A Few Signs He’s Done With You

I’m pretty sure we’ve already established that when it comes to college, formal relationships are a rare thing.  Between texting, sexting, late night hookups, and romantic runs for drunk food, it can be hard to tell when even the collegiate equivalent of a relationship begins.  And if you can’t mark the start of something, how on earth are you supposed to recognize the end?

I’ve seen and and you have, too. Those friends who just can’t let go of the absolute coolest guy they’ve ever met ever, ever. And to us, it’s obvious he doesn’t quite reciprocate those feelings. He’s dodgy, indifferent, cold… But our girls just don’t seem to get it.

Well, fear not.  I’m about to break down for you, and everyone who needs it: the ultimate red flags that a guy’s simply, for lack of a better phrase, done with you.

Evasive Maneuvers
Suddenly texts go unanswered.  You’re more familiar with his voicemail than with his actual voice.  His friends claim that he’s “Just, like, really busy.  I don’t know.”  He waves back on campus, but only from a distance and never approaches you first.  You’d be shocked at how many girls can rationalize this type of sketchy behavior.

“Plus One” Doesn’t Mean Plus You
Formals, mountain weekends, tailgates, mixers.  Think your invite got lost in the mail?  Think again.

He Introduces You as a Friend
Not just to his parents, but to everyone.  And if he suddenly starts treating you like one of the guys it’s not because he’s just totally comfortable with you.  It’s because he doesn’t give a crap about impressing you because you’re dunzo in his book.

No Follow Through
No, it’s not “just typical guy behavior.”  If a dude says he’ll let you know what his plans are for the football game and then never gets up with you, it’s because he’s not that into you.  Not because he forgot or lost your number or was in a horrendous car accident that destroyed his phone and left him in the hospital with amnesia.  Simple fact: when men are truly interested, they don’t play around.

He Goes MIA
He says he’s running to the bathroom and never comes back.  Suddenly you’re all alone at the bar trying to look like you’re by yourself on purpose.  Wherever he ran off to, he obviously didn’t want you coming.

His Requests Seem a Little Bizarre
Only text me after midnight and before dawn.  Don’t add me on Facebook.  I can only see you Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.  Can’t we just go over to your place instead?  …This one’s a tricky situation.  He’s probably interested, but he’s probably also cheating.

He Refuses Sex
For no reason.  When you’re wearing your good bra.  The one that makes your boobs look amazing.  Just find someone else who can appreciate your strategically encrusted Swarovski crystals more.

“Real” relationship or not, you deserve real respect. If you have a hunch you’re not getting it, it’s time to move on.



    1. michelle says:

      harsh to admit, but true..

    2. Renee says:

      As I have said this to my girls….a guy shouldn't find you as a convenience, and if he does, expect those late night texts and those 1 hr ago planned hangouts.

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    4. halloween says:

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    8. Mya says:

      He Says He Is Tired & Sick Of Me !!r

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