5 (Unofficial) Rules to Dorm Living


As we speak (type? read?), freshmen across the country are moving into dorms for the very first time. Woooo! (Don’t forget your flip flops!) We wanted to help them out by providing some basic rules to dorm life (that won’t be covered in the first floor meeting). In order to reach as many freshmen possible, we not only posted this very blog, but we also sent our writers out on foot to flier dorms from coast to coast and help spread the word. That is, assuming they didn’t get caught and assaulted by an R.A. first….

So what are the 5 unofficial rules to dorm living?

We’ve got 4 right here and we’re looking at you (yeah, you!) to tell us #5. Why would you do that? Well, besides just being a generally nice person and doing something out of the goodness of your heart, how about doing it for $200 worth of textbooks at

Yeah, we’re pretty nice, right?. So read (and adhere to) our 4 rules and then add your own. We’ll randomly select a winner September 10, 2010 and announce the results on Twitter and Facebook.

1. Make BFF with the R.A
Just because you’re hundreds of miles away from your parents doesn’t mean there are no rules (yeah…the movies kinda lied).  Be nice to your R.A and she’ll be much more likely to look the other way when you roll a keg down the hallway wearing nothing but a sexy dinosaur costume. Ignore her and she’s likely to knock on your door at 3 A.M when you’re hooking up with a stranger claiming that there are “noise complaints” from your neighbor.

2. Give Poopers Privacy
It doesn’t matter how badly you need to shower or how much you want to check out your post walk-of-shame look under the unforgiving fluorescent lights. If you walk into the bathroom and smell/hear something coming from the corner stall, be polite, take your caddy, and leave. You’ll be thankful for this rule on the one day you take a risk and try the dining hall’s lamb tacos.

3. Prepare for Sexiling

There will come a time when you’re out playing flip-cup-turned-beer-pong-turned-binge-drinking when you’ll get a text from your roommate telling you to please, please find somewhere else to sleep that night. Prepare for this night in advance by making sure that you find a friend who doesn’t mind sharing her single bed and/or has a futon. Because there’s truly nothing worse than falling asleep to groaning, moaning, and “that feels so good…what’s your name again?”

4. Avoid Dormcest
Forget the fact that it’s convenient and forget the fact that it involves a limited walk of shame. The relationship will not last and you’ll be stuck awkwardly waiting for elevators together for the rest of the semester. Trust us. The last thing you want is to bump into him on the way to the shower and have to make an awkward “lol, we should shower together, jk, jk, so over you, not really, lol.”

5. Your Rule
We’re looking at you for rule #5. Submit your own rule and enter to win a $200 gift card from (Yeah, that’s free money and free books. We got your back, girls.)

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner Alison who submitted this awesome rule: Another one I can think is to watch what your drinking.  Before you take that next shot or do that next beer bong, ask yourself if it’s a good idea.  If you think you’re already quite drunk, try to refrain from drinking more.  Because if you don’t, then the people in your dorm hall including your roommates will be the ones stuck carrying your drunk ass home and cleaning your puke off of the floor. She’s won TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS from!



    1. Hannah says:

      Rule 5: Don't leave your dirty food bowls all over your room! Easy Mac is delish…just not after two weeks when it's hard and fuzzy.

    2. Francesca says:

      #2 is so gross but so true.

    3. Sydney says:

      Rule: Don't be a hermit. If you hang out in your room all the time and continuously act antisocial, the people on your floor will stop asking you to come out. When you finally figure out that MTV and reruns of Friends aren't a replacement for actual social interaction, it will be awkward to invite yourself along.

    4. Maddie says:

      The last rule should absolute be to respect the beer tower. If you go into someone's room all drunk, don't kick it over! Do you know how many Natty Lights had to be consumed in order to reproduce a life size sphynx?

    5. Sarah says:

      Don't be a lurker! I hated it when the awkward guy across the hall would stand in my doorway and not say anything. He'd be all like, "What's up homeslice?" And I'd be all like (to myself), "wtf is a homeslice?"

      And then he'd stand there. Staring. Not talking. For twenty minutes. You couldn't get the kid to leave! Either visit with a purpose or with friendly conversation. No lurking.

    6. Leah says:

      Always puke on your side of the room. It happens, just keep it contained.

    7. Pat says:

      Don't phone and bone. Texting during sex is just rude.

