Why All The Miley Cyrus Hatred, Peeps?

The days are long gone when Miley Cyrus swung her abnormally thick blond tresses all over her bedazzled bright jackets in Disney’s, Hannah Montana. I can almost hear her nasally, trumpeting laugh in the background as my (always loyal to every showing of the sitcom) lil’ sis watched it mid-afternoon, hooting and hollering in between bites of Gushers.

Miley’s innocent conversations with guitar strumming Billy Rae Cyrus are long shadowed by a dark chasm of tight bodices and bird feathers we know as Miley Cyrus now. It’s momentarily saddening – she was so innocent and sweet – until you realize that Miley was destined to enter Britney-ville sooner or later.  That juicy, sweet southern accent and Disney-infested resume was too much to pass up.

Regardless, her sudden hankering to flounder in a sea of sluttiness hasn’t taken me over the edge quite yet.  Amongst the only 22-year-old to admit it, I love listening to her (Ke$ha-esque sounding) new CD while pre-gaming and I won’t change the channel after snorting out my intestines in disgust at her abundance of ripped clothing. (Honestly, what’s with all the tears, girlfriend?)

Like everybody else does.

Seriously.  I have not seen so much distaste for any human being since people encountered the individual that told them the Tooth Fairy was their daddy.  Has anybody else noticed how much crude, angry mob-style hatred people feel deep inside their souls for this girl??

I mean, I understand she is a “role model” and should probably find some patches and her Grandmother to mend some of her clothing choices… and maybe stay away from those camel-toe bearing ensembles….but the energy invested in expressing disliking for Miley Cyrus has the strength to move a mountain range.  And it’s annoying.

It comes from people of all ages and sizes.  My sister (15-years-old) hates her so much she spews spit all over the table at dinner when she exclaims, “Miley is a big slut and I don’t like her.” It’s as if she couldn’t get out the words fast enough because she fears her high school posse is going to show up in our kitchen and shun her for life because she (almost) liked Miley Cyrus.  But she’s not the only one. My college girlfriends can’t pass up a moment to chime into a heated conversation about what an awful role model she is and “she should be ashamed of herself,” and “she looks like a skank” and blah, blah, blah.

Stop it, people! Seriously, it’s ridonkulous.

Let’s all simmer down, OK? Simmer down now. I’m here to invite you all to bring all the ‘Miley-Hatred’ down a few levels. I don’t know what this girl did to be so polarizing anyway. Grew up a little bit? Wanted to feel sexy? Wrote the best song of all time? Isn’t that something we all do (well, besides the whole Party in the USA part). Why is it so bad when she does it? People grow up, it’s part of life, so why can’t Miley? Wouldn’t it be a wee bit creepy if she was still sporting that blonde wig and doing her show on the Disney channel when she hit 40?

And seriously people, why don’t we all stop investing so much time and energy into hating Miley and use it for some more positive things, like saving the rain forests or trying to sweep Liam Hemsworth right off his feet and out of Miley Cyrus’ new sex-chamber pad.  Or go adopt a shelter puppy and tell him how much you hate Miley and how she should put some clothes on.

Actually, don’t do that. Puppies don’t deserve that.

Really, though, just leave Miley alone [says the crying girl from under her sheets]. Just like Billy Ray’s facial hair, the Miley-bashing is getting old and it’s really not attractive.



    1. Stephanie says:

      I completely agree!! I challenge anyone to tell me they DIDN'T want to dress a little sluttier/sexier when they were 17. She really hasn't done anything wrong besides dress a little inappropriately. Why don't we focus all the hatred on celebs who deserve it, like LiLo or Mel Gibson?

    2. Alison says:

      I don't really understand why people think Miley is slutty. Her "provocative" pictures really weren't very provocative and her outfits could be much worse. I laugh at her single "Can't be Tamed" because I really don't think she's a slutty party girl. The only thing I do find controversial and even creepy is the fact that she said it was her and her Dad's idea for her to pole dance and dress sexy. Really, aren't most Dads supposed to freak out over the thought of a man looking at their daughter let alone if their daughter is acting sexy?

