Getting Over a Long-Term Relationship: How I Did It

When I was 15-years-old, I had a boyfriend who I was convinced I was going to marry. No one in the world could change my mind, whether the warnings came from my mom, my best friend, or the cousin I looked up to the most. Me and this guy, we’ll call him D, were in ‘love’ – or as much in love as you can be before you’ve finished puberty. We did everything together – cuddling in the back of the school auditorium, ditching classes to hang out in the cafeteria, and ignoring the rest of our friends to make sure that we had room only for each other. We did this for four years, through high school graduation, making it through the first two years of college, and then, we stopped.

We did that whole in-between, on-again-off-again, awkward ‘It’s Complicated’ thing for another year after the actual breakup, didn’t talk to each other for a little while, sort of-kind of got back together for about five minutes, and then… it was done. It’s been almost three years since we officially ended our relationship, and I have been able to say I’ve been completely, 100% over it for almost that same amount of time. However, I know plenty of girls who have been in similar relationships, and who still aren’t over them – even though they should be. Long-term relationships, especially ones that took up most of your adolescence, are SO difficult to get over. When you’ve been going out with someone for years, they become your best friend, practically part of your family, and it’s incredibly hard to let go of someone like that. So, for all you girls out there who are still sort of not over that one guy in your life, here’s my story of how I got over my first serious boyfriend.

I wish I could say that I remember the day I felt like I was really, finally over D, but I can’t. I just remember that one month I was laying in bed crying myself to sleep with all sorts of false hope running through my head, and the next month I was going days on end without thinking about him. Maybe it was easier for me since I was the one who ended the relationship, but at the same time I don’t think that’s really true. D was everything to me for years, but I ended things because neither of us were happy. Though it still took a long time to realize that I could be happy without him.

After our in-between year, D got a new girlfriend. And although I had been with other people, it still made me sick to my stomach to think of him with someone else (When I pictured them doing the things we did together, it made me want to throw things – and sometimes ACTUALLY throw things).  At first, I did the typical things that any ex-girlfriend does. While my friends constantly reminded me that I had been the one to end things, I stalked his Facebook, her Facebook, and the rest of his life. Until he changed his password (I’m not proud of this), I read his emails and hacked into his messages on Myspace. I picked fights with him on a daily basis, throwing every angry word and phrase I could at him to try to make him hurt as much as I did. But whenever he would say that we could get back together if I wanted, I stopped. No, I didn’t want to get back together. But did that mean I wanted him to have another girlfriend? Absolutely not.

And then one day, after wasting the morning crying about everything, I decided that was enough. I deleted him on Facebook and Myspace, I blocked him on AIM, I deleted his number from my phone, and I packed up everything in my room that reminded me of him (yes, even a very pricey diamond necklace that he gave me) and gave it to a friend. I immediately felt a huge sense of relief – the urge to torture myself looking at what he and his girlfriend wrote to each other online was nearly gone. The ability to instantly text him or call him and say mean things was gone. And it felt amazing.

Things progressed from there – besides for a few moments of (drunken) weakness, I really did cut him out of my life. I didn’t answer his texts or calls, I stopped stalking his life, and I started focusing on myself. I got a new internship, I actually paid attention in class, and I started going to the gym on a regular basis. Most importantly, and I really do think this is the biggest thing that helped me get over him, I made my friends my priority. They were my support system, always there for me no matter what time of day it was, always making me laugh even when I didn’t want to, and always talking me out of a quick drive-by of his house. I made new friends and went to new places, expanding my horizons and realizing that I didn’t need D to feel comfortable – in fact, I actually felt more comfortable without him.

My advice to any girl who is trying to get over a long-term relationship? Cut the guy out of your life, at least for a little bit. So many girls don’t want to lose the guy completely, and it’s understandable, but going into the friends zone immediately makes it way too easy to fall back into that familiar pattern of hooking up and acting like bf/gf. That’s why me and D had that one in-between year – we were trying to stay friends, and neither of us was getting over the other. It wasn’t until we spent a few months of no contact that I could move on and be happy with myself.

Today, I’m friends with one of his ex-girlfriends from after we dated. I can see him and feel nothing but a little nostalgia, and I can watch him with other girls and not feel any need to stab myself in the eye repeatedly.  Most importantly, and it sounds really corny, but I’ve gotten to know myself – and it kind of feels really great.



    1. Caroline says:

      it really is true that you can't be over it until you're over it. I don't know what kind of magic there is about it, but in my experience (I tend to only have long-term relationships – at least 8 months, but usually much longer), you just wake up one day and you're over it. Of course there are moments when you think you aren't, but…that just seems to be the way things work.

      But it is definitely important to keep in mind that you can't get over him if you see him all the time. The less you see him, the better it is, and the easier that magic day comes.

    2. lysy says:

      I just read this article and at the thought of cutting my ex out completly my heart literally dropped..I dont think I can do it..but im going to try.

      1. Neel says:

        Trust the word of generations of heartbroken before you, it helps A LOT. Without emotional recovery on your own you won't be able to fully get over him…perhaps ever.

        No one deserves eternal torment when it comes to love.

    3. how to get ex boyfri says:

      First, engage with your friends and family. Let them support you to mend a broken heart. But, don’t bore them with your troubles. Instead, try to have fun with the people you care about.

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    5. shari says:

      this article hits so close to home for me. i had a boyfriend that i started dating when i was 15 as well. we were together for 7 years, even moving away to college together. it's been about 2 years since we broke up and it's still really hard for me. i moved four hours away and deleted him from everything, but it's still nearly impossible to be over it (i am still friends with all of his family on facebook, but that's because they feel like my family too and i love them!). you gave me hope that one day i can be like you in terms of healing!

      the fact that this article came out on his birthday must be a sign.

