The 11 Things You Do In Your 20′s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40


Let’s face it: we all make stupid decisions. Like choosing a fifth over a review session, or bringing that guy home…who stole our iPod in the morning. That’s part of college life… and a big part of what makes it so memorable. But there are some choices that have longer lasting repercussions; things we do now that will haunt us later.

So here are the 11 things from your 20’s you will most definitely regret when you’re 40.


sexy-photo11. Risque Internet Photos: What’s the point of having technology if you can’t use it to send a naughty pre-shower photo to your BF? Nothing will turn him on quite like a naked photo popping up in his inbox while he’s brushing up on his Stats knowledge. You trust him, so what’s the worst that could happen? How about a break up? Or the “forward” button? No matter what you think, those photos are going to come back and bite you in the (naked-with-a-spot-of-cellulite) ass. Just show him the real thing and let him turn to his imagination (or internet porn) for a mid-class pick me up.


10. Trendy Tats: You totally love butterflies/stars/unicorns now, but I can bet money that you won’t want them plastered on the top of your foot or your lower back forever. No one wants to see a mom with a rose tattoo on her left shoulder, so think before you ink.

choosing-bf9. Choosing guys over your girls: You get caught up in your relationship sometimes and blow off the girls. Fine, we get it. But when sometimes turns into “What the hell ever happened to Mary?” there is a problem. Especially when Mr. Douche Bag finally breaks up with you and you come crawling back to the girls with a tub of Edy’s and a box of tissues and they aren’t there to wipe the snot from your cheek. Do you really want to spend the rest of your days holed up in a dirty apartment watching your man play Rock Band and chug Natty Light? Learn the balance, honey.


wedding8. Getting married too young: I’ve seen it too many times – people graduate, freak out and hold onto whatever they can of their youth. And they get married.  And become super lame married people. It may be pure bliss now (and lots and lots of kitchen-ware), but just think about all the awesome stuff you will miss by being tied down in your twenties, all that freedom: to travel when you want, to take a job wherever you want, to sleep with whomever you want, to party as late as you want, to discover yourself, to sleep with whomever you want…. Plus, do you really want pictures of your friends doing keg stands in your wedding album? I thought not.


7. Smoking: Mmmm tobacco. It feels so good when it hits (and consequently blackens) your lungs. Especially after you’ve had a few Rum and Diets. And you look so cool doing it. But you know what doesn’t feel good? Chemo. And you know what doesn’t look cool? Your wrinkley face or your kids stealing the pack from your tobacco stained purse and trying it for the first time. When they are 6. This sh*t will kill you, so stop it. Right now! Seriously, put down that Marlboro Light, sister.

suitcase6. Not traveling enough: Trust me on this one – you will never have the time, money or freedom to travel like you do now.  Pretty soon you’ll be working late nights and counting down the minutes until the that will be chock full of grocery runs and Bed, Bath and Beyond trips. Try finding time in that busy schedule to jet-set to Europe and “find yourself.” Pack your bags and see the world now, before you’re too old to experiment with drugs in Amsterdam and enjoy a ping pong show in Bangkok.  Pick up a travel book and start planning!


bad-credit5. Bad Credit: You can’t live without that Coach bag right now. You just have to have that DVF dress for the date party. Everyone else has an iPhone and you want one too. You’ll just charge it and worry about it later, right? Wrong, bitches. Ruining your credit now on stupid stuff (yes, I am telling you that bag is a stupid investment) will totally eff things up for you in the future. Things like getting a house, a car, a boyfriend (bad credit is a total turn-off) and sometimes even a job. Spend wisely, ladies. That bag is going to be out of style in .25 seconds anyway.



4. Not finishing school: Do we really even need to mention this one? Could you think of anything you’d regret more when you are 40 and working the checkout lane at your neighborhood Wal-mart? That is, assuming, you can even get that job in this economy.



3. Pre-vacation tanning: You tell yourself that you just want to get a base tan before Spring Break in Cabo. Sure, you will look fiiiine in that white shift dress for the 6 days after you return, but that wrinkley, skin cancer-ed mess is not going to look so hot when you’re 40 and you look like a Sharpei.

stilletos2. Stilettos: Part of becoming a woman is rockin’ the hottest pair of the highest heels. They make your legs look sick (that’s a good thing), make the men beg, and your jeans are too long to wear with anything lower. Why wouldn’t you wear them? I’ve got one hyphenated word for you: hammer-toes. You want to spend the later part of your life looking at that in a sandal?  Make your Feet Happy with these ultra comfy and cute socks..

(Editor’s note: I was going to put a picture of a gross foot here, but you Google “gross feet in sandals” and tell me how it makes you feel.)


1. “It feels better without condoms” sex: You’ll probably regret this one right off the bat as you spend your senior year chasing a kid around the dorms, but you’ll seriously regret it later when you look back at your life and realize how much you missed out on because you were busy changing diapers and bouncing a kid on your knee. Oh, and no one likes a woman with a bumpy vagina. I’m just sayin’; those genital warts will never go away.




    1. hanabira says:

      regarding number 6: i can safely say that nobody is missing out if they don't see a bangkok ping pong show. just awful, and not in a "wow thats gross" way but in a "anyone could probably do it better than her" way. if you like the interlude of an old thai couple having sex 2 feet in front of you with the old man staring at you as he goes at it then this is definitely the thing for you!

    2. Jess says:

      aw.. I thought she meant real ping pong. I'd like to see an intense ping pong game lol

    3. delectual says:

      I agree with most of these. I would tell most people that same thing about #8 there, but that wasn't a problem for myself. I got married in my early 20's been married over 5 years, and things have never been better for me. For some people it just works, but for most people it's wont.

      Personally, I don't think it's super great to says that being able to sleep with whoever you want is a reason NOT to get married too young… That just sounds wrong.

    4. Casey says:

      "bringing that guy home…who stole our iPod in the morning"

      And that ladies and gentlemen is why you don't bring a random person that YOU DON'T KNOW home.

      Beside the fact that they might steal all your shit, they also may; give you an STD (condoms aren't 100% effective against STD's either), Stalk you, or MURDER YOU!

      Seriously, I can not even believe the amount of articles on this site that talk about taking random strangers home to bang after a drunken night at the bar. Do you girls just have no sense? I mean think before you act, jeez!

      But about the article, I agree with most of these except for maybe the "getting married too you" You didn't really have a good argument for that one, and I agree with "delectual".

      And a lot of the time girls don't choose the guy over their girls. Like my case I was perfectly content hanging out with my BFF every day last summer, until she decided she wanted to invite her immature super young friend from school EVERYWHERE WE WENT and proceeded to talk about nothing but school. Sorry but I dont go to school with you guys I don't know who or what you're talking about. Can I just have my me time with my best friend while she's home for a couple months instead of our time being interrupted by someone she see's every day for the majority of the year?

