Why Vote? 5 Good Reasons to Hit the Polls

November 2nd is quickly coming. Yep, the Midterm Election — when you get to vote for your favorite Senator, Congressman/Congresswoman, or Governor for your state — is almost here! Although there’s a ton of hype about the election in the news, it often flies over the heads of many college students (and, dare I say, females). Unless you have CNN, the NY Times, or The Huffington Post as your browser home page, chances are you’re wildly in the dark concerning the election issues.

Luckily, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the biggies.

But, none of these issues really matter unless you actually choose to exercise your vote. So, here are 5 reasons to get out (or online to fill out an absentee ballot) and vote!

It’s Your Right
As a liberal democracy, America allows each citizen to have an equal voice in society. Certainly, some are a bit louder than others. But, that voice is represented in the form of a check mark on a ballot: the vote. This right, which can seem insignificant in our contemporary (and cynical) society, is so important that it has caused social wars for those without it. Now, considering every American citizen receives the possibility to exercise this awesome right on their 18th birthday, everyone is on a level playing field. When you vote, you’re not only relishing the freedom of America, but the freedom of governmental liberalism.

You Want a Job
Tired of hearing adults at so-and-so’s graduation party console you with the now-classic “Well, in this economy, it’s just so tough to get a job”? Applying for exorbitant numbers of jobs, complaining, and moping around your room will not get them to pipe down. But a package that stimulates the economy by creating jobs, which is a point of partisan contention in this election, will shut them up. And, such a plan will help your future. It’s a win-win. However, no one can win if you don’t get out and vote.

You Get a Sticker
And who doesn’t love stickers?

The Issues Matter
These issues
can’t just be ignored. They may seem trivial to your life at the moment, but they will greatly affect your life in several years. Most legislation does not take affect immediately. So, your vote now will decide your taxes, health care, (and even) salary, etc., in 5-10 years. It may seem like a hassle to fill out an absentee form, but it’s 100% worth it in the long run.

Apathy is Not Awesome
In Obama’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, he urges citizens to “shake off this lethargy” and vote. Obviously, his personal purpose with this statement is to target Democrats since there is a very high chance that the party will lose their majority vote in Congress after this election. But, Obama’s message should resonate with many students our age — no matter your party. We’re educated, we have a decent amount of free time, and all these decisions will decide our future in America. Yet, many of us will remain on our couch November 2, 2010, watching Dexter OnDemand instead of helping mold our country. Not. Cool. So, get out and vote. Especially in this election, when your vote will be extremely important in determining which party will have control of Congress, and therefore what kinds of legislation will be passed in the next two years.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I have one message for the CollegeCandy readers. Exercise your right and VOTE! Yes, it’s a total cliché, but it’s one that can help change our country and our futures.



    1. mcoville says:

      Excellent post. All though I am in the 30 something crowd now, I wish I had been more active in my youth in terms of voting and learning about politics.

      I hope your call is answered by other young adults and they go vote. My generation is just waking up and we are hoping to fix some of the problems, but it is in the hands of your generation to bring America back to its place as a world idol.

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    5. Jessica says:

      And some of us will be voting for things that actually make economic sense…

      Remember, a stimulus package is simply taking money out of your paycheck via taxes and putting it somewhere else according to a stimulus package administrator you didn't vote for. Those jobs are "created" by taking away from other people…and most of the jobs "created" by previous "stimulus" packages were temporary jobs that didn't last any longer than a summer job at McDonald's.

      If you want to create jobs, encourage business growth, not taxpayer funded government positions.

    6. stephanie says:

      I am one of the people who can't wait for the elections to be over. I live in the wnderful and crappy state of Delaware. I am so sick of hearing about COD and Coons, its beginning to become annoying. I am no longer even reading the local news because its all biased towards one party or another. I can't even watch national news without hearing about how so-and-so said this or said this or did this. it's becoming really annoying. Please go crawl back under the rock you came from COD and leave my state alone! I have never even heard of her before. I can tell u one thing even though I don't really care for both i will be voting for sure.

      Please be sure to vote and let your voice be heard. This is the one election the popular vote wins and not the electoral!

    7. Brutal Truth says:

      What is the point in bothering to vote for candidates in the U.S. anyway? Issues on the ballot I can understand taking the time to vote for or against for example if you live in California there’s a reason to vote for Proposition 19 if for nothing else to further expose the Obama administration as reactionary by its response to its passage. But for actual candidates? Total waste of time.

      After the Dems swept into power in Congress in the 2006 midterms on a platform of “Vote for us if you want to end the war in Iraq” and then refused to actually do anything to, you know, end the war in Iraq like cutting off funding for it by refusing to vote on supplementals that should have told anybody with common sense that they’ve been bamboozled. After Obama gets elected as a supposed “change agent” and despite a Dem majority Senate and House gives the American people a health care “reform” bill written by the big insurance companies and Big Pharma; after giving us a Wall Street “reform” bill written by Wall Street that does nothing to prevent their casino-like behavior; after getting a Nobel Peace Prize then immediately escalating the gas pipeline war in Afghanistan; after promising us a government of accountability then adamantly refusing to have his attorney general go after the war criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice, as apparantly accountability for torture, for the mainstreaming of police state measures with the Patriot Act and the starting of a war of aggression isn’t worthy of examining as he’s “moving forward, not looking backward”; as Obama has enshrined these police state measures and expanded upon them; and as Obama’s surrounded himself with an administration made up of ruling class pukes from the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and A.I.P.A.C. what can a sensible, informed person conclude but that it is an exercise in futility to go out and vote? Why bother when all the wealthy ruling elite will allow us to vote for are obvious conservatives and thinly-disguised conservatives? That’s as undemocratic as Saddam Hussein’s elections but with somewhat more sophistication.

      Unless private money is taken completely out of political campaigns with each candidate instead getting an equal (but small) amount of public funding with campaigns lasting a couple months instead of a couple years the system will continue to be as artificial as professional wrestling. Candidates will continue to be nothing more than puppets of their wealthy corporate backers, answering to them instead of the average people of this country. Face it America: You don’t have a democracy. What you have is a dog & pony show every few years, designed to make you think you have a say in what kind of government governs you. It is painfully obvious that you don’t.

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