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    7. BritGurl says:

      Absolutely right ! Delete everything about him from your life – that's the best way to get over a long term relationship. I too, held onto false hopes that we would get back together and found myself in a very confused, foggy state a lot of the time. For about 3 very sad years.

      so, one day I woke up. I deleted photos, phone numbers and email addresses, gave away all the gifts to charity. I totally erased him from my life and made myself and my happiness the priority.

      Once I did that and was very content with my life…Mr. Perfect for Me, came along and it was sooooo much easier with him than with the Ex. The way it's supposed to be, I'm told.

      So – the point to all of this is – Make yourself the priority. Be good to you and good things will flow your way.

    8. Really? says:

      You acted like a 15 year old responding to a breakup when you were actually in your second year of college? Seriously?

    9. bri says:


      how is crying and being seriously upset about a 4 yr relationship where you were in love, after you break up, acting like a 15 yr old? if you break up with/get broken up with after a 4 yr relationship, at any age, and don't feel angry enough to break things, or cry profusely, or get the urge to say mean things to the person, or check up on they're "new" life, then there is something wrong.

    10. Sarah says:

      Having been in a very similar situation, I'd agree that it was easiest for me to just cut him out of my life completely – that meant rarely going to the city we grew up in, in fear that I'd run into his family or our friends, or anything else that reminded me of him. I was in a VERY bad place, mentally, having dated him for 8 of the most important years of my life (high school and college) and it took almost a year before I was able to even glance a guy and not feel repulsed (any guy… not just him). He started dating a girl immediately and ended up marrying her (on our anniversary… ouch), but by that time – two years later – I was over it completely. A few years ago, he asked to be my facebook friend and while a strange nervousness came over me, I knew it would be ok. It was just last year that I saw him for the first time since we'd broken up – 8 years after that incident. Time is the only thing consistent in breakups. Give yourself as much time as you need. Let yourself wallow for awhile. But then, you have to LET YOURSELF GET OVER HIM. It's hard to accept, and I know because I've been there a few times, that he ISN'T THE ONE… but the sooner you realize it, the sooner you're able to be happy/healthy again and find YOU again, and then find the right guy, if that's what you want to do. It hurts, but keep in the back of your mind that you WILL get over it. People have their hearts broken all the time. Let yourself feel, let yourself cry, and then move on.:)

    11. Lola says:

      I was in a three year relationship that began in my adolescence and recently ended as I entered college. My boyfriend and I broke up right before I can home from college and I thought it would be the hardest thing ever. However, I realized that the less I saw of him, the less I thought of him. It also helps to spend a lot of time with your friends, especially the friends you had before you entered your relationship.

    12. mending a broken hea says:

      Yeah… The whole Facebook thing. You just gotta unfriend your ex. Its just to tempting to looking when you are having a week moment.

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    14. Ashley says:

      Such a great article, and so completely true! You can never get past them until they are gone for good. Stay strong ladies, you can and WILL make it through a bad breakup.

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    16. Anon says:

      As a guy reading this, I'm just disgusted. YOU were the one to end this relationship, yet YOU then played with the guy's head for months/years? I was once engaged to a girl who did the same thing to me – and it took me several years to recover.

      I hope you apologize to the guy at some point.

    17. Alan says:

      I have to agree with Anon. After a five year seperation with a wife who just wouldn't cut the cord, I find myself in a state of total disbelief that I allowed it to go on for so long, thinking there was still a chance, when in fact there never was a chance. If your done, say your done, and walk away. The short term pain you cause with a simple truth is much less traumatic than years of maybe's, i cant find myself, or any other excuse to not commit to the realitonship.

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    19. Riea says:


    20. Kara says:

      Beautifully written article. I have not gone through the same experience but I feel like I could have written it myself. I am amazed you have the strength now even to become friends with an ex girlfriend. It is inspirational and no matter what setbacks I may have, I hope to always remember your lesson – to be true to yourself and be there for yourself first.

    21. Elsa says:

      You're a bitch

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    23. Ally says:

      So, my bf of 1 year and 8 months just dumped me…the day before my birthday…and told me he has been "out of love" the past year and a half. He says the only reason he stuck it out so long was because he felt sorry for me and thought I would hurt myself. (I used to be a cutter and I used to be into drugs and I used to have an eating disorder) He also said I got too fat and that he did not find me attractive (yeah, I admit it, I went from a size 2 to a size 12). But I can't cut him out of my life because we live together. We are both on the lease with seperate rooms in the same house. I have already spent all my money on my pet fee and security deposit so moving out is not an option right now. I have 10 more months until I can move…So ladies, what do you girls suggest in my situation? He already has a new gf, and we broke up 2 weeks ago…I dont know what to do.

    24. waterskigirl says:

      love this..i experienced something very similar to's true…you need some space of having no contact with them and focusing more on yourself and the others in your life. basically, you need to re-define your life, without that person.