    3. Megamileyfan1 says:

      lt's so refreshing,to read something,where the person is not being horid to miley.Well done girl,high five.l'm a huge fan of miley's & always will be,even though,l get the feeling,l'm never going to ever meet her.Lord knows l've tried,l live in hampshire england,& whenever miley comes over here,like she did the start of june,she came to london,to promote her album,l find that because l don't live in london,l don't get to hear,where miley will be next,to promote her album,l'm not talking about her private time,l respect miley enough to know,that this is her time,no l'm talking about,when she's doing her job,of promoting her record.So l'm just going to have to resign myself to the fact,that l'm never going to be privalaged enough to meet her.Besides,l don't know what l would say,to the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth anyway,HaHa!.But as a true fan of this amazing girl,l will endever to continue loving & supporting her,from my laptop(Bless her heart)as best l can,like l'm doing now.l think miley is a wonderful,inteligent girl,that knows full well,of the dangers of the drink & drugs scene,& stays well away from it.Gd for you miles.l pray for miley everyday,that through him,Her family & friends like liam & fans like me,god will keep her safe,as she is so very special to me.God bless you miles,& you too britney.XXX

    4. Lisa says:

      I agree for the most part. However, there is the "classy" way to grow up (Dakota Fanning) and the "wtf were you thinking?" way to "grow up" (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan).

    5. sks says:

      omg I LOVE Miley!!! She is soo talented and so charismatic! Watch any interview with her and you can see how down-to-earth and fun she is! And yeah, she totally shouldn't be controversial at all. She dresses slightly more revealingly when she is on stage…but that's on stage even, when she's not performing she pretty covered up. And even if she wasn't…I don't understand why that makes her a bad person. Her new album is amazing! And if people gave it a chance they would prob love it too!

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    7. Megamileyfan1 says:

      l don't really care what ppl say about beautiful miley.All l know is,l'm a big fan of hers & this is forever,so to try & make miley's dream come true,l've been on the TCA site,& voting for her ever day.Even though,my dream of meeting her,will never happen,l'm sure going to try,& make her dreams come true.God bless miles:)XXX

    8. Megamileyfan1 says:

      A poem to miley:

      ln Nineteen Ninety Two

      ln Franklin,Tennessee,

      A little girl was born,into

      The Cyrus Family.

      Named Destiny Hope

      And given lots of love,

      lt's easy to see

      She's a gift,from god above.

      Her mothers name is,"Leticia"

      Her father is,"Billy Ray",

      They must have known

      She'd be a star,someday.

      She became Hannah Montana

      By following her dream,

      Now,she has albums,out

      And films,on the BIG screen.

      She's a really Talented girl

      Who can Act,Dance & Sing,

      She has shown the world

      She can do,anything.

      You can tell,l'm a huge fan

      Of this,Amazing girl,

      She is also,the most

      Beautiful girl,in the world.

      She's an Awesome girl

      Thats loved by all of us,

      And yes,you've guessed it

      Her name is,"Miley Cyrus".

      Copywrite by Keith White.Hampshire England.

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    10. Amy Soldier says:

      I think I can offer some information on why our Miley suddenly flipped personalities from wholesome Hannah to SuperTramp over the last ten, fifteen months.

      A little information about moi first …, I am the alter-ego companion of Kurt Hanson. A member of Kurt’s ‘me,’ ‘myself,’ and ‘I’ crowd, if you will. As his pen name, I am the author of Kurt’s novel, My Quest For Computer Cognition.

      Years ago, Kurt made a most fascinating discovery. A mathematically based train of thought that when travelled leads one to the realization for the necessity of the existence of a Creator God. Redonkulous? No, I’m as serious as cancer. There now exists upon the earth a tome that when read by anyone with at least a tenth grade education brings them to the startling if not unbelievable conclusion that the cause for all biological life on earth or anywhere in the universe, if this is so, the cause is from the motives of a creative entity. A creative entity commonly referred to in the West as the Creator God. True story. Believe it. Kurt done did it …!

      Kurt wrote a tome, A Treatise on the Nature of Life, expounding in detail this train of thought and discovery. This tome is likened to several hard swift kicks to the testicals and several wind-knocked-outta-‘ya punches o’ the stomach and da stinging slaps to the heads upon today’s archaic religous communities. What no student from a Western Christian or Jewish or from a silly Islamist university was expected to have accomplished, my companion Kurt he done did accomplish. And now humiliated these religous oriented types, these authorities proclaiming mighty and loud to others what God is all about, … and with the assistance of their devoted minions they seek to suppress any public displays of Kurt’s tome.