    8. Danielle says:

      Don't accept Facebook requests from your roommate's parents. Send a polite message explaining how you loved hearing from them but like to keep your fb (college aged) friends-only.

      You never know when they'll be clicking through your photos and see their baby girl in a skirt doing a keg stand. The roommate might hate you after that one.

    9. melissa says:

      Rule #5: Don't hook up on your roommates bottom bunk bed (because you were too drunk to climb up to your top bunk) and then spray her bed with her bottle of Febreeze to 'sanitize' it instead of washing her sheets the next day. Just don't. Even though she 'toterly' deserves it for taking the bottom bunk because her 'nose bleeds' at 'high altitudes.' She will find out when she gets back from her weekend at home.

    10. Chips2hoy says:

      Treat your roomie like a sister ( from a different mother)

      You should treat you roomie how you would like to be treated. I.e., if it's 3 in the morning and she is cramming for exams… Dont complain about how you are trying to get some Zzzzzz. Go ahead and order some Chinese take out for both of you!

      Chances are when things get tough she will be therefor you too :)Gooood luck with your exams! I am sure you will do well as always ! 

    11. Chips2hoy says:

      That last message was for me roomie .. Because I know she is probably on CC when she is trying to study!


    12. Kim says:

      Rule #5

      Keep your door open whenever you and your roommate are just hanging out. This is especially true during the first few weeks of school when everyone in the dorm is starting to get to know each other. This is a great way to show other people in your dorm that you are open to making friends and it is a great way to meet people in your building also!

    13. Brittany says:

      Number 4 is SO true! I may have, ahem, violated that rule with not just a guy in my dorm, but a guy right around the corner from my room. Made the next couple of weeks after the breakup reallyyy awkward, especially since he had to walk past my room to get to the bathroom, and he would always be shirtless. And on one of those shirtless days he got locked out of his room, and just guess who ran into him when she walked out of her room. Gah.

      I'd have to say that my rule #5 would be to keep your door open as much as possible. Especially in the first few weeks of school, hardly anybody on the floor knows each other, and just saying "hi!" as someone passes by your room can lead to great friendships.

    14. Iris Leonardi says:

      5# Don't expect to be best friends with your roommate, just because you live together doesn't mean you're automatically bff's

    15. Kat says:

      Rule #5: Open your door and meet the rest of your hall!

    16. Liz says:

      Don't be afraid to take risks. Take that crazy class or join a club with people that you don't know anyone. Don't be afraid to study instead of party and don't be afraid to ask for help in classes.

    17. annie says:

      5. Get to know everyone on your floor. Sure you might be bffs with your roommate but there are a bunch of other interesting people to get to know. And where definitely going to want somewhere close by to crash when you get sexiled. Same goes for not being bff with your roommate. There are a lot of interesting people to get to know really close by.

    18. ChristieT says:

      Rule 5:

      Never, ever under any circumstances hook up with guys who know each other. You find out much too late that they were placing a bet on how many of them could get with you. Ruins a perfectly good sexy time.

    19. Amy says:

      #5. change your sheets once a week. i don't care if you think you are the cleanest person in the world. your bed in your dorm might as well be a couch. clean accordingly.

    20. Jennifer says:

      Clean up after yourself in the shared kitchen.

    21. Gabi says:

      Share clothes with your roommate. Hey, your wardrobe just doubled for free:)

    22. Abby says:

      Definitely DEFINITELY lay some ground rules the first week of school. As awkward as it may seem you will thank yourself later on!! I failed to do this my freshman year and had a roommate who's girlfriend decided to live in my room, eat my food, and never clean up. Needless to say I was ready to get out of there!

    23. Leann says:

      If you feel that you were unfairly graded in a class…FIGHT IT! Most schools have a policy in which you can appeal a grade and win if given an appropriate defense. I had a professor who would only call on certain students in class and ended up giving the other people 25/100 for participation, which was 20% of our grade! Turns out my class wasn't the only one he had done it to.

    24. Maria Athayde says:

      #5 Use flip flops in the showers

    25. Clifford says:

      Don't always hang out and sign in older guys, girls this makes you look like sluts

      1. jessssss says:

        aww.. thats my fave thing to do😦 ..but im not a slut.. ive only had sex 14 times

    26. Celia says:

      #5: Make an effort to really get to know your roommate. Life is so much easier that way, and you really might make a fantastic friend. Plus, you always have a wingwoman, someone who knows how to get you home after a binge-drink sesh, and endless supplies of toothpaste/q-tips/tampons to borrow.

