12 Hollywood Starlets Who Got Better With Age

Except for the hottest young actresses and the hottest of the hot messes, women in Hollywood never get the positive attention they deserve. And that’s especially true for older actresses who fall in neither the categories of young, romantic lead or Betty White, grandma-archetypes. What gives?

Here at CollegeCandy, we like to appreciate the finer things in life, like Franzia, Bradley Cooper, women with curves, and the sexy older women who’ve rocked the silver screens. They are hot mamacitas who’ve aged gracefully and have the bodies and acting chops to prove it. It’s as if they’ve somehow stopped the clock from turning and transformed themselves into voluptuous movie sirens who never age.

These Hollywood starlets are like a fine wine – the older they get, the more intoxicating they become. Compared to actresses in their 20s and 30s who are still learning the reigns of how to BE beautiful without really trying, these women already got it. And they got it gooood. I don’t know about you, but when I’m putting on my night creams and anti-wrinkle gels every single night, I secretly pray to the nice man upstairs that I can look half as good as these women do when I’m in my 50s.

[Click on the image to get even more hotness.]



    1. Alexis says:

      Can't forget Diane Lane..she is smokin!:)

    2. M says:

      That isn't the most flattering picture of Susan Sarandon…her dress is barely hanging on!

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    6. Dennis Flynn III says:

      WHAT!!!??? They didn't include Diane Lane? If I had to pick only one person for this list it would be her. She's the most beautiful older actress in Hollywood. Actually she could even take the prize for most beautiful actress period. This is a travesty to not include her. In fact the list should be called "Diane Lane & 12 other Actresses who get better with time"

    7. Ivan says:

      For the love of saglets!!!!

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