      Long story short: the movers and shakers within the Miley Cyrus team got wind of Kurt’s tome and novel soon after the Hannah Montana television episodes first aired. Where his novel ends another chapter with Hannah could possibly begin. Hannah and Miley are perfect prelude characters … though Kurt is a fifty-three year old male, single, never married and rarely interested in a relationship so after two years of Hannah Montana …, Kurt hadn’t watched a single HM episode! During the summer of 2009 the Miley Cyrus team boldly thought to trash the wholesome Hannah image and instead to portray her as …? jailbait. Mission accomplished! Since the autumn months of 2009 Kurt has been thinking and writing the situational scenes and plots for a future television sitcom, tentatively entitled, Miley Dreams. Visit his YouTube channel for more info. 


      Probably best if this information was not splashed over the entire web though I want to set the record straight.

      Miley “Maiden America” Cyrus is an absolute, total Sweetheart! 

      Amy Soldier     

    11. Jessica says:

      I love this article!

    12. D. says:

      Thank you. I still fail to see what horrible thing Miley has done to deserve all the venom people have been spitting her way. Her outfits really don't bother me.

    13. Giselle says:

      it's not distinctly the way that miley dresses that makes me dislike her so much, it's the way she presents herself and what she says. i never hear her saying something positive. she just seems to act like she's superior to everything. in every interview i see her in she's bashing something- Glee, Twilight, ect. plus, what you guys said about who wouldn't want to act slightly sluttier at 17- I'M 17 and i know its a bad idea to rock camel toe. especially when nearly all my fans (i lovvve Party in the USA, don't get me wrong, but that doesn't make me a fan though) are tweens. she says the way she dresses is to "empower" women? if skanky outfits are supposed to be empowering, i hope 12 year old girls are smarter than her and don't think they should follow in her footsteps to be viewed as "strong" or "sexy". Sexy does not equal slutty. age gracefully, miley. learn a thing or two from your fellow teen stars.

    14. k says:

      I’m here to invite you all to bring all the ‘Miley-Hatred’ down a few levels. I don’t know what this girl did to be so polarizing anyway. Grew up a little bit? Wanted to feel sexy? Wrote the best song of all time? Isn’t that something we all do (well, besides the whole Party in the USA part).

      Not only did miley not write party in the usa, but she admits shes never even heard a jay-z song.

      and to say who she has become as a public personality is inevitable because of her similarities to britney spears is insane. Britney was the first of her kind, and I honestly believe she did not kno what she was getting herself into when she started her career. However the whole world, including miley cyrus, saw Brit fall apart because of the insane world of teen fame. Miley knew exactly what she was getting into, and instead of breaking the mold of teen starletts, miley chose to use her body and her sexuality to sell herself instead of her talent. Miley represents everything that is wrong with the media, and giving her the time of day only encourages young girls to follow in her footsteps.

    15. Danielle says:

      To all the people who don't think she really did anything that terrible, I would agree except for the circumstances. It's one thing to grow up and change your image. It's another to slut yourself up while you are still targeting an extremely young audience (Hannah Montana is still airing new episodes!) I think that's messed up.

      I just think that she's an all around terrible role-model. As someone else mentioned she presents herself horribly if you've ever seen her do an interview. She still acts like a little kid (and a spoiled brat at that). So she's not even really growing up she's just trying to get attention.

    16. Amy Soldier says:

      Miley should be more manipulative with her fan base. You know, she should attempt to make most of her fans think a certain way, and then encourage these fans to act accordingly. What should our Miley with her altruism and love of Jesus attempt to accomplish to make the world a better place for everyone? She has the power to manipulate her fans so she might as well use it … .

      •| *


    17. Eliza says:

      I also love Miley.

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    19. G says:

      I don't understand what the big deal is. I can't wait til she's 18 so people will shut up.seriously. People are saying she a 'slut' because of the way she's dressed in 'Can't Be Tamed'. It's a leotard. If she's a slut for that so is your seven year old daughter in ballet. As for the 'role model' thing, she's a human she's gonna do dumb things because she's young. Who knows? She may tone it down in the near future.