    25. vanessa says:

      I´m just in that step where i have to make the desition of letting him go, i was 5 years with my ex, and also pretty sure we would get married this year or next yerar, and the last half year we were in constant fighting, i drove my self crazy, i didn´t recognize myself anymore, i was about to loose my job, and nothing seemed rewarding, it didn´t get any better, but worse. i went to chruch and i found what´s most important in my life, everything makes sense now, even if it is not what i want, and still hurts, i still think about him everyday and love him very much, but at least i´m not obssesed anymore, i know believe that god will give me what i deserve, a true man that will love me, care about me, respect me, and believe in me. i don´t know if i will get over him soon, i hope i do because i want to move on definitly

    26. Anonymous says:

      When I would remember his hurtful actions, I forced myself to speak outloud that I chose to forgive him as an act of my will. Whenever his face would flash before me I would do the same. Eventually it became more easy on my emotions and I began feeling that I really could forgive him because I would want to be forgiven for whatever emotional baggage was in my own life. So many times I had to bite my tongue and refuse the desire to want revenge and retaliate and leave him in the hands of God – mercy triumphs over justice.

    27. Anon says:

      Good advice for any age.

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    30. Shelby says:

      Thank you for this article. I literally decided to break it off with my boyfriend of four years after almost a year of "on-again off-again" complications. We started dating when I was barely 16, and I am now in my third year of college. I hate to apply my own life lessons to the rest of the world, but I think that most relationships that begin and continue on for so long through out adolescence can be the most harmful- regardless of how good the relationship is, or how much you love the person. Speaking for myself, I was in a great relationship. We were actually really good at communicating with each other, we are both mature and understanding, and we both love each other immensely. Personally I just grew to be unhappy with my own life, and Ive since realized that being on my own is the first step to finding out who I am. I think that it is necessary as a young person to find out who you are outside of a relationship before you can really be happy in one for the rest of your life.

    31. lydia says:

      i read this article and loved it, but the more i think about it, the more i can't do it. yes, it's EASY to delete him on fb, make it seem like he doesnt exist, but that's not the right way. if you're on a diet, throwing away unhealthy foods is EASY, but what's out of sight is out of mind. if you truly want to move on, shouldn't you metaphorically be able to lock yourself in a room with your junk food? shouldn't i be able to move on, without forgetting about him? (i also cant pretend that my ex doesn't exist, i see him multiple times in school every day, and haven't talked to him since we broke up, 2 months ago)

      another thing, it sounds wonderful to say that i can let myself forget about him, but again, i don't want to. he inspired me to be proactive and dedicated, and really showed me how to set my priorities straight, and be confident. im scared that if i forget about him, those values will slip away, and the expectations he had for me will fall down. if i forget how great he was, my standards for men will be lowered, no?

      so once again, i LOVED this article and you made fantastic points, but does anyone have a way to get over him, without blocking his existence from my mind?

      1. Neel says:

        If those qualities are truly a part of who you are as a person now then you shouldn't need any sustained contact with him to keep them.

        You will naturally think of him time to time (especially if he really is as great as you say he was-but if so then why aren't you still with him?) but your new focus should be on improving your life, namely building on your new found skills. There would be no more fitting tribute to his impact on your life, no?

        You don't have to ignore his existence but your own emotional healing should be your top priority for now.

    32. blahni33 says:

      so shelby??? since u just broke up how do u feel? u feel u guyz still hab a chance later when ur ready?? or did u wanted to experience another kind of relationsip?? my boyfriend just broke off an 8 year relationship with me too n im confused of what he really wants.

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    34. Suzie says:

      Thank you. This really really helped me a lot

    35. NearlyObsessed says:

      I am really glad you were so strong and able to get this long term relationship out of your life. Sadly, my relationship has been 5 years and it was on-off, but we were never able to stay away from each other. Until the summer that just passed, I only seen him 6-7 times the last 7 months and he still won't forgive me for what I did wrong (which I am definitely too embarrassed to mention.) It's sad how when someone who "loves" you says he forgives you, and then in the middle of a relationship, he changes his mind.

      Regardless, I have tried deleting him off Facebook. He didn't care, but I deleted my entire Facebook now and avoided that website because I hate it. I blocked him on AIM but I kept becoming curious on whether he is online or not. I deleted him off his phone, but I still check the phone to see if he calls. Now, I am more mad because when I thought everything was ok, I lent him a huge amount of money to pay for something really important, and I have been getting the same treatment. I just really want my money back and leave. I wish I had not lend him anything.

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    37. Heartbroken:( says:

      This article really hit me.. bc I just got out of a four year relationship and he is tired of our back and forth breakups. So he decided not to talk to me anymore and it hurts me alot. I feel alone but most importantly betrayed because I thought we were stronger than that. At this point I don’t know how to get over him but I really want to… I wanna e able to move on without thinking about him everyday.

    38. Jess says:

      I have just split from my 2 and a half year relationship, my god i never ever expected it to be so hard. I blame myself tbh i could have been a better girlfriend we used to be so in love, we spent practicly every day of those 2 and a half years together. I even fell pregnant with his baby just a few months ago but sadly i miscarried😦 after that my emotions were all over the place and i must have pushed him away. It has now been not even two weeks and he is rubbing in my face about a new girl he is texting and hoping to meet, i hate every second of it. Iv tried talking and meeting someone who comes into my place of work and when im with him i do forget about my ex😦 but when im alone i cry myself to sleep. Iv lost nearly a stone since we split and have hardly eaten anything im making myself ill😦 Reading your story gave me a little light for the future but i just dont know what to do to make it hurt any less😦😦

    39. Boo says:

      I don't have anyfriends and me and my boyfriend are going on a break/break up, suggestions?

      1. Neel says:

        Break up with him and start working on improving yourself so that you can get friends & therefore a better life.

