Abercrombie & Fitch Is The Worst Place on Earth

When I was 16, I needed an easy job that could fund my many expenses (like the two beers that got me drunk on the weekends and movie tickets for 7pm on Fridays). The mall was an obvious choice, since I’d always have someone to hang with on breaks (the place employed my entire high school) and I’d have a sweet employee discount.

This was a bad, bad decision. Little did I know when I started at Abercrombie & Fitch that I would come home every night nursing sore legs and an achy jaw from a 5-hour shift standing at the entrance asking shoppers to “try our new sexy fleece.” (WHAT IS A SEXY FLEECE!?) Then, it took me 4 days to wash the smell of boy’s cologne out of my clothes, and don’t even get me started on the hits my self-esteem took when I was banished to the stock room on bad hair days. The place was a hell-hole and to this day I can’t walk past the shirtless girls modeling the newest bikinis the storefront without shuddering (and it has nothing to do with the overwhelming scent of cologne). So it makes me beyond joyful to find out that I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Corporate Responsibility magazine (don’t worry – I don’t have a subscription either) is in the works to publish a corporate “black list” of the worst companies in America. Not surprisingly, Abercrombie and Fitch is on the top of the list. While Corporate Responsibility’s reasons for blacklisting Abercrombie are a bit more…er…corporate than mine, I’ve got a pretty good idea of why A&F is the Taco Bell meat of retail stores.

1. They’re grossly overpriced
$200 for a pair of ripped jeans and $89 for a simple sweater? And my personal favorite – $30 for a pair of plain flip-flops. Why should I shell out big bucks just for a moose logo? It’s a moose! In this tough economy I’d much rather go next door to American Eagle or Forever21 and find the same exact things for a third of the price.

2. They’re oversexed
Okay, so the giant walls of guys with 6-packs might be nice, but Abercrombie degrades their employees and over-emphasizes physical appearance. Did you know that everyone gets hired as either a “Model” (meaning you get to work the floor, cash register, and greet), and an “Impact Team Member” (meaning you’re in the back stocking shelves and pinning clothes)? Yep, since they can’t legally discriminate in hiring, they just stick the uggos in the back. And the tan shirtless guys in the front, taking Polaroids with customers.

3. The atmosphere sucks
The place REEKS of cologne (we were required to spray “Fierce” around the store every 40 minutes!), it’s too dark to even see what you’re trying on, and you can hear the techno bumpin’ from the Food Court. Seriously, is this a respectable shopping establishment or the freakin’ Jersey Shore!? Not to mention that you often get stuck in fake trees while sifting through the racks. Seriously?

4. Seasonal confusion
Sometimes it’s winter, sometimes it’s summer, but at Abercrombie seasons don’t matter. Puffy vests with booty shorts and legwarmers? Winter jackets paired with flip flops? Flowy, flowery miniskirts with boots and hoodies!? As long as it’s got the brand name on it, it seems like anything goes. Until you step outside in the snow with your flip flops and soak the bottoms of your $200 skinnies, that is…

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    1. Tina says:

      I've never understood A&F's appeal.. I can't get past the smell of it to even step inside.

    2. S.G. says:

      You know how you said they banish ugly people to the stockroom? If you haven't heard about it, a little while ago they did the same thing to an employee because she had a prosthetic arm. I kid you not:

    3. Maggie says:

      I absolutely cannot stand A&F. Another thing I'd add to this list is that they've come out with some pretty racist clothes in the past. I'd much rather go to American Eagle.

    4. Erika says:

      OK whoa back up & rewind on your completely random & unnecessary rant about A&F.. While I understand not everyone enjoys the intense smell of fierce being constantly pumped into their air space or hearing the base from the music 3 miles away, criticizing the company just because you had a bad experience is completely ridiculous.

      I worked for this company for 3 years at a&f, abercrombie, & gillyhicks, & although I've had my own personal issues at work, in general I loved my job & most of the people I met there. It was the easiest min. wage job you could ask for & if you're really guna complain about a stupid tag line, which is about the ONLY thing they asked you to do besides not look like you're hungover & just rolled out of bed, then you need to start looking into getting paid to sleep because thats about the only thing requiring less effort.

      Have your opinions but clearly A&F did something right seeing as they are one of the most popular & successful companies in not just the US but globally too. So just calm down & if you don't like the store, the smell, or the prices don't go in because no one's forcing you's really not a mind-blowing realization.

    5. ihatestupidpeople says:

      I dunno…the people in the back stocking stuff are usually pretty hot too..

    6. bananapants says:

      erika's got her panties in a bunch lol

    7. H says:

      Abercrombie is definitely overpriced (I also agree Jessica's other main gripes), but the reason they're on the 'Worst Companies in America' list probably has a lot more to do with #2. Abercrombie has been criticized a lot over the years because they typically have slender, good looking, white people as their in-store and campaign 'models'. Several lawsuits claiming racial discrimination (as well as discrimination against the overweight and the handicapped) in the hiring process have been brought again A&F over the years.

    8. Shivani says:

      Me and my friend were shopping in A&F in another town and we got asked if we wanted to work there. That's how they recruit. It doesn't matter if you live near an A&F – if you are decent looking you'll get asked to work there. How superficial can you be?

    9. Casey says:

      I have a love/hate relationship with Abercrombie. I’ve worked there for 5 consecutive years now and I’ve seen the company change so many times.

      If you want an easy fun part time job, or you want to meet some great people then its an awesome place to work. But home office honestly could care less about their employees. I’m full time now, and they do have great benefits for their full timers, but the pay still isn’t great. However, the people that I have met working there over the years makes it all worth while.

      The company does have a pretty superficial hiring process, although to the claims that the company is racist, they certainly are not, at least not any more. They go to great lengths to hire as many diverse people as they can, but the problem is not many actually want to work there.

      They do put a lot of emphasis on the way their “models” look, and that’s because they have no other form of advertising. They call them models because they are, the company only does in store advertisment, and all the people you see on the posters on the walls are real life store employees. Before they made their employees their models we were called “brand reps” because we were supposed to represent the brand, much like a model does for their campaign.

      the stores are very dark and very loud, something the employees also hate, but honestly home office could care less whether you like their stores or not (that’s why they only have an email address for complaints now), because no matter what they still have a huge following.

      Hollister Co. Alone, which is their cheapest brand, makes enough money to cover the costs of all 4 (used to be 5) brands, everything that Abercrombie and Fitch, Abercrombie, and gilly Hicks makes is purely profit. So they really don’t care if you like their stores or not, cause obviously enough people still do.

      But the price for the jeans you listed is way off, their regular jeans are 59.50 and 69.50 for destroyed ones, if you’re paying 200 that’s because you chose a pair of limited edition premium denim jeans from a flagship store. Otherwise, they aren’t really THAT overpriced. Their clothes are better quality then American eagle, so you get what you pay for.

      And just to clarify, I’m not saying the hiring process is right, but its no different then a high end fashion designer hiring gorgeous models for their campaigns, we just do a little more than simply model.

    10. Allison says:

      I don't think A&F is better quality than American Eagle at all. Every item that I bought or that my sister bought from A&F has fallen apart or gotten a hole after one or two washes, so I've stopped shopping there. I have a lot of American Eagle clothes and I've never had any problems like tearing or getting holes.

    11. Marcus says:

      Abercrombie is generally for middle-schoolers and younger teenagers. I don't know too many college students who still shop there, and I agree with the author that the atmosphere of the store (blasting music and weird smell) is very unappealing.

    12. syd says:

      @Erika: Just because a place is successful doesn't mean it's a GOOD place. Someplace that thinks racist t-shirts are a good idea and that girls who happen to have prosthetic arms should be banished to the back rooms is not a good place, and it's really only doing 'right' by spoiled, upper class white pre-teens who have too much money to spend. Other companies make just as much money, even more, without what they do. People have plenty of very legitimate, very disturbing complains about Abercrombie and just because you personally are too privileged to have experienced them to the fullest does NOT mean that these problems are irrelevant, and when they CONTINUOUSLY come up, you know there's an issue.