    20. Amanda Moutinho says:

      Hey, I was a huge Miley fan last year. I didn't care what people thought, and would always blast her music anytime I got the chance. But seriously? Enough is enough people

    21. Ohaikeely says:

      I will tell you why I don't like Miley;

      -She's not talented, I honestly can't see how people can stand listening to her, her voice is horrid.

      And, I htink all the hate surrounding her new appearence goes to the fact taht she's a role model for younger girls.

      Honestly, would you want your daughter looking up to comeone who's makingout with girls and boy in a music video, or spreading herself, I think not.

      I don't hate her, hate is a horrible word, but, i certainly dislike her, and it has nothing to do with her current appearence.

    22. eg says:

      Part of it is that she got so famous before she even showed any talent or ability. Yeah, party in the usa is okay, but besides can't be tamed I couldn't name another song of hers and would never buy a record. And yes, most 17 year olds want to show they are adult and act sexier than they probably should. But most girls had a mom or dad that said "you are not going in public wearing a crotch hugging bodysuit". And just the blatant and obvious cries to be taken seriously make you not want to. We get that you watn to be looked at as an adult, but do you have to smash us over the head with your budding sexuality, dancing and singing about how you are a wild untamed woman? Is it a good thing for a 17 year old to be trying to turn guys on at every turn? I've actually tried to fight my inner dislike of Miley as she really hasn't yet done any of the things so many other young ladies have in the negative, besides maybe dating a guy a little old for her, but all this "look at me, I'm a woman" cries for attention are just all very unseemly….

    23. Delilah says:

      I do classical ballet. Have done for many years…Dance with English National Ballet. I've worn scantier outfits than she has. Its all controlled. Her managers tell her what to wear and at the end of it she looks okay. She's old enough to make her her own decisions. At least she has an opinion unlike other brain dead people. Also she's realistic. She knows she's going to have sex, maybe even do drugs. Id like to see how most haters would fare in their hatees situation, trust me their ignorance will be their downfall.

    24. Pauline says:

      I think she's a good girl. Not only because I'm a fan, but also because I can just see it. I mean the things I read that people said about her is just pure discusting and uncalled for. People threatening to kill her, whishing she'd drop dead, or gang raped. She's just a kid! Unlike what people keep saying, I think she'll turn out just fine. We all go through a rebellios phase, and she's smack in the middle of hers. Let her experience her teenhood. You people are gonna pop an artery if you keeop at all this anger over her. What's she ever done to you?

      I'm never giving up on her. God bless her.:)

    25. Pauline says:

      oops *keep*

    26. Amber says:

      People don't like her because she goes grinding on 44 yr men, while having a boyfriend. And the sad thing is her parents don't mind. Its fine to grow up, but shes acting like 21 and she's not even 18 yet.

    27. Moira says:

      I LOVE MILEY CYRUS. Lots of my friends hate her but I think she is the best performer ever. She didn't pole dance she just swung on a bar you know like little kids do.. And the picture she took is a classic so leave her alone she just wants to be grown up. And SHE IS NOT BISEXUAL. So lay off Miley Haters you wouldn't like it if someone was bashing on you for your clothing and performances just because you jealous.

    28. sage says:

      Having the human race spit vitriol at Myley and her initation into sluttiness only gives me hope for the human race. Disney gets little girls hooked into a celeb, ya that kids see where they are being led and just say no. Cheers to parents that have more power than disney. Cheers to your little sister, she knows shyte when she sees it, and calls it. Shame on you for not seeing it.

    29. Amy-Lou says:

      Miley cyrus is no longer a child, she is growing up in a world where the celeb singers on stage and in video's am almost bare to the skin for example Beyonce she has been wearing leatards that just about cover herself and Even lady Gaga with her skimpy outfits small frocks and also leatard obsession then there is katy perry who is just about covered in a dress. In my Opinion she is more covered up than them her video's arent sexually based. Her music video of "Cant be tamed."iS AWESOME the musics not slow its what my generation of people want to hear not some half dressed 30-40 yr old showing her fleshy body to us Making us females feel more inadiquate than we already are NO THANK YOU we want fresh music with high speed something to dance to but also one that speaks to us her new music is on the right track in becoming a greater sensation to the larger audience. So keep at it miley your doing great and for the reat of you try seeing h in a better light she is more than some of the other stars.

