Celebrating Celebrity “Flaws”: Curvy Girls

Every day we’re bombarded with a million different messages about what we are supposed to look like. And tell you what, our not-so-scientific-yet-totally-accurate visual research proves that 99% of girls out there don’t fit the mold. So instead of telling you how to wear your hair, or how much weight to lose, or which one of Heidi Montag’s many surgeries to get (because, really, look where that got her), we’re going to celebrate these so-called beauty flaws with beautiful women every single week.

Last week we celebrated the natural nose. Today, let’s talk about curves.

It’s no secret that Hollywood likes their actresses to look anorexic-chic. But that doesn’t mean that all the women in Hollywood are conforming to that reasonable ridiculous standard. This week we’re putting on a spotlight on the curvy and voluptuous celebrities who haven’t let their bigger bodies stop them from having even bigger careers.



    1. Anna says:

      While I appreciate curvier women- seriously, is there anyone hotter than Penelope Cruz?- I don't understand why they get lumped in with women who are obese and unhealthy. There is a VAST different between being curvy and being hugely, grotesquely overweight, and I hate that I, with a BMI of 25, get lumped in with women whose lifestyle choices will make their lives shorter and more painful. I can run five miles and climb a mountain, and by today's standards I'd be "voluptuous," but I in no way am in the same category as Mo'Nique, Nikki Blonsky, and Gabourey Sidibe. I love that it's suddenly becoming acceptable to appreciate larger women, but there's larger, and then there's enormous, and they do not belong together.

    2. Eimear says:

      Anna I have to completely agree with you. I am heavy, there's no way around it, but some of the women that are showcased are clinically obese, and that's not healthy or attractive. Take Beyonce Knowles. That woman is the definition of curvy, and she is beautiful. Yes she's big, but that was the way her body was built. She is fitter than some of the skinniest people in the world yet women who are eating themselves to death and don't exercise are put into the same category. Why is that fair? Beth Ditto (from the Gossip) was hailed for bringing curvy women to the media's attention, but that woman is obese, and it's not attractive if she's shortening her life. America Ferrera is curvy, yet she works for her body. I don't think women who are just ''curvy'' because they don't look after themselves deserve to be put with the women who take care of their bodies.

    3. Lisa says:

      May I just say that Mariah is my exact thought when I think "curvy." Beautiful, with some meat (look at her side pictures, she's not stick thin), but still toned and confident. She's gorgeous!

    4. G says:

      Thanks for not bashing skinny girls along with promoting curviness. Promoting curviness is all very well but a lot of people align it with bashing skinny people which is not cool.

    5. molly says:

      I still would never consider some of the women up there "curvy"…..or at least, maybe I disagree with what curvy has come to mean.

      Did anyone see iron man II? scar jo has a nice rack, but she was THIN in that movie. I would kill to look as "curvy" as her.

    6. ordips says:

      You know thalia. I think she has a great curve too.

    7. Karen says:

      I sort of agree with Ana. Not all people who are large live unhealthy lifestyles or are going to die young. My best friend, while not Obese, definitely has to shop in the plus sizes but she is the healthiest person I know. Also, it has been proven that a low BMI isn't directly related to a healthy lifestyle. However, a really large number of fat people are living unhealthy lifestyles that are unsustainable and dangerous for the person.

      I also dislike the fact that obese people are automatically put in the curvy category because it is politically correct. The fact of the matter is that not all women are curvy. I would consider someone who is curvy to be someone who is pear or hour glassed shaped. Gabourey Sidibe is apple shaped and doesn't have curves. Beth Ditto and Nikki Blonsky are also apple shaped and doesn't have curves. Their actually pretty flat. I hate women who look like giant apples who are always talking about how curvy is beautiful and how skinny girls are disgusting. Well some skinny girls have more curves than you, and curvy is beautiful and healthier. Monique, who is fat and curvy is much healthier than an apple shaped fat woman of the same weight because she is less likely to die of heart disease and other heart related problems. Also while at the skinniest, curvy women look larger than their board shaped counterparts, as women put a healthy weight on then curvy women look a lot thinner than their banana and apple shaped competitors. I have a ridiculously tiny waist (My waist to hip ratio is insane) and people frequently guess that I am 20 pounds lighter and two sizes smaller than I actually am.

    8. Jake says:


      There's a difference between curvy and obesity; curves are gorgeous; and they're certainly not a flaw; obesity on the other hand is. Curvy people can most definitely be healthy; take Beyoncé as an example; she's most certainly curvy; but no one in their right mind would call her body flawed, and she's incredibly healthy too.

