An Open Letter to Kristen Stewart

Dear Kristen Stewart,

You’re kinda new to this whole superstar thing.  I get that.  Sure you did movies before, but ever since Twilight’s wild success, your career has completely taken off.  I’ve read a lot of interviews wherein you say odd things (“I don’t want to make movies for kids, and I don’t want to make movies for adults either.”) and you’re more than awkward when people ask you questions.

Still, I want to like you and for a brief minute, while blinded by the bearded hotness that is Emile Hirsch, I decided I didn’t mind you in Into the Wild.  Funny thing happened, though.  He walked off screen and then it was just you in a dirty tank top and I in my living room and suddenly I hated you again.  Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot.  Perhaps you just need a little guidance from someone with a different perspective.  Well, I’d love to help you.

First, you need to stop telling people you’re pregnant and/or a lesbian.  So you don’t want to admit to maybe dating your costar.  Fine.  But do so tastefully and with offending the smallest number of people possible.

Smile.  If I have to look at your face on nearly every single website I visit and in all the magazines I pick up, then please, for the love of sparkling vampires, pretend that you don’t hate your life.  You are the only girl I know who could stand on the red carpet wearing a Dior dress, surrounded by gorgeous men, and scowl.  Snap out of it.

E-nun-ci-ate.  You’re a mumbler.  A head down, eyes averted, hand wringing, digging the toe of your shoe into the freaking dirt, grade-A mumbler.  Seriously, your movies and television appearances require subtitles.  Who are your PR people?  Do you have a handler?  How about a best friend?  Find someone to pinch you every time you don’t speak clearly.  Maybe a shock collar will do the trick.  I don’t know, but find something fast.

Put on a little makeup.  Not a ton, like when you do those red carpet coon eyes.  And not none, though I know this is how you’re most comfortable.  Tinted lip balm, blush, mascara.  Three things.  Not scary.  Do you really want to go for the gold here? Shampoo your hair and wash your face at the end of each day.  You’re young.  Look fresh and clean, not haggard and unhygienic.

Dress like a female.  Little girls everywhere thought you were so hot when you were cast to play Edward Cullen.  Then, when you appeared on screen kissing Robert Pattinson, they realized either a) you weren’t a dude or b) they had grossly misinterpreted the plot of Twilight.  Cutoff black tees and ripped jeans may work for some people (Hells Angels, the cast of Flash Dance, AC Slater), but you need to tone down the “I’m in the midst of a sex change” vibe you send out.

Kristen, look, I’m not asking you to change who you are.  I’m sure deep down you’re a lovely, cheerful, charming young woman.  Actually, I highly doubt that.  You’re probably just as blasé on the inside as your perpetually bored face and signature dead eyes lead us to believe.  But lighten up a little.




    1. Anna says:

      well yeah, the post is dead on.

    2. Madison says:

      isn't it? hahaha. no one wants to watch her sulk around all day like she hates life. there are plenty of people who do that for free, thank you very much. i don't want to pay to see her do that on a big screen.

    3. steph says:

      well-said. she's so irritating.

    4. L says:

      ahahaha this is perfect. How can someone say in an article that they hate being famous WHILE being featured on the front cover of that same magazine!?! Hypocrite.

    5. Maggie says:

      Ugh, I hate Kristen Stewart. Talentless, ugly, and completely graceless.

    6. Lisa says:

      God, YES. Seriously, she acts like she hates her life so much, no privacy, waah. If your life is so terrible, donate everything. For once, acknowledge that you have a good life, please! Plus, she's a horrible actress, and so not pretty. She could be, very easily, but she doesn't even bother.

      Seriously, you can be anti-establishment, but don't be a self-absorbed brat.

    7. Allison says:

      She is SUCH a terrible actress. She has the right to be who she is, but at least be hygenic about it! And the way she flips of the paps every time the photograph her? Yeah, I get it. They're annoying. But have some class. YOU were the one who got into this business.

    8. Jess says:

      "dress like a female"? really? a lack of dresses and makeup does not make one any less female.

    9. Jodie says:

      Everyone loves to hate everyone. It's getting so old.

    10. Natalie says:

      Dear Alex of USC,

      I know you're pretty new to this whole College Candy writing thing. I get that. Sure you journaled or wrote for your school newspaper before, but ever since finding a blog that would publish what you write so that tons of women everywhere would read it, your career has taken off.

      What you don't understand is that College Candy attracts all sorts of women. Not just those that you're familiar with at USC that have closed minds about the proper way to go about being a woman. There are those of us out here who *ghasp* have gone through a sex change. To suggest that Kristen Stewart has done such just because she wears more androgynous clothing than most of the girls at a USC/UGA football game doesn't mean she's trans. It just means she's different than you.

      However, I HAVE gone though a transition. Now I'm a woman and I don't really appreciate you suggesting that it's as simple as putting on a dress and buying some makeup.

      Look, I'm not asking you to change who you are. I'm sure that deep down you're a lovely, open-minded young woman who understands. Actually, I doubt that. You're probably an uptight, homophobic, sheltered girl. But lighten up and expand your world a little.


    11. B says:

      I was totally with you, Natalie, until you attacked Alex as a person. Saying "You’re probably an uptight, homophobic, sheltered girl" doesn't make your case any stronger. It just makes you sound a little mean.

