The 11 Things We Wish Guys Would Do More Often

Earlier today, while procrastinating on that whole “find a summer job” thing, I came across an article on entitled, “11 Things Men Want You to Do More Often—in Bed and Out.” At the top it says something about how men aren’t so different from women after all, because all they really want at the end of the day is to be pampered and loved!

So apparently (according to the article) your man wants you to remind him how hot he is, relinquish control of the remote, pick up the tabs and giving him frequent massages and blow jobs. What fun!

The list is honest and endearing, but there’s one major problem: most women don’t receive half of these courtesies in return. So now that Glamour’s gotten the convo started, here are some things I wish guys would do more often:

1. Leave us be while watching the Hills, Sex and the City, Keeping up with Kardashians etc.
No need for the mockery, gentlemen. How about we call a truce? We’ll leave you be with your fantasy football, FIFA and ESPN, you leave us be with Speidi (my, what a frightening thought).

2. Try complimenting something other than our cleavage
There’s more to us than our boobs, you know. Why not take notice when we dominate an exam or when you see how hard we’re working at reaching our fitness goals at the gym?

3. Go down there
Blow jobs are be like flowers for guys and the lost art of cunnilingus is like diamonds to us ladies. Show our nether regions a little love, will ya?

4. Lie to make our parents love you
Life is just so much easier without my father knowing how you really spend your free time…

5. Surprise us
Spontaneity somehow never gets old. But dinner, Netflix and making out in the corner of a frat party does.

6. Actually attempt to read/understand the directions in advance instead of always relying on that “manly wit” of yours.
When you complete a task without breaking something/hurting yourself, you will be rewarded.

7. Cook for us
There’s something about a man in apron that just always gets me going! And seeing how hard you worked, despite the outcome, is something we’ll always appreciate.

8. Make an effort with our friends
They can be your biggest advocate or adversary (both behind your back, of course) so please just try to show them why it is we love you so much.

9. Open a door or two, here and there
Because chivalry can be sexy as hell.

10. Accurately aim into the toilet instead of on the seat for a change
Must we really ask this?!

11. This one’s for you to decide
What do you wish guys would do more often? Sound off below!



    1. Janelle says:

      Be direct. Guys say they can't understand what we're thinking, but we don't know what's going on in their heads either

    2. L. says:

      Back rubs, without me having to ask.

    3. samantha says:

      i wish guys would be a little more playful, in bed i mean.

    4. Lacey says:

      clean.. man I wish my husband was better at the whole cleaning thing. lol

    5. criolle johnny says:

      Opening a door can result in a lecture about how "I don't need a man to …" If you're with your s/o (better with your S/O), opening doors is a natural. Doing so for a stranger at college is an invitation to abuse.

      Back rubs don't have to be confined to backs. Give him a book on massage. Better, leave it on the table. Massage is PETTING!

      Back, bottom, neck, legs, feet, it all feels good. You make sure it's clean, he'll enjoy exploring it while petting it.

      Just make sure the candles and lotion aren't spicy. That stuff can STING! Kills a mood.

    6. Doug says:

      Ok, I can appreciate most of this list and my fiancée would tell you I'm probably around 80% on it. #5 being my weak point probably.

      3 issues.

      Item 1 – There is NO defense for "The Hills", etc. Your mate is doing you a disservice if he doesn't try to steer you away from the reality drivel that is spread across the tv now. Spoiled people, heavy breeders, and midgets DON'T NEED TO BE ON TV 24-7; and I don't want to be associated with someone who devotes HOURS out of each week contributing to its perpetuation. "Sports" is grown adults busting there ass in the name of fitness, competition, etc. Comparing the 2 is absurd and cowardly; get off your ass and do something useful. Obviously some guys can go overboard sports-wise, but overall most sports CONTRIBUTE to society. Speidi just keeps some scum fuqs at TMZ, Extra, and Access Hollywood employed and jacked on $17 lattes every morning – congrats.

      Item 4 – Outright lying is again very cowardly. I don't go telling my future mother-in-law everything that's on my mind, but I'm not going to live in some woman's cowardly prison because she doesn't have the courage to tell her grown adult parents what's on her mind. Obviously there a lot of special cases, but advocating broad dishonesty for your convenience is pretty weak.

