Celebrating Celebrity “Flaws”: Flat and Fabulous

Every day we’re bombarded with a million different messages about what we are supposed to look like. And tell you what, our not-so-scientific-yet-totally-accurate visual research proves that 99% of girls out there don’t fit the mold. So instead of telling you how to wear your hair, or how much weight to lose, or which one of Heidi Montag’s many surgeries to get, we’re going to celebrate these so-called beauty flaws with a new weekly series.

This week is all about the A-list celebrities. Nope, not the ones who are all over the red carpet and on the cover of every tabloid. We’re talking about the celebrities who rock an A-cup bra and not only aren’t afraid to show it off, but look damn good doing it. They may not have the perfect shape based on men’s magazines, but they don’t let that get in their way.

Forget cleavage. Today we’re all about the proud women who celebrate being a carpenter’s dream.

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    1. Mae says:

      YAY! I often feel extremely self conscious about my A cup chest… I feel like guys treat me like a child because I don't have huge curves. Sigh. But I love Natalie Portman so I'm excited for this!!

    2. lyz says:

      How in the world is this a celebration of "flaws"?

    3. Mae says:

      Re: lyz, Probably because everyone from rappers to health activists encourage "curves are good" but no one addresses girls with little bust or small frames. In fact, I think thin models receive more criticism than praise. Males and females alike degrade girls with a more petite or boy figure. I feel like tabloids exploit every flat-chested girl as being "anorexic".

      I HATE the constant ridicule and jokes like: "put some meat on your bones," "oh you can just wear a training bra," "If you loose your top in the ocean no one will know because they'll just think you're a 12 y/o boy," "guys like girls with substance" blah blah blah.

      People think being thin is what the media pressures us into, but I think the media pressures girls into having unrealistic perfect bodies. Thin isn't good enough.

      SO therefore flat chests are portrayed as a flaw and I'm stoked that SOMEONE is finally celebrating the ibtc! haha

    4. Kharissa says:

      Perhaps Miss Kate Hudson should be removed from this homage of A-Cup celebrities…seeing as how she recently just got a boob job.

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    6. Zoe says:


    7. Anna says:

      What would make a great comeback after that mortifying post called "44 Celebrity Bikini Fails" where we ridiculed women of all shapes and sizes? I know, let's call tiny, skinny women beautiful! Come on, College Candy, you can do better than this.

    8. Liz says:


      Why can't tiny, skinny women be beautiful? Some of the women in the bikini fails post were very skinny as well. It's impossible to celebrate a single type of beauty without someone taking offense, even if it (just like this post) does not imply any sort of exclusivity. If it's an accepted type of beauty, it's shallow. But if it's a less-accepted type of beauty, it's fetishization.

      Any body can be beautiful. Any body can be self-conscious.

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    10. Bunny says:

      Go Liz, you're right on the money. I am very petite and constantly field the skinny-hate – somehow people think it's okay to make judgments about me being unhealthy, anorexic, vain, a bitch, etc.

      Promoting good body image DOES NOT mean 'curves are better' or 'real women have curves' or any of that rubbish – that is simply shifting the ideal to another body type, and making everybody who does not fit into that group feel bad about themselves all over again.

      1. mila says:

        i agree with you! i think that big curves or small curves don't make a women. it's reproductive system that does.

    11. Sarah says:

      Breast tissue is larger or smaller due to "estrogen receptor cells." I don't know if it is because you have MORE of these cells or how SENSITIVE these cells are to estrogen. Or maybe I just don't have any estrogen. Whichever it is, I am severely lacking. Even when I was pregnant and nursing, my breasts never really got bigger. I've been skinny and flat-chested my whole life. You can count all my ribs. I had an accident a few years ago and had to take steroids. I temporarily gained 25 pounds – all of it went to my butt, hips and thighs. I didn't gain any weight above the waist at all. People tell me just to gain weight and my boobs will get bigger, but that did not happen.

    12. Tamara says:

      Sarah: you are right about that. Breasts in healthy sized (not overweight) women are mostly not made out of fat, they are glands (mamary glands): so it is possible for a woman to have very large breasts and still be skinny thin, and it is possible for a woman to be a little chubby and have small breasts. That doesn't mean your cup size and your weight are unrelated: women who are underweight (medically underweith, not just skinny looking) produce less strogen: that is why they stop menstruating, or have very short or sporadic menstruations. Your boobs are not going to shrink if you become an anorexic at 20 years old (they'll become just a bit smaller, because there is a small amount of fat in their composition), but if you are severely underweight at the time of your physical development (let's say, between 12 and 16) you're likely to end up with very small breasts.

      Because of estrogens, again, most of reproductive-aged women's weigh goes to the butt, hips and thighs (in post menopause women it goes to the stomach and arms). You'd have to gain a looooot of weight ("filling" your pear area) for fat to finally get to your breasts.