      That being said, I agree with you on all your other points, and I agree with Alex in saying that Kristen needs to stop acting like an angsty 13 year old who needs a reality check.

    12. A says:

      Talk about a step back for feminism. Who says we all need to act like your definition of a lady, who says we can't frown and hate life for a bit? This kind of attitude was prevalent back in the '20s when women were not supposed to complain about anything, just supposed to don their frilly dresses, smile, and nod. Better late than never, we have the choice to take off that complacent mask and deal with life the way it is. Granted, KS is a terrible actress, but attacking her for being "un-feminine" is just not cool. We need to define what femininity is for ourselves, not for others.

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    14. Chelsea Urquhart says:

      I don't think the article was solely on her being feminine, or dressing as a girl. I think it was for her to lighten up, and stop being so negative. I have no interest in seeing Twilight, and very little interest in Kristen herself. However, when someone famous is quoted saying being famous is like being raped, or only frowns and never cleans up anything, let alone cleaning up good, I agree with Alex. She should stop with the bullshit answers to questions, and generally just lighten up.

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    16. C says:

      I agree with Natalie. Wearing androgynous clothes and no make-up does not make a girl a man. I'd have to give you the same advice you gave Kristen, Alex: Lighten up! The girl can do whatever she likes, say whatever she wants to say, and smile whenever she wants to. It's not because she's famous that you can tell her to act more 'female'. It's her life. I'm not saying I love her look and behaviour, but it's no one's business but her own. If you don't like her, why write this stuff? Why watch films with her in it? Just move on and stop the negativity, please.

    17. dazey says:

      Why should what she wear what you want her too? Ridiculous post! Grow up and stop commenting on the very minute details of a person that make them who they are.

      I'm not really a giant fan of twilight but I still respect her as a person. At least she isn't a homogenised android like the majority of other film stars

    18. Nata says:

      Really? Guys come on! She could dress like a girl and shower. I think the point of this post is just to make light of the fact that she isn't 'normal' and maybe she should stop getting mad when people point it out. Honestly she wants to be treated like a normal person then act like one. Don't get angry or yell at people when they ask you questions. You are a c-e-l-e-b-r-i-t-y suck it up.

      I do hate that she is a mumbler. Sometimes when she 'eh cha lskj aljd' before every sentence in a movie it gets to me. I enjoyed the Twilight books. I know *gasp*! They are a light read and I like sci-fi but to watch the movie with such poor acting from all the actors kinda hurts my soul. She verbally vomits every time she gets up there to talk. And I know some people feel like it's her character…but she does it everywhere. Make up your mind what you want to say before you say it.

    19. Honie says:

      this girl drives me nuts every time i see her…she seriously could do wonders for her appearance if she would stand up straight and friggin smile!

    20. Jenn says:

      Ugh! I completely agree! And to the people hating on this article the point is to wear little make-up rather than the shitload she normally wears that makes her look like she forgot to take last nights make-up off. Okay, really she can dress however she wants but does she always have to look like she hasn't showered or changed her clothes in days?! Also she is a terrible actress (In new moon when she dreams about Edward and sounds like she's giving birth) not to mention the fact that she plays Bella exactly like she has played every other character which is completley wrong for the character of bella. Ugh! And she doesn't even like twilight she rolled her eyes at the MTV movie awards when they won and her speech was awful she was not doing a good job of endorsing the franchise or herself which is really a part of her job description as an actress! UGH! sorry I really dislike Kstew.

    21. CR says:

      It's a jooooke people, funny? ha ha?

    22. SL says:

      I don't know what you guys are talking about but I completely adore Kristin's attitude. I'm so tired of the same perky, blonde, pretty dress crap and I want something other than that on the screen. Who said that MTV gets to decide our gender identities? I'm pretty sure Kristin's agents keep pushing her to dress up but she's not giving in anytime. I support Kristin and her 'FU' attitude.

    23. ron says:


    24. nikki says:

      Pathetic. That's all I have got to say.

      Quit being jealous/angry at her girls!!!

      Just because she grabbed Bella's role and maybe IS Rob's GF/Best friend.

      Just because she doesn't appear to be oh-so-celeb-like all the time.

    25. Sam says:

      i can only speak for myself, nikki, when i say that there is no reason to be jealous of her dirty boyfriend, or her cheesy role as a co-dependent psycho girlfriend. it's just the front she puts on for the public–if you're going to be an actress, a job that millions of girls would do anything for, then she can at least pretend that she's grateful.

    26. BeirutBoy says:

      She's an actress. It's her job. Judge her on her work and not the way she talks in interviews and walks on the red carpet.

    27. Tiffany says:

      @ the whiners: Wow, people are really getting their panties in a bunch over an article. If you dont agree with it fine, just dont b***h about it and act all hypocritical. This 'letter' was the author's opinion. Grow up and do all of the immature whining on a website where someone actually gives a crap.

      @the article: Very entertaining, while I dont pay Kristen that much mind I can see where you are coming from. She is very 'blah' everytime I see her. You would think that with that fine of a boyfriend she would smile a little more. ^_^

    28. K says:

      People need to relax, seriously. There is nothing worse than reading an entertaining article, watching a funny movie, or just doing something that the general population enjoys and then having someone criticize EVERY LAST DETAIL. If you get easily offended you're going to have a hard life. And also, if you get easily offended, you shouldn't be on websites whose writers actually have senses of humor!

