The 30 Most Overrated Guys in Hollywood

Remember that time you fell in love with that baby-faced Canadian kid who got his start on Youtube, that shy vampire actor with the British accent, or that awkward-yet-charming guy from Arrested Development and then everyone else fell in love with them and talked about them every day and they were everywhere you looked and you secretly started praying for their demise?

The celebrity rise from a nobody to an overrated celeb happens so quickly these days that it’s hard to keep track of who you love and who you hate. Thankfully for you, we’ve created (with a little inspiration from Guyism’s 66 Most Overrated Women of 2010) the ultimate list of the 30 most overrated guys in Hollywood right now. In no specific order…

[Click on the pic to get even more of their overrated-ness.]

1. Ed Westwick

In short, this guy has worn one too many fedoras and ascots for me to take him seriously as sexy or even remotely heterosexual. And that weird “I’m trying not to fart” look he always seems to have on his face certainly doesn’t help matters.

2. Orlando Bloom

I never really understood this craze. All I see is a guy with a goatee and long black curls who happened to play the supporting roles of a pirate and an elf in some hit movies. I just don’t get it.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely hot but definitely not hot enough to be married to Scarlett Johansson. And, really, eventually this piece of white bread is gonna rom-com out and then he’ll just be the guy who was in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock.

4. A-Rod

Someone remind me why two of Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars (Cameron Diaz + Kate Hudson) are fighting over this guy? I mean I know he’s a Yankee but other than that, from the sheer looks of him… there must be something I’m missing here. Plus, HE’S RECENTLY BEEN INSIDE OF A WOMAN WHO’S THE SAME AGE AS MY MOTHER. Somehow, that’s just hard for me to overlook.

5. Ken Jeong

Where did this guy come from (besides out of the back of a classic Mercedes, naked)? Sure, he’s funny when other people are writing his lines in The Hangover and on Community, but does he really deserve to share a stage with Ed Helms? Short answer: hell f**king no.

6. Matthew McConaughey

There’s a reason why Chelsea Handler calls this guy “Matthew McCona-gay.” The guy peaked in The Wedding Planner, a movie co-starring J-Lo, and it’s been all downhill from there. We’re all sick of him. He should just do us all a favor: put on a shirt, take a shower and get over himself already.

7. Adrian Grenier

Is it just me or is it hard to take this guy’s supposed sex appeal in Entourage seriously when you know he once starred beside Melissa Joan Hart in that teen film Drive me Crazy?

8. Mario Lopez

Alright, alright I’ll admit it. He has an absolutely insane body but behind those washboard abs and boyish dimples all I see is Slater from Saved By the Bell sitting backwards in a chair in an obscenely psychedelic collared shirt and curly mullet. You can’t fool me, Lopez.

9. Josh Hartnett

I still remember when that whole Hartnett phase was running rampant during his Black Hawk Down days. However, I think pictures like this – along with my dreaded fear that his eyebrows would someday fully connect -stood in the way of me ever fully being on board with the Hartnett love-fest.

10. Ryan Seacrest

Although not altogether bad looking facially, something about a guy needing to wear high heels in order to look even moderately average in height next to me just doesn’t seem to cut it in my book. Definitely not worth his $45 million deal with American Idol.

11. Conan O’Brien

Did you watch Conan on The Tonight Show before NBC canned him? Probably not, hence the reason he got the boot. His ratings were crap and for good reason: his show just wasn’t that good. The guy is funny, yes, but he’d never be getting the international love or giant TBS paycheck if he weren’t involved in the late night scandal of the century.

12. Colin Farrell

From bad boy to boring in record time.  All those illegitimate children and baby mamas killed whatever mojo he had working. Though I’m still trying to figure out what that mojo was.

13. Russell Brand

Bringing us back to a time when teased hair, heavy eyeliner, and open shirts were the height of sophistication, why do we love this guy so much? He should be doing photos for rehab pamphlets, not Katy Perry.  Thumbs down for this quirky Brit.

14. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Yes, all the nekkid time he gets on The Tudors is more than a little enjoyable, but his performance in Match Point was way too convincing for me.  Why would you be attracted to someone with those crazy eyes?  WHY?

15. Chace Crawford

Aw, isn’t she precious?  If you like your men coiffed, tweezed, rouged, and lip glossed, Chace is your [wo]man. Come on, he should be starring in an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, not as the Upper East Side’s premier hottie in Gossip Girl.

16. Justin Bieber

I’ve found the cure for Bieber Fever.  It’s called puberty.  Time we all move on to someone old enough to vote.

17. Patrick Dempsey

Ladies, admit it to yourselves: McDreamy is getting McOld (and not in a George Clooney way).  Sure, he was hot in the first season of Grey’s Anatomy.  We were amazed at how he transformed from his awkward ’80s movie phase, how he got his hair under control and put on a little (just a little) muscle.  Now, in 2010, I feel like we’ve seen all the tricks up this doctor’s sleeves.

18. Johnny Depp

How this guy keeps winning People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” I’ll never know. He wears more flannel than I did in 1994 and it seems like it’s been that long since he last stepped foot in a shower.

19. Robert Pattinson

Because a rat’s nest on your head and rumors of body odor are totally sexy.  Not.  I really don’t understand the worldwide fascination with this dude.  What do you see here that’s so appealing?  His face isn’t even symmetrical!