    27. Rachel says:

      Rule #5: Only let people know about your possessions if you don't mind sharing (or being endlessly pestered).

      This rule is one most often learned the hard way by people with cars, especially on a rural or small-town campus, but it can go for Wiis, printers, and large containers of alcohol. People will be knocking on your door at all hours of the night desperate for a ride to Wal-Mart or to vent some stress by virtual boxing, and if you respond with anything other than an enthusiastic "Of course!" people get angry. On the upside, the girl with the printer, car, or handle of booze rarely has trouble making friends.

    28. TT says:

      #5) If you're roommate has a big test the next day, let them study and let them sleep. Do not blast LMFAO's "Shots Shots Shots" and invite your friends over for a preparty before you head out. This extends to the entire floor during finals week. High school is a cake walk compared to college. Yes, it involves a lot of partying, but it takes studying too. If you are considerate, others will be as well.

      That being said, if your roommate does not have a test, feel free to line 'em up and knock 'em back.

    29. Lora says:

      #5: Invest in an air purifier/white noise machine and earplugs. Colleges hire the cheapest contractors, which means dorms are built with walls like tissue paper. You will hear your next-door-neighbors yelling drunkenly, boning random strangers, and generally being obnoxious. But unless it's truly egregious sound pollution, it's not worth complaining to your R.A. and earning a reputation as the tattler. So crank up the white noise and get some cushy earplugs to insulate your sanity.

      Bonus points if you get the air purifier: many of them make white noise, but they'll also filter out the nastiness in the air if any of your roommates/floormates happen to be smokers.

    30. […] 5 (Unofficial) Rules to Dorm Living As we speak (type? read?), freshmen across the country are moving into dorms for the very first time. Woooo! […] […]

    31. kate says:

      #5. take advantage of all the great people around you!

      Need someone to go out with? i bet the girl two doors down knows a great party. Or want to stay in? if there's a lounge, just pop in a classic movie, and people are sure to come watch! Can't figure out that math problem? that kid down the hall who never leaves the building problably finished the set weeks ago. This will be one of the few times in your life where you are surrounded by so many people who you have so much in common with, all you have to do is find out what.

    32. Emily says:

      Rule #5…

      Keep the gossip to a minimum. Yes, it's fascinating that both Suzie and Kelly hooked up with John the thoughtful guitarist, or that your roommate has gained ten pounds, or that Jessie was the one who puked in the elevator, and it's so much fun to talk about in the dining hall… BUT… talking about it all won't win you friends. Dorm life is a soap opera in itself, and adding to the drama by participating in a game of he said/she said is just bad news bears.

    33. Reems says:

      Rule #5: Clean up after yourself

    34. M says:

      Rule 5: Try to keep your cool. You're going through a lot, your roomie is going through a lot, everyone else is, something is always happening, etc.

      Explanation: you're not giving the world the best impression of yourself if you turn into a gossiping drama queen from one little argument with another girl, text like crazy when one message would suffice, be so inconsiderate of other people on your floor that your roomie would get sympathy texts. Everyone is entitled to bad days–but really–keep your cool

    35. Kenny says:

      Rule 5: Don't stay on the phone with your long distance boyf into the wee hours of the morning and expect your roomie to put up with it.

    36. yesenia says:

      Try to go on a mission, with at least one of your roomies and make it a night to remember!

    37. Roxanne says:

      While your roommate may appreciate the hotness of your boyfriend/boy toy, don't have him over every. single. night.

      Nobody wants to feel like the third wheel in their own room, and a investing in some roommies only bonding time can go a long way!

    38. Rowena says:

      Specify what you want before it becomes a problem! I cannot emphasize this enough. I really wish I had been clear to my roommate from day one that I would have liked her to cool it with me before inviting her friends over. It got to the point where they were there, chatting and listening to music, at all hours of the night, before I said something – and then she acted like I was being completely unreasonable and we had to get the R.A. involved. Get it out in the open before it gets out of control.

    39. Mik says:

      Don't room with your best friend or any friend for that matter from high school..

