44 Celebrity Bikini Fails

Nothing can turn a confident girl into a insecure mess faster than bathing suit season. Suddenly every mirror you look into turns into a fun house mirror of horrors. When did your stomach get so flabby and when did your skin turn translucent?

But don’t throw on your beach burqa quite yet. No matter how bad you think you look in that bikini (and it’s all in your head, obvi), these celebrities look a thousand times worse. Yes, even the sexiest of the sexy fall victim to the bikini.

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    1. nel says:

      I don't understand how some of these are fails…just because they are larger than runway models? Legit the side-boob fails and weird lingerie suits are bad, but most of these seem like you posted them as a body snark. Not kewl.

    2. Lizzie says:

      How are some of those at all bad? I mean, yeah over-exposure and unflattering suits are bad…but what the heck is wrong with Kate Bosworth?

    3. Lauren says:

      Not everyone is stick thin and gorgeous.

      There's enough body self esteem issues in the world; we constantly compare ourselves to celebrities anyways. They're still real people. They're allowed to have cellulite and jiggles, just like the rest of us.

      Bodies are beautiful.

    4. Jess says:

      Yeah really, this is probably the worst thing I've ever seen. Most of these women look fantastic- Serena Williams? she has such a strong body. There's nothing wrong with her. And Whitney? Girl has zero fat, she looks amazing. If this is trying to be a self-confidence boost by making fun of real women and real bodies then you totally fail.

    5. Maddy says:

      CollegeCandy, you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting the idea that beauty is a strictly defined and limiting concept.

      If Maxim or Hustler had posted this, the backlash from the lady blogs would have been swift and severe.

    6. Allison says:

      Can someone tell me why the pictures of Hilary Duff, Stephanie Pratt, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and Paris Hilton are fails? I haven't even looked at all the pictures yet. Granted, nip slips and ill-fitting or subjectively ugly bikinis are kind of fail, but a lot of the other pictures just seem to be "fails" based on body condition. Does having cellulite or being pregnant mean you're not allowed to wear a bikini? Having an imperfect body just like everyone else means you've failed? "No matter how bad you think you look in that bikini (and it’s all in your head, obvi), these celebrities look a thousand times worse." How can you not see how contradictory that sentence is??? Flippantly assuring readers that their body image worries are "all in their heads" while blatantly mocking how other women look in their bikinis is just beyond my comprehension. You're basically saying, "Nope, it's not all in your head, other people are judging you just as easily as we can judge these women." This article encourages tearing others down to build oneself up, which is appalling coming from a site aimed at young women.

    7. L says:

      We really don't need anymore body snarking on the internet. If this is supposed to make me feel more secure it's a big miss and only perpetuates girl-on-girl hate and the idea that women are only valued for how good they look in a bikini. I'm pretty disgusted that this made it past the editors. Give your readers more credit, we're not going to let this slip under the radar.

    8. Lo says:

      Wow… I'm ashamed at your image of beauty. Way to make us normal college girls feel insecure.

    9. Ashley says:

      I’m sorry but what are you granola eating les*ians freaking out about? none of these girls (except katy perry) are in proper shape to be wearing bikinis to the beach and you know it. they’re just asking for these pictures to spread like wildfire on the internet and their paparazzi pics sell for $1,000s to US Weekly. jennifer love hewitt…are you kidding me?! wear a burqua next time.

    10. Amber says:

      Uh… Why are Katy Perry, Hilary Duff, and Eva Longoria in Bikini Fails??? And, not to mention the website where Eva's pic was yanked from lists her as "Best of 2009".

    11. kaley (icanseetoday. says:

      this is nuts. okay i can see where the awful saggy butts are fails and side boob or whatever, but whats wrong with kelly clarkson? shes not hanging out? shes just not tiny, but i look at that as more of a good thing.

    12. Anna says:

      I don't understand why you felt the need to post this. Even the women who are wearing unflattering suits- this doesn't make me feel more confident, it makes me feel worse, because if women other people idolize are smashed for making the same mistakes I might, what does that mean for me? How can I hope to feel beautiful when you ridicule women for having some curves or cellulite? I'd recommend removing this post as soon as possible and apologizing- what were you thinking?

    13. Liz says:

      Honestly, I'm really judgmental and I'd only give you ~5 of these. A lot of them I would say are just bad pictures (the second picture of Kelly Clarkson for example–come on) or ridiculous human beings clearly going for some sort of shock. All the rest I would say actually look beautiful, despite how above or below what you consider the "right" weight they may be.

    14. Alex says:

      I agree with everyone above me! This is totally awful, and we all know no one would like to have someone snap a picture of them in their bikini and post it as a "bikini fail." As a site that usually promotes being healthy and happy with your body, I'm shocked. This is just plain bad.

    15. Amanda says:

      How are these fails? Especially the ones with pregnant women. What are they supposed to wear? Tents?

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    17. Cait says:

      If Rachel Zoe doesn't drop dead from anorexia by the end of 2010, I will be seriously surprised.

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    19. FattyFatty2by4 says:

      This article actually made me feel terrible about myself. I don't have the perfect body, but I've come to embrace my curves – I have actually believed I'm sexy, 160 pounds and all. Some of the women you've pictured above are beautiful, and I've always looked to some of them (like Jennifer Love Hewitt) for inspiration in accepting and loving myself as I am, regardless of what pop culture tells me I should look like.

