Hating Your Ex is a Great Idea

So apparently trashing your ex after a breakup is in. And no, not just for the pure fun of it (because believe me, it’s one of my many joys in life). But there’s actually scientific proof that shows it might just be necessary in order to move on.

A new study by the University of Utah backs this extraordinary phenomenon that hating your ex after a breakup makes you feel better. The study involved 65 undergrads who recently ended relationships that lasted more than four months (which, in college, is more like a century). Researchers found that people who seemed to have strong negative feelings about their ex immediately after the breakup were less likely to be depressed.

I know so many girls (and guys) who think holding onto the relationship after the breakup is best—even if that means changing your relationship status on Facebook and instead accepting the new label as “friends” who go out for casual lunches or whatever it is you do—but this just proves you’re all nuts wrong. Victory!

No, but seriously, if you’ve just gone through a rough breakup maybe you should put down those four boxes of Krispy Kremes you’re about to consume, stop taking it out on yourself, and start taking it out on him! It might just be good for you.



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    2. Caroline says:

      OMG I can't express how true this is !!!

      Hating my ex does make me feel better, hating his new girlfriend even more. I'm soo glad I'm not in her place anymore. I laugh to myself at how pathetic, fat, ugly, poor, akward, friendless, unsuccessful they are and revel in how fantastic I've become since I cut him loose. Being single has soo many advantages, I look great, am very sucessful in school, have a lot of friends and admirers, never torture myself over when he'll call or what he said. Better single and strong if being attached means being pathetic. If you walk away broken by the relationship, it's because the man didn't treat you right, put you down, only thought about himself.

    3. Caroline says:

      I often walk away from a relationship not knowing who I am anymore and how awesome I am. I'm completely depersonalized. I've been hurt before and now I'm extremely guarded. If I sense that a guy is playing games, I immediatly close my heart to him.

      I'm aware that I sound a tiny bit bitter.

    4. says:

      Breakups are a funny thing. Having only been through a couple I know that if I try to hold on to the relationship I'll never get over the ex.. But if I hate my ex than it's super easy. Why would I want to get back with somebody that I hate?? And lets not forget.. we should all confess that it is fun to trash your ex with your friends… Grant it hatred isn't going to be healthy in most other situations sometimes you just can't help it. If you were cheated on then you really must hate your ex. you can really sense the hatred when that's happened. Just see what some people say. .

    5. shitmyexsaid says:

      Oh, exes. Can't live with 'em, definitely CAN live without 'em.

      I've got a couplea doozies… Trashing is a good survival instinct, methinks, but doesn't always help you get over it. It can be helpful to examine the relationship after some time has passed and see what you can see in hindsight.

      In the meantime…

      Share the shit your ex said, if you plz:

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    7. Pushkar srivastava says:

      A gr8 %age of guys are cheated, more than girls every minute d only thing dey do is that they become a drunker(devdas) they forget the whole world. even their parents. But girls are not like this they are always happy because they always hate hate and hate their ex.

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