Budget Stylista: Business in the Front, Party in the Back!

Baby’s got back my friends. And by baby I mean the term of endearment I now use to call all of these amazingly sexy dresses. This summer, dresses with some sort of fun/sexy back detailing or cut-out are all over the place. Sure you might think that cleavage is where it’s at, but when you think about it these dresses make total sense.

Enter Exhibit A: You see cute guy at the bar, from the front you look put together, sophisticated and classy – the girl you can take home to mom. Then – BOOM – you turn around to walk away and there is one (sexy) party going on with your back. Va va va voom! Business in the front, party in the back doesn’t just apply to mullets anymore, ladies.

Here are some of my favorite options for summer and the back details mean you don’t need much else (except a great back workout!). A fun bracelet, a simple purse and shoe, and off you go. Oh, and the best part: Since you want to show off the back there’s no need to waste time straightening your hair in the humidity (we all know how that ends up). Just throw it back in a sleek bun or try a low side pony. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a simple ‘do to me.

[Click on the image for all the shopping details.]

Urban Outfitters, $58, $33

Urban Outfitters, $58, $36

Forever 21, $29.80

Victoria’s Secret, $88

Urban Outfitters, $58



    1. dressdarling says:

      I thought that budget stylista was supposed to show low priced clothes? These dresses are pretty pricey, especially since at least half of them are fairly casual. I like these clothes, but still.

    2. A says:

      The forever 21 dress is probably the only one I'd get out of these (and the only one I can really afford)😦

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    4. Charlotte says:

      Why are people complaining about the prices and citing the F21 one as the only affordable one, when two others are less than $10 more. How is $30 affordable but $33 isn't.

    5. Actually, I said that they were all pretty expensive. I never said that the F21 dress was the only affordable one lol. That $30 F21 dress is more than I've ever spent on one item at F21, so I think it's a bad example of inexpensive dresses. I would only pay $30 for a dress that I really really love and would wear all the time. And I would only spend $58+ (the other four dresses…) on a formal dress that is high quality and would last a long time. But that's just me.

      I love urban outfitters, don't get me wrong. But I only really buy things on sale there. Furthermore, the whole point of this series is supposed to be shopping on a budget, and I feel like that point was missed here.

      ❤ the dress darling

    6. Charlotte says:

      Unless they are gonna write exclusively about old navy and the $15 dollar store, i think like $30 is the lowest you can possibly go for a dress

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