Men Are More Emotional Than Woman. Wait, What?!

"She hung up without saying 'I love you.' Waaaah"

Remember those nights when you spent 5+ hours talking on the phone with your girlfriends about what your man friend was trying to tell you when he texted you, “Good Night” with a winky face? Well ladies, you’re not alone. A recent study has shown that men actually over-analyze and get more emotional about relationships than women do!

Yup, when we’re not looking or listening (usually because The Bachelorette is on…), our beaus are secretly going to their dude friends and discussing the ups and downs in their love lives.

I guess we’ve been wrong all along about the idea that men never talk about their feelings with their broskeez and how they don’t care about their relationships with their significant others. In actuality, it might be all they talk about when they’re alone! All those times they told us they were goin’ to “chill with the dudes,” our boyfriends were probably spooning, crying and spilling the beans about their feelings over a cup of tea and a biscotti.

We’ve been so wrong for so long. I imagine this is how things are really going down during bro time.

What They Told Us: “Grabbing some drinks at the bar to watch the game.”
What’s Really Going On: “She didn’t say I love you back, dude.” <Chugs beer.>

What They Told Us: “Gonna grab some pizza and watch the game at Steve’s.”
What’s Really Going On: “WTF does ‘Fine. Get pizza with your boys” mean? Should I go to her place? Should I call her? What if she’s mad at me?”

What They Told Us: “Going to play some basketball.”
What’s Really Going On: Going to play some basketball to work out the frustration from those cryptic, one-word answers you’re always giving me.”

What They Told Us: “I’m going to see Avatar with Seth again”
What’s Really Going On: He’s really catching a movie with Seth….and Dylan and Thomas and Blake. They all gathered to help your man in his emergency crisis of what to get you for your 1 year anniversary. “It’s gotta be special.”

What They Told Us: “It’s Monday Night Football!”
What’s Really Going On: Okay, sure. Monday Night Football. But they’re also overanalyzing how you’re going to grab coffee with that old male friend of yours back from high school.

God, boys are such babies. If only they were more emotionally stable like us ladies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go spend the next 3 hours reminding my friend that she deserves way better than that jerk who dumped her.



    1. I believe that men are emotional, but different from women, because they do not talk about their feelings and act different from women. But that's why women are attracted to men, and men to women… isn't it?

    2. criolle johnny says:

      You HAVE been wrong for so long! You also seem to have a strange imagination.

      As "goals .." mentioned, men & women ARE different (vive la difference!), and we express our emotions and grief in different ways.

      Many men can get emotional support and healing spending a few hours in the company of close friends, fishing or playing pool without talking. This can be all we need. We are wired differently than women. Companionship and physical presence can be much more important than conversation for men.

      The part of your brain dedicated to verbal communication is usually larger than ours. We usually have more spatial and physical manipulation circuits.

      As for romantic and emotional expression, Ben Johnson, Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, A.E. Housman, James Russell Lowell, William Blake, Sidney Lanier, James Whitcomb Riley, Sir Walter Scott, William Wordsworth, John Donne, John Keats …

    3. Rachel says:

      I love college candy but this article is completely ridiculous. I am a girl and I happen to have a good group of girl friends along with a solid group of guys friends – both groups I've known for years. Men are not like this AT ALL. Men are simple, and I think women could learn a thing or two about a thing or two. This article actually pissed me off. I look forward to reading fun little articles on college candy – it helps my monday afternoon go faster, but this is total b.s. Stop trying to be scientific and analytical about guys when they aren't like this at all. Please focus on what you are good at: mindless articles that offer monday afternoon distractions.

    4. criolle johnny says:

      "Men are simple"? You must have some boring dates!

    5. M says:

      This is pretty funny to me. I think the article exaggerates the case a little, intentionally, but I have to say that reading even a tiny bit between the lines of what my boyfriend says about his friends' relationships with their girlfriends… yeah, this probably isn't that far off the mark for some guys!

    6. SC says:

      Yeah this Rachel is retarded. Probably doesn't get very many guys with that bitchiness… I think the biggest thing is guy over-analyze and worry more than you can imagine. We look at every bit of your syntax and tone and question our own actions. It's fucking horrible really.

    7. Sunny says:

      so, all these years men were called emotionally crippled and now that it is proven that men are as emotionally available as women, the bitch who wrote the above article calls men immature!!! What the fuck….what do you want men to be..? make up your fucking mind….if you have any.. do want men to be emotionally available or not….dont be a bitch,unless u can't help it..!!!

    8. mtler says:

      I agree we are emotional, but we wont really show it. Myself personally i dont talk to my guy friends about my girl problems, i figure them out myself. I do over analyse alot, but in my head, and if i need to get away from her for a little, just hanging and doing whatever with the boys does a whole lot of good. Your answers are horrible, emotional does not equate to acting like a woman.. if you werent being serious, then i dunno u fail at being funny i guess.

    9. john says:

      yeah i dont think much of this rachel girl at all.. ive been separated from my girl for 2 weeks– still got the rest of the summer to go😦 –and ive been saying to my boys basically non-stop how much i miss her etc. and sometimes when girls can get so damn confusing id talk it out with my guys. i feel like the article exaggerates a lot, but probably for effect more than anything. in any event i was shocked at the backlash to this article because i found it pretty accurate

    10. Agf294 says:

      Wow, and when they say women are more emotional you like to say women are more mature; but now that you discover men are also emotional you call them babies? Hypocrite.

      The difference is that men don't show their feelings, but this is not because they're men. It's because they are FORCED to suppress their feelings and are teached to do so since they're kids, which is a type of child abuse that little boys have been suffering since many years ago.

    11. Kit says:

      Any time I get close to a man then express my feelings/get support he FREAKS OUT! The more I talk to try to diffuse the situation, the worse he gets. Why are men more emotional than me… I’m a freaking chick. Makes no sense.

    12. Kate! says:

      I think that since men aren't trained to show they have emotions, we females believe that and in turn are harsh on men and lack tact sometimes, thinking they are tough enough to take it. Then they won't tell us we hurt them, so a whole new set of problems start to fester in their brains and they don't know what to do with it and we don't even know it's going Women can be very cutting with their words and feel minimal remorse after doing so. Also, men are wired to feel the same emotions to the same degree, however since they were made to fix things their brains switch to solution and move on whereas females dwell in the feelings longer, which is why I believe we are more empathetic naturally and try to be careful. (sometimes!)

    13. confused says:

      im pretty sure when i go for a pizza with my buddies we talk about pretty random stuff…..especially since no matter what study you look at niether side is more emotional. its who handles themselves better man or woman or both. i can read anyone like a book and i dont have boobs but it probably would be the same way if i did. its how long your willing to sit and map over your intelligence how fast your brain works,and niether side can help comfort better or make solutions better,statistics doesnt matter and thats why society is a poison because it has made it so men can express themselves or else they are a woman apparently and a woman have to be weak because culture says so apparently stop feeding into it and continue your own roles and we would all be able to be comfortable

      1. Julija says:


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