      And then that girl had the nerve to say "wow Casey, I'm surprised you haven't ditched us yet for your boyfriend. That's what girls usually do"

      So when my friend started being a bitch about my relationship saying we needed to "break up", yeah I "broke up" alright, with her.

      So the moral of that is, just be careful about how you treat your "attached girls" because they may not be ditching you for the reasons you think they are.

      Ok rant over, sorry.:)

    5. Beth-ASU says:

      as far as embarassing tattoos go, it depends on what you get. My mom has a tattoo of a rose on her shoulder with my and my brother's names in it and it looks very tasteful. Now a really bad tattoo? 1)The name of your bf/gf 2) anything with or pertaining to sex or nudity 3)a tattoo in a place that will sag when you get older. I think the biggest problem is that people dont think past "this will look cool tomorrow." They get something funny or trendy instead of something meaningful.

    6. Mazuba says:

      And I agree with the travelling thing.Being globally aware will never be a bad thing and can always be used 2 ur advantage.It can be the diff btwn getting a job or not.Like if ur interviewer starts talking abt a time he was in canada or something,u can always say that u went there ..esp if hes frm that country.People love it when you identify with them.

    7. It's True. says:

      I agree with the tattoo thing. In my personal opinion, no tattoo is a good tattoo.

      Now I have to go try to convince my boyfriend of that.

    8. Mazuba says:

      Wow loved this post.It always pisses me off to see people rocking the latest coach bag when they are on financial aid.When they get the money that they didnt spend that semester ,They use it 2 buy more coach instead of passing it forward to the next semester .Being broke but looking cute isnt worth it.

    9. vanessa says:

      I disagree with the tattoo thing. Tattoos to me mark a certain age, a certain time in your life. I'm not saying that ALL tattoos are smart tattoos but well thought out tattoos you get when you're young are things that obviously mean something to you – and maybe your thoughts will change when you're older but a part of you really liked this certain thing. I have music-related tattoos because i am a musician and adore music, i dont think when I'm 40 I'll regret it at all. I have a family related tattoo as well. Not going to regret that either. These are things that make me who I am, and they will still be in me when I'm 40, even if I'm a different person.

    10. Samantha says:

      Hey, this story is linked from HackCollege! Awesome, my #1 favorite site linked in one of my other daily sites.

    11. sauer kraut says:

      Great list even if it IS better without the condom. …

    12. robscott2007 says:

      It was so good until 'you google gross feet' – you didn't just steal these photos from Google image search, did you???

      Great list, though I can't help feeling that anyone who actually had an unplanned pregnancy would never have put it in there, for obvious reasons.

    13. sara says:

      Awesome list! Yes the financial aid but Coach bags and Ugg boots piss me off to no end! I hope it comes back to bite them in the butt. Also, tattoos in places that sag- SO true. My friend has tattoos up both sides of her abs… they will look absolutely AWFUL once she has been pregnant or if she gains weight. Think before you ink because tacky tattoos are the worst!

    14. Megan says:

      I personally love #9! I recently lost 2 friends that I thought I'd be with forever to boyfriends. We are all sophomores in college and boys will be there the rest of our lives who needs them now. There more of a hassle anyway. But I'm pretty sure my two friends wouldn't know how to have fun w/o their boysfriends if given the chance ughh.

      Ps. LOVE the picture of heidi and spencer!!

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    16. homelessgirl says:

      great advice

    17. […] The 11 Things You Do In Your 20’s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40 Let’s face it: we all make stupid decisions. Like choosing a fifth over a review session, or bringing that guy […] […]

    18. Joe the Drunk says:

      what a stupid ass list. so much inconsistency, like "oh don't get into credit card debt" but then the next rule says travel the whole world over. Gimme a break, no easier way to break the bank and get into than to travel the fuckin world.

      tattoos are gross – don't get me wrong, i love to tap the ass of a chick with a "tramp stamp", it marks a good place to put my beer while i'm doing her doggystyle – but I would never take that chick home to momma or marry that chick. nothing says "white trash" more than a tattoo in an easily visible bodily part.

    19. Casey says:

      Joe "the drunk", I don't think you'd have to worry about taking any girls home to momma, or marrying them, cause I doubt any girl would want to take a drunk ass home to their parents either. Sheesh!

    20. Casey says:

      Oh, and I don't have any tattoo's (incase you were wondering):)

    21. Marney says:

      I think this is a great article but for your advice to go see a ping pong show in Bangkok really disturbs me.

      As a former resident of Thailand, the sex trade and trafficking of women and young girls is prevalent and a very sad reality. Ping Pong shows are the epitome of this. These are young girls stolen or sold from the small farming communities in Thailand and Cambodia, who are heavily drugged and abused in the name of the foreign sex trade. They make dollars a day, usually to send back to their families, while being controlled by the owners and pimps of these shows.

      While Thailand is one my absolute favorite places in the world, and anyone who goes will never regret it. I am asking you to please edit the article to stop to promotion of these sick and disgusting shows, and hopefully they will be a thing of the past.

    22. zhad says:

      Ehh, for #11 I'm pretty sure by the time I'm 40, middle school students will have graduated from sexting to having mass orgies in virtual reality. The religious right will have a collective aneurysm and we'll be a happier society. As for about half of the rest, life's simpler when you're asexual.

    23. Kit says:

      …also, we don't have any keg pictures in our wedding album, none of us cared to have alcohol at the reception.

    24. Kit says:

      My husband and I got married in our early 20’s and we are still loving it…we have no regrets at all. We were married 9 months ago and are growing in our love together all the time.😀 We also have 2 friends who got married less than a year before us and they are happy too.

    25. Sally says:

      Also, sorry to burst your bubble, but you can definitely still get genital warts when you use a condom. Let's not lie to the kids here.

    26. Oh no, why would anyone want to choose happy marriage over random drunk sex with strangers. Nothing quite like a pregnancy scare or an STD to really find out who you are. When are girls of this generation going to get a clue??

    27. kelley says:

      I like how everyone defending young marriage has been married for less than five years–as if you've even had time to get to the hard part of marriage.

    28. brenda says:

      happily married WITH a GORGEOUS daughter at 19. no regrets. loving our lives. been together going on 7years. not "too young" like you're not "too old". still in school, husbands got a great job,we have great credit.we're not missing out on anything worth it.

    29. Nick says:

      This list is stupid yet somewhat worthy of my attention. Just a few pointers for any young ladies who are seriously considering anything they read here today…

      1.) wtf is with "don't buy that handbag, go on a holiday to europe instead!"?! sounds like you haven't been to europe eh? Let me fill you in:

      -it is cold

      -its raining all the time

      -freaking EXPENSIVE

      I think you'd be better off buying that $300 handbag, but if you want to spend sensibly just spend 5 grand on a holiday.😐

      2.) "to sleep with whomever you want".. well that just screams class doesn't it? enough said. It's not 'cool' to be a decent person and marry someone these days, you must become a hoar!

