13 Facebook Tricks Guys Use To Look “Cool”

Those lovable bros over at BroBible.com have once again attempted to tarnish the sterling facades us girls put up just to please them (riiiight…).  The latest topic up for debate: The 15 Most Common Ways Girls Try to Look Hotter on Facebook. From butts out to boobs smooshed, they’re calling us out on all our “tricks” of the online trade.

Well guys, a little of our own light research has gone a long way.  Turns out you’re guilty of posting some overused, Brolicious pics yourselves.  Need proof?  Just go through your tagged photos and see if you’re guilty of any of these thirteen major offenses:




    1. Kailey says:

      Oh my god I'm in one of these pics.

    2. Brotha says:

      It's all white guys, of course

    3. Jenny says:

      Those girls are supposed to be hot?! LOL. Fugly as sin.

    4. Jonathan says:

      @Brotha Yeah! I was just thinking, "Hmm. There sure are a lot of white guys in these photos"(not that i expect everyone to non-white)

      But still, Alex seems pissed.

    5. The Raisin Girl says:

      Wow. Who are these guys trying to impress? It must be each other, because I'm pretty sure most women have grown past prehistoric mating rituals by this point.

      Is the use of the word "pussy" really necessary? I mean, really? Using a slang term for a female body part to insult someone? Take some pride in your vagina!

    6. Renee says:

      HAHA douche bags who think they're the shit… biggest turn off ever. love this.

    7. Lacey says:

      I really miss the days when our facebook pictures were just pictures of us just having fun. Now, both men and women's pictures are dissected and pickede apart. Pft.

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    10. motoaavtar says:

      Ya I realise now that how z life at that days

    11. La says:

      never been a truer OP. i know of a guy who has almost all of these kinds of photos as default pics. lolll

    12. Intriqued says:

      Firstly alot of these photos are lame,

      Secondly that someone will go and sort through all the lame pics to come up with a list of lame pics is lame.

      Thirdly that people will view this lame content and comment one how lame it all is – aah its a trap!

    13. Phil says:

      Firstly a lot of these photos are lame,

      Secondly that someone will go and sort through all the lame pics to come up with a list of lame pics is lame.

      Thirdly that people will view this lame content and comment one how lame it all is – aah its a trap!

    14. shangrilrao says:

      I mean, really? The use of a slang term for a female body part to insult someone? Take some pride in her.

      Motorcycle Parts

    15. Nyxandri says:

      I think the big issue here isn't that guys take douchey pics and put them on Facebook, it's that there's a lot of douchey guys on Facebook.

      Except that fine gentleman in the header pic, of course – class act all the way.

    16. Russe says:

      Wow. Alex, next time figure out who you're using in your pictures you steal. The guy at the very top, the one with the two Guinness bottles, not one of those "Bro" guys you're talking about. His name is Ben Templesmith. Great artist and writer. Don't be fucking stupid next time.

    17. Di says:

      Oh, honey, you're going to get a lot of offended nerds coming in here for using Ben Templesmith's photo as your header!


      Ben's more of a talented artist, than a dumb frat boy to be frank.

      Good luck.

    18. Courtney says:

      Why are people so goddamn sensitive? We don't care if Ben Templesmith (whoever the fuck that is) is a great writer, a talented artist, an all around stand up guy…he looks like a douche in that picture which is the reason why it was used for this article.

    19. Rus says:

      What a terrible rebuttal to the article from brobible.com. This has zero creativity, and the shocker posted here isn't even a shocker, it's the west side. Figure it out white girls.

    20. Broski says:

      This rebuttal only proved that females are uncreative, unfunny, and jealous of their awesome male counterparts.

    21. Brad says:

      Haters gonna hate. Great read.

    22. dave says:

      I feel bad for the author of this post, seems a lil uptight. maybe the dude needs to try some of these facebook "tricks" to get laid. Sorry alex, just speakin trooth.

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    24. trad says:

      I think most of those were jokes. not trying to look cool.

    25. Josh says:

      Yawn …

      Posing with Grey Goose? Real men pose with scotch and cute little furry dogs. Silly people.