    13. Carly says:

      A and F and Hollister do not degrade their employees in any way. I was an MIT for Hollister and yes there are models and impact but that doesn't mean those who are less attractive do impact and are stuck in the back. My store had cute/pretty guys and girls who did impact, and our Lead impact girl was gorgeous. When the products first hit shelves, yes they can be pricey, but they will go on sale about 2 weeks later and continue to decrease in price until it reaches $12.00. Every job I've ever had and every job I know of has a look policy, but yet Hollister and A and F always seem to get beat on for theirs. My friend works as a hostess and their look policy is way more strict than Hollister and Abercrombie. Also these stores are in NO WAY RACIST. They are extremely diverse and actually the managers go out of their way to find employees who are diverse. Diversity is something that these store take pride in. And if you are saying A and F is oversexed..well the target market for A&F is 18-23 so technically their shirtless guys and girls wearing short skirts are no big deal. It's a great company to work for and the clothes are stylish, trendy, comfortable, and cute. : )

    14. ross says:

      ok, A & F is a horrible company…we all know that, but most people don't know is that Abercrombieand Hollister Co. ARE THE SAME COMPANY!!! so dont buy from neither one!

    15. Casey says:

      Syd, someone with a prosthetic arm probably shouldn't be working somewhere where you need to use both arms, its not that they were trying to discriminate, its that she couldn't do the job she was hired to do. We had a deaf kid working at my old store, he had to work in the back because he couldn't help customers, that's not discrimination, at least they hired the poor girl!

    16. meri says:


      If you read the article about the girl with the prosthetic arm it's clear they didn't put her in the stockroom because she couldn't "do the job." They told her she was breaking the "Look Policy."

    17. Sarah says:

      I personally think they like to hire people that look like 12-year-old girls for their "Look Policy." I had a job interview there, because I was desperately in need of a job. I thought it would be a piece of cake since I'm 5'8", a size 2, natural blonde, have decent sized boobs, not to mention a college degree and job experience with customer service. Everyone working that day was short and very petite and looked like they were still in middle school. Now that I've heard about how ridiculous it is to work there, I'm glad I didn't get hired, no matter how much I needed the money!

    18. […] Abercrombie & Fitch Is The Worst Place on Earth When I was 16, I needed an easy job that could fund my many expenses (like the two beers that got me drunk on the […] […]

    19. Casey says:

      Meri, I work for the company, I don't need to read an article, I know the policies, thank you. And having a prosthetic arm is not against any of our policies, however when we're forced to hire people who quite literally can not do the job, simply to avoid a discrimination law suit, it sucks majorly for us, cause then WE end up picking up their slack. You CAN NOT do a single thing in one of our stores with only one hand. She was put in the back because she couldn't work, I don't care what any stupid biased article written by someone who has never worked retail wrote.

    20. Casey says:

      Sarah, the company has a very distinct look that they hire for, think of it like a casting call for a fashion campaign. They don't hire just any good looking person, they are looking for a natural beauty, all American, girl next door look. We actually aren't allowed to wear makeup, nail polish, or jewelry, and large breasts are not a plus for them, they're a negative. Just because you're gorgeous doesn't mean you'll get hired any more than if you're not attractive. The company IS superficial, but fashion is known to be superficial, so what's new?

    21. Mother Goose says:

      Carly said on Tue, 13th Apr 2010 at 8:54 pm:

      "Every job I’ve ever had and every job I know of has a look policy" SERIOUSLY?? I have been in the working world, in retail and office positions for longer than I care to admit, and have NEVER worked anywhere with a "look policy". Most normal jobs require that you dress appropriately for the workplace, and that ususally means nothing too revealing and please were appropriate business attire. But your "looks" have ZIP to do with your ability to perform a job. Sheesh – that just burns me up. I never shop at these stores, as their obnoxiously loud music, overly scented air and ghastly hiring and manufacturing practices make me sick to my stomach. And just because a company makes money doesn't mean they are wonderful. Bernie Madoff ring a bell?

    22. T says:


      "Meri, I work for the company, I don’t need to read an article, I know the policies, thank you. And having a prosthetic arm is not against any of our policies, however when we’re forced (Forced? that is funny wording, since you are not in HR, or in ANY part of the hiring process) to hire people who quite literally can not do the job (They can't? How do you know?), simply to avoid a discrimination law suit, it sucks majorly for us, cause then WE end up picking up their slack. You CAN NOT do a single thing in one of our stores with only one hand (Really? What you do, I, and many others, could do blinfolded. It is NOT hard work). She was put in the back because she couldn’t work, I don’t care what any stupid biased article written by someone who has never worked retail wrote."

      The problem with your argument is that the girl was moved to the stockroom BECAUSE she couldn't do the work required of her. Nothing was mentioned about whether or not she could do the work, which for all accounts she could. And why would they move her to the stockroom, where MORE work would be required, if she couldn't do the work? Please read the article before you quickly go to your employer's defense, who by your account, don't care about their employees:

      "But home office honestly could care less about their employees. I’m full time now, and they do have great benefits for their full timers, but the pay still isn’t great"

      "the stores are very dark and very loud, something the employees also hate, but honestly home office could care less whether you like their stores or not (that’s why they only have an email address for complaints now), because no matter what they still have a huge following"

      "The company does have a pretty superficial hiring process, although to the claims that the company is racist, they certainly are not, at least not any more"

    23. Casey says:

      T, try working for the company and actually know what is required of the employees before you accuse a company of anything.because all of you people complaining about the situation have nothing to do with it and have no clue what happened, beyond reading a biased article written by someone who also didn't have inside knowledge of the situation. Everything you think you know is hearsay.

    24. T says:

      Casey, I made no complaints or accusations, only an observation, based on what you said. If you read your own words, you made complaints against the same company you defend so vehemently. And quite honestly, this is not the only complaint ever made again A&F, so I really don't need to work there to know whether or not it's a good company. And by the way, I have worked retail, collections, and food service. I have moved on from that, where the pay is great and I didn't have to wait five years to become a full time employee. Maybe you should think about that.

    25. Casey says:

      Yeah, not every retail store is the same, ive worked at many and they are all different. I never said the company was good, but its not as bad as people make it out to be, And I'm still in school, I started with the company when I was 17, this job pays the bills and then some, offers great benefits, and it allows me to go to school and work full time so I can support myself, so I'm perfectly happy working here until I get my degree. I didn't say this was my career, its certainly not. So get off your high horse and take your snide put downs elsewhere because I never attacked you. Oh and while I've worked for the company for 5 years, I became full time after 2, so perhaps we shouldn't assume things should we.

    26. T says:

      My apologies, it was only 2 years. Still, a company that has you part-time for 2 years is still not a good company. I have worked for companies that made temp workers full time employees after 30 days or less. So it really wasn't an attack on you, just something for you to think about.

    27. Hank says:

      Let's put things in perspective people. Abercrombie and Fitch is NOT the worst place to work in the world. Think about where the clothes are made and the people who make them. Here's an example:

      Imagine these chinese kids reading Jessica's complaints about HER work environment. Be thankful you live in a country like America. A country where your corporations will do anything and exploit anyone to make a profit.

    28. Casey says:

      Like I said, I was 17 when I started with the company, that means I was full time at 19. I wasn't looking to be full time while I was in high school and just starting out in college, and for the only full time job that the company offers that you don't need a 4 year degree for, you have to be at least 18, and there is only one of that position per store, so full time jobs with the company are hard to come by, its not a job to make a career out of. Its a fun place to make some extra cash, meet people, and get a discount and some work experience, it doesn't pretend to be a place where you can advance and make money.

      I'm not trying to compare jobs, I'm perfectly happy where I'm at right now, since I've been with the company since I was pretty young I make more money then my superiors do, I have total feedom in my position, my schedule is awesome, and I have two consecutive days off, which happen to be both days of the weekend, that's more than a lot of people who have actual careers can say.

      So thanks for your concern, but I really don't have anything to "think about". For a college student, Ive got it made.

    29. T says:

      I really wasn't concerned about you; I was saying that it seems crazy that you could work at a place that wouldn't consider someone, as a full-time employee or even offer until two years later. And then require some full-time positions to have a degree. Unless they are going into management, that seems like a waste. With the exception of the restaurant I worked at in high school, my jobs were full-time, even if I didn't stay long. I guess I just don't get that. I do realize that these are probably not places that most people are dreaming of working forever; I certainly didn't, but I know people that were there before me were still there when I left,and are still there. So for some people that is enough, and it should be better for them. Anyway, good luck with your future endeavors.