20. Taylor Lautner

Another gorgeous bod, but have you ever heard this guy open his mouth? No? That’s a good thing. There’s just not much goin’ on in there.  He just kind of smiles and stands there while his muscles bulge out of his shirt. Yawn.

21. The Situation

Seriously?  He doesn’t even have a real name. The Situation.  He sounds like Bono or Prince…except totally talentless and worse for the future of our planet than an epic BP oil leak.

22. Michael Cera

He was great in Juno.  And Juno 2.  And Juno 3.  Oh wait, those were different movies?  I want to see this kid doing SWAT team psycho-thrillers or the A-Team 2, then maybe I’ll pay attention again.

23. Zac Efron

He has a knack for dribbling to the beat of a show tune, but Zac’s High School Musical Days are over. And let’s be honest: the only good thing going for him was his pretty blonde hair. Too bad J. Bieber’s got the same do. Ciao, Efron.

24. The Jonas Brothers

Why were they famous in the first place? Just ’cause young Nick Jonas could sing and the other two decided to tag along in tight pants and skinny ties? Much like gyrating 10-year-olds and the phenomenon that is grown men “moving their hips like this,” I blame Miley for this one.

25. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt used to be a sexy piece of man meat before he cheated on the sweet Jennifer Aniston with homewrecker, Angelina Jolie. Now he just looks like that smelly guy you avoid at Bonaroo.

26. Kellan Lutz

Hot body: check. Uh…erm….what else does this guy have to offer?

27. Ashton Kutcher

So he married a (hot) old lady. Snore. I miss the days when he was making Justin Timberlake cry.

28. Justin Timberlake

He’s the most successful former member of N’SYNC and does the funniest SNL appearances. Which is like saying Lauren Conrad is the smartest girl on The Hills and Kelly Bensimon is the craziest member of The Real Housewives – really, not saying much.

29. Adam Lambert

A weird hybrid of Elton John and Pete Wentz, I just can’t get behind a guy who uses more nail polish, eyeliner and hair product than me. No matter how big his tongue is.

30. Jay-Z

The guy talks. About how rich he is. With music playing in the background. Is that what makes a legendary rap star these days?



    1. Taylor says:

      There's a -reason- Johnny Depp is so "overrated." It's called having talent.

    2. Ace says:

      Ok, I'm with you on most. But my dedication to Johnny Depp will never waver

    3. JL says:

      This was spot on!

    4. Emily says:

      Sorry, but I have to disagree with Patrick Dempsey, Justin Timberlake, and Ashton Kutcher.

      Dempsey has had a decent career, and he still looks hot. Plus, it's not like they are writing him out on Grey's like Izzie Stevens. Bottom line, he is an essential character on a show many women love. How is that overrated?

      JT is talented. Period. And when all his bandmates fizzled out, he still had a music career going, and has proved he can act. He's managed to keep himself relevant, and that is a huge feat for a former boy band member. I believe Nick Carter tried and failed. Props to JT.

      And yes, Ashton Kutcher has a show that only airs on Fox reruns, and his movies have all been flops, but did you know the dude has a production company? And before he ever acted, he was a fairly successful model. Again, a talented guy you bashed for no other reason than searching for a few more people to add up to 30.

      I think you could have stopped the list at 25.

    5. alex says:

      I honestly don't know if I agree with any of this. Well, the Jonas Brothers but probably only because I personally dislike them. Which is really what this list comes down to: personal preference. Beside that, it's a little mean-spirited. Ripping on these famous guys by saying they have nothing going for them but their bods is kind of cruel. Everyone's going to have objections to this list because almost every girl in America has a thing for at least one of them, and tearing them down just makes the author look mean and jealous.

    6. me says:

      I don't understand what the point of this feature- It seems too negative and cynical to be funny, sorry. Maybe try a "30 most underrated guys in hollywood" next? That would be interesting and positive.

    7. Hannah says:

      Johnny Depp is so talented. Any pretty face can play a jock, or a heart throb, or a nerd… because everyone has a little bit of that in them to draw from. But playing straight up crazy? That takes talent.

    8. Anna says:

      I'm with you for EVERYONE except Josh Hartnett. Seriously? Look at those eyes. The eyebrows don't even bug me- at least he doesn't overtweeze like Glambert. And he's a decent actor, in a deep-voice deadpan kinda way.

    9. Renn says:

      It seems to me that one major point that you're forgetting while ripping on some of these guys is that apart from their bodies and whatnot, there might actually be a reason for chicks to dig them so much. Brad Pitt is an amazing actor and his whole career shouldn't be judged by his recent behavior. Justin Timberlake has had a successful career and now does awesome stuff for SNL. And about Ryan Reynolds not being hot enough to be married to Scarlett… that's just plain superficial. Besides I've seen him in The Nines, I think he really has talent. Jay-Z – also very successful and probably a decent guy if he's been in a relationship so serious that is still looking stable.

      There are some people on this list that deserve being there. What is the world's obsession with Justin Bieber, that dude from Twilight and those guys from Gossip girl, is beyond me. However, it shouldn't be hard to make the difference between a passing curiosity and the real thing.

    10. Amanda says:

      I disagree with half of this! Sure, the teeny bopper guys can be annoying, but instead of calling it "30 overrated guys" perhaps title this "30 guys I don't get". I don't know who all of these guys are, but from what I can tell you haven't listed the male equivalent of Paris Hilton. They all seem to be famous for a reason! And if you make a good movie, song, star on a hit show (even one) that lasts forever!