    29. Marcus says:

      Hmm, apparently girls really hate Kristen Stewart. Why all the anger?

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    32. S.G. says:

      First, check this out: http://jezebel.com/5492686/please-stop-giving-kri

      Also, ditto what Natalie said. Plus, I'm a mumbler, so it's kind of nice to see someone in Hollywood like me.

    33. M says:

      I don't like her much either, but I'm a bit disturbed by this idea that a woman needs to be constantly happy to be liked. Sure, maybe she's faking it, but I have to say, I've been struggling with depression for years now and a lot of the time I probably appear to people a lot like she does. I can't help it, and I sure hope nobody's writing scathing blog posts about ME…

    34. alex says:

      She;s smiling and looking nice and friendly and happy here…

      Maybe the post was pre-mature?


    35. Natalie says:

      @B You're totally right. There's no need to attack this girl personally for her writing. I was trying a bit too hard to stick to the "script" of the original letter to keep the satire going. She attacked Kristin (even though I'm not a fan, truely) but I shouldn't have stooped that low.

      For that Alex, I apologize, for everything else, I stand by what I said.

    36. Tara says:

      Though I agree with the original post in that Kristen is not very talented, I resent that the author attacks her for not being a peppy, happy-go-lucky, girly-girl. Just because she's famous doesn't mean her life is just AWESOME and she should be smiling and thanking everyone for what she has. She wasn't made an actress by Twilight fans. She'd already starred in other movies. She doesn't owe them anything. It's ridiculous how people think actors and actresses are there to entertain the public on and off stage. When they're in a movie, fine, but when they're out and about, going on with their lives, people have no right to pry and tell them how they should act. Their job ends as the credits roll. If you don't like what you see off camera, big deal! Get over it.

      And last time I checked, in day and age, there isn't a specific way 'women should dress'. We wear what we want. If it's a dirty t-shirt and jeans, so be it. Not everyone cares about visually pleasing other people every second of every day.

    37. Michelle says:

      I agree that this article was poorly written. Sorry, but the author's writing style needs a LOT of improvement. I agree with her opinion though- I'm sick of seeing Kristin's surly face and dead eyes. Take a shower and stop saying such stupid things. Ugh.

    38. Sandra says:

      I agree with this article. My main problem with her (besides the fact she's a below average actress without any real talent) is the fact that she is so ungrateful with the fame she has gotten.

      Being in the Twilight franchise is a fantastic opportunity and with her continual complaints of how horrible fame is, it slaps her supporters and admirers in the face. If you don't like the fame and money you get, donate it! Use your fame to promote other causes.

      Just don't sit there and tell me how horrible your life is when you're invited to red carpet events all the time and featured on magazine covers. Other people have lives way worse then the life you've been given; embrace it and move on.

    39. Commenter says:

      Ladies … you're jealous, I think. She's doing all the things you were taught are repulsive to men and yet she is adored. I can explain it. She's lovely to look at and natural, of course. And her personality, however imperfect, is fearless. She does not like talking to strangers, especially ones who are viciously or avariciously clawing for her next "gotcha." And when she's mad, she let's you know.

      And she drives a Mini-Cooper. I have a major crush on her. And I think your uncool.

    40. brooklyn says:

      You're all morons. It's interesting how much you can hate someone that is talented and successful. What do you all do that is so ingenious? You must be so comfortable and perfect when public speaking as well. It's very easy to post a blog in perfect, grammatical flowing english. I think Kristin is awkward when she speaks in public. She clearly gets nervous and maybe she struggles with the fact that when you do speak in public people expect you to give glorious, insightful responses every time. Maybe she just isn't comfortable with the whole public in your face thing. Many actors are the same way. How many interviews does Johnny Depp give? And he sure is awkward and uncomfortable when he speaks. And Mr. Robert DeNiro didn't give interviews for almost 20 years before he became a little comfortable. It's called being INTROVERTED. And just because you work in a field that makes people believe/perceive you are extroverted, doesn't mean you are.

      People get over yourselves. You remind me of highschool and the groups that thought it was just so cool to hate! My best wishes go out to Kristin. Hopefully she will have a long and successful career. Best of luck to her always.

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    42. Elizabeth says:

      I love Kristen. So much. Seen the Runaways yet? She was fanfreakingtastic as an actress, not to mention gorgeous. Also, this article is sexist…and you really need to lighten up. Kristen is as awkward as I am and totally get her – if you don't, that's fine but we really don't need to read about it.

    43. Michelle says:

      BEST thing I've read in ages. Kristen Stewart is a no-talent hack that, after Twilight, will end up back in the hole she crawled out of. Then maybe she'll wish she actually tried to enjoy it when she could.

    44. maria says:

      Hey people relax…she makes money from all those things…if i were in her possition i would do the same and im sure you too!!!😉

    45. maria says:

      and i think she is a great actress…she made us understand exactly how Bella feels…!!! thats why we love twillight because of her…😉

    46. Alycen says:

      This person's blog is obviously written as a satire. If you took it 100% seriously than you have no sense of humor. I thought it was well written, hilarious, and honest. The author combined ad-hominem (sp?) attacks with factual wit, which was the beauty of it. That is what makes something funny. Sense of humor is associated with intelligence.