    40. meg says:

      This sums up practically exactly what my ex and I were. He's involved with, not even dating this new girl and he's still trying to draw me in. I cried all day today and the past few nights and after reading this I finalized my decision to disconnect him from my life. I want to go into physical therapy and go into further schooling. This story honestly motivates me to actually get up and do it. Thank you for posting this =)

    41. Gabby says:

      This article gives me hope to getting over my ex. We started dating when I was 17 and just broke up after two years of dating. For the second year we dated he was away for 2 months in Europe on a internship and 45 days in Africa. While in Africa he cheated on me. I tried to forgive him because he really isn't a jerk or the cheating type; but then he decided he didn't want to stay together for university.
      We have been broken up since May (had a one month break from April to May) and I don't think of him often or feel anxious. At the beginning I would go through his e-mails and try to find out what he was always up too. Recently we've tried to become friends and now I'm back to reading his e-mails and tonight found out he was asking to hangout with this girl he liked in highschool; right away I'm feeling anxious and upset! I know it's because we are 'getting closer' and even after everything it brings me hopes up EVEN though I am happier and feel like a better person now that I'm without him. How do I just stop loving him?!!
      I know we shouldn't be friends and I do keep myself busy, but when will theses feelings end??
      Sorry to unload!

    42. Kourt says:

      Im in the same situation… me and my bf of 5 1/2 years broke up in Feb because of stupid fighting and him not knowing what he wanted in life. 6 months later we started trying to work things out I was so happy and excited things felt different we got along it felt so right. We were talking bout the future and I was happy he was back in my life! Then after a couple weeks of being back together he said our relationship felt different and he thought we only seemed like friends im crushed and So hurt I want to be friends but I still love him So much… how do I deal with that? How do I get over him?

    43. Claire says:

      I’m sorta in a similar position. I dated a guy for 2 years, but when I moved from The states to The uk about a month and a half ago, our relationship ended. I love this guy, and he truely means so so SO much to me. He visited me (yes a 16 year old boy flew half way around the world for me) but after that he began ignoring me. I should have noticed and walked away with dignity. Instead I lay here in bed, see him talk to his ex’s on fb.. And just cry. I’m so lost in my emotions.

    44. Clutter says:

      AM just going through fresh heartbreak….and your article seems to make a lot of sense..thanks for posting

    45. Esther says:

      I loved your story! I just broke it off with my boyfriend (Brian) after 3 years. I deleted him off facebook and from my phone. I feel somewhat better but I still need to get rid of his stuff. I also learned to turn your bed over, change your sheets and everything else. Also for a girl like me I went out and did an extreme thing (got a BIG tattoo) lol sure helps alot with something different. But that's mainly for extremists. I'm taking your advice and finishing the process of getting over him. Thank you!:)

    46. Frans says:

      I’m a guy and I’m going through a breakup with my girlfriend of four years we got together at 15/16 and I can honestly say I can’t stand waking up in the morning and thinking that there’s no point. She filled my day with phonecalls, texts everything and now things are just quiet I really feel alone. I don’t want to lose her because I’m only 20, and 4 years is a huge part of my life. I can’t stand the thought of her with other people.

      1. Neel says:

        Frans, you're only 20. No matter how much it hurts right now you've still got your whole life left. In the grand scheme of things four years is NOTHING.

        Focus on rebuilding your own sense of identity and more fish will come your way😉

    47. Angie says:

      Thank you for this article. I met my boyfriend when i was 18 and for the two years after we went out with each other. He was my first serious relationship… and I broke up with him today. For reasons that i feel.. he has lost the feelings that he used to have for me and it showed really clearly in his silence and in his speech… and in his availability. I still love him.. as you do.. but we've broken up 5 times for the same reason the last 3 months. And this time its time I actually move on… I've just been moping around waiting for his call.. I feel like an idiot… But this article has been significantly comforting so yeah.. I thank you for that. I don't know when the time will come when I will be over him.. but i hope it is soon. Because its been a few hours and it is suffocating me.. Sigh. i hope the best part comes soon.

    48. Suzie says:

      It hurts a lot to see him with someone else. I feel like I'm psycho but it really does hurt. Im not jealous but I wish I could just forget. My heart breaks over it every second.

      1. Jessia says:

        I just broke up 8 days ago with my on-and-off again bf of 7yrs. I understand that pain where you just want it to go away so that you can feel good, or at least normal, again. You will but with time unfortunately and that seems to drag on forever at this point. But I'm glad that I have school and friends to distract me especially since Valentine's Day is in a few days. I've also been writing down my feelings and then reading them a few days later, they make me laugh now because well I'm a little less emotional today than I was then. We are all going to be fine and happy. I truly believe that even because there is such a big and beautiful world out there just for us!

    49. angel says:

      I am so paranoid with my and my bf went out for 6 years and now its seems to be impossible to get over him..he is getting engaged to another gal yet he stills speaks to me..i feel like a use and throw person at times..i have no idea how am i gonna accept the whole thing..i hope i gather some courage one morning and be the person u r now:) Good Luck:)

    50. yoki says:

      It’s really difficult . After my eight years boyfriends which I dated since 17 walked out before engagement , my whole world collapsed and felt apart . I don’t know who I am and what I am for anymore . It kills when trying to stay friends with him waiting for his occasional SMS and calls . It kills when I am the one suffering and seeing him enjoying the freedom . I did cut all contact from him and we broke up for six months already … However I am still so stuck . My mind can’t help ruminating the memories both good and bad ones and I don’t know how to make them stop . I really want to get over this person but seems breaking contact just made me feel more dignified at time but without getting me moving on .Recently e started making contact and I didn’t response to any . I know It’s time that I should be saying goodbye for good and tell him to leave me alone . But it’s so hard to do and I don’t have the courage . Every time I thought of doing this I can’t help crying . Any one can help and give me suggestion ? Gosh it s like going to drag this pain forever .

