The 20 Things That Are Only OK in College

Your co-workers/parents won't be nearly as impressed with this as you'd think.

Keg stands, day drinking, mardi gras beads, vegging out at home during the holidays… these are all things that happen during college. And by all accounts, they should happen, you know, before you’re catapulted into the real world where whatever you do at your local bar on a Thursday will not go over well in your cubicle on Friday.  Yeah, not only does college give you that yummy degree, it gives you the freedom to act like a college kid. It’s like your student ID is a ‘get by free’ pass, and just about anything goes.

Which is a really beautiful thing.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for our well-being, some things belong with college and college only. Much like Vegas, what happens on campus should probably stay on campus. If you want people to continue loving you in the real world, anyway.  And with the end of college nearing for so many of us, it might be time to lay those things out. So here is a list of the 20 things that are only OK in college:

1. Eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And considering that a valid meal.

2. Sundays dedicated to your roommates slowly filtering in from walks of shame.

3. Coffee at 9….P.M.

4. Waking up on the bathroom floor.

5. Using abbrevs (LOL, Totz, OMG, Fo shiz) and movie quotes (You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!) in normal day conversations.

6. Not washing your hair for 3 days to “get those natural oils back.”

7. (Hopefully) Pulling all-nighters.

8. Wearing Uggs for any and all occasions.

9. Storing mini shots of Smirnoff in your purse “just in case you need them.”

10. Using empty bottles of Smirnoff and 3 Buck Chuck as a form of home decor.

11. Having a drawer full of t-shirts dedicated to drinking events.

12. Drinking until 5AM and sleeping until 3PM. Then waking up and doing it again.

13. Calling in to work because you are hungover.

14. Calling in to work because it’s the first nice day of the season.

15. Drinking before noon. On a Tuesday.

16. Duct-taping two forties to your hands and calling it a game.

17. Dressing up like a huge slut-bag for Halloween…three days in a row.

18. Considering lightly jogging to class (because you’re late) a great work-out for the day.

19. Scheduling your obligations around episodes of Gossip Girl, Glee and The Hills.

20. Being in room full of guys….all of which you’ve hooked up with.



    1. Kelsey says:

      I am certainly a firm beliver in number 19.

    2. Sarah says:

      #20!! Its also awkward when you're in a room full of girls… and you realize you've all hooked up with the same guy

    3. Tiffani says:

      Lol I'm pretty sure people employed by the government still do #14…and it's pretty much expected that there will be a skeleton crew working around the office…especially after Noon.

    4. sara says:

      OMG yes #20 in any form is the worst!!!

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    6. Sarah says:

      HAHAHA LMAO AT #20

      wow story of life

    7. Asia says:

      I feel like I'm missing out on the college experience because very few of these apply to me lol. I am a firm believer in #1, and I learned that from my mother!

    8. Britt says:

      Sad to say I graduated a year ago and still do a few of these. Holding on…..

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    11. Heins says:

      #20 sounds like i'm at the wrong college…

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