    9. Anna says:

      Karen, you completely missed my point, AND you spelled my name wrong. Thanks for that.

      BMI is actually a medical way of assessing someone's fat ratio, and it's not about just having a LOW one, it's about having a healthy one- ergo, between 19 and 25. After that, you are considered unhealthy and overweight. It's not about shape and appearance, it's about fitness. Mo'nique is unfit, regardless of the size of her waist or breasts, just like Gabourey and Nikki. And when your BMI is taken properly by a doctor, it should be able to calculate how much of your weight is muscle and how much is fat, and therefore correlates DIRECTLY to how fit and healthy you are. Your hip to waist ratio may be "insane," but that does not make you healthy, which was my point- after a certain weight to height ratio and level of fitness has been passed, it is no longer fair to group certain women in as "curvy" when they are actually obese.

    10. Naomi says:

      Anna, I completely understand your point but how do you know that Mo'nique is unfit? There is no general definition as to what is fit for everyone so how so can you say that so matter-of-factly? Like I said completely agree with what you are saying and I kind of agree. My only issue is that your just assuming that these people are unhealthy. YES being very overweight is not the best way to be, but your assumptions are like saying everyone who smokes will get cancer. Their lifestyle choices may very well in include being active and eating healthy so how do you know that their "lifestyle choices" will shorten their lives.

      I HATE when people assume that an overweight person is automatically unhealthy. Not everyone who smoke has cancer and not everyone who drinks is going to get cirrhosis so why is it ok to do this with overweight people?

    11. Karen says:



      Some studies have shown that for a woman the waist to hip ration can be more important that the BMI in deciding whether a person is healthy. That is because it is not necessarily the fact that you have the fat on you but what type of fat it is. Fat around the waist is really dangerous while fat around the hip area is harmless. A person who has a BMI of 23 but is carrying it around their waist has a higher risk of dangerous obesity related diseases than someone with a BMI of 27 with fat around their hips. Additionally your BMI doesn't calculate muscle mass so a person who is very strong and fit might have a very high BMI. Finally, BMI does not consider body frame so a small boned woman may technically have a low BMI but it is still too much for her body while a large framed person may technically have a high BMI but they do not have a lot of fat on them. That is why most doctors will check your BMI but not use it to decide whether you are healthy or not. It is used because it is an easy way to assess weight but doctors will agree that it is extremely flawed.

    12. Mel says:

      Anna…. Mo'nique, the last I heard, has actually been working to become a healthier woman. She lost a LOT of weight since her Phat Girlz stint in 2006 (and I'm pretty sure she's gotten a bit of crap about losing said weight from her fans that have a bit of weight on them). And I truely do believe she is a curvy woman. She may or may not be healthy, but at least she is trying to become a healthier person; and I hold the personal belief that she is a gorgeous person. Otherwise, I'll have to say I agree about Nikki Blonsky and Gabourey Sidibe.

      To everyone else: Either way, isn't this kind of an opinion piece anyway? The author may have a different opinion from the rest of us as to what "curvy" is. I mean, give or take the 2 or 3 people that have already been pointed out, I'll say she got the majority right.😄

    13. Chloe says:

      As a larger woman, I can say that larger women call themselves curvy because of the HUGE stigma attached to weight. Our society automatically attributes health to weight, which isn't necessarily the case. I don't call myself curvy, but many larger women do simply because their is a huge stigma attached to their weight and it's easier.

      When will society stop hating on bigger people? Yes, some are unhealthy, but generalizing is unfair. It's like calling all thin people anorexic, which if you do they jump all over you. Why is it ok to call all larger people unhealthy if calling thin people anorexic is unfair? Hypocrisy runs rampant in our culture

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    15. Liz says:

      Oh gosh that was long. I don't know how that happened.

      Can you tell I'm into cultural theory?

    16. Liz says:

      Curves are not a flaw. I don’t know where you would ever find someone who would say that, outside of perhaps some absurd people in high fashion. The traits you previous called flaws seemed legitimate to me, and I liked the idea of the series–pointing out the parts of many beautiful women that are non-standard, unusual, or even downright ugly. A lot of people of all different levels of attraction have a few things that they get hung up on, and I think it’s healthy to realize that even The Beautiful are not perfect.