    11. emma says:

      oMG i haTe eveRyOnE!!!!!!!


    12. B says:

      Some of these people really shouldn't be on this list…

    13. Kristina says:

      Wow, some of these people are great and they have talent. What exactly are you looking for?

    14. shari says:

      are there any guys that you DO like? lol

    15. Anna says:

      I think the point is that, while these guys may be famous for a reason, they probably don't deserve QUITE as much fame as they get. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are definitely talented, but the amount of attention and praise and name-recognition they get is staggering compared to other actors of similar good looks and ability. I like the list- snarky, but pretty spot on.

    16. Allie says:

      It appears to me that you've just listed every successful male in Hollywood. I am just confused as to what consitutes "overrated" to you. The star has a large fanbase? To me that would be considered "highly rated and admired," not overrated.

    17. Chelsea says:

      Wow, way to spread negativity around for absolutely no reason. If you don't like these people, don't watch their movies or buy their CDs. Change the channel on the TV or the radio station. This isn't funny, and College Candy should be disappointed that they employ the writer who produced this article.

    18. JL says:

      I agree with almost everyone on this list but I have to disagree with Ken Jeong. The guy is insanely funny and ridiculously smart, as opposed to every other vapid Hollywood celebrity (I don't get why the Situation is still relevant… or ever was in the first place). The man's a doctor, he didn't just play one in Knocked Up, he actually has a brain! Before judging that he isn't funny without someone writing his lines, check out his stand up routines, he can do just fine on his own.

    19. Jamie says:

      I don't agree with most of the choices on this list, especially Patrick Dempsey, Robert Pattionson, Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt. But, I do NOT agree with Johnny Depp whatsoever. The man is talented, period. And, I also disagree with your choice of Ashton Kutcher. Like someone else said, he had a fairly successful career as a model before becoming an actor and has his own production company. Granted, JT also has a production company and a very successful career. My reasoning for agreeing he's overrated is that I think people give him too much credit when it comes to his actual vocal ability, but he IS talented. I'll give him that. I like his music, just not all of it and not him personally.

    20. Jamie says:

      I agree with most of the choices on this list, especially Patrick Dempsey, Robert Pattionson, Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt. But, I do NOT agree with Johnny Depp whatsoever. The man is talented, period. And, I also disagree with your choice of Ashton Kutcher. Like someone else said, he had a fairly successful career as a model before becoming an actor and has his own production company. Granted, JT also has a production company and a very successful career. My reasoning for agreeing he's overrated is that I think people give him too much credit when it comes to his actual vocal ability, but he IS talented. I'll give him that. I like his music, just not all of it and not him personally.

    21. Lacey says:

      Im gonna strongly disagree with Conan being on this list. Hes hilarious. And, he is internationaly known. The country of Finland adores him.

    22. Lacey says:

      Im also going to add that Depp is the shit. The end.

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    24. Chloe says:

      I only agree with half of this list.

    25. Jess says:

      I agree with a bunch of these, I'm gonna be about the 5th person to say Johnny Depp definitely has talent.

      And I'm not gonna go on a rampage yelling about how Russell Brand is all sorts of talented, but he's funny as anything and I am definitely a fan. And he should only be on brochure's for rehab as a success story, he's been off drugs and alcohol for 7 years. Don't hold that against him.

    26. RIKO says:

      *sigh, another witless article from college candy, WHAT a surprise.

      um exactly what does it take to not be overrated in your eyes? who is this celebrity that without fail is true to himself/ his art that garners your respect and admiration? and I agree with alex, this does not seem like a guide of who is overrated but rather who you personally do not like.

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    28. Mako says:

      I also disagree about Conan. First, he is a very funny guy.

      Secondly, The reason that his show did not get "good ratings" was because he wasn't given the chance to. Think about it. He was on the air for little over half a year and it took Leno 3 years to build his audience and beat Letterman in the ratings. It took Conan 2-3 years to establish his audience for Late Night. NBC didn't give him the chance to do that with The Tonight Show. That's why there was a scandal. Also, let's not forget Leno's Prime time ratings. They sucked.

    29. Ana says:

      If there's one person who I don't think should be on this list, it's Johnny Depp. That guy.. He's the guy.

      Also, even though I agree most of them ARE overrated, this all sounds kinda personal. Bitter much?

    30. Anony-mouse says:

      I completely agree with all with the exception of Johnny Depp.

      He's capable of versatility which is exactly what you criticised a majority of the other actors for lacking. He's talented, he's attractive. I wouldn't agree to him being the world's sexiest man but with what Hollywood has to offer these days, fair enough.

    31. Krakenbwool says:

      I agree with most of this list, but “Matthew McCona-gay”? What are we, in middle school?

    32. Jenn says:

      Ugh. completely agree with matthew mcCona-gay can you believe they wanted to cast him as Jack in Titanic, disaster!

      However Ryan Rynolds is adorable (and good on ScarJo for going for a boy next door type), Josh Hartnett is epic in Pearl Harbour, Russel Brand is fucking hilarious, Dempsey is getting hotter with age, Johnny Depp is brilliant, talented and sexy as hell, and Juzzy T is very talented (albeit annoying at times) but very talented! Most of the rest I agree with, but not to the bitter state that you seem to.