    30. Kiko says:

      All i have to say is that Abercrombie and Fitch is so middle/high school. It's what girls used to wear so they could seem "older" back then. I can't believe people actually wear it in college, lol. And if I can recall from my earlier days, the clothing was cute, but it was just so safe. People could look good without putting any thought into it, which is pretty sad. It was the moose ( i think?) that most kids my age were buying A & F for anyway

    31. Erika says:

      Alright @syd, if you really want to try & tell me the only ones who shop at a&f are "spoiled, upper class white pre-teens who have too much money to spend", go spend an hour or so watching who spends over $200 in that store & you would see that it's mostly asian, hispanic, or anyone from overseas spending the most money not teenage girls. The economy sucks, everyone our age buys clearance, which I might add there is TONS of.. Stop complaining about $80 jeans, that's how much they are at a lot of stores. Victorias Secret sweatpants go from $25-$80 & they're sweatpants but no ones jumping down their throats about overpricing.

      @Casey I completely agree with you about working at a&f full time during college because I did & I got better benefits than half of the adults I know.

      While it may not be the perfect store, people don't have to have such extreme opinions on it, especially without any real reason.. I may not love hot topic but I don't write articles bashing everything about it because I'm not that narrow minded. There are so many more things to complain about why go after a store that has plenty of happy employees & customers.. No I understand not everyone likes it & they're mean & racist & bla bla but if you really want to get into all of that go look what's on TV or in magazines & find me something that isn't offensive to someone or does absolutely nothing wrong. But stop judging if you really have no idea what you're talking about. Just don't shop there if you don't like it how hard is that.

    32. T says:

      But here's the thing Erika. This is just an opinion that is being expressed, just the same as if you went to Cheesecake factory and had a bad experience. That is something that you may may at least tell your friends about, and though they may not agree, because their experience was fabulous, it has nothing to with being narrow-minded. It would be different if this person had never worked or shopped in A&F and was bashing it.

    33. Casey says:

      I already mentioned that you were waaay over-exaggerating the prices, since Abercrombie’s most expensive jeans are, 98 dollars, and that’s for the most destroyed, skinniest, jeans they sell. Which, by the way, destroyed jeans are still in fashion right now, and 98 dollars is certainly a lot cheaper than what you’d be spending on other jeans brands that this site promotes. These prices are NOT that bad compared to say American apparel charging 30 bucks for a PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT! And the clothes are actually comfortable, good quality (unlike American eagle whose shirts pill after 1 washing), and actually fit smaller people (again, unlike AE whose smallest size falls off me)

      Not sure when you worked for the company, or if the age varies by state, but I’ve worked for the company for 5 years and the youngest they hire is 17.

      The job description for the impact team members, who, if you work there are actually called PTI’s for “part time impactors” and rightly so since they have the biggest impact on the store and how much money we make, but they actually don’t pin clothes and stock shelves, That is actually the job description for the Full time stock position. The PTI’s fold and fill the floor, so for most of their shift they actually aren’t in the back, but are on the floor just like the models are putting away clothes and making presentations look good, therefore they must also adhere to the look policy, which actually isn’t what all you people think it is.

      The look policy is just a set of guidelines for what we’re supposed to, or not supposed to, WEAR to work, NOT how attractive employees should be. Most jobs in most fields have some sort of a look policy, down to construction sites where they must always wear a hard hat. It’s really not that rare of a concept. And the impactors aren’t “uggo’s”, most of them actually CHOSE that position so they didn’t have to deal with customers soooo much.

      Also, the atmosphere you describe it exactly how the company describes it. It’s SUPPOSED to be like you’re walking into a club, an exclusive club. The company wants their stores to be intimidating, they actually say their stores aren’t for the faint hearted, and that they only want people who aren’t afraid to go in to shop there. So if you’re unable to navigate your way around without running into the trees, or are too afraid of the loud music and overwhelming smell, then you are NOT their target audience, and they don’t want you wearing and promoting their brand. But you certainly are missing out, because they are starting to come out with some cuter and trendier stuff than they used to, and things that don’t have the brand splashed all over the front.

      and the seasonal confusion, Abercrombie doesn’t sell boots, nor do they use them in any form of their advertising , we can’t wear any footwear but flip flops and classic chucks or slip on vans to work. So no, no boots. And the puffy vest, shorts, and legwarmers look? I’ve definitely rocked that here in Florida during the winter, as a cute warm PJ’s outfit sitting outside by the fire smoking hookah on a cold winter night, which is pretty much the scenario they had in mind for the outfit, not that they thought you’d wear it to the mall.

      Please, next time you write a rant about something, make sure you do at least a little research on the topic, at least the prices, which are easily found on the companies website. Damn!

    34. Shae says:


      You really need to calm down.If you are in college,shouldnt you be a little more mature?Abercrombie is the go to clothing store.If you shop there,then you must not have a good fashion sense.So casey…take it down a notch.

    35. A. says:

      I can't believe I'd ever be defending Abercrombie (wouldn't be caught dead in their teeny bopper clothing since junior year of high school), but I don't think people are understanding the way most companies work. The fact that they hire a certain look doesn't make them racist, discriminatory etc. – it's a branding mechanism. I challenge you to find any company that wants the face of their product to be ugly.

      I work in public relations where we do a lot of brand strategy, and the message we send is always chosen very carefully. For example, we wouldn't send samples from our fashion clients to editors of Weight Watchers or More magazine because our client doesn't want their brand to be associated with the type of person that reads those publications. Every company has a clearly defined target audience and brand strategy – Abercrombie's is obviously very successful.

      I see nothing wrong with hiring "models" to work the floor. I mean, as someone who has worked in retail in the past, I know that you are essentially a model. You wear the clothes, people like your outfit, and they buy.

      I'm not going to say that Abercrombie is the most ethical company in the world (the racist tees were definitely crossing the line), but they definitely aren't the worst. And while I totally agree that someone with a prosthetic limb shouldn't be banished to the stock room because it doesn't look right, I'm feeling like it was probably an overzealous individual manager who took the "look policy" way too far, not a mandate from corporate.

      As for the prices – when I was a teen, they seemed overpriced to me because I was broke. But now I'd rather shop at Saks or Intermix, where things can get pretty pricey, and a pair of $89 premium denim jeans seems like a pretty good deal:)

      Sorry for the crazy rant!

    36. a says:

      I was unaware people in college still wear Abercrombie & Fitch. I’m pretty sure you would get the sh** kicked out of you if you wore that crap at my school, despite the influx of preppy spoiled bi***** around our campus.
      Go to Nordstrom’s if you want to pay a lot of money for crap, at least you’ll look your age.

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    38. Casey says:

      Ummm, Shae, get over yourself. I shop there because I work there full time, I have to wear their stuff every day whether I want to or not, but it's not like I don't shop anywhere else either. Just because I buy some things at A&F doesn't mean I don't have any fashion sense, I don't buy anything besides basic tanks, wovens (because I have to for work) and jeans, and I get a discount on all of it. For more fashion forward pieces, Abercrombie certainly wouldn't be my go-to store. (please people! Stop assuming you know everything about someone you interact with solely online)

      This is my last post on this site, I'm sick of the attitudes, and the chips on everyones shoulders. I'm sick of ignorant online bullies who think they know everything. Most of you will probably say I was one, and yeah, I was, but I wasn't before coming to this site, and I've begun to realize recently that I don't like what the interaction here has done for me, so I'm done. I'll look for stimulating conversation elsewhere, where people can actually be pleasant to each other, not think they know it all, and not try to bring each other down.

      Good luck to everyone, and good bye College Candy. It's been interesting.

    39. It's ME says:

      Casey, can't say I'm sad to see you go.

    40. Cupcake says:

      Way to stop going to a good blogspot because everyone doesn't think like you. wow pathetic.

    41. t says:

      Way to prove her point cupcake. Where did she say she was leaving because people didn't think like her? She listed multiple reasons for leaving and as far as I can see that wasn't one of them.

    42. trixie says:

      actually…. i really like it at my abercrombie!

      people are extremely down to earth, clothes are not that expensive, nice discount, and pretty good work hours!:) also my store is very good about diversity! im not saying there are ugly people working in my store, but not everyone is top-notch attractive.. lol

      songs yeah, can be repetitive, but ask any abercrombie employee that… hahaha

      and cologne/perfume in my store isn't too strong or soft so if we were to judge the company on my store, i think it would get AMAZING reviews

    43. Kelley says:

      I've just gotta say that I completely agree with Casey. Idk what t's problem is. Get a grip and a life.