    30. made a comment looki says:

      this article made me laugh so hard i thought i'd need cpr for a moment. i don't really care about her since i don't like her, but all the emotion in the post (and comments) is so cute.

    31. ageeg says:


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    32. rokevella says:

      First of all "Party in the USA" the best song of all time? Okay. She also did not write that (she doesn't write her songs), she in fact gets defensive with reporters who ask her about what Jay-Z song she thinks of when singing her song (Miley excalims "I don't write my songs and uh ya uh I like don't even uh listen to popular music." Also, not every girl wanted to dress sexier once they hit 17 (slutty at 14 for Miley), some people, me included, want to be know for having substance- which this firls does not. However, the disgust for Miley for me really is her lack of substance, her edotism and mockery of her father (her claim to fame), her poser behavior (peace love blah blah), and her hypocritical life filled with lies (oops are these pictures revealing? I like my young fans, oh no wait I'm not a role model, oh today I can't be tamed, I'm not extreme, hi paparazzi I love you!,etc…..

    33. Bbby1992 says:

      I have to admit, the Miley bashing is getting old. Im tired of walking into my friends room only to see her turn off a miley video and immediatley start bashing her. Seriously? But in all honesty I have gained respect for her. Im glad she grew up a little even though she looks like a goth whore. I'm also wondering why all the hatred is being thrown into mileys face? Shes not all bad. I love the new song "I can't be tamed" But really.. Party in the USA.? The best song ever made.. ehh? Sounds like you need to do some growing up too. That seems to be made back in her glitzy hannah period.. I came accross this article to be refreshed and annoyed at the same time. Why write a whole article on this? if your NOT a fan and your NOT a hater. Why waste your time? I like Miley and her outfits are cool but a little revealing. I believe she might have ripped the bandage off a little too fast. And like another person said she seems to be very negative and again thats the only thing I dislike about her. Maybe thats why shes gaining all this hate. Anyone else?

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    35. Kimi E Red says:

      What Miley Cyrus-and many of the other Disney girls-don't seem to realise is that they are a product in the eyes of the media and their fans. They are not a person. Miley Cyrus is marketed as a wholesome, girly, innocent girl. Whatever I get it, she has to grow up at some point. The way she did it was all wrong. She has basically just said, "screw my original fans" and doesn't seem to have any concept of what her current market is. She can sing but she is no Britney Spears. She was better off singing lukewarm 'pop.' At least she had an audience. I used to love Miley Cyrus because she seemed like an individual with original ambitions. The whole "rebelling against my image" is so old now. No one cares anymore. The truth is I care about the music rather then whether she is deciding to be a slut or not. Just don't annoy your fans!!! She won't win over the people who hated her in the first place, (there were plenty who just hate Disney in general anyway) she should have stuck till what she knew until she decided to change so radically. I'm glad younger girls are smart enough to see a gimmick when one appears. Dakota Fanning as someone pointed out is the perfect example. She knows how to behave in public. We all make mistakes but when you keep making the same ones it's time to question your actions.

    36. Maya says:

      YES I so agree. I don't particular feel one way or the other about Miley Cyrus, but the vitrolic abuse is ridiculous.

      I actually think it's kinda sad that just because she was succesful at a young age with her acting/singing career, the whole freaking world thinks they OWN her now and that how she behaves should always be in mind of everyone else. Everyone acts like they have the right to reprimand her and telling her she should be ashamed because she's not a good role model, but seriously how old was she when she became that role model? And now it means he's supposed to devote her whole life to being a role model for little kids? Why isn't she allowed to grow up and want to be sexy as every 17 year old girl wants- it's like the whole world is forbidding her from growing up as a normal teenager.

      She's 17. Of course she doesn't want to take her Disney fanbase into account with every single move she makes and every piece of clothing she wears. It's sick to expect that, she's just a girl. Parents should be role models for kids, not 17 year old kids on tv.

    37. Jack Prash says:

      Danny Michaels wrote a song to help Miley's fans defend her against the haters, but it never took off.
      http://www.dannymichaelsmusic.com, forwards to the myspace page where it starts playing automatically.