    33. T says:

      I agree with roughly half.

    34. Jessica says:

      I disagree with almost this entire list… Jay-Z, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Zac Efron… really? Wrong. And Ryan Reynolds not being hot enough? Um… what? Disappointing list.

    35. Molly says:

      Agree with a ton of these. I hate Johnny Dep, I'm really really REALLY not sure what makes him attractive (let alone the sexiest man alive). To me he always looks like he hasn't showered. Brad Pitt, agree. He was cute and now he looks like Santa. Shave Brad, seriously. Jay-Z is my PARENTS age. Russel Brand, is gross, I'm just not turned on my boys who look like that. The Situation is a hysterical trainwreck to watch, but he needs to grow the f up. There were more I agreed with but those were the big ones!

    36. Jessica says:

      ha ha love the list ps no man is too pretty to shower, speaking to you McConaughey and Pattinson

    37. Mac says:

      Russell Brand…Tiny Tims illegit kid!

    38. JK says:

      To the author: when is the last time you were laid? The cynicism employed in this article has jealousy written all over it because you haven't been banged by a man like one of these in quite some time.

      I'm all about freedom of speech but you just reek of desperation. Stop hating and judging on good-looking successful men.

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    43. NR says:

      Where's Tom Cruise on this list? And John Travolta? Christopher Walken and Michael Douglas belong there, too. Of course when it comes to Hollywood celebs, is there anyone who doesn't immediately think of A-Rod! A-Rod is right up there with that other Hollywood celeb Brett Favre.

    44. Lauren--NY says:

      Wow, could you at least ATTEMPT to put a SMALL lid on the homophobia next time? Yeah, thanks.


    45. pirate says:

      i dont get this at all… you say they're "overrated," but you trash almost every single one of them for their appearances. seriously, are you blind?!? not that I have anything against it, AT ALL (!!!!!!!!), but do you even like men? who is not "overrated" in your opinion?

      this list is garbage. step it up college candy.

    46. Emjay says:

      If your intention was to come across as homopobic and like that picky librarian in her 90s explaining why no man was ever worth marrying, kudos!

      What an incredibly offensive set of reasons to mock celebrities. Mostly because they're not manly enough for you. Yuck.

    47. Ana says:

      Agree with most of it but have to disagree with Ryan Reynolds, Patrick Dempsey, Johnny Depp (I can't believe you went there), Jay Z and even Ken Jong! WTF? These are men that are actually to have a career despite getting hits. And good careers. They are talented and certainly won't go anywhere because they aren't overrated.

      Also, where is Tom Cruise? He should be No. 1. Whatever he did in the MTV Movie Awards should have been example of overrated is.

    48. Layla says:

      I'm sorry, but this list is riddiculous. Not only do you come off as shallow and judgmental (not to mention more than a little homophobic), but you also knock a LOT of people who have actual talent. Have you even heard Jay Z's music? Seen a Johnny Depp movie? There are a lot of people in Hollywood who are famous for no reason (and a few of them even made it onto this list), but many of the people on the list have deservedly made it to the top, and you just sound petty in your criticism of them.

      Also, Ryan Reynolds isn't hot enough? Are you blind?!

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    50. Asia says:

      I disagree with over half of this list. But you have the right to speak your mind.

      My only problem really comes from your blatant homophobia in the some of the descriptions. It's disgustingly offensive.

    51. emily says:

      wow….i'm glad we're basing this on talent. johnny depp: one of the best character actors of all time. justin timberlake: very, very successful singer/songwriter. and to the person who said they doubted his actual vocal ability, listen to his version of "hallelujah" that he sang for help for haiti. jay-z is considered to be one of the best rappers of all time.

      and i'm sorry but adrian grenier is damn sexy. maybe next time actually watch entourage. and get out of the 90s perhaps.

    52. Satsuma says:

      This list made me really uncomfortable in an I-don't-know-if-this-writer-knows-she's-homophobic sort of way. And it's not… clever or interesting or anything. It might actually be as bad as that list of overrated actresses that Jezebel posted not too long back, just with reversed genders.

    53. Commenter says:

      Well … they are actors so really what they have to offer is their looks and people pay them to see them in various media. Well-rounded handsome Harvard educated doctors tend to be … well more in the way of in hospitals saving lives.

      There is one cool man out there … heterosexual man commenting here … Sam Worthington … prediction: next James Bond.

    54. emilylw says:

      i think that this list would have been a lot funnier/more interesting (i stopped reading at about number 20) had you just kept the list to the top 10 most overrated guys, and worked harder on developing some entertaining commentary on each of your picks.

    55. mischa says:

      are you stupid? this list is so wrong. no offense or anything but you sound like a shallow, judgmental, homophobic b*tch. just sayin.

      johnny depp's an amazing actor. jay-z? great rapper, and um. ryan reynolds? open your eyes woman, he's SMOKING.

    56. Sarah says:

      I was shocked to see Ed Westwick as number 1. I mean I know you may not get why women think he's hot but he does an amazing job acting along side Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl (their on screen chemistry is unbelievable and they've been consistently rated as one of tv's hottest couples). And you shouldn't attack guys like Chace Crawford and Zac Efron for being good looking. You're attack on Ryan Reynolds was uncalled for. He's not just the guy who was in The Proposal, he's a good actor plus he's getting an X-men Origins movie soon for the character he played in Wolverine so he has plenty going his way.