      Item 8 – Again there are exceptions to all rules, but if you are anything like my fiancée, then you sometimes hang out with some pretty pointless and sometimes detrimental people for unexplainable reasons. If your friend is worth his time he'd probably let you know. How much effort is your friend putting in, or are you ranting about him constantly so they go in to each encounter half-blinded by your bias?

      Again, overall I sympathize, but sounds like you, your man, and possibly your parents need to spine it up a bit and quit trying to coerce other people into propping up your fantasy world. As for #11, I'm fairly certain my fiancée would say that she would like it if I planned ahead and devoted more of my daily energy focusing on her (but doesn't everyone want that from someone else?); essentially an extension of #5.

      Good luck!:)

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    8. Brenda S. says:

      Doug; you totally have issues. Stay off a college GIRL's site, okay?

    9. Sheila Q says:

      Brenda, you totally have issues with someone who wants you to think more about what you do instead of demand everyone bend over backward to let you be whatever you want.

    10. derrick says:

      "watching Fifa?" What channel is Fifa on? It's a governing body. What do they show? Sepp Blatter sitting around in board meetings?

    11. derrick says:

      Some things women should know.

      1. Your ass DOES look fat in that.

      2. You talk too much.

      3. You're friends are bitches

      4. We don't care about your new hairdo

      5. Capri pants look stupid.

      6. Bitchy friend or not we still want to sleep with the fine one.

    12. Zach says:

      Derrick… FIFA is also soccer/futbol depending on your origin. Brenda, since when is telling somebody not to lie an issue. You should never lie to anyone. If they don't like you, screw em. You're better off without them. There's truth in the other two issues as well. Get off your high horse and come back down to Earth where maybe you can learn to think outside of your tiny box.

    13. Zach says:

      Oh also Brenda… this "girls website" is a link from a mens website. Take your head out and breath.

    14. Lucy says:


      I have an argument for YOU. How do professional sports CONTRIBUTE to society and make television a better experience?? Professional sports seemingly advocate steroidal use and the fact that people can play a HOBBY for millions of dollars, gripe about how little they get paid, and sexually assault women without punishment. Wow, I hope I can be one some day!!

      Also, I find your comparison between MTV and ESPN very stupid, as both are complete time-wasters. So, the least you could've done is chosen the History Channel for worthwhile television viewing.

      To MEL now,

      I LOVED this article and laughed the whole way through. In fact, I think I'm going to show it to my boyfriend. #6 really killed me:)

    15. MissTammy says:

      Gracious, child, why would you give so much as a second date to a man who doesn't hold the door open for you?

      I realize some of the younger men have had their natural chivalry scared right out of them, but it's there, still. It just needs to know it's safe to come out!

    16. brobot says:

      lol at chivalry gahahah yeah i only open door for women i like and let it slam in everyone else's faces what is this even i dont what

    17. Russ says:

      Chivalry is dead…and women killed it.

    18. Sean says:

      I go down on my girlfriend often. And I mean at least 5 times a week, minimum. I can count the number of blow jobs I recieved this past year in return on one hand, and these all usually end up with 'I can't finish with my mouth, can I use my hand' to which I norally go 'yeah sure' cos damn, I ain't gonna force her.

      I hold open doors for her and do everything on this list. I read the man list linked as well. My girl doesn't do half of the shit mentioned on that list.

      And yet we're happy. Why? Cos we're not goddamn children that need lists to tell us how to feel happy! I'm satisified, she's satisfied, god damn how hard is it to maintain peace and happiness?! Fuck this list, fuck that list, and fuck all of you morons who read it and go 'Oh yeah, wow, I wish my man/girl did that'. Be happy with what you've fucking god. Jesus.

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    21. bob says:

      Wow. Some of the comments here are evidence of what is wrong in relationships. Chivalry is not dead. A man's attitude towards and courtesy to women is taught to him by his mother. If I had not opened the door for my mom, I would have known about it.

      Therefor I will open doors for ANY female approaching a door, because my mom said to. And oh by the way, I have never been verbally assaulted for it by any woman or girl in 58 years of doing so.

    22. brobot says:

      1. What kind of jerk goes mocking the TV show anyone's watching, whether they be friend or boyfriend or girlfriend or stranger?

      2. ok, but we're still gonna be complimentin dem tittays

      3. are there really men who refuse to do this?

