Sexy Time: Spit or Swallow?

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that while asking for opinions on what to write about this week, this topic was suggested by my best friend’s “little” (17-year old) brother. He brought to my attention the plethora of lies that men tell their partners to get them to swallow and/or do a multitude of other things with their manly fluids. While we’re all aware of some of the more commonly used fibs used to get women to do such things (I know a guy who likes to tell people it will help them lose weight) how many of these things are actually true?
Well, never fear ladies, I’m off to Google the real facts on jizz, so you don’t have to have “myths and facts about semen” come up in your Google history. I’m a giver, what can I say?

1. Semen may lower blood pressure. According to MSNBC,  “some studies” show that ingested semen may help lower blood pressure and significantly decrease the risk for pregnant women to develop preeclampsia. Don’t ask me how this works, but I’ll take MSNBC’s word for it.

2. Swallowing semen will not get you pregnant. I’m not even posting a link to this one because it’s just common sense. Your stomach and your uterus are not connected in a way that you can get pregnant. There, now you know.

3. Exposure to semen may make you less depressed, claims New Scientist. The study was based mostly on vaginal intercourse with/without condoms, but they do touch on oral exposure and how they feel it may have the same effects. It mostly has to do with the testosterone and other hormones found in seminal fluids that transfer into the recipient.

3+. Everything else you want to know about semen here, thanks to Men’s Health.

3++. And hey, if you’re feeling super adventurous (read: freaky) you can always try Natural Harvest.

I hate to cop out on you guys, but I’ve just searched the interwebs for an hour and a half and I can’t find any more scientific studies on the health benefits of swallowing semen; it’s all dirty forums and fabricated facts. The only thing I’ve been able to find decent evidence about is that there is nothing harmful about swallowing seminal fluid (unless maybe you’re allergic, which is rare). So go ahead and make your own decision, but it’s pretty safe to say that whatever it is that he tells you — it’s good for your skin, etc — is probably not true. Even if it was, ingesting that is probably not going to make a tangible difference in your life.

As much as guys might think their semen as super powers, sadly, it doesn’t.  But in the end, does it really matter?

Besides, the real question is — spit or swallow, is he man enough to kiss you after?

Got any suggestions for future Sexy Time topics? Feel free to post them in the comments!

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    1. Anna says:

      Oh my god always swallow. It's the most non-awkward way to deal with it, and it's really NOT that bad. Seriously, what else are you gonna do, grab a napkin? Mood-killer! It's so much easier to just deal with it yourself, and there's not that much of it, AND it doesn't taste THAT bad! So pony up, ladies.

    2. Lisa says:

      I'm with Anna. Plus, if my guy is, for lack of a better way to say it, sticking his entire face into my "juices," and I have the least bit of love and respect for him, the least I can do is swallow his. It's really not bad anyway.

      That was quite possibly the most awkward thing I've ever typed.

    3. Alluv says:

      I have to agree, "it isn't that bad." My guy has kissed me after too, so I don't really think its that big of a deal.

    4. Anna says:

      Oh, yeah, as for the kissing thing, I just have a bottle of water by my bed. Most guys are mature enough to deal.

    5. F says:

      It's honestly just gonna taste worse if you keep it in your mouth to spit it out… swallow, boom, done. lol.

    6. Kelly - Simmons Coll says:

      Pretty sure any research on the benefits of semen for skin or hair is done by men, with an obvious bias.

    7. shari says:

      swallow. always swallow! and if a guy if mature enough, the kissing thing shouldn't be an issue.

    8. Sam says:

      I've only swallowed once- I felt so sick to my stomach that I actually threw up- never again.

    9. L says:

      It's not the taste that bothers me so much as the texture. And Sam I haven't thrown up but I have felt sick afterward. But If my guy is hydrated enough then there isn't a problem.