      As a matter of fact, Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress, she DOES mumble, she does have a poor fashion sense, and frankly its hard to take the movies seriously and watch two hot guys fight over someone so obviously plain as she is. It makes the story seem unbelievable. Taylor Lautnor could have any girl he wants. And for what reason would he try to fight over a girl that looks like Kristen Stewart? I could understand if her personality were awesome, but Kristen Stewart is so dull and boring and plain in the movies that there is no good reason why anyone should want her so badly. They just picked the wrong person to play Bella, and it kind of bothers me because I really liked the books.

    47. Morgan says:

      I believe you should be able to have your own opinion. Kristen Stewart isn't exactly my favorite actress, but her skills are improving. I don't care if you hate her, or don't want to see her face all over magazines and websites and films. But this article is absurd. It is HER life and HER problems. Do you really think she is going to change HER attitude and style for hurtful people like you who point out all her flaws to the world? Women have every right to not wear makeup or dress like a girl, just as men have every right to wear pink or purple. I rarely wear makeup, because I don't like it. I don't really like dresses either.

      "Pretend that you don't hate your life." But what if she does hate it? What if she is really struggling with things? A family death? Relationships? Rumors? Depression?? Would you be smiling with all of those things on your mind? It's not as if she NEVER smiles, there are plenty of photos where she looks happy. How could you smile with 20 paparazzi around you 24/7 anyways? When and where she smiles is certainly not our business and you shouldn't question it.

      Also, how DARE any of you to question her talking issues. Maybe she has an actual problem with it, how would you know? And if you seriously need subtitles to understand her, you must be deaf.

      Kristen is an improving actress that got famous when she least expected it and suddenly has lots of responsibility. I don't think anyone needs to be pressuring her to change the way she is. I'm sure she gets enough of it from her agents and managers, so please, let the woman be.

    48. nicole says:

      I get the feeling she does not like the Twilight series. I think she does pretty well in non-Twilight roles, and she probably realizes Twilight fans are Twilight fans for reasons other than herself.

      It's not as if she's responsible for the absolute shit those books and movies are.

    49. Kim Redway says:

      I have to agree completely what is the deal with her lack of expressions. How can you kiss Taylor Lautner and still have the nerve to look permanently depressed. I wouldn't mind if she does this in real life, it is after all her private life which is being invaded constantly. I feel she and Robert Pattison ruined Eclipse from their inability to act. They are so wooden. We get it, they now hate Twilight. They showed this when they didn't even turn up to the London Premiere. At least do it for the fans or at least for the money they you still get. This isn't a girl hate thing, because I actually liked Dakota Fanning and I feel she is a real star in the making. A lot of girls can easily play her roles, better and with more passion.

    50. EmiAki says:

      she looks cool just because she doesn't like to smile? and it makes her look so proud and arrogant? so what? why we must smile to people even though we feel tired or bad mood,whatever? perhaps,we have the same character so i love her and support her..yeah,honesty, i dislike Bella when she asking Jacob to give her a kiss but this is not a truth and they just following the novel setting..if u don't know the people please don't judge them

      but i know this is your feeling and i can't control what u think what u say and what u write…prejudice is a kind of bad thing,.

      tell you my opinion,if u dislike that people why u want to talk about her/him,just ignore them.this is not worth cause u hate them but why u let them stay inside your mind and keep talking bad to them,right?

    51. dreamer says:

      People are always going to find something to hate about others. They say that Kristen can't act, she's awkward and blank and doesn't dress the way female celebrities should.. But you know if she was the ideal image and everything, she would just be labelled attention seeking. Picture this: Kristen Stewart with the personality of Taylor Swift. I admire Taylor, definitely, but she is acting like herself and so is Kristen. Can you imagine how people would react if Kristen turned around and started wearing dresses and giggling all the time. OK that's a big exaggeration but the point is that we're ALWAYS going to find something to hate.

      Unless you're Angela Weber.

    52. cissy yee says:

      This post was very mean-spirited. Maybe if you actually took the time to research Kristen, you'd see that she's not a mumbler by choice. She is shy when being interviewed and stumbles over words. She is relatively new to the business since her movies didn't receive much attention before, and hasn't gotten her head around it yet. =/ I'd like to see you in this situation. And saying "but she chose to be an actress" isn't valid at all. She clearly wants to be an actress but has a hard time with stage fright outside of movie sets. This is not new. I have stage fright too, and I'm terrible with speaking in front of large groups of people, but sometimes I just have to, especially because I go to an art college and critiques are mandatory. If someone said "that girl is such a fucking mumbler!" behind my back, I'd feel bad.

      She dresses how she is comfortable. If people pressured you to wear something that you're not comfortable in just to please others, would you do it? I'm thinking no.

      She's not a bubbly super social butterfly but she is kind to her fans and when it matters. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but she is not a terrible actress either. She just happened to be cast in the lifeless roll of Bella. I'd like to see you handle it better.

      Please stop being so judgemental and realize that not everyone is like you. Open your mind a little.

