My Boobs Are Too Big, But I Love Them Anyways

I want to begin this post by clarifying something.

I love my boobs. Seriously.  They are fabulous and I wouldn’t do anything in this world to replace them with anything else.  I’m happy to have them by my side whenever I‘m laying down need a handful of jiggly happiness to cry on.  I believe they are superb. I don’t want this post to seem like a giant complain-fest.  It’s simply the honest truth about having big boobs.

Because mine are ginormous.

I’m being honest.  You could probably see them from where you’re sitting right now.  I can barely fit half of one in my hand when I grab on to them (yes, I’ve tried) and when I look down, I can’t see my feet.  For a large handful (pun intended) of my life, they have been large.  When I was in seventh grade, all of the kids in choir made fun of me because I refused to wear a bra until my mother tackled me down and force-fed me a training bra (I thought it was uncomfortable).  Kids in my high school nicknamed me BLT.  And it had nothing to do with my devotion to bacon, lettuce, and tomato. The acronym was for ‘Big-Lucious-Tits.”

For a long time, I believed that there was nothing positive about having big tatas.  Firstly, you can never wear skimpy clothing without looking like a slut (or risking a nipple slip).  Second, I understand men love boobs but during insecure moments I wondered if they just wanted to talk to me because they were so obnoxiously huge. And third, I was convinced come 40, I would have to tuck them in my socks or tie them over my head.

Having 34 DD’s comes with major restrictions, but I’ve learned to embrace my lovely jugs. Although I can never wear really cute, skimpy swimsuits and racy tops (out of fear I’ll immediately come off as a slut and experience generous side/under boob) I’ve found a subtly sexy way to dress myself… and my two big friends.  I’ve come to discover my own set of sexy big-boobied bras as well as the wonderful ones that minimize my lady friends.  People I just meet never know my boobs are the size of a human head until I tell them.  I’ve come to like it that way.

Oftentimes, guys don’t know what to do with them.  Sometimes, they end up grabbing them so hard mid-makeout sesh, I have bruises all over them the next day.  And when I’m working out, I don’t know what to do with them. It hurts when I go running because they are busy pummeling my chest and nearly smacking me upside the head.  To prevent it, I’ve been forced to wear (on average) three sports bras when I work out. [Editors Note: On the opposite end of the spectrum I use a little scotch tape and I’m ready for a marathon.]

Come the end of college (and when Mama’s insurance was running out), I debated getting a breast reduction.  They had yet to physically hurt me – I think my North Face backpack and Geology books beat them to that point – but one of my girlfriends had recently underwent breast reduction surgery and she did not regret it.  I saw her happy (almost to the point of being light on her feet – seriously, was she actually floating?) and I envied her.  Her boobs were the perfect size while I was busy shoving my nipples back into my bra.

But after a long, hard, topless look in the mirror, I decided against it. (Note: I also decided it was time to be more cognizant of locking my bedroom door, but that’s a whole other story.)

After struggling with accepting myself as a curvy, big-boobed lady in high school and learning how to express myself as a curvy, luscious woman in college, I realized that I actually love my boobs. Every single pound of them. As many difficulties and slight insecurities they have brought me over the years, they are a part of who I’ve become and, multiple sports bras or not, I wouldn’t have my body any other way.

Love your boobs or hate ’em, make sure you take care of them!



    1. Brandon@Stingycampus says:

      I just have to say "Go You!" I'll give a guys perspective on this one. There's no bigger turn off than a girl who is insecure about a part of their body. And there is nothing sexier than a girl who is completely secure about it.

      I knew girls in college who thought they were too small and used way too much of that padding stuff.

      I'm a big supporter of yours now.

    2. Melissa says:

      I totally feel the pain of the sports bras!

    3. Amanda says:

      I totally know what you mean! I'm five foot one, 130 pounds, and I have 34Es… It's absolutely ridiculous finding bras/clothes, but even though they're huge and I hate them sometimes, I wouldn't change them for the world:)

    4. jill says:

      i love this! (though, admittedly i was reminded of "do your ears hang low?"–remember it? "can you tie them in a knot? can you tie them in a bow?"

    5. Nicole says:

      all that bouncing going up/down stairs is killer,

      we need shock absorption for our girls!

      34D and proud..