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    12. Katie says:

      I thinks its awesome to swallow it. I've found its more of a turn-on for the guy and it doesn't taste bad in my opinion. Plus, its fun cause then us females gain more power. Lol.:)

      1. katie's dad says:

        if you think swallowing gives you power, here is my dirty laundry — go get powerful

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    15. LC says:

      I've swallowed many timed before. the taste really isn't that bad as many have said above. also, if your man eats healthier, it'll taste a lot better. Salads usually do the job:)

    16. Sarah says:

      Anna summed it up perfectly – looking around awkwardly with your cheeks puffed up searching for somewhere to spit is NOT sexy! My boyfriend tastes pretty bad because he doesn't drink enough water, lol, so I try and get him to stay hydrated…. But I always remember how happy he was when this topic came up in casual conversation and I off-handedly said I didn't mind swallowing!

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    18. JawbNotJob says:

      Even though many seem to prefer swallowing on here (given they were actual women writing those comments), it's still nice to have an option. Since some women get sick afterwards from the taste, texture (as said above), etc there is always an alternative. Women shouldn't feel pressured into swallowing just because it's the "less awkward" thing to do. A simple napkin kept nearby, spit, wipe, bam and done.

    19. nessa says:

      that book from the Natural Harvest…wow! I need to get that as a joke and leave it in my kitchen.

    20. Sarah says:

      Don't forget that there are calories for those calorie counting! However, depending on how vigorously you give head it may not matter… Also, how do girls feel alternatives to either – guys who would prefer her "shower" porno style?

    21. Nikki says:

      It's way less messy to swallow. & after you get used to it, it doesn't taste that bad.

    22. NoBarbieDoll says:


      This is actually an article?! This is actually an issue presented to the young women of this generation, as the very fabric of America is slowly falling apart? "Do I spit or swallow?" You have got to be kidding me. Good god.

    23. maddi says:

      @NoBarbieDoll, well honey you found this article:)

      so, if your so concerned about the "fabric of america slowly falling apart", why dont you stop googling semen and go sew it up?

      I swallow, i dont get how spitting helps anything. i mean its already in your mouth, swallowing doesnt make it taste worse so… suck it up ladies, the men love it!

    24. NoBarbieDoll says:

      @maddi– Well, dear, I didn't Google "semen"… I come to this website for cheap entertainment. My boyfriend also finds some of these vapid articles rather funny.

      These mindless pieces of "journalism" just seem so desperate to me… I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this. Go look at some other articles here, especially the "25 Things To Do Before You're 25."

      There's not much I can do about the state of our country right now, I'll admit– but don't you think that the future of America, these… uhm… "college chicks" should be considering more than whether or not to swallow down that mouthful of semen from that random hookup with the bro down the way?

      Looks like you have got some experience to share with everyone on swallowing semen… thanks so much for that! Heehee! LOL😀

    25. TakeYour PoliticsEls says:

      @ NoBarbieDoll should take her own advise and quite reading "These mindless pieces of “journalism”".

      "but don’t you think that the future of America, these… uhm… “college chicks” should be considering more than whether or not to swallow down that mouthful of semen" Well hunny you find it more important to wasting your time reading it, commenting on it then saving America so get off your high horse you hypocritical troll, because you look desperate for attention when you go trolling blogs and bring in subjects that have nothing to do with the article.

    26. @NoBarbieDoll says:

      @TakeYour PoliticsElseWhere– U mad, bro?

    27. joe says:

      I don't know where the whole spit or swallow thing really comes from, like whether or not men prefer one or another. My friends and I, guys, don't really care what you do with it…so long as you take it in the mouth. A lot of girls just say "I don't want you to finish in my mouth". That's where the real debate is lol. And like what Lisa says, we get all kinds of bodily fluid in and around our mouths lol.

    28. Reakes says:

      My chick squirts. I swallow that. She swallows my ropes.

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    30. feelsgood says:

      Harmless —- except for STD's If a guy treats you like dirt– he is a guy who will treat you like dirt

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