    38. sallysss says:

      how it should be

    39. ali says:

      wait…why can't people hate on Miley AND save the rainforest at the same time? How do you know they aren't?

      and why aren't people allowed to dislike someone if they don't like her sudden change in the way she dresses/presents herself [honestly though I think real fans of hers aren't the ones hating anyways]. I think this whole article is seriously condenscending, really people need to SIMMER DOWN because they don't like a random singer and you do? also this kind of hate is directed at MOST celebrities [everyone has haters], gaga, beyonce, rihanna, eminem, diddy, j-lo, angelina, beiber…the list goes not just Miley. Where's their article?

    40. Jamie says:

      I agree with most of the people who disagree with your article. I understand it must be extremely irritating to hear girls constantly ranting about the situation- the thing is, she is not thankful at all for her fans. I liked her in the beginning and thought she was adorable. Then she became bratty and conceited. I just want her to fade into oblivion.

    41. Samantha says:

      wether you like her or not, the whole world is going too, too far with the miley-hate she doesn't write her own songs she wears what her manager or something says she should wear i tink you should lay off her, and i'm not particulary a fan

    42. Rachel says:

      It's one thing if she wears those clothes for performance, but the way she dresses outside is not exactly appropriate either. I'm her age and i understand that she doesn't want to be all disney anymore, and she wants to grow up, but that's not the way to do it. she can be more mature and get an older audience by being more classy, and not showing off her bra and other areas every chance she gets. she took the path of disney to get fame, and she needs to realize that dressing like a slut is not "art" as she says, and it makes her look like a hypocrite. and to some comments above, her turning 18 won't make people shutup.

    43. Anna says:

      I definitely don't like miley, but i don't officially hate her. I dislike her very, very much, almost to the point of hate, but i don't hate her. I don't like miley because of the "role model" she's become. I've always disliked her acting, it doesn't make me believe in the character she is trying to portray and she definitely tries too hard; the result being her looking like an idiot. I only like maybe five of her songs, but i really don't like her voice. It's nasally and really annoying, definitely one of the worst vocals on the media today. And then she comes out with these too revealing costumes. Yeah, there are other singers and performers out there wearing skimpy outfits also, but in my opinion, they are all in good taste (katy perry as an example), unlike miley cyrus where more is "better" for her. Plain and simple, i'm never gonna let my children idolize her.

    44. wren says:

      "Wouldn’t it be a wee bit creepy if she was still sporting that blonde wig and doing her show on the Disney channel when she hit 40?"

      First of all, that is called acting (sic). She plays a part that for some reason she has started to believe is true life. Secondly, it is as creepy as a Disney teen role model without common sense posting provocative photos of herself and it being explained away as growing up. I for one do not equate sexuality with maturity. These young girls who use their sexuality to promote an image are stupid in that they do not realize they are being used. As we lower the standards of good acceptable taste on a daily basis, one has to ask themselves…at what age do we consider exploitation of a child okay? Problem is the industry, the handlers (parents) and the fans. These misguided stars are only following the path set-up for them. Hopefully Selena Gomez will not hop on that train. Raven Simon is another good example of being able to grow up without flipping your original fan base off. Miley, Taylor Momsen and Vanessa H. are just immature little girls crying out for attention; and lack any marketable talent other than sexing it up to get it. Look at Dakota Fanning, great performance in Runaways…yet she left that persona on the screen and knows how to live in real life, at her real age, with dignity!

    45. Tude says:

      If you really are disgusted with these young tartlets, stop buying their products, and respond on these sites with a standard "who cares, this is not newsworthy or talent". I for one am starting now! My opinion does not matter to the tartlets therefor these tartlets do not matter to me.

    46. Wren says:

      Right on rokevella. Well said. It is not Miley's "growing up" we are against. It is her attitude. She started in show business playing Hannah, but somehow because her fan based believes the character to be true…so did she. Now she thinks she can have a music career off that Hannah gig! LOL. She has the most nasal voice I have ever heard (both talking and singing). She is a product…a tool…and I am sure one day a has been. Her father taught her well to work a one hit wonder into a career. Was she bad on Hannah Montana? No, but then I don't expect Oscar performances from Disney Channel. I watch it for the same reason I like some TV sitcoms…they make me laugh. But does not mean I want to see the characters outside of that venue. And it is obvious her personality change if you are a fan. Even the character of Hannah Montana is not likable or believable anymore. Sorry Miley, fans make you, it is he nature of the fame business. Kinda like the dues you have to pay to live the life you do.