      3.) the condoms argument.. bah! yeah just wear a condom guys, you can have sex with as many girls as you want and you will NEVER catch a thing! *hysterical laugh*

    30. alex says:

      terrible list. hope no one takes the "advice" seriously, it can be very damaging to impressionable people. another contradiction is "don't smoke" but "experiment with drugs". the relationship advice is also awful..

      not to say there isn't some okay stuff here, yes dont smoke, dont fry your skin..

    31. Lindsay- University says:

      I completely disagree with the advice on marrying young. I don't see why a couple can't travel all over together and I know several people who have married young and were still able to work where they pleased. And if someone just wants to "sleep with whoever they want to", they should never get married. Clearly they're just in a relationship for the sex.

    32. Jinah says:

      For those that disagree with the "don't get married too young" one. I don't know why you are stating your own marriages as examples as you are all married recently. The author is talking about how you might regret that later, as in when you're 40. She precisely talked about how you may be so happy now, but you will still regret the freedom and independence you could have had to become better people in your minds.

    33. who says:

      This is just screwed up advice on how to not screw up your life.

      Seriously, travel while you're still young enough to experiment with drugs but don't smoke?

      You're a douchebag.

    34. who says:

      I was looking something else up online and fortunately landed on this site. Fortunately, I say, so I can WARN my daughters not to seek advice from you guys.

      You warn them not to do things they might regret later, but at the same time you encourage some other strange crap that a lot of people DON'T do either, like sleep around, experiment with drugs…some women who have a strong sense of self worth DECIDE to get married and have children at a young age. They decide to have a career raising their children, and they also DECIDE to work at those jobs you think you're too good for. GAWD, I hope I never have the pleasure of meeting someone like you face to face and have to shake your snooty patooty hand.

    35. kevin says:

      you ever notice that the only women who complain about nudity are the ones that you DO NOT want to see naked in the first place? if you're young and hot, flaunt it while you got it! as for marrying and having kids young, this article has it backwards. I married in my early twenties, had two kids and now I am in my mid-40's and they are in college. now I have all the time in the world to travel or do whatever I damn well feel like. I am still young enough to enjoy life, and now I have the funds to do so without having to get into debt

    36. Dennis says:

      I'm 68 years old,done most of it and seen,read and heard most of it which doesn't make me any smarter for it. Most of you have a long way to go and really don't have a clue. You'll be running home to momma when s&*t hits the fan and looking for advise. However,the only way to get your PHD in life is live it and do it 'your' way.

    37. marc says:

      about number nine? We are not JUST the douche bags, so are the women. They get married spread their legs have kids(if their lucky) then quit their jobs and DEPEND on the male douche bag.BITCH BITCH BITCH THE WHOLE TIME AFTER TOO. Be carefull you douche bags hope this straightens things a little.

    38. John says:

      Nobody knows what is going to happen in the future or how things will end up going for any one of us. Common sense is the best way to go. Unfortunately, there seems to be less of that these days. My wife and I were married young, had nothing when we started. We built a great life together, had two wonderful children, bought a house, went on vacations. We weren't rich by any means, but did not have any debt either. 27 years of marraige and she decides that she needs to find the "Love of her life!". Just goes to show you, you can't predict what will happen in the future. Use your head and what common sense that you have and hang on, you still may be going for the ride of your life!

    39. bgs says:

      I agree with most all of these. I do have a problem with the travel suggestion. I have traveled over a lot of the world but "experimenting with drugs in Amsterdam and watching ping pong in Bangkok" are both ridiculous suggestions! There are millions of places to go and things to do without suggesting these two.

    40. Meg says:

      I'm glad to see something like this article posted. I believe too many people in their 20's are in a "rush" to grow up. I always say that you will never get this time of your life back, so live it up. You can still be responsible and work for those future goals while still enjoying your 20 something life. Nows the time to take the vacations or go out on your Friday & Saturday nights (one with the b/f the other with your girls, even it out!!) without the financial tie downs of a house or family or having to worry about a babysitter!!

    41. Married at 21, still says:

      There are some truths in the list, but also some incredibly judgmental (and incorrect) views. This list apparently was written by slutty elitists, who manage to be condescending, yet shallow. Although there is value in formal education, there is no shame in working at Wal-Mart. The shame is in not working. Also, college is not for everyone. FYI, to the writers of the list, not everyone has enough money to travel throughout their 20s; not everyone is so devoid of morals that they "sleep with whomever [they] want"; most persons of any race other than Caucasion don't pre-vacation tan or even care about such silliness; and there is nothing wrong with marrying young, provided that you're ready to get married (and stay married).

    42. Married at 26, still says:

      Married at 26, still married at 46, we had our 1st baby (and my very first pregnancy) at age 39. No tatoos, graduated from college and traveled in my 20's (overseas). All of the stuff they say here is true! My only regret is that my hubby and I did not travel more before we became parents (both of us were working all the time). When our son gets old enough, though, we will travel a lot, and enjoy having him experience other countries and other cultures with us.

    43. Caitlin says:

      I think now a days teenagers are being enabled to not grow up. They spend more and more time partying and sleeping around. One day they wake up and they are in their 30's still living at home. Women especially, thinking it is okay to sleep around are contracting all kinds of STDs not to mention the emotional toll random sex can take on a person. They decide now in their late 30's that they want to settle down and have a baby and find that will all those STDs it's pretty hard to get pregnant. My husband and I got married when we were 18 (much younger than we should have) however we have been together for over 7 years and are still going strong with no regrets. We still enjoyed being young only we did it together. We now have three beautiful children. It was certainly not easy, but we both agree we did not miss out on drunken booty calls. We feel that our lives are much more fulfilling than our single friends who our jobless still living at home. When our children are grown we will be young enough to travel with world as well as financially stable enough to support it.

    44. Caitlin says:

      Just a side note, I was not saying that you could not get pregnant in your late 30's. My mom was 36 when I was born but she had a very hard time getting pregnant and was not able to have any more children.

    45. allicat says:

      Good Advice…

      However about #1 regarding children, in my opinion a child always slows you down. That is the sacrifice you make when deciding to have children it doesn't matter how old you are and it doesn't matter if your single or married.

    46. NW says:

      Looks like they left out TATOOS……….Some of these kids are going to look really tacky at 40 with all these silly tatoos all over their body……Just plain looks tacky….