      You also put Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, Conan O'Brien, Johnny Depp, and Jay-Z. SERIOUSLY?!??! Do you not watch tv, movies, or listen to music?!?!?

      These are some of the best in their field. Jay-Z is one of the best and most successful rappers ever. He's been around for over a decade and he's not going anywhere. Justin is also very successful in the music industry and everyone knows his songs.

      Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are two of the best actors around. If they weren't good do you think they would have ever won Golden Globes or been nominated for Oscars? Patrick Dempsey is still very hot and he's a great actor plus he's also been nominated for emmy's and golden globes. I haven't seen Ashton do much lately but he is still one of the best comedic actors and Conan is hysterical.

      As for the rest of the guys I can agree with except for a few that i'm not familiar with so I can't judge them. And it's mostly personal preference anyway.

      I'm still shocked Spencer Pratt didn't top this list. You didn't even list him.

    57. Nick says:

      Where's George Clooney? he's so overrated, and so annoying. And same about Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

    58. Bebe says:

      woah woah…i draw the line at beyonce, nick. i agree that she may not be the best singer/dancer or the best looking person in the world…but all three of what she has PLUS the ex factor puts her over the top. that, to me, is raw talent. as for lady gaga, all of her songs have been hits. she is really weird and scary but she puts out music that the people love.

      as for George Clooney…yeah he's really annoying.

    59. John says:

      Ken Jeong is a beast, and this list sucks. I Agree on the jonas brothers and Justin Bieber because they are total fags

    60. Brianna says:

      Lil Wayne and Kanye West are Overrated.

      1. Mitchell says:

        Flavor Flav. Period.

    61. Shivs says:

      where is spencer pratt?!

    62. terri14 says:

      First time on your website and you knida instulted me already. I love Ryan Reynolds. Have you like EVER seen any of his movies??? Have you seen Just Friends😀 He was awesome there. Or The Proposal – nearly every stupid hottie can "act" in some "drama", but when you'd want some really good inteligent sense of humor, go for Ryan. And ORlando Bloom? I love him😀 I love Lord of the rings -I'm kind of a nerd though. And Pirates??? Awesome!

    63. amy says:

      AGREE TOTALLY!!!!!

      and a suggestion for number 31 – JIMMY FUCKING KIMMELL

    64. Patty says:

      I totally agreed with you. I wouldnt give these guys the time of day. I just dont get it. none of these guys are a turn on. They are way to gay looking.

    65. James says:

      You're too miserable to be alive. Let's see how you look. OMG this guy is so overrated he always has an eye lash out of place, omg omg omg. Go die. Seriously I am being nice here.

    66. Becky says:

      Johnny Depp? you must be high, blind deaf and stupid. He is gorgeous, hot, delicious looking and insanely talented. Plus he isn't a media whore. He does his movies, attends some award shows and then you never hear him about him in the media till another movie so what is overrated about him?

      Why isn't Spencer Pratt on the list? George Clooney? and if we want to venture to women, Katy Perry. Don't get me wrong, I rock out to her songs but when she opens her mouth I just wanna shoot myself, she's soo annoying. You're list is completely stupid. If looks make someone overrated than you must be very very ugly….probably fat and hairy with strong B-O. I agree with putting the situation and Robert Patterson on the list. Both are annoying, both think they are extremely hot and aren't and think that they are the greatest thing ever.

    67. Dave says:

      SPOT ON!

      This is the most perfect list of its kind.


    68. midnightcyn says:

      What exactly were the standards for this list? WERE there any to begin with? And how could you miss Will Smith, of all people–a man who has given the exact same performance regardless of the movie or character he was supposed to be part of.

      I agree with many on this list, especially the ones who are all body and no brain, but there's a difference between being "overrated" and just not being attractive to the author. When it comes down to it, sexy is in the mind of the beholder.

    69. Smarty says:

      You are wrong about Robert Pattinson. He is a sexy specimen of a man. If you don't get then watch the Twilight movies and then read the books. If after that you still don't get it then you need your f*cking eyes checked.

    70. Andrea says:

      You must be out of your damn mind if you think that all Jay Z talks about is being rich!!!! Just to quote him…"do u even listen to music or do u skim through it???" U are obviously a "skimmer" because no one in their right mind would even say the stupid sh*t that you said!!! Listen to some Jay Z music……lyrics that is…NOT just the beats and then reconsider ur view!! I cant believe you…….you obviously didnt do your research and you are obviously an idiot who probably only listens to Justin Beiber despite the fact that you put him on ur silly little list!!!

    71. Kalexuz says:


      Seeing some of these just made me cheer aloud, but seeing Johnny Depp like made me want to cry!

      Depp hasn't been hot or sexy since "What's Eating Gilber Grape" & MAYBE "Benny & Joon"… I think all my friends and 97% of the hetero female population thought I was a lesbian… I now know i'm not alone w/ my lack of attraction to Depp.

    72. City Girl says:

      So Molly, if you're older than 30, you're no longer worthy of superstar status? Of course you realize that most "super stars" under 30 have not really done anything to even deserve this title?

      Isn't life a bit too long for us to actually think that it's only good until age 30?

    73. pattipatpat says:

      The important think to remember is that this is just ONE person's opinion about people she doesn't know or will ever met so what's the point! We can agree or disagree but in the end it's just useless list to insult people for no good reason other than the fact that she can. Sounds as though the author had a lot of time on her hands.