    47. kid at heart says:

      I actually enjoyed the show Hannah Montana. Billy Ray is funny with his country wisdom and references to his mullet days (for those of us who remember Mr. Achey Breaky Heart). Haily Osmet is also funny as Hannah's BFF. The man who plays her brother is quirky, but funny also. It is Disney! I am not expecting drama that makes me think, or good stand up comedy. I am just looking for lighthearted entertainment in the background of my life. Same reason I love Wizards of Waverly place. I truly hope Selena Gomez does not go the Miley route. I no longer enjoy watching Hannah this season, because it is like watching a captive actor who HAS to do their job because they have a contract. I much preferred watching her before the fame went to her head, and she felt Disney was beneath her. Maybe Hannah Montana's last season should reflect reality, how Hannah embarrasses herself by using her sexuality to maintain her fame that is dwindling as her father pimps her out for money, and her friends leave because her head has gotten too big! Now that would be a good ending for Hannah Montana…and Miley!

    48. sn says:

      Ok ok here it is in the real world. Miley Cyrus can NOT sing, She's only 17 and WAY to young to be acting this way (her dad should be ashamed of himself), and It's all really sad, Honestly she looks like a a 30 year old Hooker/Stripper in the Can't Be Tamed video. Now do you really want your kid or teeneager watching that? And like I said before, her voice is changing so much, now that she is growing up, it's horribly scratchy and shrill..

    49. mannequin says:

      Twenty two and you love Miley Cyrus. Grow up; you have lost all credentials.

    50. Miley Lover says:

      I bet the majority of people who "hate" her are jealous and upset with their own lives. So when she gets 18, what are people going to do? If you don't like her don't listen to her music, buy her clothes, read about her, or look at her. Its quite simple actually.

    51. KITTYANNE says:


    52. Eleanor Peters says:

      Miley Cyrus has no talent. Just a figment of her imagination put there byher father. He put her into the music business and she is a sham. No decent parens would want their daughter to act or look like this at any age. 17 years old and has the name of a slut already. Thank you Mr Cyrus. You pushed your young daufhter into the Hollywood scene way to fast and she will crash early in life with no real talent and senseless parents. I suppose you must be proud of your self. She still belongs in school graduating with the rest os thee teens, not where you put her. Youknow what Hollywood is all abut and did it any ways. You love your daughter right ?

    53. Tricia says:

      I agree that people talk negatively about her way too often. I simply don't like her music and how she always seems bratty when interviewed (like how she bashed Glee many times whilst being interviewed.) I feel compelled to tell you that Miley Cyrus didn't even freakin write "Party in the USA". According to Wikipedia, Lukasz Gottwald, Claude Kelly, and Jessica Cornish did. And seriously, anyone who thinks that annoying song is the "best song of all time" definitely needs to seek out better music.

    54. Kris says:

      Please people, LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!!!! What did she possibly do hat is soo wrong? She didn't murder anyone. She did not rape anyone. All she's doing is growing up and being true to herself. What could you possibly find wrong with that? Honestly, I like her more now than before. If you want to bash someone go bash yourself, not someone you don't even know.

    55. Terry says:

      Miley Cirus is very talented. The younger audience should have been your main priority. They are the ones who will carry your name (if they like you) on for ever. For instance:

      My mom grew up in the Elvis age. I love Elvis and now my kids love Elvis and now my grandchildren love Elvis. That's 4 generations. Take your time in growing up and think about every move you make. God will bless you more if you take care of what he has blessed you with.

    56. Cindy says:

      The last time I looked 17 was not an adult Compairing Britney

      to Miley going from Role model to Adult music is crazy When Britney frist broke loose from the Disney croud she wore A Shcool unifrom that had a short skirt and top just unbotton

      to her cleavege Miley on the other side wore a tight body siut showing almost every thing. It would have been ok if it had been talored to her age. They have dance costums that are for 17 year olds She looked slutty but also like she was dressing up in her mother's under clothes I have 5 daughters that performed dancing in Paris, Hawaii, ect They never wore cloths like that to dance in Her song can't be tamed is right on for her Just wait for another 3 to 5 years We will have another Brintey on our hands ( the meldown one) I hope she will pull out of it like Britney did As far as Billy Ray goes he needs his head examined My 12 year old grand daughter

      stopped watching Miley after those picture were released of the two togeather They looked like lovers not father -daughter

    57. Phred says:

      When my Dtr. was 17 she too wanted to dress in a provocative manner. Her choices were to scale it back or stay home; we eventually compromised. Point is: this child is being exploited, mostly by her father, Mr. One Hit Wonder. We all know she can't sing, we all know she can't dance, we all know she can't act so what does that leave: "Lets show the world her T & A !! Bet that'll make us some money." Why don't they just pimp her out for crissakes; Where's the difference?