    51. Debz says:

      Ok , here's a tricky one… C and I have been together for 11 years just had our anniversary ' how ever for the past 9 months its pretty much been over when I discovered that there was another women on fb. C claims no interest, and give little pieces of hope to keep me hanging in there making it hard to let go …the catch is we still live in the same house sleep in the same bed , but C just added the woman back to Facebook and claims he didn't its a fb clinch…. I am so tired of the lies games and they way I am constantly being hurt and then told to just stop it and dont keep bringing it up…. Pretty hard when its in your face each day , I see this stranger who I am so deeply feeling love for moving on like our 11 years meant nothing..circumstances forces us at this time to stay in the same home…. How do I become as cold a C and just let go really let go so my body no longer shakes and feels ill…..

    52. Dan says:

      my story is little different i have wife and kids im 34 years old having average married life all of a sudden my wifes cousin came from other country to study living with us i became friends with her and it developed into serious relation lasted for 3yrs so many good memories,fun times etc. their family called her back to the country so we thought ,
      we will go to different country and live life as we wanted without hurting any of family people around, all of a sudden she got her marriage fixed by parents and

      she was forced to accept it(as she said) and told me for some how if this marriage gets cancelled she would feel great so we can buyout some more time and plan things beautifully, so i emailed the guy giving my girlfriend a dirty picture and he ask me if im serious and have any evidence so i try to evade him by not showing anything thing but he insisted saying that if he has any evidence so he can cancell marriage with her so

    53. AEC says:

      I just broke up with my boyfriend of a year and 4 months. I ended it because I became so caught up in him, I lost myself. I'm only 18 and he's 19, and we were living together. When I first met him I knew EXACTLY what i was doing to do with my life. And as our relationship progressed i put all my dreams to the side. I woke up one day and just felt lost. I didn't do anything for myself, i didn't go to school, rarely saw my friends. I was a wanna be stay at home wife, with no ring and no life. And the worst part is i wasn't even sure if i wanted to marry him. Don't get me wrong, I love him. He's my everything,but I'm so young i don't want to rush anything. But he can't be my everything. I need more out of life. It's been really hard, but Im trying to stay optimistic. Im not saying its over, you never know. But right now, i need to be on my own. This really helped, although its not exactly the same situation.

    54. Kenny says:

      I broke up my girlfriend of 8 months only 3 weeks ago. She ended it with me because she started to like someone else and the little problems were getting hard to deal with but 9 days afterwards she slept with someone else and now she is in a fling relationship with him, it absolutely kills me to think of it with the fact that she doesn't love me as i once did and that she could do that to me. She lied to me about it to, so i heard it from someone else but through everything i still want her more than anything and i don't think i can give up hope because i know what we had even with it's flaws was generally perfect. we were completely in love with each other and i still am, i know she has changed slightly because of the break-up but i still think i am the best she could have as a boyfriend but with her changing i know she doesn't want me right now at least. we shouldn't have kept speaking straight after the break up but i feel with how she is now that if we don't speak she wont want us to be together again ever but she might change even more. I don't want to blank her out my life even with all the pain it's caused especially as we've got some concerts that we are going to not long in the future. I want her happy, but i don't know how i can get happy at the moment (even though i know i can in the future) i just don't know what to do?

      1. Sam says:

        I am going through the same situation. After 18 months, she told me she just lost her feelings. Its the worst feeling in the world right now but I hope, in time, things will get easier and maybe will turn for the up-side.

    55. Clair says:

      This has helped me sooo much I have been in the same boat its very hard I just now cut him outta my life two days ago after three years an I have been in a relationship with a guy for three months. But I need some advice on how some days I will quit wishing it was my ex kissing me instead of my current boyfriend. Oh an how to ignore my ex in class?? Advice please thanks:)

    56. Reannon says:

      My ex and I would have been together for 16 months this Saturday (tomorrow). His birthday is today. I loved B, with all my heart and soul. I don't think I'll ever really be over him but your article gives me the strength I need to say that the way he left me was totally immature and that I deserve better. He still feels like "the one", even though I'm only 18. We talked about kids and getting an apartment together…he even said he would propose on my birthday in September. I love him with all my heart, but his helped. Thank you so much. I feel like I can finally stand on my own two feet and say "If you want me, I'm done crying. You can chase me now."

    57. Kaelin says:

      G and i had been going out for over a year. He broke up with me only a week after my birthday. The worst part of him dumping me was the reason, he didn't love me anymore. I never understood how you could love someone one day but not the next? But nevertheless he didn't. For months I would just lye awake at night thinking that I wasn't good enough, but really he wasn't good enough for me. I agree that cutting them out of your life is one of the best ways to get over someone. Also meeting a new guy that will treat you right helped me forget all about G, and realized that he wasn't worth the time I spent obsessing over him. Even after all that i still have a place in my heart for G. Even though in time I realized he wasn't the kind of guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, you never get over your first love.

    58. parker says:

      I think that this article is completely right– especially when added together with many of the comments that stress the need for time. I started dating a girl freshmen year of high school and we stayed together for over 8 years. It was a very passionate relationship: we couldn't bear to ever be apart, we lived together for many years and were planning on getting married and spending our lives together. We broke up almost 2 years ago now, and went through 6 months of on-again-off-again, and a couple months of just talking on the internet or phone after that. We haven't spoken or seen each other for a year now. It's true, I still miss her like crazy, and I don't know if that will ever go away, but I am functioning now in life and mentally and psychologically I am doing okay.