    44. Mallisa says:

      I was a manager there for 3 years…. I agree with this article. The standards for hiring have become rediculous and its just plain wrong. There is a real problem with a company who forces managers to hire "great looking" people to run the salesfloor, are REQUIRED to take their pictures, and submit these pictures to upper management to make sure the "meet the standards." What about the quality of work they do? Maybe you should work on running a great store rather than who's standing on your sales floor. Might get more business if you prices were not outrageous and people actually felt comfortable walking into the store.

    45. Steven says:

      In response to Mallisa's post…

      Managers are required to take pictures of models who are excellent representatives of the brand and submit the photos to upper management to be approved for going to model casting calls for marketing opportunities.

      The photos are not required for employment and have no effect on individuals hours, or the hiring process.

    46. iloveganja says:

      wow this is so intense. A&F is a bit pricey, but you can really tell the quality difference especially their jeans and outwear stuff. Its totally legit. i think it looks better too in terms of style n stuff IMO. but i do feel a little weird when i go in their stores.(sometimes i get lost in the dark)

    47. A&F guy =) says:

      I been working there for two years and the look policy does kinda suck. i decided i wanted to add a few blonde streaks to my hair and it looked really good and stylish i would get so many compliments from starngers every where. but at AF i stopped getting hours cause i dyed my hair and wasnt in the look policy anymore. which i though was a bunch of bull.

    48. Jenna says:

      While I think they have *some* cute clothes, I feel discriminated just by walking past and looking in. I am not fat, nor pudgy, nor a toothpick. But because I don't look like them, I am not even given a hello or welcome in the store. Maybe once. With all major corporations, each store is run differently but on the same premises. While she may have had a bad experience, others in other states could have totally different standards.

    49. Steven says:

      Jenna, the model in the front room is REQUIRED to greet every single customer that comes into the store. Not greeting every single customer is the quickest way to lose their hours.

    50. B says:

      Ok so i have an interview at AF tomarrow, so for the people that actually work there or like AF what should I wear to the interview? I don't have any AF or Hollister clothes.

    51. Casey says:

      B, Dark skinny jeans, with a plaid shirt and flip flops. Or a boy tank tucked into a floral elastic waist skirt with flip flops. Look at the "classic looks" under the "womens" tab on their website and basically find an outfit as similar as you can get to one of those. Wear your hair down, and very natural makeup (absolutely no eyeliner!) and do not wear anything black (although, for the interview that doesn't matter too much, you wont be allowed to wear it to work though). Good luck!

    52. cyndaminthia says:

      Customer service is pretty shitty too. Waited about 15 minutes for one of the staff to try and help me see if there's a size for shorts in the back. Gave up and tried to find a manager. Literally trailed one all around the first floor and up the stairs. Even called out "ma'am" a few times. No acknowledgment. Finally, the original staff member walkied someone to see if they had my size. He told me he's waiting till someone gets back to him on it. I waited about 10 more minutes until finally, I asked another manager if there were shorts in the size I wanted in the back. She brushed me off quickly by saying "no, there's none left." When I told the original staff person, he shrugged. Uh, ok. Thank you, A&F, for wasting my time. Oh, and this is AFTER I decided to give you another chance since that racially bigoted crap you pulled in 2002.

    53. Alaina says:

      you OBVIOSULY dont wrk there, because all you said is WRONG! first the DONT hire 16 year olds, they DONT spray every 40 mins, they CANT send you to the back, the the hight selling jeans are like 90 stop pretending you've worked there cause you havent!

      1. Bree says:

        Totally agree. I work at the kids store and the youngest they even hire in the kids store is 17 and thats everywhere! The jeans are definitely cheaper yet i do remember a time when they were around $200. Ive had bad hair days ever since i started there an they've never made me feel bad or sent me to the back.

      2. Haley says:

        Actually they do. My friend works there and she is 17.

      3. sandy says:

        That's 17, not 16. A year makes a difference. And she probably worked at abercrombie kids where you could be 17. You have to be 18 to work at abercrombie and fitch.

      4. D966 says:

        Again, I have to show someone they are wrong. mh hmmfd (clears throat)- I worked for A&F for 4 years. Hired as a model and the 4th year asked to be promoted to lead stock. If you want to quiz me on the store the back room, what the office looks like in the back. the jobs you have to do before the store opens and after. I would LOVEEEE to take your test.:) But ok.. here we go. The first thing you said I do agree wit you. A&F is 18, Abercrombie and HCo is 17. But the second 2 statements are wrong. I got hired in 2004. Myself and a few others used to do this and YES we did do this. Every 30minutes- not 40. Go around with the stores bottles of "fierce" which is the scent you smell in the store, and had to spray not 1 but 3 sprays on every mannequin that was in the store. Every 30minutes to keep the smell. After I quit I was talking to an SM where I live now and she told me they have switched to that, and have been putting these vents in the ceilings that looked like speakers and THOSE vents sprayed small portions of the fragrance through out the store. Also yes now jeans are about 90 dollars. If you go to the 1st page I believe i wrote something about this too. Back in 2004 I worked for Abercrombie kids and Hollister. Wasn't allowed by my SM liked me and let me do it cuz i wanted to work more. Back then they had a $200 pair of jeans called the "Ezra Fitch" – named after one of the founders of the company. But discontinued it the following year. so.. learn your facts. If you're manager worked for the company back in 2004 ask him/her about these jeans. I am sure they have heard of them.:) Cheers!

    54. Lizbeth Mendoza says:

      It's funny how many people waste their time arguing about stupid stuff….Don't yall have better things to do? I feel sorry for yall.

    55. Erica says:

      Home office probably treats their employees better than the stores do. They have great benefits, a fun work environment & they definitely don't discriminate there (but keep in mind, most of these people are not seen by anyone outside the company on a daily basis).

      Working for this company is quite a catch 22.

    56. TooOld says:

      I just turned 44, though most people presume I am about 27. Genes I suppose.

      That being said, I am 6 foot 1 and 173lbs. Everything I buy at most stores are enormous. The fatter people get the harder it is for me to find clothes that fit good. I buy A&F because I am built like an 18 year old and the clothes fit quite perfectly. I cannot stand that they have giant logos on their clothing. If I wanted to advertise the company I'd charge them for it. I only buy their shirts and sweaters that don't have logos. They could reach such a wide age group if they would market in a way that wouldn't make people over 22 afraid to walk into their stores. Oh, and their prices are ridiculous. I wait for sales online.

    57. tom says:

      i love em.

      i still can't believe how the public raped them back in 05.

      if they want to represent whites they should be allowed to

    58. Will tell you my nam says:

      I'm an MIT… If the pictures are for the casting call then why am I required to take one? Managers are ineligible for casting opps. After 3 months of working here, my RM is requesting new pics of me by TODAY because she never received one of the many I took my first day working here. Ridiculous. I wonder what will happen if I say no?

      1. D966 says:

        I will tell you why they have to take a Polaroid of your face. I know this because I used to work for A&F for 4 years and was then promoted to lead stock cuz i wanted more money and benefits. AND this is when I found out how the company really is.. which is why I quit soon after.

        – Yes, you are correct the pictures are for casting calls. But managers even MIT's, all the way up to DM's and RM's. HAVE to get a picture of them taken and sent to HR. The reason is; Home Office has to approve of your looks and see if your "cute enough" to be a manager. If not they wont hire you. THey will never say that but thats why they take the picture. I was told a story by a DM of another near by A&F store. She shared with me that when she first started a guy got hired as an MIT. Had a picture taken. Had a 4-year degree in Mathematics . was VERY nice, outgoing, qualified. But, didn't get the job because HR told her he wasn't cute enough… It's a sad fact but true. I hope you get the job. But, if not I wouldn't let it bother you. This is ONE thing I hate about the cmpany. If you scroll the the first 2 pages on here. I"ve responded to A LOT of peoples posts that are wrong and said hte facts. Read them. Know what you're getting into. Then decide if it's worth it. Or. like me, work for them for 3years never knew any of it just thought it was a great place and then find out these things from your bosses and get FURIOUS about it. and quit… but……Good Luck to you. I mean that sincerely. I miss working for the company I really do. I wanted to make a career out of it actually. Become a DM one day. I LOVED it. But now I'm in school to be a Neurologist and I love it. Take Care!:)

      2. michelle says:

        Hey so the MIT guy that got hired and wasn't "cute enough" did they just fire him after they hired him?