    6. Emily says:

      32F / G (I fluctuate between 125-130 lbs, they change accordingly)'s and proud… Haha they're ridiculous and it doesn't make sense cause I'm a small person, but I love them to death! But the death grab from guys is the worst.

    7. JenJen says:

      30E at 5', 120 LBS is a bain in the back… literally. I feel like I'm carrying a sack of books on my front 24/7. That being said, and the fact that anything low cut, strappy and/or button-up is out of the picture, my titanic twins are quite the handful. All fun, of course. Girls love to grab them, "OH MY GOD, ARE THESE REAl?" Yup. They've gotten me out of numerous scrapes with authority and more than my fair share of free alcohol. On a less clandestine note, I'm sure any future children will be well fed, twice over.

      I guess they'll do.

    8. L says:

      @JenJen- there isn't much of a correlation between breast size and milk production.

    9. Sy says:

      I'm 17 and a 38D I wonder will I stop growing???

    10. jerseygirl2013 says:

      I love this post. I'm 34 D and it sucks! I was debating getting breast reduction surgery but just like you my breasts arent causing me any pain so i dont see the point. The funny this that the deciding factor of whether or not i was going to get it happened when i was talking to my mom and dad. My mom randomly asks me when i was going to get married and i said that i dont know if that will ever happen…She screamed out "What do you mean?! Someone's gotta love those boobs!" lol

    11. Rachel says:

      36DD! Thanks for highlighting all the great/sucky things about huge boobs. Once I was out of college I learned to fully embrace them (low cut shirts, structured dresses, etc), and now I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, a sheath dress will always make me look like I'm carrying triplets, but those things are ugly anyway.

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    13. Ugh. Just thinking of running at the gym makes my back ache.

      While I totally admire your decision to avoid breast reduction, I’ve decided that it’s a necessity for me. I’m 5′ tall and wear 36DD. And though that’s not large compared to others, it doesn’t bode well on my tiny frame. But if it wasn’t for the pain I already experience, I’d be right behind you!

    14. Kassie says:

      I wish…

    15. vicky says:

      5' tall 34 DD and 117lbs..i couldnt help but join in. and as much as i hate them.. this article really lifted my spirits! I hate how finding clothes, bathing suits or cute bras are so hard though really makes summer a difficult time =/

    16. i love this post. I completely agree that it's so nice to have some body love!!

      i am only a 34C and some days I wish they were bigger, and some days I wish they were smaller. but hey, they're mine and I love them.

      thank you for such an inspiring, feel-good post!!

      Charlotte xxx

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    18. Desiree says:

      It makes me somewhat sad to think that we live in a society where we curvy women are made to feel like we should be ashamed of our assets, all due to the envy of The Itty Bitty Titty Committee. If I hear one more of those bonebags holler "anything more than a handful is a waste", I'm gonna beat 'em over their head with one of my tatas!! Fuck the naysayers, buck the bullshit trends, and flaunt what your mama gave you!!

      38G and proud of 'em!

    19. Therese says:

      It's nice to see a post about a woman loving her body just the way it is.

    20. erwan says:

      I love ur big boobs babe

    21. Mel says:

      I'm 6' and wear a 36F. I love my boobs now that I have them (I was a B before I started taking birth control in college lol) girls and guys alike compliment them lol

    22. Miss DDD says:

      I love this DDD stand up yeahhhh

    23. Kaitlin says:

      I hated my boobs until suddenly I started loving them when I was in highschool. I don't know what inspired the change…I too have huge boobs (36DD) that are made to look even more huge by my tiny waist. I have to deal with the whole "Do you like me, or 'them'?" thing too, but now that I'm married it isn't so much an issue. My husband loves them, but I suspect that is largely because he had the misfortune of dating a lot of non-gifted girls😉

      1. Sara says:

        But they were probably still smarter than you. After all, they can always get implants. You have big boobs, but that's obviously all you got going for you!

    24. Nicole says:

      34DD? Try being an F. I want to feel for this girl, but if you can still shop at Victoria Secret, your boobs are normally-sized and you have no reason not to love them.

    25. Saskia says:

      If you girls think you have big boobs, think again. I have 34HH. It's killing me and my back, thus a reduction will commence in the future. DD isn't that big,,, I had that when I was 12.