      However, very few of the women that you have listed here are not well accepted (rightfully so) as beautiful women with amazing bodies, perhaps even because of their bodies. And the women here who are not outstandingly beautiful (at least by the contemporary American-Hollywood standard by which most “flaws” are reasoned, and the standard against which I believed this series to be reacting) are NOT curvy. They are fat. There’s a more politically correct way to say that, but I don’t care. The only reason that the term fat needs to be whitewashed is because the aforementioned rubric believes it to be a flaw. I disagree with that, so I’m not changing my wording. Being fat is not wrong. But it is also not curvy.

      True acceptance does not mean changing. Thus women who are both overweight and beautiful (for example, Nikki Blonsky and Mo’Nique. I don’t find Gabourey Sidibe particularly attractive, but I certainly would not call her unsightly) should not have to become “curvy,” a different type of beauty that they are not, to be called beautiful. It would have been refreshing if you had simply let them remain fat while you celebrate their beauty.

      I don’t know if it’s a rule or a guideline or just something my mother told me, but I always understood that curvy means/implies that your waist measurement is 10″ less than your chest and hips. Therefore even though my bmi is invariably below 18.5, I am curvy. And Nikki Blonsky, who is 7 inches shorter than me but more than twice my weight, is not.

      You can be beautiful without a tiny waist, but you can’t really be curvy.

      It would have been great to see “Celebrating Celebrity ‘Flaws’: Fat Girls”. You already have four great examples here. You can triple, even quadruple that easily. More were even brought up in the comments. Show us the most beautiful women in Hollywood with the biggest waistlines, guts, asses, arms, legs, anything. Call them fat. Have no shame because you offer no shame. Bring fat from being an insult back to its natural role as descriptor. Don’t offer their size as an exciting contradiction to their beauty. Don’t call them something that they are not. Euphemisms are condescending. Celebrate, do not transmute. Let them be as they are: beautiful, fat.

    17. Eimear says:

      Anna I have to agree with Karen on that one. BMI is not an accurate estimation of a person's health. Some of the healthiest and fittest people in the world have a BMI that is technically deemed 'overweight.' Karen is right when she says hip to waist ratio is more accurate and there are different ways of testing this. BMI only checks your height and weight. It does not take into account body structure or shape, bone density etc.

      Chloe, I completely understand where you are coming from. Being a larger girl myself, I can understand the stigma but I am, by definition, curvy. Some of those woman aren't. And I don't care what people say, being the size that Beth Ditto and co. are is not healthy. There would be a huge difference if they were that size because of a medical condition, and if they are, then I have absolutely no problem, they can't help that. The thing is, in a culture where young people are so influenced by celebrities, do you think it is right to have these people promoting their body image? Especially with the obesity crisis at the moment. It's the exact same as anorexic models portraying how you must look if you are to get into that business. It's just not right. It's funny, Victoria Beckham's weight can floccuate something terrible and not a word is said about it, but Jennifer Love Hewitt puts on a bit of weight and is happy, and there's massive controversy. Anoxeria is just as unhealthy as obesity. And it's terrible that more celebrities aren't promoting finding your ideal weight for your OWN body rather than how celebrities look.

    18. Charlotte says:

      Anna, like others have said, BMI does not give any info about body fat percentage, which is why someone of a normal weight by BMI standards can still have too high of a body fat percentage.

      That said, the idea that BMI is useless is kind of stupid. I'd agree that if someone is right on the borderline or overweight, but they live a fit and healthy lifestyle then yeah that's fine. If your BMI is 32 and you're claiming its cause the BMI system is flawed.. that's denial.

    19. bigcok says:

      Latifah is a Fat Flabbby Ghetto Dyke. Ha!

    20. G says:

      Any skinny girls need a self esteem boost?


    21. No. says:

      G: No skinny girl needs a goddamned self-esteem boost. They already get everything.

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    23. Susan says:

      What's really sad is that half the women pictured up there would be considered thin outside of Hollywood – & NOT because 'the rest of the world (USA) is so obese."

    24. […] by all the body-bashing in the first 3 posts, we seemed to touch on some real issues in the curvy girls post and we were really interested by what we read. There was tons of backlash about who we chose […]

    25. reggie says:

      To be honest, I think this article is taking a large step backwards by placing women like Scarlett, Kate W. and Penelope Cruz in the same body category as Mo'Nique and Blonsky.

