Sexy Time: The Afterglow

We talk a lot about sex here at Sexy Time – that is the point of a sex column, after all.  From basic sex education to getting a little kinky, we try to cover it all. In thinking of this week’s topic, I really wanted to write about something that maybe doesn’t get talked about as much as it should:

What do you do once the sex is over?

It’s why we do all that hard work in the first place, isn’t it; to get our rocks off and bask in the chemical rush that comes post-coitus? But when the erections disappear and our Neanderthal brains stop screaming “must have sex now,” we realize that we’re just… naked.

When the sex is over, what do you do? Laugh? Put your pants back, stuff your bra in your purse on and skidaddle? Those are two options, but here are a few that are slightly more charming.

Clean up: Albeit not the most romantic thing, the post-sex cleanup is definitely a must. Either do the half-naked walk to the washroom, or, for even more convenience, keep a box of Kleenex or a roll of toilet paper beside the bed. After that little task is complete, everything is fair game.

Eat: Hey, you worked hard! Making some kind of treat together (cookies, anyone?) leads to a full tummy and a somewhat cute way to spend some time together. If you’d really just like to stay in bed (perhaps naked), ice cream is a personal favorite. Yum!

Go out: There’s nothing better than that post-sex glow, so why not take advantage of it? Get dressed up and go for dinner, or go out for a walk. Don’t forget your “guess what we just did” smile.

Watch a movie: OK, so maybe there is one thing better than the after-sex glow: curling up on the couch with a good movie. Not only is it a great time to get your cuddle on,  but also – who doesn’t love a good movie?

Pillow talk: I heard somewhere that a man is most like himself right after sex. While I don’t know if that’s true, I do know that some of my favorite relationship-deepening conversations I’ve had have happened while in bed.

Smoke: As much as I can’t morally encourage you to smoke, many people choose to light up post-coitus. According to my roommate, it “calms your heart rate.” But, I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

Go to sleep: I know, I know, it’s cliché. But those sexy chemicals can make anyone tired. Have a nice little spoon sesh and call it a night.

What are your favorite things to do after gettin’ it on?



    1. criolle johnny says:

      This has always been an issue for me. After sex … I H.A.V.E to urinate. I know it's not sexy, I know it's not bonding.

      I gotta go.

      It's hard to cuddle when ya gotta go.

      It's not very romantic when ya hear that gurgle in the next room,

      but at least I get a chance to clean up a bit. I try to run to the kitchen and grab a bottle of wine and some cheese (yes I wash my hands).

    2. anonymous says:

      ^LOL! points to this guy for at least being honest. i'm cool with that, i think people romanticize sex way too much. sometimes, you just have to pee, or get a washcloth, or you want to wash your hands, or whatever.

    3. nk says:

      ok well, after the required stumble to the washroom for kleenex…

      half naked cuddling and talking or watching a movie is pretty much the ideal.

    4. criolle johnny says:

      You'd be surprised how much "kiss, lick, nibble, bite" you can sneak in between feeding each other bits of cheese and pineapple.

      Those awkward after-moments fade quickly when you're giggling together.

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    6. gt2904a says:

      i usualy just pass out.. spoon sesh and pillow talk. a nice one is taking a shower together too😉 keeps in steamy but youre still getting clean

    7. mary says:

      Pee, then sleep.

    8. Danyell says:

      you should always pee after sex, so you don't end up getting a urinary tract infection. But thats besides that romantic point, my boyfriend and I either cuddle or eat or pillow talk.

    9. IdeaSmith says:

      Pee. Wear his teeshirt and make him walk around topless. Eat junk food sitting on the floor. STRETTTCCCCHHH. And we're off again….

    10. Kathy says:

      talking, cuddling, watching tv, sleeping… anything to stay in bed next to my boyfriend

    11. Sarah says:

      Peeing and cleaning up are a must, but if you talk and laugh and smile while you're doing all that (not that my boyfriend and I pee together – just say a cutesty 'back in a sec') it doesn't have to be a mood killer. Then we pretty much always just jump back into bed and cuddle:)

    12. Christina says:



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