An Insider’s Guide to the College Party Scene

I’ve done it all. I’ve been to clubs, bars, frat parties, porches…you name it, I’ve been drunk there. And my favorite of all party scenes? The infamous house party.  Maybe it has something to do with being a freshman last year, or maybe because I befriended these guys who threw major parties that were the talk of campus come Monday?  I’m not sure, but in my opinion nothing quite beats a house party and its laid-back atmosphere.

And as a seasoned house partier, here are some tips to help you survive the first big house party of the year:

Do show up fashionably late.  Nothing in the college party scene starts before 10:30pm.  And nothing says freshman more than showing up at the party at 9pm eager for the festivities to start.  You are not in high school anymore!  So please, if you want to look like you know what’s going on, pre-drink in your room don’t show up until after 11pm.  Trust me, you won’t miss a thing. In fact, you’ll get there just as the party gets pumpin’.

Don’t wear heels! If you’re going to a house party, you will be way overdressed.  House parties attract all types of people and there will most likely be hundreds of them there.  Large amounts of grinding people means hot temperatures.  You will be sweating…profusely! So for those back-to-school bashes, leave your new skinny jeans at home and wear shorts, a cute flowy tank top or even a sundress, and sandals. You’ll thank me later, when the floor is filled with mud (or questionable bodily fluids) and your favorite suede pumps are ruined!

Do get your creative juices flowing. Theme parties are super popular in college.  Whether you’re attending a Toga party, ABC party, the Beer Olympics (the list goes on and on…), get creative with your costume.  I’ll guarantee you’ll be the talk of the night (and for the right reasons).   That’s not such a bad thing, eh?

Don’t bring a posse of boys.  It sounds shallow, but college dudes hate when a girl shows up with an entourage of men.  Here’s something lame, if you show up with a bunch of guys (and they didn’t bring their own alcohol) they may not let you in! This means no free drinks, and not even batting your full, voluminous lashes will get you out of that one.  Of course, your guy friends are welcome at the party, but be smart—walk into the party first.  A sure-fire-way of getting into the party is to show up with a bunch of your girlfriends. Nothing else will make those single college boys happier.

Do befriend the house owners.  You will get special treatment—the first to know about house parties, better booze, and – just in case – a special hideout place when the Po Po come to break up the party.  Take my word for it: just saying hi a couple times or striking up a conversation with the owners definitely pays off in the end!

Don’t be shy. House parties are only one part of the college party scene so don’t be scared to try all college party venues.  Hit up the bars on Thursday, brave the frat house on Friday, and shake your groove thang at the club on Saturday.  After a couple weekends, you’ll figure out what you like best and where you like to get your party on.



    1. Maria says:

      Equally, nothing says "freshman" like partying Thursday through Sunday straight, every single weekend. Make sure you experience things too, or you'll end up missing out on a LOT.

      ^thrown in for good measure.

    2. Danielle says:

      I would also recommend not wearing skirts or dresses. a.) when you're sweating that much you really don't want your thighs rubbing together b.) guys tend to get pretty handsy when drunk and dancing…and with a skirt it's way too easy for them to get their hands up in your business before you even realize whats happening.

    3. bunny says:

      Wow, I think you mean "You’ll thank me later, when the floor is filled with mud (or questionable bodily fluids) and your favorite suede pumps AREN'T ruined" rather than "are"…? (Assuming heed was taken and the suede pumps in question were left at home for more 'reasonable' sandals, which I don't think would be a better choice in the face of mud or body fluids…on my toes…yuck…)

      I mean, there would be no thanking if someone had read this, then went out in heels and ruined them. That sentence is absurd, no?

      Internet journalism, huh…where the comments have more intellect than the articles.

    4. bunny says:

      Danielle, It's similar to a packed club, and a.) my thights don't tend to excessively rub together when walking, standing or especially dancing (being that you move about a bit), and b.) I'm pretty sure I'd be aware if a guy was shoving his hand up my skirt, even in a packed house/room. Even drunk guys trying to grab my arse in shorts/skirt are unsuccessful before they even cop a feel. Hell, my betrothed (Urgh, I know, but I think 'fiancee' is so passe) gives me a fright when he attemps the man's favourite "bend-over butt-grab" so I'm pretty sure a stranger would get an instinctive backwards kick in the face/groin no? (although the logisitics of that in a dress, especially a tight one, are admittedly questionable! :P)

    5. garrybrahmin says:

      I do not like the party is a fun way to pass time and meet lots of people

    6. iliketacos says:

      uhhh…what about rule #1. dont fall asleep with your shoes on unless you want to become a piece of art. and another one. know your limits. I have seen too many girls get plastered and not remember the night before and it ended up real bad with one of them pregnant

    7. Anna says:

      Hey bunny, it's "heed." Good thing you already congratulated yourself for your own intellect.

    8. shari says:

      um, anna, i'm pretty sure bunny said "heed"…

    9. Charlotte says:

      Why is everyone in the comments PMSing, geez

    10. Danielle says:

      @ Charlotte, agreed. Everyone needs to lighten up.

      @ Bunny, get off your high horse. We're just sharing tips here. Sorry if they don't apply to you, but I think some others might find them helpful.

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    12. rock says:

      Is this really "the girl next door" author, or attention- crazed editors splicing the writing for 'candied' purposes? Mom wants to know. I told her to let it go, but you know moms! This too shall pass…

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    14. jerseygirl says:

      hey bunny, lighten up! just because you didn't have a fun college experience at house parties/bars/clubs doesn't give you the right to devalue everyone else who has good experiences. get over yourself, no one appreciates your comments except for you and your "betrothed"

    15. Katey says:

      Going to a house party on my campus at 11pm would only give you 2hrs being there till the cops come and break it up. more like 9.30pm or 10pm at the latest. Make sure to attend pre partys where you pre game pretty hard so when u get there ur all ready preety drunk

    16. sun down says:

      any gal sends me her hot pic i will send her sumthing specials in my mail

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    23. awesomeshit101 says:

      Partying in college starts even before you enter college! At least it did for me. I was seventeen, and I was forever changed.

    24. eastcoastgirl says:

      Um I will def. show up with an entourage of guys because they are my best friends and no one gives a shit. So thanks.

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