      With all due respect, the latter two have unattractive and unhealthy body types. This is not to detract from their beauty, it is just a fact. The first 3 I mentioned have what i would call Stellar bodies, Scarlett being rated as the best looking women amongst most of the people I know, and i think it is degrading to all 3 of them to be represented as 'Curvaceous to the point of obese', or for that matter, anything above average. Sure, they aren't the in vogue skin-and-bones celebrities you are likely to find these days, but they should not be singled out as the different ones.

    26. MCastrobunny says:

      Karen —

      While hip-to-waist ratio might tell you about the type of body fat you have, it doesn't tell you everything. Myself, I'm a 38.5-28-33, which approximately gives me a .85 hip-to-waist ratio. I just have a large ribcage. Literally, my ribs stick out of my abdomen even though I don't have a no-fat belly. Also, thanks to genetics, I have narrow hips. But I'm pretty healthy, a faster runner than many of my skinnier friends, and much more conscious of healthy decisions. So it's not always about fat. Sometimes it's bone structure.

    27. EB says:

      Those girls in the pictures were OK. A couple of them looked to be only a few pounds from being overweight. That's fine, give me a six pack and a dollar and I would go a-dueling with my pork sword on those fat girls.

    28. Reyna says:


    29. Mel says:

      @No.: Rude. That's what your post was. AND kinda ignorant.

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    31. Well. says:

      Sometimes skinny girls DO need a self-esteem boost, believe it or not.

      I for one, think curves are beautiful and would do anything to have them, but with my metabolism, that's just not possible. I hate the way I look, and try my best to gain weight.

      While some girls look to pictures of models as 'ideals', I look at pictures of curvy ladies like Beyonce and America.

      But it seems everyone always has to say things like "FUCK YEAH, FUCK THOSE SKINNY ANOREXIC GIRLS, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES". As if I am not a 'real woman' because I'm not 'curvy'.

      It makes my boyfriend mad as well, to see me crying over comments like "REAL MEN DON'T WANT STICKS", as if he's some kind of freak because he happens to be attracted to someone smaller.

      But the only reaction I ever get is either a playful "What?! I'd kill for your body!" or an angry "SKINNY GIRLS HAVE NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT, THEY SHOULD JUST GO EAT A SANDWICH".

      Trust me, I do eat sandwiches. And fast food. I love to eat, but seem to never gain weight. I had an old friend who was obese (not overweight, obese) and everyone always joked about how I ate more than her.

      So while it is wonderful to celebrate curves, please don't take celebrating them to mean 'bashing thinner people'. For all you know, there could be a thin girl wishing to be just like them, in the same way bigger girls wish to lose weight.

    32. LaLaLady says:

      This might be an annoying comment BUT where is Christina Hendricks?!?! She is the poster woman for the curvy movement. As a curvy chick myself with boobs I would constantly hide under big tshirts Christina has finally made me comfortable with being a size 10 and DD cups. Maaaan she's amazing!

    33. Angeline says:

      Kitty Bang- stop being so condescending.

    34. KittyBang says:

      I agree with the people who said that some of these women shouldn’t be lumped in with the others. I also agree that doing so actually plays up to the notion that curvy women are “fat” and therefore “flawed”.

      While I get where you were going with this, I think it’s safe to say that most of the women you mentioned ARE considered to be beautiful and their bodies ARE highly accepted as the model of attractiveness for a female, which makes this a bad fit for the rest of the series.

      To the poster who said many big girls call themselves curvy due to the stigma of weight, I get it, but the fact that it makes them feel better about themselves doesn’t make it any less false. Calling yourself something you aren’t just to be happy is an even greater insult to yourself than someone else calling you fat. Shame isn’t another person’s failure to accept you for what you are. It’s your inability to accept yourself for what you are.

      It also downplays the more important issue of health. Big doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy (I wouldn’t call most linebackers small but who would call them unhealthy?), but it’s been scientifically proven that an excess of fat with minimal muscle increases the risk of certain conditions and diseases.

      So I think it’s socially irresponsible to pretend that being overweight is okay just to make fat women/girls feel better about not being thin. You can argue all you want over things like BMI and ratios. It doesn’t change the fact that just like dropping BELOW a certain weight for your gender/age/height can increase the likelihood of certain complications, being ABOVE a certain weight can put your health at risk as well.

      Does the fact that you’re fat mean you must be an overeating slob who never works out (ie. live an “unhealthy lifestyle)? Of course not. Being overweight can stem from many things, including genetic predisposition. It’s not so important how you got that way. What matters is that you do something about it. If you choose NOT to because you’d rather prove a point that you’re beautiful just the way you are when beauty shouldn’t be the issue to YOU even if it is to others, you’re a fool.