    58. cnyman27 says:

      i almost laughed myself silly when i saw the headline and HAD to post a reply. miley is a typical spoiled, dumb brat. i do not like her music or seeing her " act" on tv. she's bit confused to think she can sing or act but then she doesnt have much for inspiration when it comes to her loser of a father who cant get a career so he rides on her shirt tail. they both need to get a life & get out of the spotlight.

      I can't beleive Disney has them on the payroll but then again disney is all about making the buck and nothing else.

    59. Jen says:

      When I heard all the hype on the radio station about Miley's video "I can't be tamed". They were mentioning her bumping and grinding? I became curious and watched it. I actually liked the video and all the things that were said about her. In my opinion were over exaggerated. I am not a huge fan of hers but occasionally like to watch her Disney shows cause they're silly and make me laugh. I just think that people who say that they hate her are taking it over the top! Hate is such a strong emotion why do you have to "hate" her??? She really isn't bad.

    60. Patricia says:

      Perhaps comparing this to a delicious cream pie (your favorite)that you can't wait to enjoy, only to find out after you've eaten half the pie, that it had spoiled. And now you just feel ill when you even look at it. ??? At her age, she probably doesn't have the foggiest idea of the consequences of her choices. I doubt she'll make it as a talent. PP

    61. Elaina says:

      Hannah Montana; she is a role model to my 6 year old sister.

      It was hard to believe she has tried to take sexy pictures with her father. It was hard to believe she posed with a blanket around her and nothing else. But to see horrible disturbing pictures of her in a bra is completely disguisting.

      She needs to learn that as a part of being with Disney comes a quality actresses of her age (17, not 23) must have: responsibilty, positive attitude, and kid-friendly outfits and outlooks. Have any of you seen that in the last year, between playing boyfriends, wearing clothes Modanna would wear, and pulling out exactly what Britney Spears did. She's no differant. Her career will go down the toilet in a matter of months.

      So before you teenagers begin rioting over this whore, know the facts.

    62. Bob H says:

      Brittany, I don't know if these reactions to Miley are based on hate as much as resentment. Miley is a marketing creation who was selected for reasons other than talent and/or looks. I think most people are aware that you could find any number of prettier and more talented girls at any high school in the US and that they would be just as famous and rich if given the full "Disney Star-maker Treatment". Miley didn't act or sing her way to fame and fortune- she just hit the lottery, and people resent it.

    63. Alexa says:

      it was the same thing with Britney spears 10 years ago.

    64. bethany says:

      "People grow up, it’s part of life, so why can’t Miley?"

      Hmm… What does growing up have to do with stripping?

    65. […] depressed to say this because I really like to stick up for Miley; ‘She’s just expressing herself, let her be!’ But Miley is proving to me that I […]

    66. […] press passes, parties. And since coming from a small school in Virginia, it’s hard not to sing with Miley Cyrus on this one: “This is all so crazy, everybody seems so famous.” While a lot of people get swept up in the […]

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    68. […] movie career. She did everything Miley Cyrus is doing, minus the questionable photos and the untamed nature. But Lindsay had the real holy grail (Mean Girls, obvs), and soon, it was Hilary […]

    69. Tracey says:


    70. […] “Drug Czar” and the rest of the old people in this country are up in arms (and probably somehow blaming Miley). Look, I get it. Despite the recent research proving the many benefits of tokin’ a little […]

    71. […] with Usher wanting to “make love in the club” (in front of people) but not okay with Miley Cyrus dancing inside of a cage for everyone to see (remember how shocked people were about “Can’t Be Tamed”)? […]

    72. […] we okay with Usher wanting to “make love in the club” (in front of people) but not okay with Miley Cyrus dancing inside of a cage for everyone to see (remember how shocked people were about “Can’t Be Tamed”)? But even more, […]

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