    53. Giselle says:

      you people seem to think that "famous" and "celebrity" should equal the same thing. she doesn't hate her life. Kristen has made it abundantly clear that she loves her job of being an actress. why does that mean she has to whore herself out to the public? if she doesn't like being photographed/stalked and for everyone to know every detail about her life, thats totally fine. She never intended to be a "celebrity It-Girl" type. and yeah, while i do agree that she should probably had washed her hair a bit more in the past, she has made huge leaps in accepting her new role as a famous figure in hollywood. so she likes vintage styles of cut off shirts and ripped jeans? so she is one of the only hollywood actresses who would rock a mullet for a part? fuck you for saying she needs make up or that she should act completely at home being interviewed when she is simply a normal person. it is people like you who act like you're so open minded about people- especially women- but you hate on anyone who doesnt act like Miley fucking Cyrus. Kristen Stewart is an actress, damn it, not a barbie doll and i love her for that.

    54. Abbylee says:

      To Giselle:

      She is a terrible, annoying actress.

      I love how that's pointed out in the many comments.

      That said, I do agree that it isn't right to be told how to dress in her everyday life, though when doing things for publicity she should try to look presentable.

      She needs to realize that there are millions of people who would kill for the roles she's getting that could give performances with much more heart and strength than she gives and be appreciative that for some strange reason, she's the lucky one to get the chances. She plays all her characters the same. Yes, she got a mullet to play Joan Jett, but it was like watching her characters in Adventureland and Twilight with a bad haircut trying much too hard to be tough. The girl's performances are all the same… and that really isn't a good thing.

    55. John B says:

      Kristen comes across like a completely ungrateful brat 90% of the time that I have had the unfortunate opportunity to see her in interviews – and yes…she is a total mumbler.

      How she ever became an actress in the first place is the biggest of mysteries.

      Although I agree that she can wear whatever she wants (I was going to say she can wear whatever makes her happy – but it is entirely evident that she is just not a happy person….she's moody, sulky and generally miserable.

      I agree with most of the letter to her. Her acting skills are really not "acting" she is just generally being herself in different clothes and settings.

      That annoying "biting her lip" thing and the many other quirky things she does in every movie role makes me want to never have to see her in any movie ever again.

      I agree…she needs to clean herself up. Is she on drugs or what is it that makes her so jittery and crappy looking?

    56. Eva says:

      "In the midst of a sex change"? "Put on a little make up"? Really, Alex from USC? Really? Your article is completely offensive. Kristen Stewart shouldn't be criticized for not having a "feminine" enough appearance for your taste. She's grungy? So is Robert Pattinson (boy has not seen a hairbrush in 10 years) and girls are swooning over him. Stop the double standard. I think she's hot. She may mumble and say off-color things in interviews but I think that adds to her honesty and appeal.

      So you may not like her or her style, but I guess you should work on expressing that "tastefully and with [sic] offending the smallest number of people possible".

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    58. Taylor says:

      Overall, I agree, though I do think she's pretty when she smiles and has some decent makeup on. Also, though she does come off as pretty awkward in interviews, I think she's just a little uncertain about how to act. I would probably be 10 times as awkward if I were in her position.

    59. Gazna says:

      You guys are such haters. You're all jealous. No matter how much you hate her, she still gets to do the Twilight Saga and none of you can ever can. HA!

    60. The Raisin Girl says:

      Oh, screw you. Can you please give some reason WHY she should be all sparkly and perfect and smiling all the time if she doesn't want to be? Maybe she likes acting but fame makes her uncomfortable. Sucks for her that the two go hand-in-hand, if that's the case.

      Or maybe she hasn't bought into this asinine idea that she's only worth something as a person if she looks good in public. Just a shot in the dark. Obviously YOU don't buy into this idea.

    61. SS says:

      Natalie, I have to agree with everything you said. Just because Kristen is likely not the kind of person we encounter in our every day life, it does not give ANY person — including the author of this article — to hate, to nitpick.

      Yes, Kristen is awkward, that's how she is. She shouldn't have to change the way she carries herself for you or anyone else. "Alex", your problem with her is that she doesn't act like every other woman we see in the media? The entire blog post sounds like a jealous, bitch fit.

      I am not a Kristen Stewart fan, but you have pushed me to liking her a lot more than before I came here.

    62. SS says:

      Natalie, I have to agree with everything you said. Just because Kristen is likely not the kind of person we encounter in our every day life, it does not give ANY person — including the author of this article — to hate, to nitpick.

      Yes, Kristen is awkward, that's how she is. She shouldn't have to change the way she carries herself for you or anyone else. "Alex", your problem with her is that she doesn't act like every other woman we see in the media? The entire blog post sounds like a jealous, bitch fit.

      I am not a Kristen Stewart fan, but you have pushed me to liking her a lot more than before I came here.


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    64. Patty says:

      First AND last time visitor. Judging on the amount of articles on this website that promote and propagate putting women in boxes, cattiness, and just overall regression of any progress the feminist movement has gained, the fact that you put the word "college" in your website's title is just laughable. Last time I checked girls/women that attend college are way above any of this garbage that you post, and are too intelligent to think dressing like a lady, putting on a little make up, or lighting up is essential to pleasing people like the writer of this article.