      4. haha yeah this won't have any long-term repercussions

      5. surprises are fun, no argument here.

      6. i find it hard to believe there are men under the age of 35 who act like this, but if there are, lolol

      7. cooking is fun

      8. if we like em, we like em; if we don't, we don't

      9. chivalry is dumb as hell and opening doors is a gender-neutral thing for most civilized people.

      10. men and women who leave pee on the toilet seat are gross

    23. brobot says:

      and that list of stuff to do for guys on the other website is pretty much "stuff you should do for you lover no matter their gender because we all love being treated that way more or less"

    24. Danie says:

      derrick, it's boys like you why I'm disappointed in guys.

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    26. immortality says:

      Dude. Whoever is sounding off in this forum with the stuff about sports being a valuable television timeblock…stop. Why would you watch it when you can go play it? Drop the six pack and go build a six pack, she'll appreciate you more if you take care of your body before the remote. If your girl wants to watch the hills or the OC or whatever else might be on, let her. Go knock out one of the other tasks on the list and you've killed two birds with one stone. As far as lying to her parents, well that's on your head…if you two are a good team and you trust her to cover your behind then sure. Her friends…we were lying when we said we liked THEM in the first place. Do your dude a favor don't bring them around us, unless their boyfriends are there too, guys get their time, girls get theirs and it still seems like we're being nice to your friends. Finally, the door thing, don't be a jackass. Open the door, hold the door, think of it as an opportunity to check out her backside without getting yelled at. Think win-win. She says, "You're such a gentleman." You think, "She's got a nice ass."

    27. Ibrahim | TwentiesLi says:

      Thanks for the tips. I'm going to get laid a lot more now! =)

    28. Emma says:

      Derrick, this is why you don't have a girlfriend.


    29. Siri says:

      this wish list is generic and predictable and doesn't really speak much in favor for either sex

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    32. blake reynolds says:

      For Lucy-

      ok, sports are better than mtv shows for many reasons. For one, the people on sports channel can say 3 sentences without swearing. Also, many people in sports by donating money to good societies. How many Jersey Shore morons have done that? hmmmmm… none! Just saying. I honestly don't watch tons of sports, but sports show how peopl can achieve just about anything with hard work alone. Sports teach people to work hard. Mtv teaches people how to score or how to be a douchebag. Nuff said

    33. Jesse says:

      Completly agree with Derrick…. Men don't care about relationships we care about getting sex and sex only. You gotta double wrap shit cause there's women out there that basicallyputs u in a relationship. Bitches

    34. alison says:

      Blaine are you kidding me??

      Douching has been proven to be bad for us! I've never even heard of a guy complaining about his girl because she doesn't douche.

      I agree with number 8 though. I know a lot of mean bitchy girls who consider themselves strong when in reality they are always insulting others and putting them down.

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    36. Dylan says:

      Blaine: For Starters, You Sound Like A Complete Asshole That I Don't Think Many People Would Care To Know In Your Current State Of Mind, Especially Women. Your List Is Just You Bitching For 11 Irrelevant "Points", So Step Off The Soap Box And Quit Preaching To The Choir. We've All Known A Girl That Fits At Least A Few Of Those. By The Way, Number 11 Explains A LOT, And Getting On A Website And Typing Up A Bunch Of Bullshit Doesn't Help. Even If That's Your REAL Opinion, And Not Just Frustration Or Your Emotions Getting The Best Of You, Best Of Luck With The Kids, And I Hope You Find A Girl That's Not Such A Bitch. By The Way, The Whole Last Little Section, Was Completely Uncalled For. Race Shouldn't Matter Unless You're Racist, Or Just A Shallow Little Fucker. Are You Either? I Hope Not. Happy Fishing, Dude.😉

    37. a really good post by the author hope to read more very soon.

    38. Landry says:

      This website is entitled "college candy," yes? These articles are meant to entertain and provide a little piece of time devouring enjoyment just like a piece of candy. Is it good if you can take a little something from it, some small truth within the juicy, sugary content? Absolutely! Is it meant to make you at least stop and thing women, what is it YOU want most from men? Yes! Hence the ending and the oppurtunity to comment in just that fashion, on what YOU want. And men, isn't this a good little stimuli for you to say why yes, I agree with point a, but rather than point b, I feel this would be more effective? YES!!

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