    26. Alice says:


      It makes me somewhat sad to think that we live in a society where we smaller women are made to feel like we should be ashamed of our lack of breasts and are less of a women, all due to the chagrin of men and sluts. If I hear one more of those cows holler “a bra is wasted on you”, I’m gonna beat ‘em over their head with my ability to move lightly on my feet!! Fuck the naysayers, buck the bullshit trends, and flaunt what your mama gave you!!

      34A and proud of ‘em.

    27. Liz says:

      Here is another perspective Desiree:

      Women with smaller breasts have a hard time as well. Not all women envy large breasts so don't be so full of it. It is a struggle to find nice things to wear sometimes, and it can be uncomfortable when some young men only love big breasts and want nothing to do with smaller breasted women. That being said, I think most women struggle with some part of their body. I have small breasts and I don't mind, but I wish they were "even." On the bright side, I have a nice curvy rear (I'm 110 lbs, nice figure) and having small breasts does not mean a woman isn't "curvy" or isn't beautiful. Besides, a woman is more that just hanging bags of fat down her shirt or fat cushions on her behind. Let's be honest, that's pretty much all it is.

      @Brittany: I'm really glad you learned to embrace your body for what it is! I'm trying to do the same with mine:)

    28. Leah says:

      We should all love our bodies no matter breast size. Personally i am a 36DD and proud of it. There are days when i wish they were smaller and some days when i am irrevocably in love with them. Love you body and don't care about what other people think.

    29. Celeste says:

      This is my story in a nutshell! At 38DD, I remember the days when I was embarrassed to wear anything v-neck! I've grown to love my boobs and I still have my anti big boobie moments but 99% of the time I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my body now and I hope everyone else can too!

      *Plus they're a built in book stand for night time reading!:)

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    31. Lacey says:

      I'm a freshman in college. 38D. I used to be so self-concious about it. I'd try to hide my girls and stuff them into too-small bras in order to minimize them. I hated the instant attention I'd get when I decided to wear a tight shirt or vneck instead of my typical boob-reducing attire. But, now, I feel the exact same way you do. I love my big boobs as much as everyone else tells me they do (hahaha). And, I'm not going to lie, they can help get you what you want if the situation calls for it. <3333 the boobies:)

    32. Emily says:

      @Nicole- That's how I felt reading this article. I read '34DD' and said 'PSHH!' When I was a DD they were large, yes, but they didn't bother me. In fact, I loved them. I'm a G, THAT is big. It's nearly impossible to find bras for under $70 that look nice and make me feel pretty. They're obnoxious, but they did get me plenty of attention! 😉

    33. A Cracker That Love says:

      Not only are you gorgeous, but your breasts are amazing!

    34. Lolita says:

      Wow! So many fat women writing on here. You all remind me of Christina Hendricks, because all fat women do is try to convince us that double D means "sexy". Newsflash, you're not Sofia Vergara, and unless you are gorgeous and have a tiny waist, then your huge jugs are disgusting and saggy. Also, please stop claiming guys love them, all the hot guys are with the models so wake up!

      1. Mimi says:

        OK, obviously judging from your comment you are a simple-minded, blind fool. Every body type is sexy in its own way, as long as that person takes care of their body and personality, which frankly, you have none. You don't need to have a tiny waist for guys to see you as sexy. The way you say it makes it seem as if you are a flat-chested, insecure, whining anorexic. I have 32F/32E boobs. and i love 'em. Why? because they're mine. And weight does not mean sagging. Besides, not all the hot guys are with models. Go out there and grow some mental capacity please. I believe it is you who needs the wake up call. Not anyone else.

      2. love big boobs says:

        you're a fucking bitch

    35. molly says:

      @Lolita…….actually, never mind, you insecure bitch. you don't deserve a comment, I refuse to give you any validation.

      Thanks for writing this article, it like reading my own diary!

      Although I sometimes hate my boobs, I love them and wouldn't have it any other way.

      I hate that like SOME people, (lolita) magazines always assume women with large breasts are fat, which is SO not true. When they do "dress for your body" articles the chesty girls are always larger, what gives! I have 34 DDs and I weight 128lbs, probably 5 of which is pure boob.