      She started dating someone else almost immediately after we separated, and I guess everyone is different like that because there is no way I could have dated someone at that point, and even now I'm only getting back to it slowly. I don't think that is because of who broke up with who because it was pretty mutual, but rather, I think everyone reacts differently and heals differently. I know I'll need a lot of time and slow progress. But there have been a lot of really positive things too: I never really had the chance before to explore who I was as a person, what I wanted out of life, to have really crazy adventures (something I enjoy but she was nervous to do), to focus on building close friendships, exploring hobbies, etc. I think the hardest thing in life, like the author of the article above says, is to get over a really serious, long, adolescent relationship, and I don't think that you ever really get over it. But bad break-ups do get better, slowly, by and by, and really, would you want to give up that experience? It might be the closest thing to true, no holds barred, love that we ever get in life. And I, for one, would never give that up for anything. It made me who I am, and I like who I am, and yes, the pain was damn near unimaginable, but there was plenty of good too to make up for that.

    59. Isabela says:

      I can Honestly relate exactly to this…

    60. Laurence says:

      After I read your story I went through the comments hoping to read someone's comment that felt just like me, but there's none.
      I never add comments in this kind of websites but I'm doing it just in case that someone feels like me and is looking to relate their own story to someone elses and realize that they're not alone.

      I already did all that stuff and still I think I can't get over him. We haven't talked since the day we broke up (2 years ago, our relationship also lasted 2 years) I broke up with him because I felt that he was acting weird, he didn't pay attention to me and kinda started avoiding me. I thought he would get himself back together because that wasn't like him at aaaall.
      But no, we never talked again, a month later he was with someone else (of course, that was the reason to his "strange" behavoir) i deleted him from everything instantly and got rid of his stuff too.

      Now 2 years have passed and yeah, i have met new people, had more fun being single, met other guys, my friends have always been my greatest support, etc, etc. but there comes a time during the day (mostly at night) when I think of him and suddendly I feel like crying. I know that what I need is some kind of closure, but as I find out how I'm going to do it (since we don't speak anymore) i'll just keep healing through time.

    61. Sha says:

      Ive been in a relationship with my other half for just over 5 years now. We met at uni and got very close very quickly. 6 months into our relationship he started showing his jealous and controlling & possessive side. At first I let it go but then he started getting violent. I won’t go too much into details otherwise I’ll end up writing a whole book. Basically, I forgave him each time because I was growing deeper and deeper in love with him. It was stupid of me but I did it all the same. Anyway we got married 3 years later. The beatings got worse. Anything would set him off. Maybe I hadn’t made his coffee quick enough. Or maybe I didn’t wash all the dishes. Or maybe I didn’t pick up his dirty socks from the living room! Anyway, I tried packing my suitcases several times but each time he would tell me he was sorry and I would end up forgiving him. I kept hoping he would finally change. To cut a very long story short, two Sundays ago he tied up my hands and feet and gagged me. Then he punched my ribs again and again. This was because I hadn’t tidied up the bedroom. Last Sunday he threatened to break my ribs because I had neglected the home for the past week (because I had been in a lot of pain since my last beating – u can’t blame me) I called the police and he spent two nights in a cell. He went to court today and pleaded not guilty. We have to now wait for the next court date. In the meantime he cannot contact me. I have not pressed charges but the police have told me its out of my hands now because what he has done is so severe. I’m scared, I don’t want anything to happen to him. Despite everything he has put me through, the punches, strangulations I’ve endured, I still love him and can’t see my life without him. But I know I have to finally let go. But I have no idea how. I’ve spent 5 years of my life with him. My family have disowned because I married him. Apart from the violence I’ve had the best times with him. When things are good between us, they’re the best, couldn’t wish for anything better. I’m going to miss our kisses, our cuddles in bed, eating together, watching movies together, laughing and smiling together. I don’t know how I will get over him

      1. palta says:

        you can do it, you deserve better and you will find someone better and with time and self love you will get over him, i can guarantee it. stay strong. you must love yourself more than anyone else.

    62. Cindy says:

      me and my ex had been together for just over a year when he decided we should go on a "break" for uni, even though there was technically a "relationship status change" nothing changed between us, the calls and texts were still the same and come Christmas and new year we were acting as a couple again in front of our parents and such, even though we were officially not together. like the original author I'm not proud of it but I knew his facebook & email passwords + read the messages. I grew suspicious. I hinted about what I knew to him (that he had slept with other people) but when we were together I couldn't bear to argue as I was so happy. after Christmas the texting and calling continued, I visited him in uni though he tried to keep me secret and even met one of the girls he slept with, though of course neither of them knew I knew. I carried on pretending to myself everything would be okay and once summer came we would be fine again. during a study trip he rang me. after taking an STD test at uni for a laugh he had tested positive for something but did not find out till the week after. he was crying down the phone to me and I nearly flew home to see him. during that trip he promised me the world. he promised he would be with me forever and that he would never do this again (admitted to sleeping with the other girl who he caught it off) I believed him and forgave him and it felt like we were stronger than ever. he said he wanted to go away with me so we booked a week in Italy which i still plan on going on. he surprised me at my house when I got back for Easter. but during this time I had read about him going on dates with other girls during his Easter break (our breaks only overlapped on a weekend) I asked his best friend about it, he didn't confirm or deny but said I should speak to him about it. his friend must have told him as a few days later he spoke to me about it and said I had nothing to worry about and that I was being silly. I started talking to the girl I met at his uni over facebook, she felt awful and admitted everything to me, she then started informing me on what he was doing, the one weekend I was free (I don't have allot of free time during term) he chose to stay and spend the weekend with another girl without a single call or text. and it is this that I will never forget. he read the conversations I had had with the girl i met & he slept with and tried to trick me into admitting what I knew. I played innocent and he got angry saying that I didn't love him and that I was bitching behind his back constantly. I was going through a pretty rough time at uni due to other circumstances but he claimed I never listened to his advice and that it was starting to become my own fault. term ended, I continued to just stare at his profile and then gradually we started talking again. I visited him on his birthday as " just friends " it was horrible. being around his family and not being "couply" was awful. we had a massive row. his parents got involved and drove me home. we haven't spoken since, I'm still hopelessly in love with him after everything and he said he wants to give it "time" I don't know what to do, he's blocked me from seeing his facebook wall and changed all his passwords. I just feel so alone and stuck here in limbo until he can decide what he wants.

