How to Make Sex a Little Less Complicated

In a complicated world, can’t sexy time be something casual?  We all need a little TCTLC (totally casual tender love & care). Unfortunately getting engaged in a casual sexual relationship is part of the battle, people. Negotiate it like a pro.

Say you’re dating a complete keeper. He’s nice, he treats you well, and he watched Jersey Shore with you every Thursday like the loyal dude you’ve always wanted.  Here’s the kicker, his talents in bed ain’t bringin er’ home for ya.  Is this a deal breaker?

Or you’re all like “awww,” the morning after a saucy date.  Here are some things you should keep around to help you get through the day after.

Whew, that was a lot of info packed into just a few sentences. We need a little pick-me-up of hot steamy man candy to get us through the rest of the day. Mother may I? Now that made things less complicated.

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