Candy Dish: Congrats to Judge Kagan!

Welcome to the supreme court, girlfriend.

10 things you shouldn’t do in college (even if you think you should)

Short guys totally worth crouching for.

Wanna win some Flirt cosmetics?

Enrique. Naked. On water skis.

Can’t stop watching: Cute kitten can’t jump.

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    1. Jo says:

      Yeah, obviously you don't need any experience to bag a job like the Supreme Court. Way to drag our country down one more notch into dumbassness

    2. robert mead-donaldso says:

      "I'm a Jew, I don't believe in heaven."

      "Where do you want to go?"

      "A Chinese restaurant."

      Deconstructing Harry, 1997

    3. robert mead-donaldso says:

      like Bill Clinton said: "I think women should run everyting"

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