      I actually feel MORE self-conscious about my body after seeing this… Some of the women who are considered fat above weigh less than I do. I don't think I'll go anywhere near a beach this summer now, much less think of wearing a bikini. While I used to feel sexy, now I feel like a whale compared to some of these "fat" women. Congratulations, CollegeCandy, you've made a fairly self-confident girl feel like her body is disgusting.

      I don't think I'll be visiting this site again.

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    21. dina says:

      Yes, definitely a College Candy fail.

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    23. beth says:

      Wow. Snarky. For a supposedly female-empowering website this is bullshit.

      I have an idea- why don't you post pics of yourselves in bikinis? Then we can judge whether or not YOU are a bikini fail- I'm sure after all your beer pong and late nights you've got a little jiggle and cellulite too. Don't hide behind your website- lets see if you can take the same stuff you dish out!

    24. Ashley says:

      I have been a huge fan of College Candy for awhile now and have even thought alot of the people who comment are way to harsh but WOW. I dont see why you felt the need to post something like this. Although a few of these girls could have chose a better fitting bikini MANY of them are healthy, beautiful girls! I have to agree with alot of the other comments….if some of these girls are considered "fat" (Kelly,Stephanie,Hillary) then I guess most of the population should stop feeling confident enough to wear a swimsuit. Bashing other people for bad style is one thing but for not being born with the perfect model sized body? Never ok.

    25. Melissa says:

      This is so petty. Some of these pictures I have trouble seeing the problem with. Even the people who aren't stick thin are looking pretty good!! What's wrong with Kelly Clarkson's photo?? Or Serena Williams?? Or Kellan Lutz?? Even then, posting unflattering photos of celebrities is just plain petty.

      I see the College Candy staff girls still have a bit of growing up to do.

    26. Tamara says:

      I'm astonished. This is ridiculously immature for anyone above 15 to write (or approve). When is the writer or the editor going to stop by the post and apologyze/defend herself?

    27. Mariagrafs says:

      Not all are bad some of them can have chance if they reduce their fat

    28. Alison says:

      I think Kelly Clarkson looks really good in most of those photos! She looks healthy, curvy, and feminine. Hell, she looks better in those pictures than she does on the red carpet sometimes!

    29. PandaBear says:

      Katy Perry is literally perfect, and there is nothing wrong with the suit OR the photograph. Is the fail just because of RUSSELL BRAND?

    30. dre says:

      Yeah I'm going to have to agree with pretty much everyone on here, the majority of the girls on here look fabulous in their bikinis. Yes, some have cellulite but good for them for not being afraid to rock a bikini. Nobody said you had to be absolutely perfect to rock a bikini. This is probably one of the shallowest and stupidest things I have ever seen, WTF. This isn't celebrity bikini fail this is a college candy fail. You guys should be ashamed of yourself for contributing to what is wrong with women's views of themselves. FYI, curvy girls rock in bikinis, at least they look feminine, what did you want everyone to look like a prepubescent girl? This is disgusting!

    31. Jessica says:

      i basically agree with anyone. this was not a good post and totally contrary with what i thought this blog was all about

    32. Sandy says:

      This is disturbing, it's buying in to the idea that normal women should hate their bodies, certainly can't link over here from my loving your body site, despite your request, sorry.

    33. B says:

      You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves for putting this up here.

    34. Rebecca says:

      I literally stopped by this site to see if CC has taken care of the Troll issue that had been plaguing them… only to find this. I hope you're ashamed of yourselves! this is a sick way to make people feel horrible about themselves. these women are beautiful. you're the ugly fails because of your judgmental attitudes.

    35. katie says:

      Ummmm some of these bodies look good. I'm confused as to who u are and what gives u the nerve to judge. U r obviously the one with self-esteem issues. I get so tired of people trying to find flaws in others just to make them feel better about their short comings. We r humans we have flaws, celebrities included! People wonder why celebrities risk their lives and go to great lengths gettin plastic surgery! People like u constantly pointing the finger. Do u kno how hard it is to try and live up to perfection??? Its impossible..Get a life smh

    36. Just found this article through a recommendation. You are right, most of the Bikinis are a big fail list….

    37. Leanne says:

      Um…yeah. You have people on here that are practically the same size, but one is supposed to be incredibly thin and the other obese. You can find a flaw in anyone, and you have singled out people that you don't like. Jealousy is such an ugly emotion.

    38. lime says:

      Wow some of those bikinis are pretty scary

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    41. Hannah says:

      i look like that. i mean… most of these pictures. some of them are bad, i'll give you that much. but mostly because they're FAKE. the ones that are really bad have playboy bunnies with fake boobs and butts. and i'm pretty sure these celebrities don't care. while you post jealous stuff all over college candy, they're laughing all the way to the bank. the more you bash them for their bodies, that most women have, the more money you make them. defeats the whole purpose huh? now go to your local beach, and take pictures of every person with imperfections you see. you'd take pictures of everyone. everyone is flawed. now let's see YOU in a bikini.

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