    74. william rhoads says:

      johnny depp is the best actors around he can play anybody and has such deversity that other people only dream of!

    75. LaLa says:

      Alright, this is by far the worst critique I have ever read. What's sad isn't Johnny's lack of showering or Lambert's eyeliner but the fact that you've failed misserably in your critque, perhaps you should stop worrying about successful peoples faults and focus on your own job. I've seen beter hollywood critiques from high schoolers. All you have accomplished is to rile allot of people up. Remember you've dished it out allot, so I hope you're ready to take it. By the way since when has hight been a job requirement for a show host? He got the job because he's talented enough to handle all the weird situations with people on the show and has a good sense of humor that added to the show. These comments of your's are shallow and if this was the way we truly rated hollywood we would have no actual talent at all. Right now I'm sure you're on people's "overrated journalists list"

    76. grace says:

      This list is horrible. Jay-Z? He's legit. JOHNNY DEPP, that's just awful., he's awesome at everything. But oh no you did not just place ADAM LAMBERT?! Are you joking? He's not only COMPLETELY gorgeous but his voice is indescribable. Overrated? No, its called talent. Review your subjects next time. Sheesh.

    77. Sue says:

      What a crummy "overrated" list. You only got one right: Justin Beiber! I especially don't like his silly hair. I wonder what he'll think of his hair when he turns 21 and looks at his old photos/videos. Yikes!

      No one else belonged on this list, except…maybe Chase Crawford and Kellan Lutz.

      And the one who MOST did not belong: Johnny Depp!

    78. MidnightSun says:

      Kim Kardashion. oops, that's right, this is a male list. Add the rest of the media whores and somebody please tell me exactly why the three of them (and MOM) have yet to show a glimmer of talent.

      Kris Allen. WHO? C'mon now. He's has no more talent than the guy in your local bar who plays for tips. Adam Lambert actually won and like him or not, he's an amazing performer and I wish he was straight because I think he's sexy as hell.

      Kurt Cobain. He's dead and I'm sick of all the nonsense about his genius. The only reason people care about him is he killed himself. His music was so so and I think if he took a shower once in a while he wouldn't have been so depressed. When you smell like a barnyard people are going to avoid being in your presense. Get over him. He's dead for a reason.


      Simon Cowell.

      John Mayer.

      Jake Gyllenhall.

      Kenny Chesney.

      Hugh Grant.

      Nick Lachey. Who cares. What has he done lately except party.

      Tiger Woods (before we found out he was a manwhore).

      KANYE WEST! He's too stupid to live and his arrogance should be beaten out of him. He's a damn fool and makes himself ridiculous. He's a complete moron.

      The very long list of wanna be rappers with stupid names stamped out with the same cookie cutter. Same beat. Same words. Same videos. Boring and annoying. You've got your own list here. I'll start with Eminem. Does that guy know how to smile?

      Many of the guys on her list prove that she's probably a hardcore lesbian (I apologize to the Gay community). I'm now dying to see her list of the hottest guys. This list was so just so off base I personally ask her to share her list of who she thinks are the hottest 30 men. Now, that would be a treat.

      Anybody who thinks Johnny Depp has no talent is obviously an alien and has not seen his body of work. He's more talented than every single guy on this farce list combined.

      Can't wait to read my hate mail. Be kind. It's my opinion and I didn't call you nasty names because I disagreed with some of you. Act civilized folks. We're all grown ups here, so kindly act like it.

    79. Jenezza says:

      This is absolutly hilarious and, for the most part, true. But a) Johnny Depp is, has been, and will always be amazing and b) Justin Bieber should be #1 on that list.

    80. Gail says:

      I was shocked to see Johnny Depp on such a list! You obviously

      have no knowledge of what real talent is!!! George Clooney

      should be in his spot on your list!

    81. Jenezza says:

      Oh! I didn't see Ken Jeong on the list! He's AMAZING! Hilarious in his STAND-UP aka NON-SCRIPTED AND STILL FUNNY! Don't rip on people you haven't done any research on!

    82. Caterina says:

      I agree with most of the list, but Johnny Depp is talented, and Dempsey- who I am not a fan of- sure looks hot in that picture. Pitt has some real talent, but his current look is a real turn-off, but that doesn't mean he's not talented.

      As for the rest, a clear sign that they are overrated- I don't know half of them, and I haven't seen most of them!

    83. natalie says:

      The first ones on the list I agreed with but then you just ran out of candidates and just dissed everyone that the media hyped and tons of people adore (for many VALID reasons). Johnny Depp can NEVER be overrated, unless of course you have never seen his movies and therefore not even qualified to speak his name. I see a bunch of losers writing this one, really.

    84. Linda says:

      If someone paid you for this article, they are either a cross between a moron or worse…Or they just got robbed…You are a

      idiot…I must be too for reading any of it….That was a waste

      of about 45 seconds…Go back to school and get a real job….

    85. Kate says:

      I echo Alex's sentiments above. Also, first and last time to the site.

      Depp-one day, if not already, looked upon as iconic and influential.

      Colin-what because he quit using drugs and alcohol? that makes him boring?

      Jay-Z-not really into his music but know & heard enough to realize the guy is immensely talented.

      Regardless of how I personally feel about Seacrest-he's a hardworking individual.