      To think that this sort of message is sent to girls in a place that is meant as a break from school and work makes me loose hope in our generation of strong young women.

      Instead on focusing on all of the things that are "wrong" with Kristen, how about you focus on the fact that she has accomplished so much at the age of 20, and still does it with immeasurable individuality and realness, all while receiving the critics', and her fellow much more seasoned actors, praises?

      Oh right, because women don't support other successful women, and one of the reasons for that are "women entertainment" websites such as these.

    65. Paul says:

      Kristen Stewart is an ok actress. I have seen many of her films and some are good and some are not but so are a lot of other actors out there. And yes some actors act the same in every movie. (Yes Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston i'm talking about you!) and so does Kristen but to attack her because she doesn't fit into a stereotypical female is downright hateful.The girl can dress however she likes. On the red carpets she dresses up. Every red carpet pic i have seen for any of her movies she has dressed up. Ok she is not a Angelina Jolie beauty type but she does dress up and who says she is not grateful. She greets her fans and signs autographs..yes she is not a bubbly person but are we penalizing her because she doesn't have a bubbly personality. Not everyone has that type of personality.

      I have actually had the pleasure of meeting her and talking to her a few times. I live in Woodlands Hill LA. i guess to some people that would not be pleasurable..Right? She was fine. She smiled and spoke without stuttering or mumbling you will be pleased to hear and she is actually quite pretty in person with pure green eyes that pop out at you.

      I have no problem with this article looking into her acting but i think you went overboard on her dressing and personality.

      Just my 0.2 cents.

    66. amanda says:

      LOL jealousy because she's a beautiful multimillionaire and you're not…

    67. Cat says:

      I think my IQ dropped around 50 points just reading this.

      "Dress like a female"? "Put on a little makeup"?

      …Are you serious? You are a disgrace to your sex, and humanity in general for writing this utter bollocks.

    68. OloBanks says:

      You, Sir, are a complete tool.

    69. OloBanks says:

      Or maybe :

      "You, Lady, are a complete tool." which sounds funnier.

    70. AJ says:

      so every woman needs to wear make up and high heels? what century are you living in? grow up you disgusting turd… Kristen is an actress, judge her on her movies because as much as youd probably like to, you dont know the girl you celebrity obesessed loser. adventureland, into the wild, the runaways… she was great in all these movies, shes a good actress, and once this twilight mess is over with i think she'll have a good career.

    71. MeanBitch says:

      Oh I see, the author has two active brain cells and is not even able to use those. This article is just full of crap and errors – pointing them out is beyond tiresome.

    72. Nina says:

      I have to say that this article left me disgusted. Telling someone that they are less of a female because of the way they dress and/or act is completely ridiculous, and if being a female means you must wear dresses and makeup, then apparently millions of people around the world have been calling themselves "females" incorrectly.

      Also, Kristen has mentioned in numerous articles that she gets nervous in interviews, and as a result she tends to clam up in interviews and ends up stuttering out things that she didn't mean to say. So, yes, she has said odd and potentially rude things in interviews, but she has also admitted the problem and even apologized when appropriate. So your criticism of her public conduct is uninformed.

      Furthermore, you seem to have blurred the line between a celebrity's public life and private life. It is acceptable to criticize Kristen's acting and interviews, since both are part of her public career. But to tear her down for who she is as a human being in her private life is disrespectful and out of line.

    73. thepinkcrab says:

      Oh, why cant we all just get along? Seriously, a lot of anger here. I don't get it, just live and let live people…

    74. melindasargino says:

      u all suck. kristen is great and my fav female actress. she is cool and different and isnt afraid to be who she is. just cuz she not like regular preppy pink selfcentered and boy crazy social climbers doesnt mean u need to blow her off. so shut the heck up. kristen ur great dont change.

    75. This posting is precious, I deeply appreciated it, I'll be back for much more!

    76. Connor says:

      Hi, i'm connor – as you can see – Kristen Stewart is cute, i love watching Twilight, it's magical. I'm going to read all the books and watch all the movies. All myfamily love watching Twilight.

      Comment please, i'd like to see what you guys may think.



    77. Courtney-Lee says:


      Kristen is stunning isn't she??

      The first time i seen Twilight, i thought that it would be noticably non-realistic, but i got really into and i wish someone like Edward Cullen just magicly appear into my life – as happened to Bella Swan – I've also heard that Kristen and Robert Pattinson are dating in real life, i'm very happy for them if this is true.

      Twilight is basicly my life.

      Comment please, I'd like to see what you all think (:


    78. Courtney-Lee says:

      I know that i'm abit late to say my point, but i totally agree with Natalie, the people who keep on insulting Kristen should just go away and back off and leave her alone because non of this is fair. I don't know if this is true, but it might be, you might not even know her personally, so she might just be really ordinary, look, I don't dress myself up or wear alot of make-up. And to be really honest with you guy's, i personally think that she doesn't need to dress up or wear make-up because i think that she is stunning without all that shit.

      I just had to put my point across.


