WARNING: Do Not Do This In Class

While we may not like all of them, rules exist for a reason. They keep us safe, they keep us sane, they keep some sort of order in this world of ours. And that applies to college campuses, too. There are all sorts of rules that we live by: no food in the library, no drinking in the dorms, no sex in the stacks.

But with all the attention given to those scoundrels who dare bring a Diet Coke into the ‘brary, those university officials missed a few important rules. The kind that would benefit everyone, allowing all of us to be more successful in our studies and more productive members of society.

We didn’t forget about them, though, so we at CollegeCandy are starting a revolution. Join us on our quest to establish some new campus rules and rid our classrooms of evil… and PDA. 



    1. Emily says:

      People who have a personal example for EVERYTHING the professor says!

    2. Mintii says:

      Uh oh, this article exhibits signs of a burned out overly disgruntled college student ready for the end of the semester.

    3. JL says:

      People snapping/chewing gum with their mouth open in class. It definitely beats pen clicking. Gum should be banned in the classroom like it was in high school/grammar school but I'm sure many will disagree.

    4. Starr says:

      @JL soooo agree.

      Gum under the desk is even grosser, though. What kind of person does that?!

    5. Tina says:

      In my one class a kid blew his nose with notebook paper, then if that wasn't bad enough, he crumpled it into a ball and put it under his desk and left it there after class. Eww.

    6. Staci says:

      Old people who come back to school, that's great, you should feel good for coming back to learn more. But that's the key, YOU ARE TO LEARN. Stop arguing with the teacher like you know more then they do, that's why you're back in a classroom idiot, is because you DON'T.

    7. Alice says:

      I love filing my nails in my boring classes. It keeps me from biting them!

    8. Steph says:

      Nauseous actually is an adjective for causing nausea. Nauseated is the feeling of having nausea…

      All of these are very good rules though. I especially like the gum one. I think internet should be cut off, too. For students at least cause someone being on facebook right in front of you is very distracting…not to mention annoying.

    9. D. says:

      Steph: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/nauseou

      People actually file their nails in public? I'm so glad I've never witnessed that…

    10. Jpossible says:

      Oh MY GOD! When I hear people snapping their gum or chewing with so little manners that their spearmint stench is starting to invade my personal breathing space I can't help but think "I hope you choke, and when you do I am not going to be the one doing the Heimlich"!

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    12. Leigha says:

      I hate when people start packing up to leave with like 5 minutes left in class, while the teacher is still talking, especially when it's a prof who NEVER lets you go early. First of all, you know it isn't time to leave yet, right? And that you should still be taking notes, which is kinda hard to do when you've already put your stuff away? Second, it's really distracting.

    13. Lisa says:

      A girl at work actually clips her nails at work. not file. Clips. and lets the pieces go everywhere. she doesnt even gather up the pieces and throw them out. Ewww.

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