    47. ed says:

      Aaaah, yes. Tattoos. A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

    48. Kathy says:

      Oh honey I do not reqret one thing I did in my 20's and I did all the things you said not to. By the time I was 40 my kids were grown and out of the house and I was older and not quite as stuped as I was in my 20's and I got to travle to all those places and guess what I had more money to enjoy it and do it up right. You may say its bad but honey Im here to tell you its the only way to go. I did the tanning thing and I really do not have those wrinkles you are talking about and my skin is just fine. Oh I smoke too and I don't even look like that lady you put up lord help. Its all fear factor just to scare people. Plus of all the people I know in my life the one's who married their first love's stay together they have a very low divorce rate compaired to the one's who had sex with anyone they wanted to. So why don't you just let people do what they want and stop trying to scare them into thinking like you do.

    49. C Bunny says:

      LOL @ All the people saying they disagree with the getting married too early part. And then going on to say how they've been married happily for 7 months… 5 years… etc etc. I hope you're happy still after 7 months or else you're a moron for getting married. People usually don't realize they got married too young until MUCH later. Once they've had time to reflect on all that they MAY have missed out on in their youth. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of happy couples out there who got married very young and have been together 25 years plus… but for eery happy couple, I'd say there is an equally unhappy couple wishing they did things differently.

    50. charles hedbring says:

      Excellent list! I followed your advice, albet decades ago:

      Doctorate from Columbia Univ, travelled through 52 countries, never smoked, drank in moderation, a little pot and nose candy, always a smile, never did get married, made my contribution ( — and still had a whole lot of fun. Enjoy the world during youth. Enjoy your own country during later years (I'm nearly 65). I'd only add the critical importance of staying fit and slim. Makes it a lot easier to recover from injury, however defined. What a great run! ~Charles Hedbring

    51. Alba says:

      Agree with all of them except the married too young one. Now I know she is saying that although you will be happily married in your 20s you'll regret it in your 40s but I beg to differ. Although I am in my 20s and happily married, I look to history to be my guide. For centuries couples have married "early" and been quiet happy. My grandparents on both sides and my husband's grandparents for instance. They never regretted it– a truly happy marriage helps you feel fulfilled in your own. Only recently are we starting to see a decay in marriage because people have this notion that happiness is promiscuous sex. Reality is only about 7% of marriages end in divorce. Also due to this sex= happiness culture 1 in 4 teenage girls have stds. So there. If my grandparents and generations before them were fulfilled in their partner, I know i can be too.

    52. gmojoman13 says:

      Tattoos are like having interracial sex…a total lack of self – esteem and or intense gullibility.

    53. CJ says:

      Love, love love the list! I agree with all of them including the marriage one which so many people are questioning. Yes, if you meet the right person at 20 then marriage is great. But most people don't know themselves well enough to marry the right person in their 20s. And once you get married its very diffcult to take the time and go find yourself.

      On side note, way more than 7% of marriages end in divorce, well at least in the US. It really is closer to 50%. Oh, and statistics dio show that the people who get married in their 30s have a lower divorce rate probably because they know themselve better. However, I'm not sure its worth it to dump Mr. or Ms. Right because you met them in your 20s. Just make sure they are the right person.

    54. Mike says:

      Girls pay attention to number 10 I'm a guy and I hate tattoos. (I can't wait till this trend is over) The majority of my guy friends don't have tattoos and think the same as me when it comes to girls with tatts. I'm not a prude and I'm not religious. In fact I live in Hollywood and work in the music industry and I am very open minded. I just HATE tattoos. The funny thing is every girl I meet has a tattoo and they think it's cool and love to show them off to me. All I'm thinking is she is nothing but trash. And what do we do with trash throw it out after we are done. Also pay attention to #1 too. No guy wants to raise someone else's mistake. Usually #1 and #10 go hand and hand. I don't know one single mom that doesn't have a tattoo. Also girls keep your credit score (#5) good because no guy with wealth will marry a girl that is going to F__K up his credit. #7 Smoking is sick too unless it's 420 friendly smoke.

      1. victor says:

        wow your boring…

    55. char says:

      i can really disagree about the one that says don't get married young.

      i was married at 18 yrs old and stayed married for 39 yrs until my husband passed away. young marriages can and do work!

      and as for travel. my late husband and i did most of our world traveling while we were in our 40's…spending time in S.E. asia and europe and living in singapore for over 12 yrs.

    56. vox_vertical says:

      you know what i think is hilarious? that people are getting pissed about the "advice" not being very good. you stupid shitheads, it's a *joke*

      okay, i love tats/piercing. i focus on the piercings, cuz you can take em out without a laser. i also have several tats. GRANTED mine aren't usually visible, (unless i want them to be) and i think people who get neck tattoos specifically, and sleeves are retarded. i bet you would like a "real" job one day, and neck tattoos? they aren't going to help.

      heh, rose on the shoulder ain't so bad as a rose my rather busty friend got on her cleavage. after she got it all our friends had to remind her that in 10 years that's gonna be a loooooong stemmed rose.

    57. Brandie says:

      Ok honestly who in their right mind would actually suggest "experimenting with drugs" in a forign country or any country for that matter to young adults?

      As a good, honest twenty-something year old I can garenty you that I will not regret doing drugs or random people for that matter.

      Their are some of us God fearing, clean, smart "youngsters" left here in America and I don't like that someone would knowingly try to make loving things like a partner, children, and being drug and slut free sound like a curse rather than a blessing!

    58. BB says:

      Brandie. Not that I disagree with your points, but are you honestly calling yourself smart with all those spelling errors? There were a few commas and a hyphen you forgot to throw in as well.

      Char – that was 40+ years ago, when most people married young. In this day and age, although some young marriages will be successful, the vast majority of them are unsuccessful.

      Alba – same as with Char – your grandparents got married at a time when things were much different, and that was the norm. And for the centuries before that you mention, people weren't marrying for love, and they didn't really have the option to split, so to say they were happy is a little ridiculous.

      To all the ppl saying travel later in life – What if you don't live long enough to see your kids off to college or retirement? It happens to plenty of ppl

    59. ANGEL says:


    60. michelle says:

      I agree with most of what you said- except on getting married young. I'll be turning 40 in six years and I've been married for ten. I'm assuming that constitutes the 'young' marriage you're talking about. My husband and I travel extensively. We party when we want to- and considering our friends who married later on and had kids right away (we still don't have kids)- there aren't too many parties to be had these days that don't involve baby play groups. We do sleep with whoever we want to- interestingly enough- that's with each other and we're for real about it. We do take time to discover ourselves- interestingly- we've done it together and grown together. Shocking, I know. We're happy. Don't hate. It makes you sound a bit jealous. :)

    61. linda says:

      Who do you think you are? Do you really think you have ALL the knowledge on everyone to know what they will regret? Really?! You are very arrogant to think you are so clever. Everyone is different… I wish people would stop giving advice like this. Of course MOST are aware of the dangers of tanning, smoking, and unprotected sex but all the other advice mentioned is definitly not for you to judge if it will or will not cause regret… That just isn't for you to decide darling! Hope your articles move in a different and honest direction! *All my love -Linda

    62. lola says:

      Please take out the part of the ping pong show in Thailand….why would you support such an awful industry as the sex trade in Thailand? What a sad thing for girls to be stolen from their homes, drugged, and abused for money. Please take it out of the article and issue a formal statement about it.