    63. chloe says:

      its easy for you to cut everythink out, but nothing can cut them from your thoughts and your feelings. I was in with my ex for just a year, he became my bestfreind aswell as the one i loved… until he started to change ! he wasnt the same anymore and was always taking his issues in life out on me, ive deleted everythink of his but unfortantly i still can’t forget about him. It hurts that his decided to start seeing and speaking to other girls but it makes me feel sick trying to move on with someone else ! some times u think does he wake up in the morning and think about me or or doesnt he at all ? i seem to ask my self that every day ! im hopeing that things can get better and one day i will be able to move on to someone who isnt abusive and can treat me right ! this article has helped alot and just proves that it can be done:)

    64. CristiLuna says:

      This was really helpful. i started dating my husband when i was 15, im almost 22 now and i would do anything to be able to let go. i feel everything you felt. our situation is a little more complicated, since there is some abuse involved. i don't know why i always go back. i feel like i cant be happy without him, even if it means i cant be fully happy with him. We also have had this on and off thing, we both have dated other people. But as soon as i get close to another man i feel could be great for me- i freak out and leave him, and run back to my ex. although we are not living together now and we are getting seperated, he is trying everything in his power to try to get back home. promising he has changed, he will do everything right, and that he will never lay a hand on me again. even though ive heard this 5000 times before, do i almost believe him???? is there something wrong with me in my head?

    65. cindy says:

      When I married my husband I was already pregnant and so I didn't have a job. He had a really good job though so I was able to stay home and take

      care of our son when it was born. When we had our second child we moved to a bigger house, but then strange things started to happen. Things would

      fly off the walls and doors would slam at night. Our oldest son talked about seeing figures and hearing voices. We consulted a medium and they said

      the house was haunted. After living there about a year more with only minor occurrences we moved out. That was when the bad luck started to

      happen. Everything started to fail, with my husband's job, our money and our luck in general. I went back to the same medium and they told me that

      a spirit had followed me and placed a curse upon me for disturbing it and not being respectful in the previous house. He tried to remove it but was

      unable. The misfortune kept going on and getting more severe as I tried to search out someone to break the curse. But when I found DR BLACK he finally did it. Things started turning around almost immediately after he cast the spell and have been great

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    68. daniela says:

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      “Well what happened to me is I was dating a guy for almost 4 years. Then I found out his ex girlfriend moved back to our town and started talking to him. She was a really bad influence on him and was ruining such a good relationship that we had. I didn't know what to do and I had tried a few spells in the past from psychics, but none worked to bring him back. When I finally tried from DR BLACK the other girl got out of the picture and he came back to me within a week. There are definitely some powerful forces out there that can be a true blessing! The email is contact him and your relationship shall flourish.

    69. swiss says:

      Thank you for great help to the people of the world

    70. jsj says:

      I was crushed when my lover of three years left to be with another man. I cried and sobbed every day, until it got so bad that I reached out to the Internet for help. I wasted so much time and effort trying to get him back until I hit on the real thing. And that is you, ultimate spell. You were different from all the rest – you are the diamond in the rough. Thank you from the depths of my soul! I am extremely happy now. I hope God blesses you as much as you have help me to get my Love back, visit him on ( he can be a great help to you all.

    71. Jacob M says:

      We started dating her senior year high school, im a year older. the first year was immature and we worked out a lot of issues though we broke up after she had gone into her first year of college. we were broken up for about a month and a.half and met up one day to talk and apologize for our mistakes. I can say honestly that i was over her for the most part. we ended up continue talking and eventually had invited her over and started dating again from there. Not a month later i came by life difficulties and decided to join the army. After joining we have been dating since and recently broke up 2 months ago. There had always been arguing and communication issues. Though i look back now and see most of it was my neglect to change and put in the effort to do so. My mistake of taking her love for granite is my lifes largest regret. Its been the hardest ordeal of my life for i love her so deeply, I would do anything for her… even let her walk away for i know its what she wants. She said she needed to find herself, she had realized she was in the relationship for the wrong reasons and found herself unhappy. Last weekend I txted her letting her know i was going to deploy soon and i wanted to see her before i left to tell her everything i hadn’t been able to for the break up was over an email by her. We ended up meeting that night. I vented my heart and thoughts, so did she both with tears running. For about 2 hours we talked and started to hug and hold each other for it felt so good. for once in those two months I felt happiness and joy again. Another hour pasted and so began to act sexually and so did I. we both knew of this mistake but it went all the way and we spent most of the night under the stars on a mattress in the back of my truck home on leave. where do we ho from here i asked, no absolute answer though I know she is strong enough to stay single to focus on her life. I know i love her and want her but i don’t want to hurt her again for i need more time to completely change my mistakes in the relationship and fix my flaws. There is so much false hope. Everything is so cloudy. Now there is a possibility i won’t even deploy for i was relying so much on it to help mend my heart. Im so lost and i have no one here in the army close to help it feels. My friends and family are so far and everything seems so dull without her in my life. I wish i could show her my changes and maturity towards her needs now. I knew that night would do this and make it worse. Was that 8 hours together that night worth it… we kinda both agreed to.keep.things quiet like it was, to keep.moving on. but was that because i was about to deploy for six months? what if i end up not deploying, what would have our compromise been then? idk I want her back so bad but i don’t know her intentions or motives. That night has me so confused for everything was perfect again for a split second of my life. Now back to no talking no nothing. i haven’t tried since that night last weekend. I don’t even know why im writing all this jeez. Should i move on… should i try to get her back if i don’t deploy ??? I just don’t know

