Why Do Women Keep Falling For John Mayer?

Taylor Swift’s new CD, Speak Now, has been pre-released to critics for review and the feedback isn’t quite what you’d expect.  Or maybe it is.  If you have been waiting for naysayers to smash the album as another carbon copy of her previous hits- full of kissing in the rain, rides in trucks, fairytale endings, and high school drama- then you’ll be disappointed.

Surprisingly, high-level music critics are just like us: they love a little gossip.  So when T.Swift released a collection of new material that smashes a whole new group of men, they tried to piece together the deadbeat target of each pop-y tune.  And the results, once again, are a bit unexpected.

Remember when reputable media outlets like CNN Perez Hilton and The New York Times US Weekly reported that Swift might have been romantically tied to John Mayer?  And how our eyes widened in shock?  But then their duet “Half of my Heart” was released and we wrote their dinner dates off as work meetings?  Looks like we may have been duped.

As is quite apparent in Taylor’s new song, “Dear John,” the two did in fact have a…(wait while I gag)…relationship.  Need proof?  Read the transparent lyrics here.  Now that Tay has told all, do you think John will restart his Twitter account for a he-said/she-said account of the tune?  Or maybe he’ll just call up his friends at Playboy or Rolling Stone and give another salacious, tell-all interview.  We know he’s good for some heart-to-heart time with reporters.

Speaking of those infamous interviews, didn’t Swizzle Sticks (yeah, I’m coining new names) know of Mayer’s crazy dating past?  When it comes to a guy who’s got a reputation for being an arrogant, contradictory, self-involved man whore, I don’t understand why any woman would want to get involved.  And it’s not like he kept any of his private affairs…private.  There’s no such thing as quietly failing in a relationship with John Mayer.

Swizz, girlfriend, for someone who doesn’t want guys to do bad things to you, you sure did mess with quite the Hollywood bad boy.  Can’t say Jen, Jessica, and even John’s own candidness didn’t warn you.

Here I present to you the top reasons why Taylor just should’ve said no and avoided those teardrops on her guitar.  Again.

And now, the prosecution would like to bring to the stand Mr. John Mayer.

“I’ve never been a bad boy. I may have taken someone through the wringer psychologically, but I’ve never been sinister.”
So basically what he’s saying is that he’s never physically beaten a woman, but he may have screwed with her head?  How generous. He’s like the Ike Turner of emotional f*ckery.

“By the way, pornography? It’s a new synaptic pathway. You wake up in the morning, open a thumbnail page, and it leads to a Pandora’s box of visuals. There have probably been days when I saw 300 vaginas before I got out of bed.”
Ladies, 300 vaginas.  Try beating that.  Also, sidebar, please tell me you didn’t sleep with him, Taylor.  Gross.

“The brunt of [Jennifer Aniston’s] success came before TMZ and Twitter. I think she’s still hoping it goes back to 1998. She saw my involvement in technology as courting distraction. And I always said, ‘These are the new rules.’…”
Yes, Jen, there are new rules.  While you’re busy being old and crusty figuring out the tip for dinner on your abacus, John is wooing the world via 140 characters or less.  A woman of your age should feel lucky some hot young gentleman would even show interest.  Spinster.

“I can insert a tampon.”
Um.  No thank you.

And on Jessica Simpson…

“Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me… Sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm…”
Did he think it was a compliment to be referred to as sexual napalm?  I mean, in certain scenarios it might be.  Like in private.  Or in a strip club where he’s stuffing ones into your g-string.  But in an international publication?  Not the best of judgment calls.

Yet, even with all this, women (and girls like Taylor Swift) keep opening their hearts and legs to this man. Why? Why?! WHEN WILL THEY LEARN!?



    1. 00 says:

      To be quite frank..I'm a woman. And I would resent if you insist I'm dumb enough to fall for douche bags because trust me, I don't–and if I get tricked, I dump them before they can have another word. But I'm infuriated by reports like this. It's complete trash because none of you personally know John Mayer. And while I don't either, I do know I've been following him since he played free shows in bars with 15 people hanging out in the back. This man is not a douche bag. He's a media whore because he find's all of you people in the media amusingly dimwitted. If you actually listened to his music and to his lyrics you would know. Most of the quotes you listed are also all taken out of context and reinterpreted –and you know it. It's offensive to me that you would label him a douche bag. He's a quality musician and not a great person, but not a bad person so stop painting him out to be. This entire article is complete garbage.