    63. anon says:

      I am a real girl. I got herpes. NEVER EVER let that douche-bag fuck touch your vagina with a naked penis. What sucks worse? I got herpes from him going down on me withOUT a cold sore in sight.

      Girls – it's not fair, it never goes away, you will cry every day, and you're dating life will be RUINED. I am 22 years old. iT'S not fair every day.

    64. Kelly says:

      wow, this is an incredibly judge-y article.

    65. Lacey says:

      Egh, For the whole married thing. Its good advise, but at the same time… not everyone that gets married at a young age is doomed. Ive been married for 2 years and I party more now than I did when we were just dating. We both party our asses off when we can. Not every person that gets married turns into ‘the lame married couple single people dont want to hang out with.’

    66. Kelsie says:

      regarding number 8: i honestly can say that i have found the love of my life. and the only regret i would have is if i don't marry him after we graduate like we plan on it. why should someone give up the perfect guy just because they don't "want to be tied down". maybe that's part of the reason why there are so many women who are single in the 40's. there are probably many 40 year-olds who regret NOT marrying the man who popped the question.

    67. temiasiru says:

      oh how people take things personal. this piece is the writers opinion..pls don't nail him to the cross. I would take the good advice and leave out those am not ok with..above all whether you are in your 20's (like me) or you are in your 40's lets not forget to live most people only exist

    68. Jay says:

      This is a really shallow article.

    69. Sarah says:

      Hey, I have a Bachelor's degree but work at Walmart. Finishing school is no guarantee that entry-level jobs like mine are in one's past – especially right now, when people with both degrees and work experience are showing up on the unemployment line.

    70. Nikki says:

      I think most of these are true. I mean, to the ladies who are still "happily married" in their 30's-40's and were married in their early 20's…uhhh…you are definitely the exception to that rule. Common sense will tell you that you're taking a gamble when you get married in your early 20's. Marriage is not what is used to be.

    71. Lindsay says:

      I'm a little offended by the "not finishing school" part. Financial aid or no financial aid, sometimes students have to leave colleges because it becomes too expensive. I happen to be one of those students.

    72. Sarah says:

      I feel like this list has been posted before?

    73. sauer kraut says:

      Spent a good part of the day trying to find answers to the rumor picked up by another parent about a group of our tweener girls getting pierced… down there.

      Like why would a girl get her love button pierced?? duhhhhhhh. …

    74. Daisy says:

      This is a great list! I enjoyed it. People need to learn how to take things with a grain of salt and have a sense of humor. I have a sleeve tattoo and many others and none of this offends me. Some things apply to certain people. I'm 19 and will probably be getting married in the next 2 years, but the "Don't get married too young" rule isn't offending me either. To the people who say that 8 is wrong, look at the divorce rate, please. These girls are completely right about this list. You guys nailed it on the head. You go with your bad selves, CC ladies!

    75. Rai says:

      I don't think #10's something I'd regret at 40. My mother and grandmother have about 15 tattoos each and I think they look brilliant!

    76. Renee says:

      Ok I know the marriage thing has been overtalked about in these comments, but I just had to add on. One of my high school friends got married last summer right before she turned 19. I feel sorry for her. While I have been having an amazing time at college meeting new people, going out to parties, and experiencing things she never will, she is working 40 hours a week and going to class. That's it. What kind of life is that? Why would you want to rush into marriage like that? Yeah you love the person, blah blah blah. But your early 20's are all about having fun and choosing the direction you want your life to go in. She will never experience the crazy life of a college student. I still do not understand why she chose to get married so young.

    77. Corrinne says:

      Woah, woah, woah! I have many tats and I love them. And I actually have a tat loosely based on the one in the #2 picture. There are many differences but I got my ideas from that photo. What's with the tattoo hating? And no, I don't look like Bombshell Mcgee or anyone like that. Almost all of mine are hidden when I have clothes on. A bikini? Not so hidden. But I love them and they all have meaning to me.

    78. […] The 11 Things You Do In Your 20′s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40 Let’s face it: we all make stupid decisions. Like choosing a fifth over a review session, or bringing that guy […] […]

    79. […] The 11 Things You Do In Your 20′s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40 Let’s face it: we all make stupid decisions. Like choosing a fifth over a review session, or bringing that guy […] […]

    80. RIKO says:

      I feel a lot of you are missing the point here. Obviously if you are still in your 20s you won't forget the tattoos you have/ the early marriages that you have. It's when you look back hence the 'regret when you're 40.'

      And those of you that believe the marriage advice is null because of your perfect marriage, 1. Wait a few years before you start spouting how wonderful life is. I mean married with a kid at 19? That is just way too young. And 2. Anecdotal evidence DOES NOT equal real evidence. Just because your story is happily ever after doesn't mean that it usually ends that way. If fact, statistics show that there are higher divorce rates when you marry too young or too old really.

    81. […] College Candy has a piece on The 11 Things You Do In Your 20s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40. Clearly, someone had help from Mom writing this. All […]

    82. EmmJai says:

      I think the difference between the few exceptions and anecdotes who did get married you and don't regret it and the vast majority of those who do is the REASON they got married. Most people I know who married young would change it if they could, but they got married either to get at their parents, because there was a kid involved, and/or because they were still in the ooey-gooey, just-falling-in-love stages of their relationship and didn't yet really know each other like they thought they did. If you guys think you're ready to get married, it should be because you have been together long enough and know for a fact that this is the person you love and would want to spend the rest of your life with. And most people in their early 20s haven't even been together long enough to know that. Not all, MOST.

      And as for tattoos, I'm a huge fan, but I totally agree something trendy, easily visible, and/or in a place that's going to likely sag will be a huge mistake at some point. Get something meaningful, easily covered, and in a smart place on your body and you should be good.

      Last thing, is all the people saying the author's contradicting herself by saying to watch your credit AND travel, I'm pretty sure the Coach purse was used as an example because of how trivial it is. Yes, travel is expensive, but if you skip on some wants, like purses and shopping trips, and check into a good study abroad program, it should be do-able and it will provide you with lifelong experiences and memories that are completely worth it.