    59. sam says:

      I find it funny that you state you needed a job at age 16 so you started working at Abercrombie. Why do I find this funny? Because you need to be 18 in order to work there, so therefore your story is not the least bit plausible.

      1. Joe says:

        Actually you can start working at age sixteen SAM think about not just your area before you make a comment trying to condemn her story.

      2. Sandy says:

        you need to be 18 to work at Abercrombie & Fitch every where in the United States.

      3. kyle says:

        yeah the lowest is 17 in Canada….

      4. kristen says:

        if there abercrombie kids section in the store you can work at sixteen…so kyle sandy and totally
        bitchy sam ya need to check ya facts!

      5. ABC says:

        This article is for Abercrombie & Fitch. You must be 18 in the US.

      6. Lol says:

        hahahahaha. You have to be 18.

      7. Ryan says:

        My mall is 16, my mom asked when she bought me stuff from there for Xmas. I plan on applying cause I love all their stuff, employees probably get discounts, and cause I'll be at the mall, so before (or after) work, I can meet up with people.

      8. Caleb says:

        youre so fucking stupid it is unbelievable

      9. Jen says:

        actually her story is true because Abercrombie kids u can work at 16 Hollister u can start work at 17 LoL… and everything she said is hella true…so i wouldnt say n e thing unless u have worked there before

      10. Daniel says:

        You actually must be at least 17 to work at A&F but you're right, it's impossible to work there at 16!

      11. cara says:

        I've been working at Abercrombie Kids for the past 3 years in Columbus, Ohio since I was 16. I suggest YOU check your facts before you make a comment such as this.

      12. Lance says:

        actually, im a guy and i got asked to work there by the manager when i bought some jeans. i told her i was fifteen and she said i could deffiantely come back when i was 16.

    60. chachi says:

      I applied to this company back in 06 when I was 16. After the whole interview process we found out we had 2 be 18. I actually have another interview with them this Friday but from the last interview the requirements weren't rediculous. No huge obvious jewlery. Earrings should be smaller than the size of a quarter, no shirts with huge obvious logo's, just a simple look. Lol wen I went in today I was greeted. I'm not a size 6 never have been & I was treated normally. A & F isn't my style & their clothes are targeted to fit smaller people. I don't kno if I would buy anything from them & I'm certainly not wearing chucks or converses because winter is approaching. Basically plain colored clothing, nothing too wild & a smile is all it takes to get hired. The employess I saw in there today, were nowhere near gorgeous maybe a lil better than average looking.

    61. alex says:

      I'm not aloud to shop there and now i know why!!

      1. JWC says:

        allowed*… aloud is how I'm laughing at your grammar😉

      2. kaj;lajdg;as says:

        my friend wasnt allowed to shop there either

      3. Cheyenne says:

        Maybe because you cant spell – and its not even a typo?? Aloud? #Allowed

    62. Kyle says:

      I've been working at A&F for 2 years now and love it. The people are great, good atmosphere, and the customers love us. Who wouldn't want to hang around a bunch of outgoing attractive people all day? Such a hard job…ha. As long as you're presentable you're good to go. You must have been a bad employee because I haven't had any issues. Sore after 5 hours? Go to the gym. Maybe the stockroom was a better fit for you!


    63. The truth hurts says:

      Casey, you have a little brown on your nose. Okay, I lied. A lot.

      I know that many companies want pretty people to showcase their things because let's face it, have you ever seen a fat model as a VS Angel?

      But it doesn't make it right. At least not for me. This world is just going downhill and people are just making it go down faster…

    64. James says:

      Oh shut up. FIrst you have to be 18 to work there. I can't believe you actually wrote this in 2010. The prices have gone down a whole lot and the music is not as loud. The place is overly sprayed with cologne but it does not stick on your clothes unless you spray it on yourself. You must have been sent to the stock room a lot and that is the only thing that made you upset. hmmm?

      1. Sami says:

        Sir. Are you a gay?

        Also I'm in complete agreement. A&F is the *worst*.

    65. Michael Scott Hertzberg says:

      one word. bed bugs.

    66. Cat says:

      I love working at Abercrombie. It's such an amazing place to be at, the vibe is so upbeat and it's not even that dark in there! Have you seen Hollister's lighting?! Exactly! I'll admit the clothes are expensive but they are good quality clothes and they still fit as if I wore it for the first time despite how many times I've washed it. Get over yourself and stop bashing stores just because your legs hurt and the cologne gets stuck to your clothes. Just shut up and stop being so whiny. And FYI you have to be 18 to work there so how the fuck did you manage to work there?!

    67. erica says:

      You are hilarious. I was "LOL"ing as I read this! Makes me never want to go shop there again. You're right, it's a effing moose! And it does stink. Bad.

    68. Olivia says:

      I don't have any bad experiences from Abercrombie & Fitch but I do from Hollister. I am currently working there and am now finding out that it is THE WORST place to work for people who actually need a job. When I first got hired I was only getting one day ( 4 hours) every month. Then things got better and I was working about 4 days a week which was great for me because it was my first job and I was making money. As of now I have been working at Hollister for 8 months and I am now only working one day a week (4 hours) due to their stupid rule that they have to continuously have interviews and hire new people. My hours have been cut simply because they feel the need to hire people that we don't need. I admit it is a cool job and a really cool place to work but if your actually looking to make money I suggest not working there. I literally don't even make enough money to pay for my own gas. But if your the kind of person that wants a job but does not need one I suggest you apply at Hollister. Im sure you will get hired since they are ALWAYS hiring.

    69. Lauren Mullett says:

      Honestly, maybe it's just my store, but I kind of agree with you on a few points. Though the outlet store I've never had an issue with, our Mall one I have. I really don't like the smell anymore (it's obnoxious that we can smell it from across the mall). And whenever I go in there, the employees either ignore me or act like snobs. Now, I'm extremely short, and not a stick by any means,. My 5'8' super skinny friend is treated like a goddess in there. We're both nice to the employees, so I see a little bit of favoritism to my size-small wearing friend. And the prices are a little nuts for my budget, too. And to the people whining about this article? It's her opinion, so chill out.

      1. aitchsee says:

        FYI: the reason we like the size small & extra small girls is because they don't f**k up standard trying to find a medium or large! It has nothing to do with the fact that you're stumpy, you just make our job harder:)

    70. Jess says:

      I currently work at Abercrombie kids and I am currently on the fence how I feel about it. I mean generally the people that work there are amazing but I do agree that the companies policies on looks and appearances are a little to extreme. Just to throw this out there at my store you have to be at least 17 years old to work there (I am from Canada so I don't know if policies are different) but I completely agree that it is unfair to put so much empathize and stress on appearances at a part time job. I understand that people buy from pretty people but does not mean it's right to call someone models well the other employees are called impacts. And just to add on the clothes are absolute shit and not worth the money! All of my cardigans I have bought from A & F have fallen apart after five washes not worth the 60 dollars each with my discount. But if I get a cardigan from American Eagle it actually lasts me awhile and its half the price.

      1. judy says:

        i dont know what kind of cardigans you're buying but they dont fall apart after 5 washes. i had some of mine for a long time they're still fine -___-

    71. jonie says:

      I absolutely agree with you. I was actually am an Abercrombie and Fitch manager but put my two weeks in. This company is the worst company to work for. First they think that the managers have super powers and seem to think that we can set floor sets and floor supervise (since our store is a manager short) and also make sure the store stays clean while trying to maintain and run a floor-set. Believe me it is not easy and the stupid standard bullshit is absolutely ridiculous. Who needs to have every size sticker lining up perfectly and frankly who cares. To be honest I hope this company goes under. Also they are so wrong when it comes to hiring only good looking people. Believe me I was the one doing the hiring and interviews and let me tell you: if you are ugly you are not even given a though. Unless their hiring goals are under and they need impacters who are the ones in the back. And to be honest are the best workers of all. Plus we are wayyyyyyy underpaid. And managers only get half time after 40 hours. You heard me HALF TIME!! And do you want to know why they do this!!!???!! BECAUSE WE WORK OUR ASSES OFF AND WE WORK WAYYY OVER 40 HOURS A WEEK!!!!! And the company knows this and that is exactly why they pay us half time. Not many companies treat their employees so terrible. So if any of you are looking for a job after college here is a great helpful hint: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WORK FOR A&F MANAGEMENT POSITIONS!!! IT IS TERRIBLE AND YOU WILL HAVE NO LIFE AND WILL HATE YOUR LIFE!!