      Ken Jeong-no way

      I could go on but this write-up was not insightful or witty.

    86. mtler says:

      I thought this would be a list of which celebrity people find hot but are not actually hot. Like adrien brody, if that guy was a waiter in a restaurant he would be the ugliest person on the planet.

    87. Anita Lay says:

      I feel sorry for your generation. First, I saw Jay-Z on SNL. This monkey has NO TALENT. You kids have been fed "hip-hop" by MTV your whole lives. But, it's CRAP. and you don't know any better. There is so little good music made since 1998 or so, you all need to listen to Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Bad Company, Cream, Hendrix, the list goes on and on and on. And TRUST ME… there is NOTHING today that can even wipe the ass of the music from the 50's to the 90's. PS, Wearing baseball caps leads to hair loss. God Help you all.

    88. RJ says:

      I feel sorry for your generation. First, I saw Jay-Z on SNL. This monkey has NO TALENT. You kids have been fed "hip-hop" by MTV your whole lives. But, it's CRAP. and you don't know any better. There is so little good music made since 1998 or so, you all need to listen to Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Bad Company, Cream, Hendrix, the list goes on and on and on. And TRUST ME… there is NOTHING today that can even wipe the ass of the music from the 50's to the 90's. PS, Wearing baseball caps leads to hair loss. God Help you all.

    89. Bree says:

      You make no sense. You put some really good actors and singers on this list. Did you do any research at all? Brad Pitt has been in Hollywood for years and rightfully so. Same with J. Depp. I hope you didn't get paid to write this.

    90. Brittney says:

      god. this is crazy, theres no way Taylor Lautner is overrated. i mean, did you see how much work he had to do just to shoot new moon. dude, it's called talent. ts, and there is no flipping way J.Depp is O.R god, this list is wacko. ts. we want to know who is the real overrated people. no doubt about J.B though. i think he is (A BIT) overrated. but he is a talented little dude.:)

    91. cio says:

      agree with jl, mako and a shitload of other people who agree that conan and ken jeong are amazing, and that the author of this article obviously didn't even bother looking up what made these guys famous. If you don't know anything about them, how can you determine whether they're talented? Also, Ken's speech about his wife's breast cancer at the MTV movie awards was adorable!

    92. Zach says:

      Who says an asymmetrical face is unattractive? Would a symmetrical face make Robert Pattinson any more interesting? What's really "overrated" is the concept of beauty in our society. And beauty beats talent all too often. Sad.

    93. sammy says:

      Johnny Depp is NOT over-rated. The CC staff is a pack of f**king losers.

    94. […] Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Michael Cera is awkward. And the earth revolves around the sun. […]

    95. Wilberthe says:

      WHOA. I was laughing along with this list until I saw Johnny Depp. That man does not belong on any kind of list that Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber are on. He's gorgeous and amazingly talented! I understand this is your opinion, but I love Johnny (if you couldn't tell) so it hit me a little hard…

    96. john says:

      i have no idea who 90% of the people in the list are. but that little weasel johnny depp is indeed overrated. if it wasn't for his anal buddy tim burton shoving makeup into his face in every god damn remake of a remake of a clone of a clone movie most of the world wouldnt know of him. brad pitt on the other hand is not overrated. he's a very versatile actor. maybe an exaggeration, but he's more versatile than that makeup wearing costume donning johnny pansy depp. i heard him and his anal buddy tim burton were going to do a remake of the wizard of oz… fucking ruining fond childhood memories those two are.

    97. pollo says:

      hey, johnny depp's a very talented actor! he's my favorite all time! and i cant believe u put orlando bloom and brad pitt too, have u ever seen pirates, edward scissorhands, lord of the ring, benjamin button, n inglourious basterds??

      almost forgot, i lov adam lambert too, may be there're so much wo hate him but i still like his song!

      are there any guy you like? cause i just wondering if you're a lesbian

    98. Ally says:

      I disagree with you about johnny depp and Jay-Z.

      Jay-z is one of the only REAL rappers left. He doesn't talk about money. Hear DOA or Never Change? Much better than Kanye.

    99. Guidettehater says:

      You are right about Dempsey. I personally never found him that hot. He has a serious ferret face and his rear end is nonexistent. Plus, he's got skinny legs. Two dealbreakers right there.

      Maybe it's just me, but The Situation acts gay.

      I cannot stand Robert Pattinson and don't get the hype. His head and face are misshapen. Lautner is cute, but is a no-talent.

      I used to seriously crush on Hartnett, but his drug issues have killed his looks. Plus his acting is kind of one-note.

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    102. Oriana says:

      Johnny Depp is gorgeous, talented, charismatic and absolutely adorable! How can you say he's overrated! It's absurd! As far as the other guys are concerned, I totally agree!

    103. Just read the new voting for the most overrated people in hollywood. Orlando Bloom and Ashton Kutcher are stil there. However Jay Z disappeared from it. I think Curtis Jackson / 50 cent should also be in that list since his movies were all not that great in my opinion.

    104. Jade says:

      I don't understand. It seems to me that the writers have thought of 30 generally recognisable males from Hollywood and declared them overrated, despite achievement or skill, in order to make a nice long list.

    105. eminem says:

      so u reported everyone as not hot enough..tell me who is hot then??

    106. NuckinFutNix says:

      Kellan lutz is hot but this is the first time ive ever heard of him so point taken!!…however i refuse to give up johnny depp though i really didnt need too see him as willy wonka that seriously busted my mental girl hard-on.