      And to those of you women considering a reduction, I am a nursing student and I saw one in surgery the other day…UGH, I will never consider it again. It's truly gruesome and very invasive. I would only recommend the procedure if you need it for your health.

    36. aahilliard says:


      Damn, someone would actually say that? Sad.

    37. Lily says:

      Hey Desiree, stop being so jealous of the small breasted ladies, ok? Just like you're supposedly happy with your big jugs, there are real women with small boobs that are happy with themselves, as well. Stop hating on thin girls with small boobs that have more self confidence than you. If you were really secure, you wouldn't resort to calling women of the ITBC "bonebags" and saying they're all envious. Some of us are proud of our ballerina/gymnast/ice skater/yoga bodies:)

    38. Cameron Grix says:

      I love this post!

      Your boobs are you. No matter the size.

      Lolita needs to gtfo tho

    39. I actually had a breast reduction and while it was very invasive, painful and the healing process was long, it was the best thing I could've done for my health and body. It doesn't mean I don't love my breasts; I still love my boobs, no matter what, they are still mine.

    40. Lolita says:

      @Molly, well you can go fuck yourself fatzo because you just did! @Cameron, you think you're Opera or something? Hilliard or whatever your name is, I think you're quite sad actually.

    41. Lolita says:

      @Molly, well you can go f yourself fatzo because you just did! @Cameron, you think you’re Opera or something? Hilliard or whatever your name is, I think you’re quite sad actually. You're all sad:)

    42. Mike says:

      I'd love to meet all of you girls. Except you Melanie and the defection of the things that all men love.

      1. Keeva says:

        You're ridiculous and have absolutely no clue about how much physical and emotional insecurity large breasts can give someone. Keep your misogynistic comments to yourself.

    43. brittany says:

      So what kind of sports bras do you wear because I'm 32DD and I still haven't figured that out, which is why the exercise bike is the only cardio I can get.

      1. bob says:

        yeah me too

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    45. steph says:

      This is a great article! I actually had a breast reduction a couple of years ago and it was probably the best decision I have made in my life. I jumped through endless hoops trying to get it approved through my insurance and eventually ended up paying for it out of pocket. I would do it again in a heartbeat. But, that's me.

      I totally related to your experience with having a boob-related nickname. In junior high, I wore a Giants baseball shirt ONE DAY and of course the boys thought it was hilarious. One dude joked in PE one day that I should be careful to avoid getting black eyes from my bouncing chest. How clever. Ugh.

      The reaction from boys had little to do with my decision to have the surgery, though. I have been in a relationship for the past eight years and he was cool with their size, but mostly wanted me to feel happy and confident in my own skin. I have been an athlete (soccer and running) my whole life and lived in a minimum of two sports bras. I learned the best combo is using a normal, underwire bra, then two sports bras on top. Despite my earnest efforts to keep those puppies in place, I had tissue damage and sagging at 18. This took a huge toll on my self-esteem and body image. I also experienced severe neck and back pain and had permanent bra grooves indented in my shoulders. And, oh yeah, I'm 5'5 and weighed about 125 pounds.

      Getting the reduction was a wonderful experience for me. The pain was minor and my scars have almost completely faded. I really think it is awesome that you are comfortable in your body and I think it is important for girls and women to read your perspective. I will be sharing your article with all of my friends!


    46. Lyza Herman says:

      I was a 42DDD. As a child, until I developed, I was a terrific athlete but as I developed it became just about impossible to do anything fast, or that took a lot of coordination, because my center of gravity was so wacko. My hips were a size 12 but my chest was a size 20. When I took a walk I often unconsciously held my arms behind my back just to keep my balance. Under-wire bras that size are expensive, and very hard to find. The grooves in my shoulders were deep and sore. My neck and back ached constantly. I got a breast reduction in my late 40's and I have never regretted it. I love looking down and seeing my feet! I do not miss that feeling of suffocation when I would lay on my back, or never being able to sleep on my stomach, or run or jump, or find any clothes that fit comfortably. If you have never experienced these things you should not pass judgment on someone who has opted for a breast reduction! Now I am a 36D, which is still big, but my breasts are proportioned to my body. Breasts are beautiful, their appeal is undeniable, but you don't have to suffer all your life if you don't want to.