      1. george says:

        Me too man! I am an MIT (manager in training) and this company is simply a means of experience for me. (A paid internship if you will) My soul is softly choking to death in an understaffed over worked position where I am getting burnt out every day. I always believed i would have a job i wouldn't dread to goto everyday, but this is the first "career" job I got. There is no freedom, creativity, or gratification working for A&F in my personal experience.

        Oh! and the staffing. I am right there with you on the interviews. I know I am not going to hire you but I still have to interview you for legal concerns. I hate having to talk to people who come after interviews and ask, " Why didn't I get the job?" I am forced to lie," Oh i'm sorry we just didn't see you as a fit for our brand or sorry we have currently met our staffing goals so thanks for your interest but oh! your hot friend, yea…. we'll hire him."

    72. Chelsea says:

      I've worked at Abercrombie kids for about 2 months now. I've only had one legit shift, which was my first day of work. Other than that, I've had call ins and the other three shifts I've done were covering for people. I've made less than $100 in the two months I've worked for Abercrombie. I'm thinking of quitting. I agree with some of you on here, the clothes are definitely overpriced. I also bought this cardigan for $60+ and it already had a hole after 2 washes. I just turned 19. I go to college full time.. Abercrombie aint paying for crap.. It isn't even my scene, I just needed a job and some money.

    73. […] (From: Abercrombie & Fitch is the Worst Place on Earth) […]

    74. Charlie says:

      I work at the outlet in the mall and i like it. The managers are great and everyone is treated the same. I personally think its on whoever you're working with. It's a fun environment. I think the discount is great and the clothes are nice. I'm more of a forever 21 person, but when i need clothes from A&F then yea, i buy clothes at the nearest store because our discounts dont apply to our outlet. I can only complain about the hours. Our managers warned us about the hours in the beginning though, so i do appreciate that. I was warned about everything beforehand, but i kept going to work because i like the environment of my job. Every job has it's flaws and its pros. The only flaw at my work would be the shifts, but since i knew what i was getting myself into i shouldn't complain.

    75. josue says:

      I’ve been on the fashion valley store, you can smell the cologne like 3 stores before arrive to the anf, I think clothes are cool, but the fitting is not the best, see I’m wide on my body, not fat, is ny complex, jeans fit me, polos xxl fit me as an american eagle Large polo, but the shirts or grunge plaid shirts are too short even they are xxl, I just can wear them open, and, be serious, they are very expensive if you take care they are not designer clothes, just a brand, so I can say the quality is high, but you will not wear their styles for 3 years, just a season, so why pay too much for a polo if you can get 4 same on american eagle or aeropostale or other brand, or better go to anf outlet

    76. Collin says:

      Hey i like my store, every time i walk in noone ignores me and im not the guy in the picture or consider my self ugly, and im 19 so i dont want to hear someone sya or cry for sore leg's or feet when i have work at a store called Safeway and i stand in one spot for 9-10 hours for 3 months (because we had just opened to the area) and my feet hurt yea, but never complained i always thought "Hey, i have a job looking at most people do deminstastions about not have a job it feels good to get money" so dont complain and i had worked 5 days a week as a Cashier, and A&F do work for diversity. so everyone here is both wrong and right.

    77. Lynn says:

      The above positive comments are written by PR staff at AF. It is propaganda as they always put it forward. It is the most unethical clothing store on the planet.

    78. Adam says:

      Why do people assume that mall clothing is the only clothing around? Trust me A&F is NOT overpriced. Compared to Forever 21 and Aero yeah its pricier but go to Saks Fifth Ave. Check out Chanel. I mean it’s Chanel but $1200 for cardigans? $800 for skirts? They’re awesome for the rich and famous and Chanel knows that. Yes I got a job at A&F, but during the group interview I don’t think I was the most attractive, but I was definetly the most intelligent and outgoing of the personalities.

      Don’t believe in everyone’s horror stories. Before this I worked at GameStop for 4 years. Sounds like fun right? It was the worst experience ever. You sell your dignity there to get people to buy memberships and I don’t have to even come close to doing that at A&F. In college? Try A&F; they put me trough school when parents and financial aid couldn’t. It’s just a job, not a career. Go to school, get a job like that until you earn your career. Oh btw, I don’t know where that whole, “ugly people work in the back” thing came but it’s totally wrong. I did, and I was constantly asked to go on the floor because I’m an extrovert who isn’t shy. I know I’m not ugly and can fit the clothes but that’s all it took along with the personality. YouTube Abercrombie and you’ll see some pretty out of shape employees. They exist!!

    79. Sam says:

      Reading things like this really ticks me off. I work for the company and I enjoy it, the managers treat you well as long as you do what you’re supposed to, and the coworkers accept you if you’re not shady or stuck up.

      You complain about the music and the cologne, the outfits you have to wear, how oversexed it is, and how you stand upfront saying the same saying….okay. When you applied to this job, you didnt see it online and were disappointed when you came into work. The company makes you come in to apply in person after talking to a manager, so as you walk in, you see the workers standin g in the rooms, wearing the seasonal clothes, saying the sayings to you when you enter. You smell the cologne and you can hear the music from outside the store. Did you expect it to magically change by the time you started working? That’s ridiculous.

      Also, you complained about how you have to look presentable and how “shameful” it was to be placed in the back if you looked bad. After going to college and getting a full time job, if you show up looking bad you may be sent home or just lose your job! Its not wrong at all for a company to want their employee to look presentable. also, you applied AS A MODEL, and a model position means that You are representing the company in your looks and dress.

    80. julian says:

      maybe she got rejected from the job so she posted this…

    81. Anna says:

      She could have worked there at 16 because they could have raised the working age since she started working, everyone has a different perceptin of where they work as well, may be Jessica really didnt like it because her manager was a jerk.

      1. D966 says:

        ha um NO!! I am terrible sorry, but you are 100% incorrect. Abercrombie & Fitch is 18, abercrombie and Hollister is 17. You can not work for any of those 3 at 16 years old. Now… The new girls "underwear" story a&f owns now, may be 16, as well as Rural which is owned by a&f but is only at big malls in BIG cities; May also be 16 but I doubt Rural would because that store is for people who are into a&F but business casual. It's basically J Crew for A&F and 3x's expensive then A&F… Do you're research. I worked for the company for 4years. Also, My old SM when i was hired at 17 at Hollister used to be the DM of Rural but is now a DM of another store…….sooo……….look up you're info before saying someone is wrong. and saying that you "find it funny" because it belittle's them, and most of all belittle's me and everyone else who know their shit.


    82. A&F Employee says:

      You can't work for Abercrombie & Fitch before age 18. It's always been that way. You can work for Hollister Co. or abercrombie at age 17, but that's the youngest they go. And ripped jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch retail for $88 (not $200), while non-ripped jeans retail for $78. You don't know what you're talking about.

      1. Gina says:

        I just got asked to work there as a Floor Model and I'm looking forward to it. After reading this I am a bit confused now and I'm not sure if this is a right choice. I do agree that you have to be 18 to work there so I guess this story is quite plausible?

      2. D966 says:

        Gina.. I used to work there for 4 years. Hired as a "Model" and then got promoted to Lead Stock my last year. Any questions or concerns you have please ask me. I have written responses to about 4 people's post and you can see what I said. It is ALL true. "Things they don't tell you unless you're buddy-buddy with the Managers or are one of them" Just don't be that "girl who thinks just cuz you work their as a "model" you there-for are entitled to be treated different. As long as you stay humble and sincere, and kind to everyone who walks in the store, not just the people you work with. You will love it, and everyone will love you. I promise you.Best of luck.:)

      3. D966 says:

        Actually you are partially incorrect about the price of jeans. in 2004 I was hired to work for Hollister and Abercrombie because i was only 17. then a year later moved out of state and was 18 and was asked to work for A&F. A&F in 2004-05' did in fact have a jean that cost $200. It was called the Ezra Fitch. Named after one of the owners. I owned these jeans and freaking hated them because they were boot cut and just looked terrible. But bought them because i wanted to be the person who had them. Also, they were ripped jeans as well. A&F and HCo are going away from the destroyed looked in their denim now. Which is unfortunate because I love destroyed jeans. So… "A&F Employee" I think 'YOU" don't know what you're talking about.:)

        Good Day.

