Do-It-Yourself Tuesdays: T-Shirt Bracelet

If there’s one thing all college girls have it’s an abundance of drunk selfies t-shirts. Sure, you need a few to sleep in or work out in, but the rest? They’re just taking up coveted space in that teeny dorm closet.

So why not use them for something cute? We’ve already showed you how to make a t-shirt pillow, a t-shirt bag and a fabulous t-shirt scarf, and we’ve got one more trick up our sleeve (pun totes intended): the t-shirt bracelet.

Everyone knows that accessories really make the outfit, and this homemade accessory is no exception. With two very cute varieties, the t-shirt bracelet is free, super easy to make, and even easier to customize. Plus, with the 1,000 shirts you’ve got lying around, you can make a bunch of these to mix and match and add some serious pizazz to an everyday outfit.

Choose your favorite design, and use your favorite colored soft cotton tees to make these comfy bracelets that are perfect for summer.

1 sleeve of a cotton t-shirt.
1 pair of scissors.

Steps for loop bracelet:
Grab a bright t-shirt, add some beads and you’ve got the summer bracelet.

1. Lay the shirt out on a flat surface and cut the sleeve hem off.
2. Cut the rest of the sleeve into horizontal strips, each about an inch wide.
3. The strips will have now become loops. Leave one loop out to tie the rest at the end.
4. Take each loop and stretch it out into a ring. The loops will start to curl on their own.
5. Place all the loops together, and use the single loop left over to tie the rest together into one big bracelet.
6. Tuck the end into the wrapped loop.
7. Add beads to fancy it up a bit, or use different colored t-shirts to make a multi-colored bracelet!

Steps for braided bracelet:
Use blue, yellow and white tees for the perfect nautical accessory!

1. Lay the shirt out on a flat surface and cut the hem off horizontally across the bottom of the sleeve.
2. Cut the rest of the sleeve into thirteen horizontal strips, each about an inch wide. (Though I totally recommend using a few different shirts in different colors for a multi-colored cuff.)
3. The strips will have now become loops. Cut one end of the loop so they become really long strips.
4. Leave one strip out, but separate the rest into four groups of three.
5. Tie each group of three strips together and braid each one, leaving the end untied.
6.  For each braid, untie the previously tied knot at the top and tie the two ends together, forming a braided loop.
7. Using the leftover strip, loop all four braided loops together and wrap the strip around, then tuck the end in.
8. Braided bracelet, done!

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