The 200+ Reasons Women Have Sex…and The 3 Reasons Men Do

I could write a saga longer than the Twilight series about what sex means to a woman and why they have it.  Women will have sex to strike an extra intense emotional connection with someone else, boost their appeal in popularity, fulfill a fantasy, become physically and mentally closer to the one they love, gain revenge, because Cosmo say’s it is an easy way to beat off calories, or because a night out with their single lady friends made them feel like they needed to have more fun.

To make a long story long, sex to a woman means a plethora of complex things.  Sex is a loaded gun containing bullets of feelings, emotions, and meaning (even I’m getting a little poetic talking about it).

Sex for the dudes on the other hand?

It’s really just a three letter word.

According to a recent Men’s Health article, researchers revealed more than 200 reasons women do the nasty.  (e.g. the opportunity presented itself, the other person had a nice face, out of control hormones were in tact).  Hmm, seems pretty like obvious enough reasons to me.  But 200 reasons to get frisky? I doubt that’s the case for men. In fact, when it comes to dudes, I’m certain there are only 3.

1. They’re Guys

I’m a man-psychic. We all are. Because I’m willing to bet you could predict what current thought is churning any man’s mind: sex. As mentioned before, sex means so many things for woman. For men? Doggie style is as natural as breathing.  I’m not trying to put a derogatory light over men and their intentions, but I have strong beliefs that thoughts of sexual activity are multiplying in their mind like bunny rabbits. 24/7.

You’re right, that is a lot of thinking.

2. They Want to Tell Their Friends

I knew a group of guys in college who actually added up points each weekend after heavily drinking. Their point system went like this: they gave a certain amount of tallies to a roommate who scored a make-out sesh and even more tallies to anyone who romped it up in bed.  It’s true. I saw the whiteboard.  As much as our male-counterpart is not going to get into details about how “soft her skin felt and how sweet her lips tasted…” like all the fluffy girls do, a little notch in his belt (and a great story to go with it) is the ultimate trophy in his circle of bros.

3. They’re Horndogs

While girls keep their toy dog in their purse, men keep their toy dog in their pants (if you catch my drift here) and they’ll follow that little puppy anywhere. It’s that simple.



    1. Adam says:

      So what you're trying to say is that I have sex because I'm a man, I need the social proof, and I'm horny? I'll agree that I enjoy telling my friends when I've gotten laid. It's somewhat of an ego boost that helps get me through the day.

      It just sounds like you're saying that horny men have sex just because they are horny men. You're being redundant and vague. Make a stronger effort next time you write an article. I believe in you.

    2. Daisy says:

      Yeah, I think Adam pretty much summed it up. I expected a little more content and insight in this article. You can do it.

    3. Rebecca says:

      As a girl, I have more faith in guys than to say there are only 3 vain reasons they have sex.

    4. Johnnie says:

      Here are some of you COMPLEX reasons.

      "I wanted to break up someone's relationship."

      "I wanted to be popular."

      "I was under the influence of drugs"

      I wanted to get a job.

      I wanted to hurt an enemy.

      I wanted to get a favor from someone.

      The person offered to give me drugs for doing it.

      My regular partner is boring, so I had sex with someone else. I wanted to enhance my reputation.

      I wanted to make someone else jealous.

      The person had bought me jewelry.

      I needed another "notch on my belt."

      I wanted to "possess" the person.

      I wanted to manipulate him/her into doing something for me.

      Good job ladies. Not only immoral, but borderline prostitution.

    5. David says:

      So, you're saying that I'm incapable of having sex with my girlfriend as an expression of my love for her just because I'm a guy?

      This post is a piece of man-bashing that assumes that all men are wired to think like a 19 year old fratboy.

      Sure, lots of guys have the mindset you describe, but I think it's obvious that many of us are more evolved than you suggest.

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    7. redalmond72 says:

      I was disheartened when I read the article – but when I looked at the comments and saw that I was not the only one to see how stupid and sexist this article and the woman's article are, I felt a bit better.

      Yes. Some men don't believe in self-restraint. Some men think of sex 24-7. But that's certainly not ALL men. What kind of people are you hanging out with? Even the most asshole men can see sex as a way to love someone once in a while- and some men think that's what sex is all about: LOVE. I'm sorry you haven't met any nice men in your life.

      As far the the woman's article goes…well, I'm personally offended. 'Nough said. "And that is no joke."

    8. Kendra says:

      Wow.. The men who read this site are a bunch of whiny babies. And borderline prostitution? Please. If I have sex with my boyfriend after he buys me dinner, does that make me a "borderline prostitute" too?

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    10. Linda says:

      "According to a recent Men’s Health article, researchers revealed more than 200 reasons women do the nasty. "

      Way to misinform. Did you even read the article?

      That article was NOT 200+ Reasons WOMEN have sex. It was 200+ Reasons PEOPLE have sex. Both genders.