    2. Lynny says:

      Haha…I like him but I loved this article.

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    6. frodosdojo says:

      I totally agree with your article. He is all of those things and worse. I think we will have to give Taylor a pass since she is so young and we all have to learn. Hopefully she has learned her lesson and avoids men like him. If you can call him a man.

    7. nicole watterson says:

      i love this article – they're dead on — this guy is a player and disrespectful 2 women — he exploits people — he's garbage in my book – i cant stand him so much that if i turn 2 a station and one of his songs in playing i turn it – i refuse 2 listen 2 any song he's ever sung – GARBAGE!!! i really dont get what women c in him – he's not even good looking –

    8. callei says:

      John Mayer who? these famous,intelligent,common sense women act like they can't find a different man!they are the ones making him famous. everyone deserves 15 mins of some kind of fame? what does it say about them? John Mayer is a man that only got famous for bed hopping among the female stars nothing else matters? did anyone consider using protection with this whore or is it gigolo? i don't know anything about him except what the fuckin media keeps putting him out there.since you all so busy talking about him,what about Morgan Freeman? come on people do your homework!!!!!

    9. Gretchen says:

      John Mayer is a major douche! He does not know how to treat women and he will continue treating them like pieces of meat, because WOMEN allow it! Come on,,, it's the proverbial 'bad boy' they are trying to tame and it is disgusting! I would not go near him with a 100 foot pole! To those nice guys out there, just sit back and wait for stupid women to wake up and understand that a bad boy will NOT change.

    10. pdq says:

      Taylor should have listened to her mother. Hope she has learned from this experience. Men like Mayer are douchebags, and should not be revered. Now that I know what he is like, I will not enjoy his music. There are plenty of excellent musicians to go around.

    11. yoyohu says:

      he's so fugly!!!!

    12. Dan says:

      Women keep going back to him because he's attractive. Regardless of the way he treats them, women are just as shallow as men when choosing a partner and are susceptible to being treated like dirt.

    13. stevebn geiger says:

      This John Mayor is a sicko. Any decent woman would not have anything to do with this porno pervert. Would ou allow your daughter to be abused by this pervert???????

    14. Jean Deaux says:

      Because apparently he has a larger than average johnson and knows what to do with the women.

    15. Jaja says:

      Just how 'big' is this guy…anyway??

    16. hillary says:

      A guy with a big Johnson is NO TURN ON –IF— that johnson is attached to a fugly Douche Bag player who disrespects women. I have seen plenty of major size Johnson's, and guys, gals, it's no turn on if it doesnt FIT. Usually attached to the other end of it is a coreless, shallow idiot who thinks that is the sum of his parts. Take a great guy with a regular size you-know-what and a bit of genuine care and tenderness and that is all you will ever need for the rest of your life. This Idiot Mayer will be single, old, and Hollywood Lady Poison by the time he is 50. Then he won't even be able to get laid. Trust me. Look at Gary Busey and Nick Nolte, and Mickey Rourke. It happens, folks.

    17. toni says:

      is his JOHNSON size a rumor or fact….how did this get started…besides who would brag about it other than mayer himself

    18. dana says:


    19. TONY says:

      NOTHING makes a man more unattractive than ABUSING a woman verbally, physically or in print…EVERY WOMAN i have ever dated had a different beauty or attractivness or something special about them that kept me around…ONLY A STUPID SELF INDULGENT ASSHOLE LIKE JOHN MAYER WOULD NEVER UNDERSTAND THIS…If all women just laughed at him when he asked them out, he would not even be able to MASTERBATE let alone get laid..

    20. Trashy Trish says:

      'cause he pays well? Okay…so he has that early Johnny Depp thing going but…its sooo over with, ya know? Its gotta be the money honey.

    21. joblo says:

      Gene Simmons of Kiss claims to have had over 4600 women, so there seems to be no shortage of WILLING women for these guys. Even Hitler had a girlfriend and serial killer Ted Bundy got married, so…

    22. magic or don johnson says:

      even if his johson is impressive its not at all compelling or magical like magic johsons is according to jennifer a she needed a magnifying glas and a pair of tweezers to even fing this oversued johnson she didnt want any part of it and she said after meeting some real impressive obes mayers was under whelming at best so go figure it looks like the chicks figure they can advance their careers by hanging with an ovedrrated teeny dbagyou wont see real classy women like sandra b or diane lane with mayer espexcially diane after she had a chace with big red which is a real johnsonand its fast too

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    24. Christian says:

      SLIGHT bad-boy with a big d…

    25. perry says:

      I believe we just went over this the other night john mayer is a playboy who is out to have fun and as mentioned in this article jen went with not once more than can be said and he has norespect for her after all didnt he go around telling everything bout his time with her but evenyou along with him called her old and crusty and he is young so probably had a good laugh at her in the morning without makeup and her jowls not taped back one day he may grown up .