    72. mercy says:

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    81. BESTY says:

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      That was my experience late last year. but thank god today i am happy with him again. all thanks to DR AKPAKPA, i was nearly loosing hope until i saw an article on how DR AKPAKPA could cast a love spell to make lovers come back. There is no harm in trying, i said to my self. i contacted him via email: words will not be enough to appreciate what he has done for me. i have promised to share the good news as long as i live.


    82. Bubbles says:

      Hi! Thanks so much for sharing ur story. I was in a 5 year relationship 18-23 and I broke up with my ex about 9 months ago. He was immature and irresponsible but truly loved me and he showed me. he did so many cute things for me proposed got my name tatted! We were in love and planned a future together. I broke up with him because he got a DUI. He used to go out drinking and wasted his money and lied to me about going out. When he got the DUI I told him I was done! But deep down I knew I just wanted him to change and he promised he would. We spoke for about 6 months after the breakup, he'd tex call and came over my house a few times begging for me to take him back. Finally he stopped. We went 2 months without talking completely. A couple weeks ago I decided to tex him..he texted me told me he still loved me blah blah..later on that same night a received a call from a girl he's living with and is having his baby!!!! (It's confirmed his friend told me its true) my world fell apart! I feel like shit I feel like I'm never going to get over this and now I keep blaming myself for not taking him back! For asking too much from him! I dont see how I'll ever get over all those wonderful moments we lived together! I keep wondering what's going through his head. I haven't heard from him since and I know I won't. Please give me advice or opinions I don't see how I'll ever get over this

      1. Valerie says:

        Think of it this way: although he did love you, he also had his immature issues. If you texted him, and he told you back over text that he still loved you without mentioning that his girlfriend is having a baby–dear, that isn't truly loving a person. To exclude the truth like that, when he knew it would hurt you even more to not just tell you flat out, that is immaturity. You do not need that stress in your life. It may have been a great relationship, but I'm positive from that story that there is a guy who is much more mature, and will make you feel just as loved and wonderful. You don't need to continually pine over a guy who is still a boy in many ways, you need a man. And clearly, if he wasn't mature enough to tell you what the situation was like in his life versus confessing his love for you, he wasn't thinking about your well being. He was just thinking about himself. Because if he had been acting in your best interest, which is what someone in love always does (especially in important moments like that), he would have been completely honest. But he wasn't. And that means he's dishonest, and is probably going to end up having relationship issues till he can mature up some and not act so whimsical and boyish. Also, if he got back with you, with that sort of immature attitude he might even end up cheating on you, or at least flirting with other girls over text. Also–if he was begging you to come back, that once again shows immaturity. Like a child, he didn't think that you might be better off without him (at least until he stopped drinking like that and lying about important things), but instead went to thinking of himself again, and how he didn't want to lose you–even though he'd continually been making those mistakes, and hadn't cared enough to truly change them for you. Which, by the way, is NOT too much to ask out of a guy. If any guy/girl is lying in a relationship, then they aren't worth staying with if they won't change it.

    83. Powell says:

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    84. Aliya says:

      i have a different story i love a boy from 6 years ..we were so much involved nd we r still luv eachother so madly..we want to get married and have babies so he told his family that he wants to get married with him he was preparing for civils services nd he was trying from 5 years but could not succede so he is not having a job ..i was done with the study and got a nyc job…i also tell al this to my family but unlike his family who were so happy about me family was totaly against our relationship i tried so much to convinced my parents infact his parents came twice to my home to meet my parents but my parents were still against coz he is not settled from 5 years so they are not sure wat happend to him in coming times…so i decided to get court marrieage with him but he refused nd said that we cant b happy by making our parents so much hurted he asked me to try once again to convince them but they again refused so we hang the matter for a while coz his exams were coming ..may b coz we accept this thing that we cant b together after that we never talked what happing in my home coz my parents were searching a boy for me to get married.i didnot discuss this with him because i dont want to disturb him,,this exam is his dream i dont want to disturb him mentally coz he is pereparing from years for this ..i got engaged with another boy but i still talk to him nd i cant get over him.i cant stop talking to him,,i just luv him nd he luvs me madly..the boy i got engaged also cal him but i realy dnt wana talk to him..i alwz got upset whenevr i saw his name on my phone i just wana talk with my luv ..i mean i cant give that space to anyone..i m with him from 6 long years..i am world to him he luvs me so much that he share everythng with me..i am everything to him..i dont know wat to do..the one i got engaged is also a very descent human being he also faling in luv with me but i cant never evr luv him coz i luv him..i cant b in luv again..

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