      Try to spend a little longer than 10 minutes on your "article" next time.

    11. criolle johnny says:

      I really and truly though she was worth my time. Then I read the article her friend wrote.

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    13. Carcar says:

      This article is quite vague.. and not all men act and think that way. And a man-psychic? Really?!? I dunnnno about that one!

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    16. criolle johnny says:

      I'm really getting tired of the damned double standard. If a guy just wants sex he's a horn dog. If a woman just wants sex, she LIBERATED.

      Throw the bullshit flag on that one.

      "just a three letter word"?

      Throw the bullshit flag on that one too.

      How about, I met someone I really liked. Really, REALLY LIKED!

      When I talked to her, I couldn't hear the music or the movie.

      When I looked at her the rest of the room was out of focus. When she touched my hand my ears rang and I was honestly afraid that my words would be mumbled and unintelligible. They were, and it didn't matter to her.

      Friends walked by to talk to us and left, because we didn't notice them.

      Is THAT a good reason to have sex?

      Why do you think that ONLY WOMEN have complex feelings? If a man says such about women … he's a pig.

      What does that make you?

      Anger like this makes me creative. I'll go pour some candles.

    17. Jim says:

      I think woman have sex for the same reason men do. I've heard and experienced things that put women on the same playing field as men. I'm sure there are some differences, but women are just as horny as men. has stories that make women just as guilty as men. having sex for pleasure seems to be the number one reason behind most of the stories.

    18. Sarah says:

      Everyone's different. I can honestly say I know more girls who would have sex for those reasons than guys, though. While I agree and sympathize with the people who were offended by this article, it's hard not to stereotype when let's face it, the guys she's referring to are the norm.

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    20. dumb says:

      This article wasn't written by a guy….. maybe a dumb and uneducated one…. this does not reflect all guys.. good try.

    21. Mr.Blonde says:

      no woman should try to speak as an all knowing voice on what "men are really think about" just like men shouldn't pretend to know what women are really think about. how can you? you don't ever assume to know what a bird truly thinks about do you? why? because you are not a bird. so leave the presumptions about things you can never fully comprehend in your purse with your toy dog pretty please.

    22. Cassandra says:

      Sarah –

      I am a recent college graduate and know many, many men. Very few of them are the sort of sexual dullards the author of this article describes. If this is truly the norm for the men you know, I suggest finding a new social circle.

    23. Mac says:

      How old are you Brittany? Bad college experience? Is this your rant about past boy friends?

    24. Denise says:

      This article is bulls**t. I agree with all of the angry men who posted before me. And some of the reason you gave for women having sex, give women a bad name.

      The truth is, theres different people and different people have sex for different reasons; and because you know some guys that have sex for those 3 reasons doesn't mean all guys have sex for those reasons. Same with women.

    25. MelodicBrush says:

      Pregnant without the counterpart? A tide for the worst that has now rendered you between a rock and a hard place? Now struggling with no ideas as to how to persue further within your career? Good luck! Funny read.

    26. Hilary says:

      Men don't think about sex 24/7. If they did they'd never get anything done besides having sex. I'm sure they think about it alot, but so do women. We just don't admit to it. We like sex just as much as men or else there wouldn't be women for all these guys to hook up with. We might not have as many partners or a score system or whatever, but there are women who go to parties, clubs, or wherever just to hook up with a guy just like guys go to hook up with a woman. What your saying makes men sound like dumb cavemen who only think about their dick, I think we should give them a little more credit. There are douchebag guys out there like that but guess what? There are douchebag chicks out there like that too.

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    28. ageeg says:


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    30. ali says:

      Why is this even an article? seriously…it's just you bashing men and makeing women look hypocritical and bitter. Guys can have sex for the same number of complex reasons too, and a women can view sex as a simple three letter word if she wanted too.

    31. aish says:

      sad stereotypical crap

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    34. sujata says:

      how many time women do sex, i have to person that i have done sex before my marrige & now with my hushand i was a question there is problem in my marrige life

    35. maria says:

      when a guy tells you he wants to play mom and dad what does that mean???

    36. martin says:

      i wont marride me

    37. MissAmeoba says:

      Wow, I'm stunned at how hateful and sexist this articleis. You're saying my husband can't love me? You're saying my husband isn't a complicated and thoughful human being? You're saying I married a selfish, vain horndog?

      Just because you hate men doesn't change the fact some of us love our men. Stop being such a bitter c*nt.

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    40. Tega says:

      I think this article is wrong,may b u shud get around other people dan dose u av met,ur ar ticle is jus 4rm ur own wrong tinkin,men think about sex so dos women bt nt al the time,try 2 research b4 posting

    41. Tega says:

      Dis is a mistake article,may b u shud get around other people dan dose u av met,ur ar ticle is jus 4rm ur own wrong tinkin,men think about sex so dos women bt nt al the time,try 2 research b4 posting

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