    26. slow dancer says:

      People really need to get a sense of humour. I can't believe how judgemental and mean people are towards him. He says a lot of dirty things, but it's always with a sense of humour. And as for people attacking his abilities as a musician- yeah, right. The man is one of the few true musicians out there today- he can play the guitar like few others.

      And I hate how people keep treating Taylor like a sweet little 15 year old. She's 21 people, Britney Spears was 23 when she married K-Fed and she was getting shit on by everyone for a while before that. Taylor knew exactly what she was getting herself into with John Mayer, she's not that innocent

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    28. Anne says:

      The man is good-looking. Too bad it is only skin-deep. As far as his ability to keep attracting women, there are always women out there who think that they will be 'the one' for whom he changes his ways. For some women, it's an irresistable challenge.

    29. adrienne says:

      There is absolutely nothing inspiring about John Mayer. He is a show off and a blowhard and to me, is not even attractive. Being an ugly person inside makes you appear ugly on the outside. There it is.

    30. oh spare me! says:

      Before you read this, I'm a 50 y.o. female who dated extensively so I'm not a guy defending John and not a young girl who doesn't know jack shit. Interesting how many of you insist on ripping on John and Taylor is the one doing the tell all! Yes, he's a player, but her little 'poor little innocent me' act is truly tedious. She's no virgin and should have half a clue that guys simply just want to 'get some'… as do the women they're supposedly screwing over! If you sleep with the guy, the you also have to accept responsibility. In dating situations, whether the people are famous or not, there's always the PROBABILITY that it won't work out as the happily ever after. So now the question is, how many guys has Taylor gone through in this past year? And was it just for material for more VAPID songs… so who's using who anyway? Taylor needs to write about something more interesting than who she's messing around with… she's too young to have developed a personality yet, no wonder he got bored with her so quickly!

    31. cher says:

      Someday John will get old and believe me he won't get the girls. I give it 20 years and he will be old and broke looking for a handout and feeling sorry for himself.

    32. Jo says:

      No one here knows John Mayer personally, nor does the writer of this article. Everyone says things that come back at them and if you're a celebrity it's an unfortunate fact that you have to watch what you say very carefully or risk being seen as a giant douche. That being said, if you're defending him because of his lyrics, that's just as unreliable as these media sources. I've listened to his music since I was about 14, but as a female, it's quite obvious how many of his "deep, emotional, heart-felt" songs are complete crap formulated by him to have the exact impact on women (his fans and bread and butter) that they do. What woman doesn't want to listen to a song called "your body is a wonderland"? The immediate reaction is "oh, I wish I could meet a guy this sincere and amaaaazzzzinnngggg" but the fact of the matter is that any truly sincere guy would never try to win you over with lame lines like "your body is a wonderland". I do like John Mayer's music, but if I had to make a snap judgment, oh yeah, this guy is the douche of all douches. I probably express my "feeeeeeelings" less than he does.

    33. TONY says:

      WHO…is speaking with authority here….Can anyone really say he is well endowed….I am sure that any of the women he has been with…stars or not…would not stoop to revealing the size of his equipment….he is an average dick with an average dick…PERIOD….Its his ego that is oversized not his JOHNSON.

    34. barbara edwards says:

      Why all the drama over Mayer? He's a singer with a strong following, apparently he's an intellectual with a high IQ, and certain women are drawn to power, fame and money. He's obviously smarter than most of the women he dates. Instead of focusing on how "victimized" women are who get involved with him, the real question is WHY they do? In the celebrity world, you are dealing with narcissists – it doesn't matter what the venue is. How many of these folks can make a relationship work? They prefer the limelight to having a deep, intimate relationship. To fathom that any of them are capable of having a long term successful, healthy relationship is magical thinking. They are addicted to fame and self-love and the people they are drawn to are those who give them confirmation that they are as great as they think they are. So if Mayer is attracted to a girl or woman, and given he's thought to be brilliant, talented, powerful, and rich…..of course these celebrity women will be attracted to him. They are judged by who they hang with. Most all these people are not only narcissistic, they are neurotic as well. Their insecurities are legendary. What emotionally healthy, together woman with an IQ above room temperature, who has a successful career (outside showbiz), and is self-confident, would spent more than one or two dates with someone who treats them badly? I doubt John could last more than 2 dates with a really classy woman. She might be initially attracted, but if he's a "douche bag" as has been described, she'll do the dumping fairly quickly.