      As for the definition of curvy, I agree with some of these, but I’m generally in disagreement with the women most people call curvy. Most of them are simply busty and that to me isn’t the same thing.

      If you’re shaped like a plank from the waist down, but you have a huge chest, you’re not curvy, you’re busty. To me, curvy means an hourglass figure. Breasts, hips, and ass. A lot of the women considered beautiful today have breasts, but everything else on them is more or less mannequin-shaped.

      To the skinny girl, while I do feel for where you’re coming from because I’ve met skinny girls who wanted curves desperately, it doesn’t change the truth of what some others have said that fat women are the ones who get all the shit. Skinny women have it easy, whether they personally WANT to be skinny or not, so I’m afraid you shouldn’t expect anyone to go crying for you over the curse of your thinness any time soon.

      Also, skinny doesn’t necessarily mean shapeless. There are plenty of skinny girls who have curves. They’re not voluptuous women by any means, but they have curves, just in a different scale. The ones who are skinny AND have no curves, well, I feel for them.

      While I don’t run around saying, “Real women have curves”, I admit that I don’t find anything womanly about a woman with a build like a 12 year old boy and that’s precisely what “small, thin, no ass, no breasts, no hips” women look like from the neck down.

      Some men are into that and more power to ’em, but I’d risk sounding like a fool by saying I think most men prefer a woman with “womanly parts”, whether she’s “skinny” or more “ample”, rather than a chick who’s shaped like they’re younger brother only with a vagina.

      If you feel you hate the way you look then I’d say just be happy with the fact that you’ve found someone who loves the way you look and be less concerned with what other people think.

    35. Rebecca says:

      Yeah hi. I'm "morbidly obese" Oh GODS! someone get me on a diet! except not really. My BMI falls into an obese category, and yes my body has curves and folds where some people dont think there should be any. but I'm healthy. 100%. I have NO health issues. my heart is healthy. i have no blood pressure problems. i eat all health food. (boo fast food. that shit's disgusting). I move and am more active than most of my skinny friends, and i can kick their ass too. but my genetics fail to help me lose weight. I also have Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome passed to me from my family. That also gives me a problem with losing weight. But from a personal standpoint. I'm curvy. and like it or not. I'm pretty damn beautiful. Hey college candy. How about this. how about you have everyone submit a picture of themselves, and put it in a post called We are Women. We are beautiful. And have a blatant mix of all kinds of women from very skinny to very heavy. because we are all women, and we are ALL beautiful:)

    36. David says:

      Nooo. You are healthy NOW. Fat builds up way way faster than health problems..So of course if a large woman goes in there they will say they are healthy. Because their organs are young and can process all that for a while. Most people that are considered "fat" are generally lazy and bad eating habbits. So they arent burning anything off. Which due to bad eating habits when your organs age and stop working as best as they could thats when problems start. So you suggest that by being fat you can be healthy..But what your doing to get the fat on you in the first place will continue on till the point of bad health from obesity..I'd say anything 10lbs over beyonce would be a lil hefty.

      It's honestly disgusting to see a pile of fat just sagging down off you're body..If you're a guy or girl that finds that attractive you're either A) like the person or B) Messed up.

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    38. jane says:

      seriously? what the hell? there were only 3, maybe 4 of those 18 women that i would consider 'big'. the rest looked completely in shape to me! these women aren't flawed. who cares if they're built bigger than 'normal'? that's just who they are. and they look great

    39. Phiroze Javeri says:

      Anorexic females are a turn-off; girls need to look feminine, and curves are a must. I'd rather admire one that's 'a bit too fat', than one that's 'a bit too thin'. It's time the world came over its psychosis of dietary fat, cholesterol and the like, as these phenomena all contribute to this obsession with stick insects.

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    42. land animal says:

      I appreciate the sentiment of this post greatly, but many of the bodies pictured are proclaimed by their owners to be the products of vigorous diet and exercise. Kim Kardashian hawks diet pills and get shut up about losing weight. Jennifer Love Hewitt also has the get fit = lose weight = body acceptance syndrome. And Jennifer Lopez went to extremes to don that body suit. I don't think these three calorie-counting, carb-avoinding, "gym rats" belong in the same category as women like Gaboury Sidebe and Nikki Blonsky who actually seem to accept their bodies as is.

