College Q&A: Preparing for Freshman Year

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I’m a high school senior and I’m starting college next fall. I’m really excited, but also really scared. Is there anything I can or should do now before I go? Maybe a few tips or things I can start on now (to prepare and also to pass the time of my boring senior year)?

Busy Bee:
Congrats on finally escaping the wrath of high school! Reminds me of my anxiousness back in the day… Anyway, my best advice to you is to live in the moment and really enjoy your last days of senior year. I know it’s boring and you probably have Senioritis, but you will not be seeing any of these people after graduation day. Make some more epic memories because you have a right to do so!

If you don’t want to just sit around this summer, I suggest volunteering or getting a job that you have always wanted but never did because it didn’t fit into your schedule. Because you won’t have to do any over-the-summer reading assignments and write a 6-page essay on how the character development contributes to the theme of the novel, you’ll have TONS of free time! Have you always wanted to build houses in Mexico? Work as a make-up artist for a fashion show? Then, do it! Plus, it’ll look good on your resume.

As for actually preparing for college, make sure you’ve signed up for all of the appropriate classes, bought the textbooks, and know where your classes are. I’m not sure how far away you’re going for school, but if you’re a trooper, go ahead and plan a 3-day stay around the campus and find out what the local hotspots are. That way, when you’re dorming it up the first few days, you’ll be the cool kid who knows where everything is!

Party Girl:
Get a fake ID. And a hot pair of black pumps.

GPA Girl:
Look at you, trying to get ahead! Keep that kind of attitude once you actually get to college and you’ll be super successful. I think the best thing to do now is just enjoy your senior year, namely the fact that you really don’t have to do anything. Come next fall, you’ll be slammed with papers, tests and reading assignments. There’s really not much you can do to prepare for college right now, but it could be a good idea to do a bit of research and find out what sort of pre-reqs you need to take, what classes are offered to Freshmen, etc. That way when it comes time to pick classes, you won’t be totally overwhelmed (like I was – I called my friends crying, no joke).

Also, it might be a good idea to invest in a Smartphone. Professors/student groups/friends do most of their communicating via email, so having it on your phone will help you stay on top of things. Not to mention having a handy calendar in there that will keep you organized. Oh, and Facebook/TFLN while you’re waiting for class to start never hurt either.



    1. L says:

      If you like to read get in some free reading this summer. Come fall, you will likely have no time at all to do so. A summer job will help you save some money, which you will really really need as a poor college student. And lastly enjoy the remainder of your senior year with your friends!

    2. J says:

      "You will not be seeing any of these people after graduation day" ? Seriously? You're going to college not jail. You will see these people again on breaks and stuff. And now thanks to Facebook and texting and whatnot you will be able to stay close with your high school friends.

    3. Jennifer says:

      facebook/texting is a horrible way to stay "close". least a real actual closeness you get from actually, you know, seeing someone. =0

      not to scare anyone going away to college for firsties tho

      you make better friends at college anyway =)

    4. Abby says:

      I think what she means is that you're going to have to make an effort to stay close to high school friends, that you're not going to see them everyday. Which is totally true. I have a group of 5 girlfriends from high school that I'm still really close with, but other than that, I don't hang out with many high school friends.

      I went to a college (MSU baby!) that's close to my hometown, so I sometimes run into old classmates (which is nice), but it's totally different than high school (thankfully).

      Good luck girl! You're going to love college.

    5. M says:

      Don't have high expectations. First semester freshman year was the worst experience of my life because of the high expectations I had. College is college. You might not love it right away, in fact you probably won't and anyone who tells you differently is faking it. No matter what the Facebook pictures show, freshman year is HARD (especially first semester) and nothing anyone can tell you can truly prepare you. Just go in with an open mind, go with the flow, and expect the unexpected. It might be amazing, or it might be the worst few months of your life. I know that sounds pessimistic, but me and a TON of people I know had that experience. Good luck.

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