    35. katelyn kites says:

      John Mayer is a goofus. Beyond his talent, he is nothing short of a nerd.

    36. cloudninegirl says:

      John Mayer is an unattractive "triple threat." He's physically unattractive – he's emotionally unattractive – and he's spiritually unattractive. Yuk. Not with a ten foot pole.

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    39. Mea says:

      John Mayer is the biggest kisser and teller anywhere. Please, women, stay away from this reputation ruiner!!!

    40. bobbie says:

      Giving up Taylor Lautner for John Mayer is nothing short of ridiculous! Swift got too big too fast and needs to know she can't hang with the big league with her little girl image. I assume country girls can read, so I'm sure she knew what his reputation was before she got involved. Reminds me of the stupid girl who showed up at the hotel room in her negligee and then screamed rape!

    41. Smosh says:

      Besides looking like a bug eyed mexican with cheeck implants and unwashed hair and being a larger media whore than snooki I think he is rather OK.

    42. k says:

      I'm beginning to think that Taylor gets herself into these situations because she likes the publicity and needs the material to write new songs. Any wrier will tell you they need a source for material.

      Don't believe me? Look how the Kanye drama made her career literally SOAR! She should pay him some royalties for being an azz to her and putting her on the map.

    43. Kathy says:

      John prey on the same type of women, dumb blonds! They are like slow think easy ho's. No surprise he has no respect for these chicks. Not surprise he can't get into African American women pants.

    44. Moi says:

      O. M. G. !!!

      John Mayer is the most ultimate douche bag. ONLY a stupid girl with no self-esteem would go out with that jerk. He's creepy. Ick. I don't like his so-called "music" either- Mayer is just a total, self-centered, arrogant PERV.

    45. Moi says:

      Defnitely Mayer is a total jerk, and women with ANY brains should avoid him like the plague. I also agree with a previous poster's assertion that Taylor Swift's "innocent" act is getting smarmy. She's an adult now, definitely not a little innocent girl. She's ALSO completely tone deaf. Her songwriting skills are beloved by tweens, but I can't stand to hear her sing live (with no techno-enhancements). She sounds like a dying cat. Bleah.

    46. Monkey Migraine says:

      If John Mayer was a woman, and was sleeping her way through Hollywood's best and brightest, no one would be asking why. The answer would be obvious…because of the physical appearance. Women aren't that different. If John Mayer looked like Steve Buscemi, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    47. Facts of life says:

      @Tony that will never happen because of women like 00.

      Certain women will always sit out in this db's audience and wish he will date them. John Mayer will have a endless supply of women until he is laying on his deathbed. This cat will always be able to marry women well past the age of 60 or 70. Look at Mick Jagger, these men can have as many wives or children but still the same type of women will chase after them any way. Women have low self Estele and don't seem to want better for themselves. Yes John will be with other women.

    48. Ashley says:

      BECAUSE HE'S AMAZING. That's why countless women fall for him. The man obviously has something incredibly attractive about him, something captivating or intriguing. In the end,he needs to meet his intellectual match. Someone who plays the game well just like he does. I'd be ready to take the challenge.

    49. Sue says:

      Because he has a 10 inch Dick!

    50. MsJames52 says:

      John must have something going on because he has no trouble getting laid. He does have a major problem it seems w/ long term relationships, so it seems.

      As far as his johnson, size and the true ability to "work it -I'm talking bout bouncing off my inner walls-if you know what I mean, is what's drawing the ladies.

      PLUS, he has the skills to lick that puzzy into quiver mode-he can lick me all day and never have to stick me. Now that's what really got the women throwing caution to the wind because the high profilers just don't stick AND lick it to the toe tingling, arch in the back got to have it.