    43. […] rest of the fashion industry does soon after. That means more fierce fashion in a range of sizes that will fit every woman, not just the size zero celebrities walking the red […]

    44. Lexi says:

      Curvy equals what? There seems to be a combination of women with breasts, hips and butts versus those who are heavy, plus sized or simply overweight. Curvy doesn't equate with healthy looking but it can be a curvaceous figure that is womanly yet not yet into the obese and in desperate of exercise and nutritional guidance although I guess all of us could use that. While there are some women in Hollywood who are simply overweight and unattractive there are many who are underweight and unattractive. Whichever a woman is this obsession with weight is not healthy physically or mentally. It seems woman, men and society will ever be content as in some way or another we all aspire to that Playboy model figure no matter how odd it is it seems to suggest perfection as if there actually is such a thing. BTW Kim Kardashian's butt is scary.


    45. lolli says:

      I'll openly admit I skimmed this long winded commentary but the most important thing to remember when it comes to curves is proportions. While Christina Hendricks is beautiful, she's an average with ridiculous size tits. Period. Nikki Blonsky, Latifah, and Monique while having shape are obese. Gabourey is grossly obese and I personally cannot stand to look at her. Everyone else listed is average. I am not thin, I have weight to lose, but I know I will never be thin. I have broad shoulders, wide hips, and a large chest. I also gain muscle easily. As many weights as I've lifted, and the hours of cardio I've done including spin classes. The stigma of average (and I don't mean the new size 14-16 average)sizes in hollywood calling them plus size or even curvy (since that's used as a PC fat word) is crap. However, I know from losing weight loss that at a size 14- average sizes say it's plus size, and plus size gets defensive and huffs that it's not fat enough. The sizist attitude works in both field and it's frustrating.

    46. Lindsay says:

      Curves are not the same as fat. Curves means you have fat where the female body should have fat due to hormones… The beasts, the butt, a certain extent on the thighs.

      It doesn't mean having curves in all the above mentioned places… AS WELL AS A HUGE GUT.

      I am so sick of being labeled "curvy" because I have breasts and an ass. I don't want to share my label with people who are actually fat, thanks.

    47. Amana says:

      OK seriously this is a STUPID article…. having a curves is ATTRACTIVE unlike having a straight figure…

      men= strait figure

      women= curvy figure


    48. Sally says:

      Being yourself is attractive, whether you're skinny, fat, curvy, muscular, or whatever.

      And why does everyone keep banging on about how being fat is unhealthy? So what? It's that person's choice, and guess what, some people find that look attractive anyway. Guess what: Being underweight is also unhealthy. Smoking is unhealthy. Doing drugs is unhealthy. Binge drinking is unhealthy. Anxiety is unhealthy. Being depressed is unhealthy. Being stressed out is unhealthy. Being co-dependent is unhealthy.

      Someone who is severely overweight or underweight is likely to be unhealthy in one aspect, and it's very noticeable. But we don't know what other problems that may be just as serious (or not …) other people may be walking around with, that don't show up on their asses or stomachs. Don't go throwing stones unless you're absolutely sure you don't live in a glass house.

    49. vinod mali says:

      chodini chadva aap…………..!

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    52. help says:

      society makes us feel that if you don't have boobs and ass you aren't pretty so if you are born skinny and don't have an ass or booty it blows because there's nothing you can ever do to look like a sexy woman which is what any girl wants anyway

      1. help says:

        unless of course you get a fake boob job and that's just stupid

    53. […] struggling with accepting myself as a curvy, big-boobed lady in high school and learning how to express myself as a curvy, luscious woman in college, I realized […]

    54. Amie says:

      I completely agree with several comments here. I am sick and tired of being lumped into a category as "curvy" with girls who are beautiful, but much larger than I am. Curvy means curvy, it does not necessarily mean "plus-size". If you do not have an hourglass figure (of any size) with a definable waist, then you aren't curvy, you're gloriously big. I have curves, and I have a definable waist, and I am curvy, and I love it. Don't get my body type confused with others.
      Unfortunately, your site is not the only source of this confusion.

    55. I am so disappointed in everyone here. All I'm hearing is "ewww don't lump me in with that girl"
      Don't they realize that people look at them and think the same thing?
      If you care so much about public opinion, realize that a lot of people hate the way you look too. And if you want that to change, you need to stop acting like an prejudiced snob.

    56. Everybody has their flaws, also the celebs. Nice Article anyway

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