    83. Ashley says:

      I'm a model here at Abercrombie and I think the shop is lovely, yes maybe there are some bad things about it but if you apply for this job you shouldn't expect the best working enviorments. Like, what were you thinking you're not going to get to just sit in a chair and watch people wonder around in your shop and get lost. You're hired to help them and not to complain about what you have picked as a job.

    84. A&F Employee says:

      Look our shop is great, so stop complaining just so you can feel better because you're not exactly skinny. You really have a problem and should stop complaining because our shop is great.

      1. D966 says:

        ugh oh "A&F Employee" You said "our shop is great" twice in this post. Are you getting a side effect of saying your tag line too often while standing upfront looking attractive? Is it now intruding into you're writing.. I think there might be a support group online that could help you. I can look for it if you'd like. Best Wishes.

        – Your Biggest Fan*

      2. DJM says:

        Don't attack people about weight or otherwise on here.

      3. Jane says:

        Please they hired you because your pretty. But everyone knows 3/4 of the Abercrombie and A&F employee are INCREDIBLY stupid and only hired because they are good looking and skinny. I was asked many times to be a model there but why would anyone want to lower themselves down to being, basically, a stupid pretty bimbo that can't even do anything except smile at everyone as they walk by

      4. Noneya says:

        Well said:)

      5. Yvonne says:

        Now how much are you being paid to say this?
        I prefer Hollister & Aero over A&F..

        200 skinnies? Hell no

      6. 1234M says:

        Hollister is owned by the same company as Abercrombie and Fitch.. just an FYI.:)

      7. mimi says:

        Your shop is crap , the cologne sucks and it is basically a place for nice looking working class jerks with no education! enough said?

      8. Noneya says:

        You really need to get a grip. ANF is a crappy place, rude and inconsiderate. The only reason you like the place is because your probably one of those "Model" people and the ONLY reason you got hired for htat reason is because you wear shorts that should just be considered underwear and you wear shirts that should be bras.

      9. RollingEyes says:

        Welcome to the real world everyone. Image matters and everyone judges. A&F only wanting a certain look is their business and no one else's. If you don't like the store… don't shop there? I don't like that Chick-fil-A for being anti-gay so I don't eat there. Simple. And why does A&F have to make cloths for larger people when Lane Bryant doesn't make cloths for skinny girls? And yes, they do have to wear their expensive cloths at work. But is that any different than a man having to wear a business suit and tie to the office? I think a shirt, suite, and tie… not to mention the shoes… can get expensive too. So really… why does everyone complain about A&F descrimating against overweight people? And when it comes to hiring only "beautiful" people, they don't have ads so their models are the ads. Looks at our fashion institutes and I am willing to bet for their ads, like VS, Gap, D&G, Express… pretty much any fashion brand… had nothing but TRUELY GORGEOUS people in their ads. Think about it folks.

      10. A&FREGRETFULemployee says:

        This store is not great. I am an employee and I have been discriminated against not because I am not skinny, but because I am black. My managers think I haven't caught on to it but I have. There are so many things wrong with this store it's ridiculous. It's funny how you think YOUR store is so great but everybody else (customers and employees) have a lot of NEGATIVE things to say about it!

    85. Ernesto says:

      It's expensive, but you're paying for quality clothing!

    86. Matthew says:

      Its either you can afford it or not and I’m pretty sure

      1 everyone hating A&F probably can’t afford it=====I can afford it by far

      2 more thank Likely you are all over weight and ugly====I got a job up front JS

      1. bri says:

        who cares if people are ugly you cannot help what you look like! gzzz

    87. Naomi says:

      I just got hired and will be starting work upcoming Sunday. The only pros I can see to working there are the hot managers….I don’t think they are shallow when it comes to hiring people; it’s more about diversity now. They hire different races. Tomorrow I’m going in to ask for more hours…the cons are I have to wear their clothes which are overpriced in comparison to the quality, you can get better quality for your money’s worth at jcrew! The fabric is horrible but it’s ok. I’m just happy I have this job. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that im encouraged to wear their clothes. I won’t spend a dime on their stuff that’s for sure. If they want me to wear a uniform they should give it to me for free!!

      1. D966 says:

        Naomi, I'm curious about something.

        If you scroll up you can read what I said about someone's response and know that I worked for the company for 4 years. Hired as a model. But my question is this: You just got hired. You bash the clothes entirely which ha, I'd be curious what your SM and DM thinks of your opinion on that matter. Then at the bottom say " I won't spend a dime on their stuff that's for sure. If they want me to wear a uniform they should give it to me for free!". Ok..

        For one, when you get hired, (unless it changed since I left) you get 4 items 50% off. 2 shirts, 1 pants, and 1 accessory. After that you ALWAYS get 30% off. BUT, every seasonal change you get that 4- 50% off's again. But besides the discount. Most people that apply and want to work love the brand, they already wear it. Which is why they want to work there. Because to tell you the truth you wont get more hours. No one does. On the door in the back where the manager has the computer etc. should be a list of all the employee's in your store. Mine was around 90-110 on average through out the years I worked. They only give people at most 1-2 shifts a week 4-5 hrs a shift. Because they want "new faces" everyday on the floor so.. Good luck with that, Also, MOST know this going in they are usually told when hired. That hours aren't much and usually 2-3 shifts a week MAX. But most apply because they want the 30% off so they can buy the clothes they already buy FULL PRICE.. so… ya…….No idea why you work for the company but……

      2. tyy says:

        i work there agreed. we should start a petition for free uniforms. its not fair that we have to buy a new one every 2 months

    88. Mari says:

      Dude, I'm not nuts about the cologne either but come on! You knew what you were signing up for. Your legs hurt and you had to stand for five hours? Boo fricking Hoo! Welcome to retail! I had to clean toilets and take out trash at my first job! You see at "work" you are expected to "work". I have worked as impact and model and neither is difficult.

    89. Mari says:

      Oh yeah and all you have to do is wait 3 weeks for stuff to go on sale jeez. Nobody is patient enough. This weekend I got a skirt for $6, and two adorable tops for $11 each.

    90. ksjhfsdkfjsa says:

      Well this is not a credible article, because you have to be 18 to work at A&F. I fucking love my job there, i get paid to stand up front, people watch, get hit on, greet customers, fold clothes occasionally, and bullshit with my coworkers. And people who are bashing A&F because of its "discrimination", I have an Asian store manager who is 4'11. Also, the clothes are so expensive because you're buying a brand. It's like when people say they love Fox clothing, they could go anywhere and buy a shirt similar for super cheap, but it's not the brand that they prefer wearing.

      1. Cynthia says:

        I worked at abercrombie when i was 17! Maybe your mall isnt big enough for an abercrombie, but the age requirement changes depending on if your employed at the adult store or the kids store. By the way, the clothes and images are pretty much the same at both.

      2. D966 says:

        Yes Cynthia, You are correct. A&F kids is only 17, also Hollister ( which A&F owns now) you only have to be 17 to work there also. Only Abercrombie & Fitch is 18. The reason for it, is because they used to have ( not sure anymore) a catalog that went out to people that had nudity in it. And you had to be 18 to have a subscription. That is why the adult stores are 18. I just wrote a LONG response to "ksjhfsdkfjsa" and they clearly do not know anything. So.. ha… Just laugh like I am.:)

      3. D966 says:

        I worked for A&F for 4 years. Hired as a model, then asked to be promoted to Lead Stock. Here's some "fun facts" for ya.:)

        You're 4'11" Asian manager. You know why she was hired? You clearly haven't done research on the law suites against a&f and this topic. Back in 2004, my EVERYONE was either black or white and VERY attractive who were "models". Even my SM was a black man, but was 6'1'', attractive, and a good build. No one was asian, native american, etc… 2 years later it became a more "diverse environment" You know why? I was know, because they tld me this when I was hired as Lead Stock. They HAVE to hire people who aren't the typical "faces of Abercrombie" that you see through out the store. So, your manager, I'm guessing may be Asian and 4'11", and very intelligent and nice to everyone. BUT, she's prob. very thin, and extremely attractive. You know how I know that? because any mangers from MIT's on up, have to get a poloroid taken of their face and sent to HR to be approved if they are "cute enough" and guess what? If not, – you're not hired. But they will NEVER tell you this. How do I know this? Multiple SM's of A&F and HCo ( which A&F now owns Hollister) told me, DM's and even the guy that hired me as a lead stock told me. so…… your eyes. Of course you love your job. I did too. But I quit after 4 years of it because I found all this out. You're arrogance is so disgusting I makes me sick. Especially how you described what you do everyday, let me illiterate it for you incase you forgot. "I get paid to stand up front, people watch, get hit on, greet customers, fold clothes occasionally, and bullshit with my coworkers"- Go in the back and look around and see if those people are "bullshitting with their coworkers". I can bet they aren't, and are working their asses off for the EXACT wage you are making having fun. So… Enjoy being the "face of A&F" – I'm sure you'll do it justice.