      John's only good for a real good f_ _ k- leave it at that and find someone else if you want something more serious and long term. HE'S A SLUT W/ A DAMN GOOD TONGUE*******************

    51. Frank says:

      Ms James you said "must" so you really don't know rather he is good at licking or sticking. So the best thing Mayer has going for him could be a lie he started. I see why it's said Mayer is very smarter than the women that want to sleep with him. He does seem to have a "type" funny that's why he is not married yet. Hilarious he will never marry that "type" of women he use on a daily base. Women should grow some brains.

    52. wendilee says:

      "I can insert a tampon." Where, John? In your a** or maybe in your mouth so you won't be ab;e to stick both feet in there?

    53. Sammie says:

      Two words…..Warren Beatty.

    54. A.S.H. Brown II says:

      I know exactly what’s going on here. It’s pretty obvious even if you want to think he’s a douche or not.

      The guy is obviously smart, talented (before you scoff, think about the last time you wrote/played a song on guitar while singing and it made you tons of money), and attractive (hate all you want, but you can see why the ladies would date him)

      He’s a smart ass. He loves crude, dark humor. Thats a GOOD thing. Who would like him, fan or otherwise if his intellect made him stuffy and inaccessible? He’s a balanced human being in his own way. Note: I said in -his- own way, not yours. He’s a complex guy, and none of us know him. Most of us commenting have no idea of how to judge character because all we know of character or human nature is from our very limited experiences, or indulging in gossip/tabloid entertainment. We know NOTHING, yet we’re trying to say two snakes are alike and poisonous just because they both have the same colour stripes (forgetting the “rule” about that one).

      The women he’s come across, obviously disappointed him as well as him disappointing them. I’m sure. I’m sure he wonders why the smart, “classy”, and attractive women won’t date him…maybe its because most of them are the ones calling/labeling him a douchebag and assuming things from the mis-context and reinterpretation of things he says and does. These are the same ladies who look for all the “green lights” and avoid “red flags” because they are so darn smart they’ve blind-sided themselves to the fact that no one is the perfect mate and those green lights will later turn into bleeding red banners after their Prince Charming gets comfortable. This is why I say, as a male, I’d rather see all of my ladies’ flaws right from the start so I know what I’m getting into…however, lots of people are either incapable or choose not to reveal their true selves to anyone-let alone themselves.

      Lets also bare in mind, there are people who profit from this sort of slander.

      Hell, he might not even wonder why his dating pool seems to be littered with the bodies of “dumb blondes” as one poster put it…he just might’ve given up caring after a certain point. If I was a celebrity like him, you can bet I’d focus on “having fun”.

      Go John.

      As far as him being a bad boy…I may be mistaken, but since when was dating lots of people in your pool (his being Hollywood), and moving on after the relationships fail make him a bad person? Did he ever two-time? Am I missing something? People can think and see what they want when they feel hatred for another human being, whether that be caused by jealousy or sheer lack of understanding…some of the greatest atrocities are committed in a “US versus THEM” mentality. There is no shortage of people who want to join that war, especially when it comes to the question of morals and ethics. But until someone is announced the authority in these matters….is it up to us really? Especially since lots of us refuse to try and understand where the other person is coming from and even purposefully contort their motivations for their actions?

      For all you know, Mr. Mayer may go home and cry himself to sleep lamenting about all the dumb, mind-game playing broads he comes across whom he simply can’t trust or respect. Anyone ever think about that? His snideness could be a front. This is all conjecture of course. But, at least its not an ABSOLUTE: JOHN MAYER IS A DOUCHEBAG (what’re we in high school?)

      p.s. Is there any reason we have to call anyone we don’t understand and/or dislike a “douchebag” I’ve been wondering….the thesaurus is still viable and accurate today right? I’m just asking since, yanno, Pluto isn’t a planet anymore…

      Also, I could’ve sworn plenty of celebs, particularly musicians, in the past have had similar and WAY WORSE to the women in their lives (think about it, it’ll come to you) yet they are heralded as amazing artists, human beings, and are household names. AND why is “your body is a wonderland” any different than saying “sexual napalm” as a euphemism describing his sex life…should he have gone into greater, less facetious description?

      Watch someone write a song using that as a lyric now. Actually I may try my hand at it myself.