    79. ebey04 says:

      First, I'm offended by your description of "feminine" and how one should dress to "look like a girl." Second, (I know I'm in the minority here) but I personally love Kristen Stewart. She is so much NOT like the instant celebrity pop stars that our generation clings to. Kristen is a normal woman and shouldn't be criticized for it. So she doesn't like to look GIRLY (Alex I think this is the word you should have used), who cares? And I've never seen a photo of Kristen looking like an "angsty 13 year old" or not smiling or that it looks like she hates life – I've actually recently seen a photo of her waving from her car to paparazzi!!! (Take that Alex). You may have your own opinions, and yes you do not NEED to like/love/tolerate Kristen (just like I'm starting to not like/love/tolerate you as a blogger) but you should learn to not be so offensive in your critiquing of people especially in a public forum (unless you LIKE getting ridiculed for the idiot blogger you seem to be now.) People bash Kristen, okay I get it – they have their own opinions, BUT – YA'LL didn't get her jobs, you must suck worse than her!

    80. Cheri says:

      hey, this is to kristen. I actually kinda like the movies that i have seen you do. I think your really pretty, like classic pretty. i am a huge twilight fan. always wanted to be an actress myself. i heard one interview where you said that alot of crap you get from the media is from girls that are just jelous(sorry about the spelling, i'm typing really fast, and really i've never been a good speller, anywaysmoving on) and they probably are. i for one have always wanted to be an actress, felt like i have some minimul talent. buti'm so ackward that i woould never really make it. but you did. so rock on girl

    81. CiCi says:

      Yeah! This letter covers about half the stuff but I love the way it was delivered! I can't wait til Twi is over and we will never have to see her again. All her young fans think she's really famous but she has had one movie offer besides Twi since Twi started. The Runaways, The Yellow Hankerchief and Welcome to the Riley's were all before Twi. The Runaways and The Yellow Hankerchief bombed big time and now offers are few and far between! We can all celebrate when she's done! Let's see how long Robert sticks around when that happens.

    82. MeanBicch says:

      CiCi, she actually had tons of offers but she is not able to make ten fucking movies within a year. She actually managed to be part of 6 movies (Twilight 1,2&3, WTTR, The Runaways and On the Road) within 2 years, so your comment in invalid. The Runaways was NOT before Twilight, please research next time you try to be intelligent.

    83. Victoria H. says:

      Well, I have to agree with Alex on this. Yes, okay, her definition of "being a woman" is a liiitle over the top, with all the make-up and dresses and such, but I have to agree with everything else.

      I don't care if Kristen has smiled, like, 10 times. I've read lots of her interviews, and she's ALWAYS talking about how much she doesn't like fame and such, and one time she even said that she hates talking to her fans. I don't know about you, but I think that that was ungrateful.

      Also, she is a horrible actress, always having the same facial expression, the same tone of voice, and such.

      BUT I have to say that she can act and dress however she wants in real life. Perhaps this kind of clothes is what she finds comfortable, I don't know.

      Oh, and I think that the girls that "hate" Kristen aren't jealous. They JUST. DON'T. LIKE. HER. Get over it, please. I myself DO NOT hate Kristen, and I think that if she tries a little more she will even become a better actress. (She's still young, she has plenty of time)

    84. Aja Stabell says:

      Hay Friend , i read with u write. LOL Please come to my blog

    85. hey Friend , i love with u posting. LOL Please come to my blog

    86. Hester O'Donnel says:

      Greetings and salutations, Alex.

      Worry about yourself, not Kristen. I gather you put too much time into composing the above, 'letter.' Kristen is enjoying her success and living a fruitful life; she's obviously doing something right.

      Zip it!


    87. Regina says:

      Hi😀 i'd say that i completely don't agree with you..in a way…She's not being a hypocrite or anything, she speaks her mind out.Okay maybe she treats fame a little too harshly, but imagine everyone just booming you with "I LOVE YOU" or something like that it could be disturbing,especially the paps..plus i mumble alot too…so?btw she's starting to open up to her fame okay? maybe she wasn't used to it when it came all of a sudden,that's why she hates it. and dressing: what you dress is what you are so let her be herself:)

    88. Kkay says:

      WTF…okk so lemme start off by saying " FUCK YOU" to all the haters! Likee seriously gett an F ing lifee!!!!! Pleassee I beeeggg you! Yer all just jealous, oh and hypocrites! How? Well let me see.. A. You probably dress down some days with no makeup on or hair done or any of the things that you mentioned. B. You ALL have bad days at time and feel like flipping people off and saying " FUCK THE WORLD!" C. I bet you all have mumbled at times when you feel nervous or like people are about to attack you cause you don't tell the world who you are dating! Getting my point much? If you do then I would suggest to stop hating on Kristen and STOP calling her a tranny/lesbo. Just becasue she isn't very girly doesn't mean she is gay nor sure of what sex she should be cause I higly doubt you all have bee all dressed up and pampered most of the time. Maybe you got yer freaking period and felt like wearing baggy sweats or yer bf just dumped yoy for some homewrecker whore. Hmmm ohh wait I know, maybe she is being herself and not giving a fuck on what people think of her and what she wears. Maybe yer al jealous at that fact that she is different from all the other celebrities and she can't fucking be the same like freaking Miley Cyrus who is younger than her and a complete slut or she acts it. My point to this whole chaos is to just stop. Like seriously just fuck off and stop judging people. I understand you have yer opinion on people and life. I get it so do I. Yes maybe she isn't that girly and pikes to keep her life private. Is that yer problem to be concerned about? No. Do you know her and hang out with her to say she is a tranny/lesbian. I higly doubt that. All I can say is that I love Kristen and respect her as a person and actress.

