Candy Dish: Miranda Kerr is Having Orlando’s Baby

Well, that’s gonna be a gorgeous child.

Rainbow chasers are awesome.

Would you get a vatoo?

Just in time: 5 ways to prevent pit stains.

Wanna be J-Lo’s assitant? (Editor’s Note: HELL NO)

What are the best colleges in the country?



    1. Angelica says:

      I’ve had my 4s for about 3 weeks I always keep it in a bemupr cover and have a screen protector on it. That being said I’ve dropped it several times one of which was on the metal edged coaster at work which only tore the screen protector, didn’t scratch or even mark the glass in any way, as far as I’m concerned it’s a tough phone considering it’s made of glass. I love Siri she helps me often! I’ve had the 3g, the 4 and now the 4s gotta say the 4s is my fav.

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