    55. spotter says:

      The guy is a phenomenal guitar player, and an incredibly charismatic and sincere (looking) performer. Add money to the equation, and it's easy to see why otherwise intelligent women keep convincing themselves that they can be the one to save or reform him. The stuff he says and twitters is just so completely off the wall that I almost wonder if he's pulling an Andy Kaufman, spinning out an ages-long joke that maybe nobody is supposed to get except him. Maybe he and Joaquin Phoenix should chat.

      In defense of Taylor Swift, age does not equal experience. "She's 21, she should know better!" Um, yes, and Mayer is 33 and should know better too. Maybe she's really sheltered, who knows? Finally, it's really easy to look like an idiot if you live in a fishbowl like these two do. Yeah, it's part of the fame game and they get paid *really* well for it, but having to answer for every stupid dating choice or Tweet you've ever made is not something the average person sitting typing in his/her pajamas will ever have to deal with.

    56. john foster says:

      He's funny, smart, rich, famous, talented, young, hip, and powerful. Physical attributes aside, these traits have always attracted women.

    57. john foster says:


    58. magic or don johnson says:

      they date hin for the same reason women date oj simpson cause they dont use their brains get impreseed with his fame and money not because he is such a good guy he by all accounts is a living definition of a dewsh baag just ask jennifer and she will tell you he is overrated in every way even his music is boring and fair he will be history in a year or two good bye mayer enjoy the ride while you still have some remnant of fame left its over for you soon you will be sorry you let the cream of the crop go

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    60. britt says:

      why swizzle sticks?

    61. […] claimed during our formative middle-school years, no amount of makeup-free-artistic lonely girl can transform a douchebag into a gentleman. However we all like to believe that we are Belle and if we just love them enough […]

    62. […] and watch the city turn white with your roommates.  (During this, you might even want to put on John Mayer’s underrated, though classic, “St. Patrick’s Day” and sway arm in arm while singing along.)  […]

    63. shelby says:

      I suspect he is amazing in the sack and has a big one, its pretty simple.

    64. amyrowen says:

      The same reason some guys choose to date the hot, bitchy girl. Looks. Girls are just as shallow as guys.

      1. 2cents says:

        This article was hilarious!

        Anyways, I don't think it was the shallowness because he's not very attractive (at least not to me) in comparison to others who are just as wealthy, endowed/sexually ambitious *as someone posted below*. I think what it is, is his confidence… arrogance.. ego… or whatever you want to call it. He just doesn't give a hoot and will leave their heads spinning in wonder. This was what they liked and loathed about him at the same time. This is what everyone, who enjoys playing this game enjoys! It's always the thrill of the chase, even for the ladies. What can I compare this man to… hm… napalm? Yes… sexual napalm…. lol

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    66. Michaelad567 says:

      Because he can play guitar like a god. Bam. Mystery solved. Girls love guitars the perception is guitar = sensitive. That's the way it goes, it's been so engraved into the female psyche by now that it won't change.

    67. CollegeCandy u mad? What Michaelad567 said. Mayer had this one song about mothers and their daughters. Score. That one song is gonna get him laid until infinity and beyond. All your rebuttals sound as if they were uttered by the moping ex-girlfriend. Sexual Napalm? F.F.S. That is by far the best compliment ever. U jelly.

    68. Christy says:

      The guy is hot, his guitar playing is hot, and his voice is hot. I really havent read anything about him that isn't typical male behavior he is just honest.
      Everbody dates Jessica Simpson for her body and looks there isn't much else going on there I'm sure once the lust is over you need someone you can have a intelligent conversation with.

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    70. […] and watch the city turn white with your roommates.  (During this, you might even want to put on John Mayer’sunderrated, though classic, “St. Patrick’s Day” and sway arm in arm while singing along.)  […]

    71. Anil says:

      I dont knw abt him with girls, cos i am a guy, but all i can say is that, i love his music, and he is an extremly talented musician.

    72. Cheyenne says:

      Let's be fair to John. Every girl he's been with has been with everyone else in the room.
      They know the rep and took the step. Thinking they had hit songs from their screams.
      And let's face it how many times has Johnny sung fire and you strummed along.
      He never hurt my feelings once. It was all good!
      Do miss him on twitter luckily John has a brain and is very witty.
      I hope this new album sucks our skin off

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    74. Admirer says:

      He means well. He's just confused. I sure was not a fan of the public letter he wrote to an anonymous female telling her to stop connecting with him. That was none of my business or anyone elses. I fear he can be very charming but at the same time might be capable of being very cruel. That's sad.

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