    89. Kkay says:

      my badd I forgot to add something… Yer such a rude person! " a shock collar might do the trick.." WTF get the fuck outta here! Wow I want to see you people not mumble if you were in her position. I will payto see that shit happen and laugh in yer face when you do mumble and get nervozuse and dig yer toe in the dirt. Wow

    90. Anastasiya says:

      Thank you:) I used to like her for a while, but then I realized she has a terrible attitude and no personality. She's rude, and when I first saw her in Panic Room, I had to ask my mom whether it was a boy or a girl (she didn't know either). Even today, she's pretty ugly. She has no charm, nothing special to offer. She proves that even a simple, Wal-Mart looking girl can get worthless MTV Movie awards.

    91. Jenny says:

      Amen and thank you. Also, please add in the post script that a lot of us are tired of hearing about how un-note-worthy things are to her in her celebrity life. I think there are probably a million and one girls who look just like her who would be willing to take over for her and be super-enthused about it. Especially since people are spending money to watch shit like Twilight because they like it — Gord knows why, but they are. Seems like

    92. Jenny says:

      Amen and thank you. Also, please add in the post script that a lot of us are tired of hearing about how un-note-worthy things are to her in her celebrity life. I think there are probably a million and one girls who look just like her who would be willing to take over for her and be super-enthused about it. Especially since people are spending money to watch shit like Twilight because they like it — Gord knows why, but they are. Seems like they ought to have a star that doesn't think they're stupid for enjoying the movie she's in.

    93. […] Twilight related. It reminds me of screaming teenage girls and Robert Pattinson’s hair, and Kristen Stewart’s inability to smile (and lots of articles I read in my feminism class last semester). But I put all of that aside, and […]

    94. afan says:

      You are an ignorant, jealous hater of someone who is so much more talented and gracious than you. Don't you have anything else to do? Get a life.

      1. norman says:

        what a faggy reaction! "get a life!" – say it to yourself!

      2. blade says:

        hahah !! u make me laf ! she s kjust a sick ang uly ass

    95. CULater says:

      Yo! Did you ever get a response from Kristen Stewart or her people?

      Never mind…I see the photo above….& that's what I thought she'd say!

      1. rick says:

        that's why it's titled "an open letter"!

    96. boo says:

      its amusing how many people have gone apeshit because of what you wrote and start taking personal shots at you. god i hate kristen stewart she's so darn annoying and she makes these scowly expressions and i guess its part of the "package" they're selling and its so darn irritating because everyone blindly worships her in spite of her painful acting skills and retarded statements.

      i hate stephanie myer more though. waaaay more than the twilight clowns. she writes absolute trash and other authors of our time do not get that kind of recognition and airtime and she gets all this validation and she's just going to keep on writing more toilet paper books. god no

    97. Dayna says:

      I guess you can call me a hater then, because I agree with all of you that thinks she can't act and has the personality of a rock. I was begining to think I was the only one who didn't like her.
      She must have something going for her that no one else can see but Robert Pattinson, because you can tell he really has deep feeling for her just by the way he looks at her.

    98. Anonymous says:

      Did someone just say they think she’s pretty, like classic pretty? Um, how about you take a look at all the pictures out there of her flicking off the camera? Look here – I am not jealous of Kristen. I don’t like Twilight, I think Rob P and Taylor L are overrated. Through her interviews and actually knowing someone that knows her, I personally think she is classless, talentless, and ungraceful. No, you don’t have to wear make up or wear dresses to be a “lady”, but I do agree with Alex that she needs a make over – inside and out.

      1. yorama says:

        totally true

    99. […] have been numerous op-eds, including one by this very site, dedicated to Stewart-lash, as well as open letters urging her to, among other things, “smile,” “enunciate,” and “put on a little makeup.” […]

    100. […] for even the most trivial of indiscretions, including flipping the bird at ravenous paparazzi or occasionally mumbling through interviews. When she delivered a subtle eye-roll after a reporter asked her an asinine […]

    101. […] for even the most trivial of indiscretions, including flipping the bird at ravenous paparazzi or occasionally mumbling through interviews. When she delivered a subtle eye-roll after a reporter asked her an asinine […]

    102. liz says:

      The reason why i cant STAND Kristen Stewart is that awkward, borderline tourettes, pathetic excuse for acting…geez la weez your supposed to show emotion when you act. Huffing loudly with a roll of your eyes and brushing your hand through your hair does not an actress make. I honestly sat down for the first 20 minutes of twilight and when i witnessed the abomination that is Kristen's acting i threw my hands up and left the room. I just don't understand why people keep casting her in movies she is absolutely terrible. I would never want her name associated with my movie. I don't care about her and Robs relationship but i believe it is never ok to cheat on someone and she should have known this was gonna happen when shes in the public eye and young girls look up to her…just a waste of perfectly good skin in my opinion

    103. […] at the present moment. She’s one of the most famous and highest paid people in the world, and she’s an ungrateful, immature, clueless child who has allowed herself to be put in a position where she has, for better or worse, influence over […]

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