    47. Elyse says:

      @Alice and @Liz

      Thanks for sticking up for us smaller chested girls! With the increasing trend in breast implants (even being given away at bars!) along with women getting breast reductions, I believe there is pressure on both sides to change what they were born with. I think it's all about flaunting what you have and knowing how to play up your assets, no matter how small or large they are.

      34 A and proud of it!

    48. catteaumaru says:

      Be happy with your natural assets. They look superb! By the way have you seen this program "My big breasts and me" on the BBC? I have a post about it on my blog. This is the link.

      Take care,

      1. catteaumaru says:

        Great Britain is home to the biggest breasts in all of Europe. But for many women, this isn’t good news. In this documentary, meet three women who feel defined by their naturally big breasts, and find out what it’s really like to have a cup size at the far end of the alphabet. Watch the full documentary now

    49. Abigail says:

      As a 34G I completely understand where you are coming from!!! I don't know how many guys have had conversations with the two watermelons stuck to my chest. It is nice to hear somebody else coming from my side opposed to all the girls who just want bigger boobs. Have you tried it is a store in the uk. They run a bit expensive……. but they have some clothes for those of us who are better endowed.

    50. Stacey says:

      I got a reduction from a 34F down to a 34D. I was feeling good about it for a while and now I'm confused.

    51. […] “my boobs are too big, but I love them anyways” er en tøs om sine bryster – og det kan jeg kan relatere til! Også selvom jeg stadig bruger to størrelse større end hende. Ja, jeg er ikke selvfed, jeg ved bare jeg skal have 4 sports bh’er på før jeg kan tage en løbetur. […]

    52. Shanise M says:

      as a 40 DDD I'd say bravo for accepting your boobs, I have-and I flaunt them every chance I get😉

    53. Jenna says:

      Hey guys. I get the big boob thing, Im a 40GG… which to me is insaen but you learn to live with it… I hate the fact that everywhere I go I get stares and hear people whispering about it…. Lots of people thing mine are fake.
      I've contemplated getting a reduction but I really don't think I want to, it would be nice to actually buy a shirt that isnt two sizes bigger just to fit them in but it's really not what I want to do.
      In the future I may think about getting the reduction, but at the moment.. not for me:)
      Thanks guys:)

      1. julio2579 says:

        Hello Jenna, Wow 40GG
        I really think that Big Boobs are Beautiful. I love a woman with curves too😉 I think is sooooo sexy!
        Please dont reduce your boobs😉 you could be model, yes , please contact to me

      2. Leo says:

        That is an amazingly impressive size Jenna. 40GG would be a huge turn on for me. If you need to get a reduction, then by all means. But just to let you know, there are men (like me) who LOVE insanely large breast.

    54. […] my smaller-chested friends whining about wanting bigger boobs when I and my more endowed friends begged for smaller ones. And I’m not even one of those poor girls that has to shop above the A-D range (bless your […]

    55. […] human cannon.  I was constantly finding ways to shove myself, my tasty thighs, my college-ego, my giant boobs, my reputation, my GPA, into a compact space.  That’s a lot of bullsh*t to squeeze inside […]

    56. Eric says:

      Though I am a man, I would like to say please keep your big bust if God gave them to you – one condition; I wouldn't like to see you in pain.

      On the other hand most women that I read about getting reductions are due to the insecurity of too much attention or the wrong attention. This you can't help or control so just be confident in all of yourself and know that God doesn't make mistakes!

    57. huggybear is shy says:

      I always wanted a girl like you😦

    58. droolz says:

      My mouth is full of saliva… LOL!

    59. laura Harwood says:

      Mine are a 36 DD verging lately on an E but I'm a bit freaked to get a E cup…shit thats big😦 they seem to be RIGHT THERE under my chin all the time and god, the buggers are heavy sometimes.

      I just wish I could put them down for half an hour….esp when they are all tender and menstrual. I'm always happy to get horizontal after a hard days work. Feel like I need scaffolding. Anyone got a handy wheelbarrow?

    60. Pat says:

      Big boobs are great until they get saggy or cause strech marks, which is usually just a matter of time.. However what most women don't understand is that they can be sexy no matter what they have, its about attitude and a state of mind. A woman without boobs is like a christmas tree without ornaments, still nice, you just need to focus on the beauty of the tree and the spirit of the tree, and not the lack of the ornaments.