      So, having or not having large breasts it's not about a healthy weight: usually girls who are naturally skinny have small or medium sized breasts, but it's not a law of nature. These are different debates: the norm of being skinny (which drives women to anorexia, or at least constant worry about body size) and the norm of being a double D (whiche drives women to get dangerous and unnecessary cirugeries).

    13. Laura says:

      I like this. I think girls with small boobs are attractive but that's just me. I think it's cute. But I think all shapes are beautiful in their own way. I'm one of those A 1/2 cups lol. Too big for A's and a bit too small to truly fill out a B. I hear guys who like 'em small enjoy how they fit in their hand just right. lol. I like this article

    14. rick says:

      Its not healthy to be 90 pounds!! Eat some protein!!!!!!!!!

    15. Allison says:

      I love this article. Thank you!

    16. mike says:

      ALL women who are confident are beautiful.

      I've dated all shapes, sizes and colors. The one thing they all had in common was their confidence.

      That's sexy.

      Anyone who tells you any different is lying or a loser.

      Women-stop comparing yourselves to others and putting other women down.

      Take pride in yourself no matter what your size or shape and cultivate your sense of humor.

      Funny is sexy too.

    17. Annette says:

      It is funny how Celebrity's want to be like Marlyn Monroe.

      Who had tons of plastic surgery to make her look the way

      she did.Her life growing up was not that good either.She sleep her way up to become the actress she became.Before her plastic surgery directors said she was to Homely to be in movies.

    18. Jamie says:

      Why can't all women be considered beautiful regardless of their breast size? Big or small,a woman is more than her breasts! What about their faces? I look at a woman's face before I look anywhere else. And body size doesn't matter either,thin or curvy can both look good.

    19. Velma B says:

      I don't think a small or flat chest is a "flaw". Why is this called a flaw if it is natural?

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    21. G says:

      Flat chests and naturally skinniness are gorgeous too.


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    23. Erin says:

      I've been rocking the DD-cups for several years now and I have always found a smaller chest to be more attractive. Having big boobs is NOT all that it is cracked up to be–back pain, stretch marks, ugly and expensive bras (no cute bras for those of us with big chests!), impossibility of finding bathing suits that offer support and are cute/fashionable, and it really limits your fashion choices. The back pain is enough to make me consider reduction.

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    25. asian stereotype says:

      my double As make me depressed..i even look like the letter A considering my hips, butt, and thighs are quite large in proportion to my "12 year old boy" chest. but these kinds of articles give me hope:)

    26. Simone says:

      I love my AA (hate it when they get to A before a period).

      It's comfortable, easy to pick clothes, they are a non-issue during sports and I don't fear gravity for their sake. And I absolutely love the look of it.

      People are at least 5 years off judging my age without any makeup, and they also perceive me as much slimmer and fitter than I'm in reality.

    27. LOOBA says:


    28. K says:

      :) As the wearer of an equally-misunderstood bra size (albeit at the opposite scale of the spectrum), I sympathize–but you have to admit, in today's fashion world it's way more common to see styles designed to look good on Twiggy-esque figures than styles that even come close to fitting women like me…


      36DD in Nashville

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    30. Lily says:

      I'm small boobed and naturally thin, I have been my whole life. I'm 33, and have accepted the fact that I'm probably not going to get any thicker, especially since I don't want children. I've been criticized my whole life by ppl cuz of my frame. The jokes and accusations got old so long ago–the anorexic/bulemic jokes, the stupid questions, "Do you eat?" No, I'm a miracle baby that never needs food. I get sick of being accused of not eating, "You don't eat!" I also get sick of hearing, "I wish I had that 'problem,'" from women when I say no matter how much I eat, I can't gain weight. "Real women have curves," "Nobody wants to hug a skeleton," "Even a dog just wants to bury the bone." It gets old, and I'm tired of being criticized for my breast size and body shape. I didn't ask for it. That's one of the reasons I don't want kids–if it's a girl, she'll probably be built like me. Why would I put her through the same verbal abuse I went through?

      And also, why would I want my daughter who is small framed and small breasted think these things are a "flaw"?

      1. David says:

        I'm sorry you have not been appreciated for the slender beauty you are, nothing is so common as a "full figure". You are a delicate flower in a crude world, I hope someday you will meet someone who will treasure you as you are.

    31. Kathy says:

      They left off two notable celebrities who rock the flat-chested look: Gwen Stefani, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

    32. Julia says:

      Nice List, I was recently on Kurzurlaub Deutschland where I saw some outtakes of Flat and Fabulous. Quite interessting and more entertaining then the european celebs.

    33. Cia says:

      Pink is flat too and pretty hot

    34. Miro says:

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    35. Bobeica says:

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    36. Flat is Fabulous says:

      An A-cup bra is not "flat" it is "itty bitty".
      AA-cup or less is flat.
      A slightly raise areola & nipple is flat
      Personally, anything B or less is what I prefer.

    37. Sabrina says:

      Love the Outfit, looks hot…

    38. Jennifer says:

      This flat style is ok, but it would not fit me…

    39. Dani says:

      This looks like a perfect present for my sister:-)

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