CollegeCandy Confessions: Bathroom Secret

Don't. Tell. Anyone.

Let’s face it: we’ve all done some pretty ridiculous things in our lives. Things we think are totally logical in the moment, but make us cringe when we think about them later on. Things that we’d only tell our best friend when she’s three sheets to the wind and we know she’ll probably forget it. Things that we hide from the people who love us (and judge us) most.

Things that even we, ourselves, wish we didn’t know about. But things that our friends, family, and fellow CollegeCandy readers are probably doing all the time, too.

Like our fake boyfriends that we tell strangers about. 

So here is our chance to let it all out. To share our secrets and find that maybe we’re not so crazy, so weird, so abnormal, after all. We’ll spill the beans every Tuesday and invite you to share your own similar experiences below. Just think of it as therapy. Or a really hilarious way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Confession: When I know I might be in the bathroom for awhile, I don’t grab a magazine or a book and take it with me; I grab my laptop. (Honestly, the bathroom is the only reason I’d get an iPad – it would be way more portable.) Sometimes I’ll do some online shopping, sometimes I’ll read TextsFromLastNight, but usually I’ll just continue whatever IM convos I was having before I went in there. Yes, while I poop. I’m sure some people would think it’s gross to talk to them while I do my bizness, but I like to think of it as multi-tasking. It’s not like we’re on video chat, right? I mean, that would be weird.

Got a confession? Get it off your chest here. Don’t worry, we won’t judge. We’re sitting here with no pants on, after all.



    1. Carrie says:

      I do that too!!! Although I usually don't chat with people…still, I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo who can't even drag herself away from her laptop for the five or fewer minutes needed to take a poop, lol

    2. Lizzy says:

      I do that too.. not a biggie

    3. Sarah says:

      yeah, i do that too. i don't think that's considered a "confession." i'm very open about this too… my family calls the upstairs bathroom my office because it's where i get all my work done at. bahaha

      but i hate when it starts to burn my thighs!:/

    4. Dina says:

      You're not alone! I do that too. So does my boyfriend! I find it really helps me focus when I'm writing a paper or studying. Granted I can't stay in there for very long because my thighs begin to hurt, but during that time, I'm very effective.

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    6. L. says:

      I've done that. I feel slightly awkward but it's not like I have to tell them that I'm pooping while we're on IM. And I pee on the phone with my best friends all the time, but I guess that's a little bit different because we pee together all the time anyways.

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