    61. Samantha Smith says:

      Girl I feel ya. I’m 5’4 125 lbs and have 34DD. I’m also a US Marine and with that comes a lot of physical training. I have to wear two sports bras when I run and its super hard to breath. Keeping up with the boys is supper hard when you cant breath!!!

    62. Rae says:

      Hmmm…I feel uncorfortable when girls with small boobs feel the need to grab my boobs without permission. At least girls with small boobs don’t get that. It’s awkward and annoying.

    63. Kate says:

      Hah, I totally agree with this article!

      I’m 14 and I’m a 38D, do any of y’all think they’ll grow anymore! Because in all honesty, I’d rather the didn’t, but like you, I think it’s just a good idea to embrace them

    64. mardani says:

      i am 28 years old woman. my boobs size is 32 but i like beg boobs Please tell me how will be coming big?

      1. Lols says:

        You dont even understand bra sizes properly, nice try and pretending to be female loser

    65. Cassie says:

      I’m 14, 5’6″ and a 34D. Are they gonna get bigger? I love my boobs, but I’m also faced with the skimpy clothing=slut issue. My girl and guy friends make fun of my boobs, and I know they’re joking, but some times I worry that I get too much attention from my guy friends.

    66. John says:

      This post needs more pics from your readers, they all sounds so hot!

    67. weston says:

      Im a guy and I love all of you ladies! Learn to love yourself and how you were created. No reduction!!

      1. julio says:

        i an a guy ang i love big boobs

    68. Polo says:

      Ahh not big

    69. Caoimhe says:

      Lol! You really took the time to write an article about your slightly above average size boobs!? Wow

    70. ria says:

      they are gods given gifts… enjoy… I'm 56 and even now they are a bit droopy, love the feel of large breasts mine area 36C.. call it comfort zone…

    71. rhea says:

      Agree! I'm 23-ish, and I'm 34DD. I hated my breasts until now. I don't anymore!

    72. Egon says:

      There is nothing wrong in looking like a slut from time to time. It's cultural based (for certain cultures, just showing your face makes you a slut). Also the fun part of being a girl is being allowed to do whatever you want with your wardrobe, as long as it looks well chosen.

    73. JESSE says:


    74. Marina says:

      Okay I'm 15 with a 32DD, and being a teen is really a rollercoaster ride at times and the confidence and self love and devotion you have for your body image really has helped me and my outlook on myself and life. You helped me realize that it's ok to have big boobs, but you taught me how to love myself for everything I am, and everything I'm not. Thank you so much!

      1. Eric says:

        You are so lucky!

    75. Josh Thomas says:

      The only thing I love more on this earth than a big pair of hooters is a pretty red head with a big ole pair. Yo Brittany, What's your email?

      1. Brian Hurst says:

        Yeah! you mean you don't cry yourself to sleep every night because your boobs are big? You're a cool chick, don't let anyone change your attitude.

    76. jsjsjs says:

      I'm 16 and a 36DDD…

      1. Kristy says:

        hi my name is Kristy there is no way you have 36 ddd at that age are you on facebook?

      2. krsty says:

        jsjsjs there is no way you are 36 ddd

    77. Sunpeak says:

      lol im 32G your i wish my boobs were as small as yours

      1. kristy says:

        there is no way your boobs are that big sunpeak

    78. hannah says:

      im in the exact same position as you, my nick name is btb bit tits and my last name. i love my boobs and it takes to hands to hold them, im an 18e, in my last year of school, and ive noticed that guys of all ages look my way now. i started getting boobs when i was 12 and ever since then i have always loved them. though at times they annoy me because i cant wear a certain outfit or i cant buy the bra i want, i wouldn't trade them in for a smaller size.

    79. lisa says:

      I’m a 38 dd I have a hard time finding tops that fit and cute outfits. Any advise ladies. Bit I love my Boobs anyway.

    80. Dave says:

      I love women all shapes and sizes keep a positive. Body image and all you ladies DD and bigger keep what God blessed you with ….and share with me every chance you get!

    81. YSG MODELING says:


    82. Kindra says:

      Use to have a shirt that said I got it from my mom 36DDD 18 5’8 151 lol gotta love the tatas

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