      1. Melissa says:

        why? cuz im kinda planning to dorm with my best friend from high school, but we have ground rules planned out? do you think we will be fine?

    40. Maggie says:

      Rule 5: Personalize your space! Unlike the prisoner dorm rooms can make you feel like, you have the ability to slap posters, magazine ads, postcards, and photos all over the walls (just use command strips or scotch photo squares to keep from having to pay a fee for damaged walls after you leave.) You'll be spending a lot of time in your room, so decorate it the way you like it, even if your mother insists that you'll get sick of that pink trashcan or those blue zebra sheets– it's your space, so make sure it feels right for you.

    41. Camille says:

      I'll have to disagree with the person who said to share clothes…um NO! I'm pretty small, so nine times out of 10, the person will stretch my things, sweat in them, wash them so they shrink, etc.

      NO NO NO. Please don't ever touch my clothes without asking.

    42. Alison says:

      Explore your campus!! No matter how large or small, figure out all of the opportunities that your campus has to offer from clubs/organizations to study abroad options to art museums where you may quietly study to the gigantic mac labs. A lot of campus libraries have some pretty cool literature editions and there are usually a lot of campus resources that you just don't know from free psychological help to talking yourself into getting extended test time as a result of your A.D.D. Knowing your campus well will have many academic and social benefits.

    43. Alison says:


      In a nutshell, don't spend all of your time in your dorm room. Get to know your school and its campus.

    44. Alison says:

      Another one I can think is to watch what your drinking. Before you take that next shot or do that next beer bong, ask yourself if it's a good idea. If you think you're already quite drunk, try to refrain from drinking more. Because if you don't, then the people in your dorm hall including your roommates will be the ones stuck carrying your drunk ass home and cleaning your puke off of the floor.

    45. Chelsea says:

      Rule #5 TALK TO EVERYONE! When people on your floor are all out in the main area watching TV, or a movie, or a sporting event, or whatever, JOIN THEM! You're gonna be living with them all year, meet these people. Talk with people in the elevator, chat it up with the RA's on desk duty, make small talk with the people next door to you when you see them. Generally you're life will be better if you meet the people you live around

    46. Stephanie says:

      #5 Don't go home EVERY weekend

      So what if your mom does your laundry when you go home and you get to eat REAL food…download the Laundry Pal or Purex Apps for your iPhone and take some chances cooking with your friends. Your parents will miss you more when you're not there for weeks at a time and you'll be making friends to last a lifetime.

      As an RA I saw so many girls miss out on the fun of college by going home to visit their family/boyfriend back home every weekend. They were miserable during the school week and no one really got to know them. This doesn't mean stay on campus and binge drink every weekend.

      Go out for coffee/lunch with friends, explore the town, and experience life as if these are the best years of your life (without forgetting that what comes after college will be a whole new, amazing adventure in itself).

    47. eduardo says:

      eu nao me importo e vc?

    48. Kelly says:

      #5. Go to the gym. It's free, and your lifestyle has and will continue to change, despite the fact that you think you're doing everything the same as you were at home. (i.e. more buffet style eating, maybe more alcohol consumption, and MORE FREE TIME. Use it!)

    49. Sofia Pezoa says:

      Rule #5:

      Be Facebook conscience. Everyone now a days uses facebook; from dorm mates to your room mates parents. Everyone will find out about any embarrassing pictures or statuses like "too many tequila shots last night." Be aware of who could bee looking at your profile.

    50. Important Rule #5: Keep your clothes on when other people are present or potentially present ( when your roommate is in, in the hallways, to the bathroom)

    51. Star says:

      Rule #5: Realize your roommate is a human being. She needs sleep and food too, so stop eating all her groceries and turn the rap music down when she gets in bed early for an exam!

    52. Kristin says:

      Don't leave your laundry unattended any longer than you need to. Your clothes will be taken out of the washers/dryers prematurely, end up on the floor, or stolen. I know this from personal experience.

    53. kp says:

      don’t turn your room into a study haven. of course you can study in your room, but don’t make it quiet time all the time! go to the library, your dorm’s commons, the cafeteria, or hell, go study outside! my first year of college, my roommate was always studying in the room to the point that she made me feel guilty about the hour of tv i watched a week! if you do have to study in the room, use an ipod so your roommate can go about her normal biznass and not feel like an ass for disturbing you. just be accommodating and your roommate will do the same. unless she sucks.