      Sorry for the length, but just my two cents (:

    83. […] sex while on tour [Evil Beet] – 11 things you do in your 20s that you regret when you’re 40 [College Candy] – American Apparel is in deep financial trouble [Agent […]

    84. […] • 11 things you’ll regret when you’re 40 […]

    85. […] I had a dime for every God awful decision I have made in my life, I’d probably not be totally loaded, but I’d sure as shit be at […]

    86. C.J. says:

      Ugh. Drug are bad, m'kay? Furthermore, I kind of disagree with a lot of these statements. alright, I'm young (18, good lord let's all flame now) but I feel confident enough to be able to make life decisions.

      I have travelled a lot already, but I no longer have the money to do so. It is either my education, or seeing the world at a young age. I would rather wait and see the world when I'm older and can really appreciate the beauty of everything around me.

      Second, I wear stilettos, but not every day; not many girls do. An intelligent girl will know to wear her high-heels in moderation.

      Third, I have a tattoo. On my back. I have had it for a while now. The thing is, I'm never going to regret it. It is a symbol of my patriotism towards my province. I'm fairly sure I will always love my home.

      This article is total bollocks and entirely contradicts itself at every turn. Go back to college.

    87. Repressed American says:

      Oh, poor, little me, never having been out of the country and still being a virgin in her 20s. I just have no life whatsoever, and not even a drunken tattoo to show for it, just a closet full of stilettos and Coach bags. Woe is me!

      News flash, people! Not everyone has cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all lives! What one person will regret not having done enough, another will regret having done at all, and still more just won't care!

    88. […] The 11 Things You Do In Your 20′s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40 Let’s face it: we all make stupid decisions. Like choosing a fifth over a review session, or bringing that guy […] […]

    89. Faythren says:

      I feel like this site often advocates being single in your 20s, which could be cool, but it's not the only way to be happy. Yes, I'm only 20, yes me and the darling boyfriend have only been together for a year. But it's a good, healthy relationship with fantastic sex, and although there are occasionally others that I might fantasize about, that is certainly not motivation enough to end things. Maybe it's supposed to be a caution against marrying for the sake of being married (which would make sense), but it always feels like writers here are suggesting we end any relationship, no matter how good, just because we're young.

      That's not entirely coherent, but it probably gets the point across.

    90. Kurt says:

      I agree about the tattoos. Tattoos make a woman look trashy and slutty. I think that a lot of women who got tattoos in their 20s will regret it later in life.

    91. […] 11 Things You Do In Your 20’s That You’ll Regret When Your 40 [CollegeCandy] […]

    92. […] CollegeCandy: The 11 things you’ll do in your 20s that you’ll regret when you’re 40. […]

    93. L says:

      Some of these are pretty damn sexist.

    94. Lucy says:

      Regarding those who are saying those who have been married for 7+ years are dumb and don't know shit about regret, how long have YOU been married for? Oh, you've NEVER been married? Well, then shut the FUCK up because you know even less than the newlyweds. Cheers!

    95. akmed da currymaker says:

      you bitches are fucking nasty.

      thumbs down.

    96. Lains says:

      I'm jealous of the bitches who have the money to travel the world. "Never have more money than I do now" yeah right. I'm broke as fuck.

    97. […] Read the original post here. Gen Z you have been warned.  Image Related Posts:8 things men hate and women love5 ways to test how old you really areYou can’t study for these examsThings I’ve done right without even tryingMen you shouldn’t trust, just by lookingPowered by Contextual Related Posts Post Published: 31 May 2010 Author: Kellie Found in section: Health, Lifestyle, Lists, Things You Should Know […]

    98. […] Not ready to regret: College Candy […]

    99. Nick says:

      For the people who say marriage is not what it use to be should probably consider why that is. It's probably due to the fact that people like this writer think it's necessary to sleep around with a bunch of people before settledown. When really thats the problem. When you have random hook ups after awhile your body has difficulty sticking to one person and thats why marriages are falling apart. Now I'm not saying rush into getting married young but don't throw out the idea because you want to be with multiple partners before cause that could be detrimental in the future.

    100. Michelle says:

      The problem with the regret is it's all psychological BS. When someone chooses not to finish school they do so for reasons that seem logical to them at the time. People marry young because it feels right at the time. As you grow and experience life you look back with regret because of all the knowledge and experience acquired along the way but it is pure self induced psychological torture to call it regret. People dwell too much in the past instead of moving forward. Should have, would have, could have are just ways to prevent yourself from being happy and moving towards the future. People shouldn't live in years that are gone. Accept that the decisions you made in the past were based on the knowledge you had at the time, the feelings you were experiencing, the ideas that you had. They weren't wrong, they were YOU! Now you are someone different and can move forward with new insight. If you regret your 20's while you are 40 than you are just misguided and loss but not hopeless.

    101. Crystal says:

      THANK YOU Michelle! The most important thing I want to remember for the future is not to regret a single thing. Regret is all in your head.

      All of these people worried about getting married at the perfect age, calling tattoos "slutty and trashy," etc., just sound miserable and jaded to me. I have tattoos, one of which I wouldn't get again if I could do it over, but do I regret it? No, I don't regret anything that was once important to me at one point in my life. I understand my reasons for getting it, and I have learned to love it and accept it as a part of me!

      And I would never want to date the kind of guy who is so conservative and rigid that he would break up with someone over a tattoo (Aka Mike in the previous comments). So if you have a problem with tattoos, fine, then I have a problem with you, and we can learn to peacefully avoid each other.

    102. wvmmrh says:

      i agree with the entire list.i'm single and everyday i see soo many 20 somethings who married early and they do not look happy at all.and living in an apartment complex,i also see everyday how they argue and hear them banter words back and forth,etc..the tension on these couple's faces imo is associated with the tensions of being married or at least living together as in "married"./what really bends me is seeing how so many of these couples will get their kid(s) out of bed at 2am because they want to go to walmart or some place.the attitude seems to be "can't go and leave little janice here so we'll wake her up and taker with us"…people ought to have their kids taken away from them for doing this/as s single guy i can see who'mever i want,go out whenever i choose and don't have to constantly be be obligated to explain where i'm going,not obligated to stay home with little janice if i want to go to the coffee shop at 2am.there's just sooo much to say about indepemdence and too little to say about being responsible and obligatory to others 24/7!!1 more thing– i can understand a guy wanting a girlfriend and a girl wanting a boyfriend.but this moronic thing of moving in together after 3 or 4 months is don't know someone at all only given 3 or 4 months./most people that marry young will regret it by the time their 40./no not 100%..but most.why marry young and take the risk of falling into the higher percentage catagory

    103. SZ says:

      I lOVE how these people who are in their 20's and married are commenting and saying "oh I've been married 9 months and I love it!!" are you fucking retarded marriage is a life long commitment, you kind of don't have a right to comment on that one until your 40 because you might feel differently then, of course you like it now it was your decision to do it. duh? and theres something called class, and tattoos are not classy thats why its listed on this list.