    91. jimmyjuice says:

      I can't stand people who bash A&F, especially for stupid reasons like "how expensive it is" or "how it's too over sexed" and how the "discriminate against the obese. For christ sake there are stores specifically made for the obese, why can't there be a store with clothes for people who are more fit without people b**ching about it. I love the store, the clothes, and how people think I'm an employee when I go there. I can't wait to apply, I know it's gonna be awesome…

    92. Nikki says:

      I work at A&F in the houston galleria and i love it! this review is OVER EXATERATING the way it really is, everyone i know loves working here too

      1. Payeton says:

        I shop there @ the Houston Galleria a lot! I actually just ordered like 10 sweaters online. I am thirteen and am 5'5 and i hope to be an Abercrombie model. I'm about to go into a modeling agency. I HOPE i can be a model when I am 18! But can I be an Abercrombie model if I am thirteen because my friend is one also and I was wondering how i can become one soon?

    93. a7030166 says:

      I’ve said that least 7030166 times. SKC was here…

    94. Eric Platt says:

      I have been working here since August 29, 2012. I live in in humble, tx and work at the deerbrook mall location as a model. I worked here 4 years ago at the clear lake location and it wasnt bad, I needed a job this year and said why not ill apply at abercrombie again, well got hired and then now here I am dealing with a bunch of BS! The hours here apparently suck and the managers dont care I guess that their giving 9 hours a week to their associates due to the fact they go over on their hours and take them up for the week leaving behind none for the employees. I wish there was a way to get this handled but apparently the company care less about what the employess think. Its terribly hot in texas and they make you wear this layered clothing as if its snowing, please they need to seriously get their outfits in order for certain ares, I had to go to the hospital cause i couldnt breathe from being in the store with the cologne and how hot it was. Their is no air circulation in the store. I may be complaining about my job, but people need to know what its like here before they think its gonna be a fun job! It SUCKS HORRIBLY!

    95. Abercrombie Employee says:

      If it sucks to bad, and all of you are treated so bad QUITE, honestly they are not holding you capptive, just quite instead of complaining like 2 year olds. and you should really speak for yourself when your bashing a store name, because I work there and love it and there are many other employees who love it also. So do us all the favor and stop the "poor me" ranting and go get a different job.

      1. Gabrielle says:

        Okay you are probably some gorgeous skinny tan bitch aren't you? you love it because you're pretty!

      2. Grace says:

        learn how to spell IDIOT

    96. cmac says:

      Honestly, boo hoo for you. You have no idea how good you have it… if you even worked at abercrombie. I feel you are complaining over the most petty things. At the end of the day it is a business that markets it self and aims to make money and by the way does an awesome job at doing so. Would you rather work at a place that makes you serve food in high heels, a low cut shirt and a short skirt? A brand is a brand and since abercrombie doesn't use a lot of outside marketing it's employees are their spokes people and models… either represent the company with dignity or move on and stop complaining!!!!

    97. Chris says:

      I don't wanna here anybody b****ing and complaining about standing for 5 damn hours…. i work at Bestbuy and i work truck nights and I've worked 16 hours straight before on my feet. lifting 50+ pounds the entire time. my short days are usually 10-11 hours on my FEET! you guys think you have it hard but you don't. so grow up, btw i love shopping at abercrombie and there quality in clothing is shitty? ummmm nooo they have some of the best quality clothing out there. if you want cheap quality go over to Aeropostale

      1. Guest says:

        F*ck abercrombie and whatever. Who the f*ck wants to go shopping there because they hire "models"? These people aren't even as goodlooking as others make them out to be, some just have nice body's, thats it. Go to the gym or beach and there are plenty of average Joes and Danes that look better than these people.

    98. Tomáš Zentrich says:

      Abercrombie can be a cool place to work if the managers and employees are cool. I've worked at ANF for 1.5 years and have had no issues with either until now. I used to love coming to work and getting shit done and flirting with some of the girls that I worked with. Actually, it was more the other way around😀 Anyways, I am from Europe so I decided to go there over winter break. There was a change in managers and the new one is a complete bitch! All of the store managers that I have worked with in Vermont and New York have been amazing! This one hates my guts and thinks that I am lazy. I worked with her once on black Friday at 5 am. Sorry if the clothes that I just folded gets immediately destroyed by pushy Canadians. When I returned from Europe, I found that she had taken me out of the system. No big deal, I'll just get rehired like I did when I went home for the summer. Wrong! She decided to toss out my 1.5 years of experience as a model, impacter, and minor managerial duties out the f****n door! There are really cool people at Abercrombie, but sometimes there are really crappy people and managers. She is the worst person that I have ever worked for and I have worked for some crazy people.

      Also, not all models are great looking and not all impacters are ugly. Being an impacter is really fun when you work at the right store. In Vermont we had this great group of good looking impacters, including myelf, and we laughed at all the models who had to work their asses off helping out French Canadians. All we did was chill in the back and talk for hours and listen to our own music rather than that crappy after hours shit. The best thing about being a model is that you get to call yourself a model. It has a nice ring to it😀 People back home thought I was a real model and were surprised when I told them I was just a sales floor associate.

      All in all, give Abercrombie a chance. If you don't like it than try to find a different job. But it is a really fun place to work if everything clicks. Hope this was helpful!

      Tomáš Zentrich

    99. Torri says:

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    100. Jenny says:

      They just tried to hire me when I was shopping there… Idk why but lol I can’t lie that I’m flattered

    101. Franklin says:

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    102. Janelle says:

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    103. anonymous says:

      Fuck Abercrombie & Fitch. My manager was a stuck up annoying bitch. I cannot understand how people could bear to even talk to her. I have never met someone so repugnant in my entire life. She had obsessive compulsive fits and just a plain out attitude problem. She probably needed to get laid. Not that anyone could stay being with her in a room. ugh

      1. anon says:

        How did you quit that job? I work at A&F, and we just got a new store manager (and she hates my guts for no reason). I feel uncomfortable even going into my shifts.

      2. ANONYMOUS1 says:

        Oh my goodness, I had that problem. Ours was HORRIBLE. She screamed at us and cussed us out and threw clothing on the floor for us to pick up in front of her. I would go home crying after dealing with her and my stomach would literally SINK on the days I saw that she was the manager. I just tried my hardest to ignore it until it was time for me to go back to school and quit working at that awful place.

    104. FuckA&F says:

      Fuck Abercrombie and Fitch.

    105. Corinne says:

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    107. ally says:

      i personally dress from other shops like forever 21 and h&m too they are cheaper so i buy one pair of a&f jeggings and i buy a sweater from forever 21 you shouldnt just call a store too expensive and gross you should be able to know you can control yourself financially

    108. Sarah says:

      Ok first of all, most of you people should just CALM DOWN. A&F may be somewhat overpriced for some of you, but it’s well worth the price. On the other hand, I do agree that SOME other stores may have same quality clothes for a fraction of the price, but that doesn’t mean you should trash talk some store probably just cuz u can’t afford it. Although I’ve never worked there, if a&f does really treat their employes poorly just cuz they have a prosthetic arm, or cuz they don’t have ” the a&f look” I think that’s stupid and disgraceful to the store. Either way, everyone should just stop complaining about their music, or cologne cuz no ones forcing u 2 go in. And if u really like their clothes than not the store, just go ONLINE. It’s not complicated😁

    109. Jaime says:

      I've been working at A&F as a model for about 3 months now and it hasn't been a problem at all for me. I'm size 8 (so I'm not skinny) and the managers are great! The people I work with are also pretty cool. Although the look policy gets old pretty quick, it's not like they force you to buy/wear clothes from A&F, only oohed that are similar in style.

    110. Chloe says:

      I’m sorry but the most ridiculous part of this article is hands down when you complain about “store legs and an achy jaw from a 5 hour shift”….grow up. managers are on their feet there for wayyyy more than 5 hours. If a 5 hour shift is hard for you, your life must be pretty damn easy.

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