    54. Kelsey says:

      Rule #5 Always keep water, granola bars, and excedrin near your bed for when you're just too hung over to get up and find some.

    55. Sally says:

      Rule #5: Take advantage of it!!! Enjoy having everything in close proximity to you … you won't have tons of dining options, gyms, free entertainment, and dozens of potential new friends within easy walking distance anymore once you move off campus.

    56. MP says:

      Rule #5: Bring your old cell phone as a backup. Be prepared for your phone to crap out when you need it most (hello drunken night?). It's better to be walking around with a dented pink RAZR than having no phone at all.

    57. kate says:

      5. Practice good bediquette. (i.e. don't sit on someone's bed unless explicitly asked to or told it is okay, and *certainly* don't sleep in it unless asked to or told it is okay.)

    58. Emily says:

      #5 Don't make your roommate always be the one to take care of you after a night out. Be prepared to take care of her sometimes, too.

    59. Anna says:

      Rule #5: If you know you are going to have a late night of studying, have some respect for your roommate and make the trip to the library to study there. Staying up all night with the light on and the sound of you fussing with your papers can get quite obnoxious when your trying to sleep. A majority of College libraries are open to students 24/7. If your college does not offer that, just warn your roommate ahead of time and he/she may or may not simply choose to sleep in another friends room.

    60. Katie says:

      Rule #5: Don't let strangers tailgate into the building behind you, especially on a city campus. Homeless people WILL hide out in the communal bathroom for a week.

    61. Katie says:

      #5. Pick and choose your battles. Sharing a tiny room with someone isn't easy, but it's easy to get annoyed with your roommate. You probably do some stuff that's bound to piss her off too. And on a morning you wake up with a pounding headache, not remembering the night before; you're roommate will be the one there to grab you some water and tell you that its probably better that you dont remember anyways.

    62. Colleen says:

      #5. Do not wear the lanyard around your neck holding your key and student ID. It screams, "Yes, I am a freshman."

    63. anne says:

      #5. Before you come to school, please let your future roommate(s) know that you have scabies. Having to have the entire dorm room fumigated and washing all of you belongings twice is not fun.

    64. Josh Freeman says:

      Luckily for guys this easier to work around.

    65. Elliott says:

      Rule number 3 is wrong. The only preparation for sexiling is a discussion about it not being allowed, so don't even think about it. If you pay for accommodation, it is supposed to be there for you to use whenever you want. And never, under any circumstances allow out of town lovers to come and stay. That's a recipe for inconvenience, tension and a catalyst for a falling out with your roomie.

    66. Kris says:


      Be nice to the dorm 'nerds'. They could be your only lifeline when your laptop crashes, or when you can't figure out how to access some files off of a site. When your ipod jams and you need a quick fix – these are the people you'll want to be friends with. Don't isolate anyone on your floor, and make sure everyone knows your name.

    67. Mariah says:

      where's my comment

    68. Jane says:

      #3 Don't screw someone while your roomate is sleeping on the top bunk! Find somewhere else to do that! Nothing worse then waking up to the whole bed shaking and moans. Be considerate, they live here too!

    69. […] to share a bathroom with ten other girls, and I don’t have to share my bedroom with anyone. And there’s no dorm room drama, but there is always an excuse for being late to class (Traffic! Sorry!). There’s unlimited space […]

    70. Jaime says:

      Hey collaborators! Come collaborate with us!

    71. […] fees, especially those associated with maintaining dorms. While most are doing their best to keep dorm living affordable, more and more parents are realizing that it might be more cost effective to have their […]

    72. tiredofcownoises says:

      There is a high probability that your neighbor will hear you if you are having sex. While the repercussions may not be as bad as it sounds, dying cow noises are kind of funny. So, unless you want to end up on youtube sounding like a dying cow, check how sound proof your walls are.

    73. Ravi says:

      Don't be the obnoxious jerks who don't abide the dorm's quiet hours. People need sleep, especially during finals week. You don't understand how many times I have wanted to get out of bed at 3am and throw a chair at the people who laugh and talk full volume during the wee hours of the morning then act like THEY'RE the victims when you confront them about it.

      1. ASDdas says:

        That's why I'm moving out of the fucking dorm next year. Fucking bastards partying through the night and not playing bills.

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