    104. Dodi says:

      While some statistics (taken from Western countries, certain ethnicities, and certain income of population) may point out marring in your 20’s results in higher divorce rates than marring later, these numbers can be juxtaposed with a sizable amount of people who have married young and continue to have successful marriages. Seriously, if you actually look at new data you may notice an increase of people who have children in their mid to late 30’s that experience immense difficulties raising their children and fitting those responsibilities with their identity roles. I think it’s more important how much you know yourself, your maturity level, and your desire for a married life with children. Seriously, if one does the above advice I wonder what the outcome will be. Or is maturity level just based according to numerical age? Point is there is no right or wrong answer. No one should make those decisions for you. Some women are perfectly happy having children when there are in their 20’s. Of course, it’s not for everyone, but this list (mind you, people listed a bunch of inconsistencies) should be taken lightly and not to heart. It may be great advice for some, but don’t let a stranger make decisions that will impact you. Because the problem with a bunch of “do and don’t” lists is that in the mist of generalizations your story and circumstances may not be reflected.

    105. SandyD says:

      Well there are nice tattoos and there are not so good ones, the fashion ones or impulse ones. At 43 years old I am considering a tattoo with my children's name. So even at my age I am considering it, they're not just for kids !! and I won't regret it as they are part of me.

      I never regretted anything I did, as it makes me the person I am today !

    106. JayDee says:

      Im disagreeing with alot of this, none more so than number 8, I mean I agree with the title, getting married too young is a major no no! but then you go on to say you'll miss out 'sleeping with whomever you want'…if you love someone who dont want to sleep with anyone else, the fact that you imply people in a committed relationship would regret not being able to sleep with other people, quite frankly sickens me. Im still young and in a relationship and I've never understood the appeal of sleeping with loads of different people, its your kind of thinking that would bleed a poets heart dry, its that kind of thinking that diminishes the value of love and care and affection one can bestow on a person of their choosing to 'throw it around' (pardon the expression) and give it to anyone and everyone…well you are the destroyers of romance, demons of greed seeking meaningless pleasures of the flesh I long for no womens touch other than my loves. And I live with no regrets.

      1. Furnswick says:

        "bleed a poet's heart dry" My friend, you do not know any poets do you? Seriously, all the classic poets ever did was shag anything and anyone. Shakespeare cheated on his wife, Lord Byron was notorious for shacking up with anything that moved. If you have your views on what you want to do with your sexuality that's fine but don't start accusing other people of being soulless humans who diminish the value of sex and sexuality just because they don't adhere to your perception of it. A rebuttal might be to call you prudish for not enjoying sex in its simplest form. All the author of the article stated was if you're unmarried then sleeping with other people isn't something you'll get taken to court for. Another thing, ever heard of autonomy? If someone is sleeping with numerous people then so long as they aren't hurting anyone then they aren't really guilty of anything so you shouldn't really be judging them. Basically stop being a douche nozzle and start accepting people.

    107. MBC85 says:

      love the "sleep with whomever…………..blah blah blah…… sleep with whomever" dont you think that would be something you regret later on in life? when your pussy is so lose that you need to use surgery to get it fix or that cream that they sell? lol lips to the floor is not just an expression, it happens, especially to those that "sleep with whomever".😀

    108. Bookmarking now cheers, a good fast read.

    109. […] I never had a cell phone in high school. I guess I just wasn’t interested in being constantly plugged into the social web that was teenagerdom. It worked out pretty well for me, except for the fact that I missed out on all the juicy high school gossip as it happened. What I also managed to miss out on, though, was sexting – and I’m awfully glad I did. […]

    110. Jwinnings says:

      I had comments on most of these.

      I really hate the "sleep with whoever you want part". Sleeping around is never cool.

      Marriage is a beautiful thing and maybe if people weren't so busy sleeping around they'd see that. My grandparents were married for 52 years and had been together since my grandmother was 15. If you're in a long term, balanced relationship and you want to get married, then get married! I think people are starting to have a really negative of a view on marriage. You can be married and have fun, ya know?

      Tattoos can be awesome and tell a story of a point in your life. I say go for them, but try to stay a little tasteful.

      Traveling…is freaking expensive. I don't know really anyone who travels in their 20s and those who have count on Mommy and Daddy for everything.

    111. alex says:

      As for “sleeping with whoever you want” well, the author was wrong about regretting not sleeping with enough random guys at 40. You will likely regret it a lot sooner. More specifically, you will regret it the day you meet an awesome guy, and he stops calling you after he learns about your past. That’s a terrible feeling, and you cant undue the past. And then you’ll get frustrated, sleep with more random dudes, and each year you will become less and less likely to hold on to a good man. If you like sex, find one person to do it wit in a relationship. Do it all day every day, a guy won’t care. But if its with a lot of different men, the no matter what you read on feminist websites ot mtv shows, IT WILL MATTER if u ever do want to find a great guy to start a family with.

      1. I already tried a couple like Smoking and traveling, not sure if Bad Credit is actually a good thing, but it is a nice list that I will give to my brother who 39 now ;-)…

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    113. Carmen says:

      There's a lot of people commenting on this idea that marriage is not what it used to be, and for the most part you're right; marriage used to be about getting together and feeling financially secure and raising children.
      Nowadays, it's what you make of it; so for some people that means that you married and have children and have a lovely time nurturing them. Economy, stress and financial obligations will put pressure on this marriage and so yes, marriage has changed because a lot of people can't cope with the stress which is why we have this divorce trend.
      Others don't get married, sleep around as much as they want which is fine if they're fine with it, and then oftentimes gain a lot of independence that is hard to give up when they're ready to settle down. Doesn't mean you still can't get married, you just have to be realistic about what the problems are going to be for each scenario.
      Notice how I didn't mention age?
      Yeah, that's because age doesn't matter if you're grown up enough in your own head about it.

