Alright Summer, I’m Ready for College Already

Before I started college I would spend literally weeks fantasizing about summer. The perfect summer camp, summer job, summer fling, summer barbecues (mmmm cole slaw), whatever. Daydreaming about all the fun I was to have in the summer days ahead was the only way I managed to keep my eyes open during those high school classes that miserably lasted through June.

Now, things couldn’t be more different.

College has opened me up to a whole new world that allows you to be basically as lazy, drunk, and independent as you please, whenever you please. I know not everyone will agree with me about all this, but real life back at home with real responsibilities just seems so much more dull than simply having to cram for an exam every once in a while. But that’s not all. I’m yearning to be back on campus because, well:

1. You don’t have to drive anywhere.
What’s a bigger buzz kill than fighting with your friends over who’s going to be DD for the night? Life is way more fun when everyone gets to enjoy some cocktails and your biggest issue is whether or not it’s safe to take off your pumps and walk home barefoot.

2. Your friends are willing to go out roughly Monday through Saturday.
Although everyone has the friend who could care less about showing up hungover to their summer internship, wasn’t it just so much more fun when no one cared about showing up hungover to their classes?

3. You don’t have to face the possibility of running into your ex-boyfriend or ex-friend from high school.
Lovers and foes come and go in college (usually early in the mornings…) but in high school, the drama and grudges sometimes seem inescapable. And for some reason, they’re always way. more. awkward.

4. There are no parents.
Although mine truly are great, it’s nice not to have to report back to mom and dad about what you’re doing all the time… or try to explain why your pillow smells of beer or how “you can sleep the day away when it’s so beautiful outside.”

5. You don’t have to wake up before 10 a.m.
Well, this is only true if you’re not pre-med and were lucky enough to have as amazing of a schedule as I did last semester. But, boy let me tell you… what a life!

6. There are more better excuses to get drunk.
Football games, snow days, midterms are over, your friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s birthday, you failed your first test, $2 pitcher night, you’re not pregnant, it’s Thursday….

With all this, college just seems to add up to nothing less than every 18 to 20-something-year-old’s utopia. I’ll take recovering from a hangover every other day and frequent all nighters in the library over filling out Excel spreadsheet after Excel spreadsheet at my summer internship any day.

School, I want you back!



    1. Cristina says:


    2. Danielle says:

      I thought I was the only one! Everyone is always going on about how great summer is, but I just miss college life! In addition to the ones above, here are a few more reasons in my book:

      7.) You're within walking distance of your friends.

      8.) Meeting new people is a piece of cake.

      9.) You can spend the night wherever you want.

      10.) There are way more opportunities for partying, especially if you're under 21.

      11.) Never hearing "I know you're an adult, but when you're under my roof you live by my rules." Ugh.

      12.) Not having to make your own food (even if college food is nasty.)

      13.) College guys are (usually) significantly less sketchy than the ones you find in clubs.

    3. Rayy says:

      I agree whole-heartedly! I'm just returning from my freshman year at college and man– what a drag!

      One month down, 2 months and 16 days to go…

    4. Hannah says:

      It really sucks coming home as a sophomore, cause all my friends stayed at their schools and no one came home! and that includes my boyfriend. i'm ready for august, already!

    5. Jennifer says:

      I miss everyone. That's the biggest bummer of all.

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    9. Cupcake says:

      This is the worst list ever, no one is going to go out drinking bar none Monday through Thursday because of these things called um well classes. Parents shouldn't be a problem unless they are giving you a curfew and in that case, play the " i am a grown woman/man" card. Why would i wake up before 10 during the summer? What is requiring me to? And hello! it's summer, everyday is an excuse not only to drink, but day drink and have it be totally acceptable because you don't have any other cares in the world. I'm amazed at how excited for school you all are, i hope as i always have, that summer never ends.

    10. cakecup says:

      To cupcake? Not all of us have parents who are 100% happy that their kids are livin the college life. Even though they aren't stupid, and they were young once, they are still your parents. And if they are good ones, they won't be 100% giddy if you stumble in the house drunk at 4 am. Unless you are off staying with other people or traveling for the summer, the reasons they listed make perfect since for longing to be back on the dorms living on your own schedule..

    11. cakecup says:

      *sense sorry. haha.

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