Budget Stylista: Transition Coats

So it’s mid-September. (I know! What. The. Hell!?) And the weather is acting like a typical girl – not making up it’s mind. When you leave for class in the AM it’s hot and muggy and sweaty and so summer. But by mid-day the temp drops to a total chill leaving you wishing you had a coat (and a hot, caffeinated beverage) on hand.

I know, I don’t want to admit it either, but it’s time for a coat. But  not a heavy winter coat. Not even a heavy fall coat. What we need is an in between some-days-I’ll-wear-it-and-some-days-I’ll-throw-it-in-my-bag transition coat. And since I’m a hugmungo fan of any coat (face it: this is what most people see you in on your walks to class and they are always so darn cute!), I love any excuse to buy another.

And, thanks to Mother Nature and her weather ADD, I’ve got a new one!

Here are a few of my favorite transition coats. You can wear one now with a simple tee under for those fickle fall days, then add more layers (and scarves) as the temps continue to drop. Bolshoy Sleeza. (That’s Russian for Major Tear).

Clockwise from left: Forever21, Delia’s, Urban Outfitters, Charlotte Russe, Delia’s, Top Shop, Old Navy.



    1. Sy says:

      How about windbreaker jackets?? not 2 hot not 2 cold??

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