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    118. rosah says:

      Depends on the person. I just turned 40. I got married at 21 and had 2 kids. BTW, we used condoms and they don't always work. Don't have sex if your not ready for parent hood. Someone has to be the 1% that still gets pregnant. I did not finish school. I went back to school 10 years ago. I now have a great career as a photographer and my kids are 16 and almost 19. I am still happily married to the man I met at age 13 and started dating at age 17. So I have a career and took an awesome vacation last summer and will take another one next summer. I got my first tattoo yesterday and I love it. I took risque pics 20 years ago, but I never put them on line. I never smoked and only tanned a little. I see women in their 40's with little kids and or pregnant and they are exhausted. I had tons of energy in my 20's when I had kids.Mine are almost ready to leave home and hubby and I are young enough to go and travel and have some fun. I don't regret a thing. As Charlie would say "Winning"

    119. Celtic Tattoos For Men says:

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    120. Tiffany says says:

      OK. I am 24 years old and I just got married 6 months ago. I might not have been married for very long but I do know what for better or for worse till death do you part means. It’s a vow;a commitment that you make to that person for the rest of you’re life.even though my husband and I haven’t been married for very long there has been things we needed to work out but we worked it out because we have the will to and love each other enough to and became stronger and love each other more because of it.I. am sure we will have other things that will Come up in our life time together but we wil get through it as long as we both put forth the effort and I trust that we will.marriage is an ever growing ever learning,ever loving relationship of a deeper kind.marriage can be and is very fun but it’s also a continues work in progress that both people have to love each other enough and have the will to put forth the effort that it takes.they both have to be willing to take responsibility for the commitment they made to that person.unfortunately society and articles like this tell you that being young means its ok to be irresponsible and as selfish as you can be.but this isnt the case ;sleeping with who ever you want doesn’t mean your young it means you’re irresponsible and’re playing with other people’s emotions as well as your own.and you ever hear its hard to teach an old dog new tricks; there comes a time when you become set in your ways it will be hard for you to see anyone else’s way which will make it hard to have a marriage because it is a partnership, a two way street not a one way.

      1. Anon says:

        I disagree. For some people it's right to marry young. For some, it's right to marry at a later age. People who get all touchy about being told they married too young can't also seem to respect the decision of those who decide marry later on. Not marrying is not about being selfish. Finding yourself is not selfishness. It's about learning to love yourself first. And it's not the same for everybody. And being "set in your ways" is totally up to you.

        Just as there are young marriages that end up happy, there are also those that end in disaster. Same with those who marry at an older age. I mean, what are the stats on divorce, really? Now, if you married young and decide you want to get unhitched after a time, then suck it up. Because by then, you'll probably have no right to find another partner since you'll be so set on your ways, with barely a sense of self to boot.

    121. Bobbie says:

      i got married at 18 and am now 20. married for 2 years. I have a son who is 17 months. I am happy and the only thing on this site that I would agree with is that I'd like to get some more qualifications as long as I and my husband sort arrangements out I will be able to do that. I'm happy, very happy – not partying, drinking myself silly, sleeping with all different men and i'm not the sort of person to even get my ears pierced, let alone have a tattoo.

    122. […] For the complete list click here! […]

    123. Mandy says:

      I married when I was 19 and have been married for 18 years now. I have had a great life! The only thing I feel like I missed out on was perhaps traveling a little more.

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    127. Carrie says:

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    128. All of you on here that are under 25 and already married with children, i'm sorry, your all fools. Seriously. I'm 28, single, professional woman, no kids. Why are all of you in such a rush to play house? I would love to be a mother/wife one day. But, before I even consider being a wife and bringing life into this world, I made sure I finished college, working in my career so I have money, and seeking a partner that is on the same level as me. I've traveled quite a bit, but Hong Kong and Sydney is on my bucket list before I settle down. I will not marry someone with an ounce of regret. I don't want to be like some of you here saying "I love my life, I just wished I had done this…." Well, you should have thought about that before you got married.

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    131. Allie says:

      If you've met the right person then you won't regret getting married, and sleeping with strangers won't be high on your list of things to do. Why not get married in your 20s if it's right? Okay, she said "don't get married 'too young'," but whose to say what age is right? I know very few 30 year olds who are happy to be single, and when you hit 35 it's even worse.

      Also, it's okay to have sex without a condom wit your husband; if you don't want kids, there's the pill or a diaphragm or an iud to make sure you don't have them before you're ready.

      Tattoos, debt, smoking, tanning, and quitting education should be the full list.

      Not sure who has more money in her 20s than she does in her 30s; if that's the way your finances are heading, then spending money on travel is a bad plan. I traveled in my 20s, but it was the cheapest possible bargain backpacking. In my 30s, I can afford an actual hotel instead of a hostel.

    132. alongourway says:

      Agreed on the travel! Im fortunate to have a full time job with paid vacations. In the last two years I traveled to Ireland and Costa Rica, but each just for just a week.

      As nice as two weeks vacation seems, it isn’t enough. I am miserable at my job and want to just pack up and travel more without time constraints..

      I’ve thought about teaching english abroad but I wonder if taking a year break from the corporate world could hurt me later on? My degree is in finance and I am 25.

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    134. oogidy says:

      Yeah don’t marry young ladies. Sleep around your 20s and then see who’s waiting for you to have settled down when you’re in your early 30s.

      1. ahe says:

        your just a stupid moron watch till you get std and hiv.

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    140. Raven says:

      A lot of what is written is quite bias. Some people do find their special person at a young age and they don't regret it. I have met older couples who have been together since they were 18. I guess it depends on what a person values in life. Perhaps drinking, and partying every night isn't the ideal of living to everyone. Perhaps not all twenty year olds want to sleep around with as much people as they can and try as many flavors of booze as they can. It's all about perspective. Perhaps some people are very serious early in life and focus on their priorities so that when they are older they can have more freedom to do whatever they feel because they set out to set up their future at a young age. Family is very important to some people. Having a family means more to some people than having promiscuous sex and wasting their health on booze. Saying no one wants a mom with a tattoo is bias. Perhaps you find them attractive, but look at our generation. A lot of mothers have tattoos. Full sleeves, chest pieces, a little rose is more like a birth mark in comparison. All a matter of opinion.
      About finishing school, this is a good point, but if one cannot get a job at Walmart in this economy what makes you think it will be easier to find a job with a degree? Especially when lots of people hold degrees. I do think education is important, but the economy is tough period degree or no degree. What makes you think someone in their twenty even has the money to be able to do something so extravagant as travel. If one is still in college and does not have a real job then where would they come up with the money required to take a vacation to Europe? Would they not need the late nights working in order to have the money for travel?

    141. Alec Syngar says:

      Sorry, but the picking the guy over the girls line is crap. Marriages fail because people are too concerned with holding on to their old lives than they are with committing to their spouse. Seriously friends come and go, but love is supposed to be forever. frankly if my wife made me feel secondary to her skeevy friends i'd NOT want to stay married to her.

      who wrote this crap? a 30 something hipster?

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    144. Showmoe says:

      I totally agree with this article, but i disagree with sleeping with people who i want to. Well yeah i had a fwb partner i kind of miss it. We were in fwb, but i cut it off because he had another fwb partner. I dont want to get caught hiv and std so i left him for good. I'm not his time waster. You might regret being a player, cause STD and hiv can happen the condom doesn't protect you that much. You can keep having sex , but i wouldn't want to have a bad reputation on my next date. So I learned a lesson , im never promising a guy for fwb if someone finds out about my past my future with my current husband will be destroyed.

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