      Now where did I put my bottle of Macallan 18…..

    26. jon says:

      thats not the fucking shocker what are you retarded

    27. bpers says:

      wow .. really since when did west coast become the knew shocker …you're boyfriend must be horrible !!

    28. joe says:

      i agree with most, but random bro hijinks? facebooks not all about girls, that's just about making your friends laugh, which is better then the alternative of not having friends, or being one of those stuck up whiny dudes who never gets laid.

    29. AC says:

      There are 2 west sides AND a shocker. The picture of the guy under the "Throwing the Shocker" subtitle, he is giving the West side AND the shocker, unless he's just got a ridiculous amount of space between his right pinkie and ring finger. Look a bit harder before you start criticizing next time.

      But I agree these weren't very creative, but neither was the original article. So it's a good counterpart.

    30. Bilbo says:

      HAHAHAHAHAH. Look what this article dragged up. No wonder they changed the picture. Beats the hell out of the Bros: http://bentemplesmith.blogspot.com/2010/10/oh-yee

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    33. Kiri says:

      Well, this article wasn't all that funny, but it beats the hell out of anything a 'bro' can write by slamming his simian forelimbs onto a keyboard.

      Templesmith's response was boss. His rant alone justifies this article, if not the originating bro-scrawled one.

    34. Dzerjinsky says:

      Kind of like the females changing the aspect ratio on their photos to help shave off that extra 50 pounds….

    35. Hugo Boss Mens Suits says:

      I agree with most, but random hijinks brother? Not About facebooks girls just laugh about their friends, which is better then, friends or not being stuck whiny guys who never kept one of them make the choice

      Hugo Boss Mens Suits

    36. Foob Johnson says:

      While some of the poses are indeed lame, the captions underneath sound like the author is jealous more than anything.

    37. William says:

      Thats not even the shocker.

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    39. darren says:

      yeah…and half the girls commenting on here probably hooked with half if not all of these types…scorned lovers/one-night stands ain't it a bitch

    40. May says:

      The haters sound like bitter apes who can't get their GPAs above a 3.0. I don't think facebook is all about trying to impress people, but for some people it is. And yeah, what is with all these people being white.


      But a bro is supposed to be "cool" for hooking up with a bunch of girls? Talk about double standards.

    41. Atlanta Roofing says:

      I even though the game which I can not help but to fans who play the 5-year period to the delay in getting fucked by looking for is not interested can laugh at. It's funny how the game has become the interwebs a new lie. The new Duke Nukem Forever.

      Atlanta Roofing

    42. James says:

      So if girls make fun of guys, and attempt to bring them down(like making fun of them in pics like these)…. is that supposed to make girls feel better about themselves? I'll bet it does the opposite.

    43. Jeb says:

      this is so chock full of grammatical errors it is embarrassing. and it looks like you did very little research. all that is really needed is one article that summarizes both:
      a lot of girls are stupid sluts and a lot of guys are stupid douchebags.

      and you're omitting a large segment of different, yet equally annoying facebook users.

      1. Erich says:

        Speaking of grammatical errors… You are aware that the first letter of the first word in a sentence is supposed to be capitalized, right?

        Oh the irony!

      2. Derek says:

        My bro didn't know his comment was subjected to a publishing firm. I'm sure if he was typing a real response to an article he would use better grammar and punctuation, but that's what your here for. The bro commented gave advice on you could succeed in producing a better article, and you comment about letters not being capitalized in his comment; shame. No one types comments as perfect as you, I shall search for you on facebook, Ms. Erich "Editor in chief of all comments including facebook wall posts."

        This girl is the beached whale on #5 http://www.brobible.com/bronews/the-15-most-commo

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    45. adhirock says:

      hahaha nice article, nice pictures.

    46. TopFBApps says:

      Well, in my view to look hot guys need to be less conscious about looking hot. They better try being themselves.

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    53. Bob says:

      Why isn't whoever wrote this in the kitchen?

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    56. ordnael says:

      not guilty of any.

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    61. Tony says:

      jokes on you I don't have any friends to take a picture of me so it's impossible for me to be guilty of any of this

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