approach…) But I am running out of time to pick a date before formal, so I really need to stop sweating and start deciding. While I know this is not exactly a life or death matter, it’s a single sorority girl’s biggest dilemma of the year.

Anyone want to choose for me?



    1. nancy says:

      stupid stuff like this is exactly why i'm not in a sorority.

    2. Rachel says:

      Are you sure you put the semi colons in the right place throughout the article?

    3. Emily says:

      Unless your dating someone I say go with the guy friend, I've been single all through college and have this dilemma with every date function and I find its best to take a platonic friend that your really comfortable with as opposed to someone you don't know very well. Sorority formals always have the potential to not be your proudest moment (ex: my freshman year my date had to carry me through the dorm up three flights of stairs and back to my room, all the while with my low cut dress exposing it all, I'd known him for about a month, luckily we are very good friends now and he is gentlemanly enough not to mention it) The platonic guy friend won't have any expectations about the night and you can trust him to take care of you should you decide to down a bottle of vodka like I did at my first formal. Trust me on this one, when it comes to sorority functions go with someone you know well and won't have to babysit.

    4. d says:

      boo hoo, wouldn't it be great if this was actually life's biggest decision??

    5. Candie says:

      I agree with Nancy.

    6. Brithny - Duke Unive says:

      I just asked my date yesterday, actually! I thought about it a lot too, and I've come to think that the best formal date is someone you're interested in, because formal isn't like a mixer or even a date function. And never get set-up; you don't wanna be grinding with some rando hahah

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    8. Karissa says:

      This is cute and all, but I don't really get the point of writing it in an article? Good luck I guess??

    9. Jenn. says:

      Do like the rest of us loners did in high school… go alone…you won't have to worry about the loser you're with and you can have WAY more fun.

    10. clyde says:

      I am looking for a hot female for age 29 to 50 your old now if thay wont to live with me now

    11. Heather says:

      Looking for a nice guy to date

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