    107. Allen says:

      Thank God there is someone out there that is stil sane!! God bless you. Now we need a female list with Angelina Jolie as number 1 overrated person.

    108. aljernon says:

      who DO you like in hollywood then? post about that i'd be interested to see who gfets past ur weird set of criteria

    109. DJay says:

      who the f**k wrote this?? Johnny Depp and overrated??

      Nothin but a piece of trash here. On to the next article.

    110. Brett says:

      What about Tom "World's Shittiest Actor after Brad Pitt" Cruise?

    111. Mitchell says:

      Not a single face is symmetrical you know.

    112. Dontwannatellumyname says:

      OKay to that person who said that asymetrical face can be atractive… no it can't.
      To the typical human brain it can't. Because beauty is the symmetric of the face, nothing more nothing less. What we define by the word beauty is basically what we are learned to like. If everyone in your state loves skinnier women or men, it is very likely that you will like it too because you believe that is the correct thing to do. Also i agree pretty much with every single statement made as far as these people are concerned.

    113. GRB says:

      Finally. Finally. Someone has seen through the veneer and BS of Brad Pitt, an overrated mediocre actor with a great PR person to make you think otherwise. Tom Cruise needs to be included in this list as well: One-dimensional actor who looks weird-er and weird-er the older he gets.

    114. Victitia says:

      I was quite surprised to see Orlando bloom at 2, at least he’s got something to show for (Lord of the Rings/Pirates of the Caribbean)! If anyone’s most overrated it’s got to be Justin Bieber, c’mon seriously 16!? He should be No.1!

    115. Wieda says:

      Johnny Depp???? really ?????

      Wow….maybe you haven’t watch any of his movies….He is not ovarrated at all….He’s a great actors who got snubbed a lot of time by Oscar or any awards.

      Some of the Actors you wrote here indeed overrated, but most of them are not such as:

      *Jay Z, why?

      ->He’s the most decent singer I’ve ever seen, briliant and a good man too

      *Jonathan Rhys Meyer

      -> First, those eyes and face are beautiful, he’s a talented actor if you ever saw any of his works

      *Ed Westwick

      -> He Played his role as Chuck Bass briliantly and for me no other actors can play Chuck Bass like him. very natiural and conviving…

      *Colin Farell

      ->A couple of Awards that he got doesn’t get you??? well, you really need to rewatch all of movies that he was in.

      *Michael Cera

      -> He’s young and I believe as time passed he will be a great actors, he’s talented enough

      *Jonas Brothers

      -> They’re in a band, start as teenager, good voice, many fans….it should be a hint for you that they’re so not overrated

      *Justin Timberlake

      -> Open your eyes, this Guy can do anything…

      There….those people (includding Mr. Johnny Depp) are not OVERRATED at all, in fact…they’re really UNDERRATED….Just pleaseeee…..change your list…

    116. PV says:

      I’d rather say that JOHNNY DEPP is underrated.

      He’s much more talented than how people think he is. Better watch all his movies and then comment.

      and Zac Efron still has his eyes (no matter the hair is gone). He’s hot too!

    117. Era says:

      In your world, everybody is overrated😀

    118. Charlotte says:

      I completely agree about Ryan Reynolds, just do not see the attraction! And with Johnny Depp too. Don't agree about Orlando Bloom. Ryan Seacrest is so overhyped and I see more attractive and engaging men pass me on the street on a daily basis. Jonah Hill should be on this list too!

    119. youjealous? says:

      Wow, jealous, much?

      No matter what you or anyone else has to say, the truth is that Jay-Z is a Big Baller who does NOT care at all what you think of him.

      Oh, and, btw, he can still buy and sell you in his sleep ANYTIME, hater:D

    120. truthtruth12 says:

      Add ole "Marky Mark" Wahlberg to this shit list…I'm so tired of seeing that talentless DOUCHEBAG (who finally married his forever pregnant live-in whore) still trying to milk that short-ass body of his for all he can…

    121. Eugene says:

      Absolutely correct except for Johnny Depp. He is one of the most brilliant actors alive.

    122. claire says:

      You literally just listed most of the most famous actors today, then told us the reason they're apparently "overrated" is some flaw in their appearance. For example, the fact that you think Johnny Depp is overrated because he wears FLANNELS? Are you actually kidding me right now? He is one of the most incredible, versatile, talented actors of ours, and probably all, time. Flannels? Seriously? That's all you could come up with? How about you go do some growing up and then come back and write a list that isn't so shallow and unfounded.

    123. WLP says:

      Some of these guys are because their good at what they do. some are on their way out and have been out the pics for awhile. This list really made no since and seem slapped together. I mean it's your opinion and your list but i havr to disagree on almost all of it.

    124. Tony says:

      Seems the only thing overrated is your list. Johnny Depp..seriously! the guy is a legend.

    125. Matthew says:

      The Situation absolutely belongs here. Overrated and useless and making money off mindless people wasting their time watching his show. As for nearly all of the others, I think it’s fair to say that, despite being genetically blessed, they have worked their asses off to get to where they are. Excuse the crappy pun

    126. Alex Salvin says:

      Agree with most of them, specially with Johnny Depp… he's like the male version of Kristen Stewart. A movie with those two would be the WORST and saddest, unflavored movie ever.

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